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Lipase Review - 6 Things You Need to Know


We’re hearing a lot of buzz about Lipase, so we decided to take a close look at the enzyme, possible side effects and clinical research. To learn more about how people use the product, we read hundreds of reviews. Then, we gathered all the information and condensed it to give you the bottom line.

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What is Lipase?

To begin with, Lipase is an enzyme that supports digestive function, specifically fat digestion. It works in conjunction with others like protease and amylase. Blood tests can determine level in the body. How many you take depends on the brand. It ranges from one to three daily. You often only take it once each day.

There are multiple brands of Lipase on the market. Every one will say they are the best, but there’s really little difference between them. We like that the enzyme is all-natural and it does support fat digestion, but read on…

Disappointing Results – “Did It Work for You?”

One of the first things we took into consideration with Lipase is the fact that not everyone saw results. “This is a relatively safe enzyme for most people to take,” said our Research Editor. “Unfortunately, you won’t always notice changes.”

“Overpriced and don’t see any benefits from it,” was a report.

One person said, “I didn’t see any improvement in my condition with this product.”

We have to take into consideration that there are some who saw results.

A customer who suffered from lipase deficiency claimed, “I take this to help me digest food and stop gaining weight when fat doesn’t get broken down because there isn’t enough lipase being produced by my liver.”

A review also said, ” A health guru friend told us if you have extra fat on you then you need more Lipase. It’s true.”

Lackluster Reviews of Lipase – “Not Everyone is Happy”

We also came across more than a few reviews from people who were on the fence with Lipase. As one person claimed, “When I do not take these I suffer a great deal. When I do take these I suffer less. They are no miracle cure.”

Another said, “Not sure if helping.”

Some took it without looking for a measurable result.

“Great for increasing your enzymes and for diet plan,” according to a user.

We’ve completed years of research and found that it’s often the small things, like mediocre reviews, that ruin your chances of real results. If Lipase doesn’t live up to the customer’s expectations, they’ll often take the loss and move on.

The Science – “Is Lipase Proven?”

We know that Lipase breaks down fats. Science proves that without a doubt. However, research doesn’t support its use in weight-loss and there doesn’t appear to be any benefit to overall health unless taken by someone who’s deficient in the enzyme.

What Users Are Saying

"”My wife uses this to curb her triglyceride level. And it does keep her triglyceride to a healthy level. It is a good product.”"

"”This product has helped me to lower my cholesterol a couple of points. I use it after every meal. I hope to see more results as I continue to use this product.”"

"”I didn’t see any improvement in my condition with this product.”"

The Bottom Line – Does Lipase Work?

Should you take Lipase every morning? Well, we don’t see a problem for most people, but the benefit may not be there, so we are left with reservations. Some people praise the results and others claim nothing happened. This one is hit or miss, but we do know it is not ideal for weight-loss.

For those looking to Lipase for weight-loss, we suggest going with a clinically tested supplement shown to help you lose more, instead. Check for amazing reviews and verifiable results.

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Lipase Review
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Which products contain lipase?

Products that contain lipase included natural foods like whole avocado, egg yolk, cream, and whole coconut. Lipase is a crucial part of fermentation that takes places with yogurt and cheese. It can also break down fat and free fatty acids in the body.

What is lipase made out of?

Lipase is made from the cells of your stomach and is an important enzyme that promotes digestion. It is effective at breaking down dietary fats into glycerol and fatty acids.

How do I know if Lipase is right for me?

Choosing the right product is the #1 question asked by DietSpotlight readers. We recommend trying any product before buying it and know that finding a product with a sample offer is near impossible - so we created our own product, Burn HD, with scientifically backed ingredients.

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How does lipase work in the body?

Lipase is an enzyme that breaks down glycerol and fatty acids in the small intestine, which is assisted by bile, which is created in the liver. The bile helps to break the fat into droplets that the lipase enzymes can begin to break down before its excreted from the body.

Where is lipase produced in the body?

Lipase is produced in the mouth, stomach, and pancreas and is an important enzyme in the body. It is effective in breaking down fat that is present in different types of food and is later absorbed in the intestines.

What is the enzyme lipase used for?

Lipase is used to digest fat that enters the body. It hydrolyzes the lipids, which is known as the ester bond in triglycerides. It then forms fatty acids and glycerol after the fat is fully digested.

What activates gastric lipase?

Gastric lipase is activated with lingual lipase to create two acidic lipases. It is secreted by the main gastric cells in the fundic mucosa that is present in the stomach. The acid has a pH level of three to six.

What does pancreatic lipase do?

Pancreatic lipase breaks down, also known as hydrolyzes, dietary fat molecules that enter the digestive system while converting triglyceride substrates that are present in oils into monoglycerides. Pancreatic lipase is the primary enzyme in the body and is secreted by the pancreas.

What pH does lipase work best in?

The effects of pH are:

Where is lipase released from?

Lipase is released from the same place where enzymes are produced in the amylase salivary glands, pancreas, and the small intestine.

What organs produce lipase?

The main area that lipase is produced in the body is pancreatic lipase and the pancreatic lipase related protein 2. Both are secreted from the pancreas.

What is lingual lipase and what does it do?

Lingual lipase is a form of a digestive enzyme and is related to triacylglycerollipases. The enzyme is responsible for breaking down fatty acids and hydrolyzing long-chain triglycerides into partial glycerides.


Previous Lipase Review (Updated December 9, 2008):

What You Should Know About Lipase

The online encyclopedia Wikpedia tells us that Lipase is a water soluble solution which catalyzes the hydrolysis of the ester bond. Lipase plays a fundamental role in the digestion and the processing of fats. Some experts believe that low levels of Lipase in the body are a major cause of obesity. However not all medical experts agree with this.


Lipase is a water soluble solution that catalyzes the hydrolysis of the ester bond.

Product Features

We do know that in order to properly digest fats the body needs lipase and that it also has other roles to play such as regulating the blood pressure in the body. Enzyme Therapists who work with overweight people often recommend Lipase based supplements as a way of helping the body to properly and efficiently digest fats. There are a number of Lipase based supplements available for sale online such as the supplement known as Lypozyme. This can be ordered directly from on line shops at a price of $27.95. There do not appear to be many testimonials available online from those who have used Lipase based supplements, although there are one or two books available for sale written by physicians who believe that low lipase levels have a role to play in obesity. Of course, reasons for weight gain vary enormously form person to person, and will depend on individual circumstances and habits. Existing health problems as well as individual diets and exercise habits have a great role to play in the cause of weight gain. So, although it may be true that low lipase levels are the cause of weight gain in some people, it is not correct to say that it is the major cause of weight gain in all of those who are overweight.

Advantages of Lipase

  • Information regarding Lipase is available on line.
  • Lipase based supplements such as Lypozyme are available for purchase from on line shops.
  • Lipase based supplements are reasonably priced.

Disadvantages of Lipase

  • There is no proof that Lipase based supplements are more effective in procuring weight loss than other weight loss supplements for sale.
  • There is no concrete evidence to back up the claims made by some Physicians that low lipase levels are a major cause of weight loss.
  • Not everyone suffers from low lipase levels.
  • There have not been enough controlled trials carried out on lipase supplements.
  • Research on the effects of lipase on weight loss is still fairly new and controversial.


At the end of the day not everyone who is overweight has low lipase levels. This certainly means that lipase supplements will not be useful for everyone who has weight problems. Also there simply is not enough evidence available to back up the claim that low lipase levels are a major cause of obesity. This is probably one to ask your doctor about.
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