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OsoLean Review

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By Luis Miguel May 23, 2017

What You Should Know

OsoLean is a whey protein powder supplement created by the Mannatech company. The description explains there are advanced protein peptide technology, but the specifics of that technology is not available to the dieter. The powder tastes similar to milk and quickly mixes with foods and drinks to provide a healthy source of protein. Protein is proven to decrease hunger between meals, but every gram of protein contains four calories. With 45 calories per serving and around 0.5 grams of fat, there is probably 10 grams of protein per serving.

List of Ingredients

Whey Protein with Advanced Protein Peptide Technology.

Product Features

OsoLean is formulated for use with the OsoLean Diet Program and exercise. According to the literature on the OsoLean Plan, dieters are supposed to start out by cutting calories by just 500 per day. This will lead to a weight reduction of one pound per week in most cases. Add that caloric reduction to the calories burned during exercise and the average one to two pounds of weight loss per week can be achieved.

OsoLean also helps dieters to reduce weight by offered quick, calorie cutting tips. These tips include brushing teeth after dinner to stop snacking and drinking more water and less soda. Any dieter can quickly search the Internet for a long list of dieting tips to reduce hunger and increase weight loss, so these tips are not for the OsoLean dieter alone.

In terms of faster weight loss, OsoLean claims the hunger reducing power of protein. While this power has been proven in many studies, protein is not the strongest appetite suppressant available on the market. Herbal appetite suppressants tends to fight off hunger urges more than protein and contain zero calories per serving.

In addition to adding OsoLean powder to their diet, dieters can add exercise to improve weight loss. This is not a new concept. The tips on the website include taking the stairs and walking from your parking spot further from the grocery store instead of parking closer. OsoLean also suggests breaking up 30 minutes of exercise per day into three 10 minute sessions to make getting in more exercise, easier.

There is no pricing information for OsoLean on the official website. There are also no links to a sales page or retailer information. We could not find any retailers selling OsoLean powder.


  • Protein can decrease hunger between meals.
  • OsoLean offers information on healthy eating and exercise.


  • Protein is not the most effective appetite suppressant.
  • We have no idea how much OsoLean powder costs.


Protein supplements are a dime a dozen and all base weight loss claims on the power of protein to reduce appetite. While this effect is proven, herbal appetite suppressants are often more effective.

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Rating: 4.0. From 31 votes.
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11 Comments on "OsoLean Review"


where can i buy some in Queensland

Annemarie Filmalter

Fantastic awesome product!!!!

Alba please send me an email and I will get you Oso Lean


what is the price for a 30 day supply?


Can i combine osolean with bio tone from gnld

Karen (Editor)

Hi jean, just be sure these products won’t clash with your body’s chemistry

Ashleigh Robertson

i give this product *5 just because of the success I have had, along with many friends and family members that have also had amazing success using it and following the ff4l plan. People may find it a pricy, but I have found it hasn’t made much difference to when I was buying protein shakes. I am currently training as a personal trainer and once qualified I will be training to become a ff4l coach as I do truly believe in this product. This is definitely a game changer.


Osolean costs over $130 per month, not Inc postage.


Were in SA can i get this


Osolean is mannatech product. If any of you are interested feel free to contact me. I am in the western cape area.

Tiamari Taljaard

Mannatech’s products are in a total different category. But only with proper use will anyone get the full benefit. Then it is literally MAGIC.

Jacqueline Jacobs

where in S.A can I get it from?