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Puradyme Review - 11 Things You Need to Know

Are you “living your life like you’re addicted to death?” What does that even mean? Puradyme nutritional supplement programs are designed around the premise that cooking food removes the enzymes that we need for gut health. They provide enzymes and probiotics compared to the traditional diet. Several widely cited studies suggest that our gut biome plays a significant role in our overall health. Could Puradyme be on to something?

Our research team dug up everything we could find on these “lifestyle-enhancing” products. Do they live up to their claims to improve digestion and assimilation of nutrients, or are they just another supplement company trying to capitalize on trendy buzzwords?

Puradyme can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is Puradyme?

Puradyme is a nutrition company focused on helping consumers achieve a healthier, more vibrant lifestyle.

There are three programs available:

  • Optimize
  • Enhance
  • Regenerate


Price: $184.90

Optimize comes with:


Price: $224.84

Enhance comes with:

  • Cleanse
  • LiyfZyme
  • PuraLiyf
  • Liyf Essentials


Price $519.55

Regenerate comes with:

  • Cleanse
  • LiyfZyme
  • PuraLiyf
  • Liyf Essentials
  • PuraZyme

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How Did Puradyme Start?

Lou Corona founded Puradyme. Corona claims that he was suffering from a variety of serious health issues by the time he turned 21. He changed his lifestyle and started eating a raw diet.

For the last 30 years, Lou Corona has been determined to teach clean living practices, studies the secrets of longevity and spreads positivity throughout the world.

Puradyme Customer Testimonials

Puradyme Claims

Puradyme claims to improve digestion and assimilation of nutrients. This company also makes claims about detoxifying your body.

We’re wary of any company that promotes a “detox” diet. It’s not true that your body accumulates toxins over time – your kidneys, liver and lungs do a fantastic job of removing these toxins.

A 2011 survey published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine found no link between detoxification therapies and improved health.

It’s also worth mentioning that, according to the American Chemistry Society, everything you can see, touch, taste, ingest or breathe is made of chemicals. It’s not possible to remove all chemicals from your life.


Puradyme Ingredients

Our research team looked at the ingredients in this lifestyle-enhancing brand’s most popular products.

LiyfZyme Plant Based Digestive Enzyme Supplement

This plant-based digestive enzyme-enhanced supplement contains 16 enzymes to improve the breakdown and absorption of beneficial nutrients. It is the most popular Puradyme enzymes powder.

PuraZyme Cell Regenerator

This is another Puradyme enzymes powder. The label claims that it slows aging by neutralizing free radicals. It contains 12 enzymes, including protease and amylase.

PuraLiyf Enzyme-Enhanced Probiotics

The enzymes protease and amylase enhance Puradyme probiotics. Puradyme probiotics also contain L. Acidophilus, B. Bifidum, B. Longum and L. Plantarum.

Raw Liyf Protein

Raw Liyf is a Puradyme protein powder that is made from plant-based proteins.

Does Puradyme Work?

Puradyme Life Essentials contain enzymes, probiotics and Puradyme protein. Our researchers investigated each ingredient to determine whether or not they work.

As for probiotics, there is conflicting evidence. Probiotics are made up of live microorganisms that are thought to be beneficial to your health. However, a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine concluded that there is not enough research to show that probiotics are safe, especially with long-term use.

Puradyme Benefits and Results

The majority of the online Puradyme life essentials reviews that we looked at are positive. Customers appreciate the company’s philosophy and plant-based products.

There were some concerning reviews on the company’s Facebook page. One customer claims the Puradyme probiotics and enzymes made them sick. When they asked for a refund, they were told that they could have a free 1-hour chat about oxygen therapy, breathwork or water therapy. There is no money-back guarantee.

Weight Loss

Details on Puradyme and Weight Loss

Some Puradyme life essentials products may help you lose weight.

A critical review published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition suggests that increasing your protein intake can reduce your appetite and decrease your daily caloric intake.

Not all ingredients in this lifestyle brand’s products will help you lose weight. A study published in Nutrients found that probiotics are not an effective way to prevent or treat obesity.

How to Use

How to Use Puradyme

Puradyme nutritional supplement programs are based on Lou Corona’s Four Principles:

  • Cellular Communication
  • Cellular Nutrition
  • Cellular Exercise
  • Cellular Environment

Cellular Communication

  • Always be present in the moment
  • Express your gratitude
  • Recognize the fact that you are an electric spirit and an infinite being
  • Create a feeling of peace wherever you go
  • Never judge yourself or others

Cellular Nutrition

  • Listen to Lou Corona’s “Fork Cast” podcast to learn about Raw Living foods
  • Eliminate “toxic chemicals” from your life

Cellular Exercise

  • Practice rhythmic breathing
  • Dance vigorously
  • Nonstop swimming

Cellular Environment

  • Invite the power of the earth, air, sun and water into your life
  • Spend time in nature
  • Eat only organic raw foods
  • Stand barefoot in the grass
  • Spend time soaking up the power of the sun
  • Breath deep and detoxify your lungs
  • Drink structured alkaline water
  • Visit the ocean
Side Effects

Potential Puradyme Side Effects

The most commonly reported side effects are indigestion and heartburn.

Bottom Line

What Users Are Saying

“Helps get my digestion back on track – Very helpful for digestion when you are experiencing bloating, gas and stomach pains.”

“Not for everyone – It didn’t work..It wouldn’t culture any food I put it in and it didn’t help me with digestion. I still love Lou corona and life regenrator but this product didn’t help me.”

“Warning buy in capsules the powder after mixing in with oj was so strong I thought my throat was going to close up. Couldn’t drink the rest going to go buy capsules to put it in will update later. Update: I use the products for 2 days and it worked on the second day I put the powder in the capsules. It was normal it didn’t hurt my stomach I recommend trying this product.”

Puradyme Ingredients

Bottom Line on Puradyme

We love when a company supports healthy lifestyle changes, but some of the claims made by Puradyme seem pretty outlandish. There isn’t enough evidence to suggest any of this “lifestyle-enhancing” supplement company’s claims are accurate.

We realize that making positive changes can be difficult. It’s even more challenging to follow through with those changes in the longterm. Fortunately, some programs can help you make healthier choices.

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Puradyme Review
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Is Puradyme for weight loss or testosterone boosting?

Puradyme makes products geared toward cleansing the body to promote healthy, energetic living.

What are the Puradyme ingredients?

Puradyme uses enzymes and natural, organic products free of unnecessary chemicals or allergens. Some popular ingredients include: amylase, barberry bark, bell pepper, broccoli, butternut bark, black walnut, carrot, cellulase, clover, fennel seed, garlic, goldenseal root, L. Acidophilus DDS-1, lipase, orange, papain, phytase, probiotics, protease, pumpkin seed, quinoa sprouts, rhubarb, rose hips, turmeric root, and wormwood.

Are there Puradyme side effects to know about?

Side effects from consuming Puradyme products may include bloating and indigestion.

Did you find any Puradyme product warnings?

Puradyme warns of two things: do not take their product if the seal is broken upon arrival, and to make sure you’re taking all related products for proper effect. For instance, you wouldn’t want to kill the parasites in your body without taking a substance designed to keep your body stable while eliminating the dead parasites out of your body.

Is Puradyme for men or women?

Puradyme is for all human beings interested in improving their digestive health but consult your doctor prior to use.

Where can I buy Puradyme?

Puradyme can be purchased using their Official Site.

Where can I buy Puradyme?

You can purchase Puradyme at various nutrition stores in eastern and western USA, New Zealand, Australia, Czech Republic, U.K., the Netherlands, and western Canada, in addition to online at their proprietary website and other health stores.

Is there a Puradyme free trial or free samples?

Puradyme does not offer free samples or trials.

What is the most common Puradyme complaint?

The most popular complaint about Puradyme from its customers is some bitterness of taste but most report finally finding a product that works in successfully cleansing their body.

1 Puradyme Reviews

  • Disappointed customer
    Helen Humphreys

    I ordered two productd from their New Zealand Website on 10th November and have not received them. I have sent two emails to them but they have not replied. I spent $133.00 Australian Dollars and have not received anything. No replies, no nothing. I wished I did not order from them. I am a very disappointed customer.