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By Summer Banks Jun 25, 2017

This week, I obsessed over every aspect of the Nutrisystem diet. Our in-depth review focused on the meal delivery system, pricing and auto-ship, customer service quality and clinical research. Plus, we read hundreds of testimonials and user experiences. Then, we summarized and condensed to give you the info you need.

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What is the Nutrisystem Meal Plan?

First off, Nutrisystem is a commercially-available weight-loss plan that works with the meal delivery premise. [1] The diet focuses on portion control, balanced nutrition and frequent eating. [2] How you use the products, depends on the plan followed. One benefit is that the foods are shipped directly to your home.

Nutrisystem was founded in 1972 and initially offered weight-loss counseling services at select locations. It has been involved in a voluntary recall. [3] The available plans are sold through the official website and select ones are available at local stores. We like the longevity of the business and that we found some positive comments, but read on…

The Cost – “A Bit Pricey?”

The first concern mentioned in Nutrisystem diet reviews is the high cost. “There’s a wealth of information showing meal-replacement programs may help with weight-loss [4],” said our Research Editor. “Some dieters may not be able to benefit from this eating plan when the 4-week plan starts at $275.”

“The $99 dollar cancellation fee just placed me in a [bad] situation. I was planning to continue the program after I get settled but after this, I wouldn’t want to,” said another.

According to some Nutrisystem reviews, cost wasn’t a concern.

“I made sure to call into Nutrisystem to clarify how the program works, the cost, or any extra fees I need to know about before purchasing,” said a customer.

Meal Options With Nutrisystem – “Could Get Boring”

Based on Nutrisystem reviews, the food choices could become stagnant over time. One user said, “I don’t have much of a sweet tooth so I’m not thrilled about the amount of sweet ‘meals’ are in the package.”

“The portions are small in relation to the calorie content. [5] I haven’t eaten all of the products in the box, but the ones I have tried were [not great],” said a customer.

While some users didn’t like the options, we found customers that appreciated the variety with Nutrisystem kit.

“I needed…a program that was prepared for me, that had no alternative choices and was rigid and tasty enough to satisfy me. It was better than a self-sustained program [6],” said a customer.

“The meals are packaged wonderfully and are very convenient. The portion control [7] helped me lose those extra pounds,” reported another.

Our research indicates that if there’s part of a diet program that’s difficult, like limited food choices, long-term success could be limited. If you use the Nutrisystem kit and don’t have variety, is it worth the price?

The Science – “Valid?”

We appreciate the customer testimonials and Nutrisystem before and after photos of those that have used the meal delivery diet. What we would have liked to see more of is scientific research showing this program helps you lose weight. There’s a wealth of solid science showing a link between portion control, eating balanced meals several times per day and weight-loss. [8] Unfortunately, the research simply isn’t presented on the official website, aside from information relating to short-term success with weight-management. At DietSpotlight, we like when there’s evidence a self-monitoring [9] weight-management plan is effective and has the evidence to back the claims.

The Bottom Line – Does Nutrisystem Work?

Will the Nutrisystem meal plan help you drop those pounds? There’s a chance you could see improvements, but we’re concerned that there’s no research to support the claims. [10] We also are a bit hesitant about this one because of customers are talking about the high price tag and the limited food choices.

If you’d like to jump-start your weight-loss, we suggest including a supplement that’s affordable, shown to work and supported by positive customer comments.

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Previous Nutrisystem Review (Updated October 9, 2014):

What You Should Know About the Nutrisystem Diet

Nutrisystem is a diet plan that consists of planned meals, as opposed to many other diet programs, which offer oral medications that suppress hunger. The Nutrisystem dieting system can be broken down into seven different categories. First you have the "Women's Program," which is formulated to be low in fat and involves the "Glycemic Index." Second you have the "Men's Program." This program supposedly allows men to enjoy standard male eating habits, but lose weight at the same time. Next you have the "Silver" programs. These are formulated for senior dieters, and there is a program that addresses men and one geared toward women. These Nutrisystem diet programs include something called "Nutrihance," which works as a vitamin supplement for those over 60 years of age. Finally there's the "Vegetarian Program." Naturally this program aims to encourage weight loss, but with all vegetarian meals.

The primary marketed program from Nutrisystem is called "Nutrisystem Advanced." This dieting system offers 28 days of Nutrisystem food, a daily meal planner, an exercise DVD to assist with physical fitness, weigh loss counseling and a few online tools. Aside from weight-loss programs, Medifast is an alternate weight-loss program that offers specific foods to be consumed on a regular basis that include soups, entrees, bars, shakes in a four day meal plan. In case you were wondering, the complete Nutrisystem program is delivered to your home. It appears that each program sells for $300-$350 per month. Ideal Protein Phase 1 is a similar plan in many ways; they too offer tools, coaching and a somewhat strict food plan. With these Nutrisystem programs, you can choose from at least 120 different meal options. Essentially you select the meals and desserts you desire, as long as they apply to the program that suits you.

List of Ingredients

Not really applicable.

Product Features

Nutrisystem is basically a diet program that's based on pre-planned meals, which are geared toward different types of dieters, male and female, young and mature. This system aims to reduce the user's body weight by incorporating low-fat meals with minimal carbohydrates and sufficient protein. Similar to how the Ketosis Diet aims to burn fat with a primarily protein based diet. The Glycemic Index is a key factor of Nutrisystem, which concerns "healthy carbs." As opposed to many diet supplements that consist of pills, Nutrisystem is a meal-based diet plan. The dieter can purchase a month or more of planned meals in advance to potentially lose weight.

Advantages of Nutrisystem

  • The Nutrisystem official website explains how the diet plan works.
  • Nutrisystem offers various plans that apply to different types of people.
  • Nutrisystem can be easily and conveniently ordered via the official website.
  • A prescription is not needed with Nutrisystem.

Disadvantages of Nutrisystem

  • There is no manufacturer guarantee that the Nutrisystem diet plan will work for you.
  • Nutrisystem may be rather expensive for the average consumer since it costs over $300 per month.
  • The pre-planned Nutrisystem meals may get a bit tiresome for some dieters, who prefer greater variety.
  • Other weight loss systems and dieting plans sell for less.
  • Some users may prefer a simpler dieting plan that merely involves a pill or capsule that's taken once daily.
  • Some find meals unappetizing. (See reader reviews.)
  • The Nutrisystem diet may not curb hunger for all users, since portion sizes are non-negotiable.


    While Nutrisystem is certainly an interesting diet program that makes daily meal preparation a cinch, it appears to be significantly higher priced than many other dieting programs. Nutrisystem would likely benefit dieters that wish to have their entire eating schedule planned out for them each day like in The 80/20 Diet and other books that outline healthy eating. However, that doesn't mean that Nutrisystem will absolutely assist you in the weight loss process. On the bright side, Nutrisystem does not have to be prescribed by a medical professional, but it may not look as appealing as some of the other convenient diet medications and programs currently available.

Nutrisystem is a meal-delivery system that takes the trouble and work out of cooking health foods and tracking macronutrients like carbohydrates, protein and fats. You order directly from the official website, or pick up a starter kit at some large retailers. Meals tend to be small and there have been reports that the taste is not ideal.

Nutrisystem Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Serving Size: Varies
Serving Per Container: Varies
Amount per Serving% DV
- Oatmeal**
- Biscotti**
- Cinnamon Roll**
- Meal Replacement Bars**
- Wraps (Pizza, Southwest, Steak and Cheese, etc...)**
- Hamburgers / Chicken**
- Enchilada**
- Stuffed Chicken Breast / Chicken Parmesan**
- Flatbread Pizza**
- Snack Bars**
- Cupcake**
- Sundae**

Other Ingredients: None

Portion Control

Portion control is crucial for weight management, however, urging individuals just to eat less of all foods isn’t always the ideal approach as high energy dense meals disproportionately elevate energy intake in comparison to foods lower in energy density. A strategy that would prove more effective would be to encourage individuals to raise the proportion of foods that are lower in energy density while only consuming limited amounts of high energy dense foods. If people intake foods low in energy density, they can eat a meal, feel satisfied and manage their body weight. [1]

65 obese subjects were randomized [BMI (body mass index) ≥ 30 and < 40] to an intervention which included counseling by portion control plate or to usual care. Out of the participants, 42 returned to have weight observed at the six-month marker. Participants in the portion control group experienced higher percentage difference in weight from the start to 3 months (-2.4% ± 3.7% versus -0.5% ± 2.2%; p = 0.041) and an insignificant tendency in weight change from start to 6 months (-2.1% ± 3.8% versus -0.7% ± 3.7%; p = 0.232) in comparison to usual care. Almost a half of those given portion control diets reported that the interventions were beneficial and a majority of participants recommended it. In conclusion, the study indicates that a portion control intervention infusing dietary counseling could be a beneficial way for obese patients to lose weight. Portion control and intervention need further studies for evaluating weight control within a primary care setting. [2]

Frequent Eating

All subjects were included in the intention-to-treat analysis (n=54). Body weight reduced in both regimens (p<0.001), even more in the B2 group (−2.3 kg; 95% confidence interval −2.7, −2.0 kg for A6 versus −3.7 kg; 95% confidence interval −4.1, −3.4 kg for B2; p < 0.001).Hepatic fat content reduced as a result of treatment in both regimens (p < 0.001),even more for B2 (−0.03%; 95% confidence interval −0.033%, −0.027% for A6 versus −0.04%; 95% confidence interval −0.041%, −0.035% for B2; p = 0.009). C-peptide and fasting plasma glucose levels reduced in all participants (p < 0.001), even more for B2 (p = 0.004 and p = 0.04). There was a decrease in fasting plasma glucose present with the B2 regimen (p < 0.001), and it also elevated in A6 group (p = 0.04, p < 0.001, respectively). It was thus concluded that only breakfast and lunch decreased body weight, fasting plasma glucose, hepatic fat content, C-peptide, and glucagon. It also elevates OGIS. The results indicate that for those with type 2 diabetes on a hypoenergetic diet, consuming bigger meals at breakfast and lunch could be more effective than six smaller meals throughout the day. [3]

Nutrisystem Side Effects:

On any mission to lose weight, there can be some unanticipated hurdles along the way. Some weight-loss products have the potential to bring some uncomfortable, additional outcomes. Users of Nutrisystem menu have experienced a few issues, though they are not common.


Constipation occurs when bowel movements slow down or cease altogether. This inability to move the bowel can be extremely uncomfortable, bringing abdominal pain. Constipation can lead to infection and other serious complications.

What causes constipation?

There are many issues that can lead to constipation, including acute conditions, but the most likely causes are stress, dehydration, or a lack of fiber intake. Other common causes include changes in diet or medications.


Vomiting is the involuntary or forcible voluntary emptying of the stomach contents through the mouth. [1] Vomiting itself is not a disease but is a symptom of other conditions.

What causes vomiting?

Although there are many severe conditions that can cause vomiting, some as drastic as encephalitis, meningitis, blocked intestines and appendicitis, the most common causes include stress, motion sickness, food poisoning and changes in diet. [2]


A headache is any pain in the head and can occur in the front, back or on either side. Headache pain can be intermittent, spontaneous, or relentless and can be described as throbbing, crushing or squeezing. Headaches typically originate in nerves, blood vessels, and soft tissues.

What causes headaches?

Headaches can be brought about by an extensive list of triggers including stress, weather, fatigue, caffeine, alcohol, bright lighting, and smoke. More severe causes include high blood pressure, heart disease or a tumor. Another common culprit is a change in diet or medication, including supplements.


Bloating happens as a result of air or gas in the stomach, making the abdomen feel larger than normal and firm to the touch. Bloating likely will produce pain and discomfort.

What causes bloating?

While there are a few more severe causes of bloating, such as an obstructed bowel, the most common origins are less serious. Bloating is often the result of eating or drinking too rapidly, or can stem from the consumption of indigestible foods or food additives, sweeteners, and substitutes.

Nutrisystem diet plan users have reported side effects like headaches and bloating, among others, but they’re not often found. We always suggest seeking advice from a doctor before starting Nutrisystem plans, especially if you have a medical condition of any kind.

Nutrisystem Questions & Answers:

We sorted through hundreds of user comments about Nutrisystem and created this useful FAQ.

What are the side effects of Nutrisystem?

Nutrisystem side effects reported in some customer comments, include nausea, headache, upset stomach and constipation [1].

What is in Nutrisystem?

Nutrisystem ingredients will depend on which meals or snacks you are purchasing.

What is the active ingredient in Nutrisystem?

The active ingredient in Nutrisystem varies by product but includes vitamins [2].

Does Nutrisystem work?

According to the official website, Nutrisystem does work if you adhere to the plan. While the company provides before and after photos, there’s no research available showing you will lose weight.

How much does Nutrisystem cost?

Nutrisystem costs $275 for the 4-week program. The Core plan is $295, and Uniquely Yours is $335.

How do you take Nutrisystem?

Eat the meals and snacks as dictated by your plan.


What do users like about Nutrisystem?

Users like that they don’t have to spend time grocery shopping or preparing meals.

What do users NOT like about Nutrisystem?

Many users complain about the portion sizes, the price, and the taste of the food.


Is exercise required with Nutrisystem?

No, exercise isn’t required with Nutrisystem but recommended for better results.

Does the Nutrisystem menu offer vegetarian/vegan plans?

Yes, Nutrisystem offers vegetarian plans, but vegan options aren’t available at this time.

Does Nutrisystem offer a maintenance program?

Yes, Nutrisystem offers four transition and maintenance programs.

Does the Nutrisystem plan come with a guarantee?

Yes, Nutrisystem comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Do you know of any special deals or discounts on Nutrisystem?

There are special deals and discounts on the Nutrisystem menu listed on the company website, including free shipping and reduced pricing.

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D.D. Pierce

I have been on Nutrisystem for 20 days, I have lost 16.4 pounds. I have tried every diet you could think of with little to no results. Nutrisystem is working for me because of the portion control and the labelling of the food. This system has removed the guess work. The food is tasty in some areas and bland in some areas. Remember though food is for fuel for the body nothing else. Once you have reached your weight loss goal, you can go back to eating whatever you want but now with portion control and caloric intake accountability. This will assist in keeping the weight off. This is a lifestyle change. Don’t cheat your body and it won’t cheat you. I want to lose about 50 pounds and I have been meticulous with tracking my weight loss, blood pressure, and glucose levels. Once I have reached my goal, which for the first time in a LONG time, I think it just might be possible. I intend to send my results and logs to Nutrisystem for them to use however they see fit. The weight loss roller coaster ride is a depressing and painful journey. Whether Nutrisystem is right or wrong, it has given me hope and renewed my spirit to fight for my goal. I will stay on my journey and look forward to reaching my goal… 😎


hi im considering this diet but only need to loose 20 lbs and i was wondering if there is a big difference between the plan food from the site and the 5 day meals from Walmart? 🙂 :hmm: 😛


I purchased the 5 day plan from walmart the homestyle one. It gave me a chance to try the plan. I bought my produce and a smoothy blender for the shakes. The food is okay to tasty- I lost 5 pounds by the end of 5 days so I ordered ala cart frozen food and some other choices from nutrisystem. I had to pick up another 5 day kit while I waited for my nutrisystem order to come. The frozen food is really good, you just have to buy quite a bit to get free shipping. I did not do the auto ship or monthly plan as it seems many have complained about problems cancelling.

Victoria (Editor)

Hi! For detailed product and usage instructions, please refer to the Nutrisystem official website for more information.

Ann Malone

I started Nutrisystem on 12/31/16 and so far, have lost 15 pounds, and have dropped a complete size. I am never hungry, the food is delicious, and I plan on staying on it until I lose 50 lbs. and keep it off for one year. As far as price goes, the reason most people see it as pricey is because you are paying for a month’s worth of food in one payment. Nobody, at least that I know of, spends $350.00 a month on the majority of their groceries for one person. I went through 90 days of spend (Oct, Nov, and Dec) for the food I purchased at grocery stores and restaurants and compared it with the cost of NS. It came to about $30.00 less with NS. Now, since I’ve been on it for 6 weeks, I’ve only eaten at a restaurant one time. I’m not buying junk food and with the addition of fruits, veggies, and proteins, I still come out way under what I was spending before NS — in other words, I’m saving money. Regarding the gas/bloat issue. This is not specific to NS. Any time you introduce a good amount of fiber into the body, it causes gas and bloating, so please folks, don’t blame this on NS. I always chuckle at reviews because they are nothing more than an opinion based on personal experience. As far as food portions, again, I laugh, because in reading the reviews about portion size on NS (on other sites), I see so many complaining about the portion size being too small. Um, people? We are trying to lose weight and retrain ourselves to eat ‘normal’ portion sizes. I hear complaints about people needing to salt the food as well. Again, people, we are and should be cutting way back on sodium. We live in a self-indulgent, “I want it my way”, culture of whining babies. You want to lose weight? Stop eating so much and choosing the wrong foods. Nutrisystem is amazingly convenient for those of us who do not want to spend a lot of time prepping food. The food is delicious, lots to choose from and it’s priced reasonably. I highly recommend it. Well, so does Marie Osmond. Good luck to anyone on the program. It certainly is working for me.

Cheryl Sullivan

I have been on nutrisystem for a week know and lost 5 pounds. Food is great . Walmart sells it for 42.00 for a weeks worth of food. Very reasonable.


The food is gross….worse that regular frozen food…certainly not “real” food….don’t waste your money (unless you don’t care about taste)


I have been eating Nutrisystem for only a week now and have had horrible bloating and gas, which I’m not prone to have. Something in the ingredients or much of the food does not agree with me; perhaps some additive. I’m throwing the rest away and cancelling the next autoshipment. I was on Jenny Craig about 10 years ago and didn’t have these issues, except for one of the JC anytime bars. Otherwise, the taste of most of this food is fine.


I’ve been on the program for 4 weeks and have lost 13 lbs. I feel so much better in my clothes. I plan to lose another 20 lbs. The first week on the Turbo diet I too experienced gas and bloating. So much so that I had to put a fan on the floor of my cubicle to keep the air clear. I think it’s caused by the shakes and the crush bars. Since I’ve switched over to their food the gas has stopped….except for the chili and the rice and beans, which I won’t order again. Not that they tasted bad but they gave me serious gas.


I just started and for someone who has lived to eat instead of eating to live, it has been perfect. My problem was controlling my eating once I started. This plan makes it easy because there is no thinking, just look at the list of food to eat, take it out of the box, and eat it. No questions about what to eat, if it isn’t in the package, don’t eat it. As far as taste, I need to get away from enjoying eating and realize eating is just to give the calories I need to function. I need to focus on routines, activity, being with friends and family. Food can’t be my focus or I will fail. Just my thoughts though, we are all different:)


I bought 3 different kinds of the 5 day boxes at Walmart. The first 2 weeks were great, I was never hungry and lost 12 lbs. Week 3 was the total opposite, the food tastes horrible, I’m constantly hungry and the only weight I lost that week is from vomiting. I will not be purchasing again


It works… it about portion control, regarding taste, try to be creative I always add garlic, onions (from the pan) tomatoes even a touch of pesto to give the food some love etc. Simply if you have the desire to you can. The 1st week is the toughest, because you are breaking a habit, but will show great results if you stick with it.


I wish I could say all the nice things I am reading. I’ve been on the program for 2 weeks now and have not lost a pound! I followed the first week strictly and was expecting some great results and I only lost 2 pounds. The first week was difficult but I stuck it through. I was disappointed but still encourage. After my second, when I started eating more calories, and working out even more, I gained the 2lbs right back! Very discourage at the moment but I am going to stick with the for the rest of the month. Although I am not losing weight, I am loving my new eating habits. I eat at least 4cups of veggies a day, I stopped eating candies and drinking soda. I used to eat peanut M&Ms everyday and now I don’t even pass by the vending machine. lol I was told by a counselor to increase my calories intake because I workout a lot so hopefully, week 3 and 4 give me some happy results


Don’t get discouraged on this or any diet. I asked the Wellness Director at work why I wasn’t losing weight, but my clothes were getting looser. I was also going to Planet Fitness with a friend a few tines a week. She said that what was happening was that I was building muscle, and redistributing my weight bc of exercise.
I say, if my clothes are getting looser, I don’t care what the scale says.
Good luck on your quest!


I’ve been on Nutrisystem for 4 days and have followed it to the T, and I’ve lost 11 pounds. 11 POUNDS!! I know it’s still very early for me, but frankly, I think the food tastes pretty good (although the portions are laughably small), and yes, it is expensive. But, when you really look at what you used to spend on food….groceries, going out to dinner, running to the store here and there just to pick up a few things, the plan isn’t THAT expensive. $340/4 weeks = $85 per week, plus you are probably spending $20 on extras. So $105 per week….I think we used to spend more than that before, going out to dinner, etc. I am finding that the shakes are AMAZING at curbing appetite, and drinking enough water is CRITICAL in not only helping to curb hunger, but also in digestion. I think I am getting A LOT more fiber (and protein) than I used to, and the water helps in processing that extra fiber. I’ve tried Weight Watchers in the past, and lost about 20 pounds then stopped (weight loss stopped…got stuck). Trying on my own has been very unsuccessful. I have a long way to go (over 100 lbs.), but so far I’ve been quite happy with Nutrisystem. I feel I have more energy and ‘bloat’ feeling I used to feel is GONE. I guess it’s all about priorities….how bad do you want to lose the weight? I will add though that if you have any kind of issue (IBS, digestion issues), then you should definitely check with your doctor before starting any weight loss plan. Good luck everyone!!


The food is truly inedible unless you have no taste buds. Here’s an example. The pizza was a tasteless cracker that is covered with a small amount of tasteless sauce and covered with an even smaller amount of tasteless fake cheese, it was absolutely disgusting. The other entrees were also horrible and I ended up throwing everything out. The food is truly terrible.


I didn’t think the pizza was as bad as you say. I sauteed some onions with zucchini and put on top and it added flavor and gave me a vege item.


In the past 5 years I have gained almost 30 lbs due to hypothyroidism, which has caused depression and isolation. I live alone. Because I am self employed. I go out to do my work and return home immediately. My social life consists of babysitting my grandchildren. I’ve done pills, supplements, plexus (which can be just as expensive if you buy all the different parts). I joined weight watchers. Then I just said..I’m done with all that nonsense and joined nutrisystem. When I set my mind to something I follow through. I do not cook for myself very often. When I do it is usually something quick that has too many carbs. Plus I would only eat at night time. I don’t understand what people are saying about the high sodium. If I have too much sodium. I swell up like a balloon. The key is to drink enough water to counteract the sodium. I’m a very picky eater. I find the food very good. So, instead of eating 1 meal at the end of the day, my meals are picked out for me. I am eating 6 times a day. Yes the first week is hard. It is on anything you do. What makes us fat in the first place is eating all the yummy foods that are loaded with fat, carbs, sugar and other harmful things. Of course this isn’t going to taste like that. Someone said the muffins are so small, yet have 150 calories. Do you know that a muffin you buy at the grocery store has around 500-600 calories per muffin? If you are complaining, you must not be ready to make a lifestyle change. I am pleased that everything is marked. I can grab and go.


I agree. I had been struggling to try to curb my carb and sugar addictions. After moving from Florida to Ohio 8 years ago, my lifestyle came to a screeching halt….and I put on about 30 lbs over that time. I’ve tried several diets and they worked short term but I’ve always gone back to my old eating habits I picked up after moving. So 4 weeks ago I decided to try NutraSystem. As of yesterday I’ve lost 13 lbs. I really love the fact that I don’t have to think about what to eat…I like the grab and go and not having to prepare foods too much. Not that I’m lazy, I love to cook, but eating this way is teaching me portion control…it’s shrinking my stomach size and I truly feel full after eating my meals and because of the snacks (low fat string cheese, almonds, yogurt, etc.), I’m not getting hungry in between meals…and I love the fact that I can have a snack in the evening. I’m going to stick with this…waiting for my second order to arrive this week. It was nice to be able to choose the foods I want so I was able to avoid the items that made me gassy. Good luck…stick with it, and try to learn something along the way.


I agree with Kim here. Most of the people on this website who are complaining is because they have to go through the pain of changing bad eating habits, so they ultimately blame Nutrisystem. Any diet you go on will be difficult at the beginning. Y I have been on Nutrisystem for 3 years. I have lost about 21 lbs and kept it off. I only purchase the Ala-Cart items then add fruits and veggies. The biggest learning curve from Nutrisystem is portion control. Americans all eat way too much food. It took a while to get used to eating half sized portions of food, but believe me, it’s the only way. Exercising and eating too much just doens’t work and it’s a waste of time. PORTION CONTROL IS THE KEY!!

MaryYour Name

I’ve been on Nutrisystem for a week and now I have a bladder infection, even after drinking the amount of water recommended. I wish I had done this research before committing to this program. I’ve never eaten so many preservatives. I hope I haven’t ruined my health!

Ann Malone

Ruined your health? Wow, that’s quite a dramatic statement to make. You had a bladder infection, you weren’t poisoned. LOL! You should have done your research before you ate “so many preservatives”. Know this, Nutrisystem has one of the most robust and advanced Research & Development labs across the food & drug category. I now this because my employer, an executive search firm, placed their SVP, R&D. You should have been drinking at least 64 oz of water BEFORE you even went on NS, if you are concerned about your health. Again, I shake my head at those of you who complain and blame right out of the gate. Good luck!


I opted to try the program when a friend introduced me and I received a $50 discount. Even with the discount the cost was $250 for 4 weeks for the Core Program including the Turbo start-up kit. I didn’t notice at the time that I had committed to another 4 weeks via their auto-delivery plan (another $299) as this was in the fine print. I didn’t like that and felt it was somewhat unethical but that’s another story. I am now almost through the second week. The first week was tough to say the least. You have got to really want to do this! The food is rather tasteless so you have to really doctor it up. You can eat as many vegetables as you like so I would add some of these and some spices into the dishes. I think the frozen food may be better but I didn’t chose this due to the added on expense. I did buy a few Lean Cuisines and sub’d some of these for meals. They tasted much better than the shelf entrees from Nutrisystem. The shakes do help curb the hunger in between. I am looking for some alternative shakes I can buy from grocers since I ran-out of these. I received an offer for 50% off the Turbo shakes from Nutrisystem but noticed it required another auto-delivery plan to get the reduced price. gggrrrrrr! Won’t fall for that again!


I went on Nutrisystem Jan 27 2016. I was 305 lbs. Went back to Dr April 7 2016. Lost 50.4 I guess weight loss may depend on individual body chemistry. I I was eating Nutrisystem and drinking 4 bottles of water (sometimes more) 16.9 oz. I’m maintaining by eating regular food sometimes and Nutrisystem sometimes. This week I’m doing both…so far, all is well.

Ann Malone

Congratulations on your weight loss! Inspiring!


My husband and I started on the same day. We like it, cut back to dinners my way which fits our life style with such a busy work schedule. Learned to work in my own snacks occasionally. Best of all after being on 5 months have learned portion control. My husband lost 25 lbs and got to goal weight quickly (good for him). I’m at 20, losing very slowly but it took me decades to put the weight on. I plan on using the turbo shakes as long as I can.


I do not recommend this diet esp. If you suffer from Bowel Disorder do not use this diet you will be sick, it was to the point
I was passing blood, the food is horrible, the meat smells like Dog Food. I lost 14 lbs.no wonder I could not tolerate the food, my Dr. told me to get off this plan but now I am using something else. Having no problems.

Lisa G

I have been on the nutrisystem mail plan for about 4 days now. Sunday evening for dinner I had the chicken alfredo and I felt like I wanted to gag. And then on Monday I had the Kung Pao Spicy noodles and yet again I wanted to gag. Is that normal? Or better yet, is this happening to anyone else? What should I do.

Tammy C

The dry goods chicken alfredo was was absolutely gross. Not sure the specs are the same (ie calories and protein) but the Weightwatchers chicken alfredo – especially if you add some frozen broccoli – is excellent. I made the mistake of ordering Core too – that dry food stuff is barely even food. I’ve made it easy by just adding a two-ingredient salad (with one Tablespoon low cal dressing) every lunch and at least one large serving of (usually frozen) veggies every dinner. That will even get you thru Turbo Takeoff week. I found I need to supplement (cheat) with apples, low fat cheese sticks, deli meat etc. every once in a while or I start to feel sick. I plan to stop using NS foods (replacing quick meal plans with other decent tasting frozen low fat meals from the store) but keep up the salad and veggies habit. Weighing yourself weekly for life is just about the only way to stay on track 🙁


Try everything they have to find out what you like then on your next tell them exactly what you want thats what i did and I’ve lost 27 pounds in just under 4 months.


Hello Lisa! All users are different and can experience different results, but please make sure to consult with your physician before continuing taking this product if you are still having side effects.


Robin I have IBS and have not only had a lot of gas I have been very constipated. So what are you using now as I need to loose at least 50 lbs. Do you suggest I contact my GIFT dr.?


If you don’t cook and if you normally eat a lot of processed foods, this may be for you. And if you want to loose substantial weight. Tried it for month, the food was not pleasing to taste, too high in sodium and calories for the portion size. I can make better tasting, healthier food for less sodium and larger portion size on my own. Yuck, in my opinion. Had 20 pounds to lose, didn’t lose much at all to make it (the cost, the lack of enjoyment of food, etc) worth it.


I have 20 pounds to lose as well. I found the diet made me experience gas, stomach cramps, and diarrhea. The food is also high in sodium. I sent the rest back.


i started nutrisystem through a wall mart jump start packager. I found it super easy….then I found a nutrisystem store nearby that I can buy what ever I want.. So I just buy the breakfast and lunchs and do weight watchers dinners for our family. Works out great..so far have lost 10 pounds in over a month. I deaf. would not want to do the dinners.. too much sodium, and I think the point is to learn portion control and how to cook.. this way I am learning both… I would tell everyone to see if they have a nutrisystem store nearby.. this way you don’t have to join.. no shipping fees.. just buy what you want..


Some of the shelf-stable foods are a bit weird, or just plain gross. But the frozen options were really good! They now offer a plan where you can choose all frozen, instead of just the ten days. I had horrible IBS for years before starting this. I have had almost no issues with it at all in two years. And I lost 40#. It’s a great program if you pay attention to portion size and learn from that.


Jennifer, do you mean it took you two years to lose 40 lbs? I would find that discouraging.

  It's a shit !
Kbenny (Verified User)

I’ve been trying to tell ppl about this piece of shit product for the longest time. Of course you are going to lose weight when you cut your caloric intake by half. Guess what also happens when you do that? It lowers your ability to metabolize calories as effectively. Why? Your body is amazing it senses the lower calorie intake and slows it’s metabolism process down, because it knows it needs calories to function and if it burned calories at the rate it used to you’d be fainting in the middle of the day. So now you’ve lost the weight you wanted to, so you think hey I can go back to my regular diet and be ok, NOPE! Your metabolism is now working at a slower rate because you were starving yourself. Your body won’t be able to burn those extra calories as efficiently as it once did and then you balloon back up to what you used to be or worse. Also look at the nutrition labels on their food the ratio of carbs to protein is like 2.5/1!!! A diet that consists of more carbs than protein, you fucking kidding me? People need to realize you need to eat MORE to lose weight. You cycle up for 3-4 days (add 500 calories) then cycle back down for about two weeks. That way you train your body to improve its metabolic process by adding more food. Your body says hey I’m getting more calories I should start burning these faster, AND THATS HOW YOU DIET


Kbenny…..seriously? Eat more to lose weight? If that were true I wouldn’t weigh 220lbs! I’m giving Nutrisystem a try as my last hope before I go for weight loss surgery. I really don’t want surgery, so I am determined to make this work. Granted I’m very hungry when I get home from work. I like to work out upon getting home from work. Last night I just didn’t have the energy, blood sugar was too low. Today, I’m saving my afternoon snack, dried cranberries and almonds, to eat on the way home from work. Hopefully that combination of sugar and protein will be the boost I need to give me the energy to workout.


Sorry to tell you this Kbenny however, I’ve been on Nutrisystem twice and it has worked perfectly for me everytime. Lost 70 pounds between April and November. This plan works!


well, it is NOT working for me. Yes look at the nutrition label on back. The carbs are too high. Except for wk1 on turbo and crush bar (lost 4lbs, prob water) I have lost nothing nothing nothing..and spent 300×2 to do so and be tortured. Clearly, I am eating too many carbs! For me, this nutrisystem is not working. Yes, I’ve called counselors, have followed it exactly and not getting the results. so for those of you who are losing, good for you. For me, what the heck do I now do with the hundreds I spent on month 2 cuz I tried to cancel on day 15 and nutrisytme rep talked me out of it plus would chaRGE ME 99 BUCKS! i WISH i HAD JUST LET THEM HAVE THE 99BUCKS AND NOT WASTED CLOSE TO AN EXTRA 200BUCKS ON CRAP AND NO POUNDAGE LOST!


I agree!! I just finished my first (and last) month on nutrisystem. I lost 1 pound and felt like crap the entire time. It stinks that I spent $270 to lose 1 pound. Granted i am only about 7 pounds overweight but i was expecting to lose around 5 pounds, not 1!! Very very disappointed.


I’m on day #10. I’ve lost 5lbs so far. I chose to do the 5day boxes. The only box I cannot stand is the home style box. I started with the Jumpstart box and it wasn’t bad at all. I just won’t get another home style box…..


First time trying and I am on Day 2 of the jumpstart box. Not too bad, however VERY disappointed in how much sodium in all of the products and also FRUCTOSE! C’mon Nutrisystem… get a bit more nutritious!!!


yes, too much sugar, carbs and fructose. How are we supposed to ever wean ourselves off that!?


Interesting neither Marie or Marino mention any of these things.


My son lost 25 pounds, so I started the diet, but I have arrhythmias and high blood presure. This food really trigger my arrhythmias. I think is beacuse of the sodium. The food is ok. The portions are very small but its a diet… My doctor told me to stop. This is not a good diet for me. But if you are a healthy person, I dont see why not. It worked for my son

  It taste's like dog food !
Paula (Verified User)

I have been on the Nutrisystem for 5 days and the food is horrible. It tastes like ‘dog’ food on certain items there is a plastic preservative pack with ‘do not eat’ and stuck to the food I mean on the food! The food is full of sodium. The food gave me gas, bloated stomach, frequent bowel movements and constipation to…

I would not recommend this food to my dog as I love my dog and I wouldn’t want my dog to get constipation. Awful, repulsive, disgusting. Hey Marie what did you eat, it certainly could not have been this crap?

This is an honest appraisal so in essence don’t waste your money on this ‘shit’.


I had a similar experience. After just 1 week on the plan I was unable to move. I had incredible pain on the left side of my abdomen. For almost a month I could not touch or lay on my left side–stomach so sore and very bloated. I am still not fully recovered. I have researched the ingredients in Nutrisystem’s food and it would appear that Resistant Maltodextrin is the cause of my pain.

Resistant Maltodextrin are chemically processed to resist digestion and act as a fiber. I was unable to digest it. Buyer beware!


This weekend I was in so much pain I thought I had a bowel obstruction or maybe having a diverticulitis attack. I could not stand fully upright. When I walked lightly the impact of my feet on the fllor hurt my side intensely! The only thing I could think of was I had been replacing my lunch with Nutrisystem shakes for 3 days that week. I was bleeding and passing huge clots (TMI – I know, but important to share I think). I was afraid and almost went to the emergency room. I started a barrage of OTC treatments, and am still tender on my right side three days later. The food smells and tastes so bad, canned dog food is about the best description I’ve seen. The shakes actually tasted pretty good! I am afraid to use meal replacement shakes now because of this incident.

  Food is not bad !
Not a Cry Baby (Verified User)

My wife and I started Nutrisystem on the same day (basic program). Food is not to bad but we can’t complain because we have really let ourselves go. We hate our bodies and our eating habits. We are now saving close to 700 a month because everything we eat is delivered to our door. Yes we have kids but our groceries are cut in half. All the crying on here is quite funny. I would love to see 1 person who loves dieting. Bottom line stop crying about the taste of the food because I know sucking down great tasting donuts is what got most of you here in the first place.


Um, bs. I have eaten more junk food in the past (Fast Five) days than I have in the past year. I lost a whopping 1 pound.
I usually eat once a day (ex: small skinless/boneless chicken breast, rice, brussel sprouts).
I have a back injury which prevents sustained heavy or even moderate excersize.
Your pronouncement that “I know sucking down great tasting donuts is what got most of you here in the first place” may apply to you, but it certainly does not to me.


Amen!! I totally agree

new user

On my second week and honestly I think the food is good! I am surprised. Yes, the portions are small but that’s to get you on the right track–eating LESS!! If you make a big salad to go with the entrees, it’s perfect. The power-type bars for lunch fill me up. I think the high fiber content helps expand in your stomach. The snacks are tasty. I am having trouble with constipation too but I eat 2 fiber gummies each day. Helps a little. I think high protein diets always have this effect. I think if you can learn to eat less for a whole month, your stomach shrinks and expects less. Just need to hang in there and pray for strength to resist goodies.

Barb (Verified User)

I completely agree with ur comments on the chocolate!! I had to go with the cheapest meal plan (it’s to expensive). I can’t believe the amount of choc it included!! I was so sick of choc by my 2 mths it was awful. Who would think choc would be so overwhelming. I pretty much liked ever thin except the pizza and the Italian flatbread. Also not a fan of the turkey sausage!! Also horrible sick trying to get off the food!!

Kristy (Verified User)

I tried NS recently and foolishly missed where, in the fine print, they say you have to commit for at least 2 months – that’s a commitment of about $700. I lost no weight and stopped having bowel movements. My options were a) pay a $100 cancellation fee for quitting before the 2 months b) pay $150 for a lunch and snack plan to “spare” me the fee or c) just accept the next $350 shipment of food and spend another month not using the bathroom. Thankfully the CS rep waived the fee for me due to the health issue (which I had previously reported) but the whole experience left me feeling icky. I’m not a fan of companies who not only HAVE high, arbitrary cancellation fees (why do I have to stay for 2 months if I hate it after 1?), but who also feel they need to place any mention of them at the bottom of the page in “fine print” so small you can just barely read it. Like what’s your deal, what’s up with that?

Admittedly, I weigh ~155 and only need to drop 20 pounds so it wasn’t likely to roll off me quickly anyways but the constipation was a nightmare.


First of all I didn’t lose but 4lbs on the turbo10. I followed it to the T. Then only lost 11 lbs in the 2 mths I did the diet. I followed it to a T. Now trying to ween myself fm NS is a nightmare!! I had terrible gas and awful bloating the whole time. I have constipation that I still haven’t been able to get any relief fm. When I try to eat my own food I get vilantly I’ll. Throwing up and still constipated. Just wanting to know if anyone else is feeling the same.


Horrible stuff! I’m so swollen and bloated! Started two weeks ago and have horrible pains I abdomen and back. It’s a going in the garbage as I can’t return it! My bidy is screaming for real food…fresh food!

Your NameSANDY



I pretty much agree with the above comments. Especially all the difficulties with the colon system, bloating, gas & constipation. Plus the list could go on & on. This is month 2 & I’ve only lost 6 lbs. of the 30 pounds wanted to lose.

Stephen (Editor)

That’s weird. Thanks for your review.

  I really wish it would've worked !
Melinda (Verified User)

i went on NS for 3 months and was disappointed. I’m 5’2″ and was 155 lbs, wanted to drop 40 lbs. The first week, I lost 6 lbs, but I was lightheaded and weak, which meant I couldn’t exercise. Second week the lightheadedness went away but I still didn’t have energy to exercise, and I lost another 3 lbs. I was adding in proper food as needed and was very strict about following the rules. Third week I lost 1 more lb, for a grand total of 9 lbs. I exercised as suggested, as I was able, but would get lightheaded if I did much activity. Then I plateaued. It didn’t matter what I did, I couldn’t lose any more. I was so sick of the food after only three months. (Breakfasts were good, lunches ok, dinners mostly gross and needed garlic salt to be edible. It was just so terribly repetitive.) So I finally quit. Within the next 4 months I gained it back and then some, going over my heaviest weight ever by 5lbs.

The only thing I liked about it was that it made me realize what a TINY AMOUNT of food a portion size really is. It’s shockingly small. Which seems crappy because you’re paying through the nose for it and they’re giving you so little.

The ingredient lists were staggering: the amount of sodium in some things that tasted like they couldn’t possibly have salt, the amount of preservatives needed for what is essentially a TV dinner that remains unrefrigerated for a month or more, the amount of fillers in some dishes to round out the protein since you hardly get any actual meat (and the vegetarian options had a gritty, unnatural consistency that was very off putting). It made me learn to stop looking forward to meals.

I may be one of the few who didn’t gain my excess weight by eating snacks and sweets or by overeating and indulging in bad foods. Actually, my weakness was alcohol. Which of course, I cut out completely while on NS. But eating the sweetened breakfasts, the candy-bar-like lunch bars, and the requirement of desserts (mostly sugary) made me start craving sweets more, which did NOT help me when I got off NS. It actually made me develop a habit of looking for sweets. I was not taught to figure out what a proper portion is when a homemade dish is made of many different ingredients. Actually I got so used to eating processed crap and not thinking about what I was eating (since it’s so automated), that when I went off NS I was in the habit of choosing convenience over quality, and my variety in what I made at home went from fairly varied (before NS) to rotating between about 5 dishes (which is what I was doing on NS – cycling between the 5-6 dinner entrees I found palatable enough to order again). One other change – I felt so deprived of options after a while on NS and so when I was off it, I wanted different foods that were convenient, which meant eating out a lot more than I ever used to. I think my eating habits are a lot worse now, for having been on NS. I wish I’d never done it. Now I’m thinking of finding another diet to try. NS was my first diet ever and I really wish it would’ve worked.

As a side note, my fiancé who is obese also did NS with me and he lost 20 lbs in the first two months and none in the third month. His job is physically strenuous and he also exercised regularly. He experienced lightheadedness the first two weeks and had horrible stomach problems pretty much the entire time we were on it. For me, the stomach thing was just the first two weeks. When we were getting our initial positive results, we recommended it to his mom and she tried it and had the same stomach problems the first two weeks as well. She lost 15 lbs with NS and exercise but gained it back right after getting off NS.


Not good. I have been the program 2 weeks. Started with turo.10. Lost 1 lb. spoke with rep. Also, do not care about food allergies and way too much sodium in food. I was told I can upgrade and pay additional 19.95 to customize plan. Also, if I cancel, I have to pay $99. I told the rep all they are interested in is selling their products and making money. No consideration is made for food allergies. I never ate so much chocolate which I am allergic to milk chocolate and peanuts. Pizza, my Italian mother and grandmother would say, is NOT dinner. I am very disappointed in this program especially since my endocrinologist recommended it. The rep told me that since I was under 5′ tall and wanted to drop 8 lbs. it would take longer and slower. This is not mentioned in the ads nor about the high sodium content nor be aware of food allergies. Not happy. Will not recommend this plan and I told the rep that.

  I tried it for one month
Karyn (Verified User)

I tried Nutrisystem. You may be able to lose weight but in order to keep it off you would need to stay on this food forever. I really did not care for the taste of the product. I tried it for one month and much of the stuff I dumped. It is not really healthy due to all the preservatives, etc. in this food. I did have quite a bit of stomach discomfort which may be how they process their food or whatever they put in it. Now on Weight Watchers and have lost 18 lbs. Like this plan better because it costs less and I can choose really good whole foods — not processed stuff.

  Effect of weight loss on gallbladder
Anonymous (Verified User)

You need to research the physiology of weight loss. Weight loss predisposes the body to gallbladder issues. Not everyone gets them, but some do and it has nothing to do with Nutrisystem except that it is helping you to lose weight. I am not a fan of Nutrisystem as it caused me significant gastric discomfort, but I stopped using it. But gallbladder problems can happen in anyone who loses weight…with or without a “program.” You have no basis for a lawsuit in my opinion. Your doctor should have explained that too you during your gallbladder treatment. And by the way, you don’t need a gallbladder to live.

  Questions about product information and ordering

I have recently finished the NS Jumpstart 5 day weight loss kit at WalMart. The food was good but what is with all the chocolate items, dipped, coated, slathered in sickenly sweet chocolate. Even the free shakes I received were chocolate. I’ve tossed a lot of items because I just cannot eat the chocolate stuff. I’ve emailed NS asking about this obsession with chocolate items and don’t get a response. I’m considering going on the program but even the Vegetarian option has numerous chocolate items.
I liked the ease of the meals and not having to go to the grocery store which is a land mine of pizza, ice cream, danish, etc. I’m trying to figure out how to order without the chocolate items. I know that on QVC I can order just lunches, dinners or breakfasts without other meals.
Another question is why 7-10 days shipping, how is it being shipped by turtle that is an awful long shipping time.
As of right now I am still on the fence about committing to NS auto ship plan and the cost. I know I would like to do it and may have to order the Core plan where I can pick and choose the food I get (I think)but would be worth the extra cost.


Definitely pick at least the core plan, you will HATE this diet if they pick all the food. To help with the cost go to Costco and buy the gift cards sold there. They sell a $100 gift card for $80 and they sometimes go on sale. Just last month they had a $100 gift card for $60.

Your tonya

The food is awful and it causes bad side effects. I wouldn’t recommend it.


After using Nutrisystem for 3 months, I got tired of eating the food. Also, because of the food and decreased fat intake, when traveling and eating “real” food in moderation I suffered debilitating gall bladder attacks. I know gall bladder issues can happen whenever a person limits their food and goes “non-fat”, but Nutrisystem is fake processed food……eat whole foods for whole health.

  Is this normal?
Ida Durling (Verified User)

Started the program on Tuesday and now it is Friday and I have gained 2.2 lbs. I follow the program faithfully and drink water every 2 hours, 8 oz glass. Should I be worried. I like to food and tolerable. I am 50 years old and looking to lose 30 lbs for a special occassion in November. Please let me know if you have gone through the same events and should I stick with this.

Kimberly M

I am 48 yrs. old and am on my third week of nutrisystem. I was looking to lose just 10 lbs in three weeks to fit into a special dress. i have been stag-net at 7 for this entire third week. i do exercise for 30-40 minutes a day 5 days a weeks also (not vigorous, just walking of the elliptical. my clothes fit better, and i feel good, i think if you added in a walk or two you would definitely meet your goal . the portions are so controlled, it may just be water weight you are seeing.

  Did not like the commercial

Get a new spokesperson. Osmunda is getting sickening. Too egotistical. Put commercial on mute. Please mute her permenently!


Agree she is to the point of ridiculous. Ever see her on QVC? NS needs a down to earth person that a regular person can relate to.


Agree. I told the rep at Nutrisystem? She looks like she is in a beauty pageant. Very annoying commercials

  Quite expensive but pleased with the results
Ms. Marcus (Verified User)

I have been on Nutrisystem since March of this year and I have lost 50 lbs. My only complaint is the price, however right now it is not a strain on me and I am pleased with the results. Some folks hate the food, but I actually enjoy it. You do still have to buy food to add in, but you get to eat basically all day long. I like the fact that I do get to eat pancakes, waffles, muffins, chococate cake, brownies, cake, cookies so I do not feel like I am missing out on anything and I have no reason to go out and binge on things I used to binge on.

Stephanie (Verified User)

I ordered Nutrisystem on 2/11/2016. Now, I have lost 70 lbs in 3 months on my OWN, without a diet before, eating pizza almost everyday. However, I can already tell that NS is a much better plan than what I was doing alone, as I gained 80 lbs back and decided to try NS. Last week, I weighed 282lbs/F/5’6″, my heaviest ever, it has only been 6 days and I weigh 273lbs and losing everyday. The first day was good, but by the 3rd day I was starving. However, I know at 282lbs, I truly never felt “starvation” in my entire life before, so I kept pushing. I was eating fast food 3x a day, with junk food in between. My vegetables and fruit intake were low to non-existent. I tried to bike for 1 hour a day, and lost 3lbs in 2 weeks. Now, I wanted to see how much I’d lose without persistent exercise, and from the NS diet alone with low-exercise, I’ve lost 9lbs in 6 days.

One thing NS has taught me is portion sizing. As someone who would go back for 2nds, even 3rds, I never truly knew HOW much I was over-eating. It will be “painful” but diet IS exercise! On NS, it feels like I am eating constantly throughout the day, sometimes even “forgetting” to eat. The food is not 3-course 5 star restaurant meals, but compared to eating fast food and junk food, I am more than happy with the results. NS suggests I eat 1500 calories per day, but am more than full eating between 900-1000 calories. My goal is to lose 150lbs, I do not see myself being on NS for more than a year, as hopefully I become “proned” to eating small portions. IT’S ALL ABOUT PORTION SIZING!


I have been on NS for 37 days lost 21 pounds. I chose the vegetarian because I didn’t want their meat. On flex meals I have meat. Best program by far.


I’d be interested in knowing how the second week goes. I too am similar to you and lost 8 the first week. I’m 5 days into my second week and the scale hasn’t moved. .


I also lost 9lbs on the first week and 1lbs the second week. Its frustrating but the first week is almost always excess water. Its best to only weigh once a week, I know its hard to resist the temptation, but so many factors can influence weight from day to day. Its easier to see progress if you weigh yourself less frequently. Use other indicators like how your clothes fit.

Cameron (Editor)

Thanks for the feedback!

   started Nutrisystem on I/15/2015
Shanon (Verified User)

I started Nutrisystem I/15/2015. My goal is 125 lb weight lose. I have lost 25 pounds in 2 months.

  Weight loss on Nutrisystem
Gailann (Verified User)

After using a weight loss calculator to find how many calories I needed to lose weight I found a days worth of Nutrisystem meals far exceeds my calorie allotment . How can I lose weight on Nutrisystem


It did not exceed my daily calorie allowance, but I was not losing weight. I decided to cut out the dairy and the extras and do NutriSystem with just 1000 calories per day and I’m finally losing weight. Try this and see if it works for you. Good Luck.


I have lost 6 pounds in 6 days. The calories alloted are 1200 but 1000 is recommended for me so I stick with that. Yes some of the food is not very tasty but the goal here is what’s important. I am happy with my journey so far. My goal is only 20 pounds and I know that’s not a problem with this system. My digestion is better too although gas & bloating is bothersome the shakes help that. Keep going

Victoria (Editor)

Hi. All dieters have different weight loss results. Some users loose weight faster/slower than others.

  sale my product i dont want to use
lisa (Verified User)

The food was horrible 🙁 So full of preservatives, I dont even know why I tried it! I have a lot of food leftover if anyone wants to buy it cheap from me! I wont charge that much, I hate to just throw it out but wont eat it! Please feel free to let me know if you want it.


I’m on my first week (turbo10) & love it so far!! Although I’m ready for next week when I can have some extra protein instead of just veggies as my only extra… I swear I’m going to turn into a greenbean!!! lol
But so far I love it, I haven’t found anything yet that I can’t stomach.. I’m not a picky eater though.
I’ve just added a little salt & pepper to a few of the items. But so far, My future Mother In Law’s pre wedding gift to me has already got me re-motivated, feeling better & back to losing weight again! 🙂
I chose to reply to this feed because I wanted to ask you, Lisa, If you were still wanting to sell your food? I think I might be interested! 🙂


Is it completely unpalatable? I want to try it but scared to waste 300+ on it. Also, doesn’t the website have a money back garuntee? Why don’t you call them to return it?


Their customer service is terrible. I called to cancel as I first used the Turbo ten and very diligently, but lost 0 pounds. Then I started the food and nothing. The food is awful and the tastes like sawdust. I wish I had gone with my first instinct and chosen Weight watchers. But my problem came when I called to cancel. I was not willing to pay another 99.00 over the 350.00 already spent! I was telling the rep about how I did not lose any weight, she insisted I would have to pay the 99.00 I owed before I could cancel. I said no and that they should give me my 350 back as well. So she said she would cancel and send me an email. This morning I looked at my credit card statement and there was a charge from Nutrisystem! So no they DO Not refund your money! It is a tactic to lure you in!


They will reimburse you if it is two weeks.

  I couldn't stand the smell
Geno (Verified User)

Taste didn’t bother me first couple months. I did loose weight. But then I couldn’t stand the smell, or taste anymore. It became revolting. It was like 100% preservatives. If you only need to do it 2-3 months it may be ok.

   I'm in my second week now.

I finally did it! So far so good… My co-workers noticed a difference in the first week. I must admit you don’t feel hungry. If you follow the meal plans, you really do eat all the time, but the portions are exactly all you need. I’m in my second week now. I think I can do this… glad I took the plunge, so tired of being fat!!!

   I discovered this particular table

Heya we are with the main time frame listed here. I discovered this particular table and i also to locate It really valuable & that helped me out much. I’m hoping to supply the one thing again plus guide other folks as you forced me to be.

  had great results
sandra reilly (Verified User)

my granddaughter is getting married june 28 and I have to lose 25 lbs. I worked with nytrisyem and had great results…can you help me the food

sandra reilly

could you help me –
with cost and food I relly would help me nutri system

   Nutrisystem since

I have been on Nutrisystem since January of this year and I just love it. I have lost a total of 45lbs. I have never been on a diet like this before, it is easy and I really like most of the food especially (desserts they are so good). And I find the price pretty good for 28 days of meals. I have another 40lbs to go and I know I will reach it on this fantastic new way of eating.

  suggest eating less to lose more
Colleen (Verified User)

I’ve been on nutrisystem for 2 weeks and have only loss 2 lbs./ I walk 1/2 a day and lift weights 3 X week.??? Could you suggest eating less to lose more? Thanks, CC


From someone who lifts weights ur losing fat but gaining muscle say u lost ten pounds of fag u gained 8 pounds of muscle

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Colleen. All dieters have different weight loss results. Some users loose weight faster/slower than others. To receive optimal results it is advised to follow all the instructions provided with your purchase.

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Donnell Qualle

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my daughter went from a size 24 to a size 8 in an 2 year period she is 5′ 10″ and looks great, my son decided to do this diet and went from 230 to 190 he is 6′ 3″ lost it in 6 months. they stuck to the plan, told me it wasnt the best but it worked. they both modified their diets and are still at this weight 1 year later for both

Lonnie Berry

I am diabetic and ordered a one month supply of nutrisystem for diabetics. I tried to eat it but couldn’t. a few of the desert items were barely palatable. The very worst I have tried is the “hearty minestrone soup. it was high in carbs and tasted like thin motor oil with bits of who knows what. It would be better tasting and give me better results to eat small chunks of cardboard soaked in water with splenda on it. How can you market this product as being tasty?


I agree. I think all of their food is nasty.

Tina (Verified User)

I am now 60. Tried it at 50. N. 55. The good gets a 65-70. But it works. After 3 meals n two snacks. I don’t swallow 900 calories in any day. Full if energy (and more gas than usual.). That’s because this product has you move your bowels 2xs/day ( instead of my usual once)… I lost 25 lbs both times. I hardly excercised. Which you Definately Should so you aren’t just wrinkles with your wt loss … Stay toned…

  So far my food has been very tasty.
Joyce Snyder (Verified User)

I started th NS diet this week. I am 4 days in. After 3 days as of this AM, I have lost 3#. I purchased mine at Walmart. I love the fact, I don’t have to think about my main dish. All I need to make sure that I have enough fresh veggies and fruit. I am getting used to fatfree salad dressing. I am getting creative on my veggie dishes. So far my food has been very tasty. You have to really want to loose the weight and not make feeble excuses like not at least giving the food a fair try.I would say ,if you are not losing on this, you aren’t following the program right. Good luck all!


when you bought this at Walmart did it have the full meal plan you need to add I don’t want to order yet but I want to try it completely.


Leave a comment…Rita, Walmart has a few different 5-day plans. Get the one which states it has 5 breakfasts, lunches and dinners. You always are going to have to add a small variety of regular food items to your weekly diet.

  I am not having a regular bm?
barbara J Mills

i am not having a regular bm?


I have had to eat my old standby, steel cut oats with flaxseed meal and coconut oil.


I did really well for three weeks, lost weight, but not regular bowl movement..i woke up this morning very I’ll with vertigo…there is a lot of sodium in the food and after taking my blood pressure it was sky high…now i have to return a lousy week of food back to QVC and lose 10.00+ in shipping.


Does QVC refund your purchase price? I notice they were selling it on TV with Marie.


Maybe a anal deusch would help

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Barbara. Please consult with your physician if you continue to have side effects to make sure this product is safe for you to take.

  I have always had a problem before not enough fiber, so I don,t know what the problem is now?
Barbara J Mills

I have always had a problem before not enough fiber, so I don,t know what the problem is now.

I am not having a regular BM, Why!

  I will be returning my NS trial
Janet Alexander (Verified User)

I started NS 5 days ago. I lost 5 pounds the first 4 days, which was expected because of water loss. I have tried other diet plans so I knew what to expect. Here’s what I did not expect with NS:
1# weight gain on the 5th morning
Gas, not as much as with beans but enough to be embarrassing.
Stomach pain and slight nausea after eating the NS meals
Unusual change in BM
Gagging when drinking the shakes
Odd texture and feel of the food in the mouth.
The low quality of the smell and taste of the “heat and eat” meals. We have taken the freeze dried, light weight, add hot water only, back packing meals on wilderness canoe trips and have found these to be very acceptable. I am completely mystified why NS is producing bad texture, tasting and smelling meals when better food is available. The freeze dried technology is not new.

I also did not expect to be cooking with the plan. My dieting downfall is cooking. I thought that NS provided all necessary foods ready to eat so I wouldn’t be doing any cooking other than heating prepared meals. Imagine my surprise when I read that after the “TurboTakeoff” I had to cook proteins twice every day, Exactly the activity I am trying to get away from.
This product may work well for many purchasers but for the reasons above I will be returning my NS trial month of foods.


There is no extra cooking with the Turbo Take Off….unless you want to cook your veggies. On the turbo take off, you eat all NS products plus 4 non starchy veggies a day and you drink the two shakes and 64 ounces of water. Read pg. 4 of the Turbo Takeoff Booklet. Good Luck…don’t give up.

  it works just as advertised
Stanley Riverside (Verified User)

I am currently on the Nutrisystem Plan. And it works just as advertised! It disgusts me to see all these comments in this report “I’m hungry all the time” or “the food isn’t as good as what I was eating before”. There is only ONE thing worse than a complainer – A FAT COMPLAINER! Of COURSE you are going to be hungry – you are eating less than HALF of what you were eating before. This isn’t easy, it is hard, very hard. If it were easy everyone would be fit and trim. And it is funny that this article boasts that Nutrisystem received 9 complaints one month Hahahaha – 2,500 signed up for the plan that month. So that is less than .5% of FAT people that can’t stick to the plan. Fat people LOVE WalMart, but Walmart only has a 70% approval rating. Our president has a 42% approval rating. Nutri works people. I went from 223lbs to 208 my first month and I had two 4 day vacations where I drank beer and went wild and was off the diet. This next month I know as a matter of fact I’ll be under 200lbs and at 6’2″ that should do it. I can imaging what the rest of these complainer’s life is like if they can’t even stick to a very simple diet.

  Nutrisystem works! So thankful I decided to choose Nutrisystem.
Judy (Verified User)

Nutrisystem works! I’ve been on the womens plan for one month and am down 17 lbs. 😀 it works IF you are dedicated to following it strictly and not cheating. If you are not disciplined and 100% on board with staying with the program, it will not produce the results you desire. I already feel better physically and mentally. My daughter and my husband even joined after I had been on the program for 3 weeks due to my results. So thankful I decided to choose Nutrisystem!

Your Namebebe

Hi how many shakes a day do you drink?

Candace (Editor)

You should not exceed 2 per day.


I have been on Nutisystem for months. 10 or 11. I do not eat dinners on the program. Only breakfast and lunch. I also only really love the frozen products. I do mix it up occasionally. Then I eat with my husband..my friends.. and I have lost from 143 down to 127 and keeping it off! The dinners are hard for me to eat as I’m not crazy about sauces. But the soups and noodles are great and I even eat lunch foods for dinner. I hope this helps u find your niche foods. Sincerely. Helen

  I'm just finishing week one and I love the program.
Amber (Verified User)

I’m just finishing week one and I love the program. I don’t have any frozen items, just pantry meals. So far everything has been pretty good, no complaints. I’m not a big fan of anything chocolate, and there are a lot of chocolate items for breakfast, lunch, and dessert, so I’ll be changing that up on my next shipment, but otherwise – no complaints! While the plan is a little expensive ($280-$350), I’m actually saving a little money. I was spending that much on groceries each month anyway, plus all of the fast food lunches, eating out with friends, etc…so this is actually a win-win in my book. The days are super easy to plan and adding veggies and diary is a snap. I actually enjoy putting my menus together every few days. The only thing I caution people on is the sodium intake – it can get a little high with all the packaged food. I’ve stuck to the plan pretty strictly, with one dinner exception (where I ate fish and veggies from a restaurant), and I don’t find it difficult at all. Looking forward to the weeks to come!


Amber, you should see a ear nose and throat specialist. I strongly suspect something has caused you to loose your sense of taste and smell.



Greg Schwab


  I really like it! These meals are helping me learn.
Amy (Verified User)

I’ve been on the plan 4 weeks and am down almost 20 lbs. the food is tolerable, some more than others. I allow myself one meal every 2 weeks eating what I want. I’m not craving things much. I am exercising 6-8 times a week and aside from those two meals a month I do not stray from the program at all. I really like it! I needed something simple, I have 130 more lbs to lose and I didn’t know how to eat right. These meals are helping me learn.

  I love Nutrisystem!
Mary Ann (Verified User)

I love Nutrisystem! Before I would have to go on a 500 calorie diet to lose 1 pound. I like the food and when you follow it you will stay full and lose the weight. I have lost 20 pounds in 13 weeks and I don’t even fill like it is a diet because I take breaks but still eat how they tell you. I will stay on this until I lose 50 more pounds. Also I have more energy and my blood pressure has dropped to a low normal. I am off the blood pressure medicine and my doctor is very happy with the results of Nutrisystem. Some on here have not followed the plan and you need to eat everything, even if you are not hungry.
I just wish I had tried Nutrisystem years ago!

  Nutrisystem is a NO GO!
Sydney (Verified User)

Well, i hve only been on nutrisystem for oe week i finished it tonight. The oly meal I could eat without gettingsick was any meal tat was jut a little chocolat bar. and even then it wasnt filling. Ths plan is not quick and easy, unless you are countng calories and adding t very meal you are not getting proper nurtition at a minimum we shold eat 1000 clories a ay and you eat near 700 on a good dy some times 500 if you were to add anything. busy o the g people in a hurr are not gingto be satisfied with the lack of food. just poping in a persrvitave filled dish into te microwave wont do anything to fullfill your hunger. It maks me gassy sick t my stomach and have irregular bowel movements. Nutrisystem is a NO GO!

ur Name

Actually if you follow the diet you get around 1200 or so ….. fresh veggies and fruit ….. the food isn’t 5 star but is good , and if sweets are ur down fall this will give u the sweets without the calories .
I been on it for 2 weeks and I eat about every 2 or so hours ….. a variety of things ….. maybe you need to read the booklet . It does say you need to buy veggies and fruit .

  The Incredible Shrinking Woman
Anonymous (Verified User)

When my husband was on NutriSystem he did not require hair cuts or his nails to be clipped. I wonder what *Secret additives are being put in? Could this relate to Lily Tomlin’s movie…The Incredible Shrinking Woman?!

  Hated the product.
Cynthia (Verified User)

I found a black hair in the Chicken Alfredo dinner. I immediately threw out the box of ” so-called food ” . Sooooooooo disappointed with this. Never got a check for being sick on this. I asked for $19,000. which is nothing to them. If they cared for their people, they would refund me what I mentioned. They do NOT give a damm !!!!!!


I have been on the program for over 2 years and so far lost 75 lbs. I still have more to go but I must say on one of my dinners I was shortchanged on the turkey medallions not to mention they were extremely hard. This was the first and only time since I was on the program I had a problem and they immediately gave me a credit and one other time sent me the wrong lunch bar and promptly sent what I wanted. I think their program is great and not out to extort money. I think you are out to extort money.


Cynthia, Why stop at 19K you should have asked for 1.9 million. What diet plan were you on? Hair nay have been part of the program as it is high in fiber and protein. Democratic party would be proud of you. good luck in life with that kind of attitude.

Good luck in life with that kind of attitude.


What does politics have to do with her review. It’s obvious it’s not true, come on .. Stop the political bs.


Sounds like your a fake…what did you do try to extort money…shame on you.


come on peeps…clearly the poster meant 10 dollars for refund for that entree with black hair in it..This diet does not work for everybody..It doesnt work for me!

  Type 2 diabetic can use it?

I’m anewbe also ..reading this is depressing me I’m a type 2 di also.

  Didn't like the product at all
Donna (Verified User)

Anyone who thinks NS food is good, or even OK, must have been eating some really ghastly stuff before! I run my own business and get absolutely tired of grocery shopping and cooking. The doctor ordered me to lose weight. I was willing to eat ANYTHING for meals that was easy. Why does NS call this stuff “meals?” I still had to shop, cook and supply most of what I ate, in addition to their “meal.” The stuff has so many awful ingredients! And it tastes awful! Cardboard “meat” patties covered with brownish, gellantinous goo. Good diet food can still offer a lot of interesting tastes. Not NS food. After 10 days on this diet I got so depressed I put it all back in the box and returned it. They should have refunded about $250 – they gave me a credit of $7.95 – they said I had returned one dessert. Liars! I tried for months and never got any more money from them. Customer NOService.

   lost my sense of taste
Anonymous (Verified User)

I have been on Nutrisystem for close to two months now. Have lost about 30 pounds. As time has gone by I have lost my sense of taste. Don’t know if being on Nutrisystem has anything to do with it or not. Should I be concerned?

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. Please consult with your physician if you continue to have side effects to make sure this product is safe for you to take.

  Nutrisystem works great
Anne (Verified User)

I started the program about 4 weeks ago…I have lost 10lbs and am happy with the results so far. Most of all the tasty frozen foods help me stay on track as a treat in between the boxed foods. Drinking more water and walking 30 mins every day has made a difference also logging in my food every day too. Keeping track of everything that goes in my mouth helps me keep my focus. Prefer to stay completely away from the beef/pork entrees they taste really strange. May go completely to the Vegetarian program…I am on the Women’s Silver for now. At any rate it’s definitely more protein than I am accustomed to eating and I have to say it’s working. The first two weeks I saw no progress on the scale which was discouraging but I kept at it. Then a few days into the third week I dropped 5 lbs. overnight! Yay! I was thrilled! Still losing and that is so encouraging. I had a very small taste of my husband’s cookie and couldn’t believe how horribly sweet it was…so the program has helped me not to crave sugar which I did have a problem with before. Eating lots of salads, veggies and fruit.I have had the gas and bloating too..but drinking more water helps to assimilate the fiber. My intention is to stay motivated and drop the rest of the weight I have to lose 60+ lbs…in it for the long haul. The program works and mainly I am on it to improve my health…apnea and asthma issues. Weight loss will help tremendously. Already it is easier to tie my shoes! I have more energy and will implement light weight lifting beginning this week. More active than I have beeb in years and I am enjoying it. The program has helped motivate me to become more disciplined with everything.I say go for it..the meals are convenient and they sure do help me to stay on task with my resolution for better health in 2012.


Anne – Your comment about finally losing 5 lbs in your third week makes me feel much better! I just ended my first week on NS Lean13 yesterday and have lost no more than 1 lb so far, but I suspect it’s because I quit drinking Pepsi and did juicing for 19 days a month ago, when I lost 5 lbs in the first week. Have 29 more lbs to lose, and I plan on sticking with Nutrisystem for several months. I really like the food, except for the Alfredo entree and possibly all the chocolate bars, but I like that I can choose the foods I want in my 2nd month’s shipment.

  Sugar free red bull
grethel inman

can i still drink sugar free red bull


All diet drinks (soda, red bull, etc.) are absolute poison. Diet soda triggers the release of cortisol into your system. Cortisol creates belly fat.

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Grethel. Please consult with your physician before taking other products with nutrisystem.

  Had amazing results
Mike (Verified User)

Hi Pat Cantalupo, I totally agree. I was on it a few years ago and lost a lot of weight. People were amazed; and I was amazed. I could run up stairs in a flash! The problem was, as you stated, that once I got off the plan…I put it all back on and then some! I ate anything and all I wanted because…shoot, I had finished my diet.

So I guess the real solution is a plan to help people, myself included, in transitioning OFF Nutrisystem and back to a normal regular eating routine. Does anyone have some good suggestions?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Mike. As long as you stay active and keep a healthy diet, you should be able to help keep off the weight.

  It works but needs will power
Debbie Franks (Verified User)

I tried NutriSystem back in the 80’s when it was in the earlier stages and lost all my weight (22 lbs)…kept it off until after my baby-tried it again last year and couldn’t stick to it-found the food fake and disgusting tasting-could not stick with it-it comes down to how long you can tolerate the small portion and not the best tasting food. The pro is that it does work. The con is that you need a good dose of will-power to stick with the taste of the food.

  Shelf life of the products?
Howard Parsons (Verified User)

I am on the Silver program and like it. What is the shelflife of these products?
Thinking of buying another.

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Howard, on the bottom of the product(s) it should have an expiration date.

  This product is great
althea (Verified User)

I started on NS the end of Mar. at 188 or so pds. I read reveiws, both + and – and then made the decision to join. I spent hours in the store trying to shop and label read – it was exhausting. So to jump my wt loss NS was ideal. what ever they shipped, including the fresh frozen, is what I went with. They figured it out for me and thats what I needed. Yes, the box food is not that great – but I was mentally prepared for the challenge and accepted the fact the food was not great. The fresh frozen is okay. I do not use any seasoning on veggies or stray from the plan. I seat what is in the book. Plus I am not that creative with seasoning anyway. I was use to using all the bad seasoning, salt etc. I am into the secon shipment and will end this by Jun 1. My weight now is 171.5. I did not excerise the first month. In May I will begin the situps and the walking. So it does work even w/o exercise, although it isnot advisable. I am 56 and have battled high cholesterol for years. With meds( and after a year an increase in doseage) I have gone from 280 something to 190. Went for my physcial 3 weeks ago and the choles is 178, and HDL/LDL and Tricyl are normal. This is amazing for me and it b/c of the NS diet. I also needed to rid my body salt as well. When its over I will have a better understanding of what I need to eat and what I truly dont need!. As for shipping – if one cancels before receiving the second shipment or cancels shortly after rec’ing the first they will charge you – sortof an inconvenience fee. All that boxing shipping pulling packages, etc. After two months, one can cancel w/o penalty. If someone needs the structure and the guidance – try NS. Be mentally prepared though. It is not like our home cooking- but try and do w/o for at least two months. You then work with a clean slate; cook your own meals, learn to eat in a healthier fashion. Oh I did cheat several times – but continued on NS the next day. So don’t be discouraged reading reviews. Be encouraged on how you want to feel and look!


I like your review. Smart, intelligent, and not spiteful…yet still covering the “weakness” of the plan, i.e. not the BEST tasting food ever. It is enjoyable to read well organized and constructed reviews; and good spelling is the icing on the cake!


Good spelling? Is that a joke?

  It really works and lost some weight
Nicole (Verified User)

I ordered the women’s nutrisystem (GI) via QVC for only $149 +S and H. I have been on it for 4 days and have already lost 3 poubds!!! (It is mostly water weight but a pound is a pound. Drink at 64 ounces of water a day and really get creative with your veggies. Tonight I had the spaghetti with meat sauce and mixed with fresh tomatoes, spaghetti squash and no salt canned diced tomatoes. It was great and very filling…….

  Having issues with the weight
mindy (Verified User)

I need to lose 20 pounds in 2 months, I exercise 6 days a week. So far I am ganing weight with this diet after 2 weeks. Is anyone else having weight gain issues too?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi. All dieters have different weight loss results. If you continue to have these effects, please consult with your physician before continuing to take nutrisystem to make sure its not causing you to gain weight.

  Will try another product
Arlene (Verified User)

I have tried so many diets,WW, Dr. Oz – you name it. I am going back and forth trying to make a decision on buying Nutrisystem. HELP!

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Arlene, nutrisystem is a weight loss program. The price is quite high, but it claims to help aid with weight loss.


Well said!!!!!! I am starting my 6th week and have lost 13 lbs. I eat all the time, food is fine, urinate frequently even without 64 oz of water daily. The flatulence is from the finer. I was in the army and ate MRE’s so this is doable. America is FAT and everyone complaining here wants their pizza and ice cream which isn’t healthy. Notice that NS takes your sodium to a healthy 2300 or less mg’s a day which is the daily recommended dose. It’s full of iron, fiber, etc. that fast food doesn’t provide. A plain potato is nasty but one loaded with butter, sour cream, cheese, bacon, etc. tastes wonderful. Food is for survival not pleasure people. NS WORKS!

  Product trial

I am going to try the Nutrisyseem

  it worked great
JOHN (Verified User)

my girlfreind was on Nutrisystem for 9 months. it worked great for her and changed her eating habbits. she lost 70lbs and kept off for 2 yrs now. there were weeks were her weight did not change then boom 3 or 4 lbs in a week. i say hang in there and follow program and it will work. i lost 60lbs from working out so you can get it started with nutrisystem, or excercise witch ever works best for you or both. make it a life style change. good luck to all. we made saturdays eat what we want day (once we got down to sizes we wanted),gives us something to look forward to when your dieing for something you like,and we maintaining weight .

Lori Bormann

I am deciding whether to go on Nutri system or not. I am a kidney transplant patient and am fed up with my weight. Have tried lots of ways to lose weight but this one sounds good. Can I get some feedback on this.


I liked the chocolate cake for dessert. I’m glad they only shipped 1 in my plan

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Lori. Since you have had a kidney transplant, please consult with your physician before taking nutrisystem to make sure it is safe for you to use.


I have a question I am starting the Nutrisystem book and I wanted to find out if I can have age raspberry balsamic?
and if is unlimited like regular vinegar it would me most grateful if you can answer me this question
Thank you

Victoria (Editor)

Hi. For detailed product use instructions please refer to the official nutrisystem website for more information.

  waste your money
Amy (Verified User)

Doesn’t work… Don’t waste your money!
I started NS about a month ago and at the same time doubled my exercise routine, so I’ve been going to the gym 4-5 times a week, 2 of those visits with a personal trainer.
I haven’t lost a pound, so you could argue I could have gained some weight if I hadn’t exercise as much. I called the number and the consultant was super rude and not supportive at all. She kept blaming me for not having had recorded what I had each day, what amount at what time… I made the changes she suggested in my diet and gained 2 lbs in a week!!!

Here’s my problem with this diet:
– Costly: You have to prepare a whole lot of supplementary food for each meal; veggie, protein, etc. so the cost goes up since you have to buy NS and grocery food.
– Sodium: The prepared food is extremely high in sodium. After each meal I feel like I need a gallon of water…
– Trans fat: some of the snacks has trans fat, which was very surprising!
– Preservatives: the fact that all food can be stored in room temperature while having meat, veggie, etc. makes me wonder how much preservatives it has.
– Pasta, pasta, & more pasta: the founder must have been Italian!  majority of options for lunch & dinner are pasta. Can’t imagine it being healthy…
– Awfully rude support staff/ consultants through various interactions I had with them.

All & all I wouldn’t recommend it…

  The food is decent.
J (Verified User)

The food is decent. I have stayed away from anything with meat in it because I just didn’t like them. I returned 14 dinners and nutrisystem sent me new ones before I even got a chain to mail my dinners back. I did need to pay the shipping costs but it wasn’t too bad. I am a lot happier eating the non meat foods. Love the little pizzas!! Desserts are great. The candy bars taste like you’re actually eating a snickers. Drink about 2 glasses or water before your meal and during the day and you won’t be hungry. I have lost 7 in three weeks. I will be starting my next month next week.

  extremely overpriced
Agosto (Verified User)

I tried the program several years agl. It worked well for me until they started emptying their warehouse and sent me 22 choclate brownies in one order along with other things that I specifically requested not be sent. They never once sent me the order I requested. The food war marginal at best and extremely overpriced. The same meals can be bought in the supermarket for 1/5th the price. The only advantage is not having to plan meals. Just add a salad or fruit.


Are the lunch time bars meant to be used as entree, snack, or either?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi. For detailed product instructions please refer to the official nutrisystem website, of product label, for more information.

  still on the program

hi i am thinking about trying the NS progam i have about 160 pounds to lose and i was wondering if you are still on the program and how fast do you think i can lose the weight

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Shan. All dieters have different weight loss results. Some users loose weight faster/slower than others, so there is no exact time frame that you will loose the weight.

  Pretty quick
pat cantalupo (Verified User)

i have been on it twice in the last 2 years. both times very successful but the down side is, you get off it and gain the weight back pretty quick if your not careful


Hi Pat, I totally agree. I was on it a few years ago and lost a lot of weight. People were amazed; and I was amazed. I could run up stairs in a flash! The problem was, as you stated, that once I got off the plan…I put it all back on and then some! I ate anything and all I wanted because…shoot, I had finished my diet.

So I guess the real solution is a plan to help people, myself included, in transitioning OFF Nutrisystem and back to a normal regular eating routine. Does anyone have some good suggestions?



I ordered the nutrisystem 1 month trial to help lose some weight I gained after a leg injury. The food was horrible. After two solid weeks of eating it, I felt like my body was poisoned by all of the preservatives. I felt horrible. Food is NOT fresh, mostly pasta in small sizes. TONS of sodium. Food looks nothing like adds- it’s packaged and full of preservatives. I can buy all of the foods and make fresh foods from the grocery for cheaper. Also had a hard time understanding how many calories I should be eating with the program as I got the same lump shipment of food as everyone else (I’m only 5’0 female and the plan was having me eat 2000 or more calories!) Overall a horrible waste of money and now I’m stuck with terrible tasting food (including desserts)that I can’t seen to give away! Save your money and go to the grocery store!

  food for that plan
Brenda Balfour

Do you have a plan for Diabetics? Where can I find information on the food for that plan?


My husband was a metabolic nightmare, bp high, cholesterol high, blood sugar high so I order him the men’s diabetic plan and within 10 days everything had fallen into normal ranges. He was on Nutrisystem for 4 months and lost 40 pounds! Love the program and the support they give you and it really works if you follow the rules!!

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Brenda. For product and program information please refer to the nutrisystem official website.

  I've experienced nearly constant stomach pain and most of the dishes seem to have lost their flavor.
Skip (Verified User)

I’ve been on NS for a month now and have had mixed results. Due to mobility issues, I get little exercise and can’t check my weight, but I initially liked the taste of most of the dishes and adapted to the smaller portions easily.

Over the last 10 days or so, though, I’ve experienced nearly constant stomach pain and most of the dishes seem to have lost their flavor.

Is it the food? I wish I knew…


Stomach pain & gas with this are terrible and it is not the fresh veggies, I am done – too bad

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. Please consult with your physician if you continue to have side effects to make sure this product is safe for you to take.

  What a waste of money!
howie (Verified User)

This food is not palatable. It is the most disgusting stuff I have ever tasted. I actually threw it away! What a waste of money! Let’s face it, the best way to go is simply by exercising, eating healthy and reducing portion sizes.

  the food isn't fab but good enough to take off weight quickly.

come on people…what did u expect….homemade food, really? the food isn’t fab but good enough to take off weight quickly. you do need to get off the couch and move a bit more too:)


Yep, I did expect delicious food that looked like it was bigger than 4inches or bars bars bars..why did i expect that?_OH, cuz Marie Osmond said so!!!!!


I was on 185 and went on Medifast for 5 months lost 40 lbs the food it works but the food is limited and really awful .. Gained the weight back . I was so excited to start th NS because of the so many foods to pick from I ordered s lot of frozen figuring less preservatives . Just started the turbo take off and the food taste gourmet compared to Medifast .Hopefully I will get the same results

  It works for sometime.
Leslie (Verified User)

I used Nutrisystem quite some time ago. I lost about 40 lbs in 6 months, but I had to give it up due to really severe stomach pains. They immediately went away, but then I just gained all the weight back again.

  am thrilled about how good the food is.
MD (Verified User)

I started NS yesterday, and am thrilled about how good the food is.

Here’s what no one considers: all of that food that made you gain weight in the first place, is the food that is loaded with salt and fat and sugar. THAT’S WHY IT’S SO ADDICTING AND DELICIOUS! I am used to eating high fiber, no salt foods, so NS is super tasty for me. I only have 10 lbs to lose anyway, but I chose NS for convenience.

The reality is that normal, healthy food really isn’t all that exciting anyway. It’s a lifestyle change and an adjustment. Veggies, brown rice, plain baked chicken = BORING, TASTELESS, BLAH – but guess what, that’s normal food. NS is 10 levels above that.

Price wise? You probably spend over $300 in food per month anyhow. NS is a good deal all the way around!

  I don't think this is too safe
Chris (Verified User)

I started the ns prog. today. I got an instant headache. I read the label and it’s sodium content is way above what your daily intake should be. I have high blood pressure and I don’t think this is too safe. One dinner entree contained 2400 grams of sodium. Is it just me or does this seem too over the top.

  Strongly recommended!
Lindsey (Verified User)

Strongly agree! If you have a lot of weight to lose and your diet is terrible prior to starting NS, then it likely will help you lose because you will be eating healthier than before. If you’re already eating relatively healthy, but simply lack exercise, don’t expect the same (if any) results because exercise is crucial. I’m 5’7” and went from 270 to 180 on my own through healthy eating and moderate exercise 3 years ago. When I moved last year, I stopped going to the gym, started straying from healthy eating, and started working a desk job. I started NS a few months ago expecting to lose more weight thinking I just wasn’t eating the right food, but discovered it was lack of exercise that was the real culprit.

My first 2 weeks on NS, I lost 7lbs…and that’s where it stopped despite being on NS for 3 months now. It’s a good program because of the convenience, but if you have less than 50lbs to lose, don’t expect to eat your way thin – you WILL have to exercise.

   I will start my plan tomorrow.

I have read almost all of your comments and have found both the positives and the negatives to be informative. I have not tried NS before but I have decided to jump in the pond. I received my shipment today and I will start my plan tomorrow. I am excited and hope to send you a success e-mail in a few weeks!

  I could use buddy coupon to order this?

does anyone have a buddy coupon I could use to order this with?

  Suddenly it stops working
Rick & Carol Shunk (Verified User)

First of all,we think Nutrisystem is just GREAT,we have both lost 30 pounds each in a year.Our question is that we both seem to have hit a plato,for a month now, we have stayed the same weight, would like to lose another 10 pounds, but it will just not come off.Please write back with a solution. Thank you much Rick


I was on NS a while back, I think it was in 1992, but…………..even then I thought the food wasn’t bad. I remember losing continuously, but then had a plateau as well, it lasted about 2 months, never gained , but stayed the same. I did stick with it, and oh my gosh, the weight started melting off after the plateau. I was so glad I stuck with it. I lost continually after that. Need to have patience. 🙂

Victoria (Editor)

Hi. All dieters have different weight loss results. Some dieters loose the weight faster/slower than others.

  just started NS yesterday. okay so far
beth (Verified User)

just started NS yesterday. okay so i’m a newbie, but this is how i look at it. we americans eat on the largest plates, the largest meals and are the largest population EVER! the food is better then the people in haiti are eating (if they are eating) so i can’t even begin to complain about the food. so far the food i’ve had on the plan isn’t all that bad. c’mon people. i need to lose about 30 lbs. i’m thrilled that i just get to grab an item and poof it’s a no brainer way to lose the weight. let’s consider that the food may not be everything that we’ve been used to eating – but then why do we need to lose weight?! Good luck and thank God you get to eat!

  didn’t like it at all
Amanda (Verified User)

I have been on NutriSystem for 2 months. I have been diligent about exercise and measuring the yogurt, vegetables and fruit. I have actually GAINED 1.4lbs overall and am quite upset about this. When I phoned the toll-free number I was told I was doing too much exercise for the plan I was on (5+ hours per week)and that is why I am not losing weight. The dinner entrees are unappetizing-they all taste the same, but I would keep on this plan if I was losing weight because it is really convenient to not have to plan meals or cook anymore.

  Hated the product
Anonymous (Verified User)

i tried NS thru QVC. I couldnt stand it I was stuck with the same menu because I order thru qvc I never got a choice but I did get to send it back full refund no quistions asked.

  It was expensive with side effects
Kim (Verified User)

I tried nutrisystem last summer, it works but with a painful price. I lost 10lbs that summer, but first of all you cannot maintain it well on your own. Secondly most of the food is repulsive. Thirdly the foods cause excessive gas and painful bloating. And lastly EXPENSIVE $$$! Would definately recommend Weight Watchers to this diet, cheaper, healthier, and easy maintenance.

  Hated the product.
karen (Verified User)

I am now 52 years old & used the Nutrisystem diet when I was about 19 years old. After reading these reviews, I see nothing has changed….back then the food was so bad that I stopped eating it, it tasted like cardboard! I went from 125lbs to 90lbs! Save yourself & your money!

  Can use it on age 14?

My daughter is 14 yrs. old, is
5’4 & about 180 lbs. Would this diet be ok for her on account of her age?


Check with your daughters Doc before spending the money. Because she’s in school for at least one of the meals your control over her consumption may be limited.

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Mary. The majority of the nutrisystem product line is not intended for anyone under the age of 18, but please consult with your doctor before having her take the products.

  One item to be added with your food.
john b good (Verified User)

They advertise x#of meals-which is bulls… they give you one small item to be added to from your own food supply.

  Supplement and ecercise are included?

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the program?

Are supplements recommended?

Is exercise included?

  Started and hoping for result.
Anonymous (Verified User)

Hi Fleeta, I do daily leg lifts when I’m waiting, (stiring food, washing dishes, watching tv, etc). Lift to the front, 25 times, and out to the sides 25 times.
I just ordered this food because of the freeze dried packaged convenience. I have access to water and a microwave at work and at home for my food. I expecially like the fact that I can keep a few lunches in my desk in case I forget to bring my lunch! I’m a diabetic on an insulin pump. My body retains a lot of fluid. The dietician removed the extra high sodium items for me. I got in on the $299.99 plan per month. I plan on staying on it 4 months if I can, and all I have to stay on for the extra savings is 2 months. I’m praying this will work for me and I’m determined to get into the gorgeous clothes that I find for my niece, but can’t currently use on myself! hahaha! I spend well over $500.00 per month on food so this is a great deal for me. I will save the difference for my new wardrobe!!

  Loved the product.
Ann Marie (Verified User)

I bought yogurt and soy milk. Plus tomatoes, lettuce, radishes, cucumbers, green beans, broccoli. I figure I am spending a total of 10 dollars a week and less then 4 dollars a day. I am amazed at this because this is cheaper than Weight Watchers that I did last year. Just can’t beat what I am now doing.

  Suggesting supporting food.

You must buy fruits veggies and dairy on this program.
EX. 8oz skim milk
Lettuce, cucumber etc…
iphone has an app for that! 😉

  Does package have snacks.

I want to start the system but I dont want to buy any other food, does the snacks come with the plan or do you have to go out and buy the snacks?


Leave a comment…Cindy, you MUST supplement these meals with regular food items like veggies, fruits, nuts, etc. The program comes with menu plans and tells you exactly how much of whatever you need to eat and when 🙂


Yes, it comes with 28 days worth of breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner. You get to choose what you want when you order the food. Most of the snacks are good, my favorite is the cookies. The cakes are sort of blah tasting. Muffins for breakfast is good. I didn’t like the meals with the meat in the like meatloaf or any beef, so in my next order I took them out. The burger patty and chicken patty was ok.


Debbie – It actually comes with 25 days of breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner, because for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th weeks, you are told to eat a flex meal once per week for either breakfast, lunch, and dinner (not all on the same day). So, the meals included are 25 (28 less 3).

  Happy with the result.
Debbie (Verified User)

I started with NS about five weeks ago. I went into this program in wanting to loose at least 15-20pds to get to my goal weight. I have lost 5pds so far and I try to exercise on my treadmill at least three times a week. I feel great since I started on NS. I use to have alot of bloating and swelling all over and in my hands. Since I have been on NS I no longer have that issue. Regular foods are so high in sodium that NS provides the best food contents of sodium, sugar, carbs, calories necessary for this diet and for your health. Now when I eat regular foods, I can’t tolerate the salty taste in them. When I first tried NS, some of the foods I didn’t like but I didn’t order them on my next shipment. Most of the food was pretty good. Most people are use to the sodium and seasoning in regular foods. You have to get use to some of the bland tastes for NS eliminates alot of the salt. I recommend NS for someone who is seriously wanting to loose weight. It does work. I tried other diets and never was successful in loosing a pound.
I will wait and see how much more I can loose in March. As for the cost, NS now has the plan where you can order food for five days and have weekends off.


sorry about the miss spelled words. I meant to say lose instead loose. I see they don’t allow you to modify your comments here.

  Not liked the food.
lili (Verified User)

I chose the vegetarian plan and I think I discovered the secret of Nutrisystem! The food is so disgusting, you’ll never want to eat again! I found most of the stuff to be revolting… others just barely eatable. I am trying to return what I can. GROSS!!

  Liked the product.
gailani (Verified User)

The food is nasty, slimy. Yuk. I did lose ten pounds in a month, but probably because I couldn’t stomach the food and could only force down part of the meals. Breakfasts and snacks were okay. Dinners made me gag.


I so agree with you! I am trying to return some of this crap-in-a-box! Can’t believe some people actually like this crap! GROSS

  Getting result on weight loss.
jojo2 (Verified User)

this is my 5th day on nutrisystem..yes, a lot of the food is disgusting…but at 51 and almost 100 pounds to lose, I thought I’d try it…i have lost 8 pounds so far…i take a multi-vitamin because the meals don’t include a lot of nutrients…with other diets it’s taken me about 2 months to lose 10 pounds..i needed something to jumpstart my diet and to get me back into the habit of eating smaller portions…i am diabetic, and i’m on the meal plan for diabetics…i think the determining factor will be when i go to my doctor for blood work at the end of this month…

  Liked it very much.
Tara (Verified User)

I’ve been on Nutrisystem for 8 weeks and lost 17 lbs. I have not had success on ANY other program before I started this one. It is so easy to follow. I am eating 6 times a day and always feel satisfied. I would highly recommend it!

Victoria (Editor) (Verified User)

Hi. For detailed product instructions please refer to the official nutrisystem website for more information.

  Liked it very much
Roshea1956 (Verified User)

Nutrisystem works, the ? is: r u serious abt losing wt? Good food does not taste like greasy food from fast food, & it NEVER will, americans r 2 pampered, & brainwashed w/quick fixes, they do not want to control themselves from eating hi sugar, grease, fat, when u dec. these amts of course Nutrisystem does not taste the same, b’cause it does not have that hi fat, grease, calories, sugar poisoning ur body-u won’t lose wt w/hi cal/fat/sugar foods, it is learning RIGHT choices, portions vs eating everything in site/wanting more/hating urself 4 it. CONTROL is what Americans do not know of well/need 2.

  Want to try first time.

I am 5’2 and 155 lbs. I want to try NS, but after reading all the comments, questions, praises, and complaunts, I’m afraid that I’ll gain weight instead of losing it. I don’t have any major health issues except for the fact that I am overweight. I want to lose at least 30 lbs, fast.Does anyone think it will work, or should I just try something by Dr. Ian Smith? I don’t want to throw my money in the trash… oh, did I mention that I have a hard time eating, smelling, or cooking chicken… it literally makes me sick to my stomach… would that really affect me?


1800 cals a day is way too much to lose. I’m on Weight Watchers and they recommend 1200 calories per day. You don’t have to eat chicken – lean meats and fish are highly recommended by Weight Watchers. I don’t think you’d gain weight on Nutrisystems, but the food isn’t very good. Breakfasts and snacks are great, but the dinners are awful. I got to the point where I’d gag just opening the packages. I have a whole box of food sitting in my basement that I just couldn’t choke down. If you’re in MN, I’ll personally deliver it!


I am in the same boat as you, 5 ft, 150lbs. Doc told me to eat 1800 cals and exercise 30 min. a day. I’ve been doing that, but staying the same. I’m going to try eating 1600 to 1700 cals and hopefully that will work.

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Nelly. All dieters have different weight loss results, so you might not loose the weight fast like you want to with out exercise and other type of supplements.

  How to use it.

I am trying to register for the auto-delivery from a Cosco card I purchased for 35 days worth of food. How do I do this?


I used costco cards for my order and had a nutrisystem rep help me with the order. Was easy and painless

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Deloris, please contact the costco customer service to inquire about ordering.

  Liked it very much.
Christie (Verified User)

I was 5’6 and 137 lbs. I wanted to take off 10-15 stubborn lbs. I am on day 14 with Nutrisystem and have lost 6 of those. No strenuous exercise except that I am very mobile while chasing a 2 year old all day. You have to drink the water and eat what it tells you to eat. I have really liked most of the food thus far. It is the first “diet” I’ve been on that I’m not hungry. Hope this helps someone.

  Liked it.
Rose Marie (Verified User)

I have started the plan this week and have lost 10 pounds but I have 190 more to go. I am also a type II diabetic with neuropathy and have had some real lows in my sugar levels did that happen to you in the beginning?


I’m also Type 2 diabetic, and when I checked with my doctor, she immediately cut my medication in half & said to continue nutrisystem D. I don’t mind the expense, because it really isn’t expensive. I seldom shop any more, am not tempted by junk food in store, and experts do the planning. I’ve lost 35 lbs in 4 months with no exercise (knees are bad, I’m 77 years old). 25 more lbs to go. My sugars are down, but best part is they are now level. Rarely over 120, even after a meal. If they go much lower, I will go OFF the medication. Hope this helps!

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Rose. If you continue to have these side effects, please consult with your physician before continuing to take nutrisystem.

I've lost 30 pounds in 4 mo without the cost. I'm good with that.

I had a friend who tried NS for a couple of weeks and while she claimed she stuck to the diet but actually put on a couple of pounds instead of losing. Granted she failed to exercise but she didn’t like the meals either. I can’t afford a weight loss program so I turned to Sparkpeople.com which is free. I’ve lost 30 pounds in 4 mo without the cost. I’m good with that.

not good taste
Joyce Polega

So everyone is squaking about Nutrisystems food being horrible, compared to Weight Watcher meals is Nutrisystem better or worse tasting. This is the only way I would know. May I have some feedback on this.


Without a doubt, the WW frozen meals far surpass Nutrisystems food. (Although, I thing Nutrisystems offers frozen meals now, but they’re quite expensive.) I always have a stash of WW meals in my freezer and they’re very good! I got to the point with Nutrisysytems where I’d gag just opening the meals. There was one chicken meal in particular that was white and slimy looking. Yuk. I have a whole box of dinners sitting in my basement that I just can’t eat. It’s hard to just throw it out because I paid so much for it, but I’m just going to have to toss it all soon. I’ll never eat it. I’d highly recommend Weight Watchers over Nutrisystems.

  I've been on it 4.5 weeks and am down over 13 lbs.
Liz (Verified User)

I’ve been on it 4.5 weeks and am down over 13 lbs. You have to remember folks, they do send entrees and you have to supplement with fruits and vegetables. If you eat the food properly and supplement, your metabolism will increase. Exercise and water are also a huge key in this equation. With exercise, water, the appropriate fruits and veggies along with the NS food – you’ll be on your way. I feel better and lighter and importantly, not bloated from crap. I am not hungry and always look forward to my meal times. I agree with having good salads with low or no calorie dressing – that is a great snack. I have another 40 to go and I’m excited to get this done by summer. Hey, it isn’t 4 star food – you have to remember this – however, IT WORKS – you have to follow the equation. And afterward, its ok that I ate the food, I’m going to get the results. I’m off to my elliptical machine now – bye all – successes to you!

  working perfectly
Marti (Verified User)

I’ve been on the program since 2 Feb and have lost 4+ lbs. I like the food although it is not what I would make but that’s how I got overweight!

  good for more than 300lbs people
odette (Verified User)

i am 20 years old and i want to try the program 4 @ least 2 months with sum exercise, is it a good program if im over 300lbs, or just a waste. i see that i cant control my eating habits do to school hours, i just eat junk, @ late hours. i really want to try it but not if its going to take my money.


Its good for portion control. I am starting my 2nd month and I haven’t exercised but lost 6lbs. If I would exercise the benefit would be much better. If you supplement your meals with Steam fresh vege’s and brown rice with your dinner it really fills you up. Good luck.

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Odette. All dieters have different weight loss results, but since nutrisystem is a weight loss program, it might help you with your weight loss.

  Follow the plan faithfully!
Divadeb54 (Verified User)

Fleta, Maryann and all discouraged, I’ve been on NS for one month and lost 15 lbs. I have no problem with the food but there is some that I like and some I don’t care for but my goal is to lose the weight. I have 60 lbs to go and getting excited because I feel so much better. My husband is on it as well. We are empty nesters and don’t have to worry about cooking for children so the NS food cost is actually less than our regular food bill. Add salads, veggies, proteins, etc as the plan calls for and you won’t concentrate on the food taste you seem to focus on. Don’t throw your money away…just focus on your goal—-loose weight and feel better! Stay on it and you will lose inches and the weight will come. Follow the plan faithfully! Love and Kisses, DivaDeb54

is there any sideeffect
Virginia Rurycz

As a diabetic, I am so concerned about the amount of sugar in the food products.
Items like pasta, potatoes, and white flour, rice I always avoid. I am on your D program and wonder how my blood sugars will handle the amount of sugar in each item?
I am worried and concerned Thank you..

Linda Jambor

Good concerns, Virginia. I am a diabetic and found if I follow strictly the diet, I have too many carbs per meal in many instances and my sugars go above what they should be. However, they have come down substantially from the high 300’s they used to be. Just stick to around 30 carbs per meal, with 15 carb max for desert/evening snack. That’s what I learned in ADA classes when first diagnosed. Nutrisystem works, you just have to “personalize” it a bit. Don’t be worried – the more weight you drop, the better your sugar levels will become. Good luck!

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Virginia. Please consult with your physician before taking nutrislim to make sure it is safe for you to use.

  diet not recommended
Jaelynn (Verified User)

followed the program for a week and gained weight…diet not recommended…I thought the food tasted good.

peggy hansen

I followed it for 2 months and only lost 3 lbs. going to cancel. just not losing fast enough for all that money


Everyone’s body is different and most people will have a metabolism that actually will try to adjust for weightloss – especially if you were taking in a lot of calories prior to a low calorie diet. Your body will go into “starvation mode” which means it will actually work harder to store the food thinking you are starting to actually starve. That is why if you cut back on food and exercise more it will general take 1-3 months to change your metabolic rate. FYI.


nutrisystem can spout all they want about glycemic index, but the fact remains not everyone can lose weight with their program


I’ve been on for 5 days, and I’m finding I am also gaining weight. Is this normal? I tend to eat healthier than most but needed some improvement. I was surprised to see how much fat there was in some of the foods. I’m wondering if that is it since I’m not used to eating so much fat.

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Terry. All dieters have different weight loss results. If you continue to have these weight gain effects, please consult with your physician before continuing to take nutrisystem.

  The food does not taste like crap
SJ (Verified User)

Ok here is the real deal for men out there! The food does not taste like crap, don’t believe it if u don’t like it u can exchange it or send it all back in 7 days. The real issue is the portions are very small , so don’t believe the hype crap from Berman on the commercial he is a used car salesman ! That being said I am going to give it 2 mos , I really don’t have to lose that much only 20 Lbs
trust me the portions are really small!!


I’m looking for a Nutrisystem Buddy so I can save $30 and you can too. Does anyone want to be my buddy?


Looking for a buddy also- not sure how the buddy bucks work though…

kathy hayes

did you find a buddy to save the $30?

  I am verry disapointI
Bettie Rose-Gantt (Verified User)

I am verry disapoint with the food…The pastas are very mushy, tasteless and have a lot of vinigar in them…The regular food taste like overprossed can food…You have to look hard for the meat if you are good you may find 2 or 3 small diced pieces…you said that you have frozen food and I have not been able to find it on your web site…your food is lacking a whole lot of something.


Agree! Absolutely disgusting! DO NOT order any food from this company or you will be sorry trying to get your money back and you HAVE TO PAY FOR OUTRAGIOUS SHIPPING! Stay away.


I ordered my plan from QVC and luckily I was refund all the money, including the shipping. I doubt this would have happened if I ordered directly from the company.

  I was on NS for 3 months. I lost 44lbs.
Sharon (Verified User)

I was on NS for 3 months. I lost 44lbs. What I found was to lose it, you did have to walk and drink a bunch of water. The water helps fill you up and you don’t eat as much. I would eat a small salad with diet dressing with meals, that also helped. I had to stop it because I could not afford it any longer, but ready to do it again.

  I lost 10lbs. I like the result
Veronica (Verified User)

I started the plan on the 1/8/2010. So far I lost 10lbs. I like the results. Because I had a baby 7 months ago I can’t make it to the gym. I’m not exercising right now but I do plan on it. The food isn’t that tasty, especially the turkey hot dogs. But the muffins and sweets are very good. Plus, you still have to add on to the diet plan which can be very expensive. I plan on staying on the diet until I lose 30lbs. Overall, It works!

  Stick with it - it's worth it.
Evette (Verified User)

I am a 57 yr old female and have lost 7 lbs after 1 week on the program. As others have said, you have to stick to their program which I do not find hard. Their food is such a small portion of what you eat. You can add to the meal with some of the over 2000 grocery items that are on their approved list. The big key is portion control and to follow their categories of food (protein, fat, dairy, vegetable, fruit) when it is scheduled in their program.
My hunger is controlled 95% of the time but when I do get hungry, I eat something that they say you can have an unlimited amount of such as vegetables, or fruit. Sometimes I eat a cup of strawberries and the craving goes away.
If you find a food you don’t like, you can call them and tell them how many items of each meal you are sending back, what you want in exchange and then they send it out to you right away as you are returning the the unwanted items.
Stick with it – it’s worth it.


I wish more people would read your reply. I am a 41 year old male and I totally agree. Tastes vary but I could pick what I want. The key thing is people have to read the diet and actually DO it. Thanks again Evette for your post.

high potassium levels in blood
marla hoffman

Are you aware of any of the nutrisystem advanced foods that are high in potassium? My husband has been on the program for awhile, and just found out he has very high potassium levels in his blood.


He needs to drink the amount of water recommended. High potassium is a sure sign of drinking too little water.

  The dinners were absolutely disgusting
Theresa (Verified User)

The dinners were absolutely disgusting. When I tried to cancel, NutraSystem automatically charged me more money. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND TO ANYONE.


i have tried it it sucks really baddddddddddddd

Peyton Alexander

The foof for me was OK. The non frozen dinners were not very good. I am totally with you Pam on the deducting money!!! They were very smug about and insisted they did nothing wrong! It is a “process” to get your money back!!

Ann Marie

I have been on the program for one month and lost 10 pounds. I think that is pretty good for me. I have been able to demonstrate discipline for at least 30 days and not cheat. I love the food. I did not think it was disgusting. I did sprinkle it with some herbs such as ground basil or oregano but I do that with food anyway. I just received my second box yesterday and I have committed to at least 3 months so if I can drop 10 pounds every month I shall be happy.


Hi, I tried for 2 weeks and had to stop after the daily bloating and gasy feeling. I have two coworkers who were on it before it started and mentioned to me about the gasy episodes. This is not normal for any healthy eating. I am not clear on what is in all the meals including the oatmeal and cereal that causes this. I have also read comments from previous users who experienced the same thing.

peggy hansen

your right about the gassy and bloating. I thought it wasw just me. I started to feel like the Michelin Man


The gas is due to your digestive system adapting to the new food you’re eating. If your body is used to eating junk, then it will take a bit of time. It will subside, and it has nothing to do with a “healthy” diet.
Take it from a biochemist.


I’m with you the gassy thing. I’m just canceled my basic program and switched to the fresh frozen select program. We shall see how that works. But I did like the taste of the food and I had lost about 5lbs or so in less than 2 weeks.


I believe the gassy feeling is from an increase of fiber in your diet. You will get use to it and it will subside. I have been on it for 2 weeks and lost 7lbs so far.

Rachel Cicero

I think the food is good; esp the chocolate deserts. I don’t like the BBQ flavored things though. I live alone so its perfect for that and taking on the go.


What can U do about the gassy problem Will it subside

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Donna. If you continue to have these effects, please consult with your physician before continuing to take nutrisystem.

kimdou (Verified User)

This diet is disgusting! The food is extremely high in SODIUM,full of preservatives AND tastes like nothing you would ever make urself.Ms Osmond likely went for Lipo or something.No one in their right mind would ever want to stay w this program longer than they have to.Then what? You gonna keep buying their slop??I have tried most popular TV diets and they DO work.But then you have to live a normal life and maybe cannot afford to buy into these programs.You are gonna get fatter than you were before.Go to a nutritionist at a clinic,walk everyday and love urself more than you might love the way those celebs look.They have everything from Lipo to personal trainers to..lets not forget..Photo Shopped pics.


VERY correct ! the food is so nasty the meals are sick! i couldnt stand eating them i did loose weight though but i think it was because i wouldnt even finish my meals! and they charge a 52 dollars just to send it back and u have to pay for shipping its horrrible!


I am so glad to hear you say that! How can anybody eat this stuff. It is foul! Most of it has no taste at all. I am not a picky eater but I could not eat this stuff. I actually threw all away. It was the biggest waste of money. If you want to loose weight, you need to get real, exercise, eat healthy foods and reduce your portions. It is about learning how to eat and being healthy for once and for all.

  nutrisystem did not work for me
kate (Verified User)

I think if you weigh alot you lose faster than say a person who needs to lose 20 lbs. they need to eat less cals that is my problem its very hard. nutrisystem did not work for me


I was only 15% body fat and lost 30 lbs and dropped to 8%! In 6 wks! It worked for me! Just gotta b strict!

  I have been on Nutrisystem for 12 days, and have lost 10 pounds.
Robert (Verified User)

I have been on Nutrisystem for 12 days, and have lost 10 pounds. All I have done is followed the diet religously. The taste is good enough for me (dessert cookie, breakfsat scones)especially considering the results!

  Food is fairly good though and I lost 30 lbs.
Sondra (Verified User)

This is the second time I’ve been on the program. It works,folks. The food is DIET food people and can’t be expected to taste like a 4 star restaurant. It is fairly good though and I lost 30 lbs. the first time. Just need to get back on it and lose some more. OH, also, my colesterol dropped to normal on this plan. That’s an added bonus.

  Meals are not good
Casey (Verified User)

I stayed on the program for quite a few months. Lost weight right away then leveled off. I agree, I don’t see how they can send out some of the food.
And they are advertised as MEALS. They are not. Just a main dish. The packaging caused some items to be damaged in shipping. You have to call in to cancel the automatic shipments. Can not cancel on the website.

what is the sodium count in the meals?
bonnie guillot

what is the sodium count in the meals?

janie mcqueen

i just started this week and the sodium count is very high. I have high blood pressure and am on two meds, I think I going to have to layoff ns.

Victoria (Editor)

Hi. For detailed product ingredients please refer to the official nutrisystem website or product label for more information.

Don't like the automatic monthly order

Don’t like the automatic monthly order, want to order myself, is that doable?


yes. choose a la carte option. thats how I order mine.

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. For product ordering inquiries, please refer to the nutrisystem official website for more information.

  I and my husband started it a week ago! He has lost 8lbs. and not even one for me
Schondra (Verified User)

I and my husband started it a week ago! He has lost 8lbs. and not even one for me…But both blood pressure have been lowered (my was ok to start with but even better now) and our systems have straighten out and we both feel really healthy….We, too have two full months on it and the meals (most of them) are great……Hang in there and good luck to you all…….

  I have lost 43 lbs and plan on staying with the plan untill i loose 100 lbs total.
Brenda Morris

i have been on nutrisystem for 3 months. most of the food is very good.(the beef dishes are overpowered with mushrooms and green peppers) but you can order the ones younlike. I have lost 43 lbs
and plan on staying with the plan untill i loose 100 lbs total.


Good for you! I was on this deit back 10 years ago. I am a type 2 diabetic and it helped me get my blood sugars under control. I am ready to get back on this diet and I plan to get back into the 110 readings on my blood sugars. I can’t wait to start. I plan to receive my first month supply on Monday.
You will loose your desired wieght just stick to it no matter what!.


What food plan are you using, the Diabetic Foods?

Is the food as great as it was in 93-94?

i was on this back in 93-94 and it was great.is the food the same or did they change it?


the plan has been added to_I think the silver plan is probably the least carbs and doesn’t give me hot flashes_the advanced plan has potatoes and other stuff which contributes negatively to my situation

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. For product inquiries please refer to the nutrisystem official website for more information.

  It worked for me and will use it again if I need too
scott (Verified User)

I used Nutrisystem for two months and lost 40 pounds. It worked for me and will use it again if I need too.


did you at just there food or did you add to it?

  I think it was the nastiest thing I've ever tried
mary anne (Verified User)

it really is non-edible. My brother and I both bought it and threw it out. I think it was the nastiest thing I’ve ever tried–I’d rather not eat a thing than eat that. No wonder people lose weight. Wonder if their spokespeople get better food than ordinary people do. Or, they wouldn’t promote it as being good.

I am trying to find some where on it that says put your serial# and pin # to activate your 14 day nutrisystem starter program
carla (Verified User)

i paid $148 dollars plus tax for nutri system 14 day starter program tonite and get home go to web site it instructs and not on any of the web sites for nutrisystem does it even mention redeeming this $148 dollor card well it says 24 hr.phone support well i call the no. on the back and it tells me that its after hrs. but i could go to the same web site that i have been on for the last hr. trying to find some where on it that says put your serial# and pin # to activate your 14 day nutrisystem starter program

Tell me some encouraging stories please

I am about to go on the diet, worried about all the money. Tell me some encouraging stories. The girl who hasn’t lost a pound in 10 days sounds awefully discouraging. Lynn


My husband and I are both on the diet and he’s lost 7 lbs in the first week, and I’ve lost 4. I can’t exercise because of a mobility issue, but I have been on Nutrisystem once before for three months and lost over 45 lbs. The food doesn’t taste homemade, but most of it isn’
t bad, and if you don’t like something you can change what you get the next time. Make sure you customize your meals. I think Nutrisystem is the ONLY diet that DOES work!


Lynn, I’ve been on NS for 3 weeks today and have lost 10 lbs. I couldn’t be happier with the program. My husband jokes me saying I’m going to be the next spokesperson:) This weight has come off effortlessly with just daily walks through my neighborhood. You do have to do some sort of exercise. I went into this knowing I wouldn’t be eating all the tasty gourmet meals that got me into this predicament in the first place. I knew that if I was going to lose weight, I was going to have to make a few sacrifices, and I tell you, the sacrifices were minimal, the food isn’t that bad. I’ve read so much about the awful muffins so I couldn’t wait to see if they were actually that bad. Do they taste like ones bought from Duncan Donuts?? Of course not! For muffins offered on a weight lose program,,they’re pretty good. There was a few things that I just couldn’t tolerate,,so,,I just didn’t order them next time around, pretty easy solution. I’m NEVER hungry which is shocking for me since I’ve always been a grazer. I know of 2 other people who tried NS and had amazing results, I was at the end of my rope and was feeling desperate to lose the weight. My old habits are now broken and I feel awesome. As far as the money, sure it sounds like alot. I’m an PD officer and work nights and would spend on average $10-12 a night on fast food and junk, so we didn’t really feel the expense of it. So good luck to, stick with it and you will lose!


Hey Jen,

I don’t know if you even read this anymore but I noticed you were a PD officer that works nights. I was wondering how you work the nutrisystem into your schedule. I work 10p-8am Thur thru Sun with Mon-Wed off. Thank you in advance if you or anyone can provide any assistance.


Me and my buddy did the diet! He lost 70 lbs! I lost 30 lbs in about 6 wks! I was not even that big! Though I did excercise every day! I think it’s a great diet!

  I sent it back
coroline bloom (Verified User)

Hi, yes I tried nutrisystem. I sent it back, I WOULD NOT FEED THAT CRAP TO A STRAY DOG!!!Beef does not tast like that, Hey, wheres the cat!!


It’s making me feel sick and bloated. Wonder if there is a better option, jenny craig weight watchers ?


I have the same issue. Never had problems with Jenny Craig food 10 years ago.


I had the same issue. Jenny Craig food did not have this impact on me.


shouldn’t be feeding stray dogs anyway…guess they led you astray.

started NS 1 month ago. Foods are good enough for me, most of them. Have lost 10 lbs, have not had a headache or need for Tums in 30 days, have not eaten out, which was a regular deal b4 since I am a small biz owner and didn’t have much time for anything but. now I have regular, healthier, and less expensive meals every day. If I don’t like an entree I just don’t chose it next order. simple. And I have been finding creative ways to augment entrees while keeping within the program. Folks complain about price. $239 month for me, shipping included. Add that to my cost for fresh HEALTHY fruits & veggies, and I come out ahead at about $10-11 a day. If I want to switch to other NS programs I can. I’m not stuck. I keep my food logs and use the tools as needed. I am proactive instead of sitting around waiting for something to happen. That’s what got me in trouble: too much idle/sedentary time, too much eating out & eating to feel good for the moment, then paying for it later. People can bad mouth NS all they want, not going to change my plan unless it harms me physically. And so far, i’m getting better and better. You don’t like it, try something else. Simple.


I’m with you coroline bloom!


I’ve switched to the veggie meals and it’s amazing. I’ve lost 20 lbs in 2 months.