Updated: 01/11/2018

Metaburn Review - 6 Things You Need to Know


With the recent buzz about Metaburn, we decided to conduct a more thorough review to see if the product is what it claims to be. We looked closely at the product itself, the company behind it, the science, and user reviews. To make it easier for you, we summarized and condensed it all.

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What You Need to Know

First off, Metaburn is A weight loss supplement offered by MRM, a nutrition and health supplement company that was founded in 1996. They claim to use superior ingredients, scientific expertise, and modern technology. The supplement is available in two different forms – EF and XTP. Both of them claim to help with increased fat burning through a boost to the metabolism. The XTP formula sells for $31.96 for 90 capsules and the EF formula sells for $19.95 for 120 capsules. Both versions of the supplements are ephedra free. Ingredients include: Green Tea Extract, Octopamine, Xanthine Xcellerator, EnergX , EGCG, Synephrine, Hydroxycitric Acid and Coleus Forskohlii.

We like that they are two different versions of the product available, but read on…

Fad Ingredients

This formula uses fat ingredients like green tea extracts, but also includes bitter orange extract, which is a chemical cousin to ephedra. It is known to cause potentially harmful side effects such as increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, and insomnia.

”The inclusion of bitter orange in this formula makes for a potentially harmful supplement. Please talk to your doctor to make sure you are healthy enough to use this product. If you have high blood pressure or heart condition, this could make your condition worse.” said our Research Editor.

Several Complaints from Users

Over the course of our research, we found many users were not happy with their customer service experience. Many of them ordered the product, had money taken out of their accounts and didn’t necessarily receive all of the product. Several other users have reported issues with canceling automatic shipments.

“Metaburn is a giant rip off. they took their money before i even received a product. and i have never received the 2nd bottle i had ordered. i have made at least 7 phone calls to the usa which i am paying for just to get my money back.” , said another.

Another user said, “Another unhappy customer. Said it was a free trial only $2.95. They took $75.00 from my account. Do not take anymore money from my account. I can’t even contact these people to discuss the matter.”

Our research shows that if something has problems, like if customers are being charged for product they don’t receive, or the product represents a health risk, dieters aren’t likely to stick with it.

The Science

Metaburn doesn’t provide any links to published clinical research. what we do know about the ingredients is that while some of them do work to help boost the metabolism, the potential side effects and health risks negate any real reason to use the product.

What Users Are Saying

"”I am always skeptical when it comes to weight loss pills. I have struggled with my weight for many years and have tried about every pill I can get my hands on. I was excited to see that this pill had only natural ingredients. I have taken it for a few weeks and I can say I have felt better. I have way more energy than I normally have. It has really helped with my afternoon snack cravings. My favorite part???? You only have to take two pills a day. How simple is that!”"

"”I write reviews in hope of helping others because so many reviews have helped me .Not with this product.I gained weight even though I am working out more and eating less.”"

"”I purchased these pills because of all the great reviews. Hope they are real and don’t let me down”"

The Bottom Line

At first glance, it seems like meta-burn would be a good product to use alongside a balanced diet and regular exercise routine to help boost fat loss. However, after digging a little deeper into the ingredients in seeing what customers think about the product, this company doesn’t appear as reputable as they would like customers believe.

For anyone who wants to drop a few pounds, it is better to choose a clinically proven safe and effective supplement, or at least one that contains clinically proven safe and effective ingredients. For even better results, use the supplement as part of a routine that includes a balanced diet and regular exercise.

One of the best supplements we’ve seen so far this year is Dietspotlight Burn. It contains four clinically proven safe and effective ingredients known for their ability to increase fat burning power. Over the course of our research, we were not able to find any negative mentions of side effects and we saw many users who reported success.

The makers of Dietspotlight Burn are so certain their product works, they’re providing new customers with a Special Trial Offer, which we love to see.

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Metaburn Review
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Previous Metaburn Review (Updated September 15, 2011):

What You Should Know

Metaburn is a weight loss product that's offered by MRM, a nutrition and health supplement company founded in 1996, that claims to utilize "superior ingredients, scientific expertise and modern technology." Metaburn comes in two different forms, which are Meta-Burn EF and Meta-Burn XTP. Both supplements aim to assist with fat reduction by increasing the user's metabolism, boosting energy levels and suppressing appetite. While Meta-Burn XTP sells for $31.96 for 90 capsules, Meta-Burn EF sells for $19.95 for 120 capsules. Both versions of Metaburn supplements are emphatically stated to be Ephedra-free. Some of the primary active ingredients offered in Metaburn products are Green Tea Extract (boosts metabolic rates), Octopamine (helps burn fat), Xanthine Xcellerator (increases thermogenesis), EnergX (increases energy), EGCG (burns fat), Synephrine (burns fat), Hydroxycitric Acid (reduces cravings) and Coleus Forskohlii (promotes fat breakdown). Not only is Metaburn claimed to help reduce the user's overall body weight, but it is additionally supposed to help preserve lean muscle mass. Metaburn is directed to be taken each day with water, three capsules at a time. Unfortunately, free trial samples of Meta-Burn EF and Meta-Burn XTP are not offered via the official website. These supplements are intended to be incorporated with a regular fitness regimen and healthy eating.

List of Ingredients

For Meta-Burn XTP: Octopamine, Synephrine, Hydroxycitric Acid and Coleus Forskohlii Microcrystalline Cellulose and Gelatin. TyroBurn (Blend of L-Tyrosine, Freeze-Dried Bovine Thyroid Extract, MonolodoTyrosine & DilodoTyrosine). Green Tea Extract (Standardized for 90% Catechins & 60% EGCG Yielding 291 mg EGCG). EnergX (USP Caffeine, Guarana & Theobromine Standardized to 180 mg Methylxanthines/Caffeine). Coleus Forskholii (20% Forskolin) (Yielding 45 mg Forskolin). XX (Xanthine Xcellerator) (Blend of Xanthaurine, 4',5,7-Trihydroxyflavonone & 3,3',4',7-Tetrahydroxyflavone).

Product Features

Metaburn is a dietary supplement that is marketed to individuals seeking help with weight reduction or fat loss. In conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise, Metaburn endeavors to increase energy, boost the user's metabolism and suppress appetite. Although there isn't any significant clinical evidence posted on the official website, the key active ingredients are revealed to be Green Tea Extract, Octopamine, Xanthine Xcellerator, EnergX, EGCG, Synephrine, Hydroxycitric Acid and Coleus Forskohlii.


  • There are two separate forms of Metaburn, addressing some different issues/concerns.
  • Metaburn capsules are easy to acquire through the official website.
  • Both Metaburn supplements are free of the harmful ingredient Ephedra.


  • There isn't a money-back guarantee posted on the official website, so it's difficult to determine what the return policy is.
  • Some ingredients may lead to allergic reactions in some users.
  • Success stories for Metaburn supplements are not provided on the website.
  • Dieters may have difficulty deciding which Metaburn product to purchase and try.
  • Metaburn supplements contain forms of caffeine.


Similar to many diet drugs available these days, Metaburn supplements contain known stimulants/diuretics, but these are generally not recommended since they can draw water from the user's muscles and even cause unpleasant jitteriness. Naturally, the Metaburn weight loss drugs would be more appealing if an actual guarantee were posted on the official website, along with some success stories from past and present users.
Summer Banks Dietspotlight Author
About the Author:

Summer Banks, Director of Content at Dietspotlight, has researched over 5000 weight-loss programs, pills, shakes and diet plans. Previously, she managed 15 supplement brands, worked with doctors specializing in weight loss and completed coursework in nutrition at Stanford University. full bio.

42 Metaburn Reviews

  • Metaburn
    Ghalib Mohamed

    I have low blood pressure. Can l use this medicine

    • Cameron (Editor)

      There shouldn’t be a conflict but be sure to ask your doctor.

  • Audles

    They have the money but NO product…poor service and keen to have the deniros.

  •  I have not received anything
    Christine Sheerin

    Hi I have seen that yous have taken out $127. out of my bank account which i dont understand why. I have not received anything from yous and would like my money returned please

    • Your Name

      Hi.Christine. .I have had the same thing happen to me..except $141. ..just recentry. .i am expecking the capsues from shanghai.

  • Possible side effects for my baby

    I have decided to have a baby,doctor told me lose some weight, i want to start using meta burn but as it contains caffeine ,am afraid it has later effects on my child,what shall i do?

  • Having issues with cancellation
    Annette (Verified User)

    Can’t cancel either

  • Metaburn before bedtime

    y do u take metaburn be for bedtime is what i wanna no be for taking it.

  • Cancelled my card

    i had the same problem. and i cancelled my card so they could not debit my credit dard anymore 🙂

  • How to cancel order?
    shirley booth

    i bough some metaburn from salt lake city there cust no dose not work how do i cancel this order thanks shirley

  • Unhappy customer
    Tracy (Verified User)

    Another unhappy customer. Said it was a free trial only $2.95. They took $75.00 from my account. Do not take anymore money from my account. I cant even contact these people to discuss the matter.

  • Haven't received my order

    I just received a bottle and didn’t even order it! Never heard of it prior to now. Been on website, may try it after Christmas but wondering how I received in the first place!

  • Losing money

    i ordered the trial in september this yr have not received anything i had cancelled my card few days after ordering and yet the metaburn and african mango are stealing from my account. they say there has been no money taken from me and they confirm my account has been cancelled. they lie and steal from you they have taken 245 dollars from my account since and will not refund it. they have taken another 80.76 just last week. BEWARE WHAT YOU BUY BECAUSE YOU MAY NOT RECEIVE ANYTHING BUT LOOSE MONEY BY THEIVES.

    • hine

      omg, i new they were dodgy. same happened to me. except they put refunded my account then took the money out again straight away. i have been chasing my money since november. they are full of it. i sympathise with you.

  • Where to buy in Sydney?
    helen kristeller

    where can I physically buy metaburn in Sydney

    • JM

      DO NOT TRY THIS!!! I never received any trial but they quite happily took OVER $300 from my credit card. AFTER a very lengthy overseas call i was told to bad so sad! AND THEN they passed on CREDIT CARD details to someone else in GBR who decided to help themselves as well!!!!!!!


  •  Happy with Metaburn
    Anonymous (Verified User)

    I ordered the metaburn & mango pill ad on fbI was very concerned at first because pills hadn’t arrived , sent threatening email to company because they had taken payment finally received the 2 products and am very happy with them so far been on for bout 5 days dropped 2 kg loads of energy even working out a few minutes more

  • No money back?

    did you get your money back??

  • Cancel your credit card

    Get your bank to cancel your credit card and issue you with a new one.

  •  Such a bad experience
    P Barr (Verified User)

    Don’t EVER do business from this firm!!!!! My experience has been aweful!

  • I want to cancel my subscription
    Michelle (Verified User)

    Can someone tell me how I can cancel my Subscription Please as like those that have tried Metaburn & African Mango combined it didnt work for me.Thanks Michelle.

    • Lucie

      I contacted the phone number beside the company name on my Visa billing and they gave me a cancellation number. No more money was charge after that.

      • Lozie

        I did the same. Go by the number on your invoice and no money was ever charged to me

  • Need more information about the ingredients
    robyn (Verified User)

    would just like to know where the gelatin in your product comes frompig or beef or seaweed

  • Questions about cancellation
    Virginia L. Warnes (Verified User)

    How cancel this supplement. I have only taken one pill and my doctor advised me not to take it. So, please cancel and stop sending them to me. Thank you.

  •  I have experienced sleep issues
    Aris (Verified User)

    after use it, i cant sleep well

  •  Product just wasn’t for me
    BRENDA LEE (Verified User)


  •  Did not like the product at all
    Anonymous (Verified User)

    ordered it through facebook ad for $75 bucks… what a waste of mone I did not have

    • Anonymous

      i also ordered through facebook…was a free trial which ended before i recieved the metaburn and cost me $75…cant believe these companies can prey on the vunerable and get away with..STAY AWAY FROM METABURN…

  •  Product just wasn’t for me
    Mavis Trombly (Verified User)

    I tried this and stuck to it religiously. There was no curbing of appetite nor did I lose but a pound over 4 wks.
    Today I received a new supply which I did not order.
    I will return same at your request,nor do I want.
    Mavis Trombly

    • Anonymous

      I had the same problem so I contacted the customer service and they are sending me an extra supply of metaburn and mango at their cost for the inconvenince they had caused me and are stopping the deductions from my account. The short of it all is contact customer service.

  • Why before bedtime?
    Annette Terenzi (Verified User)

    The MetaBurn I ordered says to take 2-3 capsules before bedtime. On a average 2 capsules. Why would it tell you to take it before bedtime?

  •  Feeling tired
    Dan (Verified User)

    I only just started using this product. I recently started a master’s program and have gained about 20lbs. I am also feeling tired (probably a combination of school load and the darkness this time of year). Within half an hour of taking my first Meta-Burn XTP in the morning I suddenly feel warm, when I generally feel cold all the time. I also feel a great deal of alertness without feeling wired or jittery. It does seem to suppress my appetite when I shouldn’t be eating anyway, but I am able to eat a regular meal without feeling ill (basically it has cut my urge to snack down). I have a 60 day supply and will post if weight has been lost at the end of that time. I take my last one at 3-4pm and am able to fall asleep well come 10pm.

    • Rob

      Dan, have you noticed an improvement in weight loss yet?

  • How long it take to work.

    How long does this product take before you see any results please and is there other requirements apart from diet and exercise which is a given anyway. Thank you for your time and I look forward to your response.

  • where metaburn is from.

    i just wanted to know hwere metaburn is from?
    because i got a letter saying i can order metaburn and my has made a money order and all
    but the people in post office told us to find out where metaburn is from.

    • Michelle

      The address on the package that was sent to me is
      Meta Burn
      PO BOX 2999
      Riverton, UT 84065-2099 and it comes from the US, the senders name and a undeliverable address on it. Only thing that I have to say is that I am having trouble with trying to cancel my subscription with this company.

      • karen

        I am having trouble cancelling my order too.I am contiually receiving these unwanted tablets and they are costing me alot of money

        • Anonymous

          Call your bank and they will stop payments ASAP

  • Can take with synthroid meds?
    Caffray Keller

    Does it hurt to take Metaburn if you have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and are taking synthroid for the condition?

    • Lisa Poff

      Caffray Keller! I hope this is my old roomie from College! Wondering how to contact you.

    • Dan

      My GF is on Thyroxine (dilodo?), and her Doctor said not to take things that the boost thyroid while on thyroid modifying drugs. The bovine thyroid extract has thyroid hormones and may potentiate your prescription, possibly with dire effects. If you are still interested in this supplement you would do well to consult your physician. They may be willing to lower your synthroid dose to compensate, or they may not be comfortable with the idea and advise you against taking this supplement.