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Nature’s Balance Review- Does This Line of Supplements Work?

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By Summer Banks Jul 18, 2017

97% of dieters just want a product that works. Yeah, we’re having a little trouble figuring out the other 3% too. Since Nature’s Balance produces several formulas, we looked at a few different ones to learn more about the ingredients, side effects, clinical support and customer service quality. We condensed and refined to give you the info you need.

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What is Nature’s Balance?

First off, Nature’s Balance is a full line of “professional grade health solutions.” They include detox [1], joint health, immune system support and wellness products. Some of the ingredients include vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients [2]. One benefit is that there’s an easy to follow online order form.

Nature’s Balance, which is sometimes referred to as Balance of Nature, was founded in 1992. The supplements are available from the company’s official website as well as other online retailers. We like the longevity and that the formulators use some natural ingredients, but read on…

Nature’s Balance Ingredients – “No Complete Lists?”

Our first concern is with Nature’s Balance ingredients. “It’s evident that the company uses some natural components in each formula,” said our Research Editor. “But the exact amounts aren’t listed.” That’s a problem in that trials and research test specific amounts to validate outcomes and allow for clinical replication [3]. For instance, green tea extract has been shown to help boost metabolism, when taken in the right amounts, but 10mg will not have any effect on weight-loss.

“I want to try these supplements, nut I don’t know what in them,” said a customer.

“Why wouldn’t you list any of the ingredients,” commented another. [4]

We found some users that didn’t have concerns with the profile. “Solid formula and pretty good results,” said a consumer.

Lack of Results – “Losing Weight with the Products?”

Based on Nature’s Balance reviews, lack of results was a concern. “Tried several products and can’t seem to lose any weight,” reported a customer.

“I liked the profile, unfortunately, I didn’t see any results,” commented another. [5]

On the other hand, we found some users that did notice positive changes from Nature’s Balance supplements.

“I’m currently starting on my third bottle, and I’m convinced of its natural healing ability,” reported a user. [6]

“I was introduced to Nature’s Balance supplements about six months ago. I’m feeling like a different person,” said a customer.

Our research indicates that all the dieter needs to experience is a small thing, like a missing ingredient list, to cause them to question a product. If Nature’s Balance is made with ingredients that are clinically tested and shown to support weight-loss, the customer will look for labels with detailed information.

The Science – “Following the Research”

It looks like Chlorella is a major player in Nature’s Balance supplements. There is some clinical research into the health benefits of this source of carotenoids. [7] The results don’t talk about weight-loss, but the company never promises that will happen. As a matter of fact, we didn’t find mention of losing weight anywhere on the official website. The only ingredient that could work to improve results in dieters is then glucosamine sulfate and that only works if you have joint issues like pain or stiffness (like that associated with arthritis) and, even then, it can take weeks or months to notice changes. [8]

The Bottom Line – Does Nature’s Balance Work?

So ladies and gentlemen, what do we have to say on this one? We like the company’s time in the industry and that there no reports of side effects, that we found, but we are still skeptical. There’s just nothing there to facilitate or support weight-loss, no clinical research is mentioned and Nature’s Balance products have not been the subject of research published in peer-reviewed journals. We also have to take into consideration that the amount of each ingredient is missing. That’s a deal breaker when you consider that the formula needs only contain a trace to print it on the label. [9]

If you’d like to reach your weight-loss goals, we suggest going with a supplement containing ingredients shown to help increase metabolism and it’s important that it’s backed by positive customer comments.

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Previous Nature’s Balance Review (Updated August 28, 2014):

What You Need to Know About Nature's Balance

Nature’s Balance manufactures and distributes vitamins and supplements. You can find a few of their supplements online: Pure Professional Grade Chlorella Pyrenoidosa, CyChro Max P-450, SynoFlex 500, Red Oil Nutracid Gout Relief Formula and NaturGel. Nature’s Balance was formed in 1992 and the only other information we could discern was that they are located in North Carolina. Similar to the Balance of Nature company, comes Ideal Shape, known for the meal replacement shakes, bars, snacks and supplements, they revolve around increasing energy. In addition to the fad popularity of meal replacements, Fitmiss Delight marks as another shake that contains fruit and vegetable extracts that can be taken once to three times a day. Flavors include chocolate, vanilla cream and strawberry. Aside from flavors, products from Nature's Balance include: Pure Professional Grade Chlorella Pyrenoidosa, CyChro Max P-450, SynoFlex 500, Red Oil Nutracid Gout Relief Formula and NaturGel.


There wasn’t a full ingredient list, but the website did show the following ingredients to be included in their formula: high levels of chlorophyll, vitamin B12, beta-carotene and RNA/DNA. More than 20 vitamins and minerals are found in chlorella, including iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, pro-vitamin A, vitamins B1, B2, B2, B5, B6 and B12, biotin, inositol, folic acid, plus vitamins C, E and K.

Product Features - The Details on Nature's Balance

There are many different supplements in the Balance of Nature line of products. We will only be reviewing one of them. There are many choices for immune support, allergy relief, topical pain relief, detoxification, and general system support. One product in particular that strengthens the immune system is Bios Life, which may also help with weight management, cleansing the colon, decreasing triglyceride levels and promoting healthy digestion, all the while enhancing immune support. For purposes of this article we will profile a flagship product of the company; Chlorella. Chlorella is a protein. It is a green single-cell freshwater algae.  Chlorella is also a source of essential fatty acids that are required for many biochemical functions, including hormone balance.Chlorella has been the focus of research projects since the 1960s, many of which have been about studying the ways in which it accelerates the body’s ability to detoxify heavy metal and chemical toxins. It’s also supposed to be very helpful to the immune system in general. When it comes right down to it, the support for overall health comes down to the ingredients to support healthy functions. Metagenics supplements and meal replacements offers a list of ingredients you can find on the Metagenics for promoting healthy cardiovascular and digestive support.

Nature's Balance Advantages

  • You can order the product online.
  • There are an array of products available to suit your personal needs.
  • It’s middle of the line in expense. It’s not completely cheap, but it’s also not going to break the bank.

    Nature's Balance Disadvantages

    • There isn’t a lot of information on the company itself.
    • You cannot read a full list of ingredients. This is important for people with allergy sensitivities.
    • We don’t know who researches or develops these products. It’s a tough market out there already and it’s frustrating when you cannot get all the information you feel you might need to make an informed decision.


    There are so many different vitamin and supplement companies out there, how do you begin to choose? And it doesn't help when you have some interesting products like OxySelect Pink that helps with weight loss. We like that there are different products to choose from to meet your needs, but it’s also frustrating that we cannot find a full list of ingredients. Sometimes a consumer will choose to go to another company just because the entire list of ingredients isn’t on the website. Also, being able to know who researches, develops, and formulates the products is important because we want to know that serious people are behind the claims to back up the science. It’s always prudent of the company to err on the side of too much information so that people can make an informed decision.

Nature's Balance is a supplement company that sells Chlorella, SynoFlex, CyChroMax P-450 and NaturGel. There are no products in the line that have anything to do with weight-loss.

Nature’s Balance Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Serving Size: Varies
Serving Per Container: Varies
Amount per Serving% DV
Chlorella Pyrenoidosa**
CyChroMax P-450**
Beta 1,3 D-Glucan**
SynoFlex 500**
‘Cold Time’**
‘Extract of Cilantro’**
Red Oil**
PetSpan Pet Supplement**
Nutracid Gout Relief**

Other Ingredients: None

We looked into the Natures Balance Ingredients to give you the details you need.

Chlorella Pyrenoidosa

More commonly known as freshwater green algae, Chlorella pyrenoidosa is a single-celled algae that has been around for about 2 billion years.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Chlorella pyrenoidosa contains many vitamins, amino acids, proteins, peptides, sugars and nucleic acids. It’s used in the prevention of cancer, stimulation of the immune system and increase of white blood cell counts. It’s also used to help create more good bacteria in the body and treat other health issues.

Clinical Research

Studies have shown that Chlorella pyrenoidosa can accelerate wound healing, improve immune functions, lower serum cholesterol levels and reduce high blood pressure when taken as a daily supplement. [1] It may improve the quality of life and help normalize the function of the body in those suffering from hypertension, fibromyalgia or ulcerative colitis. However, more clinical trials are necessary to show the true benefits of this algae.

Red Oil

Known as an instant pain reliever and a healing oil, red oil is a substance that contains TBP or tri-n-butyl phosphate. It was developed in the early 1930s.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Red oil has a large concentration of Vitamin A and E, along with carotenes. It can help to reduce the risk of cancer, along with Alzheimer’s disease. Red oil has also been shown to help with high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Beta 1, 3 D-Glucan

An unyielding beta glucan, Beta 1, 3 D-Glucan is known as the best for activating the immune response. It’s a sugar found in the walls of yeasts, algae, fungi and other plants.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Beta 1, 3 D-Glucan has the ability to help treat diabetes, high cholesterol, cancer and HIV/AIDS. It’s used to boost the immune system and can even manage fatigue. The most common reason it’s included in a weight-loss supplement is due to the ability to help treat stress, which can cause weight gain.

Extract of Cilantro

An extract of cilantro comes from the herb known as cilantro. This herb is commonly found in cooking and provides many benefits to the body.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Cilantro is most widely known for its ability to help detoxify the body of toxic metals. It’s a natural cleansing agent helping to loosen toxic metals from tissues to they can be flushed out.

Clinical Research

Chelation, another name for cilantro, has been shown as a very effective heavy metal chelator. A clinical study showed that the herb could increase overall wellness by up to 25%, along with remove toxins causing a low pH in the body. [2]

We are all about limiting the risk of side effects when it comes to trying new weight loss products. One supplement we’ve been noticing, in particular, Dietspotlight Burn, has four salient ingredients proven in studies to burn fat, boost energy levels and ignite the metabolism.

Nature’s Balance Side Effects:

In the vast world of weight-loss supplements, herbal solutions are thought to be safer than prescriptions ones, when that just isn’t true. Although Nature’s Balance side effects may not affect everyone, some individuals have complained of some issues while using the product.


A stomach ache can be generally described as a pain in the upper abdomen. This pain can range from a dull sensation to sharp, piercing pains. There are many causes for this symptom, but often, it is not cause for concern.

What causes a stomachache?

Some common causes of a stomachache can include general irritation in the abdomen, gluten intolerance, medication side effects, lactose intolerance, sugar-free candy, stress, and much more. It is not very common that this symptom is indicative of a more serious issue unless it is accompanied by other, more severe symptoms.


Headaches are a common pain that almost everyone experiences one in their lifetime [1]. The most common type is a tension headache, though there are many different kinds that can affect an individual in many ways.

What causes a headache?

The most common causes of a headache are stress, a lack of sleep, eating too much, missing meals, excessive alcohol consumption, and allergies. If this symptom is accompanied by a fever, pain in the eye, or a loss of consciousness, it is important to seek medical attention immediately.


Nausea can be defined as, “Nausea is an uneasiness of the stomach that often comes before vomiting” [2]. Although it is commonly associated with vomiting, they do not always happen together. This symptom can be associated with discomfort, dizziness, diarrhea, and other uncomfortable issues.

What causes nausea?

Nausea is commonly caused by medication, pain, emotional stress, infections, food poisoning, and other more serious health issues, like brain injuries or eating disorders.

Black Stool

Black stool is a condition in which an individual’s fecal matter is very dark in color. It is also often associated with a more concerning health condition, so it is important to seek medical attention, especially if it is persistent and is met with pain.

What causes black stool?

Black stool can sometimes be caused by an overconsumption of iron in the diet. However, it can also be indicative of a more serious issue.

Nature’s Balance side effects are not guaranteed, but there have been reports of consumers suffering from stomachaches, headaches, nausea, and black stool. To protect yourself from potential problems, it is always the best idea to consult with your physician before taking any supplement, especially if you’re taking prescription medications, are under 18, have a medical condition of any kind or are pregnant or nursing.

Nature’s Balance Questions & Answers:

We boiled down hundreds of user comments about Nature’s Balance into this helpful FAQ.

What are the side effects of Nature Balance?

Nature Balance side effects, based on customer comments, include stomachache, headache and nausea.

What are the ingredients in Nature’s Balance?

Nature’s Balance ingredients include chlorella [1], vitamins and minerals, among others. The formula differs based on the supplement.

Does Nature’s work?

Nature’s Balance does provide extensive lists of resources for the ingredients within their products, but there’s no solid research connecting the formulas to weight-loss.

How much does Nature’s Balance cost?

The cost of the Nature’s Balance products range from $14 to $130.

How should I take Nature Balance?

Directions for taking Nature’s Balance products vary based on the supplement selected.


What do users like about Nature’s Balance?

Some users like that the Nature’s Balance product line is available online.

What do users not like about Nature’s Balance?

Some users do not like that Nature’s Balance ingredients aren’t listed on the company website.


Are there any other names for Nature’s Balance?

Yes, we’ve heard Nature’s Balance also called Balance of Nature.

Does Nature’s Balance offer any free samples?

We were unable to find any free samples on Nature’s Balance website.

Does Nature Balance come with a guarantee?

There’s no mention of a guarantee on Nature’s Balance website.

Do you know of any special deals or discounts on Nature’s?

There are special deals and discounts on Nature’s Balance if you purchase multiple bottles. However, our readers have been going wild over the past few months taking advantage of Dietspotlight Burn’s Special Trial Offer. Click above to learn more.

Nature’s Balance Scientific Abstracts:

Beta 1,3 D-Glucan

The diagnosis of invasive fungal infections has constantly been a difficult achievement by the need for invasive methods. The testing, (1–3)-β-D-glucan, calls for a small invasive sample that could then be utilized to help diagnose invasive fungal infections and to observe and monitor the response of the treatment. There is one disadvantage of the (1–3)-β-D-glucan test, which is the lacking of sufficient sensitivity to perform a definitive diagnosis, even after a test returns positive results. While there are some formal guidelines for usage, (1–3)-β-D-glucan tests fall short in some areas. The need for further evaluation is justified in order to determine the helpfulness of beta-glucan testing. [1]

Red Oil

Blood samples, anthropometric measurements, and dietary intakes had been observed and measured prior to run-in and prior as well as after intervention. The alterations in changes in total serum cholesterol responses in palm and red palm olein (+0.59 versus +0.18 mmol/l; p=0.053), as well as between palm and sunflower oil (+0.59 versus -0.003 mmol/l; p < or =0.01) were substantial. LDLC (low-density lipoprotein cholesterol reactions in the palm olein and sunflower participant groups also saw a noticeable difference (+0.42 versus -0.11 mmol/l; p < or =0.01). Tissue plasminogen activator antigen had reduced greatly in the red palm olein participants when compared to the palm and sunflower groups. There was no effect discovered in other haemostatic variables. Red palm and palm olein had no effects independently on fibrin network characteristics. It had thus been concluded that, when compared to palm olein, red palm olein had much less adverse effects on lipid profiles. In addition, it had reduced tissue plasminogen activator antigen. In order to confirm any findings, it is requested that there be larger study groups. This would result in the elucidation of mechanisms and proper effects of the nonglyceride constituents of red palm. [2]


Chlorella, as a dietary supplement, had greatly increased (P < 0.05) the plasma IgA concentration in chickens as opposed to AGP as well as control. Additionally, plasma IgM concentration was elevated in dried Chlorella powder and fresh liquid Chlorella treatments rather than in control, and plasma IgG concentration was elevated as well in the fresh liquid Chlorella treatments in comparison to the others. Supplemental antibiotic growth promoters and an array of other forms of Chlorella had no effect on the Salmonella and Escherichia coli inside of the intestines of chickens, however, the population of Lactobacillus had been elevated (P < 0.05) when the subjects were fed fresh liquid Chlorella. It had been concluded that dietary fresh liquid Chlorella had improved body weight gain, production of Lactobacillus bacteria inside the intestinal microflora of broiler chickens and immune characteristics. [3]

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Joe Ruffino

What effect might Vegie Nature’s Balance on those taking blood thinner. Vitamin K should be restricted. What level of K is in NB.


I do think that ACTS AS A DETOX should be included on the bottle label. Some people cannot do a detox because of medical reasons.

Rita Giobbe

I had a very hard time with this product. It upset all of my insides from black stools to a uti. Is it supposed to react this way? Rita Giobbe. I would appreciate an email response Thankyou.

Victoria (Editor)

Hi. Please make sure to consult with your physician before continuing to take this product and let them know about the side effects you were experiencing. You may want to consider one like Dietspotlight Burn. It contains clinically-tested ingredients and has been shown to help promote weight-loss.

  This product did not work
Mark Meyers (Verified User)

This product did not work at all. I wanted to return an unopened box, but I was told that I could not. I spoke with a very rude representative who refused to let me speak with a supervisor. B E W A R E!!

Tim Sara, President & CEO. Nature's Balance, Inc.

Odd. We have four customers on file with the last name ‘Myers’. Not one of them with the first name ‘Mark’. We have always had a sixty-day return policy on unopened bottles (not boxes). Call me at 1-800-858-5198 and let me have the lot number on the bottom of the bottles along with the approximate date of purchase. If you have an ‘unopened box’, how can you state that the product did not work? Finally, chlorella is NOT considered to be a weight loss product, nor do we, or have we ever promoted it as such

Your NameWilliam Dolinick (Bill)

Question: By taking this – would it help walking without using the cane , or walker?? Do have a vascular problem, also, being 85 – would be questionable “to TAKE or NOT to take”
Appreciate for a prompt reply and your consideration into this matter
God Bless!
Bill Dolinick