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P90X Review - 8 Things You Need to Know

P90X is gaining popularity, and for a good reason. Great marketing catapults this workout system to the top of everyone’s to-do list – but we want to find out if it works. The first thing we noticed were complaints surrounding the intensity of the program. Customers simply couldn’t keep up. This made us dive into this home fitness system’s details to uncover just how difficult it can be.

Other users had issues with not seeing the results they wanted – so we looked for scientific research behind the program. Finally, we summarized everything for you to bring you the bottom line on P90X.

P90X can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is P90X?

For starters, P90X, which stands for Power 90 Extreme, is an intense home fitness DVD program aiming to build muscle and promote weight-loss. Tony Horton, a leader in extreme fitness, created it. You follow the P90X workout schedule for 90 days to see results that Beachbody calls “groundbreaking.”

The company says that 90 days is all you need to get a ripped, fit body. However, this means working out almost every day per week, with each workout session going for 1-1½ hours. In fact, its workouts are so extreme that the company asks you to go through a fitness test before ordering the product.

The basic kit includes:

  • 12 workouts
  • 100-page fitness guide
  • 113-page nutrition plan
  • 90-day progress calendar
  • 24/7 support from experts

The exercise program needs some additional equipment: a pull-up bar, dumbbells, resistance bands, and an exercise mat.

You can also upgrade to the Deluxe or Ultimate kits for extra equipment like resistance bands, push-up stands, and workout plans.

The brand behind this fitness system is Beachbody. The company, based in Santa Monica, CA, has been around since 1998. You can find P90X for sale on the official website, as well as other retailers like Amazon. You can expect to spend between $120 and more than $300. P90X is sold as part of an MLM (multi-level-marketing) program.

Beachbody released two new fitness programs after the original P90X success, including P90X2 and P90X3. Before delving into the P90X program, what does the science have to say about this kind of exercise?

  • Journal of Special Operations MedicineP90X is a type of extreme conditioning program that may lead to some negative side effects if not done properly.
  • Journal of ObesityHigh-intensity intermittent exercise has been shown to increase aerobic and anaerobic exercise.
  • Journal of Exercise RehabilitationAccording to this study, “HIIT may be particularly useful in overweight/obese youth to improve body composition, aerobic fitness and lipid profile.”

P90X Competitors

30 Day Shred
Focus T25

P90X Preset Routines

P90X routines


This is the routine that most people will go for. It includes all the DVDs and workouts.


This has users doing more cardio after each resistance workout. Users must prioritize the resistance work first because that’s more intensive and requires the most energy. Only try this routine if you are certain your body can handle it.


The name is not a reference to what this routine does to users’ bodies, but it’s to the workout itself: it has no plyometric exercises.

P90X Diet

P90X Diet

When you buy P90X from Beachbody, you get the 3-Phase Nutrition Plan as part of it:

Phase 1 – Fat Shredder

A high-protein diet to strengthen your muscles while quickly helping you shed fat.

Phase 2 – Energy Booster

Balances a mix of carbohydrates and protein with a low fat intake to boost performance

Phase 3 – Endurance Maximizer

A sporty diet with complex carbohydrates, lean protein, and low fat once again to help you get in the shape of your dreams.

Workout Exercises

P90X Workout Exercises

p90x Exercises

Some of the workouts that this intensive exercise program offers are:

Chest & Back

Strength and definition workout focusing on two classic upper-body exercises.


A jumping cardio routine.

Shoulders & Arms

A combination of pressing, curling, and fly movements.

Yoga X

Combining strength, balance, flexibility, and breathwork to boost you mentally and physically.

Legs & Back

Squats, lunges, and pull-ups.

Kenpo X

Extreme cardiovascular workout with punches and kicks.

X Stretch

It helps users attain better athleticism for longer and to prevent injuries, avoiding plateaus.

Core Synergistics

Supports multiple muscle groups while adding to body conditioning.

Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps

Targets both large and small upper-body muscles to push you to the brink.

Back & Biceps

Tones and tightens arm and back muscles.

Cardio X

A low-impact cardio routine.

Ab Ripper X

Sculpts your six-pack while improving your health and exercise performance.

Weight Loss

P90X Exercises & Weight-Loss

p90x weight loss

For us, it’s all about science. When you exercise, you burn calories. When you go all out with programs like P90X, you burn even more calories. Combine this with the P90X meal plan, and, apparently, you’ll experience some pretty radical weight loss.

Research and experts support a combination of diet and exercise to lose weight – Beachbody just takes that to the extreme. A program like this can be hard on the joints, and every P90X workout warns about this. To stay with it long enough to see results, you have to take your time and, if you’re worried at all about starting P90X, you need to contact your doctor first for advice.

Price & Return Policy

P90x Price & Return Policy

Beachbody offers a 90-day money-back satisfaction guarantee, though you still have to pay for the shipping costs if you want to return the exercise program.

What Users Are Saying

What Users Are Saying

“Everything came packaged and delivered on time. Great product. I used this program several years ago and it delivers. Not for anyone who only wants an easy workout. But if you want something that will fully test you and give you different workout styles that. This is it.”

“The workout is just fine, but I HATE the sales pitches. On the Abs specifically, its a 10-20 minute wait (with the sound muted) if I didn’t let it play through after my last use(my dvd player does not fast forward). I wouldn’t rebuy again simply because of the commercials for shakeology. Why don’t you give that its own DVD and leave it off the exercise video. Beyond annoying.”

“Haven’t bought this yet but I’ve done the workouts with some friends and I will tell you the exercise is BRUTAL but worth it, I was a smoker of 13yrs when I had started it and I quit because of plyometrics, this workout requires EXTREME dedication and focus, not for the weekend warrior.”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line onP90X

OK, so here’s what we’ve found out. With P90X, Beachbody combines exercise and healthy eating to support weight-loss and muscle growth. Experts say this could be effective, but it’s important to consider how difficult the program is.

For those who’re looking to shed some excess weight, we suggest considering a comprehensive program that offers not only exercise tracking tools but also personalized options and is backed by clinical research.

Among the best weight-loss programs we’ve seen this year is one called Noom. This program offers health tracking tools, personalized meal plans, interactive support groups, individual coaching, and more.

The makers of Noom are so enthusiastic about this diet program, they’re offering a solid satisfaction guarantee and a free trial offer to get you started.

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P90X Review
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How long is the P90X workout?

Each of the P90X workouts are around one hour and 20 minutes. P90X Yoga is about 10 minutes longer. You follow the plan for 90 days.

How much does it cost for the P90X videos?

There are three P90X video kits – Base, Deluxe and Ultimate. Average costs when purchased from Beachbody are:

  • Base: $140
  • Deluxe: $270
  • Ultimate: $340
What are the twelve P90X workout videos?

The twelve P90X workout videos are:

  1. Chest & Back
  2. X Stretch
  3. Plyometrics
  4. Core Synergistics
  5. Shoulders & Arms
  6. Chest, Shoulders & Triceps
  7. Yoga X
  8. Back & Biceps
  9. Legs & Back
  10. Cardio X
  11. Kenpo X
  12. Ab Ripper X
What is the list of P90X equipment?

The P90X equipment used in workouts includes resistance bands, weights, yoga mat and you.

What is the P90X doubles schedule?

P90X doubles is a program that literally doubles your workouts. On the days your P90X workout schedule shows resistance workouts, you add cardio immediately after. The cardio videos are Kenpo X, Cardio X and Plyometrics.

Where can I buy P90X?

P90X can be purchased using their Official Site.

Can everyone do the P90X exercises?

No. We can’t stress enough that P90X is an extreme program. There is a clear warning at the beginning of every video that talks about the risks and suggests talking with your doctor before starting any workout if you’re concerned about your health or possible injury.

How does the P90X diet plan go?

There are three phases to the P90X diet plan:

  • Phase 1 Fat Shredder: High protein
  • Phase 2 Energy Booster: Balanced carbohydrates and protein with less fat
  • Phase 3 Endurance Maximizer: Lean protein, complex carbohydrates with less fat
What is the P90X?

The Power 90 Extreme is a home workout program designed by Tony Horton. The program takes 90 days, and it was developed to replace the Power 90 program. P90x uses cross-training coupled with diet and nutrition.

How many discs are in P90X3?

There are 8 DVDs with 16 workouts that last 30 minutes. You also receive an accelerate DVD along with a nutrition and fitness guide.

What is in P90X plyometrics?

The workout uses hops, skips and jumps. Often referred to as “jump training”, the program gets its name since the routines are similar to plyometric exercises.

What are the P90X3 workouts?

The workouts include isometrics, which switches between upper and lower body movements, and triometrics. The workouts include medicine balls for an extreme cardio workout, and the Ab Ripper X3, which uses a new “Bridge Burner” move. Pilates and Yoga are also included in the program.

What is Core Synergistics X?

The workouts in this program condition your body from top to bottom while recruiting specific muscle groups to support and build your body’s core.

What is P90X3?

Tony Horton developed this program as an excuse buster that will have your body looking ripped in just 30 minutes a day. In 90 days, this new program gets you in shape using 16 P90x-style workouts.

What do you need to do P90X3?

You will need resistance bands or weights, pushup stands or PowerStands from Tony Horton.

Which one is better, P90X or Insanity?

P90x is a weight training program, while Insanity is geared toward cardio workouts. The Insanity program uses cardio training with a mix of resistance training. The P90x sprinkles in some cardio days, but it is geared for those who prefer weight training.

Who is Tony Horton?

Tony Horton is a renowned American personal trainer who is best known for creating the powerful P90x workout program.

What is P90?

This program is designed for people who want to get fit using less effort and intensity. P90 replaced the original Power 90 series of workouts.

What is P90X2?

A graduate of the P90x, the P90x2 is for people who have completed the P90x series of workouts. However, you can jump right into P90x2 whenever you like.

What is the P90X3 elite block?

This program is a separate workout that works in addition to the P90x3 workouts. The P90x3 Elite Block enhance your performance, power and speed.

How many calories do you burn doing P90X?

Using P90x plyometrics, you will burn an estimated 14.7 calories per minute. The complete workout burns about 631 calories, and men will burn around 699 calories per workout, which is 16 calories per minute.

325 P90X Reviews

  • It is money well spent.
    Pete (Verified Purchase)

    I have been doing P90X for the last 14 months. Previously I ran 5 miles per day for many years. I feel better now than I ever did while just running. I purchased the P90X package, additional pull up bars and increasing dumbell weights as I progressed through the program. It is money well spent. My cholesterol numbers are well within the normal range now and I feel fantastic. I made small adjustments to my diet, nothing drastic. Try it for 90 days, you’ll be hooked after the first couple of workouts.

    • JAMES

      really I can change my diet but I mean u should be allowed like one fat meal a week.Did you still get abs though?

  • If you're looking for a sure thing you'll never buy anything.

    If you’re looking for a sure thing you’ll never buy anything. I’m 60 and just started. Work a little, eat less crap. Use a light dumbell or band. Not rocket science. I’m seeing results and I already was fit.

  • It is hard, but well worth it!!
    Tiffany (Verified Purchase)

    The review is stupid. My husband and I are doing the lean version of P90X and are loving it. We are really enjoying it. It’s a nice workout to do together. It is hard, but well worth it!!

  • Love it
    Tamara (Verified Purchase)

    Love it. I’m 52 years old. I do P90X at my own pace and i’m seeing results already. My 27 year old son is a chinnock army piolt and he does P90X. He gave it to for my birthday. Because he cares alot. Some sons gave flowers and candy,my son gave me health and fitness.Tony H.is great at what he does.(in my opinion).

    • mako

      Hey Tamara!
      I’m turning 50 and want to try this but cannot get info fromanyone. Does one need to be in good condition just to even attempt this? I’m 6 ft. 249 lbs and ache all over. Waste of money?

      • johndoe

        The workouts are pretty tough but you can vary them with some easier techniques, while also taking the workouts at your own pace. However if you are not motivated to stick with the diet and exercise routines you will be wasting money.

        • Anonymous

          Good point!!!! Couldn’t say it better myself. If you can’t find it inside yourself to push your mentally then don’t bother.

        • Cornelieus

          You first need to drink more water about 1 1/2 gallons a day. You need to buy MSKx. This is a natural pain killer look it up. Now as far as a exercise program . It is only good and affective if you put the time and energy in it. You start at what you can handle. You are in charge. Its called common sense. Also buy your self deer antler spray this is new and natural muscle builder and injury heals faster

      • Ashley

        I purchased P90X for myself. I hadn’t worked out in over a year. Even though the workouts are tough, because each day you will work out to muscle failure, there are 3 versions of each exercise that is done throughout the videos. So even if you can’t do a close hand pushup, maybe you can do the close hand pushup while on your knees. It is worth the money. And you will not regret it!!

        • Jessica

          I talked to a doctor about the push ups on your knees and he said that they were really bad for them. He recommended that I put my hands on the arm of the couch and my feet further back. It has really been helpful and my knees aren’t sore.

      • Smellin' Coffee

        I just started week 5. I’m 43 and like you, 6’0″. I am a bit heavier having started at 260 lbs. In the 29 days, I’ve lost 12 lbs, have more energy than I did in my 20s, can actually now bend down to tie my shoes and even see definition in my stomach and arms that I never had before. I still can’t do a chin up, plough position or a Dreya Roll, but with resistance bands and half exercise, I still feel teh effects.

        Only negative is that now I have elbow pain in my left elbow (tendonitis?) when I do push ups or get in the downward dog position. Until it goes away, I’ve been doing the push ups by getting in a push up position with my forearms on a solid chair and I still feel the burn in my gut without the pain in the elbow.

        I’m glad I did it and it was worth the $. Pretty soon, I’m going to have to buy a new wardrobe!

        • kevinr99

          I too am 43 – starting week 6 tonight – I was in decent shape prior to starting – running 3-5 miles several times a week. These workouts are intense. When going to the gym regularly I was almost never sore – Now I am sore most of the time. A GOOD SORE! My muscles and core feel tighter and I can feel them getting leaner and stronger. Truth be told, I skip Yoga and replace it with Core Synergistics – and I realize it is ok to skip a day if need be – at 43 with a family it is hard to commit to everyday. I am also training for a 1/2 marathon, so I have to fit that in as well. Bottom line – this is a great system where you just follow orders and let your body do the rest. If interested – follow me on twitter “onmyiphone2”

        • kipp

          hello sir i was wanting to ask u a question…. is it still working for u? im overwieght to and im only on day 3 but its fun even though im sore lol…. I really hope it will work for me and i would love to hear from u.

        • sean

          im 27 and 275lbs. is this the way to go. forget about the gym? i have no idea what to do when i get to the gym ecept the elyptical and stairs. im tired of not seeing results. how are you doing now

        • Kelvin Smith

          I’m inspired trully now! I’m 32 and starting my 4th week on P90X. I started out waying 330(Athletic Build) and I have l1 pounds within the first three weeks. My goal is to reach 290 by time I’m done with all the phases. But I truly hate yoga X but I can see a difference in my flexability.

      • Mark


        I’ve been doing P90X now for 6 months and I can tell you that the most difficult part is the first few weeks which will nearly kill you and it will take about a month for you to really start feeling and seeing the results.

        If you stick with this and make it a part of your daily routine as I have, you will be successful.

        I feel and look better today at 49 than I did at 25. I was already in very good cardio condition as I’ve been a distance runner for years but I did not have the “fit physique” that I wanted.

        The very first workout caused me to throw-up as I had zero upper body strength. My pull-up count was zero, and push-ups were 6. Today pound-out 20 pull-ups and 60 push-ups in my workouts and I have the upper body conditioning that I’ve always wanted.

        The net/net is that I suspect that P90X has one of the highest drop-out rates imaginable-not because it does not work (it does), but because it’s hard and takes dedication and discipline.

        Do it and you wont regret it.

      • Steve

        It will work for you if you put the effort in. I am 5’9″, 240 and i’ve seen excellent results. It is a real committment though

      • Anonymous

        HI, I know you post was from February, but wanted to reply. I am 48 years old and bought the P90X Program. It is a really good program and not a waste of money,but like anything else it only works if you do the work. There is a fitness test included with the program to make sure you are in good enough shape, if not you can take it at a slower pace. Maybe have your Dr give you a check and OK it. I hope this helps.

      • Lyndy

        I was told by my fitness inst. sister that I was too old to try this program. I am a 60 year old female in pretty good shape. I usually work out at the gym 4-5 days a week and do cardio and wts. So, I was eager to try this program. I am in day 5 and I am keeping up with everything! I actually surprised myself. It does take endurance and desire. If you don’t have injuries and are fairly fit, you can do this.

        • faye

          great for you.. I am also 60 and did p90x last year and got in terrific strengh and fitness.. keep it up.. we may encourage others our age..

        • faye

          Great, I too am 60, female I did p90x for 6 monthes was so fit….it takes dedication.. did not lose much weight but put on muscle..and lost the fat.keep it up girl….take the photos befor and after…. we have one body for life keep it up……

      • John

        I am 47, 6″ tall and WAS 268lbs. I am now 205 and had actually gone down to 196 but felt weak at that weight. I did most of this in the gym – 5 days a week – lots of cardio and several good weight lifting events a week. Started P90X about a month ago and IF I can make myself stay with it I will have done myself a HUGE favor! I see SO many new muscles and actually see the outlines of my ABS!! First time EVER in my life for that. I should also mention I have arthritis and have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I have hurt for 15 yrs and I still hurt some now but P90X leaves me feeling better than I have in decades. My advice is as follows: Buy it – modify the workouts to your initial capability – write it down – improve on it!! Tony’s workout will take you places you have never been!! Give it a shot – you’ll be better for it!

      • Russ

        I started program at 50 – 6′ 212 lbs and out of shape – had dieted down from 230lbs but was stuck and needed to jump start metabolism – first two weeks were very tough but program is great and life changing if you stick with it. I started with bad form on many of the exercises but with time it gets easier and you will see great results. Good luck

      • Juan

        NO you dont its hard at 1st but once you keep it going you would see how good you feel and look.

      • Anonymous

        Based on this information I would recommend Power 90 at beachbody.com. P90x is very extreme. If you succeed at Power 90 you will certainly be ready for P90x

      • Scott

        I’m 42 and started off at 240 pounds. I used P90X and I am now at 184. I liked it so much that I now sell it. It does take a while to get your body up to speed. I The stomach workout took me a month before I could complete it and it’s only 15 minutes long.

        • Matt Agee

          I weigh 250 I would love to get back to 175. I am 28 years old and would like that to be my goal before I turn 30. Do you have any advice. I just bought the P90X package and I am waiting for it to arrive. Let me know any tips on your diet etc. How long did you work out for. That would be awesome.
          Matt Agee

        • Dharmen

          Hi Scott,

          I am at a similar state 42 yrs weighing 240 lbs ht @ 5-10.

          I want to start the P90x .. any word of advise? I see great comments here but am also scared a little bit based on the intensity of workout as I am not used to heavy workouts.

          Is there a preferred time (morning v/s evening)?

          I would really appreciate if you can let me know.


      • Kim

        I’m 50 with an extremely bad lower back and I can do P90X (with some modifications) Anyone can do it, there are modifications for all fitness types in the dvd’s. Just get it and keep pushing play! Tony Horton says it all “Just do your best and forget the rest!” I have a son that was training for the Navy Seal program and he started using MY P90X because it works!

      • Bill

        I started at 41, 6’2 and 263. I was way out of shape. The first workout nearly killed me. Just put the tape in, push play and do the best that you can. I get stronger and feel better every workout. You will too.

      • DavidJ

        I’m doing P90X and love it…but it is VERY hard….if you haven’t worked out in a long time or overweight…theres some of the dvds you wont be able to do…BUUUUUTTTT beachbody (who makes the dvd) has the per P90x series out called “Power 90″…since P90x was for the graduates of power 90….I would suggest you start there first.

      • alicia

        The program is strenuous, but u move at your own pace. I recommend that u start by walking for a month or two and then start this workout. It wks, I have been an athlete all my life so I’m no stranger to a hard workout, but if your just beginning, take it slow.

      • Jason

        I am a 15 year old boy, and I do P90X. When I started, I was 14 y/o, 5’6″ and 180 lbs. A year later, and I am 6’0″ and 152 lbs. I still cannot believe how fantastic it is for losing weight and gaining muscle.

        My Dad, who is also 50, did P90X and he looks like a body builder. This is a fantastic program and I recommend anyone go for it because it really DOES work.

      • Scott

        Beachbody has other workouts that are amazing and less strenuous. P90 was the precursor and is great.

      • paul

        honesty time, you need to be motivated. I purchased p90x in 2010 worked out for one month and stopped. in February 2011 I got fed up said enough is enough, and started over again. But now I was 20 lbs heavier. To make a long story short; I am on week 10 and I need a new wardrobe all my clethes are tooo big for me. I am down at least 3 1/2 pants sizes and still going. when I started there were routines I could only do 1 of, but Tony says do your best and forget the rest. So, I say to you who are you doing it for ?If its you, THEN BRING IT!

      • Anonymous

        I’m 33 was 380 now 290ish and I did insanity (which is made by the same company as p90x) and eat nutrisystem. It’s all about calories in vs calories out. If you do p90x or insanity go at your own pace. Don’t try to do exactly how they do it. Modify modify modify until you can do it like them. They are both extreme work outs but I get my mom (pushing 70) to do the work outs but very slowed down and modified to her ability. Consistency and diet are they key. Hope it works for you.

      • Jeff

        Started at 6′ 270 now at 195 and starting the 3rd round. Anyone can do it! Just modify but keep moving! I used Livestrong to track calories! You need to track calories because you will tend to not eat enough! If you eat too few calories or eat bad foods you will crash! Only negetive is the time. Plan on 1.5 hrs per workout 6 days a week to get through the program!

      • Anonymous

        Hi there I am 46 and was 40 lbs over weight. I tried a program to get ready for P90x. I am now a coach for that Pegram and a coach for P90x. Feel free to contact me for more info. You can see my before and after at either shakeup now.tsfl.com or teambeachbody.com/bodhikroll. I personally think trying to start at your age and weight on p90x is a mistake. I did the mediafast program (take shape for life) and lost 37 lbs in 100 days and learned how to achieve optimal health. I am no longer pre diabetic or pre heart attack. All My numbers are now in the normal.
        Call if you want. My name is BŌDHI Kroll 510 390 2571 PS. Since starting p90x I have not lost weight but have lost 3 inches on My waist And gained almost an inch on each arm!

    • Rodney

      P90X is awesome…I’ve been using it a week and I personally guarantee it will work. The program is misunderstood in the fact that in the book, materials and dvd’s it tells everyone to take breaks when needed, work at your own pace, and set PERSONAL goals in each exercise so you have a baseline to try to achieve or excel above the next time the exercise is performed. I am a USMC veteran and boot camp didn’t give me the kind of workout this program provides. Never Give Up

    • chris

      I am 35 and I have did a few bodybuilding shows. I had some finace problem so I let my gym membership go. That is when a friend told me about p90x. I have been doing it for 4 weeks and I must say that as a bodybuilder this stuff works.

    • jim

      I’m 31 years and haven’t worked out in 6 years while i was driving trucks over the road. I’ve been doing P90X for 2 weeks and eating a healthy diet and I’m already seeing results. I’m 6 feet tall and was 263 pounds when i started. After 14 days of busting my ass and walking 4 miles while pushing my 2 year old son in his stoller 5 times a week I have already lost 18 pounds and feel 100% percent better than I did just 2 weeks ago. Just remember do your best and forget the rest and you will see results! BRING IT !!!

      • babette

        My husband drive otr. How could he do p90x with this schedule?

        • Richard (Editor)

          Hi Babette. One of the ways your husband could do P90X is by using the DVD’s. Also, he can also sign up for Beachbody On Demand.

    • Alex

      Im 15 and i bought p90x a year ago to train for wrestling. Ive dropped out 4 times so far, usually after a month it falls apart. This time im hitting it hard with strict diet and excercising. I know im gonna make it this time. I love this program so much because i see so many friends going to gyms and doing these over the top workouts, and i get the satisfaction of knowing im having better results working out right in my living room. All it takes is some serious self-discipline to be successful, for me it was cutting out every bit of “nasty food” as Tony puts it. All in all, P90X is an extreme program that will push you to your limits, but for those willing to “do your best and forget the rest” this program will work. I urge anyone who is on the fence about P90X to go for it, and with a little grit and determination the result will speak for itself.

    • labrie

      anybody follow the diet plan??I have some question they give the recipe soup exemple vegetable soup the receip said its good for 18 serves but we only eat that once a week????

      • Anonymous

        Freeze it

    • bryan chan

      Im on my 5th week. I weighed 80kg kinda okay leanish to start with but now I weigh 75kg and less (in the mornings)My body has CHANGED SHAPE to a V shape body I always thought impossible….AND THIS IS ONLY ON MY 5TH WEEK!

      I was kinda fit so for somebody whos kinda okay to start with will probrably end up looking sexier than usher haha

      It does work but I have followed the program blended with my knowledge of fitness.

      Diet is everything, my weakness was always breakfast and always will be, so, I take my protein bars in the morning soon as I wake up, wait one hour the workout, then take a post recovery shake immediately after (PHd smart bars for brekkie and myprotein reovery xs for after) I have 2 hot meals during the day, have one snack that has my serving of fruit and nuts in it, then for night I always have a 30g protein shake before bed (to stop your muscle to catabolize while sleeping.)

      I force myself to eat veggies especially spinach, and also take multi vitamins (myprotein elite men)

      I challange anybody that if they follow the kind of routine and strict nutrition habits its impossible for you to NOT get results.

      I push myself to the limits each workout and use my bowflex to adjust dumbbells fast so I wont get the chance to rest.

      Im still crap at pull ups though lol I used to be doing 7 or 8 now I can rep out 15 or 12 on a bad day.

      but hey its only my 5th week 😉

      I plan to do this until p90x 2 comes out so that may be another round before then.

      DO it, it will change your life.

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