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MRC-6 Review- Does This Supplement Work?

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By Summer Banks Jun 29, 2017

With the recent buzz about MRC 6, we decided to conduct a more thorough review to see if the product is what it claims to be. We looked closely at the side effects, ingredients, customer service quality and scientific research. We read every single one of the experiences we found. Then, we collected it all and condensed to give you the bottom line.

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What is MRC 6?

First off, MRC 6’s is a weight-loss support supplement that contains kelp, lecithin, apple cider vinegar, blue green algae and bromelain. It’s supposed to breakdown fat, suppress appetite and help you reach your goals. You take two capsules before each meal. There are no stimulants so it will not interfere with sleep.

MRC 6 is manufactured by Metabolic Research Center. You must purchase the supplement directly from one of 43 locations nationwide, as it is not available for sale on their official website. We like that the company has been around for 25 years, but read on…

Buyer Beware – “Ineffective Ingredients”

Our first issue is that MRC 6 ingredients have absolutely no connection with weight-loss. No matter how enticing the claims, if the formula is not backed by real science and customer support, there’s no reason to think it will actually work.

”We tend to be cautious when it comes to supplements that don’t use effective ingredients,” said our Research Editor.

MRC 6 Side Effects – “Not Worth It?”

Even though the formula appears to be all-natural, many users report experiencing negative MRC 6 side effects. Some users even talked about an allergic reaction.

“After going to my doctor, I found my hormones were messed up. My thyroid & adrenal glands stopped working correctly and my progesterone was low. I thought it was just me but I’ve talked to several women who have developed the same type problems after going to MRC,” said a user.

Our research shows that if something has small problems, like a side effect here or there, users just aren’t going to keep using it or achieve lasting results. If MRC 6 is burdened with issues like this, that’s a negative for the dieter.

The Science – “Any Support Provided?”

MRC 6 doesn’t provide any links to published clinical research. If you look through studies, you won’t find a clear connection between any of the ingredients and weight-loss. Here at DietSpotlight, that proof is necessary and this supplement doesn’t provide any.

The Bottom Line – Does MRC 6 Work?

Did we make a final decision on this one? When it comes to supplements, there are a wide variety available on the market today. Unfortunately for MRC-6 , we can’t find a reason to suggest this one over others on the market with ingredients that have been clinically studied.

If you’re looking to lose a few pounds, we recommend combining a healthy, balanced diet and exercise routine with a clinically tested weight-loss supplement designed to increase metabolism and suppress the appetite.

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Previous MRC-6 Review (Updated September 20, 2012):

MRC 6: What You Should Know

MRC-6 is a dietary supplement manufactured by a company named Metabolic Research Center. This supplement is claimed to assist with the metabolization of fat. More specifically, MRC-6 capsules aim to target specific "bulging" areas where fat is more significant. There is stated to be 43 different Metabolic Research Centers to choose form across the United States. Free consultations are offered with the professionals that work in these centers. Unfortunately the official website doesn't appear to sell MRC-6 supplements directly, and they may have to be acquired through the actual centers.

Only two key ingredients are identified for MRC-6 capsules, which are Vitamin B-6 and Lecithin. Lecithin is a phosphoro lipid, which the human liver produces naturally. While Vitamin B-6 is supposed to assist with processing fat and carbs, Lecithin endeavors to break down fat cells. Furthermore, MRC-6 supplements may encourage new cell growth and boost the user's immune system. It is unclear how much MRC-6 capsules sell for. In regards to regular exercise and a healthy diet, these factors are not addressed with MRC-6. To attain dosage instructions and a potential satisfaction guarantee, one would probably have to call the nearest center for details. No free trial samples of MRC-6 are currently offered.

List of Ingredients in MRC 6

Not available on the official website.

Product Features

MRC-6 is a weight loss capsule that may assist women and men with fat reduction, increased metabolism, a boosted immune system and new cell growth. The two primary components found in MRC-6 are Vitamin B-6 and Lecithin. At this point, no clinical data or trial studies appear on the official website to support MRC-6 supplements as a weight loss product. In fact, the official Metabolic Research Center website offers very little information on this diet drug at all. To learn more about MRC-6, it would be wise to contact a center and speak with a professional.

Advantages of MRC 6

  • There is an official website established for MRC-6.
  • MRC-6 supplements come in a convenient capsule form.
  • There are actual brick-and-mortar centers offered by this company that dieters can visit.
  • MRC-6 capsules do contain Vitamin B-6, which is a healthy nutrient.

Disadvantages of MRC 6

  • It doesn't appear that MRC-6 capsules can be purchased conveniently through the official website.
  • There is no full ingredient list found on the website.
  • The cost and dosage information is left off of the website.
  • There may be ingredients found in MRC-6 capsules that cause allergic reactions in some users.
  • No customer success stories or clinical evidence is presented on the website.
  • A money-back guarantee is not even addressed for MRC-6.


Considering the massive diet pill and weight loss supplement market that is currently thriving, MRC-6 capsules do not make such a major impact. Especially when there are countless other diet products available that do offer money-back guarantees, real prices, clinical trial support and customer reviews. Before trying a weight loss drug like MRC-6 capsules, you should certainly speak with your doctor. Finally, it's wise to scour the diet market a little more before simply choosing a product with little in the way of posted research or manufacturer support to back it up.

MRC-6 Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 2 capsules
Serving Per Container: 180
Amount per Serving% DV
Vitamin B610 mg*
Proprietary Blend1000 mg*
-Apple Cider Vinegar**
-Blue Green Algae**

Other Ingredients: None

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Summer Banks, a content strategist at Dietspotlight, has researched over 5000 products in the past 10 years. She has years of nursing training, experience as a manager responsible for 15 supplement brands, and completed coursework on Food and Nutrition from Stanford University. full bio.

Rating: 3.6. From 34 votes.
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MRC-6 Review

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  a large amount of great points.
Jae Rust

Hey There. Excellent blog. I totally concur. You’ve got done a large amount of great points. Have a wonderful day.

  Check this if you need information
Donna (Verified User)

There is a forum/board. See 3 Fat Chicks on a Diet.

  I started the diet Sunday 5/16/10
jennifer (Verified User)

I started the diet Sunday 5/16/10 let keep you info how is going to work

I've just started this diet and I have alot of questions about the amount of pills I have to take and if they're all neccessary.

I’ve just started this diet and I have alot of questions about the amount of pills I have to take and if they’re all neccessary.


I havejust moved into the stablization phaseof the Diet. I have lost 43 lbs in 2 and a half months. I took MRC-6 and many others. While the Diet was rather expensive and questioned the necessaity of the pills, I really cant argue the results. I went from 217 to 173 and will probally lose another 5 before I am done. Big thumbs up


I was wondering the same as i just started on this program also,, i wish there was a board to chat about this diet/


i’ve done this diet and it worked real good for me and didn’t have reflux anymore and diet is very healthy


MRC-6 is the most important one to take as you lose inches quick. I have pretty much stuck to this program and what I learned for about 3 years now and look and feel wonderful.

Buck Puerta

Some really good blog posts on this web site, regards for contribution.

  Does this product cause allergy
anonymous (Verified User)

scary feeling when taking MRC-6 Instant headache over left eye, felt nauseated, and itch everywhere. could i be having an allergic reaction?

Heidi (Verified User)

MRC-6 just started gave me a left jaw pain,mass headache and nauseated. A scary feeling

Linda (Verified User)

I have been doing MRC for 11 months. I’ve lost 52 # and 59 1/4 inches and have reached my goal without any side effects. It’s an awesome journey. My coach is the greatest. I’m wearing 10-12 clothes as compared to 18w. Weight is 159 compared to 212. I recommend this healthy diet


Sorry but MRC-6 is on the website and the ingredient list is there as well… I think the program all together is great but expensive


I am a current member of the metabolic program and I can say in the beginning I was skeptical. I’m the type of individual who never stays on a diet; it might last a month or so. After attending the required classes at the Metabolic Research center, I decided to see what they had to offer. I follow the program the first two weeks with no problem and than I became lazy after that. I went back to see the counselor and told her that I back-slided a little. When I got on the scale, I was shocked that I dropped 3 pounds. After being on the program for 3 months, I’ve lost 11 pounds thus far. I just started the MRC 6 1 July 2014 and right now no results. I was told it takes three weeks before I see any progress. Along with the MRC 6, I take Krill oil and the Womens multivitamin along with the store brand sublingual b-12. My hair and nails are healthy, I have increase energy and I’m more subtle than before.


I did not leave my name and email to this post I wrote. My name is Shunnita

   vitamins and minerals

I was onte planfor about a yearand a half. Met thefirst goal of 72 pounds in six months, but could not lose thelast 25. I spent a lot of money, avg $300per month w the hns, mrc6, and one other weight loss supplement for $75 for 2 months. I found my own oils, vitamins and minerals at stores for 25% of ther cost. 5 years lateri have gained 60 pounds of the 72 and have had a hard time to bring myself to diet again, though I keep trying w little or no success. One secret a nutritionist told me was their hns is full of collagen which is why skin looked better and helped to maintain the muscle mass.

  It works for me.
Clalumelia2 (Verified User)

I’ve been at MRC since early June and have dropped 16 pounds following their plan. It’s been expensive, but I’ve noticed a change in my energy and even thyroid functioning. I’m taking many of their dietary supplements, including MRC-6 and the required HNSs. My appetite and sugar cravings are under control most of the time. I’m really close to my target weight and then I start the maintenance program. I’m hoping to slowly stop all dietary supplements and HNSs and return to my own vitamins.

  Extremely happy with the results
Madeline (Verified User)

In August 2010 I won some MRC products at a silent auction. I started the program and lost 23 pounds in about 2 1/2 months. I have kept all but 5 lbs off and am extremely happy with the results. I only used cortitrim, minerals, 1 bottle of MRC6 and the protein drink supplements. It was sort of expensive but the results have stuck and I eat a lot healthier now. It was a motivator to start exercising regular including running which I never thougth I would. I am 52 and never been a dieter.I tried the all day weight loss but it bothered my stomach and I don’t need to worry about 5 pounds.

  Be cautious with the ingredients
Linda (Verified User)

As a former MRC employee, I can tell all of you to be very cautious with MRC. The consultants make a commission off the supplements which is why they are always “suggested” at every weigh in. The program is labeled as all natural, however, the MANDATORY HNS drinks contain sucralose, a potentially harmful artificial sweetner. Buyer beware!!

  It worked but has side effects
Jayla Gibson (Verified User)

I started MRC-6 about a week ago and dropped 10 pounds in 5 days. I also developed an itchy rash over my entire body. It started on my wrist and ankles them elbows, knees and entire body. My doctor gave me medicine to take for the itching, but I’m still miserable.

  Thyroid disease
Nancy Cohee

The warning on the bottle of
MRC-6 state consult a Dr if you have family history of thyroid disease. or other medical conditions. Why ?? diximus Tarpic

  mrc-6 do work, and price is about right
mary lou (Verified User)

the mrc-6 do work, and the price is about right, cuz i have spend thousands and have not gotten the results i did with the mrc-6 and the rest of there pills. I would recommend to anyone who is trying to seriously loose the weight and keep it off. Several members of my family have done the program and lost. I give it all the thumbs up

  Is pregnalone in the MRC-6 proprietory blend?
Liz Geoffrion (Verified User)

After having great success on metabolic for several months, I hit a wall with my weight loss. I had a hormone panel done and found my estogen and progesteron to be way high. Does anyone know if there is pregnalone in the MRC-6 proprietory blend?


There is something causing a big problem. I was on this same diet for 1 1/2 years & lost 70 lbs. That was great! But I started to be very tired & not losing weight. I then started regaining. After going to my doctor, I found my hormones were messed up. My thyroid & adrenal glands stopped working correctly and my progestrone was low. I thought it was just me but I’ve talked to several women who have developed the same type problems after going to MRC. Now I’ve spent big bucks to work on my thyroid, etc. plus the $5,000 plus dollars for the diet program. Live & learn I guess.


Did you take guggel with your supplements?


I have had success in the past couple 2 weeks of being on the MRC program & medically I am not “allowed” to use any enhancers including MRC, but I do use corti-trim. The MBC will not allow me to take them due to possible side effects to include known facial hair growth and stroke possibilites. If you have a thyroid issue the MRC-6 capsules can cause reverse weight issues like unexplained weight gain even after you’ve lost from the diet.

Take it from me ladies – diet and exercise are the true way to keeping the weight off. These magic pills will only keep you thin for a short time, as fast as you lost it ….you will gain it and have to barrow your husbands razor!

I am done with MRC.

ositive results on weight loss so im excited!

I just started the program im on day 1 of the meta life menu..It does seem to suppress my appetite. I take 1 MRC-6 tablets at each meal and 2 corti-slims..I have heard nothing but positive results on weight loss so im excited!

  Loved the product
RJS (Verified User)

I’ve been on this diet for 2 weeks and have lost 14 lbs. I am not hungry and I feel fine. It is more expensive than trying to do it yourself, but it is working. With each meal I take 1 phenitrim, 2 cortitrim, 2 MRC-6, and a high nutrient suppliment. I also take a chromium (can’t recall)tablet once a day.

  It is comparatively inexpensive.
cmm (Verified User)

I had lost 40 lbs in 4.5 mos a few years ago on Metabolic. I think the MRC6 is very close to a supplement called KLB-6….they changed the name to MRC for Metabolic Research Ctr….
KLB-6 has Kelp, Lecithin, Vitamin B6 (K. L. B6) and I think Cider Vinegar. I could be off a bit, but they are very similar- and you can find the KLB6 near the weight loss supplements in most health food stores. It is comparatively inexpensive.

  have lost 13 lbs in 21 days.
JST (Verified User)

I started the diet this year (2010) and have lost 13 lbs in 21 days. I am forgetful about taking MR-6, so I may only take it with 2 meals. I take flax from Walmart and a Shaklee Multi. I dont know that MR6 has done as much as just sticking closely to the diet!!!

  MRC-6 is an awesome product
tammy (Verified User)

MRC-6 is an awesome product. It definitely does it’s part in your diet program. You have to purchase this product through a Metabolic Research Center in your area and to purchase the product you have to be an active member. If you’re a member the product sells for $60 for 360 pills. The pills last forever so it’s well worth it. However, the membership to Metabolic Research Center varies from $99-$399 initially for a certain amount of time.