Updated: 05/16/2017
By Sean McNamara Apr 20, 2017

The results of my research into Liposinol were somewhat surprising. We took a minute or 100 to dig into the ingredients. We also took in more than a few customer reviews and scientific publications. Then, we narrowed down all of the data we collected to give you the facts.

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What is Liposinol?

To begin with, Liposinol is a product line that has three primary offerings; the classic tablet, powder, and a tablet with vitamins. The active ingredient in all Liposinol products is Litramine which is a patented fiber formula that is supposed to bind with about 27 percent of dietary fats.

Liposinol is considered a bmiSMART product which is a division of InQpharm, a Zaluvida company. That may seem like a complex chain of ownership, but every business is owned by another corporation. Zaluvida headquarters are in Switzerland, and they produce a variety of health and wellness products throughout their various business models. You can buy primarily through their online storefronts. The company claims to be focused on creating cutting-edge science-based formulas, but read on…

Expense – “Is it Worth The Cost?”

The first issue is the cost and availability of Liposinol. On the official website, the company lists one of the products at about $70 for a one-month supply but attempting to complete a purchase redirects to a different and unavailable product. According to our Research Editor, “It is always troubling when a product does not give the viewer a way to make a purchase. It indicates a lack of viability or trustworthiness.”

One aggravated dieter claimed, “I had heard really good things about this and wanted to try it but couldn’t find a way to place an order.”

A frustrated reviewer said, “I’ve ordered this before and wanted to give it another shot but everytime I try get sent somewhere else.”

Some customers were less frustrated. This shopper noted, “I’ve purchased this in the past without any trouble and had pretty good results.”

One optimistic purchaser explained, “I used this to lose weight before and found it to be effective for my needs at the time.”

Side Effects – “Uncomfortable”

One of the main concerns for many dieters was the uncomfortable Liposinol side effects.

An angered consumer stated, “This gave me such bad gas. You have no idea.”

While another mentioned, “I felt like I was constantly in the bathroom the whole time I was taking this.”

Others were more accepting. This shopper disclosed, “This did make me have to visit the restroom more than normal but I was expecting it.”

Another added, “It cleaned me out for sure but that’s what I wanted was to flush out the fat.”

According to our research, ease of use when making a purchase along with a good price point are as important as being able to take a product with minimal side effects. If Liposinolis difficult for dieters to find and causes discomfort when they do manage to take it, most will simply look for an alternative.

The Science – “Minimal Evidence”

At DietSpotlight we want to see a company actively support their claims with solid science. While the inclusion of a proprietary compound was intriguing, there was very little to support the claims.

The Bottom Line – Does Liposinol Work?

Should I race out for a bottle of Liposinol? Due to the lack of easy availability, relatively high cost, and unpleasant side effects we are hesitant about giving it the green light.

If you are ready to lose weight, we suggest choosing a product with ingredients that are backed by scientific research. One that can help with your goal without making you uncomfortable during the process.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is Leptigen. It’s packed with four key ingredients. Each is natural and shown in research to help improve fat loss and kick hunger to the curb. Plus, it’s pretty impressive just how many incredible testimonials there are on the web.

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