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Neoprene Waist Trimmer Review- Does This Fitness Belt Really Work?

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By Summer Banks Jun 19, 2017

This review is what happened after I obsessed for weeks over the Neoprene Waist Trimmer. We took the time to create a detailed evaluation, examining the side effects, ingredients, scientific studies and level of customer service. We also took a close look at hundreds of dieter responses from all over the web. Finally, we compacted this information to give you the facts you need. That means we should have a verdict, right? Well, we’re on the fence because some people saw real results and others saw nothing.

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What is a Neoprene Waist Trimmer?

Firstly, the Neoprene Waist Trimmer is a “fitness belt” that claims to help you develop core strength, improve balance, boost endurance levels, increase flexibility and slim down the tummy area. [1] These are generally about eight inches wide and are adjustable to suit different body sizes. It is made from Neoprene [2] so it locks in heat, which causes the midsection to sweat more during exercise. This in turn draws helps the user shed water weight. One brand is Valeo, which sells it for $11.99.

The Neoprene Waist Trimmer has been available since at least 2005 and it’s easy to find these fitness belts online. It is typically washable and comes with a Velcro strap for a secure fit, but if you’re looking for a definite answer about weight-loss, keep reading…

Customer Complaints – “Something to Think About?”

The first consideration we have with Neoprene Waist Trimmer is the large number of complaints. According to our Research Editor, “There are all kinds of problems with this product, which are posted on distributor websites such as Amazon. This negative feedback is a red flag.”

  • One user stated, “I bought it not too long ago and after 2 uses it ripped?? Please don’t buy it…waste of money.”
  • “Put the waist trimmer on once and when I removed it, the Velcro tore off the Neoprene, and the Neoprene also tore. Not a good product at all,” said another customer.

Stuck right in between the negative reviews are positive ones.

  • As one user said, ‘You can wear it all day without it being noticed by anyone and it works while you’re doing your daily activities.”
  • Yet another claimed, “I run with it and I sweat a lot more around my waist. I prefer to use this then the old method of saran wrap.”

Neoprene Waist Trimmer Results – “Any Real Effects?”

There is no clinical proof that supports the Neoprene Waist Trimmer for weight-loss. In fact, some customers have stated that this fitness belt does not live up to the hype.

  • One user commented, “Does not work! Give me a Break. And it smells awful!”
  • Another customer said, “This belt does not burn off fat at all. You just sweat more.”

Results are something that can only be measured by the individual. Based on that, some did see a positive effect. [3]

  • “I have lost a little over an inch on my waist,” said a happy user.
  • According to another, “I think it reminds me to “suck it in” and keep my core muscles engaged.”

Now our research has shown if there is a certain part of a fitness device that is problematic, like a few customer complaints in a row, the probability of long-term success is low. If the Neoprene Waist Trimmer doesn’t actually slim for many, we’re not sure if customers will continue to use it.

Where’s All the Science?

Here at DietSpotlight, we like to see solid research that supports the weight-loss product we’re reviewing. Sadly, with the Neoprene Waist Trimmer, we could not pinpoint any real results or support. It appears that there’s no substance behind the claims. There is a good chance, however, that your waistline will LOOK smaller because of dehydration. [4] The effect is short-lived.

Does Neoprene Waist Trimmer Really Work?

Well, we appreciate that the Neoprene Waist Trimmer is easy to use and it fits people of many sizes. On the other hand, we have some reservations because it’s not backed by any actual science. We’re also concerned about the customer complaints and poor quality, as reported by some. [5]

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Previous Neoprene Waist Trimmer Review (Updated March 6, 2014):

What You Should Know About Neoprene Waist Trimmer

Neoprene waist trimmer is an elastic fitness accessories manufactured by several weight loss and fitness companies. Widths and length will vary with larger sizes and widths available for dieters who need additional waist coverage. Neoprene waist trimmer technology focuses on heat and abdominal muscles. According to literature found online, heat retention helps to melt away fat from the midsection while the elastic band makes the tummy look slimmer immediately. Neoprene waist trimmer can be worn on top of clothing or under clothing without much difference in how the trimmer works.

Neoprene Waist Trimmer: List of Ingredients

Elastic neoprene waist belt.

Product Features

Television infomercials trying to sell neoprene waist trimmer products will show dieters an infrared image of the abdominal muscles with and without the belt. These pictures can be quite deceiving. Just because abdominal muscles or skin collect heat under the neoprene waist trimmer does not mean more fat is burning off the body. The slimming effect comes from the elastic band and strong Velcro strap and any loss of inches in the waist can only be attributed to exercise and a reduced calorie diet. With so many neoprene waist trimmer products on the market, we searched for some clinical research showing how neoprene can increase weight loss. No clinical trials could be found and no manufacturers mentioned their products were clinically proven. The only proven effect is an increase in heat under the area where the belt is secured on the body. Fat located in cells around the abdomen does not liquefy and absorb into the body. What neoprene waist trimmer products will do is cause sweating. Sweating can decrease fluid stores in the body and thus show some negligible water loss. This water loss will not be substantial enough to cause significant weight loss even over extended periods of use. Neoprene waist trimmers sell for $7.00 to more than $50.00 depending on the manufacturer.

Advantages of Neoprene Waist Trimmer

  • None.

Disadvantages of Neoprene Waist Trimmer

  • Neoprene does not increase weight loss.
  • Neoprene waist trimmer products are not clinically proven to reduce fat or slim the abdomen.
  • Product prices vary widely.
  • Infrared pictures show only increased heat not increased fat burn.


Manufacturers of neoprene waist trimmer products try to convince the dieter that infrared pictures of increased heat means fat is burned from the area where the belt is secured more quickly. There are no clinical studies proving these claims to be accurate. Instead of securing a belt to the midsection during workouts, the dieter may find better support with a thermogenic blend of herbs. Fat burning supplements work to increase metabolism and heat within the body. This thermogenesis is responsible for added calorie burn and thus, improved fat loss. Common proven ingredients include Green Tea Extract and Caffeine.

Neoprene Waist Trimmer Questions & Answers:

We dissected hundreds of customer comments about the Neoprene Waist Trimmer and created this helpful FAQ.

What are the side effects of the Waist Trimmer?

Neoprene Waist Trimmer side effects, as reported by customers, may include skin irritation, muscle aches[1], and discomfort.

What is in the Neoprene Waist Trimmer?

Neoprene Waist Trimmer ingredients are non-existent, considering this is a fitness belt.

What is the active ingredient in the Neoprene Waist Trimmer?

The active ingredient in the Neoprene Waist Trimmer is the liner made of neoprene[2].

Does the Neoprene Waist Trimmer work?

There’s no research proving Waist Trimmer works. The company claims the product increases water loss, but there’s no solid science this is a long-term weight-loss solution.

How much does the Neoprene Waist Trimmer cost?

The Neoprene Waist Trimmer costs approximately $11.99 on the official website.

How do you take the Neoprene Waist Trimmer?

You should take the Neoprene Waist Trimmer, place it around your midsection and wear throughout the day.

Can I take the Neoprene Waist Trimmer if I have a health condition?

Women who are pregnant or nursing, anyone taking prescription medications, people under 18 years of age or anyone with health conditions should reach out to your healthcare provider prior to using weight-loss products of any kind, including Neoprene Waist Trimmer.

What do users like about the Neoprene Waist Trimmer?

The affordability of the Neoprene Waist Trimmer was something customers liked.

What do users NOT like about the Neoprene Waist Trimmer?

Multiple customers didn’t like the poor construction of the Neoprene Waist Trimmer and that they didn’t see results.

Who makes to the Neoprene Waist Trimmer?

The maker of the Waist Trimmer is Valeo.

How do I contact the Neoprene Waist Trimmer customer service department?

You can contact the Neoprene Waist Trimmer customer service department by emailing valeoinfo@valeoinc.com, writing the corporate team at Valeo – Customer Service 555 Taxter Rd. Suite 200 Elmsford, NY 10523 or by calling a representative at 1-800-634-2704.

Is the Neoprene Waist Trimmer really one size fits most?

Yes, the Neoprene Waist Trimmer is one size fits most, but not all.

Can the Neoprene Waist Trimmer be used as a back support?

The Neoprene Waist Trimmer can be used for back support, but we suggest contacting a healthcare professional prior to using in this manner.

Does the Neoprene Waist Trimmer come with a guarantee?

The Waist Trimmer doesn’t come with a guarantee. Check with the company selling the product for details about the return policy.

Do you know of any special deals or discounts on the Neoprene Waist Trimmer?

On the official the Neoprene Waist Trimmer website, there’s no information about deals or discounts. However, the past few months have been off the rails with our readers taking advantage of Dietspotlight Burn’s Special Trial Offer, which is just the cost of shipping and handling.

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Summer Banks, a content strategist at Dietspotlight, has researched over 5000 products in the past 10 years. She has years of nursing training, experience as a manager responsible for 15 supplement brands, and completed coursework on Food and Nutrition from Stanford University. full bio.

Rating: 3.6. From 101 votes.
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Neoprene Waist Trimmer Review

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  how successful is it
Carmel (Verified User)

I have just ordered one if these belt, can I wear it under every day clothes and, how successful is it in trimming the belly area?

Stephen (Editor)

You may wear this under clothing but we assume you have the intention of wearing of it for long periods of time, do you not. This is ill-advised; it’s best used for workouts.


I bought one but wanted to know should I wear only on top of clothes when working out or under is ok too?

Cameron (Editor)

under is fine though it may itch a bit.

  it smelled like tire rubber burning
Catherine (Verified User)

I have a Gold Gym waist trimmer, only used it once, it smelled like tire rubber burning. Should that be a concern?

Stephen (Editor)

Hello, Catherine. Was that the natural odor coming out of the box? If so it should be fine. Check over the battery pack and ensure the mechanics are not damaged.

  What's the price ?

Sir what is rate of waist trimmer .please



Candace (Editor)

One brand, Valeo, sells it for $10.

  Neoprene Waist Trimmer
Deepika (Verified User)

Do u wear it all the day

Arnold (Editor)

The dieter is usually asked to equip this product with their workouts however we have a few reservations about its effectiveness.


Waist belt is very good heats the stomach area that promotes rapid perspiration in this area, and is the rapid expansion of the abdominal muscles and thus you have it in good shape. Without belt does not sweat at all
Here one what i use Fast Fat Melt – ucan get it on Amazon with free BONUS HANDBAG


It works in conjunction with diet and exercise. It didn’t help me lose weight but it did take the bloat away. Plus, the gentle pressure reminds me to keep my core tight. This is not a magic fix-all, diet and exercise is a must to lose weight!

Max Smith

Merely wanna tell that this is very beneficial , Thanks for taking your time to write this.


In 1978 I was a bit part actor and saw myself on the theater screen looking like a whale. I weighed 193 lbs. I am 5 ft, 9 in tall. I began using a rubber wrap around my stomach which had nylon ropes that I tied to the door knob on my bedroom door to tighten the apparatus around my mid-section. I jogged for 30 minutes everyday for one month using this device. I consumed lots of water to stay hydrated and ate shredded wheat cereal. I really limited my diet during this 30 days. I lost 30 lbs and weighed 163 lbs. I did this on my own. Perhaps I was lucky not to have had any medical problems from this work out. But, it worked and I was slimmed down with a far better appearance. In my next bit part in a movie, I no longer had that gargantuan look around my middle. So, can it work. I am proof that it can. But, I am no doctor. I am reporting this because I did it. Not that it may work for others. We are all different and some diet and exercise efforts do not work for everyone.

Ishani Nigam

Does it have any side effects?

Cameron (Editor)

Some diets report mild irritation around the site of application.


Can it be wear by girl below 25 age..is there any sideeffect?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi! Please make sure to consult with your physician before starting a new weight-loss program or product.

  Neoprene Waist Trimmer
Melissa (Verified User)

I have only been using my belt for two days and I can already see and feel a difference .

  Works but you need to wait
Joe Neal (Verified User)

Nothing that really works, or lasts ever comes easy. A neoprene belt is no exception. It takes 5 days to a week to get used to wearing it. Once you get used to it, give it a month, you will be ecstatic. By adding nothing extra, doing nothing more than you already have been you will lose, at the very least, two waist sizes, plus it supports your back. Once you’ve gotten used to it, you’ll never not wear it again.

  How to clean this product?
gibby ingram (Verified User)

i have this nordictrack adjustable waist timmer, and how do i clean it. i do a lot o sweating with it on. can i but it in the washing machine and wash it with my regular cloths.


Don’t wash it, certain chemicals like ammonia or bleach will have a chemical reaction with the neoprene and will dissolve your waist belt…maybe just use a mildsoap and hot water and hang it to dry.

  This is one is strong and sturdy

I did not buy this belt with huge expectations of lioosng inches. Exercise and diet does that. I really wanted it because I have a condition called diatasis recti. Not serious, but it has resulted in a herniated belly button and looks terrible if I am exercising. I needed a tight, tough belt to hold everything together. I have had this belt on all day now while working. The first belt I bought was the Bally Slimmer Belt With Zippers. I thought the zippers would make for a tight fitting belt versus the Velcro. The Bally belt fell apart the first day. This is one is strong and sturdy. The Velcro system is fine.

  it is a nordic track brand.
omg_itching_makeitstop (Verified User)

I am currently using one and the excess sweat being trapped under the belt is causing me to have a rash….a bad rash….everywhere the belt touches it is itchy and burning…it is a nordic track brand….it could be my personal experience, but I thought i should share!


The same thing is happening to me!! What did u do for it?


Me too! I’ve had an itchy rash for days


I wear this belt too! in fact I have several. I rotate them to give them a chance to air out. When I first started wearing it yes I broke out, however, I find that if you put a tank top on under it, you won’t get that itchy rash. I also have the shorts too, but I wear the spandex capris under them so it does not irate my skin. I still get the sweating effects. Hopefully this will be helpful to you.


It may be a sensitivity to latex….

  Loved the product.
InAgreemrnt (Verified User)

I use the neoprene waist belt. Helps with back pain
and, I feel, weight loss. Helps make you look smoother
in workout clothes too.

  Not getting the result.
Smooth (Verified User)

Got to agree with Sweetie. Used a brand that was a sealed 1 piece article (no Velcro, turn it inside out, pull it up, roll it up). Lost inches which translated into weight loss. I’m always concerned about a column/blog that sells products after dismissing other products. Isn’t the Flex belt thats being touted working on a similar concept? Just wondering…

  This really works!
sweetie (Verified User)

Neoprene waist belts do work! I have used them for years with great success!


Thanks for the information I just ordered a neoprene sweat belt please god it will work for me finding it very hard to loose weight and tone up my stomach I excercise 5 days a week at my local gym and my stomach well it just isn’t enough!


it works for me! it shaped my sides area and flattened my belly area


Can I wear neoprene waist trimmer around the house and for how long.


A few hrs on and a few off to give your body a break.


please tell me how to use