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Metabofire Review- Does This Supplement Work?

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By Summer Banks Jun 25, 2017

I’ve been researching weight loss supplements for years, trying to separate the good from the bad. So, when I heard that Metabofire claimed to set your metabolism on fire and help you burn more calories for a full 24 hours, I just had to see what the deal was. I’ve condensed and summarized all my research here, so you can decide whether or not you want to give this product a try.

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What You Need to Know

Firstly, Metabofire is a stimulant based weight loss product aimed at boosting the metabolism. If you are sensitive to them you may want to avoid this product. Ingredients include: Guarana Extract, bitter orange extract, green tea extract, Korean ginseng extract, garcinia cambogia, bee pollen, white willow bark, and vanadyl sulfate.

The company behind this product Lab88, was formed in 2001. We like the longevity of the company, and the fact that it’s made in the USA in GMP certified labs, but read on…

”Scary Ingredients” – Fad Ingredients That Potentially Cause Harm!

Bitter orange is a cousin of ephedra, and much like it, it has been under fire by the FDA for the potential for health issues. Combine this with other stimulants in the formula, which are common fad ingredients with no real science behind them – guarana and green tea – and you’ve got a potential recipe for disaster.

”Many of the ingredients in this formula are harmful stimulants that cause harsh side effects. It’s not a good idea to use these products, but if you’re considering it, make sure you talk to a doctor to ensure you’re healthy enough first.” said our Research Editor.

“It didn’t feel like it helped at all ..” said one user.

Negative Side Effects

With the stimulant heavy nature of this formula, I wasn’t surprised to see many people experienced side effects. It’s also worth noting that this product probably isn’t safe for you if you’re allergic to bees because of the inclusion of bee pollen. Several users reported nausea and vomiting, along with racing heart and insomnia.

“Metabofire Sucks – It made puke, then i told them i want to cancel and they billed me anyways. Metabofire is a scam.” , said another.

Our research shows that if something has problems, like if it causes side effects or is potentially dangerous, users won’t stick with it long enough to see results.

The Science

Metabofire doesn’t provide any links to published clinical research. The research available on the ingredients show that it is made with harmful stimulants and fad ingredients that don’t do much of anything to actually help with weight loss.

The Bottom Line

Metabofire looks like it could be a good supplement, but when you consider the potential for harm and the fact that it makes a lot of people sick, and the customer service isn’t great, it’s just not worth the investment for most people.

If you want to drop some weight and look good in your swimsuit this summer, opt for a clinically proven safe and effective weight loss supplement. For even better results, combine it with a balanced diet. plenty of water, and regular exercise.

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What You Should Know

Metabofire claims to "Set your metabolism on fire". The proprietary blend in Metabofire contains many different ingredients that are all natural. The big selling point of Metabofire is that it contains Synephrine which is a milder and more legal form of Ephedrine, and which is also frequently referred to as Bitter Orange Extract. Ephedrine has been under watch by the FDA and can be fairly hard to acquire depending on the region you live in.

The official Metabofire website claims that this product will burn calories for 24 hours straight so it works while you are sleeping, suppresses your appetite, and you can "feel it working in seconds". There is a free seven day trial available on the official website also. It is completely free, but if you don't cancel it before the ten day mark, you will be billed again so be careful and read the fine print.

List of Ingredients

Metabofire contains: Guarana Extract (seed) 800 mg, Bitter Orange Extract (fruit) (Citrus aurantium) 200mg (standardized to provide 30mg of synephrine), Proprietary Blend 230mg (Cellulose, Green Tea Extract (leaf),Korean Ginseng Extract (root), Garcinia Cambogia Extract (fruit), Bee Pollen, White Willow (bark), Vanadyl Sulfate.

Other Ingredients: Croscarmellose Sodium, Stearic Acid, Calcium Silicate, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide, Pharmaceutical Glaze.

Product Features

Metabofire uses synephrine as its active ingredient. This compound is very similar to ephedrine, but it is less likely to cause the side effects that are associated with that ingredient. Synephrine can be found in Bitter Orange, which is a very common ingredient in many different diet products. Metabofire also contains a lot of Guarana, which is a relatively mild stimulant.

As with any product that contains stimulants, if you think you are sensitive to them, start with the lowest dose to see how you react to it. Many people find that they will become "jittery" if they take too much at once. Also, if you have blood pressure or heart concerns, certainly consult a doctor before optioning for a stimulant-heavy diet aid such as Metabnofire.


  • Free trial is available at the official Metabofire website.
  • Full list of ingredients is posted.


  • Contains many stimulants.
  • Metabofire does not contain a known appetite suppressant.
  • Some doctors are concerned about the long-term health impact of taking Synephrine.


Metabofire seems like a product that has the potential to give you a good boost of energy and possibly also have some thermogenic effects on a user's body. The presence of multiple stimulants can lead to weight loss, but only if you incorporate it with healthy eating and exercise. Metabofire might be more appealing if it contained a known appetite suppressant. Make sure to read all the fine print if you give your credit card information to this company. It seems they have a $10 cancellation charge, and you must cancel the two week free trial quickly or you will be billed and charged again for future orders of Metabofire.

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Rating: 3.0. From 1 vote.
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Metabofire Review

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I have been taking Metabofire for almost a month now…and OMG, I am losing so much. When I look in the mirror I can see how my stomach is getting smaller! It gives me energy and I don’t eat as much. Love it! About to order me a few more bottles.