Updated: 01/16/2018

Maximum Slim offers products promoting weight-loss, but do they work? Our focus pointed toward the ingredients, side effects, and scientific research. Furthermore, we digested hundreds of customer reviews and comments. Then, we condensed and refined the details to give you the facts you need.

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What is Maximum Slim?

First off, Maximum Slim is a line of weight-loss products. Some ingredients include green coffee bean, green tea, ginseng root, chromium, and caffeine. The company states supplements boost energy, elevate metabolism, and suppress appetite.

Maximum Slim hit the shelves around 2012. Multiple outlets, including the official website, sell the Original Green Coffee packets, Advanced Green Tea, and SuperFruits. It’s positive to see the supplements contain natural ingredients and the costs are low, but read on…

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Maximum Slim Side Effects – “Positive or Negative?”

The first point addressed was Maximum Slim side effects. “When using products containing stimulant-based ingredients, there’s a chance you’ll experience side effects. Especially if you’re sensitive to caffeine,” said our Research Editor.

“It made me feel sick. Also, a lot of stomach cramps,” commented a dieter.

Not all users talked about adverse reactions.

One customer posted, “Still waiting to see some weight-loss though, but no side effects.”

“Maximum Slim helps some, over time. Combine it with regular exercise, or you won’t see results,” mentioned another.

Discouraging User Reviews – “Thoughts from Customers”

We found some discouraging Maximum Slim reviews. “Does not deliver. I used this for one solid month and nothing. I do diet and exercise as well,” said a user.

However, there are reviews of Maximum Slim offering a different side of the story.

“Advanced Green Tea pills work better than Maximum Slim Green Coffee. Just my experience,” commented a customer.

“The Super Greens from Maximum Slim don’t taste the best. Stick with the Green Coffee packs. They taste much better,” mentioned another.

Years of research connect discouraging comments to limited long-term success. There’s an issue if dieters don’t buy into Maximum Slim.

The Science – “Any There?”

Maximum Slim contains promising ingredients like green tea and caffeine. There’s research showing both extracts help boost metabolic rate and possibly promote weight-loss. What’s missing are studies supporting the claims.

The Bottom Line – Does Maximum Slim Work?

Can dieters lose weight by drinking Maximum Slim Coffee? Based on the ingredients, there’s a chance, but there’s no research supporting this claim. We do have concerns based on user reviews pointing to their negative reactions while using the products.

Losing weight is a journey and there’s a supplement out there to help. It features ingredients backed by solid-science and no mentions of harmful side effects.

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Maximum Slim

What are the ingredients in Maximum Slim?

Maximum Slim has the following ingredients: caffeine, Epigaliocatechin Gallate, Green Tea Leaf, Ginseng Root Standardized, Calcium, and Green Coffee Bean Extract.

What are the side effects of Maximum Slim?

The side effects of Maximum Slim are: increased heart rate, diarrhea, and trouble sleeping.

How do I know if Maximum Slim is right for me?

Choosing the right product is the #1 question asked by DietSpotlight readers. We recommend trying any product before buying it and know that finding a product with a sample offer is near impossible - so we created our own product, Burn HD, with scientifically backed ingredients.

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Does Maximum Slim work?

Yes, Maximum Slim works. Those using Maximum Slim will experience a suppressed diet as well as easier weight loss.

What is the price of Maximum Slim?

The price of Maximum Slim is about $25.

Where can I buy Maximum Slim?

You can purchase Maximum Slim from their official website. The address of the website is maximumslim.net.

How should I take Maximum Slim?

For optimum results, take Maximum Slim once daily before eating breakfast.

How do I contact Maximum Slim customer service?

To contact customer service regarding Maximum Slim, locate their phone number which is listed on their official website.

Can I return Maximum Slim?

Maximum Slim does not list an official return policy on their website. It does state however, that if you have questions regarding a return then you should contact customer service for additional information.

What are the most common complaints about Maximum Slim?

The most common complaint about Maximum Slim is that it does not help some people lose weight. Additionally, there are a few people that complain that the side effects are quite uncomfortable.

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    I love it take it every morning ordered 3 times.. Taste great curbs appetite.