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By Summer Banks Mar 16, 2017

The results of my research into the NutriMost weight-loss program were somewhat surprising. We at DietSpotlight conducted a thorough investigation, examining the ingredients, side effects, clinical studies and level of customer service. We also read dozens of user comments and responses that are posted online. At this point, we summarized and compressed all of the data we collected to give you the facts you need.

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What is NutriMost?

First of all, the NutriMost diet is boasted as a wellness and weight-loss program for women and men of all ages. It’s a personalized plan intended to suit each individual and help them reach his or her goals/needs. It was created by Dr. Ray Wisniewski, PSc.D. This method involves calorie restriction [1], all natural supplements and lifestyle changes. You can potentially drop 25-45 pounds. A team of medical professionals assist you with weekly consultations, healthy recipes, diet advice and personal supplementation.

The NutriMost weight-loss system has been around since at least 2007. This method is supposed to help you reset your metabolism and reduce food cravings. [2] There are some dieter testimonials posted on the official website. Also, there is a locator tool provided to help you find the nearest location (you enter your zip code), but read on…

High Price – “Is It Affordable?”

The first concern we have is the cost of this weight-loss program. According to our Research Editor, “Although the actual price of this diet system is not mentioned on the official website, several NutriMost reviews have revealed that this weight-loss program costs more than $1,000.”

One customer stated, “Buyer beware. If you are a person who needs to pay a bunch of quacks $1800 (or more if you finance) to put you on a diet consisting of 500 calories a day, then this is the program for you. 20-40 pounds in 40 days with no hunger? Sounds too good to be true, right? Well it is.”

However, a different person commented, “Many weight-loss programs actually cost thousands. So, NutriMost was not that expensive to me.”

Another posted, “If you can afford it, you can get some weight-loss results.”

BBB Rating – “Not the Best”

We noticed discouraging NutriMost reviews leading to a BBB rating of an “F” for some locations [3]. One dieter stated, “They want you to take a million and one pills. Who does that? I could do that without all the pills and the bills.”

But, a different person said, “My husband has maintained his weight-loss from this plan. It can work. But you should be aware of the NutriMost side effects. By this I mean hunger.” [4]

Although some reviews lead to a discouraging BBB rating, we found other positive reviews.

“I personally did the program, and it worked for me. There are definitely some supplements involved,” commented a dieter.

Another stated, “Be aware of the NutriMost ingredients in these products before getting started. Just in case you have any allergies to worry about.”

Our research shows a link between a reduction in long-term success and a discouraging BBB rating. There’s an issue if customers don’t have the highest impression of NutriMost.

The Science Behind NutriMost– “Is It There?”

We could not narrow down any specific clinical studies regarding the NutriMost weight-loss program. However, this diet system was created by a doctor, and it does involve calorie restriction. [5] Therefore, it may help with weight reduction to some degree. Although some have seen success on this program, the cost could outweigh any potential benefits.

The Bottom Line – Does NutriMost Work?

So, should you spend your money on the NutriMost diet? Well, to begin, we appreciate that this weight-loss program was developed by a doctor. It’s also good to see that some testimonials are posted on the main website. But we have some doubts about this system because this company has an “F” BBB rating. Also, we’re definitely concerned about the fat price tag that applies.

If you’d really like to drop more weight, then we suggest you select a diet program or product that is supported by solid research, does not break your bank account and comes with excellent customer service.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is our supplement called Leptigen. The formula contains a blend of four ingredients. All clinically-tested with research often seen in publications such as the Journal of Medicine and the journal Obesity.

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I have been on Nutrimost for almost 6 months I have been maintaining a weight loss of 30 lbs. Yes, it’s expensive….yes, it’s extremely strict but YES it works. It changed my life and way of eating and because I have been eating well my entire family has jumped on the band wagon. They are NOT part of Nutrimost but have become part of the after effect. A positive new way of eating healthy. I joined the one in Nanuet NY (Dr. Johnson is spectacular!) he truly cares about this program and helping you to succeed. He offers classes for free to learn about how the plan works on your metabolism. I am sure there are several other Drs. Who picked up the plan to sell from their offices without solid support or guidance…..and you will fail w/out the support. Dr. J has amazing staff (Lisa is a survivor and the program helped her stay healthy and she is one of the best supports there). If you decide to go for it…..you must make sure the office you join has support and really honestly knows the program. In addition, if you cheat you will not lose the weight. So be committed and I promise it will change u forever!! Good luck with whatever route you take as taking the first step which you obviously have to research has already put you ahead of the game!!


Since going through menopause, I’ve gained 15 pounds (and was about 10 lbs over what I wanted to begin with). I’ve watched what I eat most of my life and thought I’d try this as a last resort. Thought if I paid a lot of money I’d stick with it. I haven’t started yet, as I am waiting for a couple of the non-oil products. I researched this before I went and couldn’t find any reviews. Of course I have now learned that the reviews are not under the doctor’s name. I feel now that I’ve been duped, but there’s no turning back now. Already invested too much. I’m a pretty disciplined person, but since menopause feel like I have no control when it comes to eating. Hope this fixes that! I’ll report back but thanks to those who had encouragement.


Did the program in February 2015. Took off 35 lbs. and have kept it off for 2 full years. It taught me to know my body and what works for me. No packaged foods to buy–all healthy, natural items I can find at my grocers. Doctor’s check up shows all numbers great: cholesterol and blood pressure down. Two years and only a cold; also a reduction in stomach issues I have always had. Like any program, you get as much as you put into it. If you’re willing to make it work for you, it will. Not a miracle cure, but a change to healthy lifestyle and new attitude to food. Worth every penny I paid and I would do it again in a heartbeat!


I love this program! I have done 2 rounds of it. I’ve lost 70 pounds since June 2016. It’s helped me to eat cleaner, make wiser food choices and to be aware of ever bite I put in my mouth! It is costly, there are supplements for 40 days. But it was totally worth it to me! I found my smile & joy again! I had lost it for a lot of years! Thank you NutriMost Lenoir City, TN!


I’ve looked into this program and it’s a very expensive, unhealthy way to lose weight. I know a couple people that did it and lost the weight. One ended up in the hospital for malnutritian and the other has gained it all back in less than a year and then some.


I live on Long Island NY IS THERE A PLACE HERE


Please don’t do it, it is expensive, there is no scientific backing for it. If you want eat 500 calories per day in 2 lean proteins, 1 leafy green veg, 1 other veg (not starch), 2 fruits and all the coffee and tea you want and 64oz water, you will be in the same place but save $1,800 or more.


You can’t do that without supplements…..yes you will starve yourself and be famished. The supplements somehow some way DO curb your appetite. No extreme hunger.

Hi! For more information on where to purchase this product, please refer to the NutriMost official website.

Tuna M.

This program change my life the best of the best i last for 50 days almost 42 lb

Sheri Bedford

Hi stuns, I am 2 weeks in on the diet and have lost About 10 pounds! But I am starving all the time . Does it ever get better

Sharon Laviguere

You need to tell the doctor that you are hungry and they should adjust the program/supplements for you. I never felt hungry and I’m going on 3 yes maintaining my weight loss of 22 lbs.


I am an active 40 yo female. Stress increased my appetite, I couldn’t control my cravings and I gained weigh.
Nutrimost helped me to reboot my cravings and start with a new healthy life plan that became a habit. I lost 12 lbs (took only 20 days course). 3 month later I still weight the same. I don’t feel like eating junk food or snack as much as I used to.
It’s easy for me to keep it up b/c I don’t crave for unhealthy food anymore. And I just don’t want to eat as much as I used to. I don’t force myself.
I have a degree in chemistry. I looked up every ingredient of the supplements I was not familiar with, and it’s nothing but amino acids and vitamins. I am full of energy and am living my happy skinny life!


Hi Elena. Interesting that you have a degree in chemistry. Can you buy the amino acids and vitamins over the counter to ‘concoct’ your own formula perhaps. Thought on that.

Amanda Cayler

Changed my life – healthy and no more aches or pains.

H. D

I can not begin to tell you how well this program works!! I’m a female and 52 years old. I lost 29 lbs. now weighing 137lbs. on the 40 day plan and have kept it off for 6 months now. I felt great during the program and continue to feel amazing with my new/old skinny body. In fact, I’m going back on the 20 day plan today because I’d like to lose an additional 10 lbs to get to a weight I haven’t seen in 20 years. Although, I would still be extremely happy if I never lost another pound!! I wish I could tell every person that struggles with their weight, about this plan. I definitely do tell all of those that have complimented me on how great they think I look, and ask how I did it. For me and the people I know that have gone through the Nutrimost program, it is worth every penny!!💃


Don’t waste your money, this is a horrible product. You starve. I went in form my half way point and had lost 11 lbs but my fat % went up which means I lost muscle and water. The woman told me that in the first 20 days you lose all water, “everyone knows that, you lose the water first.” Its 1800 and horrible!!