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Pearl White Slimming Capsules Review- Does This Fat Burner Work?

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By Summer Banks Jun 08, 2017

Pearl White Slimming Capsules are surely a diet product I will never forget. We dug deep into the side effects, ingredients, customer service and clinical research. We also read through tons of experiences and reviews. Finally, we condensed and summarized it all to give you the bottom line.

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What are Pearl White Slimming Capsules?

First things first. Pearl White Slimming Capsules are fat burners that may contain cassia seed, fleece flower and ginseng. You take the product twice daily – in the morning and evening. It’s supposed to help you shed fat, but claims are a little difficult to read on the box.

We have no idea who’s behind Peal White Slimming Capsules and there is no official website. You can find them for sale through a few retailers, but mostly eBay. We like that we easily found the ingredient list, but read on…

Lack of Information – “Who, What, When, Where?”

The first issue we address with Pearl White Slimming Capsules is the utter lack of information. “We have no knowledge of anything solid about these pills,” said our Research Editor. “There are bits and pieces here and there, but that’s it.”

  • As one dieter asked, “Where can I buy pearl white?”
  • Another questioned the same, “Where did you [buy] your original pw??”

Mixed Results – “Experiences Clash”

Like we said, there’s not much information, but what we did find showed a clash between customer experiences.

  • One dieter said, “I’m taking now my second bottle. I noticed that I’ve lost weight.”
  • Someone who felt the opposite said, “I didn’t feel any side effects nor any effects at all.”

After years of research, we’ve connected what looks like a small thing, lack of information for instance, and a lesser chance of real results. If Pearl White Slimming Capsules details are hidden among a sea of claims, that’s not what the dieter wants.

The Science – “True Clinical Support?”

Pearl White Slimming Capsules are not clinically proven to boost weight-loss. None of the ingredients have any strong effect on appetite, metabolism or fat loss. At DietSpotlight, research is crucial for our review and there’s none for this supplement.

The Bottom Line – Do Pearl White Slimming Capsules Work?

Are we heading over to eBay to place an order? Well, we like that natural ingredients are used in Pearl White Slimming Capsules, but that’s not enough to give the green light. We are hesitant because there’s no science and no real information on where the product comes from or who makes it. We’re also a bit worried about the number of reports of fakes sold on the internet.

If you’re ready to lose weight once and for all, our suggestion is to choose a company that can be trusted and a supplement that’s made with clinically tested ingredients.

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What You Should Know

Pearl White Slimming Capsules are a weight loss product that is sold on various websites. There is no official website, which is becoming more and more common as fat loss supplements phase in and phase out over time. The holistic formula is aimed toward women who want to slim down. In addition to slimming the body, the formula also claims to improve the overall look of skin. Traditional Chinese medicine is the basis of Pearl White Slimming Capsules.

List of Ingredients

Pearls, Cassiam Chrysanthemum, Ginseng and Fleece Flower Root.

Product Features

With only four ingredients, the Pearl White Slimming Capsules depends a lot on the effects of these traditional herbs. Pearls are known for having high protein and calcium levels. This can help to stave off hunger a bit, but the dieter will not truly feel hunger free with just the power of pearls. Cassiam Chrysanthemum is closely related to cinnamon. Cinnamon is commonly used in weight loss formulas to control blood sugar levels, as is Cassia in Pearl White Slimming Capsules. Ginseng supports healthy energy levels and Fleece Flower Root is a tonic that helps support digestive processes. None of these ingredients is going to boost metabolism or increase weight loss. The dieter will likely be disappointed in the effects of the supplement.

Pearl White Slimming Capsules are difficult to find online for sale at this time. When a consumer stumbles upon a supply, the retail price typically ranges from $50 to more than $150. The wide range of prices and high cost are not supported by the effects of the supplement.

The ingredient list does contain traditional Chinese ingredients, but there are some ingredients that seem to be missing from the formula. There are no ingredients to increase metabolism or fat burn. These ingredients are needed to boost weight loss.


  • Ingredient list found online.
  • Some retailers sell the supplement online.


  • None of the ingredients will increase weight loss.
  • Clinical trials could not be found to support the product claims.
  • Consumers may find locating Pearl White Slimming Capsules difficult.
  • No fat burning ingredients.
  • Testimonials supporting weight loss and slimming claims could not be found.


Dieters will not find the support they are looking for from Pearl White Slimming Capsules. The product is based on Chinese medicine as are most weight loss supplements, but key ingredients like Green Tea and Chromium have been left out of the formula. The power of pearls is not strong enough to boost weight loss the way most dieters are hoping. The lack of an official website, testimonials and clinical trials are three more reasons to stay away from Pearl White Slimming Capsules in lieu of choosing a proven fat burner.

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Summer Banks Dietspotlight Author
About the Author:

Summer Banks, a content strategist at Dietspotlight, has researched over 5000 products in the past 10 years. She has years of nursing training, experience as a manager responsible for 15 supplement brands, and completed coursework on Food and Nutrition from Stanford University. full bio.

Rating: 3.5. From 37 votes.
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Pearl White Slimming Capsules Review

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Dianna Grace R.Mamparo (Verified User)

Hi..I’m taking PW.I’m on my second bottle now.I’m just worried if I’m using the original one…could somebody help me recognize the authentic PW..thank you so much

Maribel (Editor)

Hi Dianna, the authentic PW bottle is a light blue color with a picture of a young model. Hope this helps.

karen (Verified User)

Im the user of this product its really work ..If u want to order you can message me

Diana almero

How can i buy this

Victoria (Editor)

Hi! For more information on where to purchase this product, please refer to the Pearl White Slimming official website.

  Where can I buy this?

Do you have shop here doha qatar? I want to try this pearl white. Thank you

Devon (Editor)

Hi Abejtz, this supplement is difficult to find online and likely doesn’t have a shop.

  Where can I buy this?

Where i can buy pearl white ?
Im here in japan

Maribel (Editor)

Hi! For more information on where to purchase this product, please refer to the Pearl White Slimming Capsules official website.


You can order them from Ebay. A woman named Beautymagnet

   pearl white slimming capsule

Hi how much is pearl white slimming capsule?

Maribel (Editor)

Hi kayte! For more information on where to purchase this product, please refer to the Pearl White Slimming Capsules official website.

  Is this really safe to use?

Does pearl white slimming capsule is really safe to take to lose weight?

Maribel (Editor)

Hi! Please make sure to consult with your physician before starting a new product.


hi.where did you but original pw?


Where can I buy?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi! For more information on where to purchase this product, please refer to the Pearl White official website.


Hi, where i can buy in macau?

Stephen (Editor)

They are not offered in stores but online


How much one box if ever im order?


I used Pearl White Slimming capsule before too. It was back in years 2004-2006. Was using it on & off. The reason is that I noticed it only works 3months top. On the 4th month, I was back to eating again. During the Pearl White Month (3months), my throat always felt dry. Had to hydrate a lot. And whenever I was on the pill, I never felt hungry at all. That’s why whenever it was 12nn or 7pm, I made sure that on this hour, my stomach was eating something. This help me loose a lot of weight. This pill Is great for loosing weight but again make sure you are not using it more than 3 months. You can always take a break 1-3months and get back on the pill after. I used this pill to loose weight and eventually my ways & habits of eating had changed. I haven’t used this ever again.


I had the same experience. Actually, it is the first slimming pill I had ever tried and it really worked well for me. My throat always felt dry too that’s why I had to drink lots water. Just make sure that you eat lunch and dinner even if you don’t feel hungry at all. I think this pill work for some, it varies actually because my sister used the same but it did not have the same effect on her as it had on me. Overall, this pill worked well for me – although I had stopped using it already as my habits of eating had changed and I achieved my weight goal – I am maintaining thru proper diet and exercise.


There is in Oman


I’ve been using pw for 3 months so far no side effect on me … reason i continiously taking it coz i really lost weight from xl to m size shirt in a span of 1 month im afraid if i stop taking it i will regained my weight … i tried lots of diet pill so far this is the best for me … color im taking is yellow/green capsule in a blue box … i guess it orig coz it works on me …. i also bought 1 on subic same box but the capsule is color blue ..now . im comfused they were telling orig once are color blue but the one im taking for 3months which i lost weight is yellow/green but the same box blue …


is it ok if i take 2capsules before breakfastsonce a day?

  I have lost weight & Cellulite !
Riz (Verified User)

I’m taking now my second bottle. i noticed that i’ve lost weight and cellulite from my legs…love d product..i was taking hokkaido before,,both product give good results…appetite suppresant..i recommend to all to take one pills in the morning before breakfast only..will surely give u good results..n drink green tea everyday before breakfast./ take multi-vitamins.


is it ok to take this pill if im sometimes im taking my mmedicine in hypertension??

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Kat! Because of possible interactions with medications, please make sure to consult with your physician before taking this product.

  I am using the product
kath (Verified User)

I use PW super effective.Ung kulay blue ang gamit ko.


Where did you bought your original pw??T


Hi im selling authentic PW.


hm it is?

  Where can I buy this here?
Sheryl (Verified User)

Pearl white its really amazing ive use that bedore n been looking for one n cant find one anymore .. When i was in vegas now im in cali n looking for one where can i get one i would love to use it again im here in anaheim

  using perl whitw capsules color blue
gezeil (Verified User)

I been using perl whitw capsules color blue and its nice bcuz its very effective my appetite was lost and i lost weigth i fnish my i bottle of PW and i c the result.im happy for it.


Where i can buy PW here at davao?


Hi.. im going to buy pearl white slumming capsule through the ebay.. bt before that i wanna knw surely that is it working realy. And m only 23 yrs old. M going to buy blue capsules. Do it realy works.


yes it does, i have tried this in the philippines and it did great wonders for me. i could even see the fat oil which is really amazing. i just hope you don’t buy the fake one!


i bought in one of the big markets in manila selling clothes, bags and other stuffs.i didn’t buy it in a pharmacy.i bought the one with plastic sealed bottled not sealed plastic envelopes here in the states. i tried here in ebay that are sealed plastic envelopes and the effect is not the same. it does not work at all!


hi,where did u buy pearl white capsule?is it available in mercury drug?

  authentic pearl white.
je (Verified User)

Hi all! I am selling original/authentic pearl white….


are you still selling authentic pw?


where can i buy original pearl white? how can i make sure that the one im going to buy is original?


Iim from cebu; It’s effective cuz I’ve tried it also.


Whre can i buy orig. P.w . In cebu

Victoria (Editor)

Hi! For more information on where to purchase this product, please refer to the Pearl White Slimming official website.


how to buy PW from u?
Plz email me. Hoping for ur imd8 respons.
Thank you!

  Any Side Effects of This Product

hi I m female and unmarried and I have 85 kg weight . I want to ask u that which product is better for me becoze I want to reduced at least 25 kg . And is there any side effect and I want to fair my complexion plZ reply me as soon as u can .


Where can I buy original pearl white here in USA..I found out that there is lot of fakes in and out of ebay…

irene arcena

what is the original color box of this product and what is the color of the capsule inside

  Where to buy the genuine one?
Michelle (Verified User)

Pearl white is the best slimming capsule out of all the slimming pills ive ever had. I want to buy authentic one but i dont know where. I had it in the philippines but now im in Canada. So message me if you know where can I have one. Thanks

   the original pearl white

I know where to but the original pearl white if there is anyone who are interested pls mail me where you from we can arrange something


I’m interested.


Do you know where I can but this here in uae??


it works in me. been using it for over 5 yrs, on and off, only when i feel like i need to loss weight. its very effective. i love it. in two weeks u will see the result.


Ida im interested ive been wanted to loose weight where can i get one here in usa im in anaheim cali


where did you buy yours? i happened to buy mine in ebay and its fake.


hi there! where do you buy yours. at least i know it is authentic. did you get it in ebay. if so, pls. let me know the name of the seller. thanks.

   i buy this product

where cN i buy this product

   i use pearl white slimming capsule.
Joy ram0s (Verified User)

Wat the side effect of pearl white sliming capsule to my baby if im lactating women and i use pearl white slimming capsule.


pls tell me where I can find pearl white blue in Sri lanka


I used this product few years back, then I was about 80kg and my waist size was 16. when I started Pearl white I lost about 15kg and my waist became 12 within 3 weeks.

  Side effect
Marialyn Deleon

This slimming capsule is safe and effective for women and no have side effect… I want to know that is proven by jalal, doh or bfad… I want to know because I’m interested

regine (Verified User)

hi, i use pearl white 3 yrs ago, and i had to stop at that time because i became dependent on the drug. i work in the BPO industry, night shift, 3 yrs ago what i would do is take 1 capsule per day then i will hang out with my officemates drinking without eating anything. then it hit me, i was diagnosed with “gastro” something so i stopped. as of today, i am again taking this but with precaution, i make sure to still eat every 3-4 hrs but light food only, if i wanted to eat some rice i had to monitor it upto 1 cup only sometimes half cup. it is also very helpful with my job since i work on night shift i dont feel sleepy at all. i heard on the news that this pearl white has some drugs on it that like “shabu”, but yeah it really work.. so if i were you i would take this pills with precaution.

  How much extreme pearl white?

How much extreme pearl white.


700.. Orig from japan

  I bought a pink capsule is that original or fake?

i bought a pink capsule is that original or fake?


I used blue capsule which I think is the original for it did works on me for less than a month


so well as me. It worked within 3 months. I lost about 15 kg.


where did you purchase them from?

  How much per box? Do you have an outlet or email?

Hi,How much per box? Ugh,do you have an outlet or email. I want to order fast. 🙂

  This product doesn't work for me.
cariz (Verified User)

I am regular user ofPearlWhite before but unpportunately i have to stop using the pr0dut bcoz of some effect that made me bother!
I cant sleep my body keeps awake for long hours! it not normal..
though i didnt recognize f0od much.
i dont want to eat! all i want to do is keep on moving!


try frontrow products safe and fast to lost weigthh

  15 years old can use it?

Is this suitable for a 15 yr old?


I don’t think so..

  Loved the product.
MAYA (Verified User)

hi,,, im currently using pearl white blue, its good, i loose weight before and now helping me to maintain it also. i just want to ask if there is bad effects on long time using it… im taking 1 tablet a day and during lunch time only…


Been taking this pill 5yrs. ago and I didn’t have any side effects those time. I just stopped taking it for I am already contented on my body weight now and I managed to maintained. Thankfully!!!


Where do you buy your pearl white, I want to buy too.

thank you

  Loved the product.
Paul (Verified User)

I am a guy, but I use this product, I also do resell. It work for me, lost 6 lbs. in 1 month with no diet change, no additional exercise. I use the blue one since this does not make me palpitate unlike the pink one. Email me if you are interested, I can give you the lowest price in the market.


how mch ??


I’ve been trying to get the pearl white diet pills….email me plz if u still sell them


i just. wanna know where to buy. original one. . cz i ask my mom to buy me. but ibthink she got the fake one. not efective. unlike the one i used 6 yrs ago. thanks

  Is it good for 18 years old?

may i know if pearl white slimming capsule is good for an 18 year old?

  Loved the product.
boysonlineshop (Verified User)

Pearl white is one of the best slimming product I’ve tried..

before taking Pearl white my vital size is 38/34/38 after a couple of months my vital turn into 36/28/36

after 5 years taking of pearl white i decided to add pearl white slimming capsule to some of the product i sell online.

  Loved the product.
healthywith perlwhyt (Verified User)

i am a 40 year old man who use pearl white as maintenance tablet for my high blood and gout problems. it worked well for me since i started three years ago. taking one capsule a day can make you party all day without worrying about your health. how? well, as far as my experience went, if i drink beer without taking PW tabs, or if i eat fatty meats or organ meats without PW tabs, my hypertension or gout symptoms occurs. but drinking just one capsule, one or two hours before the indulgement, will condition your body to swallow the doctors unrecommended ‘diets’ without worrying about cardio or athritis symptoms. try it!
side effects: it made me look 10 years younger due to the radiancy effect of the pill on my skin.


just a question: i just bought a box.. gray ung color.. do u think it’s fake?? lht kc ng nkita ko, blue.



  This product works!
Vivid (Verified User)

I did research to find a slimming pill that would work w/o spending a lot of money. I tried Meizitang….a waste of money. They may have been fake. Next I tried Pearl White. I also walked religiously. I changed my eating habits. I lost 10 lbs in two wks. I ran out of the pills. I also wanted to see if the weight would come back. It’s 3 months later and it did’nt!!!

  Are there any long term effects?
purplelaedy (Verified User)

i was taking pearl white for one week and after 1 week i have observed that i did lose weight. but after taking it I was just wondering will it affect my menstruation or im afraid i might not be able to get pregnant. this is my first time to try the product and so far i have not seen bad comments about the products yet. But I just want to know for those who tried it already and have seen the effects


Hi…where did you buy pearl white?


I’m selling original pearl white. 🙂

Nicole Rusca

How much. I want to buy one… Please!!

Victoria (Editor)

Hi! For more information on where to purchase this product, please refer to the Pearl White Slimming official website.


How much ung pearl white


Where from and how to purchase ASAP ?

erika j

how much?

  Didn't hear from them again

I have found one from a lady on ebay that says they are real and all the evidence I have found online says she is. The user name is beautymagnet. But I did order two days ago and no communication from them at all.

Your stepyaName

I just bought the product .. n just started today … I tookn1 pill before break fast .. every time I eat I feel full right away.. but not do I really need to take another one .. lol Currently I feel hungry .. just scared to take 2 tablets..anyways it’s blue n showed a lot of evidence that their original
. .. just hope they are..


I bought my Pearl White (yellow and green pills) to that store on eBay and from 165lbs last May13th Im down now to 155.4lbs.


I bought them from Beauty magnet as well but I don’t think they sell them anymore I can only find the pink ones and the tea…I hope they are just out of stock plan on re checking in a few day again

  Price of slimming capsule

what is the real price of that slimmimg capsule?

  Where to buy pearl white?
abigael lstrella

where i can buy the pearl white?how would i know that it is the original one?i want to loose weight and at the same time lighter my skin..what kind of pearl white i will take?tanx

  Really losing weight
rash (Verified User)

i am also taking pearl white BLUE.. i really lose weight .. for about 6 months my weight is from 61 to 52 kg.

  Came out better than perfect
noemi (Verified User)

the first time I used it I lost 14 lbs in a month. I swear by it i went to get my physical after taking them for 5 month n I purposely took it a night befor my exams. and I all came out better than perfect. only my cholesterol was 215 but I do eat lots of shrim. lol I will never be fat as long as they keep selling pearl white i take the blue one. not sure if its fake or not. I have no way of finding out but I love it.


What color?

marilou santarin

why i stop taking pearl white im very faty even i did not eat more im on diet, coz sometime i dont have money to buy

  Where I can buy this product

where can i buy this product that guarantees an original quality and how will i know if the product is original,,im from iloilo city,philppines,,thanks


Please mail me and i will give you some infos about the Pearl White Slimming Cap..(i love that slimming cap.also it’s so effective w/me)specially the pink one..DON’T BUY BLUE(pearl White cuz it’s fake)Most effective box col.are green and pink one..


Joyce, I am a certified END – USER of Pearl White Slimming Capsules for many years and to inform you that you have to BUY the BLUE one with BLUE ROSE and check the sticker outside the box, rub the ORIGINAL written on it into water, the font will become RED and once dried it’ll return the font into SILVER color. Proven and was been check by international physician that this BLUE has no harsh chemicals. In a month, I lost 3.5kgs. Not just only me but 4 of my colleagues lost a lot! I’m working in an international and well known airlines and need to maintain the right weight accordingly. FYI and regards.


Yeah I got the blue one too.. just got it.. I hope it’s orig8nal ..


Where to buy the blue one?


hi there, I’m in London and I will love to buy


hi. how much is your pw capsule?


hi where we can buy that PW…………..


Hi do you recommend anyone specific who you have bought these types of pill from before??