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PGX Review - 14 Things You Need to Know

PGX, PolyGlycopleX, is a fiber supplement supporting weight loss. The supplement supposedly promotes satiety or a feeling of fullness. Although there’s research, our concern centers on the effectiveness of taking a fiber supplement without addressing long-term issues such as diet and exercise.

Studies show a Western diet lacks fiber and each serving of PGX is about 2.5 grams. According to the Institue of Medicine, women need 25 grams of fiber per day, while men need 38 grams. So, our team wanted to bridge the gap between the recommended dosage from the company and the dosage recommended by research. First, we turned our attention to the benefit of the ingredients and relevant studies supporting the claims. Then, we compiled our data to give you the bottom line.

PGX can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What Is PGX?

By now, you must have a lot of questions about this supplement. So, let’s start with the basics. PGX is an acronym of the fuller name of this product, PolyGlycopleX.

It contains a combination of carbohydrate polysaccharides with a high viscosity that, when taken with or after meals, make the stomach expand in volume, creating a feeling of fullness and satisfaction. This means the supplement can absorb a lot of water, which may help suppress appetite.

Food digestion then slows down and the sugar levels in the bloodstream go down, which they claim helps control appetite. Once the stomach sends this message to the brain, the brain communicates to the rest of the body to stop feeling hungry, even though you consumed only a small amount of food.

PGX Competitors

Other similar products: Skinny Fiber, PGX Daily, Solo Slim

The Company Behind PGX

PGX and other similar products are inventions of a company based in Canada called Inovo Biologic, which has been its leading supplier since 2002.

However, a company called Natural Factors trademarks and has patented the supplement. This company helps distribute the supplement worldwide.

Natural Factors Company Profile

  • Full name: Natural Factors Nutritional Products Ltd
  • Address: 1550 United Boulevard Coquitlam, BC V3K 6Y2, Canada
  • Founded: 1965
  • Owner & Chairman of the Board: Roland Gahler
  • Phone: 604-777-1757

PGX ingredients


PGX Ingredients

There are three main ingredients in these supplements. They are:

  • Xanthan Gum
  • Sodium Alginate
  • Konjac Mannan

Let us see what these three components are and how they are relevant to making PGX effective.

Xanthan Gum

Xanthan gum is used as a thickener for food products like salad dressings and ice-cream.

It is derived from plants and we make it by fermenting glucose, sucrose, and lactose.

Xanthan gum has high water absorption abilities, which adds to the general viscosity of PGX. However, when high amounts of xanthan are consumed, it may cause diarrhea, stomach bloating, and indigestion, says the British Journal of Nutrition.

Sodium Alginate

Sodium alginate is also a thickening agent derived from brown seaweed. It can help lower cholesterol levels. It is also an emulsifier and a gelling agent that, like its counterpart, we use in the food industry.

In relation to PGX and its function as a weight loss supplement, sodium alginate may help reduce gastric emptying and nutrient absorption. This may allow for appetite suppression.

Konjac Mannan (Glucomannan)

The third and last ingredient in PGX is konjac mannan. This is a wild plant that is native to Japan and China that people use for its thickening properties and medicinal value.

PGX, however, uses the root of this plant. This is from where we extract glucomannan, a fiber.

This fiber allegedly has some health benefits, including the reduction of cholesterol levels, prevention of diabetes, and easing of constipation.

It is best to take a lot of fluids while consuming konjac and glucomannan to limit the possibility of side effects.

Medium Chain Triglycerides

These fats were extracted from coconut oils. They are allegedly capable of reducing body fat while not affecting lean muscle mass levels.

Side effects could include vomiting, nausea, and other stomach issues. In addition, they could cause diarrhea, essential fatty acid loss, and gas.

PGX side effects

Side Effects

PGX Side Effects

As the old saying goes, there are always two sides to a coin. Even with all the benefits, PGX has its downside.

Some potential side effects you may experience while using PGX supplements include:

  • Stomach Bloating
  • Nausea
  • Indigestion
  • Diarrhea
  • Gas
  • Loose Stool

Other side effects you may experience while using PGX include stomach cramps and low blood sugar.

The manufacturers of PGX have advised their patients to always drink large amounts of water and other liquids when taking their dosages.


PGX Contraindications

  • These products can slow the rate by which you absorb some medications you might be on, so the company recommends you take oral medicine an hour before PGX or two to three hours after it.
  • If you’re a diabetic, you should keep an eye on your blood sugar and tweak your medication. PGX helps control blood sugar levels and it could lead to you needing smaller amounts of medications or insulin.
  • As with all supplements, it is advisable to speak with your doctor or other healthcare practitioners before taking this product if you’re on any other medication.

PGX benefits


Benefits Of PGX

PGX Daily claims to be an effective and healthy way of losing weight, but is it really beneficial or is it another scam by the pharmaceutical industry to con people of their money?

We already know that PGX contains a viscous fiber, which may allow it to absorb water and suppress appetite. PGX claims this effect should last the whole day, meaning the user will have a reduced food intake. This, they say, will almost automatically lead to weight loss.

Apart from potential appetite suppression and weight loss, what does PGX Daily do for you? Earlier we found out that one of the ingredients in PGX, konjac mannan, is used to keep cholesterol in check and lower blood sugar levels. Because PGX reduces food intake and demands loads of water consumption, blood sugar levels are able to stabilize.

PGX claims to heighten the sensitivity of the body to insulin levels. Some also believe that PGX may increase the levels of appetite-blocking compounds while decreasing hormones that may lead to overeating. However, the exact mechanism through which PGX is able to do this is unknown. In addition, PGX allegedly brings down the glycemic index or the rank of carbohydrates in the body according to how they affect the blood glucose of any food or drink.

Does it Work?

Does PGX Work?

After it’s all said and done, it comes down to this question: does this highly viscous, polysaccharide super-fiber work?

Though PGX Daily may have appetite suppression components, if users don’t change their diet or eating habits, they might not lose weight.

PGX has to go hand in hand with a strict, healthy diet. No matter how much a patient takes the PGX dosage, without a dietary discipline, there is a chance that no change will occur.

A study that PGX funded found that when you use the supplement there is the possibility of losing around 0.4 pounds on average every month, making the supplement a poor choice if you’re aiming for more.

where to buy PGX

Where to Buy

Where To Buy PGX

On their website, PGX mentions that you can purchase their PGX Daily supplement in pharmacies, grocery stores, and health food stores across Canada and the USA.

They have also provided their contact information, which you can use to get directions and assistance. Other places to buy PGX:

  • Official Website
  • Walmart  
  • Amazon 
  • eVitamins
  • Dr. Hyman 
  • iHerb 

PGX Prices

Prices vary depending on quantity and the retailer from which you buy the products.

  • Walmart: 150 softgels for $29.96
  • Amazon: 240 softgels for $52.46
  • eVitamins: 120 softgels for $29.96
  • iHerb: 240 softgels for $41.97

PGX alternatives

Alternatives To PGX

We have established that obesity is a rapidly rising problem in the 21st century. Food supplements have become the major go-to choice for most people aiming for healthy weight loss.

Obviously, PGX is not the only fiber supplement in the market. Some of the alternatives include:

Brown Seaweed

Brown seaweed is allegedly very helpful in weight loss, as it helps quicken the process of burning fat in the body. FucoThin is a supplement that uses brown seaweed as its main ingredient for weight loss and control. It is gluten-free and contains carotenoid, fucoxanthin and thermogenic antioxidants.

The supplement claims to be very effective in burning fat and slimming the belly when you take a daily dose of 500mg. Because of its powerful fat-burning abilities, it is also supposedly a good tool in preventing heart disease and diabetes as it helps remove the excess fat surrounding the heart.

White Kidney Carb Blocker

White Kidney Carb Blocker is another weight control supplement. This one has the potential to block or prevent the breakdown of carbohydrates, thus causing the body to expel them as waste instead of storing as fat.

White bean extracts are safe for consumption. Potential side effects may include bloating or gas.


The third PGX alternative, Safslim, use safflower oil as its key ingredient. This ingredient has high amounts of linoleic acid, which is one of the healthy fats that should be in your diet.

Safslim claims to be very effective, especially with the burning of abdominal fat. When you combine it with exercise, you can see results within a short amount of time. Safslim does come with potential side effects, however, which may include a bloated stomach, diarrhea, stomach cramps, and gas.


How To Take PGX

PGX has the viscosity capacity of four bowls of food fiber. When you add it to food or drinks, it will have a similar effect on your appetite and glucose levels as if you’d consumed four bowls of fiber-heavy food, like oatmeal, all at once.

Everyone has their reasons for taking PGX, and although most aim at weight loss and control, some use it to keep their cholesterol in check or to reduce their blood sugar levels.

If you’re using PGX as a means of weight loss, they recommend that you use between 2.5-5 grams before meals. This variation depends mostly on the person’s weight, as we know that people with a higher body mass may require higher doses of medicine.

However, they advise that the consumer starts out with a low dosage and work up gradually. In case the patient is prone to midnight snacking, they ought to take another dosage after dinner.

Every 2.5 grams of PGX requires eight ounces of water. If the consumer wants to only keep their cholesterol in check, they advise a dosage of 0.75-2.5 grams per meal.

The product is available in the form of soft gel capsules, granules that you can add to food or beverages, and a zero-calorie drink mix that you can take on its own. The form of consumption is not important as long as you take the required dosage.

PGX Directions

  • Dissolve in food and drinks
  • Sprinkle on cereal, soups, yogurt, or salads
  • Drink plenty of water

PGX and weight loss

PGX And Weight Loss

It seems that after all the knowledge we have gained about PGX, we can conclude that – even with the ingredients to provide a full stomach effect thus reducing the amount of food intake – it is still important to follow a healthy diet and participate in regular exercise.

Apart from fiber, other great food types for weight loss are fruits, vegetables, and proteins. The less processed the foods are, the better they are for your body.

On top of that, water has to be your best friend. Two to three liters a day will not only help you feel fuller but also help you in flushing out toxins.

Exercises such as daily walks or runs also help in burning body fat and creating muscles. Sit-ups, press-ups, and other stretches are also good.

If you faithfully take the required dosage of PGX and stick to your diet and exercise regimen, you are more likely to achieve healthy weight control levels.

What Users Are Saying

“Highly recommend PGX. Great natural product for weight loss & lowering blood sugar. – Great product! I’ve used PGX for years. Great results & easy to use. Love the all natural product. Makes weight loss especially easy, not to mention lowering your blood sugar. The singles are convenient. I keep a couple in my purse to have on-hand when eating out.”

“I purchased because I have trouble swallowing pills. However, the gel-like substance it turns into inside the bottom of my glass made me gag.”

“Feel better – I first starting taking PGX because of Dr. Mark Hyman. He is amazing if you’ve never seen him on PBS or read his books check him out. But PGX which is high in fiber – makes me feel great and regulates ones sugar levels too. I am not a diabetic – but I feel better nonetheless on this product. They are large pills but not too difficult to swallow. Try them.”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line On PGX

So, should you run out to the store and buy a PGX product? Well, we like that it contains fiber to promote regularity and may help lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels. However, we have some reservations about this one because there’s no available science used to connect it to weight-loss. Also, we’re concerned about the negative side effects and lack of results mentioned by users.

If you’d like to lose those extra pounds, we suggest going with a weight-loss program developed by top behavioral scientists and backed by clinical research.

Among the best diet apps we’ve seen this year is one called Noom. Personalized meal plans, human coaching, food logging tools, and exercise tracking are just a few of the things this unique program has to offer.

The makers of Noom are so confident about their program that they’re offering a free trial.

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What are the side effects from PGX?

Side effects from ingredients may include headaches, dizziness, nausea and insomnia.

Do PGX products work?

Yes, there’s a change PGX products work. The product thickens and expands to increase the volume inside. It also helps to promote healthy blood sugar levels.

What is the price of PGX?

The products costs $24.99.

Where can I buy PGX products?

You can purchase the product on the official website.

How should I take PGX Daily?

Take the appropriate amount of capsules before or after a meal.

Where can I buy PGX?

PGX can be purchased using their Official Site.

Can I return PGX Daily?

Yes, you can return PGX Daily.

What are the most common complaints about PGX Daily?

Customers have complained that PGX Daily caused nausea.

12 PGX Reviews

  • Anonymous

    Bought it 2005, still have cos didn’t use it then. Expired, can I still use it?

    • Luis (Editor)

      We never recommend consuming expired products or supplements.

  • Will discontinue ?
    Mark (Verified Purchase)

    I started it today and I am really bloated. I will not be continuing with this stuff.

  • cannot find any direction
    Gregg (Verified Purchase)

    been using PGX for 3 weeks now…. for the second time. First time I tried to ease into it by using half dosage. Didn’t work – so now am taking recommended dosage – Was loosing approx a pound a day but had a little hiccup with food intake but am back with a steady loss. My concern is what happens when I hit my target – quite cold turkey? Taper off back to minimal dose? take for the rest of my life? I cannot find any direction on this.

  • Stay away from TV ads that promote these kinds of things.

    It is always a safe practice, before taking any of these advertised ‘Cure Alls’ to consult with your family Doctor. I have also talked with my pharmacist and dietician and they say, don’t believe anything these ads tell you. They are trying to sell a product and make money. They don’t tell you the side effects, generally speaking, about what people experience, good or bad, by taking their product. Best procedure is to stay away from TV ads that promote these kinds of things. They probably are going to do you more harm than good.

  • There is NO substitute for exercise!!
    Emma Peele (Verified Purchase)

    PGX is made by a reputable company Webber. It works, no bloating, water retention etc. I think this site is flogging its “Top Rated” diet aid as well as some belt for your abs. What a crock….there is NO subsitute for exercise!!

  • Suitable for diabetic
    Adrian (Verified Purchase)

    PGX is not intended for weight-loss. It was designed to slow down post-prandial glucose absorbtion for diabetics.

    • Rose

      I have been taking PGX about 2x/day for the last month or so, especially to slow down post prandial glucose, which I believe works. I have been taking only 1 at a time before meals but serving size is 2, so today I took a total of three. I like to ease into this things. Anyway, I have had no problem with stomach discomfort and I don’t have cravings or that hungry feeling I used to get. I have learned to eat healthy, so this works fine for me. I have lost about 4 lbs, am a slow to lose but I like it that way. I don’t know if it’s the PGX or otherwise, but I have no complaints with it.

  • Product just wasn't for me
    Kim (Verified Purchase)

    You made the right decision Renee – I also had a lot of bloating, constipation, felt water retention, puffy. And I took half the recommended dose from the beginning to ease in to it. Good decision to scrap it.

  • Any issues with retaining water?
    Renee (Verified Purchase)

    Anyone have a problem with retaining water? I’ve had swollen hands and ankles since taking this product. When I stopped the water went away.

    • Kim

      I’ve used PGX and hated it. I already have a very healthy diet, and wanted a bump to get over a weightloss plateau. Much to my dismay, all I felt was bloated and constipated, even with gradual dosage (not full amount from beginning). I felt puffy and retaining water too. As soon as I stopped taking the product, I felt much better. Good decision.

    • Milba

      I gained 4 lbs in one week with pgx daily, and i woke up with puffy eyes. Im going to the doctor tomorrow.