Updated: 01/12/2018

Can you add MochaTonix to your favorite beverage and lose weight? We’ll find out by taking a closer look at the ingredients, side effects and clinical studies. Additionally, we took into account the reviews of hundreds of customers. Then, we compiled the facts to give you the details you need.

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What is MochaTonix?

To begin, MocaTonix is an drink mix. The ingredients are Advantra Z (citrus aurantium), guarana, green tea extract, yerba mate, l-phenylalanine, acetyl-l-carnitine, Korean ginseng, American ginseng, and ginkgo biloba. You add one scoop to a glass of water, blend well and drink. It is intended to help increase energy levels, promote fat burning, heighten alertness and increase overall physical performance.

Isotonix introduced MochaTonix around 2012. The flavors include chocolate mocha, vanilla and cappuccino. The official website sells the supplement. We like the ease of mixing and the ingredient profile. Does it wok? Read on…

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Taste – “Good/Bad/Indifferent?”

The first issue noted was the taste of Mochatonix ingredients. “The supplement’s available in three flavors,” said our Research Editor. “While pleasant to some, others may not care for them.”

“I couldn’t get past the taste of fake sugar. Yuck,” said another user.

That’s one persons opinion, so we decided to look for customers offering a different side of things.

“The mocha is delicious. I look forward to this every single morning,” commented a customer.

“This product is part of my morning routine. I wouldn’t go a day without mochatonix! The taste is amazing,” stated another.

MochaTonix Side Effects – “Positive?”

According to user reviews, there’s an issue with Mochatonix side effects. This could be due to the numerous stimulants in this drink. However, there’s a chance that customers experience positive effects. One person stated, “Within a couple of minuets of drinking it I became dizzy.”

Enough about negative side effects, let’s report the positive side effects.

“Love the time released energy without a headache,” commented a customer.

“I get great energy for my day,” stated a user.

“It definitely offers more energy throughout the day,” reported another.

According to our research, there’s a connection between side effects and long-term success. There’s an issue if dieters notice ill effects from MochaTonix.

The Science – “Researched”

There’s no shortage of research backing MochaTonix ingredients. We picked apart each study and it’s not just on one ingredients, there’s a wealth of solid science backing green tea, citrus aurantium, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. We look for clinical studies supporting a supplement. With MochaTonix, there’s more than enough.

The Bottom Line – Does MochaTonix Work?

A couple scoops a day of MochaTonix and you’ll lose weight, right? Well, we like the use of natural ingredients and even the inclusion of a stimulant. The main issue falls on the taste. Some users approved and others gave it the thumbs down. We like the profile and that there’s research backing the ingredients.

If you’d like to drop more weight, we suggest a product without an unpleasant taste backed by solid reviews.

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Previous MochaTonix Review (Updated November 2, 2011):

What You Should Know

Mochatonix is a weight loss drink created by Isotonix. Isotonix has various products that range from diet supplements to beauty aids. Mochatonix is a chocolate flavored powder that comes in a canister and each canister is enough for 14 servings. The official Mochatonix website claims that Mochatonix can help increase mental focus and alertness, improve memory, promote thermogenesis, and support and control your weight loss.

List of Ingredients

These were taken from the label on the official Mochatonix website which is extremely small: Vitamin B1,Vitamin B2, Niacin, Niacinamide, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Folic Acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Potassium, Sodium, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, Chromium, Advantra Z, Herbal Caffeine (Guarana, Green Tea Extract, Yerba Mate), Liphenylalatine, L-Tyrosine, Taurine, Glycine, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Rhodiola rasca, Ginger, Ginko Biloba, American Ginseng, Korean Ginseng, Gotu Kola.

Other ingredients: Fructose, Cocoa, Dextrose, Vanilla flavor, Marshmallow flavor, Chocolate flavor, acesulfamepotassium, sucralose, and silica.

Product Features

Mochatonix has a lot of stimulants and plant extracts that may cause you to feel jittery, but that also work as thermogenic agents. They raise your body's core temperature slightly which may help burn excess fat. Caffeine is plentiful in the ingredients such as yerba mate and guarana. If you are very sensitive to caffeine and still want to try Mochatonix, start with a smaller serving to see how it will effect you. Mochatonix also has bitter orange extract as an active ingredient, which goes by the brand name of Advantra Z. This is very popular in many different types of diet products and has a stimulant effect similar to caffeine. There are also many natural herbs in Mochatonix that may have positive effects on your overall health. Some examples are ginseng, ginkgo biloba, and gotu kola.

Mochatonix comes in a 14 serving size container and is chocolate flavored. You simply mix it with water and use it as a meal replacement for maximum results.


  • Mochatonix may increase your energy level.
  • Mochatonix is a drink and may appeal to those who don't like taking tablets.


  • No official website can be found at this time.
  • Mochatonix contains many stimulants.
  • No testimonials or studies are available.


Mochatonix has all kinds of ingredients that might be beneficial for someone trying to lose weight, as well as many herbal ingredients that claim to improve your overall health. The problem we find with Mochatonix is that there really isn't much substantiated information available about this product. We like the fact that it uses the brand Advantra Z, but this product seems to be missing a good appetite suppressant. The amount of stimulants in Mochatonix could definitely put off many potential consumers, especially those sensitive to caffeine. We can't get too excited about this product at this time but that may change in the future if more information and a dedicated website becomes available.

Summer Banks Dietspotlight Author
About the Author:

Summer Banks, Director of Content at Dietspotlight, has researched over 5000 weight-loss programs, pills, shakes and diet plans. Previously, she managed 15 supplement brands, worked with doctors specializing in weight loss and completed coursework in nutrition at Stanford University. full bio.

9 MochaTonix Reviews

  • Pat

    I love Mochatonix. I take it daily to replace my large tea with sugar that I used to have every morning. I add hot water and a drop of 2% milk (reminds me of a hot chocolate and after a few days you get used to it). Curbs my appetite and cravings and keeps me alert and focused all day. As with anything that could have a stimulant effect, start with 1/4 or 1/2 dose. I use 3/4 every day…that works for me.

  • Any way to avoid
    michael covington (Verified User)

    Iam 55 years old. It does rev me up.

  •  Product works but quite expensive
    Rheta Barber (Verified User)

    My Primary Doctor put me on Mochatonix years ago due to health issues I found the product very heathful No problem with it what so ever We adjust the amount I take so it is not to strong

  • Mochatonix at first,
    Valerie (Verified User)

    I live in Florida year around, so I make smoothies. I use fat free milk, MochaTonix, frozen wartermelon chunks, unsweetened whey powder, and pro-biotics. I drink it for lunch and it keeps me going until dinner. It is great. I advise using small amounts of Mochatonix at first, until you know how much it revs you up.

  •  Loved the product.
    J (Verified User)

    I noticed that I have more energy since I have been using Mochatonix.

  •  Expensive but works good
    Gary (Verified User)

    I’ve been using Mochatonix for about three years. I love it for energy. It works good enough to keep me buying.

  •  Doing great with the appetite so effective
    Heather (Verified User)

    Been on Mochatonix for 3 days, and finally have some energy in my life. It has also worked as an incredible appetite suppressant for me. Coming from a girl who thinks about food 24/7, this has done wonders for me over the last 3 days. My work-outs have been amped up, and I’m ready for anything throughout the day. It is also doing something with my mood….from crabby to happy. Don’t know what does that, but, so far, this is an incredible product!

    • Your Name

      I just starred using mochatonix. I dont get the after taste or anything nevative. It does supress my appatite and increase my alertness and gives me energy. I work 12-hour shifts over night so it does help. Amped up at first then I wind down. Slight headache but that I can deal with.

  •  Encountered
    Marjean Wagner (Verified User)

    When I first encountered this product it was sweetened with chicory.