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OpenFit Review - 12 Things You Need to Know

Most programs only focus on nutrition or fitness, but OpenFit claims it can combine the two into the ultimate experience for its users. At first glance, we were impressed by their features, so our team decided to take a more in-depth look.

Our research team checked out OpenFit reviews, meal plans, workout options, and more to see if the platform is worth the money. Read through to our bottom line to see our verdict.

OpenFit can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is OpenFit?

OpenFit is a digital subscription-based workout and nutrition platform. Their goal is to make healthy living more accessible by providing everything you need, all in one place. Personalized meal plans, on-demand, and streaming exercise classes, and a live fitness community are all part of the package.

The plan even has a line of nutritional supplements, which include OpenFit Fuel, OpenFit Recovery, and OpenFit Plant-Based Protein Powder. According to them, these supplements are designed to help deliver better results and help users reach their goals.

OpenFit Competitors

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Who Created OpenFit?

OpenFit was created by John Congdon and Selina Tobaccowala and was launched by 2019. John Congdon is also the CEO and co-founder of Beachbody, an incredibly popular fitness platform.

Selina Tobaccowala is the Chief Digital Officer. In the past, Tobaccowala was the CTO and president of SurveyMonkey, co-founder and CEO of Gixo, and the SVP of Product and Technology at Ticketmaster.

OpenFit Customer Testimonials

How to Contact OpenFit Customer Service

To contact the OpenFit customer service department, you will have to fill out a “contact us” form on the official website. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like the platform has any other way to contact them, which has been an issue with some users.


Products From OpenFit

OpenFit has several exclusive workout programs and supplements available from the platform.

Xtend Barre

Xtend Barre brings a traditional barre routine into a 30-minute training session without the need for special equipment. The workout combines ballet, pilates, yoga, and strength training.

Xtend Barre Pilates

Xtend Barre Pilates, or XB Pilates, is a low-impact workout that focuses on the pilates aspect of a barre workout. There is also more cardio in this workout than the original Xtend Barre. The program lasts for 21 days.

Rough Around the Edges

Rough Around the Edges is a workout program inspired by the moves of stuntwomen. This intense exercise plan uses kickboxing, karate, and other power moves to help sculpt the body.


Yoga52 is just what it sounds like, a comprehensive yoga program. This exercise plan caters to people from all skill levels. It focuses a lot on describing the moves in detail.

600 Secs

600 Secs is a series of 10-minute workouts. Each workout is high-intensity and fast-paced. The workouts focus on bursts of exercise. These are perfect for those with busy schedules.

Tough Mudder T-Minus 30

Tough Mudder T-Minus 30 is a 30-minute workout program focused on building cardio endurance, total-body strength, and mobility.


Fuel is a pre-workout supplement that claims to help increase energy, endurance, focus, and more. Ingredients found in the formula include BCAAs, beta-alanine, caffeine, and beet juice powder.


Recovery is a post-workout supplement designed to help individuals recover faster after exercise. They also claim it helps with muscle soreness and repair. Ingredients found in the blend include whey protein isolate and tart cherry.

Plant-Based Protein

Plant-Based Protein is a vegan protein supplement. It contains over 26 essential vitamins and minerals, no added sugar, 7 grams of fiber, and 20 grams of protein.


How Much Does OpenFit Cost?

The cost depends on how often users want to pay. Here are the payment options available:

  • $39 billed every three months ($13/month)
  • $60 billed every six months ($10/month)
  • $96 billed every 12 months ($8/month)

The supplements offered are sold separately from the program. The cost for these are:

  • Fuel: $39.99
  • Recovery: $42.99
  • Plant-Based Protein: $44.99

There is also an OpenFit free trial available. With this free trial, users get 14 days free before a subscription to their service starts.

Is There a Refund Policy?

OpenFit does not offer a money-back guarantee if users signed up for their service through Roku or the App Store/iTunes. The company cannot process refunds if the subscription was purchased through these apps.

If the products or services were purchased through other avenues, the company says users should go to their order history and explore the “Money Back Guarantee” section. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to give any information on what the money-back guarantee is.

How Does OpenFit Claim to Work?

OpenFit claims to offer a unique experience to its users by providing them everything they could need for a healthy living lifestyle. This includes supplements, personalized meal plans, live interactive classes, on-demand workouts, and a fitness community.

Program Details

Details on the OpenFit Program

OpenFit is a digital subscription-based workout and nutrition platform that tries to give users everything they need to achieve a healthy lifestyle. This includes multiple facets: meal plans, community, exercise, and more.


On the OpenFit app, individuals can make personalized meal plans to make healthy eating easier. This includes daily meal plans and detailed nutritional tracking.

OpenFit sells a Sugar-Free 3 program as well. This meal plan is designed for those wanting to cut sugar out of their diet, but don’t know where to start.


One of the main benefits of this platform, according to some OpenFit reviews, is the fitness aspect of it. There are plenty of streaming workouts available. There is also the option to choose a live trainer.

Does it Integrate With Wearables or Health Programs?

It doesn’t seem like the program integrates with other devices or health programs. When users use their login, it shows that the workout classes can be streamed through Roku, Chromecast, Android, and Apple devices.

Weight Loss

OpenFit and Weight Loss

A comprehensive plan can be a great way to lose weight. According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, it is important to choose a program that gives feedback, gives lots of health information, helps users develop better habits, and more.

The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute found that it is important to offer health counseling, training about health behaviors, and to teach users skills to keep weight off. This is important as learning healthy behaviors is key to long term success.

In OpenFit’s case, the platform offers many features that can help with weight loss, including personalized meal plans, streaming workouts for individuals of all skill levels, and a support community. However, it doesn’t seem the program offers training or counseling to help individuals learn about their health behaviors.

OpenFit Warnings and Side Effects

In the OpenFit terms and conditions, it states individuals should consult with their physicians before starting the workout program, dietary plan, or any service provided by OpenFit.

Additionally, they state that by using their services, they are not liable for any injury.

Pros and Cons

OpenFit Pros and Cons

OpenFit has a lot of pros and cons. Let’s take a closer look at the platform:


  • Personalized meal plans
  • Live personal training sessions
  • Streamable workout sessions
  • Inclusive community


  • Little information on refunds
  • Little contact information
  • Some issues with the app
Bottom Line

What Users Are Saying

“My third week and I have fallen in love with Openfit. I was always to shy to go to Barre, with all those young perfect figures. I am in my 60’s a pretty good shape. Now I can enjoy the class in the privacy of my home. I love it and have not missed a day since my first free class!! Andrea is amazing.”

“0 stars. I tried 5x to get a reply from this company for a refund and they never responded to me at all. No email or phone number listed on their site. Horrendous customer service.”

“This app is great! I’m a new mother and have been working on shedding the extra baby weight. I love the meal plans, tips, and food journal. The fact that workouts range from 5 minutes to an hour+ helps me find a workout I can do for whatever time I have that day. The price is also fair for what they offer. The only thing that I think could make this app better is a larger variety of options in their workout selection, but I’m sure there will be more as it grows.”

OpenFit Ingredients

Bottom Line on OpenFit

We were pleasantly surprised by OpenFit. The program offers plenty of tools to help individuals live healthier lives without a high price tag. Our only concern is the lack of contact information and the few details about long-term behavioral changes needed.

If you are looking for an effective weight-loss program to try, we suggest one that is easy to use and is backed by science.

Among the best in apps for weight loss is Noom. The program incorporates psychology, health education and lessons, changes in eating habits, and personal coaching to ensure the user loses weight and keeps it off. Noom has been clinically proven to promote weight loss and weight maintenance.

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2 OpenFit Reviews

  • 5 Stars!
    Debbie (Verified Purchase)

    The Openfit nutrition plan is the only plan that I have had success with in the past 3 years. It is true that they offer no support but I have managed to navigate through the information with success. I am very grateful. It’s been 2 weeks and I have lost 5lbs. The meal portions are a learning experience, healthy, generous, delicious and filling. I have not had any cravings at all. Also, taken a few beginners classes and will pick up more as I go along. This plan has been a lifesaver for me. I’m rating it 5 stars because I am having 5 star results. Thank you!


    could not sign up for their free trial without giving credit card info. I tried to unsubscribe several times without success. I kept getting their e-mails.
    I am trying the spam folder. If that doesn’t work, I’m planning to contact the FCC & BBB since there is NO CONTACT INFORMATION that I could find on their website.