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We scoured the web for facts on MD Diet side effects, clinical research, and program elements. We also found and read hundreds of reviews. Finally, we condensed the information to give you the bottom line.

MD Diet can be purchased using their Official Site or through Amazon.

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What Is the MD Diet Plan?

The MD Diet plan is a diet that focuses on focused physician treatments and HCG programs. They have two centers in Salt Lake City and Orem, Utah. Although they allow regular food, they also provide healthy foods to purchase from their clinics.

A full monthly program of the medical weight-loss program costs about $100. The HCG Diet costs four times that amount for a month. This program usually comes with consultation from a physician and plans for exercise and diet, which seems reliable, but read on…

HCG Diet – “The Main Eating Plan on MD Diet”

The first problem we found with MD Diet was the HCG Diet. This diet is a part of their program. “HCG is a female hormone produced while a woman is pregnant,” said our Research Editor. “Upon research, we found some issues with this hormone, which is not good news for this company.”

The MD Diet website says, “HCG can be used for rapid weight loss (as much as one pound per day in some cases).”

However, many government organizations and administrations have advised against injecting, or taking, this hormone for weight-loss.

The United States Drug and Food Administration wrote, “…HCG weight-loss products marketed over-the-counter (OTC) that are identified as “homeopathic” and direct users to follow a severely restrictive diet.” However, it seems as if this is an unsafe dietary practice.

The website goes on to say, “FDA advises consumers who… purchased HCG for weight loss to stop using it, throw it out, and stop following the dieting instructions.”

Regarding weight-loss, the FDA says, “FDA approves HCG as a prescription drug for the treatment of female infertility and other medical conditions…not recommended for weight loss.”

This problem echoes throughout the world. A study performed in Germany found that “…hCG is ineffective in dieting.”

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Qsymia Injections – “Is This the Best Way to Lose Weight?”

The second issue we found with the MD Diet plan was the inclusion of Qsymia injections in their diet. According to their website, it is a “lifestyle medication is an appetite suppressant and metabolic stimulator with years of testing behind it.”

The FDA has some opinions about this as well.

The website says, “Qsymia [is a] lifelong therapy [for] patients who respond to and tolerate them.”

They continued, saying, “If, after 12 weeks, a patient has not lost 3% of his/her weight on…Qsymia, FDA recommends that treatment is discontinued.”

After researching diet products for years, we found that it can take something that seems small to slash the chance of long-term results. If the MD Diet has issues with their Qsymia injections and the HCG diet, then there is a problem.

The Science – “Are There Any Studies?”

Unfortunately, we could not find any studies testing the legitimacy of the MD Diet plan and their claims. However, aspects of the diet have been put under scrutiny, most of which is not positive. The safety of the diet can be easily put into question. However, some of the medications are backed by research and shown to work. The medications include Bleviq, Contrave, Naltrexone and Saxenda.

What Users Are Saying

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"”Wasn’t real impressed with it.”"

The Bottom Line – Does the MD Diet Work?

What the final take in our MD Diet review? Well, we like that real doctors back the diet. However, we have some concerns about the safety of the HCG diet and the effectiveness of the Qsymia injections. For these reasons, we don’t feel comfortable recommending this diet.

If you want to lose weight, we think you should choose a supplement that is safe for consumption that you don’t have to inject.

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MD Diet

What are the ingredients in MD Diet?

The MD Diet plan is a guide that uses human chorionic gonadotropin hormone programs (such as Qsymia injections) to stimulate weight loss in users.

What are the side effects of MD Diet?

There are currently no existing side effects caused from the MD Diet.

How do I know if MD Diet is right for me?

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Does MD Diet work?

No, many users report seeing minimal results when trying the MD Diet.

What is the price of MD Diet?

The MD Diet plan is priced for around $85 U.S. dollars a month.

Where can I buy MD Diet?

The MD Diet can be purchased from online retailers such as MDdietclinic.com.

Where can I buy MD Diet?

MD Diet can be purchased using their Official Site or through Amazon.

How should I take MD Diet?

The MD Diet plan should be followed as instructed by a physician.

How do I contact MD Diet customer service?

The MD Diet Weight Loss & Nutrition customer service can be contacted via website at https://www.mddietclinic.com/contact-us/ or by phone at (801)293-3100 or (801)226-1800.

Can I return MD Diet?

Cancellation questions can be directed to MD Diet Weight Loss & Nutrition customer service.

What are the most common complaints about MD Diet?

Some users have reported experiencing a lack of clarity when trying to practice the MD Diet.

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