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By Summer Banks Jun 24, 2017

We’re all searching for the right diet product. So we took a deeper look at Pure Slim 1000 ingredients, side effects and clinical research. We decided to read through hundreds of user comments for realistic reports. Then, we refined and summarized to give you the info you need.

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What is Pure Slim 1000?

To start, this PS 1000 review uncovers everything you need to know about this weight-loss program that combines a homeopathic drop and a 1,000 calorie-a-day diet. The ingredients are maca, glucomannan [1], arginine, rhodiola [2], African mango [3], vitamins and minerals. Together, the lifestyle is supposed to help the dieter rapidly lose weight.

The plan supports healthy eating using a three-stage process:

  • Weight Loss
  • Follow Up
  • Continuation

The PS1000 website offers no information on the business behind the program other than an address in Boise, Idaho. It would be nice to know a little more about the company. The realistic-looking before and after photos are a big plus – keep reading…

Side Effects – “Much of a Problem?”

This first issue is a common one –  Pure Slim 1000 side effects. “Much of the weight-loss journey has to do with the stomach. Hunger and eating less are just part of the process,” said our Research Editor. “If a program causes the dieter issues in this department, they won’t stay with it for long.”

One dieter who used PS1000 explains, “I was too hungry to stick with the plan.” This is not an unusual issue when starting a new weight loss program. Eating less (or healthier) is critical, but it can also be difficult in the beginning.

Some other users spoke of nausea. This is a side effect that can be associated with hunger. No matter the diet or supplement, you have to eat enough of the right things for the plan to work and minimize nausea.

Some dieters didn’t notice side effects from PS 1000. “Since starting PS1000 I have had no issues. I couldn’t eat tomatoes, garlic or onions due to terrible gas and that is gone now also,” said a review.

Pure Slim 1000 Customer Testimonials

Calorie Restrictions With PS1000 – “Eating Less Can Be Hard”

According to Pure Slim 1000 reviews, the calorie restrictions were concerning for some. “Beginning this plan I was worried I was only allowed 1000 calories,” said a dieter.

Even experts warn of possible issues. Maryann Tomovich Jacobsen, MS, RD says, “Unless medically supervised, don’t cut calories below 1,200 per day. Otherwise, you will struggle to get enough nutrients to fuel your activities and satisfy your hunger.”

It’s important to remember that cutting calories is a huge part of losing weight and improving health, for some people. There are thousands of success stories from people who’ve eaten 1,200 to 1,500 calories a day – so it does work for some.

We found that some dieters found ways to add variety to their food choices. “The selection is small if you stick to the listed foods, but small is ok especially for only 90 days,” said a customer.

“From day one I wasn’t hungry; it gave me a wide range of food to work with,” reported another.

Our research shows it takes a single trouble, like too few calories, to shut down chances of long-term success. If PS1000 asks the dieter to restrict calorie intake, there’s an opportunity for hunger and rebound gain. But, each person will have a different experience. It may be possible to tailor the plan to your personal needs to create a lifestyle that is healthy and that works. [4] [5]

The Science – “What Do The Experts Have to Say?”

Pureslim 1000 doesn’t bother to share clinical proof this diet works long-term, but we did find information on low-calorie plans from Judith Beck, PhD. “If you lose weight on 1,200 calories a day, the minute you go up to 1,300 is the minute you start gaining weight.”

That is an extremely generic statement. As you become more active and change the foods you eat, the body will burn more calories, so weight gain is not a sure thing if calorie intake goes up. [6]

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The Bottom Line – Does Pure Slim 1000 Work?

Pureslim 1000 was intriguing. We like the three-step process – PS1000 doesn’t leave the dieter hanging. We also appreciate that it addresses three of the most important parts of weight loss.

  • Metabolism
  • Cravings
  • Energy

The before and after pictures are realistic and they show people can lose weight on the program. But, we have reservations about a program being a good choice for everyone.

Eating fewer than 2,000 to 2,500 calories or more is not a good idea for someone who’s obese or super obese. It’s better, in these cases, to gradually decrease intake as the dieter loses weight.

If now is your time to lose weight, we suggest going with a supplement that contains clinically tested ingredients that can be used as part of a healthy diet that does not hugely restrict calories.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is called Dietspotlight Burn. The formula contains four ingredients. All clinically-tested with results often found in publications such as the journal Obesity and the Journal of Medicine.

Also, the makers of Dietspotlight Burn are so confident that you’ll love the supplement they’re offering a Special Trial Offer, which is a great sign.

Previous Pure Slim 1000 Review (Updated November 20, 2014):

Pure Slim 1000 | What You Should Know

PS 1000 diet is a weight loss product. The diet shows you how to eat to make the weight loss drops a more effective solution to weight loss. They resemble something like the HCG drops seen in many weight loss programs like Omnutrition Drops, but we cannot confirm that is what these are. Read this review to learn more about the program and it works to help you decide if you want to use this to help you reach your weight loss goals.

List of Ingredients in PS1000

Though there are drops associated with this diet, we are not sure what these drops contain.

Product Features

Pure Slim 1000 is a three phase weight loss program. Prior to beginning the first phase, though, you are to spend two weeks in preparation for starting the program. This is when you load yourself with healthy fats from foods such as nuts, avocados, and olive oil. Supplement with Omega 3s, and replace all beverages with water. Roca Labs offers a similar plan with identical preparations. Then, you begin phase 1: Rapid Weight Loss Phase. This phase can last up to 90 days. This phase is 1000 calories a day with the use of the drops, and can produce half pound to 1 pound of loss per day. Phase 2: Creating a New Weight Set Point lasts three weeks and requires you to add 500 calories back to your diet. You may continue to lose weight, as long as you are using the drops, and eating your full caloric intake (no skipping meals!). Phase 3: Maintenance. This is intended to be the life long phase.

There are several different packages available, each with a varying quantity of drops to help you, based on how much weight you have to lose total. You can expect to spend anywhere from $89.95 to $159.95 depending on the weight you have to lose. The largest package is recommended for those who have 40+ pounds to reach their ideal weight or whatever their goal weight may be. At the time of this review in March 2012, there is a discount code “SPRINGBREAK” to get 20% off your order, but we are not sure how long this promotion lasts.


  • PS1000 doesn’t really have any advantages we can see.


  • Pure Slim 1000 requires a drastic cut in caloric intake, that will make the diet hard to follow.
  • We do not know what the drops contain.
  • This is an expensive diet to follow.
  • There are no free trials of this program.
  • We are not sure if there is a money back guarantee to support this program.

Conclusion on Pure Slim 1000

PS1000 is likely another HCG based diet that only produces results because of the low calorie intake. Not to be confused with HCA products like Pure Life Garcinia Cambogia. We advise to you stay away from this product unless you can really determine what is in the drops.

According to the official website, Pure Slim 1000 is the "#1 Rated Weight Loss Program." There are two supplements - PS1000 Metabolic Burst and PS1000 Energy Burst B-Complex. All ingredients are listed, but there are no amounts for any.

Pure Slim 1000 Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 0.5ml
Serving Per Container: 120
Amount per Serving% DV
Proprietary Blend50mg*
- L-Ornithine**
- Glycine**
- L-Arginine**
- Serine**
- Tyrosine**
- Glutamic Acid**
- Maca Root**
- Beta-Alanine**
- Rhodiola Rosea**
- African Mango Seed**
- Maltodextrin Fiber**

Other Ingredients: None

We thoroughly investigated Pure Slim 1000 ingredients to give you the crucial details you need.


Sometimes referred to as Peruvian ginseng, maca is a plant ingredient. It grows in central Peru, and the roots are used to make certain types of medicine. It’s also found in some supplements for weight-loss and internal cleansing.

What is it Supposed to Do?

There are claims that maca root helps reduce cortisol levels, which in turn minimizes belly fat. It’s also supposed to boost stamina and libido, while lowering stress levels. It contains B vitamins, essential amino acids, calcium, vitamin a, magnesium, iron, zinc and vitamin C.

Clinical Research

We did not find a direct link between this herb and weight-loss. However, “In 2010, scientists who reviewed the effects of maca on sexual function in BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine concluded that maca may be effective at improving sexual function in post menopausal women after six weeks of use.”


There are all sorts of herbs used in alternative medicines and supplements. One of them is glucomannan. This is basically a sugar, and it’s made from the roots of a konjac plant. It provides a significant amount of fiber.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Well, glucomannan reacts with water in the stomach and intestines, which causes a swelling effect. This bulky fiber may help reduce appetite. It may also lower cholesterol levels and assist with regularity. It’s sometimes used to treat conditions like constipation and high blood sugar levels.

Clinical Research

According to PubMed.gov, “An eight-week double-blind trial was conducted to test purified glucomannan fiber as a food supplement in 20 obese subjects. Subjects were instructed not to change their eating or exercise patterns. Results showed a significant mean weight-loss (5.5 lbs) using glucomannan over an eight-week period. Serum cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol were significantly reduced (21.7 and 15.0 mg/dl respectively) in the glucomannan treated group.” [1] Therefore this root extract may be beneficial to a weight-loss plan.


There are all sorts of key ingredients used in fitness supplements. Beta-alanine is among them. This is a non-essential amino acid, and a building block of proteins. It’s found naturally in the body, and it’s often used in muscle-building shakes.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Basically, beta-alanine is supposed to improve physical performance, increase muscle growth and help with high-intensity exercise. It’s often used by bodybuilders and serious weight-lifters.

Clinical Research

There is some clinical research that supports this amino acid as a performance aid. For instance, “A study in the December 2009 issue of Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise reports that beta alanine increases muscle carnosine content and therefore the potential to improve physical performance during high-intensity exercise.” [2]

One that’s been on our radar is one called Dietspotlight Burn. It contains clinically-tested ingredients and has been shown to work. Click above to learn more.

Pure Slim 1000 Side Effects:

Pure Slim 1000 side effects are rare – we actually had to search high and low to find mention of any – but the ones we found are not necessarily related to the product or diet plan, per se. Headaches, nausea and increased heart rate can all be associated with a reduced-calorie diet.

Headaches, nausea and increased heart rate can all be associated with a reduced-calorie diet. It doesn’t matter if it is PS1000 or another plan.


Dieters tend to cut out the obvious calories first, like that morning latte and sodas. The reduction in caffeine, if this is the case, can cause headache.

According to the Migraine Trust, low blood sugar can also cause headache. Eating healthy, complex carbohydrates can help in this case.

A headache is any kind of pain in the neck or head area. Among typical disorders of the nervous system, headaches are the most common. There are three classified types: migraines, tension headaches, and cluster headaches. Studies have shown that almost half of the adult population has had a headache in the last year. [1]

What causes a headache?

There are many possible factors in the cause of a headache. Headaches can be triggered by substances such as caffeine or certain foods that contain high amounts of sugar. In addition, they are caused by emotional stress or overexertion of the body.

Increased Heart Rate

Severe calorie restriction can affect your heart; potentially increasing heart rate. Some dieters overdo it when cutting calories, thinking they will lose weight faster. Fast weight loss could happen, but so can side effects.

Increased heart rate (tachycardia) is an issue starting in the heart’s lower chambers and causing it to beat at 100 BPMs or faster. At these higher rates of speed, the heart cannot deliver the oxygen-rich blood the body needs. This can cause lightheadedness or sweating.

What causes increased heart rate?

High blood pressure (hypertension), coronary artery disease (atherosclerosis), and infection are among some common causes of increased heart rate. Other factors such as caffeinated products, exercise and stress can all briefly trigger tachycardia.


Nausea is the uncomfortable feeling of being queasy or sick typically before the involuntary urge to vomit. Over the years, we’ve found that nausea and upset stomach, listed below, are often a result of hunger. If you go too long between meals, an empty feeling in the stomach can feel like nausea.

If you go too long between meals, an empty feeling in the stomach can feel like nausea. Eat when you are hungry, no matter the diet you’re following. But first, drink a glass of water to see if your body is hungry or if you’re thirsty – they both tend to feel the same for many dieters.

What causes nausea?

Nausea is usually triggered by an inner ear disruption, which may cause a spinning sensation that will result in a feeling of nausea. Trauma to the head can play a part as well as alcohol consumption, medications from a pre-existing medical condition, or rotavirus. [2]

Upset Stomach

Upset stomach (also known as dyspepsia) is a pain in the upper abdomen area of the body. Bloating, nausea, and excessive burping are common signs someone may have dyspepsia.

What causes upset stomach?

Eating too much or too fast are common causes of upset stomach. Other causes might be an inflammation of the organs (appendicitis), ulcers, or gallstones. Medications such as NSAIDs and antibiotics can contribute to this symptom as well.

Pure Slim 1000 side effects are uncommon, but there have been some reports of increased heart rate, headache and nausea.

After looking closely at the supplement and diet plan, we’re convinced these side effects are likely related to dietary changes, not PS1000.


Pure Slim 1000 Questions & Answers:

We narrowed down hundreds of user comments about Pure Slim 1000 into this helpful FAQ.

What are possible PS 1000 side effects?

Pure Slim 1000 side effects are rare, but based on the ingredients and some user experiences they could include headaches, upset stomach, bloating and nausea.

What are the Pure Slim 1000 ingredients?

The Pure Slim 1000 ingredients are glucomannan, maca, arginine, rhodiola, African mango, beta alanine, rhodiola rosea, glutamine, ornithine, glutamic acid, B-vitamins, glycine, valine, tyrosine [1] and potassium.

Does Pure Slim 1000 work?

There’s no scientific research linking Pure Slim 1000 to weight-loss, but a reduced calorie diet and maintenance support are a good way to approach weight loss. At best, you will lose weight because of the calorie-restricted diet [2].

How much does Pure Slim cost?

One bottle of Pure Slim 1000 costs $89. Two runs $129, while three is $179. Users receive a multiple-bottle bottle discount.

How should I take Pure Slim 1000?

You should take Pure Slim 1000 in three phases. The first lasting 90 days, where users use the supplement and eat only 1,000 calories per day. Phase two lasts 21 days, with the same calorie restrictions and the final phase allows users to add starches and sugars to your diet.


What do users like about Pure Slim 1000?

Some users like that Pure Slim 1000 is easy to use and that the diet offered choices.

What do users NOT like about Pure Slim?

We found that users didn’t like the calorie restrictions with Pure Slim 1000. If you are overweight or obese, you can work with your doctor to modify any diet to your specific needs based on how many calories you burn a day.


Do I need to diet on Pure Slim 1000?

Yes, you will need to diet on Pure Slim. The maximum amount of calories recommended is 1,000 per day in the first stage.

What foods do I eat with Pure Slim 1000?

The recommended food you eat on Pure Slim 1000 include lean meats, olive oil, coconut oil, avocado, nuts, greens, vegetables, beans, fruits and fish.

Does Pure Slim 1000 come with a guarantee?

Pure Slim 1000 comes with a guarantee. You have 180 days to return the product for a full refund. There are restrictions with the guarantee. You must have used the product for a minimum of 30 days and provide a detailed food journal.

Do you know of any special deals or discounts on Pure Slim 1000?

The only mentioned special deal or discount on Pure Slim 1000 is when you reorder the supplement.

The last few months have been going wild, considering our readers have been taking advantage of the Special Trial Offer from Dietspotlight Burn.

Click above to learn more.

Pure Slim 1000 Scientific Abstracts:


There had been no difference between control and rats supplemented with arginine in regards to serum concentrations of insulin, growth hormone, adiponectin, triiodothyronine, corticosterone, and thyroxine. Positively, the arginine treatment had resulted in decreased serum concentrations of glucose, leptin, urea, triglycerides, branched-chain amino acids, and glutamine, as well as higher concentrations of nitric-oxide metabolites, in addition to overall improved glucose tolerance. It was concluded that dietary arginine shifts nutrient partitioning in an effort to enhance muscle over fat gain and could deliver a helpful treatment for reducing body white fat in obese rats. [1]


When taking taurine and glycine there had been a negative reaction with body mass gain and total fat mass, while taking any other amino acid in the study had a positive correlation. Taurine and glycine consumption had positive effects on plasma lipid profiles (lower levels of plasma lipids and increased HDL-to-total cholesterol ratio) It had been concluded that dietary scallop protein had definitely prevented high-fat high fructose –induced obesity all while maintaining lean body mass and helping to improve the plasma lipid profiles in make mice. [2]

Maca Root

According to the study it was reasonable to suggest that Maca-GO (Maca root powder) when used in EPMW acted as a toner of hormonal processes, which was reflected in the reduction in FSH (Follicle-stimulating Hormone) and elevated luteinizing hormone secretion, which in turn stimulated ovarian hormones and resulted in a significant decrease of discomfort in menopausal women participants. There needs to be further, more complex studies on the Maca-GO effect and reliability as an alternative to hormone replacement therapy. [3]


The results had displayed a substantial mean difference in weight-loss (5.5lbs) when administered glucomannan over a period of 8 weeks. There had been a reduction of both serum cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (21.7 and 15.0 mg/dl) in the participant group administered glucomannan. There had been no reports of negative reactions to the glucomannan. [4]


Beta-Alanine supplementation is a fairly recent and growing field of study. It harnesses the potential to be helpful in conjunction with high-intensity exercise and resistance training. There had also been evidence of potential for additive effects of both creatine and Beta-Alanine, among other supplements, which could further enhance ergogenic effects. The opportunities for further research are virtually endless, leaving the future of Beta-Alanine positive, opening the door for further improvements in high-intensity exercises and sports performance for a plethora of individuals. [5]

Rhodiola Rosea

R. rosea research regarding its effectiveness contradicts each other. Some studies indicate that the herb could be beneficial for enhancing physical performance and reducing mental fatigue, while methodological defects limit accurate assessment of effectiveness. There need to be better randomized controlled trials with more detailed and accurate reporting in order to determine the true effectiveness of R. rosea on fatigue. [6]

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  Does it affect health if on medications?
Jeanette Ross

I haven’t started this yet but was wondering if it can cause problems if you are on medications like blood pressure, things like that?

Cameron (Editor)

Hi Jeanette! Some of the ingredients in Pure Slim might interact with certain medications. We recommend asking your doctor to make sure you can combine the two.

  Allergic to shellfish, can I use?

I have an allergy to shellfish will I still be able to use pure slim 1000?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Tracy, we have not come across any users that have had shellfish allergy issues and have had problems with Pure Slim. It’s advised to always confirm with your doctor to make sure.


Yes! I don’t care for any seafood, and I have been doing great!

Sue Lucas

I am also allergic to shellfish, but had no troublesome reactions to the PureSlim 1000. I am not one who is willing to severely restrict my diet; I knew I wouldn’t even try to stick to 1000 calories a day, so I just ate a balanced diet (mostly vegetarian for about 3 months). I only exercised moderately, but I had dramatic weight loss after taking the product for 2 months. I’ll probably repeat the 2-month use again, just to get back to more seriously losing weight again. I am sure every person’s body reacts differently, and I do give a lot of credit to eating mostly vegan during that time, but I lost 50 pounds in only 5 or 6 months. Hope this answers your question. 🙂

  On Warfarin
Teresa Crowder

Can you do this plan if you are on warfarin?

Cameron (Editor)

Hi! We do not foresee you having issues with taking Warfarin with Pure Slim. We recommend confirming this with your physician.

   " Drops"
Qutha Winters

Is there anything in these ” Drops” that cause my Gout to flare up? Does uraci form when using this product?

Cameron (Editor)

Qutha, please make sure to consult with your physician before taking this product to make sure it will not interact with your Gout. Some ingredients in Pure Slim can cause gout flare ups in some users.

  Pure Slim 1000

What if I followed this plan without taking the drops? Can current users tell me if taking the “drops” truly make a difference in this plan?

Kelly Carnimus

I would not try to do 1000 calorie diet for too long without taking additional dietary supplements. Although it does sound that nutrition wise this is a good program just to try even without the supplements. Maybe if you did it for a month or so?…

Candace (Editor)

Hi Marissa, some dieters say you’re bound to lose weight with or without the drops because of the extremely low daily caloric intake allowance. It’s claimed to work best with the drops. Use this forum as your resource.

  This works, lost 42 pounds !
Cheryl Thedens (Verified User)

I had bad detox withdrawals but holy cow this works. Dropped 42 pounds in 2 months. I am on maintenance right now and will be starting over May 1st. This is the only thing that helped me. I am 64 years old so weight loss at this stage is like a miracle!

  This is the only thing that ever worked for me.
Lynn (Verified User)

Some think that eating healthy is not necessary but until you try you can’t have an opinion. I have tried it and it is the ONLY thing that has ever worked for me.


I am considering this plan. I don’t see a lot of male testimony and was wondering if men can use it?

Cameron (Editor)

Men can also use it.

  Day 9, lost 9.4lbs !
Elizabeth Anderson (Verified User)

Just starting day 9, I decided to weigh myself this morning and I am down 9.4lbs!!!

  I like the program very much
Cris (Verified User)

I lost 25 Lbs in 8 weeks, follow the diet exactly and was never hungry. Did not have side effects of any kind, actually I felt it gave me energy. Support is great also. I went overseas on assignment and stopped the diet……now time to go back to it. I like the program very much.


So glad to hear you have also had success. Love this program and love even more the people on the support group. So important to have success. I lost 21.7 in 5 weeks. My doctor is very pleased with my results.


Agreed Cris…great instruction and easy to follow. I am a smaller frame person and have trouble losing weight as odd as that sounds. This system balances hormones, increases energy and has already helped me lose my target 10 lbs in just 5 weeks. It is a new way of life and eating for our family…very pleased with the quality of education provided by the simple book.

  i felt great and very motivated
Melinda Rector (Verified User)

I lost 22lbs in 9 weeks and i felt great and very motivated. I tend to eat when I’m stressed and it helped so much with that. It cut out my cravings and the drops did not taste bad. Looking forward to the next round.


Agreed…have lost target weight, lots of energy, never hungry and it is something the whole family can benefit from! Great book, easy to apply and follow!


I have just joined the program and did find the website and FACEBOOK page. They both look current and am looking forward to officially beginning when my order arrives tomorrow!


I haven’t tried it — still exploring — but I was just on the Facebook page and it looked good. Lots of recipes posted too.

  Pure Slim 1000 is a great life style
Susie Rogers (Verified User)

Pure Slim 1000 is a great life style change that works. I struggled to find a program that helped me make food choices that I could stay with forever and not feel like I was missing out. I love the changes I have made and I am now healthy! I have lost weight by burning fat and building muscle. This program works!


i have been using Pureslim 1000 since March and I have lost 40lb. I did not think I would be able to stick to 1000 calories a day, I used to eat 1000 calories for a snack. the drops help with appetite and cravings. I have had no side effects and I showed the list of drops to my doctor and nothing rang a warning bell to her. i love this diet and say to anyone, give it a try you have nothing but pounds to lose!!


Yes lots of £££££s

Marsha Lamar

I started Pure Slim 1000 on June 2,2014. I have lost 15 lbs!! I have been walking at least 30min per day. I have more energy than I have had for awhile and enjoy my morning protein drinks.

  I feel wonderful on this program
Stacey B

I have been on pure slim for just under 2 weeks and have lost over 10 lbs. This program is more than just a diet I have learned so much about nutrition and what your body needs.I feel wonderful on this program and I don’t feel the least bit deprived.

  This product is amazing,
Braquel Dix (Verified User)

Pure Slim 1000 has truly helped me! I am 18 years old and about 100 pounds overweight. After two days I was down seven pounds and was down 13 after two weeks!! This product is amazing, I am feeling better and have more energy. It’s only been one month, but I am positive Pure Slim will change my life!
I 100% recommend this product to anyone who has tried in the past to lose weight and it just hasn’t worked. Pure Slim can help you as it has helped me.

Amanda Gastelum

I have been on pureslim1000 for 7 weeks now, I’ve lost 23 lbs so far. There have been ups and downs but the fact is it works. It’s a lifestyle change which is awesome because that’s really what most people need to lose and then to keep it off. I’m very excited about my results, and the Facebook support page is amazing, so helpful!! 🙂

   Love it.
Debra Glenn

My husband and I are both on the diet! After one month he is down 22 pounds with 41 more to go and I am down 13 pounds with 12 more to go! Love it. We get to eat a variety of food and plenty of it! Both of us are in our fifties and never thought we would have such an easy time losing weight. Thank you Pure Slim 1000!

   I get to eat real food,
Yvette D. (Verified User)

Over the past 22 years, I have tried a variety of other products and diets but on Pure Slim, I feel better and have more energy than I did on anything else I’ve tried. I’ve been using this product for six weeks and in addition to the 15 pounds I’ve lost so far, I’m sleeping better and I have more energy. The plan is so simple and a bonus is that I get to eat real food, not pre-packaged bars and meals. I can buy everything I need at the grocery store, which makes shopping each week easy. On this plan, I’m eating fresh and healthy food five times a day so I’m never hungry and I don’t get the shakes like I did from some other diet supplements I recently tried.

  It rock's !
Bethany (Verified User)

Just went to my doctor and she was extremely pleased with my results. I have lost 21.7 lbs in 5 weeks and my blood pressure is finally good!
I cannot tell you how much better I feel and I learned what my culprit was. So glad my friend told me about this. I have 3 more friends doing it right now. We rock!


u can buy this at gnc – just fyi

  It is working for me.
J. G. (Verified User)

Been taking PureSlim 1000 for a week now, I do not have the discipline to follow the diet exactly but probably following it 80%, I am dong the water 100% and I’ve lost 8 pounds in the past 7 days. I also do an hour and a half at the gym each weekday, 15 min on the machines, 15 min walking and an hour of Zumba. The directions say to add 250 calories on any day you exercise over 30 minutes so that REALLY helps. Its a hard diet to follow so I know I won’t be on it for life, but I only need to loose 30 pounds now. Had already lost 90, but stalled on my weightloss for the past year, this will help me finish it off.

  Going to start the product.
Merilyn Vann

look forward to trying this

  Going to start the product.

I ordered the Pure Slim 1000 product and read the book last fall. I was impressed with the all natural ingredients and followed the program for less than 2 weeks and lost about 8 pounds. It works very quickly if you follow the plan…I just have trouble allowing holidays, etc to interfere with my plans. You do have to restrict your calorie intake too. I do believe it is a great product.


I have been on the diet for 13 days and have started feeling nauseated. I am s


Hi Cynthia,
Hmmm interesting information. I am also planning to start on PureSlim 1000 but have only one question, Is there any known side effects with this product? Looking forward to your comments and opinion.



Very excited for the things to come. My wife and I both started the Pure Slim 1000 lifestyle change on March 2nd, 2015. After less than a week in, both of us are down over 11 lbs. I was not expecting such a dramatic result in a short amount of time, and am not naïve enough to believe this will be typical every week, but we are both very happy with the results to say the least. Now I am not what you would call an “adventurous” eater.

I have always been a meat and potatoes type of guy and was a little worried about the food choices I would be making. Not only has it been easy, but enjoyable and quite tasty. I know 1000 calories a day does not seem like much, but I don’t think I’ve ever eaten more in my life. It is more of a challenge for me to get all of my calories in than not. We are not hungry and feel better every day. I know we have a ways to go yet, but please, if you are considering a diet give PS1000 serious consideration…I believe it will help you lose weight, but more importantly change your life.