Updated: 01/13/2018

New Lifestyle Diet Review - 7 Things You Need to Know

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What is The New Lifestyle Diet?

The New Lifestyle Diet helps people achieve their weight loss goals with shakes, nutritional bars, soups, cereals and drinks. Diet accessories are also sold on the website. New Lifestyle Diet programs claim weight loss successes of 20 pounds to more than 200 pounds. Testimonials are posted on the website with before and after photos.

List of Ingredients

Weight loss foods, drinks and accessories for dieters needing to lose between 20 and 200 pounds or more.

Product Features

The New Weight Loss Diet combines carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats to promote quick weight loss. There are separate programs for both men and women. Women are limited to 1080 calories, 164 grams of protein, 72 carbohydrates and 18 grams of fat per day. Men are limited to 1230 calories, 174 grams of protein, 92 carbohydrates and 23 grams of fat. Very low calories diets such as these are often undertaken by patients following a doctor’s program, but there are no physicians listed as offering support for the New Lifestyle Diet.

Dieters eating between 1080 and 1230 calories who exercise on a regular basis could be faced with ravenous hunger. A typical workout program lasting one hour could burn up to 500 calories. That would leave only 580 calories for women and 730 calories for men throughout the day. This could put the New Lifestyle Diet into the starvation diet category.

Dieters can choose to order a free sample of New Lifestyle Diet foods. The free sample includes one shake, pudding and bar. The dieter only has to pay shipping and handling for the sample pack. Prices for New Lifestyle Diet products are comparable to common dietary shakes, bars and meal replacement products, but shipping and handling could push the price higher.


  • Eating very low calorie diets will result in weight loss.
  • A free sample pack is offered by New Lifestyle Diet.


  • Very low calorie diets can lead to slowing of the metabolism.
  • There is no mention of adding calories to replace those burned during exercise.
  • Supplements, other than multi-vitamins, are not mentioned as being part of the program.
  • Products may cost more than typical meal replacement and diet products with shipping and handling.

What Users Are Saying

"”Love this as a shake. As a pudding, sometimes I just add the cold water, sometimes I put in the blender and add my 30 calorie almond milk with a half of a banana. Also pretty good as a pudding, but I do prefer a shake – it makes me feel as if I am cheating. I do this for breakfast and lunch, I have fruit for snacks, and a sensible dinner. I have been doing this for a week and have lost about 4 pounds, so I will continue….”"


New Lifestyle Diet guidelines are far stricter than typical weight loss plans. The rigidly low caloric intake could mean the body will shift into starvation mode and slow metabolism. With daily exercise, the body could be left with less than 800 calories for daily energy needs. Hunger will inevitably be part of the program unless an appetite suppressant is used daily. The addition of a fat burner could raise metabolism to the point that all calories are stored as fat, which would lead to weight gain over time.

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  •  NL is exactly the same as Wonderslim.
    Erin (Verified User)

    NL is exactly the same as Wonderslim. They use the same manufacturer, who slaps on a different label at the top of the box. The picture, box design, and food is identical.

  • I really don't like any diet products
    schnell kochen

    I really don’t like any diet products, usually they just don’t taste the same. Especially with all the drinks for example Coke.