Updated: 10/10/2017
By Summer Banks Sep 07, 2017

Patriot Power Greens says if a person infuses this supplement into their daily routine, they “can totally transform their overall health.”

Wow, this sounds amazing – but it has me wondering wondering:

Who came up with such a product?

The answer is simple: The man behind Patriot Power Greens is a Texas-based physician named Dr. Lane Sebring. He’s an expert and a “pioneer” in the health and wellness field and board examiner at the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. This starts to give me a bit of confidence in this supplement, so I’ll have to dig a bit deeper to see if it lives up to its claims.

Want to know what I found?

Take a look at these 5 facts you HAVE to know about Patriot Power Greens.

Let’s start the show…

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What is Patriot Power Greens?

For starters, Patriot Power Greens is marketed as a natural health supplement. The ingredients include probiotics, agave inulin, spirulina, digestive enzymes, Stevia extract, natural flavor, and organic fruit and vegetable extracts (beet, apple, kale, khumbu seaweed, tomato, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, parsley, cabbage, carrot, spinach, broccoli, wakame seaweed, nori seaweed, acai berry, amla, lycium, and citric acid). Supposedly it proomtes digestive health and promotes weight-loss. You’ll add one scoop to water and drink once per day.

It looks like Patriot Power Greens first emerged in 2016. It is available directly from the official website. The company behind this supplement is Patriot Health Alliance. We like that we found some positive customer comments and that is contains a few natural ingredients, but read on…

Unpleasant Taste – “Is It Worth It?”

The first concern we have is the unpleasant taste. “We noticed that some customers do not care for the flavor of Patriot Power Greens powder. This could be a serious problem. After all, you are expected to drink this beverage daily in order to get the health benefits,” revealed our Research Editor.

One user posted, “Wow, this stuff is funky. Makes me think of wheat grass. Truly awful to drink. Can barely get it down. I guess it’s not for me.”

But, a different customer said, “I think it helps me stay energized. I’ve been using this for two months now.”

Another posted, “It works for me. I drink Patriot Power Greens each morning. I feel the boost.”

Patriot Power Greens Side Effects – “Uh Oh”

Another issue is Patriot Power Greens side effects. Some users have complained of mild adverse reactions like flatulence, nausea and abdominal cramps. In fact, one person stated, “Yikes. This stuff will make you toot. It gives me some serious gas. Not good if I’m headed to work.”

On the other hand, a different customer said, “It really does help me with joint pains. I feel better after two weeks. I will continue to use Patriot Power Greens.”

“Taste is okay. Not sure it helps boost energy. It may help promote good digestive health. I notice more frequent bowel movements,” mentioned another.

The research we’ve done has shown if there is a specific aspect of a health supplement or diet product that is quite difficult or problematic (unpleasant taste, flatulence, high price) the chances of solid results that really last are not very promising. In other words, if Patriot Power Greens does in fact taste bad to a lot of people, this could be a major issue.

The Science – “Find Any?”

Sadly we did not see any clinical studies posted on the official website to support Patriot Power Greens. However, this supplement powder does contain digestive enzymes, antioxidants and probiotics. Therefore it may help with overall digestive and immune system health. On the other hand, we are not convinced it will increase energy or promote weight-loss.

What Users Are Saying

"I have bought this awhile ago and I wasn’t sure if this was going to taste good, but to my surprise it taste not to bad. This stuff also helped clean my system out. I wanted to but more but I had no more money. I wish the company would make a 2 pound jar, because that will be great. Anyways, this my opinion about the product and I was not paid for this, I just wanted to share."

"I liked the taste and the texture is similar to any other green drink mixes that I have had in the past. If you are looking to add vitamins and greens to your diet, I would recommend this product. I will be purchasing again."

"This tastes minty . its strong but tolerable.all greens taste a bit like dirt in my experience. Minty dirt or fruity dirt etc. I prefer a fruity flavor. I stopped taking this because i compared it to others that contained better ingredients. Its better than not taking greens At all though.A good starter while researching and having something to compare to. I didn’t like having to take several times a day. I now take a diff one which is one scoop per day."

The Bottom Line – Does Patriot Power Greens Work?

Now the moment you’ve been waiting for. This is our bottom line on Patriot Power Greens. First off, we like that this powder supplement is loaded with organic fruit and vegetable extracts. It’s also nice to see that it contains some probiotics and antioxidants. But we have some reservations about this drink because it’s not backed by any published clinical studies. Also, we’re concerned about the less-than-savory taste and flatulence some users have reported.

If your main goal is to shed more pounds, then we suggest you select a product that is backed by published clinical research, does not have an unpleasant taste and will not lead to side effects like flatulence.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Dietspotlight Burn. This potent formula uses a combination of four ingredients, some of which have demonstrated in documented clinical studies to help speed up fat loss and spark metabolism. Moreover, we can’t pinpoint any discouraging user feedback, and comments on the web indicate people are seeing excellent results.

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Patriot Power Greens Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 scoop
Serving Per Container: NL
Amount per Serving% DV
Organic chicory inulin2333 mg*
Green and Sea Vegetables1067 mg*
-Organic spirulina algae**
-Kombu seaweed**
-Nori seaweed**
-Wakame seaweed**
Organic Fruits and Vegetables667 mg*
-Organic apple**
-Organic kale**
-Organic broccoli**
-Organic spinach**
-Organic carrot**
-Organic parsley**
-Organic beet**
-Organic green cabbage**
-Organic blueberry**
-Organic raspberry**
-Organic strawberry**
-Organic tomato**
Beet juice powder333 mg*
Goji berry67 mg*
Amia fruit extract67 mg*
Acai extract67 mg*
Probiotics67 mg*
Digestive Enzymes67 mg*
-Acid protease**

Other Ingredients: Citric acid, natural berry flavor, silica and stevia leaf extract.

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2 Patriot Power Greens Reviews

  •  satisfied user of Patriot Power Greens
    charles black (Verified User)

    I have been using this product over 2 years. I mix with orange juice. Inflammation was a problem for me. To control it my Dr had me on Prednisone. Since taking the greens my inflammation is under control and I no longer take Prednisone. It gss also helped with joint pain. I have not experienced any side affects.

  • Don't mind the taste at all.
    Carrie (Verified User)

    A client of mine gave me a jar yesterday and raved at how great he has been feeling after 1 month of the daily dose. I just had some for the 2nd time and don’t mind the taste at all. I have berry flavored with a small glass of water, and guzzle it down like cool aid. He thinks I will notice a difference in my joint pain and energy level after 1 week. Excited to see results.