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Lipozin Review- Does This Weight-Loss Supplement Work?

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By Summer Banks Jul 06, 2017

We’ve heard a lot of buzz surrounding Lipozin, so we took this chance to look deeper into the ingredients, side effects, clinical research and customer service quality. Furthermore, we examined hundreds of dieter experiences and forum threads for consideration. Then, we condensed and refined to give you the info you need.

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What is Lipozin?

First off, Lipozin ingredients are hoodia gordonii, green tea extract, guarana seed, cha de bugre and chromium 200mcg. Based on the label, you take one daily and each bottle lasts one month. The product is supposed to work as a fat burner and appetite suppressant, if you believe the claims. We see no reason why this one would not be portable.

The company behind Lipozin is Big Health, though we didn’t find any information on when the company started. We do know the online store was opened in 2014. You can buy from the official website, but you can also shop with outside retailers. We like the addition of green tea and caffeine and we found some positive experiences, but read on…

Lipozin Fad Ingredient – “Will it Work?”

The first issue we found with Lipozin ingredients is that the first one on the list is considered a “fad.” “You want a formula that works, not one that promises something it can’t live up to,” says our Research Editor. This ingredient could be one of the reasons some users saw no results.

“I tried this product for one week and didn’t see a difference in my weight,” said one buyer.

As another put it, “Didn’t lose a pound it didn’t took the hunger away.”

There are some, though, that either saw a difference or were on the fence. As one said, “I don’t really know that I would say the Lipozin worked but I wouldn’t say it didn’t work either.”

Yet another claimed, “It has made me less hungry – without jitters.”

Side Effects – “One Concern”

We also found more than a few reports that Lipozin side effects were a concern for some users. A dieter said, “I have side effects, but on the bottle never mentioned about sides effects.”

We also found a user that said, “I took it for three weeks and it made me more hungry.”

On the other side of the fence were people who didn’t feel any changes. As a customer said, “One thing about this product is that I experienced NO side effects at all.”

Over the years, we’ve found it takes something that seems small, like ineffective ingredients, to ruin any chance of long-term success. If Lipozin does not live up to the promises, that could be a big problem.

The Science – “Yay or Nay?”

Everything is about science nowadays, so does Lipozin actually work as claimed, based on research? You’ve got some testimonials on the official website, but no proof. We know that green tea and caffeine (as sourced from the guarana) can help boost energy and strengthen metabolism, but take a look at the shelves of your local store and you’ll find them there as well. Hoodia, on the other hand, has no support in the scientific community. At DietSpotlight, we want to know for sure than a supplement will work and we can’t say that this time.

The Bottom Line – Does Lipozin Work?

Time to race out for a couple bottles of Lipozin? Well, we like the addition of caffeine and green tea and the fact that science backs up these ingredients, but we’re hesitant to support this one because research proves the main part of the formula, hoodia gordonii, doesn’t have any effect on appetite. We also have to consider the reported negative reactions and lack of results.

If you’ve got weight-loss on the mind, we suggest trying out a product that’s made with 100% clinically proven ingredients that can help you lose more in less time. It’s important that you don’t have to worry about side effects.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Dietspotlight Burn. This formula packs clinically proven ingredients that have been shown to help spark metabolism and fat loss. We were unable to find reports of side effects of any kind, but we did find some dieters sharing amazing results.

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Previous Lipozin Review (Updated August 22, 2012):

Lipozin: What You Should Know

Lipozin is another weight loss supplement that claims the power of hoodia is enough to help dieters achieve weight loss goals. Hoodia was once thought to be the strongest appetite suppressant on the market, but clinical research proved the ingredient worked no better than a placebo, so the dieter is left with a supplement based on false marketing. Despite the false claims about hoodia, there are two proven ingredients in the formula.

List of Ingredients in Lipozin


  • Hoodia Gordonii
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Guarana Seed
  • Cha de Bugre
  • Chromium

Lipozin: Product Features

There are no amounts listed for any of the ingredients in Lipozin. This means the company could have added just a touch so the ingredient could appear on the label. Even if an ingredient is proven, as is the case with green tea, if too little is included in the formula the dieter might as well flush their money down the toilet.

Hoodia, as we stated before, is not going to suppress appetite. Clinical research proves all claims of appetite suppression false.

Green tea extract is clinically proven to increase metabolism two-fold. First, it contains EGCG. EGCG increases metabolism with or without caffeine. Caffeine is the other element of green tea. Caffeine increases energy and metabolism to maximize the effects of exercise and healthy diet.

Guarana seed is another stimulant. While this ingredient will increase energy there are no clinical studies supporting weight loss claims like the ones that exist for caffeine and green tea.

Chromium is the other proven ingredient. Chromium may help control hunger by regulating blood glucose response to food, particularly carbohydrates. If the dieter eats carbohydrates they can experience a sharp rise in glucose followed by a crash. The crash causes cravings for more carbohydrates.

We found no testimonials or free trial offers for Lipozin. We also found no official website so the product could be currently off the market.


  • Ingredients in Lipozin are simple to find online.
  • The formula contains commonly used ingredients.
  • Caffeine, green tea and chromium are proven to boost metabolism and suppress hunger.


  • May no longer be available for sale.
  • No testimonials supporting weight loss claims.
  • No free trials for customers who wish to try before they buy.
  • Could interact with medications.

Conclusion on Lipozin

Lipozin is not an effective weight loss solution because the dieter has no idea how much of each ingredient is included in the supplement. We suggest choosing supplements with complete ingredient lists and testimonials.

The recommended dosage is two capsules a day, 30 minutes prior to meals. No more than six capsules daily, all taken with 8 oz of water.

Lipozin Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Serving Per Container: 30
Amount per Serving% DV
Proprietary Blend for Lipozene1500 mg*
Amorphophallus Konjac**

Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Magnesium Silicate and stearic acid.

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Lipozin Side Effects:

Before beginning a new weight loss program, it’s important to know the potential side effects. We’ve compiled this side effects list for Lipozin from real user experiences.


One of the most common complaints about Lipozin is that it causes jitters. Jittering is often accompanied by a sense of nervousness or anxiousness.

What causes jittering?

Many people experience jittering due to excessive caffeine use. Drinks like coffee and tea are the biggest culprits. Additionally, many supplements surprisingly have high caffeine levels. Stress can also lead to jittering. If you have exorbitant stress and frustration in your life, it’s best to try to reduce it. Doing so will help you alleviate your jitters.


Sleeplessness, or insomnia, is when you’re unable to sleep properly. This means having a hard time falling asleep or being unable to stay asleep. You likely feel uncomfortable in bed and do a lot of tossing and turning. Throughout the day, the lack of sleep catches up with you—making you feel tired and irritable.

What causes sleeplessness?

Sometimes sleeplessness is merely the result of poor bedtime habits. Eating too late at night and watching TV right before bed can make it harder to sleep right. It’s also possible that you’re suffering from conditions like arthritis, asthma, chronic pain, or allergy. [1]


You have an abnormal feeling of stress and frustration—more than the situation seemingly merits. Your feelings may vary wildly. You feel perfectly fine one moment. The next, you’re on-edge and tense. You might experience palpitations and shortness of breath

What causes anxiety?

Panic disorder, general anxiety disorder, and stress disorders are all linked to anxiety. You can also become anxious as a result of hyperthyroidism, abnormal heart rhythm, and other heart abnormalities.


Some headaches affect only a specific region while others cover your entire head. Some other mild, others are intense and piercing. The general sensation of a headache is that of unusual pressure. In extreme cases, associated symptoms include dizziness and sweating.

What causes headaches?

Most everyday headaches are caused by sleepiness, hunger, heat, and stress. These headaches go away after a short while. Serious conditions known to cause headaches are concussion, ear infection, glaucoma, high blood pressure, and stroke. [2] Most Lipozin users haven’t experienced side effects. Exercise caution, as everyone’s body responds differently to supplements. If you see any side effects not listed here, please let others know in our review section.

Lipozin Questions & Answers:

We picked apart hundreds of user reviews about Lipozin and condensed into this helpful FAQ.

What are the side effects of Lipozin?

The Lipozin side effects, according to customer feedback, may include jitteriness, anxiety, sleeplessness, headache and dehydration.

What are the ingredients in Lipozin?

The ingredients in Lipozin are vitamin B12, chromium, green tea, cha de burge powder, guarana seed, caffeine and hoodia.

Does Lipozin work?

There’s no scientific research proving Lipozin works. The website promotes hoodia as the key ingredient, but it’s often considered a “fad” ingredient with no backing. Green tea is listed and has been shown to help boost metabolism, but studies haven’t been completed expressly on this product.

You may want to consider switching things up and changing Lipozin for a supplement like Dietspotlight Burn, containing a formula supported by solid science.

How much does Lipozin cost?

Lipozin costs $14.95 for one bottle. If purchasing two, the cost is $29.90 and three is $44.85. The retail price decreases the more you buy.

How should I take Lipozin?

You should take one capsule of Lipozin three times per day. If you follow the recommended serving, each bottle lasts about two weeks.

Can I take Lipozin if I have a health condition?

Women who are pregnant or nursing, those with health conditions, people taking prescription medications or anyone under 18 years of age should consult with a healthcare professional prior to taking weight-loss supplements, including Lipozin.

What do users like about Lipozin?

Some dieters liked that the cost of Lipozin was reasonable.

What do users NOT like about Lipozin?

Users don’t like that Lipozin didn’t help with weight-loss and some negative side effects.

How do I contact the Lipozin customer service department?

You can contact the customer service department by using the consumer feedback form, emailing the corporate headquarters at info@bighealth.us or the support team at support@lipozinweightloss.com, calling a representative at 1-570-234-3493 or mailing correspondence to Big Health P.O. Box 669 Bangor, PA 18013.

Do I need to take Lipozin with food?

No, you don’t need to take Lipozin with food, you should consume prior to meals.

If I take more Lipozin, will I lose more weight?

No, if you take more Lipozin, you won’t lose more weight. The company recommends not exceeding the daily dose.

Does Lipozin come with a guarantee?

Yes, Lipozin comes with a guarantee. You have 30 days to return the supplement. The product can be sent back used or unopened.

Do you know of any special deals or discounts on Lipozin?

There are special deals and promotions on Lipozin. If you purchase multiple bottles, you receive a discount. However, the past several months have been crazy, considering our readers have been taking advantage of Dietspotlight Burn’s Special Trial Offer, which is merely the cost of shipping and handling. Click here to give it a go.

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