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Reliv Slimplicity Review - 6 Things You Need to Know

Reliv Simplicity is made by Reliv International, a worldwide company producing nutritional supplement products. Reliv Simplicity is a meal supplement said to contain ingredients sufficient to bypass a full meal. Is Reliv Simplicity satisfying enough to act as a meal supplement?

Our research team was interested to find out if the combination of ingredients in Reliv Simplicity satisfies the appetite and works to supplement a meal. The research team dug deep into Reliv Simplicity to find out if the ingredients were effective. Here is a summary of the findings.

Reliv Slimplicity can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is Reliv Slimplicity?

To start, Reliv Slimplicity is a meal-replacement shake. The ingredients are LunaRich Soy Powder, Tonalin CLA, non-GMO soy lecithin, Super Citrimax, Advantra Z, Rebiana, OptiZinc, l-carnitine, LunaRich X, and ChromeMate. You’ll add one scoop to your favorite beverage and drink in place of a meal. It claims to suppress appetite and help you lose weight.

Some research backs these claims. One study published in the International Journal of Medical Sciences, Advantra Z may cause short term weight-loss, while another study published in Obesity Reviews found l-carnitine can lead to fat loss.

Reliv International, a  multi-level marketing company founded in 1988, makes Reliv Slimplicity. You can purchase the supplement on the official website or through a distributor. We like that it contains a few natural ingredients and the longevity of the business, but read on…

Does It Work?


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Unpleasant Taste – “Are You Concerned?”

Our first issue with Reliv Slimplicity ingredients is poor taste. “This product is in vanilla; a common flavor of meal-replacement shakes,” said our Research Editor. “Unfortunately, several reviews have pointed toward it not sitting well in their stomach.”

“Don’t like the taste of this diet shake. I think it’s kind of gritty and pasty,” commented one customer.

“I’ve definitely had better protein shakes. Won’t spend my money on this one again,” said another user.

On the other hand, we found reviews of Reliv Slimplicity telling a different side of the story.

“I add Reliv Slimplicity to my fresh fruit smoothie. Perfection,” stated a dieter.

Side Effects

Reliv Slimplicity Side Effects – “Mild or Worse?”

According to customer reviews, Reliv Slimplicity side effects were an issue. One person stated, “This drink actually makes my heart flutter. I’m not drinking it anymore.”

“I can tell this stuff contains some kind of stimulant. Causes shakiness and nausea,” revealed another user.

Side effects are rare, so we found users that didn’t experience reactions while using Reliv Slimplicity.

With years of research under our belt, we connected a reduction in long-term success and a supplement being the cause of negative side effects. Is it worth the hassle if you use Reliv Slimplicity and notice adverse reactions?


The Science – “We Followed the Research”

Looking at Reliv Slimplicity ingredients, we found a solid profile. There’s solid science supporting several of the components. What’s concerning is that the company only offers a description of features and benefits; but doesn’t provide links to relevant studies. Also, it’s marketed as a meal replacement and each serving is 90 calories. At DietSpotlight, science-based facts are critical and when they’re missing, we become concerned.

What Users Are Saying

What Users Are Saying

“Love, love, love Reliv products! Will NEVER stop taking them!”

“I love chocolate so much, I use half of a scoop in my regular Reliv shakes. I hope someone comes up with a yummy chocolate recipe, immediately. Hmmm, maybe dark chocolate to make it even better for you. Sounds YUMMY!”

“We just ordered more chocolate and strawberry, we’ll miss them.”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line – Does Reliv Slimplicity Work?

So, what are our final thoughts on Reliv Slimplicity? Well, we like that it’s low in calories, while providing protein, vitamins and minerals. Also, we appreciate that we found some positive customer feedback. Our concerns relate to the lack of research connecting it to weight-loss, and customer reports about poor taste and negative side effects.

If you’d looking to transform your life, we suggest going with a weight-loss program backed by research and supported by positive customer comments.

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Reliv Slimplicity Review
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Reliv Slimplicity

What are the ingredients in Reliv Slimplicity?

The ingredients in Reliv Slimplicity are ChromeMate, I-carnitine, LunaRich soy powder, LunaRich X, Rebiana, Tonalin CLA, Advantra Z, Super Citrimax, OptiZinc, and non-GMO soy lecithin.

What are the side effects of Reliv Slimplicity?

Although there are rare cases, Reliv Simplicity’s side effects are shakiness, insomnia, headaches, rises in blood pressure, and nausea. There were a few dieters that experienced reflux reactions.

Does Reliv Slimplicity work?

Most of Reliv’s customers seem to be happy with the results of the product saying it increased their energy levels and reduced stress levels, and anxiety. Whiles some dieters have reported experiencing acid reflux while others have claimed to experience an improvement in acid reflux.

What is the price of Reliv Slimplicity?

Reliv Slimplicity costs around $50, but you’ll consult the website or an Independent Reliv distributor.

How should I take Reliv Slimplicity?

Mix one scoop of Reliv Slimplicity to your preferred beverage and drink it as a meal replacement.

Where can I buy Reliv Slimplicity?

Reliv Slimplicity can be purchased using their Official Site.

How do I contact Reliv Slimplicity customer service?

If you have any questions about products, call toll free 1-800-735-4887 or 636-733-1300. Fax 636-537-9753.

Can I return Reliv Slimplicity?

Reliv’s distributors are required to offer a 100% unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not happy with any Relive product, the same guarantee applies.

What are the most common complaints about Reliv Slimplicity?

The taste is gritty and very difficult to dissolve. The only way it fully dissolves is with very hot water.

37 Reliv Slimplicity Reviews

  • I think this product is good.

    My friend at work sells these products, she did the slimplicity plan and lost weight. We used to go out to lunch and she’d just drink her shake and she didn’t mind me eating a juicy hamburger in front of her. She never attacked me… I don’t need weight loss, and I use their other products, Arthaffect for my bone pain, I have degenerative discs and an unsuccessful neck surgery. It really helps my bones, and I can really tell the difference if I don’t have my daily shake! I also use the Fiberstore which really works well to keep me regulated, since I take pain pills. And I take the Classic for all of my daily vitamins/nutrition and the Innergize which gives me energy and synergy. (They explained that synergy is your cells opening up and being ready to accept the nutrition). All of them have different flavors, the classic is vanilla, the fiberstore pineapple, not sure about the arthaffect, the innergize is orange (or lemon). I mix mine in a glass of juice, and sometimes use it in a smoothie. I do like the powders, because I know that it’s going into my system, I’m getting the benefit, not like a capsule which may not dissolve right away.

  • Reliv products works for me...
    Nicole (Verified Purchase)

    I have been using reliv products since I was about 10, and I am 29 now. The product enhanced my attention span in school and I got better grades. I have been off and on Relive for 19 years when I can afford it and I am a more well balanced person when I am on the shakes. I have more natural energy and I had a wonderful pregnancy while taking the shakes. I feel better all day when I am on the shakes vs. not on them and compared to vitamin capsules Reliv is so much better in my opinion. My husband is on Slimplicity capsules and he has been taking just the capsules before he eats his regular meals and he has lost 15 lbs. He feels better about himself and he feels better in general. He has had no side effects since he has taken the product. I have never had any side effects for the 19 years I have been on the product itself except feel good all the time! 🙂

  • Many peoples lost wait using Slimplicity.
    Danielle (Verified Purchase)

    There is actually a 30 day refund on Slimplicity and all other Reliv nutritional products. I also know many people who have lost a lot of weight using Slimplicity – just like any other diet it works very well if you follow it!

    • Pearl

      They have purchasing levels so ask the reliv dealer, there are different discounts if you become a distributor too. They are really good about listening to your medical or nutritional problems and can find people who have had similar issues and can tell you how the products helped them and the difference it made in their life. So it’s good to know them one on one, so they can follow your progress, and maybe suggest taking the product 3 times a day instead of 2. Oh, by the way each can is a 28 day supply, so if you look at all you’re getting in the can, it’s pretty cheap, and if you look at the results, it’s so worth it!

  • Does this cause side effects?
    Christina castano

    Do these accelerator capsules have any know side affects? I am experiencing muscle cramping

    • Cheryl Maksymowski

      Did you buy the system? How much was it? I can’t find that information anywhere!

      • Danielle

        Hi Cheryl,

        I can give you information about the price if you’d like. My Mom lost almost thrity lbs in her 1st six weeks!

        • kim

          how much does this product cost

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