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Lean EFX Review - 6 Things You Need to Know


We’re all searching for the right diet product. That’s why we decided to concentrate on Lean EFX side effects, ingredients, clinical studies and customer service. Furthermore, we scrutinized hundreds of consumer comments and reviews. We then condensed and refined to give you the info you need.

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What is Lean EFX?

First off, Lean EFX ingredients are caffeine, cassia nomame, taraxacum, green tea extract, bearberry, thiamine disulfide, 1,3 dimethylamylamine, phyllanthus emblica, bitter orange, 5-hydroxytryptophan, n-acetyl tyrosine, ginseng. The supplement promotes weight-loss by helping you reduce body fat. The recommended serving is one capsule per day. The company does suggest not using for more than 45 consecutive days.

Lean EFX was introduced as a fat burner by Formutech Nutrition in 2009. You have the ability to purchase the supplement through the official website and trusted retailers. We do like that we found some positive customer comments and that it contains a few natural ingredients, but read on…

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Lean EFX Side Effects – “Not the Good Kind!”

The first concern centered on Lean EFX side effects. “When dieters take a supplement containing caffeine, there is a chance they will feel more alert or energetic,” said our Research Editor. “But, a formula containing multiple stimulants could cause negative reactions.”

“I took my first pill at about noonish and 10 to 15 mins later I was dizzy and had a headache,” said a dieter.

“Approximately 15 mins after taking it she had the chills through her body,” reported a customer.

Side effects are rare. We found some users that didn’t mention negative reactions.

“Within 15 minutes you start feeling the boost, and within 5 minutes of my workout I get an intense sweat going,” commented a customer.

Ineffectiveness – “Losing Any Weight?”

According to customer comments, Lean EFX ingredients weren’t effective. “I haven’t lost any weight I have only been taking it for five days,” reported a dieter.

“After taking it for about 3 days or so…no energy boost and no curb in my appetite,” commented a customer.

On the other hand, some users did notice results. “I started taking this this morning with a healthy diet. Starting to feel the energy boost,” said a user.

“The clean energy is pretty good,” commented another.

Based on our years researching supplements, we’ve found that any particular aspect of a supplement deemed concerning, like it not producing results, could reduce the chances of long-term success. If you use Lean EFX and don’t lose weight, isn’t it time to consider an alternative?

The Science – “Research-Based?”

The official website states Leaf EFX is “formulated to help reduce body fat and sculpt your body”, but how? The inclusion of green tea could possibly boost metabolism, but the amount isn’t disclosed. But, there’s no published clinical research connecting the ingredients and weight-loss. Also, the multiple stimulants in the formula are linked to serious side effects. At DietSpotlight, solid science is a critical part of the review process. If a company can’t provide the facts, why bother buying it?

What Users Are Saying

"This supplement truly does curb my appetite. I have had to make myself eat on the days I take these. I do feel that this gives energy; not jitters, but a steady energy that lasts for several hours."

"It provided pretty good energy, focus and appetite suppression for a good two to three hours for me. I was expecting it to be stronger or last longer, but it was still effective."

The Bottom Line – Does Lean EFX Work?

Is Lean EFX the right one for weight-loss? Well, we like that we found some favorable customer comments and the reasonable price, but we’re concerned about this one because there’s no connection between the ingredients and you losing weight. We’re also a bit hesitant about suggesting it due to customer complaints about it not producing results and causing adverse reactions.

Weight-loss is a journey. On your path to success, we suggest going with a supplement containing ingredients shown to work and not connected to harmful side effects.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Dietspotlight Burn. The formula promotes weight-loss by featuring four clinically-tested ingredients, which has been shown to help ignite metabolism and boost fat loss. We haven’t heard anyone talking about harmful side effects and reviews around the web show customers are seeing great results.

The company behind Dietspotlight Burn is so confident in their supplement, that they’re offering a special trial offer; an excellent choice.

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Lean EFX Review
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Lean EFX

What are the side effects of Lean EFX?

The potential side effects of Lean EFX, based on customer reviews, include upset stomach, jitteriness, irritability, nausea, increased heart rate, dizziness and sleeplessness.

What are the ingredients in Lean EFX?

The ingredients in Lean EFX are caffeine, evodiae fructus, green coffee bean extract, l-phenylalanine, l-theanine, n-acetyl tyrosine, l-5-hydroxytrytophan, panax ginseng, 1,3 dimethylamylamine, phyllanthus emblica, cassia nomame and green tea extract.

How do I know if Lean EFX is right for me?

Choosing the right product is the #1 question asked by DietSpotlight readers. We recommend trying any product before buying it and know that finding a product with a sample offer is near impossible - so we created our own product, Burn HD, with scientifically backed ingredients.

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Does Lean EFX work?

There’s no published clinical research available on the official website proving Lean EFX will help you lose weight or burn fat. We located solid science backing green tea, but this ingredient can be found in thousands of other supplements.

Why not switch things up and replace Lean EFX with a supplement like Dietspotlight Burn, which contains ingredients backed by published scientific studies.

How much does Lean EFX cost?

Lean EFX costs $49.95 per bottle and contains 60 capsules. If taken as directed, the supplement lasts 30 days.

How should I take Lean EFX?

You should take Lean EFX twice per day, once after waking and another mid-day. The company recommends not using on an empty stomach or in the evening.

Do I need to diet and exercise with Lean EFX?

No, you don’t HAVE to diet or exercise when taking Lean EFX, but it will certainly help most users see faster results.

If I take more than the recommended serving of Lean EFX, will I lose more weight?

No, you will not lose more weight if you take more than the recommended serving of Lean EFX. The company suggests using no more than two capsules per day.

Does Lean EFX come with a guarantee?

No, Lean EFX doesn’t come with a guarantee.

Lean EFX Ingredients

Lean EFX Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 capsule
Serving Per Container: 60
Amount per Serving% DV
Vitamin B340 mg*
Vitamin B612 mg*
Next Gen EFX456 mg*
-Green Coffee Bean**
-Evodiae Fructus**
-Cassia Nomame**
-Dandelion Root**
Thermo EFX109 mg*
-Acetyl L Carnitine**
-Hoodia Gordonii**
NueroTherapy EFX140 mg*
-N-Acetyl Tyrosine**
-L-5-hydroxy Tryptophan**
-Panax Ginseng Root**
Gama Aminobutyric Acid**

Other Ingredients: Silicon dioxide and magnesium aspartate.


Previous Lean EFX Review (Updated February 27, 2014):

Lean EFX: What You Should Know

Lean EFX is a supplement manufactured by Fahrenheit Nutrition. The official homepage opens with a front page showing testimonials from a very fit man and woman who claim to have taken the Lean EFX supplement. Once inside the site, there is very little information on the actual product aside from a few sentences, ingredient list, order page and contact page. No clinical trials or additional testimonials are available on the website.

List of Ingredients

Next Gen EFX: 1,3,7-trimethylxanthine, Cassia Nomame, Taraxacum, Green Tea Extract, Bearberry, Niacin. Thermo EFX: Thiamine Disulfide, 1,3 Dimethylamylamine, Phyllanthus Emblica, Bitter Orange. NueroTherapy EFX: 5-Hydroxytryptophan, N-Acetyl Tyrosine, Ginseng.

Product Features of Lean EFX

Lean EFX claims to increase weight loss and improve mood. Several fat burners also claim to improve mood like Lean Body For Her Fat Burner. The ingredient list is broken up into three proprietary blends. Each blend includes one major ingredient that is commonly found in other supplements. Next Gen EFX contains green tea extract. Thermo EFX contains bitter orange and NueroTherapy EFX contains 5-Hydroxytryptophan. Green Tea Extract is proven to increase weight loss, by Lean EFX does not publish clinical data to support the ingredient. This is not the best choice, but information is scarce from every angle on the website. Bitter Orange is a stimulant that works similarly to Ephedra. Zenalean Pro, BeeLean Extreme and other stimulant-packed products contain Ephedra. Increased heart rate and blood pressure can be expected when taking bitter orange. 5-Hydroxytryptophan is thought to counteract depression and anxiety, though few research studies have proven this claim to be correct. There have been studies that showed increased blood pressure, or hypertension, associated with taking the ingredient. Niacin is also included in Lean EFX. Niacin is a tricky ingredient that may be included to fool the user into thinking the supplement has a thermogenic effect. Niacin causes flushing, which means the face and body feel hot. Dieter may believe this reaction is proof the supplement works to increase fat loss. Dieters using GPS 14 to Lean also say that the ingredients simply don't work. One bottle of Lean EFX (45 count) sells for $49.99. If the dieter wants to order the product in bulk, there is a discount associated with larger orders. Lean EFX does not support social networking.

Advantages of Lean EFX

  • Green tea is a good weight loss ingredient.

Disadvantages of Lean EFX

  • The website for Fahrenheit Nutrition lacks information.
  • No ingredient amounts are listed on the website.
  • Few testimonials are available.
  • Ingredients like Niacin can cause deceptive physical reactions.
  • 5-Hydroxytryptophan is associated with hypertension, or high blood pressure.


Lean EFX will not likely cause the increased weight loss a dieter is looking for. The proprietary blends leave dieters wondering how much of each ingredient is included and that is not how trust is established. Testimonials are scarce and information about the product is limited to just a few sentences. Fortunately the information it does provide is not nearly as disheartening as that of Primal Force Primal Lean. We support natural fat burners created by companies willing to share information and testimonials.
Summer Banks Dietspotlight Author
About the Author:

Summer Banks, Director of Content at Dietspotlight, has researched over 5000 weight-loss programs, pills, shakes and diet plans. Previously, she managed 15 supplement brands, worked with doctors specializing in weight loss and completed coursework in nutrition at Stanford University. full bio.

72 Lean EFX Reviews

  • Type 2 diabetic

    I’m a type 2 diabetic and i take insulin. would this product be safe for me?

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hi Nehemiah! Because of possible interactions with medications, please make sure to consult with your physician before taking this product.

  • Don't feel any difference
    Katie boo (Verified User)

    I started taking this this morning with a healthy day of food. I don’t feel any different. Does it take a few days or is it not going to work for me?

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hello Katie, you’re not the only one. Other users have mentioned feeling the same in energy and appetite. Congrats on eating healthy, and keep on with it. If you still don’t see a difference with this product, perhaps you could review another option? Dietspotlight Burn. Its backed by many positive reviews. Hope this helps.

  • joni

    I heard about this product from a State Police Officer. He said several of the officers were taking them for weight loss. I am sure that you will not fail a drug test taking these.

  • Delia

    I’m wondering on how lean efx may effect me. It appears the effects vary. My question is why does it vary? Is it body type, age, health type, or how it is taken? I await my effects as day goes by.

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hello Delia. All users are different and can experience different side effects; please make sure to consult with your physician before taking this product.

  • Eric

    Ive been a powerlifter for 20+ years and ive tried anything as long as it was natural over the years but Ive been taking for 2 weeks now my energy is incredible, no jitters, my work outs are lasting longer, i burning weight daily and im only taking one pill daily im cosidering upping it to 2 pills . Great product will continue to use

  • Sarah

    Have only been taking it for a few days and feel very gittery, cannot sit still. Was wondering if the side effects go say after your body gets used to this pill?

    • Devon (Editor)

      Ideally when you get used to the formula you wouldn’t experience further side effects. However, other users have reported similar side-effects. So if this continues, its best to see your doctor and try an alternative product. Can we suggest Dietspotlight Burn? No serious side-effects have been reported and it also contains natural and clinically proven ingredients. Best wishes!

  • Shaq

    love it the focus energy lost 15 in 2 weeks just with a diet change no soda or heavy carbs lean fruits and veggies,no beer,I’ just adied the gym to the mix it does make you go to the bathroom quick Def detox I love it I feel great it works better than everything. I took it for two weeks once early by 9 am and I take another about 3 4 o’clock I’m 6 3 215lbs now I’m 200 it makes you go to the bathroom early then your good I love the energy needs focus I just now added the gym ,I did stop drinking alcohol and changed my diet to lean fruits not vegies

  • Arelys

    I’ve used effect lean twice one when I was at 190 pounds and went down to 153 and then had had my son I was at 163 and now I’m 146 and I absolutely love this product and will you this time and time again

  • Can loose weight with it?

    Hey everyone I weigh about 151 pounds and i am a 15 year old boy. I am like 5’5 and I was wondering if I should take this product to lose some weight. Maybe like 10lbs so my stomach become slimmer and I can start to build some muscle. Should I take Lean EFX? i want to because of all the great comments but i am also skeptical.

  • Can't wait to start

    Reading all the reviews I can’t wait to start it.

  • Need help in using it effectively
    Judy (Verified User)

    I need help lean efx pill am i doing something wrong?
    i herd from a few people loosing like 3 pounds on just five days of the pill and i haven’t lost any weight i have only been taking it for five days but i expected to loose a pound at least i eat a bowl of cereal in the Morning at like 8-9am and take my pill right after about 11am i work out for thirty minutes have a protein shake at around 3 i have a snack at around six have some dinner i don’t have more then 1200 calories a day after dinner around nine i walk run a mile and then come home and do like 13-30 min cardio and have another shake and drink nothing but water all day have seen no results yet my weight is the same what am i doing wrong??? help please 10pts first answer!!!
    could it be my lack of sleep?? i have a baby girl that keeps me up alot and her sleeping scehdule is messed up so now mine is to so i get like four hours of sleep :/

    • Kevin

      You are not eating enough. Your body could be going into starvation mode. Take in more good calories and increase your workout to 60 mins a day.

  • Happy so far but needs more info
    kristal (Verified User)

    the first 4 days of taking the pill i lost 5 pounds which made me happy. i also did not get alot of sleep. i want to keep taking the pills but now i have had trouble breathing i cant seem to take in enough air. i dont know if its because of the pills or whats going on.

  •  Looking forward to try the product

    I just purchased Lean EFX this evening. After reading everyone’s post, I’ll wait until tomorrow morning, at 5:30 to take it. I am very optimistic about this product.

    • Diamond

      Tomorrow will be a full 7 days of me taking Lean EFX, and I love the energy and appetite suppressant. I have lost 8 pounds so far, and I feel great! My starting weight loss goal was 30 pounds, and I have not doubt that I will meet that goal. I take the pill before 6 in the morning, after eating two cups of yogurt, and I have not had a stomach ache, or felt any of the side effects others have mentioned. By 9pm every night, I am tired and sleep very well. I’ll post again in a week. Good luck to all those who are considering trying EFX! 🙂

  •  Worked great and had no side effect
    PJ (Verified User)

    Efx worked great for two weeks and had no effect what so ever after that.I loved the good feeling I had but I must have beccme immune after two weeks. I sure wish the company would give me a free bottle, so I could try again! I did lose ten pounds. I can’t afford to buy another bottle to lose only ten pounds!

  • Why is this making me hungry?
    lola (Verified User)

    Product has same side effects like everybody mentioned. It does give me crazy hunger? Any ideas why? I’ve lost maybe 3lbs in the past 2-3 wks..but I only weight 110

  • Why is it making me feel hungry?
    Irlanda (Verified User)

    I started taking this pill 2-3 weeks ago. The first day it gave me this big flush on my ears and neck…I thought I had a rash. I’ve been eating a fairly good/ light breakfast – take it by 7:30 or so. I don’t see a change with my energy..if anything I feel sometimes tired. The flush effect I’m trying to drink water and eat in the morning. But….seriously this pill is making me super hungry…hungry all the time I def. have to snack between meals. Any idea why this pill is making me so hungry? I weigh 113 have maybe so the scale says lost 3 lbs..so the scale says.

  • Want to loose weight


  •  Have much energy and no side effects
    Samila (Verified User)

    I took my first pill of Lean EFX on May 18th weight in at 161 pound im 5’3 i would like to shed my baby weight that has hung one for 3 years now, my goal weight is 125-130 pound ill be happy today is May 25th I weight in on May 23 at 158 pounds so 3 pounds down so far, I am going to weight myself once a week cannot weight to weight in next week. The first two days on lean efx i felt a burst of energy , flushing and headache. I started to drink more water and fixed my diet no headaches no flushing and no trouble sleeping, Right now i have a nice level of energy that last thru the day no side effects. I def. recommend drinking a lot of water its helps so much, I have been going to the gym every since starting the pill for 45 minutes straight cardio. I am making sure i eat every two hours, i noticed when i dont im really hungry at the end of the day and end of munching way to much so to keep the energy up make sure you snack every 2 hours. The pill does supress hunger but make sure you remind yourself to eat you want to be realistic so make sure you eat, once you choose to get off the pill you want to make sure you can keep the weight off on your own eating regularly. I am very excited and have a goal date of August 9th, i leave to miami the next day so ill check back and post my results wish me luck.! good luck to all of you on the same road:)

  •  This product is ridiculous
    Anne (Verified User)

    I took this with food and plenty of water at 9am YESTERDAY morning. I didn’t even begin to be able to “sleep” until about 10am today. The energy level is way too intense for something that is supposed to be a leagl drug. I really wish I had looked more in depth at the ingredients and what they all do in conjunction with each other. I managed to take an hour nap today, and still feel horrible. My mind is foggy, and I feel as though I am disconnected. I’m sure this pill works differently on everyone because not everyone is the same weight, sex, and what not, but this thing is ridiculous! My anxiety levels are pretty high today, which I’ve read others have experienced as well. Feels like I am on edge, which I’m sure is a combo of this pill and a very much lack of sleep, but its miserable. I’ve read in other forums that taking 5-HTP can help ease the anxiety and/or depression associated after takind Lean Efx- has anyone tried this? I just really want this junk out of my system, any and all suggestions are appreciated!!

  •  Will recommend this product it's so effective
    Theresa (Verified User)

    I started taking Lean EFX on Nov.1,2011,and got great results.I weighed myself that morning, and my scale read 197.7 lbs.I am 5’2″ and should only be weighing 120lbs.Well,by mid Feb., I lost 52 lbs…so that brought me down to 145lbs.I look and feel like a new person.My co-workers,family and friends, were amazed.Some were accusing me of being on drugs, and starving myself.Lol!!! I’ve never tried any type of drugs in my life. And along with taking Lean EFX,I got a membership at a gym, I eat very healthy and last but not least, my 3 girls keep mommy very busy. Went from a size 14 to a size 6/7 in just a few months.I love the new me and so does my boyfriend…I recommend you try it. Remember, eat healthy, no junk foods, exercise at least 3 days a week, plenty of water,and don’t starve your body.A big mistake a lot of people make. Our bodies are like our vehicles, they need fuel to operate. Good Luck!!!

  •  This product is helpful
    Rox (Verified User)

    I started taking these last September to help with losing baby weight (I had my baby in December 2009). I was getting very discouraged because I had been running 5 miles a day and had not lost any weight at all. I got my thyroid checked, and that was fine. The guy at the health food store told me about these, so I bought a bottle to try. I lost 20 pounds within 45 days on the first bottle. It was amazing! I have been taking them on and off since then and I now weigh 15 pounds less than I did before I got pregnant. This stuff works great! I have lost 35 pounds total and everyone keeps asking what the secret is, since they all knew I had been running forever but then suddenly started losing weight, too. I didn’t like the flushed/hot feeling that I got initially, but that went away fairly quickly.

  •  No serious side effects
    Jennifer (Verified User)

    I started this product 5 days ago and I have lost 6 lbs. The day I took my first pill I did take it with food but I did stay up for 42 hrs! After the 2nd day I feel good and have no side effects. I have energy for the first 5 hrs and then just feel normal after that but either way I am determined to lose the weight I know it works because throughout the day I have no appetite and do get some little stomach cramps from the fat burning. I also replaced 2 meals a day with protein shakes and I noticed when you eat or drink your 4-6 small meals a day you will have more energy but if you go without eating you wont have as much

  •  Product is so effective
    Ola (Verified User)

    I started Lean EFX on March 1st 2011. I’m 5’5 and I started at a weight of 170.02lbs. It is now March 23rd and I am down to 158lbs and still Have another 22 pills to go. I also got headaches in the 1st week but it was b/c I kept forgetting to eat. Once I got on a routine it’s been smooth sailing. Once I finish this cycle, my husband and I are going to try for another baby. I will for sure purchase a bottle of lean efx for post baby weight loss. It’s an AMAZING product.

  •  Product is good even if caused trouble
    Karen Davis (Verified User)

    It was suggested to me by a pharmacist.I started taking the pill and in 1wk I lost 6 lbs lbs and lost serveral inches,had troulbe sleeping the first couple of nights. starting taking it eairler in the day and didnt have any problems, but there were many times I forgot to eat.. along with exercise and a balance diet you will def loose the weight.. but I suggest to take a break in between time like any thing eles give your body some time. but still eat healthy and drink plenty of water and exercise this product is the best yet!

  •  The product definitely works
    Bryan (Verified User)

    My wife has lost nearly 20pounds in 2weeks and ive lost 5 pounds in a few days.
    For those of you who have crazy side effects, its often due to you not taking the product correctly! Get it together people, read the direction and go from there.
    I have been taking this product and it def works, it suppresses my appetite WAY down and as for energy, caffein rarely has an effect on me. So I sometimes take one Oxy elite pill and EFX pill together somedays. And no I dont have a problem with sleep cuz I dont sleep as it is.

    • Heather

      I started taking this almost a week ago. I take mine around 4:30 am with breakfast and eat again a couple hours later. As long as you stay on your water, find a healthy snack, its a good choice. I was jittery at first and had problems sleeping, but I had drank pepsi on top of taking the product. Cut out the extra unhealthy crap! I have lost weight already!

  •  I hope this works for me
    Janet (Verified User)

    Itook my first pill today….but I think I took it too late….11am. I’m not sleepy at all and I’m afraid I won’t sleep tonight!! The good thing is that I cleaned out all of my closets, cleaned house, laundry, reorganized….and if the kids weren’t asleep I’d be doing some more reorganizing!! I’m 50lbs overweight and really need to lose it so I can enjoy playing with my kiddos and so I can look HOT again..lol. Wish me luck!

  •  Lean EFX worked for me
    Staci (Verified User)

    I have been taking this product for a week. I agree, like with anything, you need to follow the instructions, people! Take it early (I take it at approx. 8 am every morning) and take it WITH FOOD. Even vitamins will upset most people’s stomaches without food! I have had no sleep issues and it totally kills your appetite (which is good). I eat a very small meal a couple of times a day and I drink a lot of water. In my opinion, it’s great. I think the different effects this has on differene people is specific to that person’s body chemistry. I tried Zantrex, which others have said they loved, and I thought I was going to kill myself. I literally have never felt such depression and sickness and I only took it once! Lean EFX has worked for me, with almost no side effects…but I think, unfortunately,each person has to try different thing’s to see what works for them.

  •  I was absolutely loving it
    Jessica (Verified User)

    I have been taking this pill for 6 days now and I was absolutely loving it. The fifth day however I forgot to eat at all and then went to the gym. The next morning I could not even think to get my words out of my mouth. I was a little confused. This is a very good pill and it works however the most important thing you can do is remember to drink all of the water that you can. You will know if you are not drinking enough because your mouth will feel like a sand box and you will begin to have sores on your tongue. I am going to continue because I have lost nearly 10 lbs but I am only going to take the supplements every other day and increase my water intake.
    PS. I know a lot of people dont but if you smoke cigs be sure you increase your water even more because nicotine also deplets your fluids.

  • jaw cleching or teeth grinding
    Becky (Verified User)

    Has anyone else Experienced the jaw cleching or teeth grinding and if so how long did it last? wondering what ingredient would cause that.

  •  It works great for me
    Jana (Verified User)

    The bottle says to take uppon waking & not on an empty stomach or 12 hours before bed. I’ve been taking it for over 2 weeks & I’ve discovered that if I take it after my first meal (6:30am) & eat at least 40g of carbs in the second meal (2hrs later), & I work my butt off at the gym about an hour after the 2nd meal, Im ready for a nap by 3pm. I have noticed that I seem to be more thirsty even though before taking the pill I was already drinking 1.5gallons a day. When I took Niacin a while back, I always broke out but not with Lean EFX. It works great for me when I take it the way I discribed. My advice to find out what works best for you. NEVER EVER take any thermogenic on an empty stomach EVER

  •  It does work on suppressing
    Viola Henderson (Verified User)

    A friend gave me one pill to try over the weekend. OMG!! I took it on a Saturday morning and didn’t get to sleep until Sunday night and only slept 5 hours at that and had to go to work..but, on the upside I had to remind myself to eat!! It does work on suppressing your appetite and I ordered a bottle online. I plan on taking it but only one pill every other day to see if that will make a difference.

  •  give it a thumbs up
    del (Verified User)

    i cant explain how i feel. i used to fall asleep within minutes of lying down. but after taking this pill i have slept only a total of 8hrs in 4days.(average of 2 hrs a day) i just heard from a guy at work who i know has never tried drugs, tested positive on a u.a. he contacted lean on the website and i believe they are compensating him for the troubles at work that it may have caused. i thought he said he test positive for meth and or a barbiturate. please somebody text me or email me back so that i know. i also have felt the stomach cramps and the jitters. a long time ago i experience meth. and it felt the very same as far not having appetite or sleeping. i still give it a thumbs up

  • God help me right now
    patricia (Verified User)

    I just took the pill today at 11am (first mistake) and with only a banana (2nd mistake). I am so jittery and worked up, people in the mall asked if I was okay. I am feeling scared, my arms are tingling and I’m scared that I may have a heart attack. Please be aware of this, do your research. The lady at the diet center where I bought them says I shouldn’t take them anymore, she is unaware of the symtoms I am having, she did not experience these issues, but also says I should only take half the pill instead of a whole. God help me right now!!

    • meka

      ok patricia yes i see u made alot of mistakes. u take the pill early in the morning before 8.u have to eat so u want be jittery. so if u try it again take it before 8 and eat and drink lots of eater

  • Product when used correctly
    Diana (Verified User)

    I recently purchased Lean EFX after seeing it help transform one of my friends who was 50 lbs. over weight. I feel that this product when used correctly..combining it with appropriate exercise, diet and water intake, seems like a win-win situation to me. I will keep you posted on my outcome, wish me luck!!

    • Hue

      So how did it workout?

  •  Feel great and excited
    Karen (Verified User)

    On my seventh day..first 2 nights slept 3-4 hours..had lots of energy and APPETITE SUPPRESSION. Drinking water and tea, eating small snacks throughout the day and a healthy dinner nightly So glad to have found this product that actually does what it claims. I’ve lost 4 pounds in 7 days. Feel great and excited to continue on this product.

  • awake foreverrrr
    Allicsirp (Verified User)

    I tried many diet pills and i had gain the most weight ever. 4’ll 132 n i hated how i looked n felt. I started them on labor day and by thanksgiving i lost 20 pounds. I am sooo happy to fit in my old clothes again! But..it does make me stay awake foreverrrr!

    • meka

      it makes u stay awake because ur probably taking it to late. you have to take it before 8am or earlier

  • Thariod
    Amy Estafan

    I have question I am 60 years old I take bills for Remotoid and also for Thariod. I had befor pre canser in my Breast.
    it this ok to take Lean EFX.
    I am 170 Pound and my doctor told me to loss about 15 pound for my knee. Please send me if this ok to take it or not.
    thank you

  •  i love this product
    James (Verified User)

    this product contains adderall – which is used to promote caffine inhibitors/receptors to engage in your body. everyone has some level of add/adhd, depending on your level, this product will effect you differently. i have bad adhd. i love this product because not only do i lose weight but my focus at work is great. although this product works in the thermogenic field of weight-loss, you have to take in-account for the other ingredients such as focus promoters and appetite suppressants.

  •   jittery or any other side effects
    Tracy (Verified User)

    I tried Lean efx before my Aug wedding and I loved it!!!! I took the 30 day break and started back up and I can feel the difference. I worked my butt off before taking lean efx and was only maintaing my weight this gave me a nice nudge, I lost about 14 pounds before my wedding and felt great. I had stoppped working out when I started to take it due to my time restraints so when I started my 2nd 30 day bottle, I was working out and lost at least another 10! I felt flush for maybe the first day but, never felt jittery or any other side effects.
    I loved it!!!!

  •  it definitely works
    Greg (Verified User)

    I have been using it for 5 days now after a recommendation from a friend who has had excellent results. I had previously lost 60 lbs and was kind of stuck at my current weight. After these 5 days, I have lost 10 lbs. It is working for me. As an appetite suppressant, it definitely works.

  •  I hated this product
    Rene (Verified User)

    I thought I wanted something with caffine to get my energy level up and it did.I took 1 pill and never slept for 24 hours and had to work so took another one to make it through the night(work 10hr nights)slept maybe 3 hours tossing and turning all day.I did not take one the next day because I had to sleep.All night I have felt like I have “tics” or something my body is just jerking.I am afraid to take any more and wish I could get my money back. $53 was not easy to give up and now I have really wasted my money.

    • Hannah

      Your “tics” and jerking is because you didnt take the pills the correct way. Most people that complain about this product are not using it right or are not aware of the effects that is has. Take one a day, as early as possibly. I always try to take mine before 8am. Stay active as much as you can during the day to use the extra energy. NEVER take two in a day or you’ll never get any sleep. Your head will feel cloudy and drained but your body will still have energy. When you tried to sleep it twitched cause it wasnt ready to sleep. Id say try it agai but make sure you take it EARLY after eating a FULL and HEALTHY breakfast. and keep drinking fluids as much as possible to decrease the body heat and cotton mouth. Hope this helps.

  •  Overeaters Anonymous
    Anna (Verified User)

    I just purchased my fourth bottle of Lean EFX. After two bottles I recommend taking a 30 day break so that your body doesn’t lose its response to the ingredients. I worked at GNC and a local gym as a supplement specialist through college, and I often worked with professional body builders and trainers to help them create diets and decide on appropriate supplements for fat loss when training. When ephedra was first banned, I tried every product I could get my hands on, and after trying many I thought, “That’s it. There are no more legal substances that can do what ephedra-based products can do.” For years I tried this and that, and last May I discovered Lean EFX. After college I had put on quite a bit of weight and body fat because I was not working out, eating right, or drinking enough water. I knew all the things I should be doing, obviously, but I wasn’t doing them. After seeing my weight skyrocket from 144 to 176 at 5’7″, I decided enough was enough. I bought Lean EFX after consulting a person who does what I used to do for a living, and the results were fantastic. I wen from 176 with a BMI of 25 to 149 with a BMI of 18 (I have a muscularly-dense body and fantastic genetics). For those of you wondering, because in my professional opinion the aove article is slightly misleading, I doubt Niacin was included in this product JUST to give the flush to make people think it works. Niacin helps reduce toxins in your body, and it helps reduce fat and cholesterol levels in the blood. Look it up for yourself, and you will see that I am not making that up. In detoxifying, it also helps with bowel movement regularity, which in turn aides in a flatter belly and less fat storage. This is also one of the ingredients that causes the need to urinate, as it is cleansing your body. With that knowledge, you should also realize that the “water pill” effect the Niacin, along with some of Lean EFX’s other ingredients, can cause may also dehydrate a person, especially if you are not drinking enough water. A general rule of thumb that any good trainer will tell you is that you should consme slightly fewer calories in a day than you’re burning, you should consume one gram of protein for every pound that you weigh in order to preserve and build muscle, you should snack on almonds and other nuts and berries for your good fats and good sugars, and you should consume – this is the hardest prt to swallow for most people – one gallon of water per 100 pounds of your total weight. In other words, if you weigh 100-150 pounds, you drink one gallon of water daily; at a weight between 150-200 pounds you should consume 1.5 gallons daily, and increase your consumption at half gallon incraments per 50 pounds after acquiring a weight 200 pounds. My opinion is that taking Lean EFX, a good multivitamin, an L-Carnitine supplement (preferably liquid mixed with a glass of orange juice), and tablespoon of Flax Seed Oil each day, coupled with following the above-outlined consmption guidelines, and getting at least three to five hours of accelerated heart rate a week through exercise will absolutely give you the results you’re looking for and then some. Good luck!

    • Tammy

      Thank you so much for this information! I actually looked up Niacin and you are right! It does exactly what you said and more! I had that flushing effect and it scared me, so i stopped taking the pills! But, now i think i will try them again and just be sure to drink plenty of water and work out in evenings instead of morning because aparantly my body was heating up too fast and too much at once!

  •  Good mood
    Misty (Verified User)

    I took my first pill at 8:30 this morning and it is 3 am and I am unable to sleep. Was not hungry, forced myself to eat and couldn’t eat much, BUT I did have TONS of energy and was in a good mood! Kind of wondering if I should be worried…….

    • meka

      everyone who is reading this u have to take the pill early in the morning. If its taken after 8 in the morning there is s big possiblity u will not sleep. If u take the pill and your heart is raceing i advice u not to take it any more. The pill didnt make me dizzy or my heart race but sometimes i do have a dry mouth no matter how much water i drink. So try it early in the morning before 8 and see what happens.

  •  Love it!
    Edward (Verified User)

    Love it Love it Love it. Best product since the skinny People banned ephedra thank God I’m back to felling great looking good and most of all I got my confidence back . I’m free from that second person that was holding me down name FAT. OMG so glad to fill like I did 15yrs ago . Tried working out just didn’t fill.up to it but the lean turned me into a work out machine . I tore my acl and got lazy from healing and gained about 50 lbs . First week lost ten pounds . Yeeeeeeaaaaahhhh Booooooyyyyyy.

  • leeann

    I tried it today at 9am. It’s 3 am and I am still feeling awful. My heart is racing, I’m jittery, my short term memory is shot and ive been nauseous. I’m scared to drive in this condition and haven’t. I agree the label is misleading. It does not say “caffeine” but if you google the 1st ingredient on the label (usu listed in order of strength) that’s what it is and it could be at a toxic level. This 1st section says 375mg. Caffeine is toxic for most people at 300mg.(google) I emailed the company and asked if they could tell me exactly how much caffeine and am still awaiting a reply. Finally, my husband tried it too. Since it doesn’t say caffeine in plain english on the label, he also had a cup of coffee that day. He was up for 40 hours, and when he tested his pulse & blood pressure, they were extremely high. He normally tests low to normal. Also, he could not achieve an erection. That hasn’t happened in the 18 yrs I’ve known him. High blood pressure does play a role in that so beware all you men who are taking these pills.
    I am drinking water like crazy trying to get this stuff out of my system. Oh yeah, and I haven’t been hungry, but dead people don’t need to eat either. I only have 20 pounds to lose. It is not worth potentially ruining my health. Eat less, move more. Keep it simple stupid!

    • Julia

      I also took this and felt the same way. I only got a total of 7 hours sleep the first two nights. My friend said I was acting too strangely and made me throw it out. It is my second day of not taking it and my mood is awful.

  •  I am in a better mood
    jenna (Verified User)

    i’ve been taking lean efx for just under a month and it has been an excellent appetite suppressant. in fact the first few days i completely forgot to eat. i did get a few headaches but i think that is probably dehydration cause i wasn’t drinking water either. when i consciously drink i don’t get the headaches. i usually take it in the morning with a small bowl of cereal and am fine the rest of the day. i have noticed that i am in a better mood and don’t get put out by things very easily. i also have way more energy and get a lot done. the only side effect i’ve had is falling asleep. i can be up till 2am without even realizing how late it is. but there are 1 out of 5 days that i will go to bed at 9p and sleep thru the night. so i don’t have a problem with it. (esp cause insomnia is common in my family and a dr pepper at dinner will keep me up so who knows if it’s the soda or the pill) since being on lean efx i have had multiple people comment on how amazing i look and how quickly it seems i have lost weight. in fact when i see people for the first time in a while their first comment is usually about how thin i am. i went from 130 to 118 and i am 5’8.

  •  flushing twice
    Rachel (Verified User)

    I’ve been using lean efx for about 3 weeks. I absolutely love it. I have experienced the flushing twice, and it’s quite strange, but it only happens when I don’t eat properly before taking it. It’s an excellent appetite suppressant and energy enhancer. I’ve lost 15lbs in the 3 weeks I’ve been taking it along with a healthy diet. I have nothing poor to say about the product. Just be sure to eat properly before taking it, and take it with plenty of water. Enjoy!

    • Caitlin

      Do the pills you are taking have another pill inside so when you shake the pill it rattles?

      • gyfrophet


  • Tracy

    I took one bottle over the summer and it definately worked for weight loss. Decreased appetite; increased drive to work out. But it gave
    me a headache every day and hurt my belly. I started again after a break and this time I feel great,except for the first time I’ve
    Experienced the flushing. HATE it!Its scary and a little painful. It Doesn’t happen every day though.Weird. But it does work for what its
    Supposed to do. Also love the “waterPill” effect.

    • tee

      I’ve been taking Lean EFX for 3 days now and I have’nt slept since taking it, I have headache,increased heart rate and at times belly aches and absolutely no appetite at all, I’m forcing my self to eat. Bitter orange is not safe to take and taking this product is not worth the risk

      • Anonymous

        First off, the belly thing means its working. it burns fat and you propably get the headaches from not sleeping. im on them too. and theyre perfect. i can sleep and my heart rate and apetite is fine. you have to eat healthy and you will feel good. if you eat crap its gonna have a bad reaction.

      • lex

        the head and body aches are sighns of dehydration increase water intake

    • Zach

      The product is made to burn more calories and give the user energy…. Depending on when you drop the supplement is the reason why its hard to sleep. I hit the gym at 5 AM, Drop the product at about 4:30…. SLEEP LIKE A BABY!

    • Tom

      I can attest to this as well. Though at times I did get a few mild headaches and the rare occasion was a bit flushed (if I was moderately dehydrated) I did lose nearly 38lbs in the first 40 days. I combined this product with a very loose diet and moderate exercise every other day. This product at first seemed too good to be true when my buddy told me about it, and after I started taking it, was a little scary due to the side effects. But I did see my doctor and he said I was perfectly healthy. No heart problems no blood pressure issues. Though there are some temporary annoying side-effects here and there, all-in-all I would recommend this product to anyone who is serious about getting into shape and losing that stubborn last 20-30lbs of weight keeping them from their goal. A+

      • Stephanie

        I started taking the pill about a month ago. about a week ago i started to get this feeling in my mouth. i felt like i wanted to bit my tounge off and it felt like my teeth where moving. I started to clinch my jaw, because it was like the teeth where falling out. now that i have not taken it for three days. i have not had any problems. it was like i was on speed. dont get me wrong, i love the fact i lost 16lbs. i look and feel much better about myself. it scared my husband that i was looking so hot!!! so he took them also and lost 11 lbs in one week. he ate good and worked out everday. but he then also started to feel dizzy and noticed a mad tenper. he also stopped taking them. OOOO and i never slept. the first 3 days i maybe got 5 hrs of sleep. but i never felt tired in the morning. so if you dont mind staying up all night. then go for it. Now i did do a break down of the pill. i opened the capsule and it broke down to 1ml in each pill. so i then broke the 1 ml in half and took that much a day. it worked just about the same,although i did find that i did fall asleep faster. so you take the pill on how you see fit. it works differnt on everyone. good luck !!!

  • Wanted to know the cause of symptoms
    kristal (Verified User)

    i lost 5 pounds in the first 4 days which i love, i also did not sleep alot. i want to keep taking the pills but im having trouble breathing now i cant seem to take in enough air. i dont know if the pills are the cause or what.

    • ShaqYour Name

      I took it for two weeks once early by 9 am and I take another about 3 4 o’clock I’m 6 3 215lbs now I’m 200 it makes you go to the bathroom early then your good I love the energy needs focus I just now added the gym ,I did stop drinking alcohol and changed my diet to lean fruits