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Give me two minutes of your time and I’ll tell you whether Pure Barre actually works. We did some serious research and created a detailed review, examining the ingredients, side effects, clinical studies and level of customer care. We also focused on all kinds of user comments that are posted online. At last, we summarized and compressed everything in order to provide the crucial information you need.

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What is Pure Barre?

Pure Barre is the largest Barre fitness franchise in the United States. It claims to have over 460 studios both across the U.S and Canada. Pure Barre offers a kind of fitness exercise that involves the use of a fixed ballet barre, which is used for support while performing activities. Pure Barre includes typical movements of certain classical dances, yoga, and pilates.

The intention or the motive behind practicing Pure Barre exercises is to achieve a high level of physical fitness. This activity is practiced in group classes. The positions involved in Pure Barre fitness exercises allow for the contraction of a specific set of muscles while participants hold on to the ballet barre for support. Holding onto the barre helps people to keep their body still, and focus on the desired movements.

The focus is primarily on the lower half of the body. Pure Barre helps develop flexibility and strength in the ankles, thighs, calves, and knees. Moreover, pure Barre technique keeps the joints safe as it does not involve jumping and other such activities that could stress the joints.[1]

How did Pure Barre Start?

Carrie Rezabek Dorr, a fitness enthusiast and dancer/choreographer by profession, founded Pure Barre and launched her first Pure Barre studio in Birmingham in 2001. Over time, the concept became increasingly popular among the fitness lovers. Capitalizing on that, the company has grown to the extent that they claim to have over 467 franchises and are adding more every month.

According to an interview with Laura Mintz ( Founder and CEO, Elevate my Brand), Dorr states that she initially started with only four to five people and that it was a very tiny group. According to Dorr, it was a time when fitness training was only accessible at “big box gyms”, which were not showing results for many participants. This inspired her idea of imparting dance and group fitness classes. When asked about her personal motivation to start Pure Barre, Dorr says that she was a practicing lawyer for two years and though she liked her law degree, she always wanted to be a fitness trainer and teach dance to groups.

Pure Barre Customer Testimonials

The Idea Behind Pure Barre

The idea that Carrie Dorr, the founder of Pure Barr, had in mind when she founded Pure Barre back in 2001, was that a fitness training program needs to be worthwhile and result-oriented. It could also be done in a group, with fun along the way. According to Carrie, she also wanted to see women grow strong and get into the fitness stream as dominantly as their male counterparts.

The Pure Barre founding idea has more or less remained the same. Becoming a big franchise in today’s fitness arena hasn’t caused much deviation from Dorr’s initial idea, and Pure Barre hasn’t tried to move into other areas of fitness training.

Pure Barre Claims

Pure Barre claims to be the biggest fitness franchise in the United States. It boasts of having a network of over 467 Franchises across the United States and Canada, and claims that they are growing at a pace of at least one new studio each month. This helps their customer base as there is likely a Pure Barre studio close by.

Pure Barre says that the reason behind their popularity is their immensely effective fitness training technique, which they claim not only positively affects the body, but also keeps the mind healthy. All these results allegedly happen in a very short span of time. Pure Barre states that the level of concentration required during their fitness training classes is similar to that of doing yoga or meditation. Pure Barre asserts that by following their techniques, participants may start to see positive results in only 8 or 10 classes, taken regularly three to four times a week. The level of result also depends on what participants eats while practicing the techniques.

Does Pure Barre Work?

The techniques and the exercises at Pure Barre class involve movements that cause isometric contraction of the muscles. The series of tiny isometric movements help to strengthen the muscles and also make them more flexible. Pure Barre does seem to create a lean muscle tone in addition to other benefits:

  • Improved balance
  • More stability
  • Better posture
  • Greater flexibility
  • Increased strength

This is what a typical Pure Barre review suggests. Pure Barre is done in groups and involve physical training and practicing with the ballet barre, and may also be helpful in reducing the stress levels.

Pure Barre may also help with weight loss. Pure Barre works when it is regularly practiced. However, the claims of it working for everybody in such a short span of time may be overblown. Results depend on several factors including regular participation, diet and eating habits, and also lifestyle issues such as sleep. To get the best Pure Barre results, participants have to consider all these factors and work accordingly to make it a success. [2]

Pure Barre Benefits and Results

Pure Barre exercises help in the following ways:

  • Gains in muscle strength and flexibility
  • Improved stability when practiced over a period of time
  • Better posture
  • Reduction of stress levels when practiced in groups
  • Weight loss when coupled with a balanced diet and controlled eating habits

To get the desired results, one needs to follow the correct technique and adhere to the instructions of the instructor. Muscles will get strengthened only when a set of muscles is targeted and subjected to rhythmic isometric contractions. Also, to get the best results, such as toning of the muscles and weight loss, participants have to maintain a balanced diet and a regulated lifestyle which calls for adequate sleep, complemented by other physical activities. [3]

Details on Pure Barre and Weight Loss

One of the claimed benefits of Pure Barre classes and activities is weight loss. It is an established fact that weight loss is mostly related to eating habits and it largely depends on a person’s diet and his day-to-day activities. The weight loss as claimed by Pure Barre can be successfully achieved only if the physical activities practiced with the barre and in the classes are coupled with a balanced diet and a regulated and controlled day-to-day activities, including getting enough rest.

It is not that Pure Barre fitness and the exercises have no role in weight loss. Pure Barre does help in weight loss, but it is not a one-day wonder where one can start losing weight by just attending the fitness training classes and doing muscle movements. Weight loss requires a lot more than that. A lot depends on your body type, lifestyle and ability to do the movements.

At Pure Barre fitness, the activities mainly focus on the muscle movements and a series of barre exercises to stimulate isometric contractions. As the activities are mainly for the lower body, it is also important for someone, who wants to lose weight, to understand how a particular exercise is affecting his or her body. Every body responds differently to a set of exercises. So, keeping in mind all these factors, one may lose weight over a period of time and with a constant practice.[4]

How To Make The Most Of Pure Barre Techniques

Like any other physical activity or any fitness-driven exercise, it is advisable to make a commitment to regularly attending Pure Barre classes. This is the key to see a significant and desired change. To get the most out of Pure Barre, one must work out regularly, which includes taking at least 3 to 4 classes in a week.

Following the instructions and doing the steps correctly so as to get the maximum impact on the targeted muscles is one of the most important ways to make the optimum use of the Pure Barre exercises. At Pure Barre, the exercises are strenuous and target a specific group of muscles. With subsequent isometric contractions, muscles tire to such an extent that they may begin to shake. This means that the muscles are extremely tired, as the shaking is a sign of fatigue. Afterwards, it is advised to stretch as it helps elongate the muscles while they are still tired and stretchable. This helps to get the desired and best results, achieving muscle toning, strength, and flexibility.

Participants can take their Pure Barre first class for free. [5] [6]

Potential Issues with Pure Barre

Pure Barre is basically a fitness training exercise and involves targeting muscles in a certain way to make them stronger, elongated, and flexible. Pure Barre exercise has some side effects, though they appear minimal. One of the most common and fairly established side effects of Pure Barre or other barre exercises is developing back pain and back injuries. As Barre exercises are an imitation of certain moves from ballet dancing, it requires a straight back. The process involved in getting the back straight includes shifting the pelvic angle, and this practice can develop or aggravate back pain.

Also, a special movement called “pile” in a ballet is also a part of the Pure Barre routine. In this movement, the practitioner bends his /her knees while turning around at the same position. The knees are bent outwards from the body and the legs are not properly aligned to the center-line of the body. This could be detrimental to the knees as the pressure upon them is dramatically increased.

Pure Barre does seem to contain a risk for injuries.

Criticism of Pure Barre

Pure Barre claims of high-end results and with immediate effect. Though it does appear to get some results, there are also issues that dispute some claims. One of the most often cited criticisms of Pure Barre is that the barre exercises do not help develop “functional strength”. Functional strength is the strength that we need to accomplish daily tasks for survival. Pure Barre techniques and exercise do not help achieve the same desired functional strength as can be achieved by traditional strength building exercises.

Additionally, most of the movements that are used to strengthen a specific muscle set, have no use other than for dance ability. Moreover, the isometric muscle contraction movements are not as effective for stimulating muscle growth as compared with traditional exercises that involve compound muscle movements.

Finally, optimum increased metabolic rates are also not achieved doing Pure Barre exercises, and therefore they do not aid in weight loss. The level of calories burned during these exercises is low, and may be equivalent to walking so Pure Barre may also not be the best choice for cardiovascular fitness. [7]

Pure Barre Packages

The Pure Barre class can be taken at several Pure Barre locations across the United States and Canada. People interested in trying a Pure Barre class can get their first class for free. Buying a Pure Barre membership package allows participants to continue as a regular trainee. One can find Pure Barre locations by searching online for ‘Pure Barre near me’, and there is likely a studio close by.

Searching for Pure Barre online for Pure Barre packages could result in a Pure Barre promo code for discounts on their website. There are several Pure Barre packages to choose from and all are designed to cater to the needs of the trainees according to their fitness level and requirements.

Pure Barre Products

Pure Barre online stores offers a wide variety of products, and products are also available for sale on Amazon. Pure Barre products listed on the website include:

  • Equipment
  • Socks
  • Accessories
  • Apparel
  • DVDs
  • Fitness programs and classes

Most of their products are related to the fitness and health care. In their equipment section, they have their own line of products such as Pure Barre ball, Pure Barre mat, and Pure Barre cuff weights. In the apparel section, they have a wide variety of products, primarily for women. Pure Barre DVDs are also available, which offer classes and instructions via video tutorials. Of course, regular studio fitness training classes can be purchased online as well.

Pure Barre Popular Products

Pure Barre has a wide variety of popular products for sale:

  • Pure Barre Mat: One of their most popular products that claims to provide support, cushion, and stability during workouts. It is an essential product that needed while taking Pure Barre fitness training classes. The mat is designed to make Pure Barre fitness training classes comfortable.
  • Wall Mounted Barre: The wall-mounted barre is a product designed for workouts at home. Pure Barre claims that it could make a fitness enthusiast’s home into a virtual Pure Barre studio. The Mounted Barre also comes with an installation kit.
  • Pershing Square DVD: This is a fitness training DVD featuring Carrie, the founder herself, along with a Pure Barre team, teaching the use of Pure Barre ball while training. It demonstrates ways to target legs, thighs, glutes, and abs.
  • Lowry Lofts 1 DVD: This is a 45-minute training session in which the techniques associated with the Pure Barre fitness ring is demonstrated. The DVD claims to teach some strength training techniques and tips to lose weight.
  • Snowflake racerback tank: This is a new arrival in their garment section and looks trendy at first sight. Look good while training with Pure Barre.

Pure Barre Alternatives

Pure Barre is not the only fitness brand offering ballet barre exercises. While Pure Barre is the Market leader in its niche of barre exercises and training that caters primarily to women, there are other viable and good alternatives available:

  • The Bar Method: Another fitness brand that claims to have their own technique, created under the supervision of physical therapists. They are supposedly safer and more effective. This company says that their trainers undergo a strict and rigorous training and that is one of the factors which make them different from the other similar fitness training brands. After the opening of their first studio in San Francisco, California in 2001, they have come a long way and today, they claim to have over 100 studios across the United States and Canada.
  • Cardiobarre: Another fitness training center in L.A. that offers movements with the help of the ballet barre. They are quite popular and also claim to have their own techniques and benefits.
  • Gold’s Gym: Though they don’t specifically and exclusively offer only barre exercises, they still have similar classes and are an alternative. They have over 700 franchises in the U.S.A compared to 467 Pure Barre studios. Gold’s Gym offers more locations as well as class diversity as compared to Pure Barre.
  • 24 Hour Fitness: This is one of the largest privately-owned fitness centers, boasting 425 clubs. Their specialty is that, unlike any other fitness centers, they remain open 24 hours a day, every day.
  • L.A fitness: L.A Fitness claims to have over 800 centers all over the United States and Canada which almost double the number of Pure Barre franchises. It claims to have very sophisticated and modern equipment and has a wide variety of fitness training programs to offer.

What Users Are Saying

“”This combination of Pilates, weight resistance using your own body weight, and yoga is tougher than it looks from just watching the exercises. The exercises target deep muscles and really ache or burn after the first set. However, muscles start firming up quickly, and twice per week is effective. Form is more important than the number of repetitions that you can do, so watch the instructions and the whole DVD before you begin. I use a rolled up towel instead of the ball that they sell. I would probably recommend an easier DVD of similar exercises if you are a beginner. However, by modifying the workout as directed and doing fewer repetitions, you can handle the exercises if you aren’t new to firming routines. Good luck.””

“”In all fairness, I only used this Pure Barre DVD a few times before deciding I need to get a bit more in shape before I pull this out again. THAT said, for someone in decent shape I truly believe this is an amazing workout. My daughter-in-law has attended Pure Barre classes and says her thighs have never burned more – I believe it because my thighs were actually shaking. The setting of this DVD is very serene and the instructor does a great job. If you are good at doing modifications, even a fairly fit beginner might be able to do this – instruction for modifications are provided. I just tend to overdo, so this will just have to wait until I build up a bit further. After that…..watch out – this will be the first DVD I grab.””

“”This is a very basic workout consisting mostly of Pilates Mat exercises. I was not fond of the getting up and down off the floor throughout.””

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The Bottom Line – Does Pure Barre Work?

Okay, now the moment you’ve been waiting for. Here is our bottom line on Pure Barre. To start, we like that this is a complete body workout. We also appreciate that this fitness routine is fine for women and men alike. On the other hand, we have some concerns about it because some people have reported joint pains. Furthermore, we’re also leery of the difficult exercises that some individuals have complained about.

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Pure Barre

What is Pure Barre?

Pure Barre is a complete body workout where you use small isometric movements with fantastic music playing in the background. This workout program tones your arms, thighs, butt and burns fat in a short amount of time.

What is the Pure Barre Platform Like?

The platform is a class that is new to the brand’s offering. The class is 55 minutes and uses a combination of signature barre burn moves combined with several cardio segments. The integrated personal platform will help you increase your range of motion.

How do I know if Pure Barre is right for me?

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Is Pure Barre a cardio workout?

This new, fast-paced Pure Barre platform was developed to increase your body’s total strength while optimizing the results of your cardiovascular workout. Using bursts of intensity, this heart-pumping workout also incorporates low-intensity movements for muscle building and low impact cardio.

How much is a barre class?

As a nationwide chain, Pure Barre offers members daily exercise classes that help them work muscles they did not know existed. Daily drop-ins are $23 per class, and new members can choose unlimited classes for one month at $100. Pure Barre also offers semi-annual and annual memberships.

What is the barre workout?

The workouts are inspired by the ballet where you use ballet movements such as plies and pirouettes. Additionally, the barre workouts mix dance, yoga, Pilates, and functional training. Choreographers add motivating music to each workout.

What do you wear to a barre class?

When you attend classes, you must dress appropriately. Suggestions include yoga pants, leggings or a fitted tank top. The way you dress will help you sweat more and burn fat and calories. Shoes are not allowed in the studio, so you need socks.

How many calories are burned in a barre class?

You will typically burn around 400-500 calories per class. Although the movements seem small during warmups, these movements are strenuous and will help you burn more calories.

What is Cardo Barre Class?

This class is a unique, no impact/high-intensity workout that combines a constant fat burning motion with light weights and traditional barre work. The class utilizes resistance and toning exercises that trim your arms, torso, butt and legs. Additionally, the movements will lengthen your body and sculpt your muscles.

How long is a barre class?

Classes typically last about 55 minutes.

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    Has anyone else beside me had knee clicking and ankles hurting to point of not being able to run in place without pain after starting pure barre classes?

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    are there classes that you attend? Is it available where I live?

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