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Revolyn Review - 7 Things You Need to Know

We need to confess – we were obsessed with researching Revolyn. This is why we decided to create a comprehensive review, looking at the side effects, ingredients, and clinical research. Plus we scanned hundreds of dieter comments and responses from all over the web. Finally, we summarized and compressed to give you the facts you need.

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What is Revolyn Ultra?

Revolyn, now referred to as Revolyn Ultra, is a supplement that claims to help regulate metabolism, burn fat, suppress appetite, and more. The official website even claims you can “lose weight without diet or exercise,” which is not considered a healthy, lasting means of weight loss.

Currently, Revolyn Ultra is no longer on the market.

The Company Behind Revolyn Ultra

Behind Revolyn Ultra is Avilan Marketing, LLC. What’s interesting about this company is that we found two. One in Costa Rica and another in New York. The Costa-Rican location is the Hotel Miramontes, based upon the phone number listed on the website.

The New York location is an entirely separate business focusing on direct sales and telemarketing. There doesn’t appear to be a connection between the two in any way.


Revolyn Ultra Ingredients

Revolyn Ultra ingredients include:

Green Tea

Green tea is derived from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, according to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Medicine. Its caffeine content and suggested health benefits make it a popular addition to supplements and herbal tea blends.

A study published in the Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology found that green tea may have several health benefits, like boosting immunity, decreasing the risk for liver and cardiovascular disease, manage blood sugar, and more.


Reyolyn Ultra lists caffeine multiple times on its ingredient list. In moderate amounts, according to MedlinePlus, caffeine can have benefits like increased energy.

However, the Food and Drug Administration warns against consuming products with too much caffeine. The maximum amount of caffeine that is safe to ingest is about 400 mg, and this supplement may contain more.


According to the Journal of Obesity, glucomannan is a fiber that comes from the konjac root. It is primarily used to treat constipation, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.

Unfortunately, glucomannan was not shown to be effective for weight loss in a study published in the Journal of Obesity.


Guarana is a plant originally from the Amazon. It is popular for its flavor and claims of stimulant-like effects.

According to the U.S. Library of Medicine, it is proved to be ineffective for anxiety, weight-loss, exercise tolerance, headaches, and other many health benefits it is claimed to have. However, some evidence published in PLOS One shows it can may help boost energy.


Acai is a dark purple fruit known for its potential to improve health. They contain lots of antioxidants.

The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health concludes, “there’s no definitive scientific evidence based on studies in people to support the use of acai for any health-related purpose.”

Yerba mate

Yerba mate is an herb that is popular for its claimed stimulant effects.

Its benefits, according to Nutrients, include appetite suppression and positive metabolic functions. Additionally, the Journal of Food Sciences found that its potential warrants more research.


Pomegranate is a fruit is an extremely popular fruit and flavor in many food products and supplements.

Although its health benefits may include increased immunity and heart health, according to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Medicine, there is too little research on the fruit to point to it having any certain benefits.


Resveratrol is a chemical in red wine once thought to fight the effects of aging.

Siberian ginseng

Siberian ginseng works as an adaptogen. Adaptogens work to help the body fight the effects of stress.

Side Effects

Revolyn Ultra Side Effects

The Revolyn website lacks any information on possible side effects. No supplement company wants to admit there can be negative consequences to taking a product, but the moment one ingredient is added, the risk of side effects is there.

Guarana and yerba mate may cause increased heart rate, fast breathing, upset stomach, and inability to sleep.

Glucomannan can cause gas, bloating, increased bowel movements, and diarrhea.


How Much Does Revolyn Cost?

It seems that Revolyn Ultra has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase anywhere.

Return Policy

What Users Are Saying

“Only just started taking them but I’m full of energy and have since started to go to the gym to do some light jogging/walking which also has helped. I don’t feel hungry and I stop eating after 7pm until 8am the next day.”

“I took 2 Revolyn per day, just seem to maintain my weight, didn’t really lose much only 3lbs in total.”

“It did not work for me.”

The Bottom Line on Revolyn Ultra

Revolyn, or Revolyn Ultra, doesn’t appear to be a big player in the weight-loss market. The website lacks information on ingredient amounts, and there’s nothing on the guarantee or return policy. That, compounded by the fact that the ingredients aren’t the most effective, leaves us skeptical.

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Revolyn Review
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What are the ingredients in Revolyn?

The all natural ingredients in the Revolyn Weight Loss Pill are green tea, yerba mate, pomegranate extract, Siberian ginseng, guarana, and resveratrol.

What are the side effects of Revolyn?

Some side effects include allergic reactions or food sensitivities.

Does Revolyn work?

Revolyn has been shown to have an effect on weight loss.

What is the price of Revolyn?

60 pills can be purchased for $47 USD, 180 pills can be purchased for $94 USD and 300 pills can be purchased for $141 USD.

Where can I buy Revolyn?

Revolyn can be purchased online at http://revolyn-uk.com/buy_now.html and also at www.amazon.com.

How should I take Revolyn?

One Revolyn capsule can be taken in the morning and the other in the evening, for a total of 2 capsules per day. These can be taken with meals or without meals.

How do I contact Revolyn customer service?

Inquiries to Revolyn customer service can be submitted online at http://revolyn-uk.com/contact.html

Can I return Revolyn?

Any order can be returned within 30 days. Any returns must be accompanied by an email which includes the order number and customer’s full name along with the cancellation reason.

What are the most common complaints about Revolyn?

Common complaints include not losing any weight or not losing the desired weight.

7 Revolyn Reviews

  • Review

    I have bought 3 of these for £80 and it made me fatter not skinnyer.i think it is a waste of money and you should not buy it!?

  • It it’s work!
    Sarah Barker (Verified Purchase)

    I’ve lost 5 stone (72lbs) using Revolyn, a healthy lifestyle and exercise it does work!

  • sara

    I want to buy revolyn

  • Jayce

    I suspect this causes fluid retention my weight went up not down A waste of money

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hi Jayce, a lest expensive option you could check out is Dietspotlight Burn. Take a look and see if you think it a good fit. Hope this helps!

  • Muhammad Arif

    How i use daily Revolyn Ultra ? 3 time or 2 Time plz tell me

  • Doesn't work. Wastage of money !
    Sue (Verified Purchase)

    Doesn’t work. Waste of money