Updated: 10/10/2017

No S Diet Review - Does This Diet Plan Work?

By Summer Banks Sep 07, 2017

No sugar, sweets or seconds except days beginning with S? Can the No S Diet be real? Our research concentrated on the ingredients, side effects, and scientific research that applies. Furthermore, we examined numerous dieter comments and remarks. Lastly, we compiled the facts and specifics to give you the info you need.

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What is No S Diet?

For starters, the No S Diet is an eating plan focused on no snacks, sweets, or seconds every day, except those beginning with S. You’ll stick to three healthy meals per day. This strategy claims to help you lose weight.

The No S Diet, written by Ben Kallen and Reinhard Engels, is available online. The eating plan encourages exercise, and it appears to be affordable, but read on…

Very Basic Information – “Is It Worth Paying For?”

First off, one problem some people brought up is the very basic info in the No S Diet book. This is what our Research Editor discovered, “Many of the tips and advice provided in this text is found in the book’s synopsis, not to mention online. In other words, you do not have to pay for the actual book.”

One person made the comment, “Very simple concept. Do not waste your money. All of the advice in this book is readily available online for free. You can also just read the front cover of the book.”

However, a different dieter had this to say, “It’s very easy to follow. Actually quite simple when you think about it. Cut out sugar, snacks and second helpings.”

“Good concept. One of many diets that is just common sense. You will see some No S Diet results if you hang in there,” mentioned another individual.

The No S Diet Reviews – “Discouraging?”

Another issue to address is the negative comments that pertain to the No S Diet. One customer posted this, “I hate this approach. You basically have to go for 5-6 hours in between meals with no food or snacks. My blood sugar gets too low. It gives me headaches.”

Then again, a different dieter stated, “The diet does work if you can stick with it. But be aware that it’s challenging at times. That’s my personal No S Diet review.”

“I’m on the fence. This approach works, but it’s annoying. Expect No S Diet side effects like serious hunger, low blood sugar and headaches,” revealed another individual.

After doing plenty of digging, we discovered that if there’s one particular part of a weight-loss book or diet system that is a serious drawback (very basic info, negative user comments, fat price tag) the odds of solid weight reduction that really lasts are not promising. More to the point, if the No S Diet does cause all sorts of discouraging user responses, this could definitely be an issue.

The Science – “Solid or No?”

The No S Diet does involve cutting out sugary foods. This may help with weight-loss. After all, sugar is a cause of excess body fat. However, it seems there’s no research proving this program works. For us at Dietspotlight, we look for science-based facts connected to a product. There’s an issue when it’s not there.

The Bottom Line – Does No S Diet Work?

You’ll eliminate foods, so what are the No S Diet results? Well, we like that this strategy is simple and its focus is on eliminating certain foods. But, there’s an issue with no solid science backing the claims. There’s also concerns about discouraging user reviews about the basic information.

If you are having some difficulty dropping those pounds, we suggest you go with a diet system or product that is conducive to your lifestyle, is not hard to follow and is supported by countless customer testimonials.

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