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Reveal Extreme Review - Does This Metabolism Booster Work?

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By Summer Banks Mar 16, 2017

Reveal Extreme is a diet product I will surely never forget. We analyzed the scientific studies and everything we could find on ingredients, side effects, and customer-service quality. Then we focused on user comments about the product. Finally, we took what we had learned and summarized it to give you the facts.

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What is Reveal Extreme?

To begin with, Reveal Extreme is a weight-loss aid consisting of three supplements, including, the 60-day program, the Accelerator, Reveal Extreme Toner, and Reveal Extreme Night Time. The ingredients are ashwagandha extract, emblic myrobalan caffeine, white willow bark, evodiamine HCL, synepherine HCL, Thyrostim, n-acetyl-l-tryosine, vinerol, yohimbe, flaxseed oil, safflower oil, borage oil, evening primrose oil, gamma linolenic acid, valerian, selenium, 5-hydroxy-1-tryptophan, inositol, tryptomine MEL, oat flower, peppermint, passion flower, guggulsterones, reishi mushroom, ashwagandha, kelp, hoodia, and citrimax.

Reveal Extreme is made by Complete Nutrition. The company was founded in 2004. The supplements are only sold at the official stores. We like that it contains a few natural ingredients and that we found some positive comments, but read on…

Reveal Extreme Ingredients– “Questionable?”

Our first issue is with Reveal Extreme ingredients. “There is a lot going on here,” said our Research Editor. “While there’s three supplements in the kit, there’s limited connection to weight loss.”

A dieter complained, “I felt like I was taking a pill every three hours. Why couldn’t one do the trick?”

Another said, “I’d feel ok when I took one of them but then it would be time for another and it made me feel sick. I just gave up.”

Some liked that the ingredients were separated by the time of day they were needed.

But one happy shopper decided, “I liked that I took something that gave me energy during the day and then helped me sleep at night.”

While another related, “I think it’s good that you don’t get hit with everything all at once. I liked it.”

Customer Support– “Lacking?”

The official website has a blank page when Reveal Extreme is selected. It is unclear if that is because it is only available in retail locations or if the product is no longer offered anywhere.

A livid reviewer raged that, “I bought this and went online to find out if it was ok to take just two of the three and I can’t find anything anywhere.”

And a steaming man disclosed, “It annoys me when I buy something right before it’s discontinued and everyone acts like I’m crazy if I have a question.”

Not all customers were bothered by this.

This pleased client explained, “I bought it in the store and had all my questions answered then.”

Which was similar to the woman who insisted, “I know website glitches happen so it’s ok that the information is down. What I need is on the packaging.”

According to our research, poor customer service could reduce the chances of long-term success. If users can’t get help from the Reveal Extreme support team, is it time to consider something else?

The Science – “Is Reveal Extreme Researched?”

At DietSpotlight we expect manufacturers to be upfront about what they’ve done to ensure the efficacy of their product. The fact that the company website offers absolutely nothing in the name of science is concerning. This is unfortunate, considering the supplement does contain solid ingredients like caffeine and flaxseed.

The Bottom Line – Does Reveal Extreme Work?

Is it time to clear the shelves of Reveal Extreme? We like that it contains a few natural ingredients and that we found some positive customer comments. However, there’s no clinical evidence connecting the supplement to weight-loss. We’re also concerned about reviews talking about the poor customer service and questionable formula.

If you want to drop those extra pounds, we suggest going with a product with ingredients backed by science and supported by positive customer comments.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Leptigen. The supplement contains four clinicially-tested ingredients and has been shown to help ignite fat loss and accelerate metabolism. People are talking about seeing great results and there’s no chatter about harmful side effects.

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What You Should Know about Reveal Extreme

Reveal Extreme is a weight loss accelerator that adds extra stimulating ingredients to mirror the effects of Ephedra in the system. According to the description on the official website, the accelerator is formulated to reduce or eliminate negative side effects. Reveal Extreme is a 60-day program available for order from third party websites or offline. The manufacturer offers a store locator to make purchasing easier.

List of  of Reveal Extreme Ingredients

Supplement 1 - Weight Loss Accelerator Blend: Emblic Myrobalan Caffeine, Ashwagandha Extract, White Willow Bark, Synephrine HCL, Evodiamine HCL, N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, Thyrostim TM, Yohimbex and Vinerol.

Supplement 2 - Selenium, Stress Supporting Blend: Valerian Root, Inositol, 5-Hydroxy-L-Tyrptophan, Melatonin. Anxiety Support: Peppermint, Passion Flower, Oat Straw, Reishi Mushroom. PM Metabolism Enhancing Blend: Guggul. Thyroid Support: Kelp, Ashwahandha. Appetite Supporting Blend: Hoodia, Citrimax.

Supplement 3 - CLA Omega 3, 6, 9 Blend: Safflower Oil, Fish Oil, Flaxseed Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Borage Oil.

Product Features

At first glance, there are more ingredients in this supplement trio than many of the other supplements we have reviewed. While complete ingredient lists are offered, there are no names for each of the supplements so we gave them the names Supplement 1, Supplement 2 and Supplement 3.

Supplement 1 is the accelerator talked about in the Reveal Extreme description. Caffeine, White Willow Bark and Synephrine make up the ECA-like stack that is supposed to mimic the way Ephedra works in the body. There is little doubt that synephrine has some of the same effects in the body as Ephedra, but even this strong stimulant and aspirin combination will not mirror the proven results of Ephedra. The remaining ingredients in the blend are more stimulants. One ingredient, Ashwagandha Extract, is used to calm down the dieter in much the same way an anti-anxiety medication will work. This could be to combat the effects of overstimulation.

Supplement 2 is the heart of the Reveal Extreme supplement kit. This supplement relieves stress and anxiety while fighting off hunger. Because the supplement contains a PM Metabolism Blend, it is probably taken at night before bed. There are no known supplements that can boost metabolism without increasing heart rate and thus these ingredients are there only to make the dieter sleep more soundly. This may work for some dieters, but those on prescription medications or diagnosed with a mental condition should not take herbal mood altering or sleep enhancing supplements.

Supplement 3 contains several different oils to promote a healthy omega 3, 6, 9 balance. This is the only portion of the Reveal Extreme supplement we can fully support. There is a constant imbalance in most people with omega 6 fatty acids being far higher than omega 3s. Typically, omega 9 fatty acids are not lacking in the human diet. We could not find any pricing information for Reveal Extreme, but one dieter said the kit was very pricey.

Advantages of Reveal Extreme

  • Omega fatty acid support.
  • Stimulants to boost metabolism.

Disadvantages of Reveal Extreme

  • No pricing information could be found.
  • Synephrine can cause harmful side effects.
  • Many of the ingredients are mood altering and not safe for everyone.


Reveal Extreme is not a weight loss supplement we would suggest dieters try. There are quite a few stimulants - so many, in fact, that the supplement includes an herbal ingredient to calm the dieter down. Without pricing information, we cannot gauge how this supplement compares to others on the market, though with such a long list of ingredients we doubt it compares to any.

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Summer Banks, a content strategist at Leptigen, has researched over 5000 products in the past 10 years. She has years of nursing training, experience as a manager responsible for 15 supplement brands, and completed coursework on Food and Nutrition from Stanford University. full bio.

Rating: 4.3. From 6 votes.
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Reveal Extreme Review

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64 Comments on "Reveal Extreme Review"


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I have been dieting and exercising for about 6 weeks. The first two weeks I saw no results at all. Mid-week in the second week, I started taking these pills. I started to see results quick. I took them for two weeks and decided that I didn’t want my body dependant on them so I took two weeks off from them but my weight was pretty much at a stand still. I started taking them this week (2 days ago) and Have seen 3 pounds gone.

You must be patient. It will take a while for your body to react. I had diarrhea the first week but after that I was fine. No other side effects here.

I started off close to 200 and now I am near 180. You must consider that i am dieting and excercising. I replaced my lunches withsalads and breakfast with fruit. I started jogging and have gradually worked my way up to 3 mile jogs 3-4 times a week.

This is a supplement. It is to supplement your diet and exercise.


nothing beats oxyelite pro original formula

Jennifer Casey

I just bought the Reveal yesterday and started it first thing this morning. I feel a little nauseous and I am unsure if it is from the pills or just lack of sleep. Can anyone tell me what side effects they had and how long they lasted??? Also, I have read all these reviews and honestly you cannot judge your weight loss by someone elses you have no idea what they are doing with their eating habits or exercise regimen. Also, you have no idea how much weight they had to lose prior to starting this.


I have been taking this for about two weeks. I had to take back the the red pills and get the blue ones. I hate to say it but I feel as though I wasted my money. I feel like crap after taking it and have had issues with breathing, fast heart rate. I have stopped taking them because I am afraid of the side effects. I have gotten headaches from it. I am not sure that this is the way for me. I think I am going back to weight watchers and continuing with my Brazilian Butt life because I have seen more results in the last month with them than the Reveal!!!


I have been using the tone / maximum strength cts 360 products as a test trial for 4 days and to be honest my appetite has decreased and the cravings have stopped completely! In 3 days I’ve lost 2pds. Without exercise, just dieting alone. In my opinion its worth every penny. I will be purchasing a months supply

sarah miller

are these products also for men?


Reveal Extreme is a bunch of horse poop! I have done everything that I was supposed to do and I too gained weight. Anyone who ways that they lost weight obviously works for the company or they are being compensated some way!


I found that if I don’t eat and drink lots of water with the pills that I get sick. However if I do that (as the instructions read) I have no problems!


People! You don’t lose weight without the proper diet and exercise, period. Even if you do, you’ll gain it right back if you still have bad eating habits and don’t exercise. There’s no product on the market that’s going to help overcome the laws of physics and your biological body functions. Also, if you are exercising (treadmill or otherwise) and eating right don’t expect to loose weight right away. Another one of those pesky laws of nature, you are toning muscle and muscle weights more than the fat that you are losing. Stick to it and you’ll definitely see the results long terms and if you do stick to it, the results will be impressive!


what about any of the other stuff they sale up there? Has anyone else tried anything up ther besides Reveal? and what is the diff between Reveal and Extreme Reveal?


They said that if you are sensitive to caffine then you do not want to take the Reveal Extreme and would want to go with the Reveal.


I bought mine about two days ago. I went in looking for somthing that would mimic Phentramine, since that worked WONDERS for me. But unfortunatly you have to stop for 6months after taking it. Any how, I got the Day,Night, and Tone. I wanted to get the accelerator, but too pricey. He told me if I didnt like it I could bring it back and work somthing out. I guess it’s ok, not quite the energy phentramine gave, and it somwhat suppresses my app. But I am still very hungry. Probly just bc I am always thinking about food bc fixing my duaghters meals. I had great insight on this. And a good friend of mine took it and she loves it. She lost 40 pounds in a month. But all of the comments makes me wanna take it back lol. I think maybe I need the accelcerator alond with the daytime. ? So I cant really say if it works or not. I kindly splurged the day before I got it started at 146 3days ago and this a.m. 149 sad very discouraging.


how much dose it cost


I’ve been taking this product for almost 2 weeks. I suffer from chronic depression which has been treated successfully. I see now on the package that you shouldn’t take this if you suffer from depression. I have crashed and burned mood-wise. I feel these products only made me feel restless and nervous but NOT more energetic as they promised me at the store. I really just wanted to feel more energetic. I didn’t really expect this to actually make me lose weight, but I did expect it to do what they said it would do, which was to give me energy. I thought that would help me to get more exercise. The sleep aid caused more problems with sleep than it helped. The salesperson at the store didn’t ask me a single question about my health history. I paid $275 for a 2-month supply including 1 container of their protein shake, which is ONLY protein, almost zero nutritional value whatsoever. At $40 a pop, it should provide something nutritionally. Even inexpensive Slim Fast contains something nutritionally speaking. Read the labels before you buy this stuff. I have lost 5 pounds so far, but I think I could have done that with another brand of protein shake twice a day, eating less, and the extra exercise I have been doing. I do not recommend this, especially if you are being treated for depression and/or anxiety. I feel terrible physically and emotionally and have stopped taking everything. There is no guarantee on this product, even if you have an adverse reaction to it. Waste of money and time. Eat better, eat less, drink plenty of water, and exercise more. For most of us, that is the magic formula and completely safe.



If you have depression why would you think about a mood enhancer in the first place. Nutritionist only recommened what they know works best, bottom line is you know your body better than anyone. There is more to just protein in the shakes. The smart smoothie i have has all your Brach chain amino acids which helps with recovery and the protein for my body to fuel off of, plus its the best tasting protein i have ever tried….I did reveal extreme for 2 months and lost 27lbs. If you eat right, excersice and burn off more calories than you intake its impossible not to lose weight! Reveal speeds up the process. Dont blame the supplement when you knew you had your problems. I have great results.

Darlene Foster

I live in Madisonville Ky.would like to be able to check reveal extreme out for myself,especially the price since I presently have no income,can you tell me where the closest place is to me where I can check the product out,if it works anywhere near as well as the AM300’s that I took approximately 6-8 years ago,and lost weight on without any harmful side effects,I will find a way to get me the reveal I am approx 100 lbs overweight and need something to help me,bad thanks for any help you cacn offer.


It is sold in Evansville, IN…about 45 min away from Madisonville


They just started selling it here in Lexington–is that close to you? You can get it at Complete Nutrition in Hamburg Pavilion, by Victoria’s Secret. Good luck!


I have recently had my colon removed and windered if it was safe to take reveal xtreme? Do u have to be a certain amount overweight for the product to work?


Funny how we all bark at the cost of eating healthier food but not at spending 200.00 on a pill. eat right exercise & I promise you will lose weight the healthy way maybe not 40 pounds in 2 months but again it didnt take you 2 months to gain it NOW DID IT leats keep it real everyone


I totally agree, my husband says the same thing. Most are looking for a quick fix. However, it is nice to get the ball rolling when results are seen faster. This puts you in the right state of mind to realize change that is needed to fullfill your goal. For some, it is not so simple to go excersice and eat healthy. As children growing up in America, this is our way. We just want to see somthing from our hard work at hand. It is us Americans to blame, but it is what it is. People just want to look skinny bc to others that is beautiful. It may not be to me or you or a stranger. All that matter’s is what an indv feels about their bodie’s. I find it funny how if everyone just did the exercise and ate right. We would all lose weight… unfortuanatly we live in America.

Vicki R

I just bought this Reveal Extreme kit today as well as the protein shake mix. My total for 60 days supply was $220 and the store said I can bring back if not satisfied for complete store credit.


I just started Reveal Extreme today…. so wish me luck, I only want to lose about 5-10 lbs. I exercise regularly and eat right, I just wanted that little “something extra” to help with my food cravings during work hours.

Wilma Bontrager

How do I order the Extreme Reveal diet pills?

Lisa E

How much did the Reveal Extreme cost?


I got mine for $163 today. Apparently the first of the month you get 22% off.


I got it for 160. Dollars yesterday.


I think it varies by location, but I got mine in Austin today for $209.00