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P90X Review - Can You Really Expect "Groundbreaking" Results?

By Summer Banks Oct 17, 2017

P90X claims you can transform your body as long as you “Bring It!”

Transformation sounds good, right? But, I keep thinking to myself:

“Is extreme home fitness something I can handle or am I out of my league?”

First, what do we know? P90X classic, there’s also a P90X+, P90X2 and P90X3, combines workouts like Plyometrics, Yoga and Stretch with healthy diet changes to mold and shape your body. “Muscle carving” are the words Beachbody uses. The program really took the world by storm.

Makes you want to find out more, right?

Then you’ll want to read the 4 things you MUST know about the P90X workout phenomenon.

Let’s jump right in.

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What is P90X?

what is P90X

For starters, P90X is an extreme home fitness program designed to build muscle and promote weight-loss. It was created by Tony Horton, a leader in extreme fitness. You follow the P90X workout schedule for 90 days to see results that Beachbody calls “groundbreaking.” The basic kit includes:

  • 12 workouts
  • Fitness guide
  • Nutrition plan
  • 24/7 support from experts

You can also upgrade to the Deluxe or Ultimate kit for added equipment, like resistance bands, push-up stands and workouts.

The brand behind this fitness system is Beachbody. The company, based in Santa Monica, CA, has been around since 1998. You can find P90X for sale on the official website, as well as other retailers like Amazon. You can expect to spend between $120 and $300+.

P90X Workout – “So This is Extreme Fitness?”

One matter that came up repeatedly with the P90X workout was tough exercises. “P90X is hard. There’s even a message at the beginning of every workout warning you of the difficulty,” explained our Research Editor. “It’s not for everyone.”

Josiah S. made the comment, “This product is for a select few. Some of the pull-up exercises and push-up exercises I never did end up being able to do.”

Jeffrey K. said, “I followed the P90x workouts for about two months before I injured my neck and had to stop. Several of my coworkers had similar experiences where they had shoulder injuries that caused them to stop.”

On the other hand, other P90X reviews praise the workouts.

One posted, “The workouts are very challenging, especially when you are first starting out, but well worth the effort since the results are incredibly rewarding.”

P90X Customer Testimonials

Your P90X DVD – “Does it Matter That it Won’t Play?”

Beachbody has had issues with quality way before the P90X DVDs. Thankfully now that the company offers the Beachbody On Demand option to stream workouts, this shouldn’t be a problem much longer.

Chloe wrote, “I can’t believe that I spent so much money on DVD’s that are fuzzy.”

Then, Jaden said, “I’m already returning my third set of defective disks. Beachbody was not helpful when I contacted them.”

But other customers didn’t have any issues at all.

In fact, Byron H. commented, “Excellent so far. The discs arrived quickly and in perfect condition.”

What Ties P90X Exercises to Weight-Loss?

Science, it’s all about the science. When you exercise you burn calories. When you go all out with programs like P90X, you burn even more calories. Combine this with the P90X meal plan and voila – you have weight-loss. Research and experts support a combination of diet and exercise to lose weight – Beachbody just takes that to the extreme.

Now wait, that’s not all…

A program like this can be hard on the joints; a warning included with every P90X workout. To stay with it long enough to see results, you have to take your time and, if you’re worried at all about starting P90X, you need to contact your doctor first for advice.

The Bottom Line – Does P90X Work?

OK, so here’s what we’ve found out. With P90X, Beachbody combines exercise and healthy eating to support weight-loss and muscle growth. Experts say, “Yep. That’s how to lose weight.” But, to be safe, anyone who wants to “Bring It!” needs to take the extreme nature of the program to heart.

Those who’re looking to shed some excess weight, we suggest considering a supplement to compliment your workout program. One that’s shown to support real results.

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Previous P90X Review (Updated August 7, 2008):

What is P90X? P90X is our top rated workout program. After seeing all of the positive feedback from readers, we had to take a closer look at this. It's a weight loss system created by Beach Body, a company that offers other weight reduction programs such as Hip Hop Abs and Turbo Jam. This system claims to get your body from "regular to ripped in just 90 days." P90X consists of 12 workout routines (a series of DVDs), a 3-phase nutrition plan, unique supplement options, a fitness guide, a progress calendar and online support. Tony Horton is the "personal trainer" for this specific weight loss program. One reason we chose P90X is that the company offers a 100% 90-day satisfaction guarantee on their product. The key to this program's effectiveness is stated to be "muscle confusion," which basically means that numerous exercises are incorporated and encouraged to keep different muscle groups doing different things as much as possible. This way there is no "plateau" effect. Therefore the muscles do not get used to the routines and they continue to develop. With a full workout plan, the money-back guarantee and a diet guide, P90X is one of the most comprehensive workout systems that we’ve seen offered. What's Included: The workout programs that come with P90X are named after the muscle groups that they work out, and these are: Chest and Back, Shoulders and Arms, Yoga X, Plyometrics, Legs and Back, Kenpo X, Chest, Shoulders and Triceps, Back and Biceps, Core Synergistics, Ab Ripper X, Cardio X and X Stretch. There are success stories posted on the official P90X website. This fitness program is stated to take one hour each day. A few additional supplies needed for P90X are resistance bands or dumbbells and a pull-up bar/place to perform pull-ups. For Enhanced Workout Results – A Thermogenic Supplement? The exercises prescribed by P90X can definitely be strenuous, and the program makes no secret that its goal is to make exercisers “Bring it!” Many fitness enthusiasts have seen even more successful results with P90X by incorporating a thermogenic supplement into their workout routine. This stimulant effect can give a needed boost when it’s time to take it to the next level, while also ensuring that the body is burning fat before lean muscle. There are certainly many Thermogenics to choose from, and on this site, our top pick is the supplement Dietspotlight Burn. We were impressed that the manufacturers have posted clinical studies backing up their ingredients, and that they offer a risk free trial to perspective customers, so you can see if it helps before you buy. Find out how to get their Special Trial Offer, or click here to see what other readers have to say about Dietspotlight Burn. Product Features P90X is a very popular fitness program marketed toward men and women that aims to assist with losing unwanted body weight, toning up and "getting ripped." This weight reduction system basically involves a series of DVDs that offer exercise routines, online support and a 3-phase nutritional plan. P90X is offered through the official website for three monthly installments of $39.95. This fitness program is offered with a 100 percent 90-day satisfaction guarantee. "Muscle confusion" is the primary focus of P90X, which addresses the notion of confusing the muscles with a number of different exercises so that none “plateau.” This supposedly leads to a stronger, slimmer and more fit physique. P90X Advantages P90X can be easily and conveniently purchased through the official website. P90X appears to be very popular with users. P90X is offered with a 100%, 90-day satisfaction guarantee. P90X Disadvantages By all accounts, P90X is quite strenuous and the exercises may not be suitable for those who are severely overweight or for anyone with a pre-existing injury. Some individuals may find that P90X is rather pricey since it involves three separate payments of $39.95 (totaling around $120). Our Conclusion on P90X Workouts All in all, the P90X weight loss program is interesting and quite intriguing in some respects. While it's positive that the P90X system encourages regular exercise and a leaner diet, it's tough to tell if this weight reduction program is really right for most individuals. In the end, P90X calls for a pretty heavy lifestyle change; not to mention a fairly high price tag for some users (around $120). If you have found that other exercise routines left you without results, there is no reason to believe that P90X is the answer. However, if you are up for a challenge this might be one worth looking into!
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Summer Banks Dietspotlight Author
About the Author:

Summer Banks, Director of Content at Dietspotlight, has researched over 5000 weight-loss programs, pills, shakes and diet plans. Previously, she managed 15 supplement brands, worked with doctors specializing in weight loss and completed coursework in nutrition at Stanford University. full bio.

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How long is the P90X workout?

Each of the P90X workouts are around one hour and 20 minutes. P90X Yoga is about 10 minutes longer. You follow the plan for 90 days.

How much does it cost for the P90X videos?

There are three P90X video kits – Base, Deluxe and Ultimate. Average costs when purchased from Beachbody are:

  • Base: $140
  • Deluxe: $270
  • Ultimate: $340
How do I know if P90X is right for me?

Choosing the right product is the #1 question asked by DietSpotlight readers. We recommend trying any product before buying it and know that finding a product with a sample offer is near impossible - so we created our own product, Burn HD, with scientifically backed ingredients.

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What are the twelve P90X workout videos?

The twelve P90X workout videos are:

  1. Chest & Back
  2. X Stretch
  3. Plyometrics
  4. Core Synergistics
  5. Shoulders & Arms
  6. Chest, Shoulders & Triceps
  7. Yoga X
  8. Back & Biceps
  9. Legs & Back
  10. Cardio X
  11. Kenpo X
  12. Ab Ripper X
What is the list of P90X equipment?

The P90X equipment used in workouts includes resistance bands, weights, yoga mat and you.

What is the P90X doubles schedule?

P90X doubles is a program that literally doubles your workouts. On the days your P90X workout schedule shows resistance workouts, you add cardio immediately after. The cardio videos are Kenpo X, Cardio X and Plyometrics.

Can everyone do the P90X exercises?

No. We can’t stress enough that P90X is an extreme program. There is a clear warning at the beginning of every video that talks about the risks and suggests talking with your doctor before starting any workout if you’re concerned about your health or possible injury.

How does the P90X diet plan go?

There are three phases to the P90X diet plan:

  • Phase 1 Fat Shredder: High protein
  • Phase 2 Energy Booster: Balanced carbohydrates and protein with less fat
  • Phase 3 Endurance Maximizer: Lean protein, complex carbohydrates with less fat

If you choose to go this route, it is a good idea to use it alongside a weight loss supplement that contains clinically backed, effective ingredients, such as Dietspotlight Burn.

What is the p90x?

The Power 90 Extreme is a home workout program designed by Tony Horton. The program takes 90 days, and it was developed to replace the Power 90 program. P90x uses cross-training coupled with diet and nutrition.

How long is the p90x workout?

The workout lasts about 1 hour and 20 minutes each day for 90 days.

How much does it cost for the p90x?

For $120, you will receive a basic workout program that consists of 12 DVDs. For $240, you will receive a month’s worth of cooldown drinks and a chin-up bar with resistance bands. For $340, you receive 5 advanced programs and two more pieces of workout equipment.

How long does it take to do p90x a day?

From warm up to cool down, most of the exercises last 60 minutes. You can add 15 minutes three days a week by adding the ab ripperX. Yoga is the longest routine in the program lasting 90 minutes.

How does the p90x work?

The p90x works by confusing your muscles so you never reach an exercise “plateau.” The muscles in your body keep growing and adapting through Tony’s targeted muscle training.

How many discs are in p90x3?

There are 8 DVDs with 16 workouts that last 30 minutes. You also receive an accelerate DVD along with a nutrition and fitness guide.

What is in p90x plyometics?

The workout uses hops, skips and jumps. Often referred to as “jump training”, the program gets its name since the routines are similar to plyometric exercises.

What are the p90x3 workouts?

The workouts include isometrics, which switches between upper and lower body movements, and triometrics. The workouts include medicine balls for an extreme cardio workout, and the Ab Ripper X3, which uses a new “Bridge Burner” move. Pilates and Yoga are also included in the program.

What equipment do you need for p90x?

The only equipment you need is a chin-up bar, resistance bands and a set of dumbbells. Optional equipment includes a heart-rate monitor, yoga mat and push-up stands.

How much is p90x3 going to be?

This program is $109.85 plus $39.90 shipping and handling. You receive 16 p90x3 workouts, the p90x3 fitness and nutrition guide and a pro-grade resistance band.

What is Core Synergistics X?

The workouts in this program condition your body from top to bottom while recruiting specific muscle groups to support and build your body’s core.

What is p90x3?

Tony Horton developed this program as an excuse buster that will have your body looking ripped in just 30 minutes a day. In 90 days, this new program gets you in shape using 16 p90x-style workouts.

What do you need to do p90x3?

You will need resistance bands or weights, pushup stands or PowerStands from Tony Horton.

Which one is better, p90x or Insanity?

P90x is a weight training program, while Insanity is geared toward cardio workouts. The Insanity program uses cardio training with a mix of resistance training. The p90x sprinkles in some cardio days, but it is geared for those who prefer weight training.

Who is Tony Horton?

Tony Horton is a renowned American personal trainer who is best known for creating the powerful p90x workout program.

What is p90?

This program is designed for people who want to get fit using less effort and intensity. P90 replaced the original Power 90 series of workouts.

What is p90x2?

A graduate of the p90x, the p90x2 is for people who have completed the p90x series of workouts. However, you can jump right into p90x2 whenever you like.

What is the p90x3 elite block?

This program is a separate workout that works in addition to the p90x3 workouts. The p90x3 Elite Block enhance your performance, power and speed.

How many calories do you burn doing p90x?

Using p90x plyometrics, you will burn an estimated 14.7 calories per minute. The complete workout burns about 631 calories, and men will burn around 699 calories per workout, which is 16 calories per minute.

325 P90X Reviews

  • Everyone posted

    Ok.. i’m 40 years old, 5’3″ and weigh 167lbs…my husband and i are starting this monday; i can’t wait! i’m the harshest critic; so i’ll definitely keep everyone posted of my progress!

  • Can I do 1 hour each day?

    I am in pretty good shape for being 67 yrs old. I am contemplating the P90X program. Will I still be able to to it 1 hr each day???

    • Devon (Editor)

      Because this is a high impact routine, and you are 67, we advise your ask your doctor of this program is right for you. If you are in good shape you may not need the strenuous exercise that this program demands.

  • ot follow the meal plan exaclty
    K (Verified User)

    I’m 18 years old, and a little chubby. I was wondering if doing the P90X workouts and not follow the meal plan exaclty and just cut back and eat healthy if I would still see results?

    • Devon (Editor)

      It may not be suitable for people who are not used to heavy, strenuous exercise. However if you feel you can jump into it, go for it!

  • Will this work for me also

    I am getting ready to begin my P90x workout, but I am trying to lose weight and be toned, not gain muscle mass. Will this work for me also?

    • Devon (Editor)

      Hey, Brittany. If you can keep up with the rigors of the workouts they claim you will see the desired results.

  • Follow your meal plan
    Nick (Verified User)

    Does anyone not follow the meal plan, but still diets and get great results? I am 2 weeks in and just want to know if anyone else does their own mean plan. Thanks!

    • Devon (Editor)

      What is it about the offered meal plan that you find disagreeable. As long as you burn off more calories than you consume, you will do fine, Nick.

  • Too busy for this

    My husband drive otr. How could he do p90x with this schedule?

    • Devon (Editor)

      It’s a tough one. He’ll just have to make the time in between his routes, on his breaks or before he goes to bed.

  • Can i still do this p90x

    Hi im 14 years old and weigh 150 pounds. My height is 5,1. Can i still do this p90x?

    • Devon (Editor)

      This high intensity work out may be a bit too much for your growing body. For now try and reduce your calorie intake and have your parent/guardian ask your doctor about options.

  • What size weights should I use

    What size weights should I use instead of the resistance bands?

    • Devon (Editor)

      Try building up from the smallest or most agreeable size and build up as your strength increases.

  • diet plan to lose the weight

    I am thinking about trying this out but I do have a few questions.

    1) Do you have to follow the diet plan to lose the weight?

    2) What equipments do you actually need? (Since there are many things that it says you do need but you actually don’t.)

    Thank you!

    • Devon (Editor)

      1) Yes, it does offer a healthy eating planned, which is strongly advised to be followed while in the program.
      2) You’ll only need the Program and an open space though some variations may require miscellaneous exercise equipment.

  • Hope this helps someone

    The meal plan is ok, the first month is low/no carb.
    I personally had my carbs with breakfast to give me energy for the day. Oats or a good quality wholegrain cereal like Vita Brits are your friend.
    Try substituting cow milk for unsweetened almond milk. Better for you both ethically and health wise.

    YOU HAVE TO EAT!!!!!!!!!
    This is where most people fail especially young women. You cannot do this program whilst starving, the body won’t be able to recover and will just store whatever it can (fat!).

    Lots of Protein. Fish, eggs ( eat the yoke, goo fats!) And chicken.
    If your hungry just put more veg on your plate with your protein. ( Mixed frozen vegetables is your friend).
    Water, water and more water.

  •  My 2 cents! P90X graduate
    John (Verified User)

    Hi, P90X graduate here.
    Just some tips.
    If your out of shape start by doing half the exercises ( 1 round).
    Don’t try doing as many reps as the pro’s on the DVD. Just start with anywhere between 8-10 reps during your first week.

    Use the first week as an orientation/initiation seeing into the exercises and getting your eating and hydration sorted.
    The reason for the above is because otherwise you will be so sore that you will give up.
    Take notes of how many reps and the weights used during the first week so you can adjust accordingly.

  •  P90X
    Anonymous (Verified User)

    100 agree.

  •  Its fantastic as your other articles.
    Brenna Kollman (Verified User)

    Its fantastic as your other articles :D, thank you for putting up.

  •  It is a lifestyle change that is for your benefit.
    Kevin (Verified User)

    I have been through 2 rounds of the P90X program. I have never been so fit in my whole life. Down 14 pounds from the Fat Shredder diet and then on to phase 2. It is a lifestyle change that is for your benefit. “Do your BEST and FORGET the rest!”

  •  Loved the product.
    caasper (Verified User)

    p90x is the best thing i ever done toned my body up i cant find any negative to say about it like tony horton says just bring it and he will give u the best body ever i am in my 3rd month i have 3weeks to go i wont stop ther ill keep going i recomond this to ll the people its wourth it

  •  Try harder
    IncogKneeGrow (Verified User)

    I started off p90x on a whim and it is great. I weighed 275lbs at 5’6″ and at week 7 I am at 229lbs. For the diet I do a equate shake for lunch and whatever my wife makes for dinner. In order to keep from starving myself I allow myself to eat as much fruit as I want and on holidays I can go all out on whatever. This sucks and its great. It sucks cuz you see the weight come back in hurry but its great because you know what you have to do to get back down. As far as the workouts them self, just pace yourself. The first day I made sure to only do what I could until I felt the slightest discomfort. After a while my body was getting used to it and now I push myself. There is no reason to think this is to intense, always tells you to go at your own pace. If you want better results, just try harder

  • P90X and fibromyalgia
    toni (Verified User)

    Hi, I am about to purchase PX90, but concerned about my fibromyalgia. Is there a lot of jumping or compounding workouts, my body does not respond will to this type of exursion. I tend to bike & swim to keep my weight down, but want to tone and lose extra kilos. Please advise if this is not going to work for me 🙂 thanks

    • Freeman


      There are two workouts a week that involve some jumping (Plyo X and Kenpo X). You can always substitute these exercises with a long bike or swim. Other than those two exercises, the remainder of this program is stationary with regards to jumping or moving around.

  •  Toned body
    alicia blackledge (Verified User)

    I started p90x at age 44, 5’5″ 154 pounds. I have been doing it for 2 years and I am holding at 135 pounds. The weight loss is not the best part of this workout, it’s how toned your body becomes and how awesome it makes you feel on the inside. You learn not to worry what the scles say as opposed to how well your clothes fit! I start every day with Tony Horton and p90x or Shawn T with the Insanity program from Beachbody as well. I have not felt this good in all my life. The key is you just have to make a commitment and do it. Nothing will work without effort and motivation.

  • Anonymous

    Spoken like a true personal trainer which is a BS profession if P90x or workout programs like it really works then that would put you guys out of business or people in this field since you say ex fit coach if you can do the work cheaper than exercise hype man will charge you why not and as a former Personal Trainer you do have a biased opinion just saying’

  •  Not losing weight anymore
    Carlos (Verified User)

    Nine (9) months ago I was weighing 207 pounds. I am 38 and 5′ 8″ tall. I decided wanted to lose some weight and get back to my target weight of 185 lbs (which I was 8 years ago). In five months of 3 to 5 times a week of cardio (treadmill) and some little weight training on my local gym (by myself, not with trainer) – I focused more on cardio and cleaned up my diet (less carbs, more protein, smaller portions, more times a day etc, and also had my “free” meals every weekend). Following all this, I lost 17 pounds. This made me feel great! However, it seemed my body plateau at ~ 190 pounds. I rested for a month (did not gain weight) and decided to try P90X to try something different and see if I could shave these last 5 pounds and get to 185 Lbs. I continued with my healthy eating (I read what I should be eating from Tonys diet plan but did not follow the diet of P90X to the tee) and honestly I really like the workouts and enjoy them. On my first month I gained 4 pounds, but after some research I understood this could be normal (gaining muscle mass and body adapting to a new workout system). I continued with the program and switched to Doubles for the second month (but did not work out all the weekends). After 60 days, I am at 195 pounds and it seems I am stuck there. I feel stronger than ever before, I see some changes on my body and also some muscle and my waist size seem to be the same than when I started the program. But I thought by the second month I should see a drop in weight and more IF I added some cardio (CardioX) 2 or 3 times a week in the mornings.
    I am starting my third month now and will continue with Doubles to have that extra work out 2 or 3 times a week.

    Why I am not losing weight?. Has this something to do with me starting the program after I had lost some weight and was at Plateau?. Am I in plateau again on the second month of P90X?. Should I be worried?. What changes should do on my diet? Or do I have to try a different workout program.

    I just pre-ordered P90X-2 and will try it once I have it.

    Please advise if I am missing something or doing something incorrectly.


    • Devon (Editor)

      Make sure you are following the meal plan. If you are not eating as directed or consuming a disproportionate amount of calories to calories eaten, that can be a contributing factor. If after everything you still don’t see results, maybe you should explore other options.

  • What cds to use?
    Louis HIll

    How do i know what cds to use. do I go one after another or to I do use the one I think I need.

    • Big B

      Tony includes a calander to tell you which discs to use. My roommate and I would watch (on fast forward) the discs first to know what I was getting into. Did the whole program, diet too and lost 30 lbs in 90 days.

  • Would like to know more about this

    Hi I’m 14 and have lifted science before I can remember and am already in great shape and I like to think of myself as pretty ripped. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if getting this would be a waist of money. I will also still work out three times a day so I don’t know if I would even get in the days all the time.

    • Devon (Editor)

      Sounds like you don’t need this program Dylon. Are you looking to vary your workouts?

  •  Very happy with the results
    Jack (Verified User)

    My wife and I just finished day 80 of Power 90 today. I’m 61 and she’s 54. I was out of shape. She was in OK shape. We started with P90 because we thought P90x would be to intense. I think we made the right choice and I’m ordering P90x today. The natural progression for us. We are very happy with the results. I’m 25 lbs lighter, more flexible and feel good. Like P90 I’m sure P90x will take us a few weeks to get use to the exercises.

  • How often should I use this program?
    Mike Brittian

    To whom it may concern, I’m on the fence about this p90-X program and currently go to anytime fitness at $30 a month. The thing is I am in decent shape, but I work out every other week because I work as a manager with a schedule of 7 days on 7 days off at 10 hours a day on 3rd shift. I was wondering could I do the program every other week or incorporate it daily? I’m a 54 year old male in decent shape I do workouts every other week with a day inbetween and have 2 routines for a hour with resistance machines, free weights and cardio 20 to 30 min with my heart rate reaching 124 bpm. I am at a plateau now and would like to lose around 20# and of course have some in the middle area to lose, elsewhere I’m in good shape for my age. Can you help me decide whether to lose the membership and take it to the next level and order the p90-X program I’m motivated, thanks…

    • Devon (Editor)

      You may just be able to stagnate the workouts on every other day. If you are in decent shape you may not need the high impact workout of the program everyday of every week. See what is right for you and what you are comfortable doing.

    • YouKarlr Name

      Anytime fitness is good. On the workout week focus on strength training with big movements. Squats, deadlifts big pushes and pulls. Work in the 5 rep range or do dropsets. 5 by 5s. get value for the time spent. Dumbbells or barbells should be your choice before machines. 10 minutes of calisthenics wouldn’t be a bad idea on your work days.

  •  This program is not for everyone
    donkey (Verified User)

    Some big lard ass will not be able to do this exercise program.Don’t listen to this BS.You can diet and try Power 90.

    • Karen

      at first yeah, you’re right. I wasn’t a lard ass but by far it was exhausting. So I did what i could. they love the number 15 for reps and 24. Did i do them? HEck no. The next time I did more, etc. I couldn’t do a SINGLE pushup when i started. Now I can do 24.

    • Your Name

      I have a friend who was 6foot 5 weighing 325. He lost 80 lbs and his biceps grew 2 inches. So somebody any size can do this if they put there mind to it

  •  Get same results in half the time
    BJ Butler (Verified User)

    You can get the same results with Turbulance training as P90X in half the time you have to give weekly to P90X or Crossfit

  • Can I use this program?

    Hi My name is Steve, I’m 50 yrs old 60lb overweight. I get it,you need to be in shape to get in shape with this program.Can I use this program at my pace until I’m in better shape, then repeat as much as possible til I can complete it properly or should an old chubby guy like me try something less strenious.

    • Dan

      Steve, take your time. Do what you can, and you will see results. I’m 51 was at 230, and could not do 2/3 of the program at the start. but now I’m down to 197, and feel great! anything you do is for your benefit, so just start. you’ll be glad you did.

  • Can you do P90 with hip replacement

    Can you do P90 with hip replacement??? I’m 50 years old

    • Devon (Editor)

      This program is very arduous. It may not be the best fit for people with a pre-existing injury or condition.

  •  It's great but challenging and difficult
    Juliana (Verified User)

    I just finished week one of p90x. I love it already, its challenging but definitely not impossible. I just did Kenpo X and found it so difficult. My coordination is very bad and I am wondering if anyone else struggled with it as well. I felt i couldnt even get a good workout because i spent most of my time trying to figure out which arm punches and what leg kicks… Is there hope for me? I was so discouraged this morning 🙁

    • jake 1061

      Hi juliana, just keep pressing play and you will find it easier every time don`t give up!!……..jake

  •  Proper diet and workout
    Anonymous (Verified User)

    NOTHING will drop weight like HIT. This is a getting yourself in shape routine w/ benefits being increased weight loss and cardio improvement, which isnt a bad thing. As said you can get the same results with a proper diet a HIT routine and cardio work in the gym. If you want to get in shape, this will help.

  • Want to get into shape need advice

    My name is Tiffany i am 24 yrs old 5’5″ and weigh in at a whooping 264lbs i am down from 315lbs but need a little extra push i purchased the p90x program today and am very excited but nervous i am wondering if i made a mistake and may not be fit enough for the program cried the other day got my engagemtent photos done and realized how huge i look next to my fiance who is 5’9″ and 135lbs i really want to get into shape for my wedding my honey moon and my future children please any advice???

    • paul

      Take your time and you will be find. Don’t be afraid to take days off when you need to. Listen to your body and don’t get frustrated of discouraged. You can do this, you know you can. When I started there were exercises I could only do one of, I am now in week 10. Don’t know how I got here and plan to continue even when 90 days are up. Listen everyday that you can put in a disk and push play. DO YOUR BEST AND FORGET THE REST!!

  •  No need to pay for gym membership
    garbageman53 (Verified User)

    In jan. of 2010 my wife and I started this plan. I was an athelete thru college, a corpsman in the Navy, and have always been “big”. at 38 i was 6′ 272 lbs when I started. By April of 2010, following the “lean” program, I was down to 220. We changed adresses and it took a while to get life back together enough for us to work out again. No weight gained for 2 months. When the workouts started again, just more leaning out. But after 6 months of caring for a dying relative in our home, eating like cra@, and not having a spare minute to workout I have gained back 30 lbs. I have restarted my workouts now that things have resolved. The program works. The meal plan included uses example recipes so you can learn how to eat better. Lean proteins, vegetables, minimal complex carbs. I use protein powder from costco, the least expensive weights i can find. i don’t have to keep paying a gym membership. just don’t skip meals. you will need the calories to recover. listen to your body. if you have pain, are you injured or hurt or just sore. getting results requires getting to the last 2-3 reps that you can do. if u can only do 5 pushups, the last 2 should be hard. if it were easy to be in tip top shape, we wouldn’t need this. i drive a garbage truck, i hate sales people, and i love p90x.

  •  It worked for my husband
    Shannon Robinson (Verified User)

    Although I don’t think its crap. My husband really likes P90x and says it has made him stronger and more fit. But I actually got bigger. I think it was from not enough cardio (I stopped running my usual 5-6 miles 3 times per week.) I do think that there is risk of injury with some of the dvd’s and too many pushups! But if it gets someone to exercise its a great thing, but I would be wary of the advertising of this product —

  •  This works but not for beginners
    Soulchild (Verified User)

    Micheal I totally agree with you. I used to be an aerobics instructor and I tried both P90x and Insanity and have seen results, unfortunately I developed an injury after Insanity due to the jumping and had to stop. Now I have gained weight as a result of being unable to work out and being in Physical therapy for months. I have also tried good ol diet and regular walking/ running in the past and lost weight. But its seems so hard now. I am now trying the wonderslim diet and plain exercise (walking treadmill) so far so good. Its slower but its working. if you are already used to a high intensity workout then P90x is for you.
    Its not fun laying up in the bed depressed after a sports injury. I DO NOT RECCOMEND this to beginners. They do have the fit test to determine wheter you can do it but I advise that you build up to this workout by starting with something less intense then you can build up to it. Good Luck and Do P90x at your own risk.

  •  already see great results
    Art (Verified User)

    I have been doing P90x for 2 weeks and i already see great results. I was already in shape but now i am noticeably more cut. I am most happy about my abs as i have never been quite able to get a full six-pack until now. To be honest, I don’t really follow the diet plan. I have a healthy breakfast and dinner, but lunchtime i usually eat junk food. P90x lets me get away with it though so i can’t complain. Thinking about canceling my gym membership. In all, muscle confusion rules and I am glad i bought p90x.

  •  Good product
    Aaron (Verified User)

    I was 25 years old 6’5 255 pounds i had worked out my whole life til this last year when i had a baby and i felt that going to the gym took away to much play time between the two of us. So i bought p 90 x and i just wake up in the morning and do it. I weigh 225 again and have more definition than i ever did by just lifting weights and running on the treadmill. I really didnt change my diet that much at all just cut out the excess snacking and extra sodas. If i did i could probably lose more, but i just havent!
    Basically any working out is good for you if you do it, this one just fit into my schedule well and it was fun and intense! I was sore as could be the first few days but that fades away with time. Good product and i dont work for beach body just a normal guy who got sick of being fat.

  • really interested in buying this
    daniel (Verified User)

    im really interested in buying this. i have a couple questions. im slightly over weight 6’2″ ish and weigh about 200 to 205. id like to get down to 180-185. my questions are
    1.is that goal do-able with p90x?
    2.how long is each work out?
    3.what is the lean p90x version some of you are talking about and does it come with the package?
    4. the diet is it like alot of expensive foods ill have to buy (like special health food store stuff)or just like normal veggies and stuff prepared differently?

    • Karl

      Daniel, Yes it is doable, but you must be willing to eat better food, and perhaps ,less food. I’m 60 6’2″ and 210. I bought the program off of craigslist a year ago and talked myself into starting it 5 weeks ago.From my experience so far. the key is to take it easy, do what I can, and keep pushing play. The routeins are 1 hour long plus 15 minutes for the AB program. Plan to sbend 1.5 hours each day.
      I made a bunch of dumbbells from garage sale ( and craigslist) weights and cut up 1 inch weight bars and welded on 1 inch washers. Some of the pairs weigh 17 lb. or 33 lb. who cares?
      For me the hardest, and, most challenging program is the yoga one. But I think it is the most important one. If you are fit enough to complete the yoga postures,then you are truly fit and flexible.
      The lean program focuses on the arobic and streching DVDs and less on the weight lifting.Do the weight lifting,use lighter weights if you want.
      I haven’t lost any weight yet, but I’m still eating a lot of junk. It’s still cold, grey, wet and snowy winter here.But in 4 week the roads will be safe enough to get on my bicycle again and the pounds will come off. That and the 5 lawns I push a mower on.

    • Michelle

      The lean version is a less intense version of the classic P90X, it’s the same dvds, just in a different order. You just do more of the cardio x and don’t do things like plyometrics (super hard!)It comes with a book with all the different plans in them and what each workout entails. Read it and decide what’s best for you, and more importantly what you’ll stick to. Either way you’re going to lose weight if you try your best and stick with it. It’s hard (Not gonna lie, I cried a few times) but worth it!

  • Will this work for me
    Fred Samec

    I am 62 years old and overweight. Six feet tall and weigh 250 lbs. Will this work for me?

    • Devon (Editor)

      Due the the rigorous nature of this program, it may be too high impact for older or heavier people if they aren’t accustomed to an strenuous routine. Hope that helps, Fred.

  •  major serious issue with the program
    Janeen (Verified User)

    Although the workout is solid, there is one major serious issue with the program. The poor language and the inability for the company to edit it out, takes a solid workout program and makes inappropriate and very offensive.

    I contacted the company and mentioned that because the program cuts in and out of different angles, they could easily edit out the offensive words. They wrote back and mentioned that I was not the first one to write them about this issue and they choose not to make any changes.

    If I had known about the verbal content of the program, I would never have purchased it. There are many other programs out there that use good language and give a solid workout. Use them instead.

    • Leeann

      What offensive language? I have used this program for the past two years and I find nothing offensive about it.

  • I just had knee surger

    How y’all doin? I’m joe nd I’m in the USMC nd had a question for whoever can answer it…I just had knee surgery bout 1 1/2 months ago…I was wonderin is there alotta bendin jumping or any of that kind that really involves the knees cause I dnt wanna jack my self up more…but any1 who can help me is greatly appreicated…

    • Devon (Editor)

      This is one of the toughest, high impact regimens out there. Due to what they call “muscle confusion” it’s a strenuous exercise which may be unsafe for people with pre-existing conditions. Hope that helps, Joe.

  • not loose ANY WHERE

    Do like any foods on diet plan they just gave me an excuse to quit twice in the past. Now, have not followed the diet plan , I eat meat almost every day , I eat pizza , fried foods , not a big fan of sweets but eat them occationaly , been doing p90x for 6 months now started at 230 pounds now weighs 195 not all cut like people on dvds but pretty close and im solid and very strong , not loose ANY WHERE .

  •  great product
    Kimma (Verified User)

    I am a 31 yo female. I am 5’5″ and weigh 115 lbs. I started P90X just as a workout routine because I quit smoking, I’m not trying to lose weight. I haven’t worked out in years and I find this extremely challenging and very rewarding. The workouts are VERY hard but I feel fantastic afterwards. I don’t work for beachbody and I have nothing to endorse, I just think this is a great product. You will have to be motivated and work hard, but you WILL see results. Make sure you eat healthy! Cut out all fried foods, saturated fats and fatty dairy products! Good luck and stay strong!

  • I seen the results
    Mary Ades (Verified User)

    My fiance and I started the p90x two days ago. I am 36 years old 5’4 and weigh 149 pounds. I am really excited and believe this program is going to give me what I am looking for. I seen the results from this program from my brother doing the program also. I just hope that I can stay committed cuz I really want to do this for myself.

  •  They are so good
    Nisreen (Verified User)

    I did Insanity, Brazil Butt Lift and about starting P90X. They are so good and you are right about one thing, the forms you should do them right so you don’t get hurt. People should know their limits, I did these programs with very weak knee so escape some moves but I tried my best and I will.

  •  100% guranteed
    Chris (Verified User)

    Here is my honest opinion on P90x – it works. This is the only informacial product that I have seen work great. Lets be perfectly honest, most exercise programs work and so do most of the equipment currently collecting the dust in your basement, but its about the motivation of getting you to work hard to get the results you want. If you only want to lose weight, there are likely better programs out there. If you want to only bulk up, you should probably look in different direction.

    P90x to me is more of a lifestyle than an exercise program. If you want to be in best shape of your life, feel great and look great – go get it. If you stick to the workout routine and P90X nutritional guide (very important) it will absolutely BLOW YOU AWAY.

    It will kick you in the crotch, chew you up and spit you out. But you will get results that you have always wanted, 100% guranteed. I have talked to p90x grads that started the p90x at 377 lbs. and have lost close to half of their weight, and now have ripped bodies and are in excellent shape.

    You get the results based on the work that you put in, and P90x comes with awesome motivational tools like their message forums which are priceless. Program has everything you will ever need to get the body you have always wanted.

    IT IS FOR EVERYONE. you could be 14 or 60, weight 350 lbs or 90 lbs, doesnt matter. However it is a very very challenging program and you have to be very sensible on how far you push yourself and how much you may need to modify some of the workouts. SOme couch potatoes find it easier to start with Power 90 or Cardio x to get in better shape for the challenge of p90x, but dont ever let anyone tell you that you cant do it. Unless thats your doctor saying it, of course. Once again, it is hard and it will challenge you immensly. The results you get are entirely up to you. Best of luck and BRING IT!!!!

  •  product just wasn’t for me

    you should maybe give it a shot junior, before sharing your stupid opinion. You would be amazed of what type of motivational tools come handy with the program. You are completely clueless and wrong. Get it and bring it, son!

  • diabetic

    Is this good for people who are diabetic?

    • Devon (Editor)

      The only thing is to ask your doctor if the suggested meal plan will conflict with your dietary requirements as a diabetic. Please ask your physician if it is suitable for you.

  •  Yeah p90x is really effective
    p90x reviews (Verified User)

    Yeah p90x is really effective I’ve been using it and it does give you the body you’ve longing for..

  • I m afrraid i will be wasting my money

    i am an over weight teenager. Most of these stories and photos ive seen are of people that werent fat to start with. I really want to buy p90x, but im afrraid i will be wasting my money. I want to loose about 40 lbs of fat weight. I just want to make sure p90x will help me achieve my goal before i go out and blow my money on it. please give me some answers!

    • kait

      Hi kayla,
      im a teenager too…ive never been over weight but i always wanted to be more toned..i have done much looking into with this.. if you stick with it and eat healthy your body will be amazing..even if the scale doesn’t say you lost 40 pounds it will be replaced with muscle and you will be so impresses with the results!

  •  Ordered P90X
    Sandy (Verified User)

    Ordered P90X from the TV order line – seems like a good product but they really ew-scray you on the shipping ($24.95). Plus, their order-takers on the phones try to get you to buy more & more “extras” – I’ve seen quick change artists that weren’t as good!

  • I am wondering will it still work
    Jennifer (Verified User)

    I just started p90x last night, with the core synergistics workout. I found it a bit hard towards the end but today I do not feel sore. Based on previous comments, I feel like I’m supposed to be. Also, I am not following the p90x diet plan, but I am following weight watchers. I am wondering will it still work. I’m 191 lbs and 5’4 with my goal weight being 125.

    • Debbie

      Jennifer, if you are following weight watchers probably what you will want to do is make sure you are eating ENOUGH to support the workouts. If you read through the nutrition guide you can match your WW meals up with the portion plan to ensure you get enough calories to have the energy to support your workouts. Eating too little can be just as bad as eating too much, so this is important! If you have questions, I’m a coach and am happy to help if you need anything. just contact me through turbodebbie.com

      • Tori

        DEbbie, could you possibly help me with the meal plan to follow for P90X? I also do weight watchers but have been off of it for awhile and dont have the meal plan for the P90X but I would like to get the best results possible and also what do I do if I cannot get every single workout in everyday of the week? I work 14 hour days about 2 days a week and thought about just doubling up but I am afraid that will be too much for me in the beginning as I just started. I have no time between jobs and dont get home till 11pm and have to be back at work at 7 the next morning so Im not sure what to do. Thanks!!

  • I see more flexability each time I do it
    Kelvin Smith (Verified User)

    I’m 32 and starting on my 4th week with P90X and my starting weight was 333 but now for now it is 322. I have always been an athletic individual but I never had a slim body. I’m not trying to look like must of the results you see on t.v. but if I can get down to 290 by the end of the program I will continue from there on. I modified my eating (Not Diet) bake, broil, and fry in canola oil with out flour. No pork and switch out regular meat with turkey meat. I do eat a cookie or piece of cake every now and then but only one and a small one. Right now I’m pushing myself without any recovery drink or anything like that I just take a multivitamin in the morning before I go to work. (School Teacher/Football Coach) I do dislike Yoga X with a passion but I see more flexability each time I do it. BRING IT!!!

  • Remember just " bring it
    andrea (Verified User)

    My boyfriend and me started p90x tonight. We are doing classic and first day is chest and back, AB ripper x. If you go at your own pace and dont push to the Max the first day your just a little sore. Tony Horton even tells you not to over do it. We actually did the AB ripper x twice tonight. My boyfriend is 5’8 190 and I just had a baby 4 months ago and weigh 215 and I’m 5’6. This is my third daughter. If I can do it anyone can. Remember just ” bring it”

  •  p90x is fantastic
    josh (Verified User)

    p90x is fantastic. ive been incorporating it into my workouts for 2 yrs now. however, depending on your body type, it will yield different results. p90x is great for cutting, or getting lean and losing fat. if you are a skinny fat person, such as i was, you would be MUCH better off hitting the heavy weights, putting on some brick for a few months…THEN do the p90x. 3 months of bulk + 3 months of p90x = 6 months work toward a great body. i was a lazy ass. no muscle at all…plus i was running like crazy. p90x didnt do much for me when i first started. i had no muscle to tone. so i hit the gym/free weights. if you are blessed with muscle definition, the p90x is a go. nutrition guide can be confusing. IMO, ANY high lean protein diet with carbs coming from fruits and veggies is a win win situation. YOUR body will let you know when you need to carb up. Protien builds muscle…PERIOD! i dont think the p90x nutrition guide puts enough emphasis on protein. Nor does any diet for that matter. To make it simple, protein is the ONLY building block for your body,, it repairs everything! cuts, scrapes, bruises, and muscle. Also, from experience, protein calories dont “stick” like carb calories tend to do most of the time. soooo, ill give Tony a 10 for p90x. a little creatine and quality protein powder go a long way. 99% of any program is diet. work hard, get off your ass, “drive by” fast food rather than “drive through”…and you WILL see results in time. its not as complicated as most make it to be. the scale lies! jeans dont!

    • Coolmorris

      Hi Josh

      I liked your 3 months bulk + 3 p90x idea. Can you give me more details about what you are doing with bulk? What’s your regimen, what is your diet and what kind of supplements you’re using?? coolmorrisguy@gmail.com


  •  awesome diet plan and p90X and I feel great
    LJ (Verified User)

    I think people are confused on what to think about P90X so let me clarify a couple of things and break it down.

    First off, NO, P90X is not made for everyone. If you are over 350, I’m sorry to tell you, but most of the workouts you won’t be able to do because it’ll be physically impossible to do the some of the moves. You wanna prove me wrong, if you are 350 and reading this, Do 10 pull ups, put your feet on a chair and do 10 pushups, and then do high kicks.

    As for the lower weight people (about 130 and under) it would help you a lot. If you are already thin, then the fat burner part of the workouts are already completled. So you wouldn’t have to starve yourself. If you are 110 pounds and you want to be 130, then p90X will not get you there. You need to use a lot of protein, intake a lot of food, and lift a lot of weight in the gym for 90 days. If you want to gain a lot of muscle mass, then you need to use a proper pre-work out supplement and a heavy protein. Just go to GNC and they can get you.

    A little about myself. I’m 24 and i’m only one week into the p90x workout. I am in good shape. last year I made it my goal to gain a bunch of muscle mass and then i took about a 4 month break from the gym so now I have the fat to go along with it. I’m still muscular but i want to be ripped and that’s why i’m doing this.

    P90X will help you as much as you want it to. Like i said, unless you are over 350 or 100 pounds and want to gain weight, P90X will work. I am in pretty good shape and the workouts they do leave me exhausted. The next morning i have that sore feeling that I owe so love. It’s important to follow that nutrition guide…without that, you are waisting your time. The 1 hour workout that you do isn’t gonna kill you, but trust me, if you are like me and you love fast food, then the diet is gonna be ridiculous. It’s hard, but’s it’s gonna work. In one week, i’ve lost 5 pounds thanks to the awesome diet plan and p90X and I feel great.

    You need to learn you body when it comes to working out. If you weigh 110 pounds, and genetically, you have a history of really skinny people in your family, I hate to tell you, but you aren’t gonna be able to gain too much weight, so keep that in mind. Also, you don’t have to spend all that money on the equipment. I got the pull up bar and weight bands from walmart for dirt cheap. I got my protein and pre-workout stuff from GNC for a lot cheaper.

    Basically be smart and let me know if my advice helped

    • Kelvin Smith

      I am sorry to hear that but I’m am now 322 pounds and started at 333. This is my 4th week now on P90X. I’m 32 and believe that it’s in the mind of that person! I haven’t played college football in ten years but I am very athletic so I took on the P90X Challenge. I purchased my cds from an indivdual off of craigslist and purchased all the neccesary workout tools needed from Walmart. I modified my eating (not diet). If your heart is in it you can achieve just may be a little slower than others but I do 12-15 pullups (w/wo chair) 20-25 pushups (All types) and enjoy doing high kicks.

  •  p90x works reall
    ma (Verified User)

    Before starting p90x i was up to 210 at the end of the 90 days i went down to 170 I know I could of lost more if i stuck with the nutrition plan. All I can say is p90x works really well and if you do it right you will get the results you want =)

  •  p90x works. Power 90 (basically P90X Lite)
    Anon (Verified User)

    It is unreal that someone would come in here and be so negative (Michael). p90x works. Power 90 (basically P90X Lite), Insanity, any cardio and strength training plus a good healthy diet will yield results. It’s really simple… eat less calories and burn more calories and you will lose weight. (Find your BMR and go from there). 3500 calories equal one pound. Burn and/or cut that from your diet in one week and you will lose 1 pound. Eat 3500 calories more than normal and you will gain 1 pound. Simple. You’ll need to do homework and learn some more later but what I just said will work for you for quite some time if you are consistent. If you are on the couch, ANYTHING will help. (if you are a couch-Potato – I wouldn’t start with P90X though)

  •  i'm discouraged about and rather do my own execizes
    ed (Verified User)

    the exercizes are very difficult and can cause injury unless you are in pretty good shape already. i have pain and tendonits since starting this and I don’t enjoy it at all. it is something i’m discouraged about and rather do my own execizes. you can do the same y using machines in a qym and putting some effort into it rater that these crazy poses and techniques that can injure you and you will gain weight while you are resting from your injuries.

  • programs adjustable

    is p90x good for the underweight? Most of the comments I’ve seen are from people who are losing weight.
    My question is, is P90X good for me, I’m 5’5 and 110lbs? (how much time a day does P90X programs take a day and are their programs adjustable?)

    • Devon (Editor)

      You may want to find a workout that target muscle growth for weight gain. Or a protein supplement unrelated to muscle. P90X is meant to reduce body fat.

  •  Days straight
    dave (Verified User)

    hi, i got p90x 1 week ago off of a friend who never used it. he only gave me the 12 dvd set. how long do you do it, do you need to do it 90 days straight.

    • Anonymous

      it is 90 days and there are 3 different workout routines. Lean Routine, Classic Routine and Doubles Routine. You can google to get the daily workouts and even nutrition info

  •  Really impressed
    rita serapiglia (Verified User)

    I have been on p90x a week and have already lost 8 pounds.I am really impressed by it.

  •  Diagnosed
    joe (Verified User)

    Hi, I’m 6’11” and 210 lbs and diagnosed with 3 levels of herniated disks in lumbar region, ok without taking meds for it just modified my exercises. i’ve never had done any exercises for the last 12mos., and wondering if I could try p90x. any recommendations?

    • Gail Owens

      I had same problem did them lifti g too heavy at crossfit. My advice go to a physical therapist/ Osteopath. Try walking and swimming for several weeks, about three months. If you can afford it go to a personal trainer once a week, one who specialises in back injuries. It has taken me seven months to contemplate doing exercise such as INsanity/p90X again. I only had one herniated disc. Go and see a Dr. who knows more. Be ultra careful starting p90x, as the back is a very difficult thing to treat. I am only know getting started on running on a treadmill, seven months later. Kettlebells are also great there are hundreds of videos there on youtube you can do for free!

  •   Includ
    spiceylg (Verified User)

    Happy New year! I am borrowing P90X from somebody that doesn’t include the meal plan. Does anybody know how I could obtain a copy?

  •  Good
    jacqueline perry (Verified User)

    im thinking of doing p90x and will it be good for me

  • Deena

    I just purchased P90X off QVC today. I’m wondering about the safety of doing these workouts with my 10 year old son. We watched the infomercial together and are both excited about losing weight together. I am 5’6 and 194 pounds. My son is about 20 pounds overweight and we are both ready to get in the best shape ever. I’d love to hear any advice/testomonials about anyone who has started this with a younger child.

    • Jen

      Deena, my 10 year old son is a competitive swimmer and doing a lot of the exercises he shows on land 2 days per week with 3 days in the pool swimming laps, plyometrics and strength training using his own weight. I was told by his trainer that he could use the P90X or insanity, but not to do them every day and not to the intensity level. At 10 their growth plates are not fully developed so can easily be stunted. As far as weight loss, it would be great, but no weights and not to the intensity level of the “fittest”. Just get him up and moving, even if that means he does the lowest level on there. Even working out together is going to help you out also. Hope that helps.

  • Out there
    Frank G.

    are there any 60+ men out there?

    • Cameron (Editor)

      Several older gentle try P90X though we advise you use caution because it is a very arduous regimen.

  • Single push up

    I am a 26 year old grad student and I weigh 207 pounds at a height of 5’5″. I have never been able to do a single push up or pull up. I workout once a week because I am in school all the time. Will this program work for me?

    • Cameron (Editor)

      We have seen difficulties with people who are severely overweight trying this workout. One has to be able to handle the harsh exercises of “muscle confusion”

  • coolmorris

    Male, 6’ 1”, 245LBS

    OK folks let’s get the truth out. We are very alike. I’ve been reading the posts here and it seems like just about everyone is asking the same questions I was asking until I started P90X.

    I just got the videos last week and started this week. Let me tell you my history of physical activity.

    I am corporate, on my butt most of the time. I love beer. So I really put on the weight. My ideal is 200lbs. I think in the past 10 years I’ve joined 4 different gyms, one kick boxing gym and ended up failing with all. Why did I fail?

    Same reason why I’d fail if I wanted to be my own Barber or Dentist or Car Mechanic. Can I do a little by myself? Sure. But to get it right, you need expertise which I don’t have. If you can afford a real Trainer (and I say real because you find tons of Meatheads in every gym wearing the gym shirt but don’t have a clue), go for a trainer. But I can’t afford to pay $100 hour that my high end gym charges in NYC.

    A lot of you are really blowing P90X out of proportion to let’s answer some common issues:

    Do you really need to be super fit to do P90X. Well, if you were super fit, why the hell are you doing P90X??? If I weighed 400lbs, I might worry, but if you are not over over crazy heavy do it. If you have injuries, tough. Modify. YOU WILL NEVER BE able to catch those guys doing their workouts. I modify. Some workouts are tough for me. Ask yourself, are you sweating? Are you getting that good sore? Do you feel better about yourself. If the answer is yes, forget the rest (ooh I am getting cheesy like Tony)

    Do you need to buy all their equipment?? NO. I bought 80% of everything required from WALMART. I went to GNC for the Protein shake but if you pay attention to your diet, you don’t even need to do that. I was stupid and you don’t need to spend that money. Or there are plenty of cheaper alternatives.

    How much time?? About hour to hour half. I can’t do it in the morning, I do it when I come from work. I like it because I know why GYM failed.

    You go to gym, you work the machines. You are surrounded by meat head A** H**** who have no jobs and live there and seem to know everyting. The Trainers are morons so what do you do ? Put on the Ipod and go on treadmill? 3 months later, you are bored sill. Another thing I hate about gym is smelly disgusting people. You do spin in a tight room with 20 nasty smelly people of all body/racial make up, you’ll get my drift.

    I like P90X because I am at home. I can hit the pause button. I have CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS on what to do. Routines change fast so you don’t get bored. I am not next to 67 year old man dangling their testicles in my living room (like they do in gym). I am saved from the wonderful aroma of smelly people. And the distraction of tight little female butts doing steps in front of me.

    Let’s talk about Diet: Most possibly the TOUGHEST PART. Why? Well if you didn’t eat like a damn pig like me, you wouldn’t be doing this in the first place. So they have to get you to stop being an oink oink pig. It’s the master plan. I have things in my fridge never seen before: Green leaf vegetables. Lean, skinless chicken breast (not chick breast you perverts). Fruits.

    Get ready. Commit. I’ve done it for 2 days and I can barely lift my arms to type but I love it I love it and I love it.

    Hey if Beach Body is reading this and you need a TV personality let me know.


    • Kris

      I am a woman 5′ 3″ 147 lbs, My boyfriend and I started the classic on the 1st of Jan. This is the most well written post I have read.. Both of us are pretty athletic and go thru our gym phases start getting results and stop. This is our 3rd week of the program. Both of us skip yoga and do cardio instead (Kempo or eliptical for 30-40min). We started following the diet exactly but it is hard due to both of our schedules and alot of food. Havent been seeing the results I want so going to suck it up and begin the diet next week in week 4 again with freezing etc… But using phase 2 rather than fat shredder since I feel too fatigued with a low carb diet. Still continuing to eat fairly clean with a cheat day. I am sore each day and bring it each workout.. This program is definitly not for the weak or those who give up easily.. we all have our doubts and I tell myself lets see the end result to see if it works! Dont give up before the end.. TRY HARDER.. PUSH.. Lets get it people..see everyone at the finish line in about 70days (for me)goal lose 10 lbs or couple pants sizes

  • roberto

    I’m 17 turning 18 in feb. I’m at 130 lb’s and I was wondering if the p90x would be perfect for someone who is skinny and is lookin into gain muscle mass.

    • Cameron (Editor)

      It is mostly aerobic exercise which do well is trimming fat. You may be interested in something anaerobic that promotes muscle gaining.

  • George

    can you still do ab workouts with the flex belt on? xD

    • Cameron (Editor)

      You can do a number of workouts with it. Just be safe! See our Flex Belt review for more info.

  •  P90X works I did it for 60 days and lost 38 lbs.
    Juan (Verified User)

    P90X works I did it for 60 days and lost 38 lbs. Its hard at the start but if you keep it up you would see how good you feel.

  • Does this program is good for runnes?

    I am runner. Does the program give you enough cardio because it seems that running is the only thing to keep me thin. Or should I do the program and continue to run at a decreased rate. I am in very good shape but just want to lose the last few lbs around on stomach. Had a kid a year ago. Thanks.

    • Cameron (Editor)

      The programs is mostly all aerobic exercises like running is. It is very high impact as well.

  • my question is, what do you do after 90 days?
    Rae Ehlen

    my question is, what do you do after 90 days?

    • Cameron (Editor)

      Ideally at that time you would have reached your goals. You can maintain your figure, Rae.

  • I am 30 years old and 295 lbs can I do this program?

    I am 30 years old and 295 lbs can I do this program?

    • Cameron (Editor)

      It may not be immediately suitable for heavy set people who are not used to the harsh workout requirements. We recommend you start off slow, Carlos.

  • Are these chewable or pills you swallow?
    Tina Cook

    Are these chewable or pills you swallow

    • Cameron (Editor)

      No this is an exercise plan, Tina.

  • Does this program also work to gain weight or to just lose weight?

    Does this program also work to gain weight or to just lose weight?

    • Anonymous

      its a workout program silly. Weight loss.

  •  It works as long as you stick with it.
    Michael (Verified User)

    I am a 27yo male who when I started 3 months ago weighed 270 lbs with bad knees and hips. I followed the lean version, and after completing it I’ve lost 36 lbs. I also bought the P90X plus vids, and I’m in week two of that now. The program works as long as you stick with it, do what you can, and of course bring it.

    • sean

      Same Age, Same weight, im doing it because of your post. No more bullsh*t

  • week 7 of the classic phase and loving the program, works great!
    Dylan (Verified User)

    Hello, I am on week 7 of the classic phase and loving the program, works great! However looking at my calendar it shows me going into phase 3, but there is no week 9 represented, it goes from R&R week 8 to week 10-12? Am I missing something here? can anyone provide an answer? thanks and best of luck to you all

    • Lorna

      Hi Dylan,

      yes you are missing something, it’s 9 & 11 and then 10 & 12, look in the book those weeks are side by side.

      I’m a 50 year old woman at the end of my first phase. I was 40 lbs over weight, not in shape at all and the only exercise that i had/have a problem with is the Yoga, and I will be damned if I don’t do it. I have lost 15 lbs and at least 5″ off my waist.

  •  This product is not for me.

    the other problem is that if you don’t have a house capable of a pull up bar, you’re SOL. And i would want to try this but my place is not acceptable for it.

  •  I was also VERY disappointed to see the protein shake contains sugar!
    jade420 (Verified User)

    Well, what exactly DO you get for 120 bucks if you have to additionally supplement with equipment? Cds and books, or what?
    I have looked in to this a little, and a little frustrated at what I feel is a lack of info. I was also VERY disappointed to see the protein shake contains sugar!

    • Matthew Lor

      SUGAR isn’t bad…it’s excessive sugar that’s bad…even diabetics can still have sugar but it has to be regulated…sugar is what your body converts your food into regardless…glucose IS sugar, a monosacharride…

  •  P90X is well worth it.
    Doug (Verified User)

    I can say as a former bodybuilder and military veteran, I was familiar with a lot of these moves, but it is nice to have a system that ties them all together in a way that makes sense and with a nutrition plan. P90X is well worth it.

  • I'm looking into doing this.

    I’m looking into doing this. How many times a week must you work out? My work schedule makes working out hard.

  • what do you guys think can this P90X help me?

    hi guys iam a tall skinny guy i weigh 156lbs. should i even both with this work out i would really love to do it looks great but i dont no if fi will give me the bolk i need what do you guys think can this P90X help me?

    • Cameron (Editor)

      It may give you the desired results so long as you can keep up the rigorous workout requirements, Kieren.

  •  I just bought it.
    John Malron (Verified User)

    Some of my friends say it worked really well for them im really excited i just got it in the mail i bought it for under 70 dollars with free shipping from trustedonlinestore.com ill let you know how it goes bye for now! 🙂

  • Not saying anything about P90x

    Wow! A lot of company shills in here. Look at the pattern of the “testimonials” they are posting. Come on, kinda formulaic, don’t you think?

    Not saying anything about P90x, just saying half the testimonials in here are by BeachBody staff. Take everything with a grain of salt, caveat emptor, your milage may vary, etc…

    • Jim the Wizbo

      Hey, so how can you tell these people work for beach body?

  • How will that affect me using P90X if I order it?

    I have bad knee’s and ankles from 21 years in the military. How will that affect me using P90X if I order it? I have to wear braces just to walk.

    • Cameron (Editor)

      Hello, Guy. Above all ask your doctor. He will analyze your risk. It sends electric pulses through the midsection.

  •  its hard but its worth it.
    Ellen (Verified User)

    I am 52 years old. Found out I had a thyroid problem. Went on medication (which seemed to stop the weight gain), but no matter what I did for the past 2 years, I could not lose the weight, until I started the p90X Lean routine. I just finished week 7 and have lost 15 pounds and feel great. Yeah, its hard but its worth it.

    • Anonymous

      Are you seeing the difference

  • Will P90X work for me

    I am in my late fifties, about 25 lbs. overweight. I eat well and have followed some exercise plans in the past. Is it realistic for me to try this program. I am obviously not in great shape.

    • Cameron (Editor)

      The program is not recommended for someone is severely overweight, so if you can keep up and manage the program it is up to you. Also, for someone in their late fifties the strain on the body may be strenuous at first. Just be safe.

  •  I think it's worth it if you want good results.
    Sarah (Verified User)

    I started p90x three days ago. im not over weight and im a student athelete but i want to lose some weight around my hips and lower stomach. So far im reallllly sore but it seems worth it. We bought it from someone who was selling on craigslist so it was only $60. I think it’s worth it if you want good results. the workouts are actually kinda fun sometime. Sort of the “hurts so good” kinda thing i guess.

  •  Bad experience of using P90X
    Betsy (Verified User)

    I started P90X today and honest to god thought about calling an ambulance.. in a good way though. Im looking forward to doing this everyday and NOT needing to call 911 in the future.

  • Irrelevant Comment

    michael sounds bitter and doesn’t know what he’s talking about. pretty much every point he’s made is either not factual or just plain wrong. it’s obvious he’s not tried the program. michael is basically an idiot. but hey, if you need someone to tell you that you can’t do something — he’ll be the first. always nice to have a downer around to pump you up!!

    • amanda

      I have done the insanity that is very similar to p90x and I love it I felt amazing after doing it and yes form needs to practiced to be safe. I lost 70 lbs over about 6 months but the last 15 lbs was with the insanity. I love the system and anyone that does not like it is just lazy :).

  •  Will P90X work for me
    Bonnie (Verified User)

    OK so I ordered my P90X and it should be here by the 9th! I was a big tennis player a few year back but since got married and put on way to much weight! Im 5’5 and 192 🙁 I cant wait for the pain of getting back in shape!

  • Can someone tell me about drinking chocolate milk

    Can someone tell me more about drinking chocolate milk in place of the recovery drink?
    What type, how much (oz and etc)?

    • Cameron (Editor)

      Hey, Kimmie. We haven’t heard of this method? Did someone suggest chocolate milk instead? Let us know.

  •  How many weeks we suppose to workout?
    sofia (Verified User)

    Hi… How many weeks we suppose to workout the every cd, I just started and I’m very interested and excited of course I’m very sor..thank u

  • I purchased my P90X system from e-bay
    Denise (Verified User)

    I purchased my P90X system from e-bay for only $67 w/ free shipping. My ONLY issue was I didn’t pay attention to the shipper’s information, which was in China. Took almost 2wks to get my product. Check out E-Bay and get your bidding on. Good luck!

    • Debara

      Same with my boyfriend and I. We got ours in 14 days. We are getting rid of all of are bad food in the house and starting the p90x Monday. I understand it is going to kill me but I can not wait. lol

  •  I got stronger but really didn't see much in weight loss
    Kayle (Verified User)

    Been doing p90x for a while. I got stronger but really didn’t see much in weight loss until I started doing the doubles my third time through. All in all, I feel great and I’m starting to look great.

    • katie

      I am beginning my second week of doubles (5’3″ and 118lbs) – feel great and love the challenge of the great workouts but get very frustrated on weigh in days that I have not lost any weight. Would like to hear more about your progression through the slower weight loss and more on how you started to see a change – hope you don’t mind the “prying” but really feel alone in this as my husband continues to drop 3 and 4 pounds a week.

  • Is P90X done with weights?
    Ossie (Verified User)

    Is P90X done with weights? Or better said, could it be done with weights?

    • Tricia

      Yes, it depends on your own preferance and abilities as to how heavy they are. I use 10 lbs on some and 30 lbs on others.

  • If diet be modified? Will this still work?

    does anyone know if this will work for picky eaters! I don’t like eggs or seafood. So can the diet be modified? Will this still work?

    • swjc

      Ive been doing p90x for 7 months .Have not changed diet much ,eat meat every day ,no soda ,eat pizza , fried chicken and pork chops and have still lost 35 pounds and while not cut like Tony have completly tightened up body I look and feel 100% better. IF you do theses routines and not eat like a slob all day you will see changes .Trust me you do not have to force a diet plan with meals you have to force on yourself to look and feel better , BUT the better you eat the faster the results.

  •  P90x is not expensive!
    scott (Verified User)

    I dont agree with the comment that P90x is expensive. When you compare the P90x programme to Gym fees and travel costs and not to mention your own time when travelling to the gym. To have this programme and not have any ongoing fees and the fact that it can be conducted in your own home, I dont think it is expensive at all. I have been using this programme since Jan 10 and the results have been great. I have not followed the nutrition part however the fitness alone has given me some good results. For me it was not a weight loss, however it has resulted in definition and all round performance and strength. Good to be back in shape as a result and not let the office job be an excuse for becoming a fat lump.

    • Just Started

      P90X is NOT expensive, especially if you get Vuze and DL it for nothing… run it off your laptop in any room, or hook it up to a TV then. I know, I know…people are scared of Torrents but lets face it, these guys already made millions off this thing selling it to the many people who should have never bought it in the first place, and the economy sucks. Torrents are very safe, and they save you a ton of money.

      As for the program (now that I told you how to get it for free so you know I don’t work for the company that makes it), I have been a member of 5 different gyms over the past 4 years with great results, just never got to that super lean fit level everyone wants to be at. After falling off the wagon the last year and gaining 20 lbs, I moved to an area where the local gym is a meat head gym and super uncomfortable to do the things in this program that give you great overall body results. Nobody wants to stretch and do jump squats when 10 juice heads are staring you down while they endlessly bench press 450 pounds.

      The three years I was really into the gym, I spent literally $1000’s on supplements, books, magazines, etc…I have overlooked this program and can say it will DEF work, but it is really made for people who already have fitness experience and maybe fell out of shape (like me), or people who are already in pretty decent shape but want to do something different, get real lean, or save some money.

      I would NOT recommend this for anyone who really overweight, has preexisting injuries, or any kind of major health issue. It is SUPER intense, even when you pace yourself. It is a hour and a half commitment (videos plus shower/drink/breaks/etc) 6 days a week, every week, for 90 days. If you really can’t see yourself doing that with maybe cutting one of the yoga days out or something once a week at most, don’t get it. Also if you are not going to watch your diet don’t get it…but don’t worry to much about it. Eat breakfast every day with healthy natural foods and a mostly fish/chicken/turkey diet with veggies and fruits, and don’t eat carbs within 3 hours of going to bed, and you will loose weight. I would also def get a pre workout and post workout drink, but don’t worry about getting the P90X stuff or anything fancy. Some optimum nutrition or GNC protein power will be fine. I also love Jack3d for energy, but be very careful with this stuff only take if your heart is in good shape, and no more then a scoop at a time unless you have a high tolerance for caffeine (it has 66 mg per scoop).

      My last thought is def get some accessories with it (since I told you how to get it free, you can use that money for bands, pull up bar, push up bars and a mat). And if you are the least bit hesitant that you are not in good enough shape for this, ask your doctor before trying to jump right into it. I thought I was in pretty decent shape still and let me tell you, it is no joke you sweat it out non stop for at least an hour each workout.

      Hope this helps whoever stumbles across it… I KNOW in 90 days I will have lost this 20 lbs, if not more…if you follow it too and eat good, you will see results as well. Just gotta BRING IT!!!


      Signed, a truly honest review of P90X.

  • I want to try this product.

    I received 5 free sessions with a Personal Trainer when I joined the gym, he took all the measurements, weight and stuff, I am 5’2″ and was 105 pounds at that time and he told me that because of my body fat I was considered to be ‘clinically obese’!!!!! How can I trust a trainer again? If back then I was 105lbs and was “clinically obese” I am thinking that he would consider me “super obese” since now I am 114lbs!!!

  • Just finished week 1 and already lost 7lbs!
    Oscar (Verified User)

    Just finished week 1 and already lost 7lbs! I’m only doing the “lean” version but will switch to “classic” once I’m finished with the 1st 90 days. I may not get ripped in 90, but definately will see major differences at 180.
    Recommend it but you have to stick with the diet which isn’t so bad. I actualy eat 5-6x/day and never hungry.

  •  I just got p90x on ebay and interested!

    Hi, I just got p90x on ebay, just the workout videos. Do you just do #1 on day 1, #2 on day 2, etc? I am not sure about the rotation.

    • DW

      Samantha, no, you don’t just do #1 on day 1, etc. You should have gotten a calendar that tells which routine to do which day. I’m sure if you look around though, you can find the rotation posted somewhere though.

    • Anonymous

      Just scroll up on this page, near the top for workout routine.

  • Is p90x during pregnancy?
    Monica Wright

    Are there any women out there that have done p90x during pregnancy?

    • Cameron (Editor)

      Monica, the high impact workouts offered in this program may put stress on your body; we don’t know how that will affect your baby.

  •  I just got my P90X program and I'm stoked!
    Brooks (Verified User)

    I just got my P90X program and I’m stoked! Ive been planning my menu for the week, and it seems like a lot more food then I’m used too, but bring it right? A few things I haven’t seen is…. can i have coffee? artifical sugar, cream (non fat)? how about diet soda?

    • rsr

      Diet soda makes you gain weight NOT lose it – you’d be better off just cutting out soda period. If you simply cannot, buy the throwback Pepsi/Coke/etc. with REAL sugar instead of crap splenda/aspertame/high fructose corn syrup.

  •  If follow only nutrition plan still lose weight?

    If i follow the nutrition plan and do not follow the workouts will i still lose weight?

    • Cameron (Editor)

      Hi, Michael. What you eat is only half the equation.

  • The proof comes with finishing the program
    Ronrico (Verified User)

    Hey Michael,
    The proof comes with finishing the program. I am 46 years old (my name comes with an M.D.,FACEP, so I know a little about health). I went from 23% body fat to 11% in three months. I am in better shape than I have been in years. Injury can and does occur in any sport. The disclaimers preceding each workout are clear. You better be in good shape before starting this program. I certainly don’t need an overpriced (or blow-hard) trainer to be able to figure it out. If you had bothered to try the program or at least watched the DVD’s you would know that the participants are not actors or professional athletes. Think what you want, this program WORKS.

  •  Chocolate milk is what the TCU athletics programs
    Shawn (Verified User)

    Chocolate milk is what the TCU athletics programs use as well. They have done a bunch of studies and found that for most people chocolate milk works as good as anything.

  • I was wondering if the P90X is right for me
    Dean (Verified User)

    I am 50, not overweight at 5′ 11″ and 165 lb, and I have been working out for regularly for almost 6 months. I still have a little flab on the abs, but have seen slight evidence of a six-pack. My tone is pretty good but I’m not seeing the results I would like. I was wondering if the P90X is right for me, or should I give my regimen more time, considering my age?

    • Cameron (Editor)

      You may have plateaued, Dean. P90X’s core technique is what they call “muscle confusion”. It might be what you’re looking for if you wan to improve your workouts.

  •  what happens after 90 days?
    Christina (Verified User)

    So, what happens after 90 days? Do you just restart the program and continue to do so every 90 days? Or is their a continuation program?? Anybody know??

    • Cameron (Editor)

      Ideally after 90 the dieter would have reached their goals. They can maintain exercise if they so choose.

  • mike

    Hey everyone. I’ve seen the infomercials. I’ve read some of the comments and testimonials of p90x. I’m stoked to try it. However, I have a question to ask of you all. I’m 22yrs of age, 5’7″, weigh 185lbs, 11% body fat, and haven’t hit the gym in a couple years. I would like to think that I could do this program and not get discouraged in any way. How soon would it be, in your opinion, for someone like myself to see results? Also, I would like to get down to 4% body fat. If not, then i’d accept 6%. Is this goal possible with this program? Any advice??

    • Cameron (Editor)

      Results vary from person to person but results from any regimen can be seen within a few weeks to a month, maybe sooner. See how you like it, just don’t strain yourself.

  • I am looking to start P90X

    I am looking to start P90X, I am 20 years old and in average shape. I currently have a pair of 25lb dumbbells. Will I have to get a different weight or does that amount seem correct?

    • Anonymous

      You are probably going to want to get at least a few more weights. Depending on your physical shape, some exercises are more intense than others, and you might find yourself wanting to go heavier for some exercises and lighter for others.

  •   it worked I really in best shape
    Alex Fitness Authority (Verified User)

    I just finished up P90X and had some amazing results. I really thought this was total BS but it worked I really am in the best shape of my life.

  • Is this program just for weight loss??

    Is this program just for weight loss?? or can thin people use it to tone up.

    • MtBiker2002

      Yes, thin people can use it to tone up. Just use a lighter weight, more reps. The programs works for all types of people – overweight, thin, in shape, out of shape, etc. The whole idea behind the program is “modify” to your needs. It is *extremely* customizable – there are ways to make P90X for weight loss, for overall fitness, for toning, for strength.

      It is such a huge success because people get results…I did…

  • P90X Review

    Does anyone know how long one should wait after delivering a baby (C-section)? Plus because I had a high risk complicated pregnancy I was told to avoid any activities throughout my 9 months of pregnancy. Prior to that I was an average fit 115 lb/5 ft 3 woman (mainly walking and chasing after a 2 year old).


    • Cameron (Editor)

      Definitely consult with your doctor, TT. You wouldn’t want to place too much stress on your body.

  •  Loved the product
    Pierce (Verified User)

    I am 19 about 6’1 240 lbs ex highschool football player haven’t worked out hard in about 6 months I’m not fat but definitely over weight by about 20lbs so far I am on day 3 and love it i’m doing the classic version and follow my own nutrition plan and I won’t lie I am sore and hurt just about all day but having played sports and worked out hard before I know that will go away soon enough it is a great program very intense but fun so far stick with it I plan to if you do I’m sure you will see results you may not get ripped like them but within a year if you keep at it and incorporate some gym time I can see this really working it’s a great leap in the right direction for anyone who wants to be healthier if your young like me try not to go out to bars and drink so much if you cut out beer and other liquors you won’t be as sore because alcohol is terrible for muscle growth and repair Bring it!

  • How long the dvd is?
    tony smith

    how long is one dvd on p90x

  •  Suggesting exercise with it.
    bclay (Verified User)

    i recommend getting atleast 1 set of weights (whatever you can lift) and a chin up bar. you can use bands but i feel like im getting more done with the bar and weights.

  • What to do to get the proper result.

    we just got p90x and we dont think we should start out on this one my husband is 350 lbs and not use to work outs and nether am i please let me know what we can do and about the protien shakes thank you

    • greg

      i would say definatly do it… u can go at your own pace and own weight. for example push ups u may have to do them on your knees, and pullups id say use the bands, but its suuch a good workout even if your overweight. and the ab ripper x its really hard id say do what u can as best you can and eventually itll happen for you both

  • Can I pay all at once?
    Kathleen Klein

    Can I pay all at once?

    • Anonymous

      Yes. They give you that option when you’re “checking out”. I jet got mine in the mail yesterday and can’t wait to start. Once you place your order they tell you it’ll take 5-7 days from the time your order is processed to be shipped and they’ll give you the shipping information then. I got the “your order has been processed” e-mail, but not the tracking information even though it obviously shipped. Good luck. I can’t wait to start!

  • Can do it with elbow problem?

    I have tennis elbow and want to know if I will have problems doing the strenuous exercises for this program?

  •  Loved the product
    tim (Verified User)

    I do the p90x. I have built some muscle and went from 185 to 173lb in 2 months. It is working for me. I eat on a different plan but low fat high protein is my motto and it’s working. I do cheat sometimes on the weekend. Just use the resistance band. I am just trying to get fit and sculpt and not put on muscle and it works for me

    • rick

      i started first week. i was wondering if i could give myself TWO cheating days per week in order to keep myself sane. because i really love food lol. so would you say that I can still get abs within about a month even if I gave myself 2 days to eat cheeseburgers and whatnot?

  • Can loose weight fast?

    Hi, I am 5’10”, 280 pounds and I’m getting married in 4 months, what is a realistic goal to have if I start P90X? Is it possible to get below 250 or 225 if I follow everything to a T?

  • Is it work hard for smokers?

    Yeah I have one question are any of these workouts hard for smokers?

    • Stephen (Editor)

      Hey, Chad you’d definitely have to gauge it yourself. Do you have any difficulty jumping or jogging. If so take it slow at first.

  • How to follow it?

    I am curious about the diet plan. Is it easy to follow? How is it laid out? Are there specific meal suggestions?

  •  Loved the product
    Steph (Verified User)

    My husband and I recently purchased the P90X dvds as a fun motivation to do together (should be getting them the end of this week). We are really excited and have gotten the chance to see previews of the dvds and they seem like a lot of fun.

    I understand the injury warnings, but like becky said, that goes for the gym, trainer or any workout. I like this program because Tony constantly says to do your best and to always modify the exercises when needed. I think programs like this are for people who want to fit workout routines into their daily life schedules, get motivated, have someone give advice without costing too much, and have fun while getting into tip-top shape!

    I also saw some reviews and sometimes this program goes past the 90 days for people, but it all depends on the person (weight, genetics, gender, health…etc) but they still got amazing results! So if it takes 120 days for the results that you were looking for, you shouldn’t get discouraged. Also, you might even gain some weight during exercises, because remember you are gaining muscle and also during recovery time, your body is healing which means you could take on some water weight during this time.

    Any workout plan is about setting goals for yourself and to keep building onto your goals. I just think, for me, workout dvds are helpful. I was on a crew team in high school and loved the motivation I got from my coaches, I think Tony can do that for me and my husband! Plus, all you really need are resistance bands and weights (my husband and I are going to get a chin-up bar, but it’s not horrible if you don’t), and your body performs a lot of the resistance during these workouts as well!!

    Hope this helps!! X

    • I am a Nurse 2

      BSN here….whoooaaa. Looks like I don’t know as much as my MSN counterpart. Whatever Mikey. You don’t know what you are talking about. Put the effort in, and you will see results. It sounds like you’ve had your face in a book for too long. BRING IT!!!

  •  Can purchase from ebay.
    John (Verified User)

    You can purchase it off of eBay unopened including all books and information for a lot cheaper. Check it out!

    • Ratchit

      i purchased the p90x for $85 off the craigslist and it was completely sealed.

  • Can gain weight by it?

    i am looking to put on muscle. i am 6’0 150 and want to bulk up without loosing weight. is this the program for me?

  •  Loved the product
    travcm (Verified User)

    First off: I’m seeing a bunch of comments like “I’ve lost 17 lbs in 3 weeks”. Most of the numbers people give are inflated and not taking into account the vast amounts of water weight lost. When someone says they lost 17lbs, it usually equates to about 5lbs of fat and 12lbs of water.

    Second: Yes, this program will work for almost anyone who is willing to put in the effort – that’s obvious. But why pay for this? You can do a little research and develop your own routine (tailored to yourself). There are plenty of informative websites out there. The best ones are usually NOT trying to sell you something every few sentences. How to eat is not rocket science either. You don’t need to take out the credit card for generic routines that are made for the masses and for profit alone.

    Just as you supposedly are going to put a lot of effort into working out, why can’t you simply put effort into gaining knowledge about what you’re doing? It’s amazing how little people know about diet and exercise. Companies are thriving because of your ignorance. This really isn’t acceptable in the internet age. Quit being lazy.

    • Anonymous

      Ever saw somebody with 12 pound of water

      • Yomayra

        lol I know… me neither.

      • Sarah

        Okay, 70% of our body weight is water. So, I would be concerned if someone didn’t have 12 pounds of water.

        • Missy

          Sarah…70% of the earth is water…not the human body, doll. No one who is physically fit should be able to afford to lose 12 lbs of water. People who consume caffiene and carbonatec beverages-maybe.

  • Need any special diet?

    I just started using the p90x this week and I was wondering about the diet. Has anyone just chaged there diet(No Junk/Just Healthy Food), and not really use the p90x plan. And have it work for them?

  • Would it help with health condition.

    i am 5″8″ inches and i am 197 lbs and my bmi is 30 .would p90x be a good program for me? can anyone help me please?

    • Sarah

      Yes. I think you should give it a try. If you don’t see results, just send it back!

  • Can help it with his health condition
    shawn walker

    I play baseball, and i’m a starting pitcher. I find that i can’t really do any work outs for a few days after i pitch. Would this product hurt or help me with this?

  •  Want to continue the product.
    john (Verified User)

    to help u out a little, I use my bowflex when I do my workouts. I tis hard to keep up with sometimes, but it does do it is job. I did have to go and buy a pull up bar.

    • Kevin

      So bowflex can be utilized with the P90X program?

  • Can use it with body condition.

    hey there im a young guy about 10-15 pounds over, i was wondering if somone with a very tight budget can even do this?

    i ordered the workout but im honestly willing to do anything to lose this weight im determind and wanna be challenged.

    so from what i said is this program for me or what???

  • Will it help to gain weight.

    I am 30 years old male 5 11 and about 135 lbs and want to put more body mass at least 15 to 20 pounds more muscle would the p90x be the right way to go

    • Johnny

      i have the same question and have seen many other people ask it. Nobody seems to get an answer on it.i TO AM 30YRS OLD AND 135 LBS AND BEEN THIS SIZE SINCE HIGH SCHOOL. i JUST HAVE A REALLY HIGH METABOLISM and cant gain weight. If you found out the answer please let me know.

      • Dan

        my nephew was always thin, he got P90X 2 years ago, and he didn’t get super bodybuilder huge, but he did gain a lot of muscle. The trick is to use a weight where you max out at 8-10 reps, the last 2 or 3 reps should be super hard. If you can do more than 10 reps, get a higher weight. Also, protein, Protein, PROTEIN! follow the plan, but add an extra protein shake or 2, goes great with a meal.

    • bdawal

      Been doing it 3 week. I’m definitely stronger, but I wouldn’t say bulkier. I think it’s genetics.
      I’m a regular gym rat and lets just say, I’ve been more exhausted from P90x and added about 20 lbs to my bench already.
      My only criticism is that the leg portion doesn’t help me as much as doing squats, deadlifts, etc. However, the upper body portion of the program is gold.
      hope that helps. I drink Gold Standard Egg Protein (cause whey isolate f**ks my stomach up) and I eat Cliff bars (has fat to gain some mass). NOTE -you won’t ever gain mass without some fat, hence cliff bars. I’m getting pretty strong and confidence is soaring

    • Anonymous

      What P90X primarily does is condition you which in turn allows for a better body. If you are looking to bulk up id suggest hitting the gym and doing bench, leg presses and so on

  • Can use with his circumstances.
    capri (Verified User)

    I have been a vegetarian for nearly 30 years, run 3 miles 7 days a week, work out with light weights and do a core work out but have plateaued. I want to lose about 5-10 pounds and get really lean. Will this work in my circumstances?

  • How to use it.
    Shaun (Verified User)

    I’m already sold on the P90X program – I just gotta actually order it. My question is, if anyone knows is, can I split the daily work-out into two smaller workouts, one in the AM and one in the PM? Thanx 🙂

  •  Liked it very much.
    Ken (Verified User)

    You sound like you have given up before you even get started. Remember, P90X like most DVD exercises can be done at your own pace, however, if you convince yourself that it is too hard then it probably is, but remember this, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart conditions do not care about your busy hectic life, they will attack regardless.If you care anything about your health, you MUST find the time to exercise, no exceptions.

  •  Liked it very much
    Jeri (Verified User)

    Im 51 5’2″ female weigh 127lbs
    I started p90x 3 weeks ago and I love it. Im doing it to get in shape for my daughters wedding. There is no short cut to being healhty. Yeah sure it cost $120.00 but pills cost money over and over and you usually gain the weuight when you stop taking them. This is a lifestyle change. I make my meat on the weekends and freeze it then just pack it along with me to work. If you are motivated you can do and they tell you the diet will be the hardest part. I get plenty to eat so Im am never starving. I have started to see the resluts with get a little slimmer and getting the muscle def I want. My endurance is also getting stronger. I love this program and find it easier that anything Ive ever done. Is it easy? No way I just meant it fits into my life. I love it ! I say go for it and I’ll see you in 60 more days!

  • Seems to jealous with comments.

    Ok, is it just me, or do 90% of these responses seem to sound an awful lot like the infomercial? Not that I’m pointing fingers, but it smells like beachbody responses.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. Can I hear one personal story that doesn’t sound like it was written by a producer?
      Any skinny people buy this program simply to add mass but not lose weight? Does it work, or does the caloric demand just even out possible muscle gain?


      No offense, but you guys aren’t going to believe anyone who says P90X works. You’re skeptical so no matter what someone says, you’ll write it off as another Beachbody rep promoting their product. Would it matter if someone said “…and I’m not with Beachbody” after giving their opinion? Probably not b/c you have no way of knowing if that’s true. You want to find a reason to not believe them.

    • Anonymous

      i dont care if it works. no body mentions how painful it is, or the tension in your muscles the next day. i started out at 96lbs, and now i weigh 89 lbs! ow,ow,ow.

      • Anonymous

        r you kidding me why would you be doing p90x when you weigh less than 100 lbs!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Here is a real response
      I am on day 2 and feel like I am going to die! 🙂 My legs feel like jello, and I had no idea I could breathe so hard ( I just quit smoking)
      I got this for my husband for Christmas, and he has been on it for about 4 weeks now. He is doing the Classic workout. I reaaly dp not “see” a differnce in him, but he says he feels it, and some people have mentioned a change, (I see him everyday, so I may not be noticing a gradual change.
      I feel better than yesterday after my workout, I am doing the Lean. I get kinda frustrated, cause I cannot do all the moves the people on the vidio do, I have to modifiy, and I don’T want to :)Hopefully I will be feeling a little better in a fewe weeks as I get used to this. After reading the posts, I am definatly going to find some kind of recovery drink, I don’t think the ole gatoraide is going to be enough.

    • Anonymous

      Did you change your diet?

    • John

      I have nothing to do with beachbody, but honestly, it’s hard to speak about the program and not rave. People who stick with it will get results. And because of that, their opinions will be high of the program.
      A few things, the program is very hard, and chellenging. Especially if you are not in shape at the start. You’ll be sore during the first few weeks especially as you’ll work muscles you haven’t before. I didn’t buy anything above and beyond the dvd’s that were beachbody products. I already had weights and bands, purchased a pull-up bar from a sports store, and used my own choice on supplements and ‘recovery’ drinks and did fine. If you don’t like the nutritional guide, I’d recommend seeking help from a nutritionist rather than just winging the diet portion. The exercises are really challenging, and you’ll want to make sure you’re properly fed/hydrated or you just won’t be able to do it. Good luck…happy workouts!

      • Ronnie

        Im a 32 year old husband and father of 2…I am in IT and I DON’T work for BEACHBODY…I started p90x back in October of ’09 and I lost 30 pounds in 60 days…life happened and I didnt finish…over the past year and some changed, i gained more weight back than I lost due to no exercise and dramatically worsening my diet…I am starting again tomorrow, but I promise you, if you stick to it, you will see results, real results…

  •  Liked the product.
    Eric and Andrea (Verified User)

    We just started the P90x program yesterday and it is tough. We are finding it is better to do it together to have somebody to push you. Our kids are also trying some of the routines. I would not reccomend this if you are extremely out of shape. It is hard. Not for the lazy and unmotivated.

  •  Liked it very much.
    Mike (Verified User)

    I should start this by saying I haven’t used the P90X program. On the surface it looks like it would be a killer program for those who are already dedicated to exercise and fitness. However, I can’t see how someone like me (who is very busy and lives quite a hectic life) would stay with such a program. It looks awfully complicated and time consuming. Even if the exercises aren’t time consuming, there’s got to be a lot of prep work (looking at the DVDs for proper form, etc). Just watching the commercial makes me not want to exercise. I’m afraid that these multiple DVD programs aren’t for the average person and the key to staying with a fitness program is something that’s quick and uncomplicated, but still shows results so you want to do it the next day. As such, I’ll think I’ll stick with my routine of alternating cardio with a quick isometric and dynamic tension workout.

    • Ken


      You sound like you have given up before you even get started. Remember, P90X like most DVD exercises can be done at your own pace, however, if you convince yourself that it is too hard then it probably is, but remember this, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart conditions do not care about your busy hectic life, they will attact regardless.If you care anything about your health, you MUST find the time to exercise, no exceptions.

    • jade


    • christopher bartow

      You’re missing out Mike. Busy family law attorney here…addiction to P90X made making time for workouts easy.

  • Not happy with review.
    TC - NYC

    you must not have been a good trainer. Every trainer I’ve spoken with have had nothing but good things to say about p90x. So, why don’t you say why it doesn’t work? I see you promoting diet pills instead….hmmmm, I wonder why?

    Do it first, then write your review. Until then, your opinion means nothing.

  • Advised other cheaper product.

    It’s pretty much a protein shake. Just go to a GNC and ask what would be the best for P90X, they are cheaper than the P90X brand and aren’t any different. I take Syntha-6.

    • tim

      i used Cell Mass as my recovery drink. Today was first day and sore as hell lol

  •  Liked and advised other product too.
    becky (Verified User)

    I think it is great to have an honest opinion, but seriously who has the money to have a Workout Form Coach and a Trainer and even then who’s guaranteed not to be hurt. I’m a college athlete and always have been in good shape, but after having a baby and worked out all thru the pregnancy I went to a trainer and it was ridiculous I couldn’t walk for a week, fell down the stairs with my baby in my arms and thought I was going to die. Told her about it and still tried to kill me the next week. My thought on a lot of trainers is that they want to try and kill you for their pleasure of watching, but they never participate in the excercises with you, so they really don’t know what they are putting you through. Cuz really can’t you go online and become a TRAINER?????

    By the way, have you tried the P90X? I think what it’s saying is enter at your own risk. Most people do this at the gym anyway, they don’t know what the hell they are doing and do it anyway, so why not watch a video and get a little help on FORM without hiring an egostical ASS at the gym to help kill you!!!! Just my opinion!!!!

    • Scott

      Becky is completely right. P90X is amazing and Horton advises to go slow and the guidebook advises NOT getting involved unless you are ready. I picked up my set on eBay for a lot less… I am 51 now and feel “like” I could go up against my high school self. Flexible, relaxed, complimented, healthy…and the workout is always ready in the family room…all for the price of one training session.

  • I totally agree :)

    I totally agree 🙂

  • can you do the program if you have fibromyalgia,or is it to much.

    can you do the program if you have fibromyalgia,or is it to much.

    • DrScienceChick

      Yes. I have had severe fibro for more than 20 years. I do P90X, and it keeps me almost pain free. Also, the book Understanding and Conquering Fibromyalgia by JG Schnellmann is superior and mentions intense exercise such as this (but obviously doesn’t endorse P90X). The book and the P90X have changed my life.

  • I'd love to regain the muscle tone and definition

    I too was a highschool athlete and worked out hard for great results. At 41, I’d love to regain the muscle tone and definition. Am I crazy to hope this is possible? As a mom of 4, I have to wonder if this is even a possibility…

    • Melissa

      Sam, Im a 40-something Mom and I started P90x at age 42. Definitely, definitely do it! There are lots of us. If you’re on Facebook, there is a terrific support group. Join that and check all the discussion boards and you’ll find lots from moms.

  • What is the nutrition plan like?

    What is the nutrition plan like?

    • Tim

      If your worried about being hungry forget it. The program is tough and you need calories to get through it. The nutition plan just shows you the right places to get those calories from. It includes many recipies that are really good. I have fallen for a lot of gimics through the years. This is no gimic. It is a complete program. All you have to do is bring it.

  •  . I'm about 50lbs over weight and in the first 3 weeks of this program
    Amy Ramos (Verified User)

    If p90x doesn’t work for you then you are lazy and don’t care. I’m about 50lbs over weight and in the first 3 weeks of this program I have lost 17 lbs. It’s hard. It will test your mind. But if you want it bad enought you will do it!! It’s great!!

    • andrea

      wow iam glad to hear you have lost weight from p90x.i want to lose about 50lbs,do you have any advise for me?from what i have been told its hard for women to lose weight

      • Tricia

        It isn’t hard for women to lose weight with this program. Period. If you do the workouts and give them your all then you will lose weight.
        You will hate it but plyometrics will be your friend. Do be careful, watch your ankles. Plyometrics constitutes of a lot of jumping (with soft landings). AbRipper X is at the end of every odd workout so don’t just turn the DVD off.

    • Veronica

      did u follow a diet plan in order for u 2 lose those 17lbs and if so what was it? I realy do need to lose weight

    • Soulchild

      Anything will work for anyone if they want it bad enough. You don’t have to do P90x is a bit extreme and its not for the beginner. For the sake of avoiding injury, I wouldn’t advise someone who has just started working out after a year to begin with this workout.

  • lol


  •  Worth every penny! I
    casey (Verified User)

    Worth every penny! I only mess with the Cardio and yoga vids and I’ve lost 70lbs in six months and feel better than I ever have in my entire life!!! As far as diet change.. I just eat grilled meats and veggies. Sure I’ll still have the odd sweet here and there.

    • anthony

      Congrats to you, I have the program and have not been able to get into it as of yet. Congratulations on your success.

  • can it be done with a lower back problem

    I’m 53 with a lower back problem will this program affect my lower back and can it be done with a lower back problem

    • Tariee

      You “might” be able too. My room mate also had back problems, but after 6 weeks of P90X the pains no longer arise. The program includes warm-ups, cool downs, and tells you how to modify the workout if you’re having a hard time. Best check with your doctor to make sure you can perform a workout program, though!

    • Taylor

      I have a L4-L5 fusion. Im 24 years old and tried P90x in the past for a couple of weeks and couldnt continue because of lower back pain. So I went to physical thereapy to help the pain and to strengthen my muscles to support my spine. I started doing P90x again and had some mild pain at first then went away and it has been a long time that I have felt this good. I still cant do alot of things correctly because of lost of flexability but try a different technique for things you can not do. Do not do somthing if it hurts if you know what I mean.

  •  P-90x is amazing
    Jake (Verified User)

    I am a Marine Corps Veteran. As a kid, I swam as a sport. I was really good and took many meets and won many a trophy. I swam 20,000 yards a day 6 days a week. I ate what I wanted and never lost weight, but I didn’t gain either. I was six foot and 156 until my senior year. Then i bulked up to 176. I was in great shape. I actually wore out my drill instructors. When i got out, i became a restaurant manager, and i never had the time for the gym or the pool. I was at 266 lbs. Then i gave this a call. This system of P-90x is amazing. It is the closest thing to what I used to do for strength training. I don’t have to drive anywhere. I borrowed my dad’s old dumbbells, and i went to town. It’s been 45 days and I’m back to 220lbs and my handles and belly are gone. My muscles are getting nice! My wife loves it! This system really works! My wife even started doing it and she seems impressed.

    • Jim

      I have a feeling this comment is from someone at beachbody. Being a Marine Veteran I can tell you, the fact is nobody ever “wears out” their Drill Instructors. It just doesn’t happen…

    • Dylan

      Very true.

      • Anonymous

        USMC drill instructors can go for days and days, no recruit can “wear them out”.

        • anonymous

          or the guy is just bragging

  • Mitch

    Any form of exercise that gets people moving is a plus in my opinion.

    One warning: you have to be in fairly good shape before you begin this program to see the “ripped” results they talk about in their infomercials.If you can’t pass their fit test then this program is not for you. Obese and severely obese people will have issues performing allot of the exercises. My tip is to lose weight so that you are close to your maximum BMI, then try this program.

    You really don’t any suppliments for this program, although I highly recommend taking a post recovery drink after everywork out. This will help you with muscle soreness and give you that extra edge.

    If you’re thinking of pounding back beer, burgers and pizza – you’re wasting your time with any fitness program. You have to eat right to see results.

    The nicest thing about this program is that there is no geuss work involved and the program lays everything out for you in an easy to follow guide. – And Tony is a great motivator. All Tony asks, is that you “Bring It!”

    • Anonymous

      thanks for the warning

    • thebiggq

      I got P90X a few months ago and jumped right in….highly motivated. However, I was about 35 lbs over weight and hadn’t been active in about 10 years. So needless to say, I over did it. I decided to start with Power 90 instead, then after finishing that program move on to P90X. I’m one week into Power 90 and am having great results, lost 7 lbs and feeling better than I have in years!!
      So I agree, those in poor shape, beware! Start slow, then move on when ready.

      • paula

        you are so right. people need to understand to just go slow. that is true with any exercise. thanks for your honesty.

    • Tisha

      Just reading all the views, I really want to get this. I have decided to try Silm and Six first and then gradually move into the P90X. I really appreciate all the advice. I have about 25 pounds to lose but, I feel I want to start off easy at first.

      • spoonster

        i started with slim in six myself, but it was really a waste of time. two weeks into it and i felt like it wasnt working me enough, so i started doing p90x workouts with the husband, and i could hang in there. so unless you’ve never worked out or been an athlete before, bite the bullet and go for the p90x from the start. you can do it. the weights are kinda hard for women, i think, but use bands. the plyometrix and kenpo are not at all hard. just great fun.

    • Anonymous

      I have to disagree just a little. Even if you are 50lbs overweight these workouts can be done. As long as you do what you can and modify if needed you will see results. The workouts are awesome and will always make you sweat!

      • Anonymous

        Completely agree with you, no matter what, don’t make excuses for not working hard. Just remember as Tony says, you can always pause the tape, regroup and begin when you need. I’m a true p90x believer and I know that if you are really ready to make a change with your lifestyle you have to be committed to doing it. So make the decision to do p90 and do it rather than doing it half assed and seeing no results

      • Lee

        How about if are 100lb overweight? Would it still works? or not? Anyone please???

        • Jeff S.

          Lee, a year ago I was 375lbs. Through diet and 2-3 trips to the gym per week i got down to 300lbs. that’s when I decided to try P90X. So I wasn’t 300lbs pounds of goo. There was some decent muscle under there but according to the fit test I was not ready for P90X. I said ‘what the hell’ and went for it. I had to modify almost every move in the begining, but the show you how to do that. I almost puked the first time I did plyometrics. I stuck with it and I lost 35lbs the first time through. You can lose a lot more than that if you follow the diet guide. The main question is are you ready? P90X is a major commitment. 60-90min 6 days a week. If you are ready to change your life and your body then P90X can help you make that happen.

  •  It is money well spent.
    Pete (Verified User)

    I have been doing P90X for the last 14 months. Previously I ran 5 miles per day for many years. I feel better now than I ever did while just running. I purchased the P90X package, additional pull up bars and increasing dumbell weights as I progressed through the program. It is money well spent. My cholesterol numbers are well within the normal range now and I feel fantastic. I made small adjustments to my diet, nothing drastic. Try it for 90 days, you’ll be hooked after the first couple of workouts.

    • JAMES

      really I can change my diet but I mean u should be allowed like one fat meal a week.Did you still get abs though?

  • If you're looking for a sure thing you'll never buy anything.

    If you’re looking for a sure thing you’ll never buy anything. I’m 60 and just started. Work a little, eat less crap. Use a light dumbell or band. Not rocket science. I’m seeing results and I already was fit.

  •  It is hard, but well worth it!!
    Tiffany (Verified User)

    The review is stupid. My husband and I are doing the lean version of P90X and are loving it. We are really enjoying it. It’s a nice workout to do together. It is hard, but well worth it!!

  •  Love it
    Tamara (Verified User)

    Love it. I’m 52 years old. I do P90X at my own pace and i’m seeing results already. My 27 year old son is a chinnock army piolt and he does P90X. He gave it to for my birthday. Because he cares alot. Some sons gave flowers and candy,my son gave me health and fitness.Tony H.is great at what he does.(in my opinion).

    • mako

      Hey Tamara!
      I’m turning 50 and want to try this but cannot get info fromanyone. Does one need to be in good condition just to even attempt this? I’m 6 ft. 249 lbs and ache all over. Waste of money?

      • johndoe

        The workouts are pretty tough but you can vary them with some easier techniques, while also taking the workouts at your own pace. However if you are not motivated to stick with the diet and exercise routines you will be wasting money.

        • Anonymous

          Good point!!!! Couldn’t say it better myself. If you can’t find it inside yourself to push your mentally then don’t bother.

        • Cornelieus

          You first need to drink more water about 1 1/2 gallons a day. You need to buy MSKx. This is a natural pain killer look it up. Now as far as a exercise program . It is only good and affective if you put the time and energy in it. You start at what you can handle. You are in charge. Its called common sense. Also buy your self deer antler spray this is new and natural muscle builder and injury heals faster

      • Ashley

        I purchased P90X for myself. I hadn’t worked out in over a year. Even though the workouts are tough, because each day you will work out to muscle failure, there are 3 versions of each exercise that is done throughout the videos. So even if you can’t do a close hand pushup, maybe you can do the close hand pushup while on your knees. It is worth the money. And you will not regret it!!

        • Jessica

          I talked to a doctor about the push ups on your knees and he said that they were really bad for them. He recommended that I put my hands on the arm of the couch and my feet further back. It has really been helpful and my knees aren’t sore.

      • Smellin' Coffee

        I just started week 5. I’m 43 and like you, 6’0″. I am a bit heavier having started at 260 lbs. In the 29 days, I’ve lost 12 lbs, have more energy than I did in my 20s, can actually now bend down to tie my shoes and even see definition in my stomach and arms that I never had before. I still can’t do a chin up, plough position or a Dreya Roll, but with resistance bands and half exercise, I still feel teh effects.

        Only negative is that now I have elbow pain in my left elbow (tendonitis?) when I do push ups or get in the downward dog position. Until it goes away, I’ve been doing the push ups by getting in a push up position with my forearms on a solid chair and I still feel the burn in my gut without the pain in the elbow.

        I’m glad I did it and it was worth the $. Pretty soon, I’m going to have to buy a new wardrobe!

        • kevinr99

          I too am 43 – starting week 6 tonight – I was in decent shape prior to starting – running 3-5 miles several times a week. These workouts are intense. When going to the gym regularly I was almost never sore – Now I am sore most of the time. A GOOD SORE! My muscles and core feel tighter and I can feel them getting leaner and stronger. Truth be told, I skip Yoga and replace it with Core Synergistics – and I realize it is ok to skip a day if need be – at 43 with a family it is hard to commit to everyday. I am also training for a 1/2 marathon, so I have to fit that in as well. Bottom line – this is a great system where you just follow orders and let your body do the rest. If interested – follow me on twitter “onmyiphone2”

        • kipp

          hello sir i was wanting to ask u a question…. is it still working for u? im overwieght to and im only on day 3 but its fun even though im sore lol…. I really hope it will work for me and i would love to hear from u.

        • sean

          im 27 and 275lbs. is this the way to go. forget about the gym? i have no idea what to do when i get to the gym ecept the elyptical and stairs. im tired of not seeing results. how are you doing now

        • Kelvin Smith

          I’m inspired trully now! I’m 32 and starting my 4th week on P90X. I started out waying 330(Athletic Build) and I have l1 pounds within the first three weeks. My goal is to reach 290 by time I’m done with all the phases. But I truly hate yoga X but I can see a difference in my flexability.

      • Mark


        I’ve been doing P90X now for 6 months and I can tell you that the most difficult part is the first few weeks which will nearly kill you and it will take about a month for you to really start feeling and seeing the results.

        If you stick with this and make it a part of your daily routine as I have, you will be successful.

        I feel and look better today at 49 than I did at 25. I was already in very good cardio condition as I’ve been a distance runner for years but I did not have the “fit physique” that I wanted.

        The very first workout caused me to throw-up as I had zero upper body strength. My pull-up count was zero, and push-ups were 6. Today pound-out 20 pull-ups and 60 push-ups in my workouts and I have the upper body conditioning that I’ve always wanted.

        The net/net is that I suspect that P90X has one of the highest drop-out rates imaginable-not because it does not work (it does), but because it’s hard and takes dedication and discipline.

        Do it and you wont regret it.

      • Steve

        It will work for you if you put the effort in. I am 5’9″, 240 and i’ve seen excellent results. It is a real committment though

      • Anonymous

        HI, I know you post was from February, but wanted to reply. I am 48 years old and bought the P90X Program. It is a really good program and not a waste of money,but like anything else it only works if you do the work. There is a fitness test included with the program to make sure you are in good enough shape, if not you can take it at a slower pace. Maybe have your Dr give you a check and OK it. I hope this helps.

      • Lyndy

        I was told by my fitness inst. sister that I was too old to try this program. I am a 60 year old female in pretty good shape. I usually work out at the gym 4-5 days a week and do cardio and wts. So, I was eager to try this program. I am in day 5 and I am keeping up with everything! I actually surprised myself. It does take endurance and desire. If you don’t have injuries and are fairly fit, you can do this.

        • faye

          great for you.. I am also 60 and did p90x last year and got in terrific strengh and fitness.. keep it up.. we may encourage others our age..

        • faye

          Great, I too am 60, female I did p90x for 6 monthes was so fit….it takes dedication.. did not lose much weight but put on muscle..and lost the fat.keep it up girl….take the photos befor and after…. we have one body for life keep it up……

      • John

        I am 47, 6″ tall and WAS 268lbs. I am now 205 and had actually gone down to 196 but felt weak at that weight. I did most of this in the gym – 5 days a week – lots of cardio and several good weight lifting events a week. Started P90X about a month ago and IF I can make myself stay with it I will have done myself a HUGE favor! I see SO many new muscles and actually see the outlines of my ABS!! First time EVER in my life for that. I should also mention I have arthritis and have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I have hurt for 15 yrs and I still hurt some now but P90X leaves me feeling better than I have in decades. My advice is as follows: Buy it – modify the workouts to your initial capability – write it down – improve on it!! Tony’s workout will take you places you have never been!! Give it a shot – you’ll be better for it!

      • Russ

        I started program at 50 – 6′ 212 lbs and out of shape – had dieted down from 230lbs but was stuck and needed to jump start metabolism – first two weeks were very tough but program is great and life changing if you stick with it. I started with bad form on many of the exercises but with time it gets easier and you will see great results. Good luck

      • Juan

        NO you dont its hard at 1st but once you keep it going you would see how good you feel and look.

      • Anonymous

        Based on this information I would recommend Power 90 at beachbody.com. P90x is very extreme. If you succeed at Power 90 you will certainly be ready for P90x

      • Scott

        I’m 42 and started off at 240 pounds. I used P90X and I am now at 184. I liked it so much that I now sell it. It does take a while to get your body up to speed. I The stomach workout took me a month before I could complete it and it’s only 15 minutes long.

        • Matt Agee

          I weigh 250 I would love to get back to 175. I am 28 years old and would like that to be my goal before I turn 30. Do you have any advice. I just bought the P90X package and I am waiting for it to arrive. Let me know any tips on your diet etc. How long did you work out for. That would be awesome.
          Matt Agee

        • Dharmen

          Hi Scott,

          I am at a similar state 42 yrs weighing 240 lbs ht @ 5-10.

          I want to start the P90x .. any word of advise? I see great comments here but am also scared a little bit based on the intensity of workout as I am not used to heavy workouts.

          Is there a preferred time (morning v/s evening)?

          I would really appreciate if you can let me know.


      • Kim

        I’m 50 with an extremely bad lower back and I can do P90X (with some modifications) Anyone can do it, there are modifications for all fitness types in the dvd’s. Just get it and keep pushing play! Tony Horton says it all “Just do your best and forget the rest!” I have a son that was training for the Navy Seal program and he started using MY P90X because it works!

      • Bill

        I started at 41, 6’2 and 263. I was way out of shape. The first workout nearly killed me. Just put the tape in, push play and do the best that you can. I get stronger and feel better every workout. You will too.

      • DavidJ

        I’m doing P90X and love it…but it is VERY hard….if you haven’t worked out in a long time or overweight…theres some of the dvds you wont be able to do…BUUUUUTTTT beachbody (who makes the dvd) has the per P90x series out called “Power 90″…since P90x was for the graduates of power 90….I would suggest you start there first.

      • alicia

        The program is strenuous, but u move at your own pace. I recommend that u start by walking for a month or two and then start this workout. It wks, I have been an athlete all my life so I’m no stranger to a hard workout, but if your just beginning, take it slow.

      • Jason

        I am a 15 year old boy, and I do P90X. When I started, I was 14 y/o, 5’6″ and 180 lbs. A year later, and I am 6’0″ and 152 lbs. I still cannot believe how fantastic it is for losing weight and gaining muscle.

        My Dad, who is also 50, did P90X and he looks like a body builder. This is a fantastic program and I recommend anyone go for it because it really DOES work.

      • Scott

        Beachbody has other workouts that are amazing and less strenuous. P90 was the precursor and is great.

      • paul

        honesty time, you need to be motivated. I purchased p90x in 2010 worked out for one month and stopped. in February 2011 I got fed up said enough is enough, and started over again. But now I was 20 lbs heavier. To make a long story short; I am on week 10 and I need a new wardrobe all my clethes are tooo big for me. I am down at least 3 1/2 pants sizes and still going. when I started there were routines I could only do 1 of, but Tony says do your best and forget the rest. So, I say to you who are you doing it for ?If its you, THEN BRING IT!

      • Anonymous

        I’m 33 was 380 now 290ish and I did insanity (which is made by the same company as p90x) and eat nutrisystem. It’s all about calories in vs calories out. If you do p90x or insanity go at your own pace. Don’t try to do exactly how they do it. Modify modify modify until you can do it like them. They are both extreme work outs but I get my mom (pushing 70) to do the work outs but very slowed down and modified to her ability. Consistency and diet are they key. Hope it works for you.

      • Jeff

        Started at 6′ 270 now at 195 and starting the 3rd round. Anyone can do it! Just modify but keep moving! I used Livestrong to track calories! You need to track calories because you will tend to not eat enough! If you eat too few calories or eat bad foods you will crash! Only negetive is the time. Plan on 1.5 hrs per workout 6 days a week to get through the program!

      • Anonymous

        Hi there I am 46 and was 40 lbs over weight. I tried a program to get ready for P90x. I am now a coach for that Pegram and a coach for P90x. Feel free to contact me for more info. You can see my before and after at either shakeup now.tsfl.com or teambeachbody.com/bodhikroll. I personally think trying to start at your age and weight on p90x is a mistake. I did the mediafast program (take shape for life) and lost 37 lbs in 100 days and learned how to achieve optimal health. I am no longer pre diabetic or pre heart attack. All My numbers are now in the normal.
        Call if you want. My name is BŌDHI Kroll 510 390 2571 PS. Since starting p90x I have not lost weight but have lost 3 inches on My waist And gained almost an inch on each arm!

    • Rodney

      P90X is awesome…I’ve been using it a week and I personally guarantee it will work. The program is misunderstood in the fact that in the book, materials and dvd’s it tells everyone to take breaks when needed, work at your own pace, and set PERSONAL goals in each exercise so you have a baseline to try to achieve or excel above the next time the exercise is performed. I am a USMC veteran and boot camp didn’t give me the kind of workout this program provides. Never Give Up

    • chris

      I am 35 and I have did a few bodybuilding shows. I had some finace problem so I let my gym membership go. That is when a friend told me about p90x. I have been doing it for 4 weeks and I must say that as a bodybuilder this stuff works.

    • jim

      I’m 31 years and haven’t worked out in 6 years while i was driving trucks over the road. I’ve been doing P90X for 2 weeks and eating a healthy diet and I’m already seeing results. I’m 6 feet tall and was 263 pounds when i started. After 14 days of busting my ass and walking 4 miles while pushing my 2 year old son in his stoller 5 times a week I have already lost 18 pounds and feel 100% percent better than I did just 2 weeks ago. Just remember do your best and forget the rest and you will see results! BRING IT !!!

      • babette

        My husband drive otr. How could he do p90x with this schedule?

        • Richard (Editor)

          Hi Babette. One of the ways your husband could do P90X is by using the DVD’s. Also, he can also sign up for Beachbody On Demand.

    • Alex

      Im 15 and i bought p90x a year ago to train for wrestling. Ive dropped out 4 times so far, usually after a month it falls apart. This time im hitting it hard with strict diet and excercising. I know im gonna make it this time. I love this program so much because i see so many friends going to gyms and doing these over the top workouts, and i get the satisfaction of knowing im having better results working out right in my living room. All it takes is some serious self-discipline to be successful, for me it was cutting out every bit of “nasty food” as Tony puts it. All in all, P90X is an extreme program that will push you to your limits, but for those willing to “do your best and forget the rest” this program will work. I urge anyone who is on the fence about P90X to go for it, and with a little grit and determination the result will speak for itself.

    • labrie

      anybody follow the diet plan??I have some question they give the recipe soup exemple vegetable soup the receip said its good for 18 serves but we only eat that once a week????

      • Anonymous

        Freeze it

    • bryan chan

      Im on my 5th week. I weighed 80kg kinda okay leanish to start with but now I weigh 75kg and less (in the mornings)My body has CHANGED SHAPE to a V shape body I always thought impossible….AND THIS IS ONLY ON MY 5TH WEEK!

      I was kinda fit so for somebody whos kinda okay to start with will probrably end up looking sexier than usher haha

      It does work but I have followed the program blended with my knowledge of fitness.

      Diet is everything, my weakness was always breakfast and always will be, so, I take my protein bars in the morning soon as I wake up, wait one hour the workout, then take a post recovery shake immediately after (PHd smart bars for brekkie and myprotein reovery xs for after) I have 2 hot meals during the day, have one snack that has my serving of fruit and nuts in it, then for night I always have a 30g protein shake before bed (to stop your muscle to catabolize while sleeping.)

      I force myself to eat veggies especially spinach, and also take multi vitamins (myprotein elite men)

      I challange anybody that if they follow the kind of routine and strict nutrition habits its impossible for you to NOT get results.

      I push myself to the limits each workout and use my bowflex to adjust dumbbells fast so I wont get the chance to rest.

      Im still crap at pull ups though lol I used to be doing 7 or 8 now I can rep out 15 or 12 on a bad day.

      but hey its only my 5th week 😉

      I plan to do this until p90x 2 comes out so that may be another round before then.

      DO it, it will change your life.