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Max Muscle Cleanse & Lean Review - 6 Things You Need to Know


Why is it that so few diet products are backed by science? Let’s find out if Max Muscle Cleanse is one of the good ones. We heard a lot about this supplement, so we jumped into the ingredients, side effects, customer service and scientific research. Our review of includes a look into hundreds of consumer comments from around the internet. We then condensed and refined to give you the info you need.

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What You Need to Know About Max Muscle Cleanse

To start, Max Muscle Cleanse is a weight-loss supplement that contains cascara sagrada, senna leaf and dandelion root.[1] [2] You take one to two capsules daily to help lean out, according to the company. You can take the product on the go – one good thing. [3]

The product, introduced by Max Muscle after 2005 when the company opened, claims to use the highest quality ingredients, which looks good. You can buy the supplement on the official website or in a retail location. We like the strong BBB rating and professional looking corporate headquarters, but read on…

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Side Effects – “Ow?”

The first thing that concerned us was the potential for Max Muscle Cleanse side effects. “Whenever a dieter takes a supplement that contains laxatives and diuretics there’s cause for concern,” says our Research Editor. “Products like this are only intended for short-term use.”

“Currently I am taking the 2 before bed and 1 in the am. I seem to be having the opposite affect. Bloated & constipated most of the time only having the 3-4 bowl movements on a couple of days since starting the program,” a user claims. [4]

One athlete claims her body reacted badly after stopping Max Muscle Cleanse, “This is when all hell broke loose! I swelled up so fast. My abdomen was distended, making me look about 5 months pregnant. It was painful. Every part of my body was swollen: my legs, my arms, my butt…everything! My clothes didn’t fit and I didn’t know what was happening to my body.” [5]

No Clinical Support – “Troublesome?”

Long-term use of laxatives for weight-loss is not considered a good option, based on clinical studies. According to the Journal of American College Health, “Serious medical problems that may occur with laxative abuse include electrolyte and fluid imbalance, structural and functional colonic changes, and allergic reactions.” [6]

Go Ask Alice from Columbia University says, “Laxatives are not designed for weight loss and can cause serious, sometimes irreversible, damage.”

Our research suggests all it takes is one problem with a supplement, like adverse reactions, and the chances of your long-term weight-loss success are hindered. If Max Muscle Cleanse side effects are an on-going issue, that’s a warning to dieters.

Is the Science Behind Max Muscle Cleanse Legit?

As stated above, there is no clinical support for using of laxatives or diuretics in weight-loss. Studies actually warn against long-term use of stool softeners and water pills. At DietSpotlight, science is extremely important and if a company doesn’t bother to research, that’s just the start of the problem.

What Users Are Saying

“I have had irregularity issues all of my life and this is the only product that has worked and was still gentle at the same time.”

The Bottom Line – Does Max Muscle Cleanse Work?

Let’s take a ride back through all of the facts we found. After checking out Max Muscle Cleanse the conclusion was simple. We like the large, professional company headquarters and the price is comparable to other cleanses, but we are worried about suggesting this because the weight-loss claims are not backed with research and there are some side effects to consider. Plus, we’re concerned dieters may start abusing the product leading to long-term health problems.

If you’re time to lose weight is now, we suggest you choose a supplement that gives you both a good price and a list of ingredients proven to help with weight-loss. Side effects should never be part of the equation.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Burn HD. The ingredients are combined into a proprietary blend clinically proven to boost metabolism and help you lose fat. We couldn’t find talk of harmful side effects and reviews point out great results.

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Max Muscle Cleanse & Lean Review
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Max Muscle Cleanse & Lean

What are the side effects of Max Muscle Cleanse & Lean?

Max Muscle Cleanse & Lean side effects, according to some customer reviews, may include bloating, constipation, extreme swelling, and abdominal pain.

What are the ingredients of Max Muscle Cleanse & Lean?

Max Muscle Cleanse & Lean ingredients include cascara sagrada bark powder and extract, senna leaf powder, aloe vera, psyllium husk powder, fennel seed powder, slippery elm powder, turkey rhubarb powder, dandelion, horsetail, and barberry. 

How do I know if Max Muscle Cleanse & Lean is right for me?

Choosing the right product is the #1 question asked by DietSpotlight readers. We recommend trying any product before buying it and know that finding a product with a sample offer is near impossible - so we created our own product, Burn HD, with scientifically backed ingredients.

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Does Max Muscle Cleanse & Lean work?

There is no clinical research supporting the statement that Max Muscle Cleanse & Lean helps with weight-loss.

If you are looking for a product with customer approved results, you may want to look at Dietspotlight Burn.

How much does Max Muscle Cleanse & Lean cost?

Max Muscle Cleanse & Lean costs $49.99 for a bottle of 100.

How should I take Max Muscle Cleanse & Lean?

According to Max Muscle Cleanse & Lean’s fact sheet, you should take two capsules per dose, not exceeding four capsules a day.

Do I need to go on a diet before using Max Muscle Cleanse & Lean?

Although it is not required to be on a diet in order to use Max Muscle Cleanse & Lean, you may want to think about eating wholesome foods, as this may help you lose more weight.

Do I need to exercise while using Max Muscle Cleanse & Lean?

You do not need to exercise while using Max Muscle Cleanse & Lean, although it may help you lose see better results.

Does Max Muscle Cleanse & Lean come with a guarantee?

Max Muscle Cleanse & Lean does not come with a guarantee.

Max Muscle Cleanse & Lean Ingredients

Key features of this product include: get lean and hard, flush excess liquid from the body and promote regularity.

Max Muscle Cleanse & Lean Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Serving Per Container: Approx. 100
Amount per Serving% DV
Vitamin B650 mg2500%
Calcium20 mg2%
Max Cleanse & Lean Blend430 mg**
Cascara segrada bark powder and extract**
Senna leaf powder**
Fennel seed powder**
Dandelion leaf powder**
Turkey Rhubarb powder**
Slippery Elm bark powder**
Barbery root powder**
Aloe Vera leaf powder**

Other Ingredients: Gelatin, rice flour, silica and magnesium stearate.

We really delved into Max Muscle Cleanse & Lean ingredients to give you the details you need.

Cascara Sagrada Bark

Sometimes called California buckthorn, cascara sagrada bark comes from a shrub. It has been used for many years in natural medicine. You can also find this herb in a number of internal cleansing supplements and weight-loss pills. [1]

What is it Supposed to Do?

Like some other herbs, cascara sagrada bark is often used as a natural laxative. It actually contains chemicals that stimulate the colon. This in turn causes bowel movements. However, back in 2002, the FDA, “Notified manufacturers to remove or reformulate all OTC laxative products containing cascara from the U.S. market.” This is because, “Concerns were raised about cascara’s safety and effectiveness.”

Clinical Research

According to the University or Utah Health Care, “Cascara is used to treat constipation, particularly chronic constipation. It may be used for other colon disorders associated with constipation.” But, this herb is not directly connected to weight-loss.

Clinical studies are an important aspect of the equation when it comes to finding a diet supplement. This is why you may want to take a peek at Dietspotlight Burn. This product offers ingredients that have been researched.

Senna Leaf Powder

Also called cassia acutifolia, senna leaf is an herb taken from a fruit plant. It has actually been used for centuries to treat common issues such as constipation and inflammation.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Senna leaf is found in a number of over-the-counter supplements. This herb contains sennosides, which are chemicals that produce a laxative effect. Therefore this plant basically causes more frequent bowel movements.

Clinical Research

Unfortunately there is no proven connection between senna leaf and weight-loss. However, the Food and Dug Administration did, “approve senna as a non-prescription laxative.” In other words, this herb has been proven effective when it comes to treating constipation.

Fennel Seed Powder

There are all sorts of herbs and plant extracts used in dietary supplements and alternative medicine. Fennel seed is no exception. This plant grows in regions like Europe and the Middle East. It’s commonly used in food dishes. Also, it provides antioxidants, dietary fiber and some minerals.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Often fennel seed is claimed to suppress appetite, relieve gas and bloating, regulate blood pressure, decrease fat storage and aid the digestive tract. It’s found in a number of internal cleansing products and weight-loss supplements. [2]

Clinical Research

Some studies have been done with fennel seed. The National Institutes of Health says, “Fennel can be used to relieve the signs and symptoms significantly on primary dysmenorrhoea (painful menstruation).” However, there does not appear to be a solid link to weight-loss.

Is There Anything Out There That We Think TRULY Works?

Dietspotlight Burn is one supplement that shows promise. It’s formulated with ingredients that HAVE been clinically tested. Furthermore, all customers can benefit from the special trial offer, currently available. Click here to give it a shot.

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  • 1. Cascara (2014). National Library of Medicine. June 11, 2014.
  • 2. Fennel (2013). Northwest School For Botanical Studies. May 7, 2015.


Previous Max Muscle Cleanse & Lean Review (Updated January 10, 2014):

What You Should Know: Max Muscle Cleanse

Max Muscle is a supplement manufacturer with chain retail stores in the United States. They offer condition specific supplements for dieters who want to lose weight and bodybuilders. There are also supplements to improve general health. Max Cleanse & Lean is a supplement that is supposed to help cleanse the body while aiding in weight loss. Typically, cleansing products will not increase weight loss. They will increase the number of times the user goes to the bathroom and may cause negative side effects like diarrhea due to laxative ingredients. Ingredients are available from Max Muscle, but the website is extremely difficult to navigate. No free trials are offered.

List of Ingredients

Vitamin B6, Calcium. Max Cleanse & Lean Blend: Cascara Sagrada Bark Powder, Senna Leaf Powder, Fennel Seed Powder, Dandelion Leaf Powder, Horsetail Herb Extract, Psyllium Husk Powder, Turkey Rhubarb Powder, Slippery Elm Bark, Barberry Root Powder and Aloe Vera Leaf Powder.

Product Features

Dieters hoping to shed a few pounds while cleansing the body may have found the wrong supplement. This supplement is formulated with multiple laxatives and diuretics. The "Lean" portion of the product name is misleading. No fat burners or weight loss ingredients are included in the supplement, so the dieter that sees a reduction in weight will only be seeing the effects of the laxative and diuretics in the formula. Cascara Sagrada Powder and Senna Leaf Powder are natural laxatives. They will increase the number of bowel movements and may have negative side effects like diarrhea, cramping and dehydration. Dandelion Leaf Powder and Horsetail Herb Extract are diuretics. These will force water out of the body. So, Max Cleanse & Lean increases bowel movements and urination - this could only lead to dehydration and plummeting potassium levels. If potassium falls too low, cramping will begin in muscles, including the heart muscle in some cases. Looking at the remaining ingredients on the list - Psyllium Husk Powder, Turkey Rhubarb Powder, Slippery Elm Bark and Aloe Vera Powder are all known laxatives. This supplement could be dangerous if taken for an extended period of time. Weight loss will be only temporary.

Advantages of Max Muscle Cleanse

  • All ingredients are available online.

Disadvantages of Max Muscle Cleanse

  • The price is much higher than other supplements.
  • Overuse of laxatives and diuretics.
  • The information on the website is difficult to navigate.

Conclusion: Max Muscle Cleanse

For $50 a bottle, this supplement should include some fat burning ingredients to help validate weight loss claims. As it is, the ingredient list is packed with laxatives and diuretics that will certainly lead to dehydration before significant weight loss. Laxatives can become addictive if used for extended periods as the body no longer uses the muscles needed to move waste. Diuretic use has been linked to death in athletes.
Summer Banks Dietspotlight Author
About the Author:

Summer Banks, Director of Content at Dietspotlight, has researched over 5000 weight-loss programs, pills, shakes and diet plans. Previously, she managed 15 supplement brands, worked with doctors specializing in weight loss and completed coursework in nutrition at Stanford University. full bio.

10 Max Muscle Cleanse & Lean Reviews

  • Anyone had the same experience?
    Kathy (Verified User)

    I am just wondering if while taking the Max Muscle Cleanse and Lean anyone has experienced small bouts of hot flashes.

    • Cameron (Editor)

      This is an interesting symptom we’ve not encountered. Anyone? However, we have come across extreme swelling. If this concerns you, than might be better to try another option that can get you weight-loss results without the side-effects. Dietspotlight Burn is a good option you can take into consideration.

  •  I lost 20 lbs in 6 week.
    Michelle (Verified User)

    I’ve taken supplements before that I couldn’t tolerate. Some make me jittery or weak. Max Muscle Cleanse and Lean was the first one that I didn’t have any adverse reactions to! I loved it and with clean eating and exercise, I lost 20 lbs in 6 weeks.

  •  Recommended for anyone with BM issue.
    Betty (Verified User)

    I’ve also had bowel issues and I just stated this bottle and one pill a day and I’m regular- no more bloating and stomach pain from not going daily or regularly. I would recommend this product to anyone with BM issues. I read here it has laxative products but it has just made me regular. I’m sure if you take 2 or more a day it can see how it would be a laxative.

  •  Night Make Miracles
    Terri (Verified User)

    Wow! Amazing ! They gave me some samples and pills work great ! Going back for my bottle, I have always been a person with B M issues , and only one pill at night makes miracles

  •  Great product!
    Colin Armbruster (Verified User)

    This product is great! It is only $41 in the MM stores, not $50. They have just released Cleanse and Lean advanced which includes thermogenic ingredients!

    • Marlenny

      Probably your are right the lean part is misleading but I have to admit that this product works extremely well as laxative and aid to regulate bowl movements. For me 50 dollar bottle is worthy

    • Jodi Bowen

      I love maxmuscle products, my question is for Colin, have you tried the advanced and if so what do you think how is the difference??

  • Mags

    Can you take this product after dinner?

    • Cameron (Editor)

      Mags, sometimes when dieters take supplements at night or after dinner time it may keep them up. By the way, have you com across Dietspotlight Burn? If you want, you can get a free 15 day sample…try it out.