Updated: 10/10/2017
By Summer Banks Sep 29, 2017

OxyElite Pro says that it’s all about “thermogenic heat, energy, focus, and fat burn.”

While that’s all gravy, I wanted to cut into the turkey:

How many active ingredients are in this stuff?

Oddly enough – not that many at all. OxyElite Pro boasts the use of only 6 active ingredients in its fat-burning formula. Admittedly, I thought it would be a lot more. In fact, there are a few things about this product that might raise some eyebrows – in good and bad ways.


Keep reading for 5 things you HAVE to know before buying OxyElite Pro.

Let’s dive in…

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What is OxyElite Pro?

First off, OxyElite Pro is a “super thermogenic” from USPLabs. The ingredients include:

  • Bauhinia purpurea
  • Bacopa monnieri
  • DMAA
  • Cirsium oligophyllum
  • Yohimbine
  • Caffeine

You take 1-2 capsules before breakfast and 1-2 capsules eight hours later. Supposedly it promotes weight-loss by suppressing appetite and boosting energy. [1]

OxyElite Pro was introduced in 2010. It’s not available on the official website, only trusted retailers. We like that the supplement stresses regular exercise and that it contains a few natural ingredients, but read on…

OxyElite Pro Reviews – “What Are Customers Saying?”

The first negative was customer complaints about OxyElite Pro ingredients. “Companies that make supplements tend to provide details that are rather positive,” said our Research Editor. “But, reviews from actual users may not be as good.” [2]

“I lost a lot of weight but was feeling very weird and my heart rate was accelerating,” commented a user.

“Got severe heart palpitations, nausea, sleeplessness, stiffness of chest and anxiety. I think this product does more harm to you than doing good,” reported another.

It’s important to note that not every comment we found was negative. “OxyElite Pro was very effective in my workouts. Made me very focused and gave me the desire to workout,” said a user.

OxyElite Pro Customer Testimonials

OxyElite Pro Side Effects – “Yikes!”

According to some customer reviews, OxyElite Pro side effects were concerning. One customer complained, “Well about 2 hours after taking the 2nd pill my head ached, and nausea reached an awful peak to where I vomited and started shaking uncontrollably.”

“I did experience SEVERE migraines and bloating after 5 days,” said a user.

While OxyElite Pro side effects are rare, some dieters shared their positive experiences. [3]

“No negative side effects that I could remember. But I do remember that when I was on the product, my appetite was suppressed,” stated a consumer.

“For me it didn’t gave me any side effects. It did gave me a very slight headache on the very first two to three days,” commented another.

Throughout our research, we’ve found that when any part of a supplement is considered concerning, such as causing adverse side effects, the chances of long-term success shrinks. So, if customers state that OxyElite Pro is the cause of adverse reactions, this could become problematic. [4]

OxyElite Pro Ingredients – “Is the Research There?”

The literature on OxyElite Pro states the ingredients are “scientifically reviewed.” While there is solid science supporting the effects of caffeine, it doesn’t relate to this formula.

Unfortunately, there’s no clinical research connecting the profile to weight loss. For us at DietSpotlight, science-based facts are critical to the review process. We become skeptical about ones that don’t support claims with evidence.

Also: read our Burn HD Weight-Loss Kit review »OxyElite Pro Ingredients

The Bottom Line – Does OxyElite Pro Work?

Don’t race out just yet. Here is the final word on OxyElite Pro. Well, we like the longevity of the company and that it contains a few natural ingredients, but we’re hesitant about this one because there’s no research connecting it to weight-loss. Also, we’re concerned about negative customer comments, especially about adverse reactions. [5]

If weight-loss is your goal, we suggest going with a supplement not connected to harmful side effects but providing ingredients backed by science and shown to work.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is our supplement called Dietspotlight Burn. The formula contains four clinically-tested ingredients, with results often found in publications such as The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and the journal Obesity.

Also, we’re so confident that you’ll love our supplement that we’re offering a Special Trial Offer, which is a great sign.

Previous OxyElite Pro Review (Updated August 8, 2014):

What You Should Know about OxyElite Pro

One thing to keep in mind when searching for a weight loss product or supplement is your own personal weight reduction goals. This will help you pinpoint the right formula to meet your needs. At this point, we are going to take a closer look at OxyElite Pro, which is a capsule formula made by USPlabs. It is marketed as a super thermogenic supplement, similar to GNC Burn 60,and is geared toward both women and men. A single capsule of OxyElite Pro is a serving, and 90 capsules come in a container ($38.95). As far as primary active ingredients are concerned, OxyElite Pro offers Bauhinia Purpurea L (increases calorie burning), Bacopa Monniera (supports healthy thyroid functioning), Dimethylamylamine, and Cirsium Oligophyllum (helps reduce body fat). This is its new formulation on its official site. It's common and sometimes necessary for products to change their ingredients; for example Hydroxycut Max had to remove Ephedra from its ranks. There are also some warnings that pertain to OxyElite Pro. For instance, it is not suitable for individuals under the age of 18, nor is it okay for women who are pregnant/nursing. This diet product should not be taken for longer than eight weeks, and should not be mixed with other prescription medications.

List of OxyElite Pro Ingredients

A proprietary blend of the following; Bauhinia Purpurea L. (Leaf And Pod) (Standardized For Bauhnia-Statins 1-4), Bacopa Monniera (Leaf), 1,3-Dimethylamylamine (Geranium [Stem]), Cirsium Oligophyllum (Whole Plant Extract), and Rauwolscine (Rauvolfia Canescens L. [Leaf And Root]). Other ingredients are as follows; Modified Food Starch, Gelatin, Vegetable Stearate, Silicon Dioxide, Red #3, Blue #1, Red #40, and Titanium Dioxide. An interesting fact to point out is that OxyElite has traces of bacopa extract, which when combined with caffeine, bauhinia purpurea, germanium stem extract, Cirsium oligophyllum, and rauwolscine extract, bacopa extract may be able to increase weight-loss for young and fit men and women.

Product Features

OxyElite Pro is a dietary supplement that can be acquired through websites like bodybuilding.com without a prescription needed like you would with Adipex. It aims to increase energy levels, burn off fat, and decrease appetite. Almost like how Pro Supps Mr. Hyde's claims to boost energy and promote lean muscle. This product is claimed to be pharmacist formulated and scientifically reviewed. However the FDA have reservations on the ingredients. OxyElite Pro is directed to be taken daily with ample water. There does not appear to be any money-back guarantee offered with this weight loss pill.

Advantages of OxyElite Pro

  • There is no prescription required to purchase OxyElite Pro.
  • The warnings for this weight loss supplement are listed out where it is sold.
  • OxyElite Pro may increase energy levels.

Disadvantages of OxyElite Pro

  • There is no 100 percent satisfaction guarantee offered with OxyElite Pro.
  • Individuals taking medications for health conditions cannot take this diet drug.
  • Free trial samples of this diet product are not available.
  • There are no testimonials provided from past users to support OxyElite Pro.


With so many weight loss products at your fingertips, it can be tempting to just buy one and try it. OxyElite Pro has similar functions to Methyldrene Elite. However, it is very important to understand what you are buying beforehand. You wouldn't want a product with customers having side effects like Erase Pro. Sadly, USP Labs has an unfavorable BBB rating. As for OxyElite Pro, this product uses ingredients like caffeine to potentially heighten energy levels, and Cirsium Oligophyllum to reduce body fat. Unfortunately these components are not proven through clinical testing. At least this is not revealed on websites that sell OxyElite Pro. Similarly, Midogen is a mitochondrial enhancer that aids in mental focus and concentration, but also used to elevate energy levels.

OxyELITE Pro promises to aid with "sustained weight loss" and appetite suppression. There's mention of clinical studies, but it wasn't until we hit the bottom of the page that we found a few that blended in with the rest of the page. A couple are about thyroid function and another is about safety.

OxyElite Pro Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Serving Per Container: 90
Amount per Serving% DV
Proprietary Blend119.5mg*
- Bauhinia Purpurea L Extract**
- Bacopa Extract**
- 1,3 Dimethylamylamine HCL**
- Cirsium Oligophyllum**
- Yohimbe Bark Extract**

Other Ingredients: None

We researched the OxyElite Pro ingredients to give you the details you need.


Norcoclaurine, also known as Higenamine, is a chemical that is found in a variety of fruits, roots, stems and vines, and lotus seeds.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Norcoclaurine is said to help with weight-loss, athletic performance, and breathing problems.

Clinical Research

A study done by the Lipids in Health and Disease journal suggests that the use of Noroclaurine promotes weight-loss. They wrote, “Based on our findings for increased lipolysis and kilocalorie expenditure, it might be hypothesized that the supplement may aid in body weight/fat loss over time…If this increase persisted, the increased energy expenditure may translate into meaningful weight loss over time.” But, though they said weight-loss is possible over time, they also said, “Further research is needed to determine the impact of this supplement on weight/fat loss when used on a regular basis.” [1]


Aegeline comes from the bael (Aegle marmelos) tree. They are commonly found in Bangladesh and India.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Aegeline can be used to lower blood sugar levels and is put in supplements to promote weight-loss.

Clinical Research

Research has been done on Aegeline, saying that is does in fact promote weight-loss. The only problem is that the research also shows that it can cause liver problems. The Journal of Clinical and Translational Hepatology says, “Given the rising problem of obesity and the ubiquity of products sold as a sole or complementary mode of weight loss as well as the compelling reports of liver injury resulting from such supplements, hepatotoxicity from HDS [Herbal and dietary supplements] must be given greater attention.” [2]

Choline Bitartrate

Choline Bitartrate is an essential nutrient that is a B-vitamin.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Choline Bitartrate is used to help with asthma, decrease the chance of getting liver disease and to help treat liver disease.

Clinical Research

A study done by the journal Molecular Metabolism said the mice experienced weight gain rather than weight-loss. “Caloric intake per mouse of the various versions of KD was not different from chow but the choline-supplemented cohort tended to eat more than when caloric intake was normalized to lean mass.”


Caffeine is a stimulant that is found in many beverages, some foods and supplements.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Caffeine can help relieve headaches, improve mental alertness, treat asthma, diabetes, and promote weight-loss.

Carnitine Tartrate

Carnitine is an amino acid that takes part in the lipid metabolism in mammals.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Carnitine Tartrate is used to treat kidney problems, chest pains, inflammation, and high thyroid hormone levels.

Losing weight is no walk in the park, but one product we’ve noticed reviewers go wild about is Dietspotlight Burn. Known for boosting energy levels and igniting the metabolism, weight loss can be achieved. Supported studies show it absolved weight loss plateau and curbed appetite.


OxyElite Pro Scientific Abstracts:

Bauhinia Purpurea L Extract

Obese rats (given HCD) had been orally administered Bauhinia purpurea (100, 200 and 300 mg·kg-1 BW) or had been given orlistat (5 mg·kg-1 BW) once per day for a total of 42 days. HCD had significantly rose body weight, fat percentage, glucose, fat free mass, insulin resistance, plasma and tissue lipid profiles (with exception of HDL), leptin, and lipase and amylase activities. Bauhinia purpurea at a dose of 300 mg·kg-1 BW showed nearly the same effects as orlistat when it came to reducing body weight, levels of glucose, insulin resistance, leptin, tissue and plasma lipids, amylase and lipase but raising HDL and adiponectin in HCD administered obese rats which may be a factor of bioactive traits in Bauhinia purpurea. The results had indicated that Bauhinia purpurea treatments suppressed high-caloric diet-induced obesity and could be developed into a tool for the treatment of obesity. [1]

Bacopa Extract

CESD-10 depression scores, a combination of state plus trait anxiety scores, and heart rate had reduced over time in the Bacopa group. They had, however, risen in the placebo group. In the DAT, there had been no effects discovered, nor on the WAIS digit task, mood, or blood pressure. There had been few negative effects reported and the doses were tolerated quite well (Bacopa n = 9, placebo n = 10). The study had concluded that it is the evidence that B. monnieri possesses potential for safely increasing cognitive performance in the aging. [2]

Cirsium Oligophyllum

Results from the study had suggested that CE promotes lipolysis through a mechanism that is involved in the β adrenergic receptor, which affects body fat mass. This reduction in fat may be in part because of UCP p-regulation in the skin which also means subcutaneous fat. Repeated promotion of lipolysis via CE administration could be helpful to the systematic stoppage of body fat accumulation or the spreading of fat in obesity. [3]


Choline had not substantially enhanced the performance of memory during the tasks of the study. There had been strong statistical evidence toward the notion that choline doesn’t improve memory performance in comparison to placebo. In conclusion, choline has no likely effect on cholinergic memory functions in human participants. [4]

Carnitine Tartrate

In this study, two grams of l-carnitine had helpful effects and had greatly attenuated (P < or = .05) biochemical markers of purine metabolism, muscle tissue disruption, free radical formation, and muscle soreness following physical activities. The markers of physical performance like power, strength, get up and go, had not been altered by the supplement. In conclusion, it was found that l-carnitine in younger humans can reduce chemical damage to tissues following a workout regimen and optimize the muscle tear repair process. [5]

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Summer Banks, Director of Content at Dietspotlight, has researched over 5000 weight-loss programs, pills, shakes and diet plans. Previously, she managed 15 supplement brands, worked with doctors specializing in weight loss and completed coursework in nutrition at Stanford University. full bio.

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OxyElite Pro

What are the side effects of Oxy Pro Elite?

Oxy Pro Elite an alternative name for OxyElite Pro, side effects stated by customers, include headache, nausea, depression, bloating, and jitters.

What is in OxyElite Pro?

OxyElite Pro ingredients are bauhinia purpurea, bacopa monnieri extract, 1,3-dimethylamylamine hcl, cirsium oligophyllum, yohimbe  and caffeine.

How do I know if OxyElite Pro is right for me?

Choosing the right product is the #1 question asked by DietSpotlight readers. We recommend trying any product before buying it and know that finding a product with a sample offer is near impossible - so we created our own product, Burn HD, with scientifically backed ingredients.

Click here to get your sample of our powerful fat burner today.

What is the active ingredient in Oxy?

The active ingredient in OxyElite Pro is 1,3-dimethylamylamine hcl.

Does OxyElite Pro Work?

OxyElite Pro contains a natural ingredient, caffeine, which has been shown to boost metabolism . The effectiveness isn’t linked to this particular formula and there’s no clinical evidence used to support the weight-loss claims.

How much does a bottle of OxyElite Pro cost?

A bottle of Oxy Pro Elite costs $29.95.

How do you take OxyElite Pro?

You take one or two OxyElite Pro capsules prior to breakfast. Take another two about eight hours later.

Is there anything else I should know about OxyElite Pro?

There was an FDA recall in 2013 on OxyElite Pro.

Who makes OxyElite Pro?

USPLabs is the maker of OxyElite Pro.

Does Oxy Pro Elite come with a guarantee?

No, OxyElite Pro doesn’t come with a guarantee.

Searching an endless forum to find the right dietary product is never easy, especially when there is not enough scientific evidence to back up the formula. Luckily, Dietspotlight Burn is a weight loss supplement with clinically published science highly recognized for burning fat and curbing appetite.

258 OxyElite Pro Reviews

  • karina

    hi my name is karina and i taking 125 mcg a day of levothyroxine any one can tell me if i still can take the oxyelite pro? thank you

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Karina. We have not come across any users that have experienced negative interactions while taking levothyroxine with OxyElite Pro, but it’s recommended to consult with your physician to make sure it’s safe to combine the two.

  • Sweet to Svelte for skinny?

    Okay to take if your skinny? I weigh 130 thanks.

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hello. Since this is a weight loss supplement, if you are already at an ideal weight as is, it’s not recommended for you to take this product since you would be losing more weight once on the pill.

  • Why it causing hungry?
    cha cha (Verified User)

    I have been taking oxyelite for awhile. I did stop for months and restarted. I also tried both the formulas…Why does both causes me to be so hungry after taking them.

    • Victoria (Editor)

      Hello. Since Oxyelite Pro claims to help increase metabolism, this is probably why you have been feeling hungry more often. You might be needing a product that also suppresses appetite, like Dietspotlight Burn. You should check it out.

  • Pills while breastfeeding

    Hi my baby is 5 months old and I am breasfeeding. Does anybody knw if it’s okay to take these pills while breastfeeding??

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hello Valentine. It is not advised to take this product while breastfeeding.

    • Anonymous

      I read on the instructions that you should NOT use this while breast feeding or while trying to get pregnant! Remember everything you consume so does your baby so please b very careful!

      • Anonymous

        Yes it’s good for the little one makes him or her really skinny ???

        • anonymous

          No, it’s not good for the little one smh. It’s important for newborns to have proper nutrition and steadily gain weight as they grow.

  • Worked amazing :)
    Jessica Martinez

    I tried oxyelite and it worked amazing , I didn’t take it on a daily basis or even more then once a day , I took it 3 or 4 times a week when I need energy for my daily work out … I went from a size 11 to a size 7 I felt great had more energy 🙂

  • 26 pounds in 6 weeks!
    Lindsay (Verified User)

    I LOVED them! I lost 26 pounds in 6 weeks! I want them again.

  • Al Deleon

    Hello, I’d like to say that I was one of the first to try the “original” oxyelite pro’s first bottles back around 2011/12, and it was hands down the best fat burner ive EVER used, it did exactly what it was designed to do and over a course of two years I went from 280 lbs to 185 and ive never felt greater in my life other when I was 18 years old, it gave me energy, I looked better, it gave me confidence I lacked for years and I slept like a baby at the end of the day. I just looked online and just saw that oxyelite pro is being re released again

  • Worked great I lost 30 pounds in 3 months
    maggie (Verified User)

    I used it and it really worked great I lost 30 pounds in 3 months , im so disappointed I can not get the original anymore. if people used them properly you would have no problems.

    • Victoria (Editor)

      Hi Maggie, we’re sorry that they’ve discontinued the original formula. Have you looked into other fat burners and appetite suppressants? You may want to check out Dietspotlight Burn.

  • Amazing
    Your Name (Verified User)

    This stuff is amazing. Energy like no tomorrow… can’t find it any more but if I could I’d still take it.

  • Superman pill
    Your Namejohn (Verified User)

    This stuff is amazing I call it Superman pill works like Viagra as well

  • judith

    very good I follow the instruction one or 2 a days I loose weight approximated 15 pounds I feel great. my only concern is that some people in the reviews comments about you will test hot in the uranalisis. not sure about this

  • Recall
    Marty P Kieff (Verified User)

    What was the recall. I used oxyElite pro from 2010 to 2013 and my wight lose was great. Then went back to it in 2013 and the product was no longer the same.

  • Tani

    This product was Phenomenal until GNC removed it from its shelves. For the most part, I followed the directions and didn’t have an adverse reaction.

  • Mary

    Can I take oxy lean elite while taking Zoloft??

  • Your Name

    I’ve been using it on and off for the past two years. I’m not one to take anything so the first day my heRt raced a little faster than usual as it adjusted to it, by the second day I had more energy to do my light workouts at home…..and my chores. I felt good. I noticed I started to get a few lbs lighter as soon as a week after taking. I stopped just under 2mknths….as I’m not a consistent person when it comes to exercise, vitamins or supplements. However by more th 3 I started noticing just how great I was looking in photos….. My diet hadn’t really changed much I was still eating everything I wanted and my exercise was light as mentioned, so it def worked.

    Obviously, now hearing about the long term effects, I’m a bit disappointed because it actually worked.

  • Concerned
    Colleen (Verified User)

    I took my first pill today after eating,felt good at first, drank tons of water as indicated. Then started feeling nauseous. I ended up vomitting. I do take an antidepressant , could this be the cause?


    I took this product on and off for the 3 years it was out originally. I followed the instructions and stopped taking up to 2months, before starting a new bottle. I never had any issues with it. I ate healthy, drank A LOT of water, and exercised.

    I was bummed when they took it off the shelves. It was the only product I ever used where I didn’t feel like crappy after the day, or issues while I was on my “resting time” between bottles. It actually worked for me.

  • Csa

    I took this stuff, and it worked perfectly. I FOLLOWED the instructions. I started off with 1 pill for the morning, and 1 for the evening. After the 4th day, or which ever the bottled said, I added two for the morning, and maybe1 or two for the evening. I remained sensitive to how my body reacted. It totally suppressed my appetite. I did get hungry at times, but I couldn’t eat a lot, I just needed a small portion.

    All of the negative reviews in my opinion have to do with people continuing on as they did before taking it. Drinking alcohol, coffee, and caffeinated tea (which is crazy with this product) and other prescribed (or not) meds mixing, and not following the rules. I continue to work out, and use it strategically maximizing weight loss, and eating smaller meals while taking it, and making this a habit for when I finish the bottle.

  • James

    I’m the same James from post 63 above. I hit my 190 (187 actually) partially due to OEP, but mostly because of strict discipline. Eating 1500 calories was not easy. Anyway that was 2012 and now it’s 2016. I gained all my weight back b/c we moved twice and I lost my home gym and got busy. I started my diet again and working out after the super bowl 2016 and I’m back down to 209 from 242. So far I’ve done it without OEP but I’m plateauing, so I’m looking to start taking it again. Wish me luck. Hoping to lose 10 lbs in a month. Should be do-able.

  • I am planning to purchase, any feedback !

    I am planning on purchasing this product sometime this week. I plan on taking this product while eating healthy and exercising a few days a week to start. I know this is supposed to give you all the energy to get through the day, but some of these possible side affects are freaking me out. Any feedback would be great!

    • Laticia Wright

      Where can you buy OxyElite Pro? I thought they took it off the market.please tell me. I love this product

      • Anna (Editor)

        Hi Laticia! It’s not available on the official website, only specific trusted retailers because of the issues they were having with the FDA.

  • riz

    Started taking the tablets 3 days ago. Have tried various different supplements over the years. Never experienced bad side effects until using this product. Migraines and stiff neck. Never again

  • Debbie

    I loved the product I lost about 70 pounds in 6 months had so much energy. Wished I could still get them.

  •  lead scientist
    kim (Verified User)

    I stopped taking this after after 3 days and am still experiencing severe depression. I don’t know why it happened, but I can’t seem to get back to my old self. I called the company and spoke to the “lead scientist/company vp” and he could care less.

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Kim, Oxyelite Pro has 1,3 dimethyl in it which is a substance that is known to low serotonin levels; it works just like amphetamines. Make sure to consult with your physician to make sure this product is safe for you to take.

  •  Never had any issues
    Prettygirl (Verified User)

    Took this when I was pre-diabetic almost 5yrs ago. Had to loose weight otherwise it will turn into full diabetic. I lose 45lbs. I will always be pre-diabetic but eating 6 small meals I maintain my sugar level. Never had any issues with it.

  •  Buy it in Mexice
    ruth (Verified User)

    You can buy it in Mexico.
    I used this product oxylite pro and I loose 20 pounds.
    It is the best.

    • Your Name

      I used to take them they are the best weight loss pills out there, how can we order them from Mexico

    • Your Name

      I took this back in 2013 I loved it

  •  This works but with SIDE EFFECTS!
    cocoa (Verified User)

    THIS WORKS, BUT … I took OxyElite Pro for months and lost 19lbs without really changing my diet and not going to the gym BUT i had to half my dosage as i noticed that it made feel very down. When i stopped taking them completely i suffered severe clinical depression and ended up on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication for a year and of course put all the weight back on but i’m stable now much happier, i can not take OEP again, I’m honestly not sure i’ll survive bout of depression.

  • OxyElite Pro
    Lqcey (Verified User)

    Will this show up in a ua? I take random drug test and i was woundering if it does.

    • Stephen (Editor)

      Hello. We have not encountered any users with issues on any exams, but it’s recommended to consult with your physician to make sure.

  • Can the pills causes stomach or not?
    wilna (Verified User)

    Hi I also start using OxyElite pro. I now have a running stomach since I started. Can the pills causes it or not?

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Wilna. Some users claimed to have experienced similar side effects from using this product. Make sure to consult with your physician to make sure this product is safe for you to take.

    • enita

      makes me running stomach i feel hot and dizzy.

  •  OEP is hard But you can do it Ladies!
    Shayla (Verified User)

    This is my 2nd time around experiencing OEP. The 1st time I did lots of research and read many reviews. Finally I decided to go for it with skepticism!! I’m a female, 5″5 stating weight was 197 in March 2013. I made sure that I followed the directions to a tee. I took (1) purple pill upon arising on an empty stomach with water at 7am. The energy surge was amazing. My heart fluttered a little, but nothing to alarming. My focus was so on point I didn’t know what to do with myself. I showered, got dressed and headed to work each day. I drank my breakfast at work which was a fresh fruit/veggie smoothie. During the day I totally forgot to each lunch. I had to force myself to eat around 1pm which was a fresh garden salad. About 2p.m, I took my 2nd pill with major energy left over from the morning. Since I am a 9-5 worker, I figured anytime before 3 would be the best time to take my 2nd pill so I would be able to have a good nights rest. I am a faithful runner, so after work I had the top notch energy of a bunny rabbit!! After a 3 mile run,I’d come home force myself to eat more fruits/veggies and have an awesome nights rest. Boy that sleep feels good after a good run.

    With all of my rambling and that being said, consistently following this routine every day for 1 month, I lost 30lbs. I could see weight loss each day while on OEP. Be sure to drink LOTS and LOTS of water. Avoid sugars and bad carbs. If you focus and stay the course, the weight will just fall off.

    Of course once I loss a tremendous amount of weight, I thought I was the hottest thing walking so I starting my bad habits again. *Wine* and pasta’s. I didn’t gain much weight back but I definitely didn’t feel the same. Now that it’s August, I’m back on OEP and I’m committed to getting down to my BMI, under 30 and a weight of 145. I’m 170 now.

    I noticed if you eat clean, drink plenty of water, and incorporate exercise, you will definitely see results. As for me, OEP did NOT have me depressed. Depression is a state of mind. Depression is a medical condition If you change the way you think the depression still will stop. That’s the key to overcoming depression. Changing the way you think, and trust me..its hard But you can do it Ladies!!!

    • Your Name

      depression is a way of thinking, i had depression disorder and read n did research, n u control evrerything with ur thoughts, u think happy ull b happy u think sad ull be sad,

    • Missy

      Yesss I loved OEP when I was taking it and never had issues either besides it being a bit pricey lol I was always energetic and I felt so great and focus. Never made me feel depressed but happier.

  • Is if its ok to take a multivitamin with the oxyelite pro.?
    jane (Verified User)

    I been taking this for 1 wk & half & I haven’t lost anything but I have noticed an increase of energy & does curb my appetite. My question is if its ok to take a multivitamin with the oxyelite pro. I’m doin 1 in the morning & a 2nd later in the afternoon?

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Jane. Certain vitamins might interact with Oxyelite Pro; please consult with your physician to make sure it is safe to combine them.

    • Alan

      There should be any problems with taking Multivitamins with OEP, but it is more recommended that you take multivitamins with food. Usually your first meal of the day.

  • Robin

    Hi, I have been on the OEP now for 7 days, I have los a total of 6lbs. I take one pill about 7am in the morning. I been staying under 1000 calories aday drinking 4-5 16oz bottle water a day. My breakfast consist of 8oz of liquified green vegetable and fruits, lunch sour or salad and for dinner salad with chicken breast. I have not started any exercise program as of yet but will start next week.

    • Stu Furay

      Robin, you’re starving yourself, no wonder you’re losing weight. Staying under 1000 cals a day is extreme and cannot be kept up in the long term.

      • Alan

        You realize Robin is probably a female right? Average female consumes 1000 calories a day. Just an FYI bro.

        If she’s cutting for about 12 weeks or less, she’ll be fine.

      • Jo

        Reduced caloric intake (circa 1500 calories) has been proven to have many health advantages over the historical notions of a “healthy” caloric intake of 2000-2200. Don’t just recite numbers and notions because that is what you have always heard. Question and research.

  •  What works well for one person isn't always going to work the best for everyone.
    Mike (Verified User)

    I’ve used OEP on two separate occasions and had excellent results both times. I’ve found it best to begin with one pill first thing in the morning, before breakfast, and then after the first week add another mid-afternoon if desired. If I take another after 3pm, it negatively affects my quality of sleep.

    It will work on its own to help keep off the weight and control hunger, but the real results come with adding exercise. You’ll notice real results in a matter of days when combining the two. I lift and run. If you’re a runner, you’ll really shed the weight on OEP!

    I was also happily surprised with the positive effect OEP had on my mood. I’ve dealt with anxiety issues and mild depression in the past and this has worked wonders when I’m on it (along with regular exercise, which OEP helps in the motivation department).

    Just a few words of advice for best results. One, as others have mentioned, drink plenty of water throughout the day. Two, allow your body time to adjust to OEP before upping the dosage. Most people will see results with just one pill a day. Three, buy the “old” version without the purple top, if available. The new version will work somewhat effectively, but not nearly as good as the original. And lastly, if you don’t tolerate OEP well after a week or so, try something else! What works well for one person isn’t always going to work the best for everyone.

  •  I highly recommend OEP.
    DM (Verified User)

    been taking OEP for about 2 months or longer im male 20 years old stating at 250.4 started to take 1 in morning and 1 at night 3 after about 3 weeks i started to take 2 in morning or be4 workout and 1 at night and i am now down to 217. I highly recommend OEP just got to keep in mind to eat healthier and exercise almost everyday

  • prageeth

    i’ve been taking OEP for about 15 days and i didn’t lose a pound..

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Prageeth. All dieters experience different weight loss results, but with a healthy diet and making sure you are staying active, you should achieve weight loss results.

    • GROD

      What does your diet consist of during the day and what does your workout schedule look like?

    • Mike

      Worry less about cutting fat out of your diet and more about sugar. You’ll also see better results with sustained high intensity workouts.

  •  Great product and I love it.
    Christy (Verified User)

    I started taking OEP 2 weeks ago and I love it!! I am 5’4″ and was 147 pounds starting out. I got on the scale today and I am down to 141.8!! I am on a 1200 calorie diet which sometimes is hard to keep up with because I am not hungry throughout the day. I have to make myself eat. I drink about 10 to 12+ glasses of water a day and do not get headaches. I haven’t felt sick or jittery. Before starting this I would crash around 2pm every day….not anymore! I have so much energy. I have seen an improvement in my job too because I’m not feeling tired in the afternoon. Overall, great product. Will continue to use!!!

  •  it will cause health problems.
    Sherroda (Verified User)

    Great diet pill. I have being using this pill to maintain a weight at 126. I exercise a lot. Very active. But the side effects are bad. I’m very depress for no reason it makes me cry for no reason. If I don’t take the pill I’m okay as soon as I do my mood changes. I will stop taking because now I have breathing issues also my heart is not doing good anymore. If I can give any one advice eat right excercise and leave the pills alone cause eventually it will cause health problems. I never abuse this drug. But I’m 126 . 65inch and 26 years of age with the worse health problems.

  •  This is the only thermogenic that does not gives me the jitters.
    Andrea (Verified User)

    I’m a female 5’5″ 143 lbs and I’ve been taking OEP for four days and lost 2lbs. To avoid headaches I drink three litters/day. If you want results you have to put in the work, clean eating. No sugar, no processed food low carbs. HIIT and weight training you’ll get faster results. This is the only thermogenic that does not gives me the jitters. I’m now taking three capsules a day and I have lost inches around my waist. My goal is 130 lbs and planning to buy a second bottle.

  •  Loved the product.
    oscar lopez (Verified User)

    After reading some of this comments i see that in fact the pill actually works i had no idea it was suppose to give you energy am going on my second week and increased my dosage from 1-to 2 on my first week ive lost 2 pounds of body fat i can noticeabli see the change as for headaches i experienced only one on week one from lack of hydration

  •  Loved the product.
    Brittney (Verified User)

    I absolutely love these pills!! My husband and I both take them. They give me so much energy throughout the day. Before I barely had enough to get out of bed! I would just advise not to take them after 12pm.. you may not sleep well if you do. With diet (6 days a week) and excersise (5 days a week) I lost 30 lbs in ONE month!!! Yes.. ONE! I started at 246 lbs and now weigh 215. I took a break for a month and I started back today. Can’t wait to lose another 30!! 🙂

    • Brittney

      Drink LOTS of water.. Like 8 glasses a day. Major headaches if ya don’t!

      • Anonymous

        thanks, i tried these before and will be going back on them this week. Glad to see that this is still a good product.

    • sunshine

      that is awesome Brittney keep up the good work I just bought a bottle and looking to see the results with doing zumba and eating at 1200 calories a day… Sunshine

  •  Loved the product.
    jess (Verified User)

    I have been on OEP for about a month now I have lost 23lbs and am feeling great I still go to the bathroom a lot but that’s ok I eat small amounts and it fills me up and the extra go it gives allowes me to run and play ball with my kids the way I want to. It has also helped me to do a deep cleaning on my home… I love it and will keep taking it

  • Any 45 year old woman got result?
    Lissette GALARZA

    I’m a 45 yr old woman and I’m interested in taking the OEP. I need to lose about 10lbs. I was wondering if anyone around my age group has taken it and what has been the results. Thanks for your response.

    • Tami

      I am 47 and just bought a bottle of OEP. I plan on starting tomorrow. I also need to lose 10 to 15lbs. Usually I have two cups of coffee to wake up so I am hoping these work for me. I will not take coffee while taking the pills though. I will let you know how I am in a couple of days. You do the same please.

  •  Find something else if it's not work.
    Jen (Verified User)

    The Chemical in it that makes some people happy (1,3) can have the opposite effect on certain people,find something else it doesn’t work for you!! Different brain chemistry

  •  Loved the product.
    LWabau1046 (Verified User)

    Took my 1st pill this morning. I really did feel the energy within 15 minutes and yes, it was a little scary because I felt like I had to go for a run or something (which is good!) but I didn’t have the jitters or anything like that. I’m just going to do one a day & see how it works for me because I don’t drink coffee or anything with a lot of caffeine. I took it at 8:00am & it is now almost noon & I don’t feel hungry yet. Been going to the restroom every 20 minutes though because of all the water but that’s fine. I currently weigh 192 so we’ll see how this goes!

    • Vee

      I’m starting today I’m kinda nervous because ill be alone with my daughter I don’t want to feel too crazy do you think if I eat something first if wont work as well

      • Christina (Editor)

        Hello. If you are worried about starting the pill without eating, maybe ease yourself into it by eating first.

  •  Loved the product.
    T (Verified User)

    I’ve been taking OxyElite Profor two weeks now! I lost 3 pounds. I get the jitters every now and then, sometimes I Fidel a little sick. I will try for another week and see how I’m feeling, if I don’t start to take to it I’m going to stop taking it.

  •  Loved the product.
    Lauren (Verified User)

    Love it! On my 2nd week and its really pushing me and giving me the motivation i need to get to the gym. I am having no issues sleeping becase i take it at 7 am every day. I have experienced slight headaches on the days that I dont drink enough water. Very pleased with OEP

    • livia

      may i ask you how many pills you take for one day? i usually take 2pills a day, one in the morning and one in the evening, but i didnt see any result since i have been taking this for almost 1 month.

  •  Loved the product.
    Jennifer (Verified User)

    I am on day two of the pills,and I have been exhausted! I am a BIG coffee drinker and since I had to quit my coffee to take OxeElite, switched to decaf, I am having major afternoon crash. No energy to workout, no energy to make dinner. It has decreased my appetite,which is good. In two day’s I’ll start taking two pills, and hope it gives me more energy. How can I lose weight if I am way to tired to exercise. I can’t get over how I feel.

    As for side effect, besides being tired, I never felt any depression or jitters. About 10 minutes after I take my first pill I feel a warm feeling, and some numbness, but it goes away. Otherwise no side effects.

    I eat healthy and exercise 4 – 5 days a week, but got stuck in a plateau and I can’t lose any weight no matter how I switch it up. I am hoping these pills will help me get out of this plateau.

  •  Facing side effects.
    Nathalie (Verified User)

    Hi miami girl, I just started but I have been having the same feeling and actually with migraines I also feel kinda dizzy… but if get worse we must stop,for now I am going to give it a shot to see whta happens

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Natalie, if your side effects continue please consult with your physician to see if this product is safe for you to use.

  •  Loved the product.
    Victoria (Verified User)

    When I first started taking the OxyElite Pro, I began with 1 pill for 5 days, experiencing light nausea and small headache. Since the symptoms were tolerable, and I was losing weight, I began taking a 2nd pill on day 6 right before driving home from work. Well about 2 hours after taking the 2nd pill my headache, and nausea reached an awful peak to where I vomited and started shaking uncontrollably. I am a very healthy 54 year old, exercise how I want, and have “never” had any medical issues. Taking the 2nd pill was too much for my system, which caused my blood pressure to spike to 168 over 120, and my heart rate went to 162. Needless to say, medical attention was needed.

    That was 2 months ago. Crazy at it sounds, I’ve decided to give it another go, but this time with only 1 pill per day. I eat a piece of fruit for breakfast, and take 1 OxyElite Pro pill every morning at 11am, making sure I eat lunch within 20 to 30 min. which helps with the nausea. I’ve been doing this for a week and a half, and have lost 7 pounds so far. I also include walking 2 to 3 miles every other day. One pill curbs my appetite, and gives me plenty of energy throughout the day. I need to lose 30 more pounds to reach my goal. If I am successful, I will try to remember to add an update to this comment. I hope this has been helpful to someone. Thank you for reading

    • Kim

      You need to drink at least 8 bottles on water a day while using OxyElite. Without water, the most common symptoms are headache and nausea.

  •  Loved the product.
    Texas Girl (Verified User)

    I took oxyelite pro a week now…, I lost only 2 lbs and I know why! I should have lost more but on the 2nd day and 3rd day, I went and ate out…buffet! then on the 7nd day, again. I did not feel any depression or nothing at all because prior to this, I took another supplement which I went thru depression, then I stopped and started again because I lost about 10 lbs in 4 weeks. And due to depression, I had to look for another one so I found oxyelite pro. I feel good about this pill, now I have to go exercise. thanks

  •  Loved the product.
    Amy (Verified User)

    I took OxyElite the pills for 1 month and 2 weeks and dropped 15 lbs with a 1200 calorie intact. The pills absolutely work I purchased the powder yesterday. OxyElite does not cause depression. If you are experiencing this then you had these issues before you started taking them. OxyElite gives you a energy rush they are not downers.

  •  Loved the product.
    miamigirl (Verified User)

    I see the comments here are from years past but I started taking these in Feb 2013 and they were great. One pill a day was good enough for me and I have the appetite of a bear! However….I did experience SEVERE migraines and bloating after 5 days. I had lost 4 lbs without any diet or exercise was waiting to see the effects before going back to the gym and changing diet. I stopped taking them for about 1 1/2 weeks and took one again on Monday and boom, migraine attack. I did feel irritable but I think the JOLT of energy and lack of release if you are not working out causes this for me with ANY fat burner. I MAY try again and go to the gym to see if there is anything different. Has anyone experienced migraines while on these? I am taking OxyElite Pro, I would assume the new formula. Please share. Thanks.

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hello. Some dieters have claimed to experienced headaches while taking this product.

  •  Loved the product.
    SheilaE (Verified User)

    I am a 37yo 5 ft. female, I weighed 144 lbs., I dropped down 13 pounds in 10 days to 131 pounds. That’s unbelievable for me. I am very stimulant sensitive so being they come in capsules, I bought empty capsules off of eBay and split each 1 of my (original formula) oxyelite pro’s into 3 pills. ( I later saw they sell empty capsules at vitamin world too). So I would essentially only take 1/3 a pill in am, and 1/3 pill in afternoon. I was eating low carb diet and working out with pills at least 1 hour a day doing elliptical or class at gym or both. I was in shock that I was able to lose that much fat that fast.
    Before this pill I could not lose 1 pound doing the same with out the pills. These pills helped me have no appetite, gave me the energy to get in an awesome work out and see great results. HOWEVER, I could only stay on the pills for 14 days because about day 7 I became so irritable, depressed, sad and just ticked off at the world. It took about 2 weeks to start feeling regular again after stopping. My husband had the same experience, great results but irritable and depressed.
    I debated so much to restart these pills…..they made the pounds just fall off of me. So, I recently took 1 more days worth, 1/3 pill am, 1/3 pill pm with my irritability and depression starting that same night. So I decided they are not worth it for myself or family. I am going to just try and get in extra work outs as much as possible.
    (I really do like to work out, but with work and kids, its a balancing act some days.)
    I can’t say I would recommend these to anyone, but I am glad that I was able to stay on for 14 days. As of now I’m back to the holding pattern with no weight loss with diet and working out.

    I’m a person that is extra sensitive to stimulants, I can not even handle a cup of coffee. So when I do take something with stimulants, I usually have extra energy and irritability. Not down right depressed and sadness!!

    • SheilaE

      Also, I forgot to mention,
      I had my BMR measured at DR. its a basal metabolic rate measured, its a scale you step on that tells you how many calories you need to take in each day to stay at current weight. Mine was at 1190 calories. Which DR. says is pretty low. And he had calculated it would take 17 days at apx 1000 calories per day to lose 1 stinking pound, then if I exercise I could use those calories to add in extra food if still hungry. (but still stay under 1000 cal)
      My point being, I was not able to stay under the 1000 calories each day with out these pills. They really do help with appetite, but I could not handle the adverse emotional effects that they made me feel.
      For the hater above me, besides being a lil fluffy, I’m very healthy and I’m not one prone to depression, actually the opposite.
      As with any supplement, take these with caution!! I wish you all the best of luck in your weight loss journeys!

    • miamigirl

      Sheila E. Thanks for this info. I have done that in the past with other fat burners and didn’t try it with these. I may do that and see if I get no migraines. I never got to taking the 2nd pill a day, like you I am extremely sensitive to everything so I proceeded with caution and did 1 pill a day for the entire first week. Also, I did not take any coffee during that week and thought the headaches were from withdrawals but after four days that would be over if that was the case.

    • J

      Hi Sheila – I think the irritable and depressed thing is actually just a result of losing weight. Accordibng to my Dr, it is because I lose weight too fast and all the hormones stored in fat cells are realeased. She said that is why you are told repeatedly to lose weight at a slow and steady pace.

  •  Loved the product.
    Rae (Verified User)

    I started taking OEP about a month ago and feel great. I had jitters the first day that faded after about an hour but they weren’t too bad. It was like I had 2 large cups of coffee then it faded with a crash. The second day I felt a little sick, but then I was fine. I’ve had depression issues for years and these helped so much. Instead of wanting to sleep in bed all day now I feel like working out all day.
    Along with the increased energy my sex drive has gone through the roof though. Am I the only one??
    And I only have about another month before I have to take the 4 week break. Is there anything that’s safe to take during the break? I’m taking the original formula with DMAA. Can I take the new DMAA-free formula during the break or anything else? Or do I have to stay supplement free during the break?

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Rae. For detailed information for the ‘break’, please refer to the oxyelite official website for more information.

  •  Loved the product.
    PV Max (Verified User)

    I’ve taken Oxy Pro Elite for over a year off and on following the recommended instructions. Never felt depressed, always provided the results I expected during the day and when working out and eating correctly. It did give me jitters for the first few days once I got up to 3 pills a day, but I only did that for 5 days. I also have friends that are on it (2 yrs) and none of them have ever experienced depression..or any of the other side effects. Some of you people should cut the bull! If you’re not in good physical shape you should not be taking any suppliments. Get off the sofa and into the gym FIRST! These suppliments work best with people living healthy lifestyles.

  •  Loved the product.
    Angela (Verified User)

    So far I LOVE this product! I am a 30 yo female. I have about nine days left on my first bottle and have lost 15 pounds so far. I started of with daily exercise but stopped due to a pulled muscle but I am still losing weight because it gives me the energy and motivation to get up and do stuff. Clean, wash clothes, go for walks!!! Just anything other than lying around being lazy. I eat such smaller portions when I take these pills before eating. I will be really hungry then full with very little food. These pills nake me feel euphoric and just happy. I love then and would highly recommend anybody to try them out. They may not be for everybody but, I have nothing but great results do far!!

  •  Hated the product.
    Jaz (Verified User)

    I’m 135 lb, 5’4″, my diet is clean 85% of the time, and I do MMA five days a week. So it’s an intense workout. But my weight won’t go below that now. It’s been a year. I took my first pill today. It just made me tired and sluggish. I barely made myself workout today. And I didn’t do so great. Did anyone else have this feeling at first and then eventually feel better? This is my first diet pill ever. Because I so firmly believed in a healthy diet and tons of exercise. But I am now stuck.

    I also was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety, and have taken anti-depressants in the past. None of them worked. So I got off them. But it made me gain weight. So I started MMA and got down to 135. But it seems like people who have had, or have depression, this works better for. We’ll see. Exercising is literally the only thing that kept my depression in check.

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Jaz. Some dieters have experienced feeling sluggish while taking this product. If your side effects continue, please make sure to contact your physician.

    • Anonymous

      It makes you dizzy and nauseated.

    • Anthony


      You are not having successful work outs because you have depression and anxiety. Realize that this will be ‘your’ personal mission to plow through this, get up in the morning and ATTACK your work out like a beast. GET OVER IT 30 min intense work out and you be upset the rest of the day. When it comes with your goals, don’t let some stupid mental hang ups get you down. ALL GEARS ALL TIMES than come home and cry. Keep taking this pills n get off the antidepressants, make u fat and mess with your intentions.

      Get up and Move!

  •  Great but experiences mood swings
    Viki (Verified User)

    did read the whole comment line…
    Here is my story!
    Have been taking OXYelite for 1 month already!
    First week i experienced lots of energy,motivation as it was said before! I lost sizes in my clothes.From 4 I moved to 2) which was great!
    But my mood!It swings from amazingly great to “cry-my-eyes-out”! so 3 days ago I took a decision to stop taking pills and…I felt super depressed. I slept 2 days straight(thank God it’s holidays)! I took my regular 2 pills this morning and now I feel like getting ready and go out,do things! Am I addicted already I don’t know…I feel great with them and miserable without!

    • Brent

      How long till the depression and miserable feeling got better I am going through it right now and can’t seem to stop taking them been on oep for months straight — would really appreciate any advise, thanks

      • Christina (Editor)

        Hi Brent, all users experience different results. If your side effects continue, please consult with your physician to make sure this product is ok for you to take.

  •  It works but has effects
    john (Verified User)

    I take this stuff when i need to shred fat, and when i hit a weight i cant get under this stuff always does the trick. however it makes me SUPER horny like crazy insatiable. and if you take 2 make sure you burn all that energy otherwise you will be up all night.

  •  Works great but consult doctor first
    Anonymous (Verified User)

    I have taken OEP, i lost 30 plus lbs in a course of 9 months. At first the results where great! The first week i lost 10 lbs and felt amazing. After i was done with my first bottle i noticed that OEP wasnt working as good as the first time,I kept my diet & routine the sae, and wasnt getting any resoults. A While later i started getting breast pains and consulted with my doctor, turns out all the caffeine in the pills was the reason for my pain. The pills work great and do show some results but you should consult with doctor before taking them to see if your body can out up with them.

  •  Lost a lot of weight
    Nicole (Verified User)

    I have been on OEP for 3 weeks now have have lost A LOT of weight. I have lots of energy and feel great while taking OEP. The only thing I hate is the feeling that it gives off like a really hot feeling and sweating. I have been in a better mood, I clean more want to cook more, and I dont have that tired feeling when taking it. I love the OEP I only take one pill a day bc I feel like more than that will be to much for ME. After I reach my weight goal I will not continue to take them, and will have to train myself to eat less and eat healthy.

  • Why can't I lose weight?

    i excersize 6 days a week and hour and a 45 min a day i eat right almost 80 percent of the time and i dont loose weight i hardly eat fried foods chips of anything like that so why dont i loose weight… sometimes your body needs a little boost

  •  Never again
    Andrea (Verified User)

    I took 1 tablet. 30 minutes later I had the jitters and shakes. I Could not sleep, was sleepless, had heart palpitations and a heavy chest all night with the constant feeling like I had to
    Throw up. After I slept for only 2 hours because I physically couldn’t fall asleep I woke up feeling them same exact way. I wish it would go away. I literally feel like I took some type of drug.

  • Why am I not seeing positive results?
    bianca (Verified User)

    i have been taking the OEP for 4 days now with a strict diet and a workout plan till now i didn’t lose any weight is there a problem or it would take more time to show any results?

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Bianca. All dieters have different weight loss results; some achieve weight loss faster/slower than others.

  •  Good results if I take one pill
    Susan (Verified User)

    I am a 33 yo female with a history of major depressive episodes and seasonal affective disorder. I keep my depression in check with regular exercise and watching my alcohol intake. I do not take antidepressants. I started on oxyelite pro 3 weeks ago and am seeing great results when combined with smart eating and exercise. On one pill a day I had elevated mood and energy. On two pills a day I started experiencing some sleep disturbances – waking up too early, not sleeping a full 8 hours. I just started taking 3 pills a day and am experiencing crying jags unrelated to any events, bad dreams, and waking up in the middle of the night. I will be cutting back to only 1 pill a day.

  •  No thyroid at all
    Aji (Verified User)

    I’m hypothyroid (no thyroid at all) I have taken OEP and have help me get my energy back! Now I feel like a human being again awake and aware of everything around me. Thank you OEP for making this pill….. I’m eternally gratefull !


    Absolutely loved it, follow the directions as indicated with tons of water or you’ll have dry throat. I lost 40# within the first two months, then took a month break as stated or you’ll have kidney problems, (so give your body a rest) I didn’t had time to excersize working 9-5 Monday-Friday yet I got an immense energy increase and got hot flashes due to the thermo. Bottom line I highly recommend it wish it was back at the GNC stores for my friends to use. Luckily I reached my goal weight back on 2012, before they recalled it 🙂

  • Needs assistance

    if have the same question, hope someone answer

    • Anonymous

      yes taking a contraceptive pill at the same time is perfectly safe.

  • Horrible experience
    Alexis (Verified User)

    I took OEP last Spring when I was competing for a figure competition and needed to drop the last few pounds. It worked wonders.

    Since then I’ve been on 50mg of methadone (Dr. Prescribed) and decided to try it again today. I took the lowest dose of one tablet about 20 minutes after drinking a latte and eating some chocolate and ended up convulsively vomiting for over an hour. I thought I was going to die.

    My question is, do you think this was a freak accident and I should try it again or should I cut my losses and give up? I’m terrified it will happen again, it was horrible!

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Alexis. You might want to consult with your physician before starting up with this product again.

    • Jen

      Its because you had other caffeinated food, to start eat something when you take it and drink only water, preferably a healthy carb to assess your tolerance sounds like combined with the latte and chocolate your system was having a reaction to the caffeine, also don’t be overly tired or over heated when taking like no outdoor running in 80* weather!

    • becca

      it says right on the bottle not to take with other caffeinated products. . .

  • Fluke or lay off of it?
    Alexis (Verified User)

    I took oxyelite pro last spring when I was training for a figure competition and dropped 5lbs in three weeks when I barely had anything left to lose. I decided to take it again today and started with the lowest dose. After about an hour of taking it I got a really bad stomach ache and was vomitting non-stop and uncontrollably for over an hour. I thought I was going to die.

    What was different from last time was a couple of things. First off I had just drank a large latte 15-20 minutes prior, I ate a pretty good sized piece of chocolate 20 minutes after taking it and am on 50mg of methadone (dr. Prescribed). Do you think it was a fluke or should I lay off of it?

  •  Works on my ADHD
    Leah (Verified User)

    I started taking OEP 6 days ago and started going to the gym 7 days ago. I want to lose 60 pounds by July. I weighed 193.2 when I started this product and today weighed 184.2. Nine pounds is great for one week. I am going to use it for one month, go off it, and detox for a week or two. Like others, it gives me more energy and focus. Because my appetite is hugely diminished I chose veggies and fruits over juice and instant oatmeal or Mc Donald’s french fries. I don’t even MISS the fries! I can’t see a difference in my body but my kids say I’m not as cranky. I am also very ADHD and someone said this works like Adderal. I’ve never had good results with ADHD meds but this seems to work for me. The label does recommend checking with your doctor before taking this. I did not. I am not technically obese but overweight so without taking anything else it seems harmless. I am otherwise in good health.

    • Mara

      Hi. Congrats on the weight loss! Can you tell me what you diet and exercise regimen looked like when you lost all that weight.

  •  Energetic and motivated
    Matt (Verified User)

    Not everyone will react the same way. For instance, if you are taking any medication(or supplement) that causes anxiety or depression…stop taking it.

    I’ve been on OEP for two weeks now. It’s given me a huge increase in energy, and motivation. Oddly enough, I have taken depression medications in the past, and have been prone to both anxiety and depression. Since I’ve been on OEP, I’m a completely different person. I’m legitimately happy, and positive about life. When I don’t take the pills, I have to put a little work in, but I can maintain that attitude fairly well. OEP has helped me change my perspective, and I love it. I feel great when I’m on it, and I have zero crash when the pills wear out. I can feel a reduction in energy(after I workout), but it’s nothing out of the ordinary. I was skeptical, but now I’m a believer. Follow the instructions to the letter, and you should be okay. If, for some reason, you are experiencing depression/anxiety, just stop taking it.

  •  I felt great
    Hannah (Verified User)

    First of all, Im a woman. This was my first day taking the OxyElite pro. I felt great! Im usually really lazy i run for 45 minutes and i usually get tired within 5 minutes, Im pretty sure that i was able to run more but i didnt want to abuse from it. I also drank two pill the first day and nothing happened to me. Ill make a post in a week to see how im doing.

  •  Should stop taking it
    Leah (Verified User)

    I’ve been taking OEP for about 4 weeks now. I don’t have a scale in my apartment so I’m not sure if I’ve lost anything (not helpful…) But I don’t feel any signficant weight change. Although I havent changed my diet or exercise routines much.

    I feel as though my mood has definitely been affected. I freak out at my boyfriend for every little thing, and have extreme reactions to insignificant events. He has asked me what my problem is and why i’ve been acting this way lately. He doesn’t know I’m taking these pills. I just put the connection together that they may be affecting my mood swings. Also my period is a bit late this month, and I’m wondering if OEP has anything to do with it. Only a day or so late at the moment, but i’m not usually late. Early if anything.

    I feel like I should stop taking it, but I don’t want the pills to have been a waste of money, and I want to see if I have any weight loss in the weeks to come.

    Anyone else have any chances in their period??

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Leah, if your side effects continue please stop taking oxyelite and consult with your physician.

  •  Losing pounds
    Paul (Verified User)

    I’m now on Day 5. I’ve just started taking it twice a day. 0730 and 1300. No side effects thus far. First day, I felt wired, now my body is apparently used to it. I started OEP after having just lost 16 pounds in one month. I’m hoping to lose another 16 over the next 2 months. Eating 1500 calories and working out 6 days a week. Here’s to OEP helping me reach my goal. I will post final evaluation in 2 months.

  •  190 pounds in 8 weeks
    James (Verified User)

    I just started taking OEP today. I took my first pill around 745am and it’s now 6pm and my ears still have a warm tingly feeling that they’ve had all day. I worked out today…had an above average workout. Lots of energy. I will go up to 2 pills a day on day 5, but I will not do 3 pills a day. I started a weight loss challenge 4 weeks ago and have gone from 230 down to currently 213. I am hoping to hit 190 in the next 8 weeks using OEP, eating 1500 cals, and working out 6 days a week. I’m 6’2″. I will report back with my progress in 2 months. Wish me luck.

  • brettschaaf

    does anyone know how this product works while on testosterone & i do feel alittle irritated

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Brett. It is advised to not mix this product with other supplements. You should not take these with your testosterone products.

  •  Suppresses appetite
    Anon (Verified User)

    Be absolutely sure that you drink plenty of water. Do exactly what the directions say. I have been sensitive to thermogenics as well and used to get that depressed feeling when I take them, and with this one I don’t feel that way. I feel better… it’s so weird. Anyway, the first two days are wired, but it’ll be fine. Suppresses appetite really well… It harkens back to Solo Slim for me.

  •  I love OxyElite Pro
    jag (Verified User)

    I have taken this for two months. I only lost about 8 lbs.but gained much muscle as my workouts were incredible and I could go longer! Oep did give me energy, but it also helped with my pms/depression symptoms to a great length. (P.s. I have always exercised and ate well…this boosted my already existing habits) my depression was getting bad…I can’t even explain…but oep helped balance my moods, in addition to curb cravings and boost my workouts. I love it.

  •  Losing weight for a week
    Mallie (Verified User)

    I have been taking OxyElite Pro for a week now, I lost 9 pounds, female, 5.6 feet, used to 156 pounds but now my weight is 147 pounds

  • Is this normal?
    Myung (Verified User)

    So this is my 4th day and I haven’t experienced any psych issues but am experiencing extreme thirst at all times. Anyone experiencing the same thing?

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hello, this product might cause feelings of dehydration so make sure to keep drinking liquids throughout the day.

  • Are there any known side effects?

    My fiance (now estranged), has been taken these capsules daily for 6 months. She is very irritable,confrontational, presents extreme RAGE at the littlest things, has been neglecting her son, her pets, our home, and is now moving into a mold infested trailer from a nice home in a NICE SUBDIVISION. Her fits of rage and depression cause her to blame everyone for everything with no accountability at all for her actions, which by the way are terrible. We counted the pills in her bottle at 9 am and there were 9 left. We counted them at 4 pm and there were 4 left. Since she has started taking this supplement she has become severely irritable, hateful, and somewhat psychotic with her mood swings and behaviour. I do not know how many OEP should be taken in a day but it seems as though she has become addicted to this product and is OVER using this product which is causing emotion and probably physicial issues. Her 17 year old son is seeing the same thing and is also suffering from the rath of her destruction and is staying away from her. What should I do because she will not stop using this product. Is this product addictive and what are long term health hazards physically?

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hello Bryan. Some dieters have claimed to have experienced depression, headaches and dehydration while taking this product.

    • Melissa

      Maximum dose is 3 pills per day. Two in the am, one 5 hours later. She’s obvipusly abusing these pills, and why??? I have NO idea. It’s not like they make you high or anything.

      Maybe she’s always had issues with psychotic episodes and has never been diagnosed. But it sounds like she really needs help.

    • UncleP

      Sounds like she may be chemically dependent. Knowing if she is addicted will help both of you to address this properly. Just be open minded because people that are addicted to pills like these, or adderall (speed) to addicts don’t see what is happening. Maybe softly hint towards the thought. Good luck

  • Should I feel this way?
    madison (Verified User)

    I started my first cycle of oep 3 days ago and so far I have not lost any weight yet. I am 5’7″ 132lbs. I want to get to 125ish. I eat a clean diet, very few refined carbs and sugars and drink about 5 liters of water a day. i have been feeling bloated the last 3 days. anyone have this feeling when they are on oep?

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi madison, this might be a side effect from the pill. If it continues, please make sure to consult with your physician before continuing to take this product.

  •  Started good but experiencing issues now
    Dennis (Verified User)

    When i first started taking this product it did what everyone said it would,give you great energy and i lost a lot of weight, i took the first bottle with no major side effects, but when i started on the second bottle, i notice major depression, it was so bad that i just went home to go to sleep hoping the depression would go away. But i was told that i wasnt drinking enough water. I hate to let this product go, i must try to drink more water and sees what happens, if not i will have to find something else.

  • Can I take it with alcohol?
    Anonymous (Verified User)

    i see that the bottle says no alcohol but if i take 1 in the morning can i drink in the evening?

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hello. It is not advised to drink while taking this product.

  •  Makes you very energetic
    Tc (Verified User)

    I’ve taken the Oxy Elite the full 90 tablets 3 times a day with a 6 day a week training schedule, it works and also makes you peak (energetic) so if you dont like being overly awake and alert dont take… i was told also to eat minimum carbs and drink water regularly

  •  the best fat loss pill ever
    maria hughes (Verified User)

    i got to 6% bodyfat using these oxyelitepro and think they are the best out there when used right in conjunction with intense cardio twice daily and weight training. i was distraught when they banned them and want them back on supplement shelves

  • How to take the product safely?
    Amy (Verified User)

    I have been on Oxyelite pro for the past 8 weeks and have lost 5 lbs. Only took 1 pill a day. Do I have to stop taking it for 4 weeks?

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Amy. For detailed product use and instructions, please refer to the official oxyelite website.

  •  Product didn't work for me
    Mazzy1830 (Verified User)

    This product did not work for me. I was not expecting or needing a miracle to happen for me.I have used other weight loss products before and I did not get any real results after entire bottle at max dosage. The caffeine jazzes you up a little bit and that’s it .I did all the right things diet, exercise and lot of water. I feel I was mislead by bogus reviews and a pushy sales man. If you need to lose weight I would not waste my money on oxyelite. Research another product and DO not buy Oxyelite Pro NO SHOW!!

  • Eat healthier and walk a little more

    I don’t understand why everyone expects for a drug(natural or manufactured) to fix everything… Why don’t you just walk a little more and eat healthier. You can also eat less… It’s crazy. You can actually loose weight safely and effectively without spending tons of money on all these weightloss products. Most of the problem is that Americans eat way to much. Eat till you are satisfied and not stuffed. You stomach might stop expanding and it will take less to make you satisfied.

    • Anonymous

      ….or a person can eat less, start doing some excercise, and take a pill to SUPPLEMENT what they are doing. If somebody is already starting to do something to improve themselves, what’s wrong with getting a little help from a diet supplement?

      • Bree

        Thank you!
        If thats the way YOU want to do things more power to you… There are better causes you can fight against other than people taking a diet pill. lol.

  •  This is a good stuff
    hotwheels (Verified User)

    Im a paraplegic in a wheelchair at all times, so weight loss is a little harder for me. Before taking oep I would eat at least 2000 calories a day. Before starting this I weighed 200lbs. Five months later I am at 147. I am large build and 5’11”. Since I started I eat 1000-1200 calories a day (im not starving myself- just being in my situation I need to eat less) and I also exercise 3.5-7 miles a day averaging 4mph. I am currently hunting something down so I can take that break they speak of after 8 weeks which I have not done yet. I take 2-3 a day, and sometimes if I really need to I will take 4. I have noticed it being a little less effective, but no bad side effects from not taking the break. I also have never experienced depression or anxiety either before or while using OEP. This is some good stuff- ive got a lot of my friends using it now too.

    • cj

      Hi buddy, like you I too am a para. As you are aware it’s quite a task to shed those extra pounds.
      I am a 25yr old heavy built 5’11 male. Bin on wheels for a year now.
      I am a regular at the gym. I am on roliten OD, a drug that prevents bladder accidents.
      Is it safe to youse oep with it.
      Also, I have bee. asked to check out cellucor t7. A stimulant free fat burner. Do you know anything about it?!

  •  It's amazing! Highly recommended!
    Dima (Verified User)

    Well I tried natural green pill extract pills, tried Lipo 6x, tried Lipo 6 hers, tried Lipo 6 BLACK hers, and tried OxyElite pro….Nothingggg worked better the OEP..It’s amazing! I am the happiest when I’m on it, than when I’m off it! The month break that I should take after 8 weeks of use is hell on earth for me! When you get that amazing flat belly and awesome figure, nothing in the world could depress u! But just to warn u, this is an addictive drug and once u use it, i think nothing else will satisfy u as this one does! I recommend it all the way! Good Luck! 😀

  • can i take wort mood health

    can i take st.johns wort mood health with oxy elite pro

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Lynda. Please make sure to consult with your physician before mixing those two products.

  •  Feel so sick and jittery
    liz (Verified User)

    I no this is long but please bear with me. When I bought OXP i told the lady at GNC I was taking Adderall and Welbutrin and she said that there should be no problem cuz OEP is herbal. I also looked up reviews asking the same thing and ppl seemed to not have a problem. So I started taking OEP 3 days ago. The first day it made me very jittery and i would get really hot then really cold n it gave me a little headache. but then yesterday and today it made me feel so sick i threw up yesterday from it but i am wondering if it just takes like a week to get use to it or if it does have to do with taking Adderall and Welbutrin. Please any answers would help.

    • Anonymous

      you should never take any suppliments with meds like those without talking to your doctor. All meds started out as a herbal something so keep that in mind. I would stop taking the OEP with the adderall. That is a stimmulant and would interact with the stimmulants in OEP. Also I have heard that it interacts with anti-depressants such as welbutrin. Kind of like the interactions of st. johns wart and anti-depressents.

  •  Not feeling hungry or tired
    Frank (Verified User)

    I’m on my fourth day and have already noticed a difference. The most immediate effect is my hunger pangs have gone away. I’ve been on a diet and exercise shedule for the past 3 months. I still eat the same, but i don’t have the “always hungry” feeling anymore. Also, I’m not getting as tired at the gym (sometimes my body just goes kaput mid-workout). We’ll see….

  •  Need to loose more weight
    jacqui (Verified User)

    I take trilipix for high cholesterol…is it okay to take this product. I have been taking it for 5 weeks, and lost 6 lbs..only need to lost another 4. please let me know. thank you

  •  Lost some weight but having depression
    Heather (Verified User)

    I lost about 20 pounds within 2 bottles of this stuff. It’s great for losing weight, but i don’t care what anyone says, i got major depression while taking it. I never had this issue before the pills and as soon as I got off them my depression went away.

  •  Helps loose weight but drink plenty water
    alex (Verified User)

    been taking OEP for a month now and the first two weeks i lost about a pound a day went from 194 to 182 in that time. I eat less and also i stopped working out do to my work shedule, but still lost the weight..Remember to drink water like a fish..if you don’t you may get nausia and feel overly tired or depressed..think of water as OEP’s fuel lol also add a multivitamin to it and a liver support..drinking alcohol while taking the pill will destroy your liver so be careful..My wife started taking it and she is finally up and about the house doing things lol overall this has been an awesome exprience..I’ve tried countless other weight loss products while working out and dieting and this the only pill that worked for me. Good luck everyone

    • H-Man

      Hi Alex, I’ve been on this for close to a week and I do agree with you. My question to you is “Is the wife still on it and how does she like it?” My wife needs to lose about 20 lb’s to get back to her right old weight (125)She had the big “BC” is over with that and all the treatments. She’s recovered nicely and needs to drop about 20lbs. She has already dropped 10, but it took 3 months (Working out). Did your wife do I well with the doses? I take 1 a day….2 would send me into oblivian. I think they may be the best product I ever tried! Let me know.

  •  Feel so motivated and have energy
    Anonymous (Verified User)

    I think it’s a personal tolerance issue… I am a 35 yo that is prone to depression, but the OEP actually HELPS. I feel more focused and motivated. I find myself moving more… Like instead of vegging in front of tv, I’m motivated to do a workout or clean or laundry etc. Not a hyper type of energy. Just more motivated.

  • Having problems to sleep
    Anonymous (Verified User)

    Ever since I started taking oxyelite pro I`ve had trouble sleeping. The only way I can sleep is if I take tylenol pm. Is anyone else having this much trouble sleeping?

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hello, this product could cause sleeplessness if taken too late in the day. If these side effects continue, please make sure to consult with your physician.

    • alex

      make sure your not taking it too close to bed time i take my last pill at least 4 hours before bed if i wait any longer i won’t sleep lol also if your not doing a workout with it try starting one it will use up all that extra energy this wonderful little pill gives ya

  •  Have high energy but don't have appetite
    Christina (Verified User)

    I bought my first bottle yesterday and I dont know why but I took a pill around 8 pm and the rest of the night almost got sort of a cocaine type high. I had so much energy. I took one today too and felt great. It was almost euphoric. But the only thing that I have a problem with is it doesnt seem to be doing much for my appetite. But I guess it’s too early to tell. BTW I am 5’4 and 223. I want to get down to 200, so hopefully this will do the trick.

    • alex

      the OEP hasn’t done much for my appetite either although friends of mine have commented on it lessening or removing their appetite completely..I believ it’s a mind thing..If you decide your less hungry and make yourself believe it you will be also I had to force myself to change my diet. Get your friends to help you out with that or your significant other if you need the little extra push. And to maximize your results do some cardio workouts at least three times a week for a minimum of 30 minutes

      • cblue

        on my second week and still get hungry feelings and cravings but soon as I take a bite or two I quickly get full. I thought it was funny because I either throw my food away or store it in a container which fridge at work and home is full of. One or two days it had suppressed my appetite so that I forgot to eat. My Mom had to remind that I need to eat something. Im 5’5 200 lbs hoping to see 175 lbs which haven’t seen in a long time.

  •  Product is great and gives good energy
    toya (Verified User)

    I lost ten pounds with this product in 6 weeks, most of all i lost inches! Gives good energy and no jitters!!

  •  Will wait for the results
    Richard (Verified User)

    I just bought my first bottle yesterday. I will start on Monday. I am looking to cut maybe 10 pounds of body fat to help get toned up
    Im 5’10” 190 pounds
    I will let you guys know how it turns out for me

  • Product weight lost

    After you lose the weight you want to lose do you have to continue taking the Oxyelite Pro?

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Stacy. When you stop taking the product, as long as you keep up with a healthy diet you should be able to keep the weight off.

  •  Product side effects
    Anonymous (Verified User)

    I’ve been taking OEP for 6 weeks now.I’ve lost 25 pounds but I am experiencing severe depression.I don’t have Phych issues or any mental problems but it seems like it makes me feel so down. This product is excellent in minimizing your over eating habit and pushing you to work out harder but not good when it comes to your moods..

  • not sure how much this is affecting
    sarahh (Verified User)

    I’ve been taking OEP for a week now. I am a femal 5’6″ and started weighing 152lbs. I have been eating a lot healthie (and a lot less), along with working out 4/7 days and have lost 7 lbs.

    I also made my own stack with it – not sure how much this is affecting it directly, but here’s what I’ve been supplementing OEP with: multi vitamen, CLA, beEnhances (which is a blend of omega 3s.. comparable to AbCuts), and L-carnitine ~30min before working out.

    I’ve been drinking a ton of water too, which is making me wonder if I’m just losing water weight or actually dropping fat.

  • side effects did you experience

    Currently I am on blood pressure medicine and would like to start taking it. Is anyone on the same type of meds that have started taking this product and if so what kind of side effects did you experience?

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Kayla, it is not advised to mix this product with blood pressure medications.

  • take them with dinner before
    Khris (Verified User)

    I work nights and am trying to figure out the best time to take the pills. I go into work at 1030 pm. I wonder if I should take them with dinner before i go or with my lunch at work at 3 am. ?

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Khris. For detailed product instructions please refer to the official oxyelite website for more information.

    • jav

      i too work nights, what have you found that works for you?

  •  great energy- great appetite supressant
    SARAH ANN (Verified User)

    Ive took these pills for a week as of today, along with my mom- our first week- I lost 7 lbs- she lost 5! Love them- great energy- great appetite supressant

  • Very excited
    luz (Verified User)

    Very excited just bought my firt bottle of OEP can wait to start tomorrow hoping to see great results ..

  •  hope this helps
    SS (Verified User)

    I have been taking this product for over a month. maybe closer to 2. With tons of exercise and diet of 1000 nutrional calories a day I have lost 19lbs. It does however make me a little jittery still and sometimes cranky. I do love the enegry it gives. In the past 5 months I have lost 41 pounds total and hit a plateu, so this was just what I needed to re-vamp . Its helps tremendous if its taken the right way. 7am and 3pm I have found is the best for me. Somedays I forget but when I do , I feel its still in my system and I do just fine. Everyone looses weight at a different rate. Whats important is to get into a fitness routine and a good healthy diet and anything you take will help! There is no magic pill but based on the things I have taken in the past this seems to be the best so far =) hope this helps

  • decrease in my appetite
    Mary Ades (Verified User)

    I started OEP today, I have definitely noticed a decrease in my appetite. I also started the p90x program 2 days ago so I am really excited to see some results.

    • Anonymous

      I started three days ago and p90x and I feel wonderful..oep makes me wanna wrk out twice a day…I haven’t had any depression issues with the pills

    • Erika

      Mary, I started P90X last week and this week I got my OEP and I am excited to see the results. Today is my first day taking it and so far no side effects. Let me know how your results go with the P90X and the OEP combined. I will post my results as well…Good Luck!!!

      • lmc

        I started p90x last week and then on monday i purchased oep.. i workout all the time but weight loss is slow i hope this speeds it up. i want to loose 40lbs. by july..i was successful 2yrs ago with hydroxy cut hard core..i lost 70 lbs. good luck everyone i will keep in touch with results…

      • erica

        Hi,erika iam getting ready to purchace p90x how are things going iam loosing but i really want to be very tone how are things going for you

  •  Product will wrk great
    andrez (Verified User)

    I have a friend who takes this, he really eats bad food and never excersices and he wants to loose weight. It wont work like that. im on my tenth day i have a really great diet and i do about 220 miunutes of cardio in a week and about 120 minutes of weights. it is working great for me. i started at 192lbs about a month ago now 2/14/2011 im 178lbs. you just have to have a good diet and good workout and this product will wrk great.

  • OEP and JACK3D
    mike (Verified User)

    if you are a sports athlete OEP and JACK3D will test positive for performance enhancers only on the WADA because it is considered a performance enhancer

  • feeling kind of vomitty
    sarah (Verified User)

    idk i just startd 2 days ago and im only takn one a day so far…n i have been feeling kind of vomitty…should i increase to two a day on day four or should i just stick to one a day??

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Sarah, please make sure to follow the instructions on the bottle in order for you to achieve weight loss results and not to experience any side effects.

    • sarahh

      make sure you’re drinking enough water and remembering to eat. some of the vomitty feeling could be you’re dehydrated/over doing something in your liver.

    • Angela

      I agree. When I first started taking this, I was feeling very nauseous. I am prone to dehydration, so I drank a few bottles of water and felt great! Just keep up with your water…remember if you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated.

      • John

        I also felt the vomiting feeling, but it went away in 2-3 hours. Walking around really helps. Don’t stay in one place for too long

    MARIA (Verified User)


    • Anonymous

      Good Luck Maria! 🙂

  •  topped taking the Dietary Supplement.
    Cali (Verified User)

    When ever you take any Dietary Supplement regardless of what the instructions say you should always start off w/ one for the first couple of days to see what your body can tolerate. Of course everyone is not going to see the same results and reactions are always different. Lastly when ever taking a dietary supplement such as Oxy Elite (which I have no compalints about) it should be a temporary aid to compliment a lifestyle change to losing weight w/ a workout plan. Taking a Dietary Supplement and sitting around can cause Depression and other issues in my opinion. If you take Oxy Elite I suggest you workout with it and there is where you will see your “results”. Like I said this is merely an aid in helping you lose weight the long term results are up to you. When you sit around waiting to lose weight on the pill alone there is no way for your body to work off the energy that it needs therefore you gain no muscle so what ever weight you do lose will just come back after you have stopped taking the Dietary Supplement.

    • lanise

      ur comment really helped me to make the choice to start taking OEP….i have started going to the gym atleast 3 times a wk and i have cut my eating down, i wanted to get a hold on that be4 i start the pill 2marro….i have alot of acid reflux and digestive issues..is this something to be concerned with taking a diet pill that i never taken be4?

      • Christina (Editor)

        Hi Lanise. Because of your acid reflex and digestive issues, please make sure to consult with your physician to make sure this product is safe for you to take.

  •   I love it
    Emily (Verified User)

    My husband got this supplement from gmc on trial. He gave it to me to try, and I’ve lost 6 pounds in 9 days. I’ve been exercising for about 45 minutes a day, even before taking OxyElite- but didn’t lose any weight until this supplement. I love it! And it killed my sweet tooth…. Didn’t think anything could do that!!! I plan to continue this product for the next seven weeks!

  • I am totally lost
    loubna (Verified User)

    I took Oxyelite pro for 10 days and i started noticing some weight lost of 200 g a day and then i traveled out of town and i fogot to take it with me. Am I gone gain weight? should I start taking it again as soon as i returned back home ( after 2 weeks) ???? I am totally lost and don’t know what to do! pls help

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Loubna. For detailed product use instructions please refer to the official oxyelite website for more information.

  •  Great product but has been taken off market due to liver damage etc.
    Your Name (Verified User)

    great product but has been taken off market due to liver damage etc.

  •  OxyElite Pro
    Anonymous (Verified User)

    after 3 days seems to decrease my appetite and give me energy.

  •  GREAT results when combined
    Jennifer (Verified User)

    I have been taking OEP for about a week now and am seeing GREAT results when combined with proper diet and exercise. I take one in the morning before a light breakfast and one in the afternoon either before I workout or 4-6 hrs after the first pill. I lost 5-6 lbs already. I am not at all depressed and one reason why other users may be depressed is a lack of exercise or proper dieting. This is a very strong pill and you MUST get out and move while on it or else you may feel restless. If you feel tired while on the pill go for a walk and move around to wake your body up. The time it takes your body to adjust to these chemicals may vary and the more moving you do the better. Also you are what you eat and in order to achieve the maximum potential of any diet/supplement you have to eat correctly. While on the pill you may experience a chilled feeling while at rest and you will sweat more while working out. DO NOT take more than one pill to start off with! If you do not follow the directions it can affect your heart due to the high level of caffeine. LIMIT your caffeine intake after taking your pills, especially if you are not used to high levels of caffeine. The most important thing about beginning a healthy dose of diet pills is to SLOWLY adjust to them. Make sure that you drink water constantly while on the pill so you stay hydrated and feel full. It cut my appetite and with water I am able to maintain a low fat low calorie diet without the usual cravings. That’s my story and advice for current and future users 🙂

  •  my body felt a lil to relaxed
    Trece (Verified User)

    Today was my first day with Oxy Elite Pro felt really really tierd and my body felt a lil to relaxed. So i didnt go to sleep even though i was so tierd But now i feel good its later in the nite tommrow ill take another then after day three ill take 2 a day

  • little nervous
    Trish (Verified User)

    Starting OEP on Monday! Some of these comments have me a little nervous, I must say. But Im still gonna give it a go. Would like to lose 60lbs by July… Wish me luck!

    • Shawn

      Good Luck Trish. I am starting mine on Monday, hope they work. I am shooting for 25 pounds myself. Praying that I see good results. I need a flat belly again.

  •  I'm so ready to start tomorrow
    crystal (Verified User)

    hello everyone,i just got bac from tha gnc store. i bought a bottle of oep. im soready to start tomorrow. i am goin to use it with diet and working out. ive read alot of reveiws and i love wat i see so ill keep and update week after week!!! i hope it works for me like everyone else!!!

  •  Highly reccomended
    Kymberlie (Verified User)

    I love the oep with a multivitamin. I’ve lost a lot. Highly reccomended.

    • Gi

      When you say you lost a lot-how much and what was your daily routine-any special changes in your diet/exercise regimin?

      • justin

        ive taken 3 2 mth sicles of the oep and have lost 45bl with no change in diet

    • aimee

      Did you exercise?

  •   Convenient
    Candace (Verified User)

    i’ve been taking this pill for 6 days. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. And i kid you not, the day i recieved my pills, i weighed 197.6. Today i weigh 188.2! I’ve lost 9 pounds in one week. I’ve been treated for depression in the past and this pill makes me feel the opposite actually. I’m motivated to exercise and when i don’t think i can do more i become totally focused and push through it. My appetite is history. I do get very thirsty after taking it and have to have water which only aids in my weight loss. When i do consciously tell myself i need to eat, i pick healthy options instead of what’s quick and convenient. If there are any skeptics who still don’t believe that it works, if you’re willing to invest 29.99 (got mines from amazon) you wont be disappointed. This pill is too good to be true.

    • Roxy

      I just started taking OEP again, I am only able to take one the morning. I took two the first time around and I always ended up throwing up. I haven’t lost anything! I am going to give it a few weeks.

      • cblue

        Only threw up twice in the same day while on OEP. Once after brushing my teeth and dentist appointment. However toothpaste and a weak stomach makes me gag anyway. I am on second week and lost back my 6 pounds. I gain them when stopping taking them then over eating cake and ice cream at several parties.

    • erica

      I have been taking oep for 3weeks now i think its really great in the past i took adepix that made me feel crazy like i was on speed and didnt loose weight i think its great and i will cont/to take this product

    • stacey

      I have been diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety. I just started these pills today and hope to have the opposite of depression like you..your comment was helpful thank you

  • Motivation

    I started taking this along with the GNC Vitamin Mega Man Sport and have never felt better. More motivation and elevated mood.

  •  love the results
    Damien (Verified User)

    After reading hundreds of reviews from different sites. it seems the majority of the people feeling depression when taking OEP are WOMEN. Just an observation. I’ve been taking it for a while and love the results.

    • kathy

      Thats pretty darn true! im a female, and i have these side effects esp. depression. Lots of mix moods. did lose weight though.

    • girlie

      My husband is a chsnged man since he took these and not for the better.i feel like he hates me, when i tried to discuss he seemed like he didnt care, when i asked if he still wanted to be with me he said he didnt know, he’s so snappy and dismissive, its really hard to live with him like this, we were about the happiest we have ever been before oep.

      • johnny

        its not just women i have been taking this for a while now and seem to fly off the handle in fits of rage. im normally a very happy wouldnt hurt a fly kind of guy. lately i have had thoughts of killing people. it never occured to me it was the pills until now. they going in the trash

      • UncleP

        U link your marital problems to OEP? If he stops taking OEP and he still is a dick, then what?

  • Amanda

    I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!! I have notexperienced any bad side effects. I am loosing weight at a rapid pace and could not be more satisfied with the product.

  •  Depression
    Jenn (Verified User)

    I am on my 5th day of OEP pills and I haven’t experienced any depression. in my job it’s very stressful sometimes but I noticed it gives me a great feeling of happiness and I’m so much more patient and calmer now. I’ve noticed it’s also cut my sweet tooth 100% and now I enjoy working out and eating healthy! I’m loving the results so far. It does make you sweat a lot though! But no jitters and the first night I couldn’t sleep but now my sleeping is back to normal. I only take 1 pill at 7AM and then 1 more pill at 3PM. I also combined mine with the GNC women’s multivitamin. I’m already noticing I don’t have as much of a muffin top! 😀

  • Normal
    Marie (Verified User)

    Ive been taking the oxyelite pro for 3weeks and only lost 4pounds is that normal?

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Marie. All dieters experience different weight loss results. Some users loose weight faster/slower than others; results depend on the user.

    • ryan

      this is very normal i am a personal trainer that has been through all these weight loss pills to seee what works and what doesent i had lost 110 punds and became a personal trainer no weight loss supplememts or nothing the average health weight to lose per week is about 1 to 2 pounds but could be more as long as your eating the right foods and not starving yourself.

  •   Stimulations
    Andy (Verified User)

    I think the stimulations effect that oxyelite pro has creates a hyper alert state that changes your affect. Its similar to what happens if youve ever taken adderall. I can relate to the feeling. I wouldnt exactly qualify it as depression, as much as a change in affect….

    • Anonymous

      about to take this tablet but worried since so many ppl complain abot depression factors associated…can u help me clarify if it’s worth a shot

  • mari

    Hi everyone. I’ve been taking OxyElite Pro and I’ve been doing great . i have not experianced any depression or emotional feelings.I’m just finishing my frist bottle and take the one month off and thinking about going back on after. I have had great results.

    • Marie

      if you dont mind me asking how many pounds did u loose with the one bottle?

      • Adriana

        how may pound did u loose with one botle??

  •  I lost 40 kilo's with it.
    Miss Devina (Verified User)

    I lost 40 kilo’s with it. Just follow the instructions and drink lots of water! One pill per day was enough and if i didnt work out i lost weight too. My sister in law tried them too, they had absolutely no impact on her.

  •  Jitters
    John (Verified User)

    I work at GNC and I have sold this product to at least 100 people and I have never received a single complaint in regards to depression. The only thing that has ever been mentioned is that it can give some people the jitters. Also, just to let you know, I’ve taken 3 bottles, lost over thirty pounds and 15% of my body fat.

    • Anonymous

      John did u excercise to lose the 30 pounds & take the tablet or lost the weight just on the oxypro???

    • Anonymous

      John,No two individuals are alike. I myself have also been working for GNC a good 10yrs. And have had my share of good and bad reviews on OxyElite pro. Everyone’s body tolerance is different to caffeine or any herbals supplements. It is a top seller but results will vary from person to person… Like with anything we can sell a product but can not make claims that everyone will be satisfied. Keeping in mind GNC mission statement ” We are committed to provide excellent customer service that exceeds our customers expectations. Thats providing knowledge of the product and keeping it real!!!

      • Anonymous

        love your response, i have to admit that i like the effectiveness, have lost 6 pounds in one week, but real deabting on giving this up, because i have bouts of crying for hours for no Reason, and at the drop of a hat, balling like ive lost a loved one or something, very unusual for me, i am not a big cryer,so have been takin it for about two weeks now, sometimes unusual aggression and mood swings, my mom is a nurse she told me to give it up and try something else, but still debating, losing weight quick, hard to give up…maybe it’s not worth it though

        • Anonymous

          I really appreciate your response! Thank you! I am a 52 year old, post-menopausal female desperately trying to get rid of the weight I’ve gained due to hormonal changes. I personally think that hormonal changes in women play a major role in the side effects experienced. I share this information as something for you to keep in mind when selling this product.

        • Anonymous

          I have been taking something else. I know someone who is taking this and doesn’t have half the results I have had. I have lost 35 lbs in 5 weeks. I don’t like things that work like this, because they usually don’t work for me. Plus you have to be careful with the loose weight quick things. usually not to healthy for you. The stuff that I take isn’t supposed to make you loose weight this fast but I don’t feel tired or hyper.

        • kyle hayden

          this yes exactly how i feel i been on it for two weeks an everyone is just aggervating to me an i just want to work an chill ppl just are pissing me off

        • Irma

          I am 51 years old I use to have high flashes constant every minute to 2 I would time it at work its embarring sweating I would go to the bathroom put a cold paper towel until i got home that was relief. I gave myself frostbite. all through the night started at age 49 I made 50 birthday my cycle stop september 3,2012 hot flashes got stronger I drink plenty of water I would put the frozen bottle of water on my forehead and place it in my chest I did so regular to cool my body down it go frustrating I want it to go away I tried having sex to see will that slow the sweating didnt work so I Oep I followed the instructionas followed 1 pill a day on the fourth day 2 pills I feel jittery and I had lots of energy wasnt tired and I noticed the flashes went away my cycle retun 1 month and six days
          10-9-2012 which was normal I weight in at 213lbs 3weeks later 188lbs only took 31 pills I great I would recommend oep. felt hyper which I need that especially at work I had to be alert dont feel tired anymore. even my husband noticed the weight loss

    • Anonymous

      John – though you have sold to at least 100 people, and have not received any complaints of depression, it does not mean the problem does not exist. It is not uncommon for people to buy a product, realize they are having side effects and give it up without complaining about it. I had no problem when I initially started taking the product and I have had good results, but my husband noticed that I become unusually aggressive and I recently started experiencing feelings of anxiety. The GNC rep that sold the product to me said he had reports of people stating that their libido was through the roof…imagine that! LOL Please don’t take my comments wrong because I don’t want to sound like I am attacking you, but I ask that you keep in mind that everyone is different. Age, sex (M/F), and women who are menopausal or postmenopausal are likely to be impacted differently due to hormonal changes. I agree that this is a great product, but as a GNC rep selling this product I ask that you keep an open mind.

    • chilo

      hey john i just bought some of these have taken them 2 days i like them but feel weird i feel like my body gets stiff n lazy. i also feel the opposite of energy i just want to sit. could it b my body reacting???

      • Christina (Editor)

        Hello, if these side effects continue you might want to consult with your physician to make sure its safe for you to take this product.

    • Anonymous

      I have been taking OEP almost a week and it gives me great energy. But I feel like my appetite has increased instead of decreased?

  •  depression
    Bob (Verified User)

    Odd.. I’m actually taking this product specifically for depression… and I feel great

  •  experienced
    Will (Verified User)

    My girlfriend and her daughter both experienced severe depression while taking OxyElite Pro.

    My stepdaughter stopped completely, my girlfriend took a few weeks off, but as soon as she started again the depression returned.

    She liked the results the pills gave, but I convinced her it isn’t worth the emotional toll. I’m just beginning my second cycle on OEP and I haven’t experienced anything like what they went through.

    • Debbie

      It states on the bottle that if you have any psychiatric disease you should not use this product. Did they have this condition prior to usage or maybe they were unaware of a condition?

      • Karen

        My son-in-law does not have a prior condition of depression, in fact, quiet the opposite. He’s been taking it for two months and is severely depressed and is having anxiety attacks.

        • Christina (Editor)

          Hi Karen. Please have him stop taking oxyelite and consult with a physician.

  •  I have lost weight, but I'm also very depressed.
    Betty (Verified User)

    OMG – I am experiencing the same thing. I have only been on for 4 days and I’m severly depressed, irritable and confrontational to my husband. I have lost weight, but I’m also very depressed.

    • sandy

      I’ve been taking OEP 2 wks.. I’ve stacked it with multi vitamins (gnc brand) and just recently a detox pill (purify).. I see great results, but lots of irritability!

      • Elroy

        Sandy, I started taking the SAME combination 2 days ago minus the detox and I feel the same symptoms….you are not alone!

    • kat

      Everything about depression with these pills are true. I went first round and could not handle 2 pills so I only took 1. I lost 10 pounds immediately without working out. But i couldn’t take the anxiety, depression, and rages anymore so I stopped. I’m back at it again – hoping to finish losing these 10 lbs. And i’m still feeling the same side effects once i’m done I will never take these again!