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Max Muscle Max L-Carnitine Review - Does This Diet Supplement System Work? Are cost and lack of effectiveness deal breakers?

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By Summer Banks Jan 01, 2017

We’re hearing a lot of buzz about Max Muscle Max L Carnitine. In this in-depth review, we’ll discuss the side effects, ingredients, research, and customer service. We also took hundreds of user comments into consideration. With all this information in hand, we condensed and summarized to give you the bottom line.

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What You Need to Know

First off, Max Muscle Max L Carnitine contains vitamin B6, pantothenic acid, sodium, l carnitine, filtered water, glycerin, malic acid, citric acid, sodium benzoate, stevia extract, potassium sorbate, and natural flavoring. You’re supposed to take the supplement as one tablespoon before workouts and it is small enough to take on the go.

This product was introduced around 2008, but the company that produces it (Max Muscle) has been around since 1995. The longevity is encouraging and the healthy ingredients make this one intriguing. We also like the layout and user friendliness of the website and that it can be purchased around the country in health supplement stores. There is a lot to like about Max Muscle Max L Carnitine, but read on…

Cost – “Holy Cow?”

While Max Muscle Max L Carnitine itself is not inherently expensive, the manufacturer recommends that it be stacked with seven other supplements to create an effective combination of products to give you optimal results. “At less than $1 per serving, this one is affordable by itself,” said our Research Editor. “But the recommended stack could cost several hundred dollars a month!”

“I couldn’t afford the whole stack, but I gave it a try by itself and saw some minimal results,” said one customer.

“I lost a few pounds with this, but I could’ve lost more if I could afford the whole combination of supplements that Max Muscle recommends,” explains another.

Effectiveness – “Another Concern”

Another problem with Max Muscle Max L Carnitine is the lack of effectiveness that some users have seen. Because of the cost of the recommended stack, most people are using this supplement by itself, so the results are minimal. “I’ve been using Max Muscle Max L Carnitine for a month now, and I’ve only lost a couple of pounds. I feel better, but most of that could be attributed to a healthier lifestyle overall,” said one customer online.

“I lost a few pounds with this supplement, but the results were mostly a disappointment,” said another reviewer.

At DietSpotlight, we’ve noticed that if there’s a specific part of a weight-loss program or diet supplement that is difficult or annoying (cost, side effects, lack of results, etc.), the likelihood of being successful is drastically reduced. If Max Muscle Max L Carnitine is as ineffective as some users claim, this could be an issue for those looking to slim down.

The Science – “Valid?”

There haven’t been any published scientific studies proving that Max Muscle Max L Carnitine is more beneficial than a placebo when combined with diet and exercise. At DietSpotlight, it’s important to have clinical proof that a particular supplement is more effective than a simple placebo or cheaper alternative. In the case of this product, that support is just not there and that should concern dieters.

The Bottom Line – Does Max Muscle Max L Carnitine Work?

Alrighty then. What’s up with this one? We were excited to review Max Muscle Max L Carnitine. The high price of getting optimal results with the entire stack and the lack of results using this supplement alone mean that we have doubts about recommending this product to our readers. We’re also concerned that the manufacturer doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee or free trial to get new users to try it out.

If you’re still looking to drop some weight, we suggest you find a supplement that has scientifically proven results that are backed up with clinical studies. We also recommend looking for something that is more affordable.

Among the best products we’ve seen in 2016 is one called Leptigen. The company has created their own blend of four ingredients that are backed by scientific data to help promote fat loss and boost metabolism. In addition to the positive results that we’ve seen online, we haven’t been able to find any negative side effects, which is a good indication that it’s a safe alternative that will promote healthy weight-loss.

The makers of Leptigen are now offering a Special Trial Offer, putting their money where their mouth is and showing that they’re confident that their product will help you lose the additional weight.

Previous Max Muscle Max L-Carnitine Review (Updated September 26, 2014):

What You Should Know

Max Muscle is a supplement company that operates an online store. Offline stores are part of a franchise so each has an independent owner. Max Muscle stores are limited; so many dieters may not have access to a physical storefront to browse products. Information on the Max Muscle website may be difficult to sort through as some products are listed and others are not. Product fact sheets are available for many products, with the complete list of ingredients and target audience, but these do not have the prices. Prices are found at a totally different place on the Max Muscle website. There are no testimonials; another huge oversight for a large company like Max Muscle.

List of Ingredients

Vitamin B6, Pantothenic Acid, Sodium, L-Carnitine, Filtered Water, Vegetable Glycerin, Malic Acid, Citric Acid, Stevia Extract, Potassium Sorbate and Sodium Benzoate.

Product Features

Max Muscle L-Carnitine comes in liquid form. One serving supplies 1,250 mg of L-carnitine. Flavors and stevia are added to ensure the liquid vitamin tastes better, but chances are there will be a slight after taste.

L-carnitine is created from lysine and methionine in humans. One of the roles of L-carnitine is to move fatty acids into cell mitochondria when fats are broken down. Those fatty acids are responsible for making energy. Theoretically, more L-carnitine could mean more energy and more energy could mean higher metabolism and the cycle starts all over. The result, in this case, would be weight loss and increased energy.

L-Carnitine has been tested clinically for benefits as an alternative treatment for heart health, diabetes, kidney disease and male infertility. There are no significant studies supporting the use of L-carnitine for weight loss or increased energy. Some studies have shown a slight decrease in fat mass and increase in lean muscle. This would cause a balancing effect that resulting in no weight loss but change in body composition.

Max Muscle L-Carnitine is also referred to as LiquiCarn. The supplement sells for $19.99 per 16-ounce serving.


  • Max Muscle publishes a complete ingredient list for Max L-Carnitine.
  • There are studies supporting the use of L-Carnitine for disease treatment.
  • The price is comparable to other L-Carnitine products.


  • No testimonials to back up claims.
  • Information is difficult to find on the Max Muscle website.
  • LiquiCarn may not be more bioavailable compared to tablet or capsule L-carnitine.


L-Carnitine is one of the more common ingredients in weight loss and bodybuilding supplements. The effect on weight loss is negligible, at best. Dieters wishing to take an all-natural supplement to boost weight loss are not going to see the effects they want taking Max L-Carnitine. The money would be better spent on a diet supplement with proven fat burning ingredients.

Max Muscle Max L-Carnitine Questions & Answers:

We summarized hundreds of user comments about Max Muscle Max L-Carnitine into this helpful FAQ.

What are the side effects of Max Muscle Max L-Carnitine?

Some potential Max Muscle Max L-Carnitine side effects include diarrhea, heartburn, upset stomach, vomiting and nausea.

What are the ingredients in Max Muscle Max L-Carnitine?

The Max Muscle Max L-Carnitine ingredients are l-carnitine, filtered water, vegetable glycerin, malic acid, citric acid, natural flavors, stevia extract, potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate.

Does Max Muscle Max L-Carnitine work?

There’s no scientific research into the effectiveness of Max Muscle Max L-Carnitine. There are studies about l-carnitine, but nothing specific to this supplement.

You may want to think long and hard about changing things up a bit and replacing Max Muscle Max L-Carnitine with a supplement like Leptigen, which contains ingredients proven effective in clinical studies.

How much does Max Muscle Max L-Carnitine cost?

Max Muscle Max L-Carnitine costs $34.99 for 32 ounces.

How should I take Max Muscle Max L-Carnitine?

You should take one tablespoon of Max Muscle Max L-Carnitine once or twice per day. The company recommends taking the supplement on an empty stomach. Each bottle lasts about 30 days.

Can I take Max Muscle Max L-Carnitine if I have a health condition?

People taking prescription medications of any kind, those with health conditions, anyone under 18 years of age or women who are pregnant or nursing should consult with a healthcare professional prior to using a weight-loss supplement, including Max Muscle Max L-Carnitine.

What do users like about Max Muscle Max L-Carnitine?

We found that some users liked that Max Muscle Max L-Carnitine was available online and at several retails stores and that the customer service team was helpful.

What do users NOT like about Max Muscle Max L-Carnitine?

Some users didn’t like that Max Muscle Max L-Carnitine cost more than comparable supplements and that the product didn’t help people lose weight.

How do I contact the Max Muscle Max L-Carnitine customer service department?

You can contact the Max Muscle Max L-Carnitine customer service department by mailing correspondence to Max Muscle 210 West Taft Ave. Orange, CA 92865, calling the corporate headquarters at 1-71-456-0700 or by using the customer feedback form.

How many calories are in Max Muscle Max L-Carnitine?

Each serving of Max Muscle Max L-Carnitine contains 15 calories.

Do I need to exercise on Max Muscle Max L-Carnitine?

No, you don’t need to exercise on Max Muscle Max L-Carnitine, but the company recommends adding fitness to improve results.

Where can I buy Max Muscle Max L-Carnitine?

You can buy Max Muscle Max L-Carnitine on the official website and at local Max Muscle stores.

Does Max Muscle Max L-Carnitine come with a guarantee?

Max Muscle Max L-Carnitine comes with a 15-day guarantee. You will need to return the product within this time frame to receive a full refund.

Do you know of any special deals or discounts on Max Muscle Max L-Carnitine?

There are no special deals or discounts on Max Muscle Max L-Carnitine. However, our readers have been going wild over the past few months taking advantage of Leptigen’s Special Trial Offer, which is just the cost of shipping and handling. Click here to give it a try.

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Rating: 4.1. From 22 votes.
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