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Right Size Smoothies Review- Does This Meal Replacement Drink Work?

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By Summer Banks Jun 07, 2017

Don’t laugh, but well over 50% of diet products simply don’t work. So what can this Right Size Smoothies review tell us about diet? We chose to conduct one of our thorough reviews, taking a closer look at the ingredients, side effects, clinical research and customer service. We also pored through hundreds of user experiences. Then, we summarized and refined it all to give you the information you need.

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What are Right Size Smoothies?

First of all, Right Size Smoothies is a protein-based meal replacement shake. Ingredients include low fat milk, fructose, natural and artificial flavors, gellan gum, sodium citrate, potassium citrate, sodium phosphate, carrageenan, sucralose, salt, acesulfame K, magnesium phosphate, zinc citrate, chromium, biotin, green tea leaf, guarana seed extract, copper citrate, potassium, sodium selenate, white willow bark, folic acid, riboflavin, calcium pantothenate, cayenne pepper and cinnamon twig extract. It is available in a number of flavors including chocolate, vanilla and mixed Berry. Each container provides 20 servings or enough to get through 10 days, using it twice daily. You can mix and go, one benefit.

The official website does not provide any information about when the company was founded. We like that there are several flavors to choose from and that the ingredients are easy to find, but read on…

Hunger and Right Size Smoothies – “Need to Eat?”

The first thing that caught our attention about Right Size Smoothies ingredients is that they may not suppress hunger. “Dieters are claiming they want to eat soon after using the shakes,” says our Research Editor. “That is not part of the equation when you want to lose weight.”

“Within an hour of drinking my shake, I am already hungry. It does not “smash” your appetite. This is great as a snack but not so much for a meal replacement,” said one user.

”The new formula is nothing like the old formula. The taste is different but worse than that this no longer keeps my hunger away. Less than 2 hrs later and I’m hungry again,” explains another.

Customer Complaints – “A Big Problem”

Overall, the website presents a credible company, even featuring a clinical study. However upon further review, we discovered a number of complaints on websites suggesting it doesn’t work and some customers were charged without ever receiving the product. One user said, “I never received my smoothies and the money was taken from my account.”
”I was told it would “smash” the hunger, get rid of the cravings and give me energy. It literally did the exact opposite,” offers another.

According to our research, it takes something tiny, like customer complaints, to deter your chances of long-term success. If Right Size Smoothies free trials do not live up to expectations or promises, there are other products that will.

The Science – “Clinical Evidence?”

Right Size Shakes shows a clinical trial conducted for 12 weeks with an outside testing firm. However, because the study itself was funded by the company, we are unsure as to whether or not the results are legitimate. We at DietSpotlight are looking for proof that this product is better than other meal replacement options. Based on the information provided, that’s not necessarily the case.

The Bottom Line – Do Right Size Smoothies Work?

So, are Right Size Smoothies Weight Loss Shakes the best around? We were initially excited to review this one because it appeared like the shake may be a promising way to reach your weight-loss goals, but we’re not sold on suggesting this one to dieters because the clinical proof is just not there. Plus, we are concerned about customer complaints that claim it doesn’t work.

If you’d like to shed some pounds, we suggest using a weight-loss supplement that gives you not only safe and effective ingredients at an affordable price, but something that reviews indicate provides positive results.

Among the best products we have seen this year is one called Dietspotlight Burn. It is made with a proprietary blend of four clinically proven ingredients, all of which are known to help support metabolism and boost fat loss. Throughout our research, we were unable to find talk of negative side effects, but we easily found conversations from dieters seeing great results.

We’re happy to see the makers of Dietspotlight Burn are so confident in their product they’re giving new customers a Special Trial Offer, which is always good.

Previous Right Size Smoothies Review (Updated July 3, 2014):

What You Should Know

Right Size Smoothies weight loss shakes are developed and manufactured by Right Size. The official website advertises these products to be "healthy fast food." Right Size Smoothies are sold as already prepared drinks that come in "SkinniVanilli" and "Chocolate Mousse Reduce" flavors (two servings per bottle and four bottles per package). Unlike some diet programs and supplements, Right Size Smoothies are intended to be meal replacements. Therefore the goal is to actually reduce calorie intake. These supplements aim to suppress hunger throughout the day and assist with overall weight loss. Right Size Smoothies are sold via the official website for $12.50 with a 100% 30-day money-back guarantee (it is unclear exactly if this guarantee applies to empty smoothie bottles, or only unopened products.) The primary active component found in Right Size Smoothies is Appemine (derived from cinnamon twig, green tea and galangal). This ingredient is claimed to "powerfully control appetite." Right Size Smoothies additionally contain vitamins B6 and B16 (both aim to assist with boosting the user's metabolism). These smoothie supplements are stated to contain no Ephedrine. Dieters are encouraged to drink 1-2 servings of Right Size Smoothies each day in place of meals. There do not appear to be any customer testimonials or free trial samples of Right Size Smoothies offered on the official website. Right Size Smoothies' free trial is claimed to contain a variety of essential vitamins.

List of Ingredients

Low fat milk, fructose, natural and artificial flavors, gellan gum, sodium citrate, potassium citrate, sodium phosphate, carrageenan, sucralose, salt, acesulfame K, magnesium phosphate, zinc citrate, chromium, biotin, green tea leaf, guarana seed extract, copper citrate, potassium, sodium selenate, white willow bark, folic acid, riboflavin, calcium pantothenate, cayenne pepper and cinnamon twig extract.

Product Features

Right Size Smoothies are basically meal supplements that endeavors to assist men and women with losing unwanted body weight. These supplements are drunk daily to replace meals and cut calorie intake. Right Size Smoothies aim to boost the metabolism, curb hunger and assist with overall weight loss. Major ingredients found in Right Size Smoothies are Appemine (derived from cinnamon twig, green tea and galangal), vitamins B6 and B12 and various essential vitamins. A four-pack of Right Size Smoothies sells on the official website for $12.50 (eight servings).


  • Right Size Smoothies can be easily and conveniently purchased online through the official website.
  • Right Size Smoothies contain an array of essential vitamins.
  • Right Size Smoothies come in an easy-to-take liquid form, which is typically convenient.


  • There are no customer testimonials offered on the official website.
  • A pack of Right Size Smoothies only contains eight servings, which may not amount to much if some dieters are consuming two per day.
  • There are no free trial samples of Right Size Smoothies offered via the official website so no users have no way to find out if the drinks taste appealing.
  • Some ingredients found in Right Size Smoothies may not be suitable for some individuals.
  • It doesn't appear that a healthy diet or regular fitness regimen are encouraged with Right Size Smoothies.


Overall Right Size Smoothies are a rather interesting and unique addition to the world of dietary supplements. On the bright side, these smoothies keep things simple since they are basically just a ready-to-serve meal replacement. However, the notion that only eight servings come per pack may discourage some dieters. Also, many dieters complain about "not feeling full" after using up their daily calories allotment, and there appear to be no appetite suppressing elements incorporated into Right Size Smoothies. If the Right Size Smoothies official website offered some free trial samples or at least a few customer testimonials, Right Size Smoothies would likely appeal to more individuals.

Right Size Smoothies Questions & Answers:

We boiled down hundreds of user comments to give you this helpful FAQ Right Size Smoothies review.

What are the side effects of Right Size Smoothies?

Right Size Smoothies side effects reported by some customers included constipation, nausea, upset stomach, bloating and irregular bowel movement.

What are the ingredients in Right Size Smoothies?

Right Size Smoothies ingredients include soy protein isolate, fructose, maltodextrin, cocoa, canola oil, corn syrup, green tea, vitamins and minerals.

Does Right Size Smoothies work?

We noticed information about the benefits of Right Size Smoothies. What was missing was published clinical research proving the meal-replacement will help with weight-loss.

Are you looking to lose weight with Right Size Smoothies? You may want to consider a supplement like Dietspotlight Burn, which contains some clinically-tested ingredients.

How much does Right Size Smoothies cost?

Right Size Smoothies costs $52.04 for a 20oz container. If you follow the directions, the supplement lasts about 10 days.

What is Right Size Smoothies’ BBB rating?

The BBB rating for Right Size Smoothies’ parent company, Right Size Health and Nutrition, is a disappointing “D-“.

How should I use Right Size Smoothies?

You should use one scoop of Right Size Smoothies twice per day. You can mix with water or your favorite beverage.

Can I take Right Size Smoothies if I have a health condition?

Women who are pregnant or nursing, those with health conditions, anyone taking prescription medications or under 18 years of age should contact a healthcare professional prior to using any meal-replacement shake, including Right Size Smoothies.

What do users like about Right Size Smoothies Weight Loss Shakes?

Some users liked the taste of Right Size Smoothies.

What do users NOT like about Right Size Smoothies?

We found that some customers didn’t like the price of Right Size Smoothies and the lack of customer support.

How do I contact the Right Size Smoothies customer service department?

You can contact the Right Size Smoothies customer service department by calling 1-888-217-5259, sending correspondence to Right Size Health and Nutrition 750 Oakwood rd. Lake Zurich, IL 60047 or by sending messages through the feedback form.

Does Right Size Smoothies come with a guarantee?

There’s no mention of a guarantee with Right Size Smoothies.

How much protein is in Right Size Smoothies?

Each serving of Right Size Smoothies contains 7g of protein.

How many calories are in each serving of Right Size Smoothies?

Each serving of Right Size Smoothies contains 100 calories.

Do you know of any special deals or discounts on Right Size Smoothies?

The official website no longer sells Right Size Smoothies free trials, so there’s no mention of deals and discounts. However, the past several months have been flying by, considering our readers have been taking advantage of the Special Trial Offer from Dietspotlight Burn, which is simply the cost of shipping and handling. Click above to give it a try.

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Rating: 3.9. From 111 votes.
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Right Size Smoothies Review

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my question is concerning this product. will this bring about negative results for a diabetic person ?

Cameron (Editor)

Hi Josef, This product claims to be natural but does contain many sugars. To be sure please ask your doctor.

  Need price information
kathy goodno

How much is the powder¿? I much weight can you lose iin a month??

Cameron (Editor)

Hi there, Kathy. Each container provides 20 servings or enough to get through 10 days, using it twice daily. The amount you lose in a month varies from person to person.

  Any tips on Right Size Smoothies?

can a 14 year old use right size smoothies…and if so, do they have to have healthy meals and exercise to???

Maribel (Editor)

Hi Jasmine! For detailed product and usage instructions, please refer to the Right Size Smoothies official website for more information on the age limit.

  Thinking To use this product
Crystal (Verified User)

Yes,I would like to know if there are still appemine in your product and if it is,is it safe to use can someone please answer with a honest question,because I am thinking about using the product, thank you.

Cameron (Editor)

Yes, Crystal this product does contain Appemine. It is one of the chief ingredients and is claimed to be safe.

  How to order
Brenda Hall

How can you order Just right shake on line.


You don’t need to order online. You can purchase it at CVS or you can order from Amazon.com.

  Is it safe to take multi vitamin with the right size?
linda m (Verified User)

i just started using the right size smoothies and i have the chocolate it taste great and i don`t feel hungry but i`ve been taking a multi vitamin and can`t find anything to know if it`s safe to take it with the right size .Is there any input on this matter ?

Cameron (Editor)

Taking a vitamin should be ok for the most part but in the future please ask your doctor before combining products.

  can use right
Connie Menard

I’m hypothyroid and just wanted to know if someone whose hypothyroid can use right size smoothie

Cameron (Editor)

Connie, only your doctor can give you accurate info on your particular risks.


So if can’t have dairy should not take?

  Will start tomorrow, then update later
Ron Marshall

I’m trying this tomorrow. I’ll decide for myself if it works

  Smoothies & determination changed my life !
Lina schuyler (Verified User)

i used right size smoothie 2years ago with incredible results. Back then they were advertising “made with appemine” . My whole day routine was as follows- vanilla shake for breakfast, two hours later sugar free jello and light and fit yogurt, chocolate shake for lunch, two hours later12almonds, baked salmon or chicken over salad for dinner, sugar free chocolate pudding for dessert. 1hr of cardio on the electrical 5 times a week. That was my exact routine for 1 year and I lost 82 lbs! I went off the routine for a year and a half and only gained back 20lbs. Now I’m going back on the routine because I kno it works however when I called customer service the nice lady informed me that they were no longer using appemine in the shakes. Not sure what will happen without it since it was a main ingredient but I’m willing to give it a try again. I am an insulin dependent diabetic that used to have to take 70 units a day but after the weight loss, I was taken off my blood pressure pills and my diabetic pills. My insulin was also reduced to 10 units. RIGHT SIZE SMOOTHIES and DETERMINED WILL POWER changed my life for the BEST!!!

  There is no miracle to loose weight !

Stupid people want to buy a miracle to loose weight. Diet and exercise, eat healthy and walk. There is your miracle.

  Why did you stop selling this?
Norma Rivera (Verified User)

Why did they stop selling directly to customers, I have been with them for 8 years 🙁

Cameron (Editor)

Thanks for notifying us of this, Norma, sorry to hear that.

Elizabeth Hance

Love the shake just very disappointed they aren’t able to buy from website like I did bedire

  This worked for me!
Rose (Verified User)

I have been drinking right size smoothies for like Almost 90 days now. And I have lost 21 pounds. And yes I still drink One a day with my lunch. And it has worked For me my gold to lose 10 more pounds I was 255 and now I am 234.thank you to the right size smoothie

  How To Get This Product In Jamaica
Omar Barrett

Good day I live in Jamaica and I would like to know if there’s anywhere here that sells this product. It so can u indicate to me please.


You can buy it on Amazon- it helped me loose 70 lbs. I had a routine similar to the lady above and I’ve only gain back about 10 pounds.

Cameron (Editor)

We don’t the process of buying them in bulk for resale, Omar.

  Poor Project
Robin (Verified User)

I rate this project as being poor I also rate the customer service as being very rude uncooperative and that even though you go in with the idea of you just getting one sample box they go into your account unknowingly every rule remove your money and then tell you that there’s nothing they can do you send it back to them at your own expense I find them to be

  Love This Product
Vanessa (Verified User)

I love this product it really works I lost over 30 pounds would recommend to anyone who’s trying to lose weight excellent Love love love it

Merrill Morehouse

I am impressed, I have to say. Actually

  I have used Skinni Vanilli
lois anne miller (Verified User)

I have used Skinni Vanilli for about 3months to replace one meal and then eat any thing I want for the 2nd meal…..only 2 meals a day…..I loose about 4 pounds a month…..no exercising….I really like it and I’m never hungry

   Purchased online for $23.
Leigh siddiqi

Not sure where you got the only 8 servings per pack? I purchase it by containers that have 20 servings or 10 days worth of smoothies if you drink 2/day. Purchased online for $23.

  If you're diabetic

These so-called weight loss smoothies have more sugar content than an ice cream sundae. If you’re diabetic , stay clear! They are also loaded with sodium.

  .I have no issues.
Saafira (Verified User)

…I use the product with light Soy Milk followed by a Bottle of Lemon Ginger Water.I do NOT add anything to the shake for FILLER that may be where your mistake is…Twice Daily. I walk a lot during the day and a mini work out in the evening..if you pace yourself you will see the results… I also REFUSED to buy it online at those prices I pay 23 Dollars for a one month supply at CVS….I have no issues.

Your DeonName



Cvs. In my city stop selling it but don’t know why

  help me locate a place
AnnaMarieYour Name (Verified User)

I have used for a few years, can’t say I have lost weight but I have used it as a snack between meals. I am having a terrible time trying to locate someplace to order or buy it in a retail store. Can you help me locate a place to buy this product???

Can I simply point out what a relief it is to uncover somebody who definitely is familiar with what they're talking about on the internet.
Lindsey Vickerman

Can I simply point out what a relief it is to uncover somebody who definitely is familiar with what they’re talking about on the internet. You actually understand how to bring an issue to light and make it important. Lots more people have to look at this and fully grasp this aspect of the story. Simply put I simply cannot believe you aren’t very popular because you undoubtedly possess the writing ability associated with an specialist.

  Will it still work to mix with whole milk?
Jelecia (Verified User)

I used right size smoothies before along with zumba it does work!!!! Maybe not for some but everbodys different I just want to know is it alright to mix with whole milk. Will it still work the same? Im trying to lose more weight and I hope I can

  Please ,send more information, and discounts.

Please ,send more information, and discounts.

  Loved the product.
Kia (Verified User)

It’s working for me I’m loosing weight. I just started last Monday and I’ve lost 9 pounds already and I haven’t even started to work out yet.

  Loved the product.
Tracy (Verified User)

The Vanilla tastes great..Bought mine at CVS. So far no complaints here. Just started so Ill have to see how it works.

  Hated the product.
Anonymous (Verified User)

Absolutely horrible. Ard to ever get customer service to answer. Will barly take no for an answer! Wish I ad NEVER ordered.

  This worked for me
Estella (Verified User)

This is a great diet program and worked for me. I started with the Berry flavor and I love it. I’ve lost 15 lbs. With my full time job and school each night I wasn’t taking care of eating right. I have a smoothie with Almond milk or juices different flavors. Sometimes I will add a bananna, or apple with ice and it tastes great. I don’t like the one with Appemine though it made me loose sleep and made me sweat without any reason. I am looking for a store that has the berry flavor without having to order online and pay shipping. The shipping refund is a joke and can be very expensive…


Estella one lady said that she found the rightside smoothies @ CVS and she only paid $25.00 for it, so pls look there. Good luck Happy Holidays


The CVS near us is over $30 for rightsize smoothies

Right Size Smoothies
Cameron (Editor)

Oh man, Steve.

  This should affect your appetite
Jo (Verified User)

They really curb your appetite did they mess your stomach up – like cramping bloating?

Cameron (Editor)

Has anyone else experienced symptoms like this.

  Kindly look at the ingredients
GG (Verified User)

Did you look at the ingrediants… this stuff is crap.. like other companies who dont care that your going to ingest things that will kill you. Hey why would they care.. its money in their pocket. Bad bad stuff.

  Had problems with refund
L Maddock

I called to find out about this product I hung up in the middle of the call. Next thing I know they charged my account $18.80. When I called them back to find out why, they said that I had a chance to cancel if I had waited to the end of the phone call. I get the package today and called to send it back. They will not refund the $18.80 plus I have to pay postage to send it back!!

  Got results through patience and kindness
raydeen (Verified User)

I would just like to say I read a lot of the comments about the Smoothies drink. I was amazed that it does work if you use it as a meal replacement. I would like to add that I called and had to wait on the phone for at least 15 minutes and the people that finally came to the phone were very nice to me. I wanted to know why I could not get a web site for the refund.I just wanted to state for the record that I was very well taken care of my handling and shipping fee was returned back to me in my checking account and I had no problems. I have found that if sometime some of the people out there would be a little more nicer to the customer service person maybe they would get results like I did. I had no problem. The wait was a little long to speak to a represenative, but i got results through patience and kindness.

  Additional feedback
Chris Hill (Verified User)

See my comments above!

  Free trial is not free
Chris Hill (Verified User)

DO NOT BUY THIS “FREE TRIAL” online or over the phone!!!!!
The “Free Trial” that is advertised on TV is not so free..you have to give a credit card # to recieve the “free trial” & if you (God forbid) forget to cancel …then you are billed for the “Free Trial” cans & the product keeps being shipped automatically & you are billed automatically for that also. I was lucky & remembered to cancel in time…but the rep that I talked to came up with every trick in the book to have me not return it ie….they would send another flavor…try putting it in juice ect. I finally had to get rude & they agreed to let me ship it back….but………….
I had to go through a secondary company “FREESHIPPING.COM”
that charges you $12.97 a month on your credit card for the “FREESHIPPING”. I got billed three times because I canceled through “Right Size” & not through “FREESHIPPING.COM”. I had a hard time making the foreigner on the phone at “FREESHIPPING.COM” understand me…I finally got 1 month taken off my credit card but he was rude & would not take off any more charges…so basically I paid $25.94 to ship the unopened can back…so much for free shipping 🙁
I ended up with a can of Right Sized Smoothie, a shaker cup & a handful of vitamins & paid $25.97. You can buy a can of Right Sized Smoothie at the drug store for about $30 (on sale) without all the hazzle!!!!!

  Did not receive my order


Cameron (Editor)

Hi, Rosalind, we advise you contact the company from the site you ordered from.

  Don't charge me more
Gerald Baumgartner (Verified User)

Please do not charge me moore than the $1800 as I only live on S/S and my Kidney Doc wants me to stop taking this product.I don’t have the box it came in Please help me

  Worst tasting ever.
Joann (Verified User)

Worst tasting ever. I had the chocolate. Later severe cramps.

  Customer service concern

Oh yeah, about the customer service – Get their name, operator #, supervisor’s name and have your letter from them with you. I had to read their letter to them twice to finally get the return “authorized.” Beware – if you do not get your reps # and an authorition code they call an RMA even if you return it on time they will not accept it. I was lucky because I read all the snmall print! Good Luck!

  Unhappy customer
Kim Porter-Brown (Verified User)

I am very unhappy with this whole set-up. The first thing they did was hit my credit card twice to make sure the funds were available. A week later, I am still waiting for my funds from the second debit, to be readded to my card. Secondly, I did not receive an email confirming my order although they stated I would. Lastly, the 15 minute wait time to reach a customer service representative who has absolutely zero clue as to what is going on, is preposterous. No more smoothies for me. I’ll look for them at wallyworld.

  Don't order online
Gina (Verified User)

If you want to try it I suggest you not order t on line but go to your local CVS and but it there this way you do not have to worry about anyone charging your credit card !!


I think I ordered my 30 free trial over the phone, but have heard nothing since. This was about a week ago.

  I hate this product
TerryPfeff (Verified User)

I hated this product. I followed the instructions on how to use it and GAINED 8 POUNDS IN ONE WEEK! When I tried to call and cancel it and get return info, I was on hold for 10 minutes!
The rep. was very pushy(Brian # 4017)and kept coming down on the price. I must have told him 15 times all I wanted was to return it! DO NOT USE THIS STUFF AS IT DOES NOT WORK!! AND THE COMPANY DOES NOT WANT YOU TO RETURN IT!! I WILL NEVER DEAL WITH ANY WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM OVER THE PHONE AGAIN!!!!

  Could not get a live person

I just called the number and was offered $40 dollars free walmart gift card, free “cookbook”, 30 days supply free and free shipping. Shipping is free only if I pay upfront and it will be refunded later. Looks to me the profit is from shipping only. I hung up. Could not get a live person at all.

  The "Free Shipping" is bogus
Dan (Verified User)

Right Size Smoothies don’t taste good. They told me I could add all sorts of other things to it to make it better.
When they sign you up, they try to up-sell you all sorts of other things. It is obvious that the employees in the call center are rewarded by how many extra things they can convince you to do, including things that have nothing to with health. Discount programs galore, all “free trials” that will start charging you later in addition to other charges they will not tell you about.

The “Free Shipping” is bogus. You have to join http://www.freeshipping.com which gives you an initial rebate of $20 that covers the shipping out. You’ll have to cancel that membership if you don’t want to pay the $12.97 per month. If you don’t like it, you have to pay to return it. Get your packing instructions right, or they’ll charge you the $120 for what they sent you.

They signed me up for a rebate club that was supposed to have a free trial, but that company tried, unsuccessfully, to charge my credit card.

When I called back to cancel, I was on hold for 8 minutes. In a professional and calm manner, I told the person my frustrations. He continually talked over me, told me I was talking over him, and made no apologies aside from the taste. He did tell me, in a condescending way, they it really wasn’t that hard to add extra things to the smoothie.

That’s what I get for listening to radio ads. Time to get myself to the gym and suck it up.

  I want to cancel my order
Bridget Purnell

What number can I call to cancel my order. I ordered listening to the radio today October 16,2011 anbd called, now I am thinking about and also did some research finding this is not something I want to do.

  Still waiting for my order

I ordered this product about 2 weeks ago and still waiting.

  Be careful with free trials
Jan (Verified User)

Called within the 30 day period to get a return authorization. Customer service rep would not give me a return authorization number, instead encouraged me to wait until Sept 23rd to call so I could have the “full 30 days.” Called on September the 22nd to get authorization and was told my 30 day trial period ended on the 21st and I would now be charged the full price ($119). On top of this, right size smoothie “signed me up” for two services which bill you $24.95 a month after your free trial period of 30 days – problem is, the letters for these “services” don’t arrive within the 30 days, so there is no way to cancel them.

“Free trial” companies make their money betting people aren’t vigilant. Don’t do business with a company that won’t accept returns – they will rip you off every single time. Wish I would have listened to the voice in my head telling me not to call for this “free trial.” Learn from my mistake – get your smoothie mix at the gym or grocery store and avoid my headache.

  It works well with Zumba
april (Verified User)

I have tried the smoothies and have lost 20lbs in two month with doing zumba exercises and cutting out the junk foods I do not get hungry for 4-5 hrs after drinking one shake in morning around 6am I use 1/2 banana and lowfat yogurt skim milk really does help

  Experiencing billing and customer service issues
Eric Caamano (Verified User)

I should have ran away when I first placed the order which is automated. The specials and added items I did not want were being shoved down my throat. It took me 25 minutes of dealing with this to where I could not deal with it anymore and just hung up.
Well 2 weeks later the product shows up. Now I have a week to use 1 bottle and return the other one if I do not want to be charged $119.80.
So I am writing this as I continue to be on hold. It has been 25 minutes and counting.
Stay away from this stuff! Go to Wal Mart and buy EAS Pre-Made Protein (Meal replacement) Has 20g of protein for only $6.99. This is 4 drinks for that price.

  Need to eat healthy and live healthy

TV ads are deceptive; I am 53 and DO NOT work out an hour a day OR gain weight; I take care of myself by eating healthy (lots of fruits and vegetables, no added sugar, avoid processed foods and soda) and living a wholesome lifestyle which includes stretching daily, moderate activity and about 1-2 hours TOTAL exercise per week (usually 20-60 minutes 3x’s/week on non-consecutive days… sometimes less).

  Need to more about the ingredients
Christine (Verified User)

great tasting, very filling. (I have always hated the taste of Slim Fast!) I’ve lost 9 pounds in a month. My only complaint is that something in the chocolate mix makes my throat burn! What is it? Anyone know?

Cameron (Editor)

We haven’t heard something like this Christine. Best to go over the ingredients in the package with your doctor – confirm you aren’t having a negative reaction.

  Found a way to make tastier
Going For It (Verified User)

Well I juiced three carrots one apple three celery stalks and added the Coco powder to the juice it was very good. So I guess using a juicer is the way for me.

  I am experiencing billing issues
Tari Piediscalzzi

I haven’t received mine yet, but they are charging me $138.50. It was supposed to be $8.50 for shipping only.
BUYERS BEWARE!! Also, I have been on hold with them for over 15 minutes of obnoxious music. I don’t think anyone is going to answer. Tari Piediscalzzi

  Need contact information
donna roberson (Verified User)

i want to talk to a live person and i want al my money back they lie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Did not like the taste!
Brenda Dawson (Verified User)

Total scram. Tastes like powdered crap in a cup! Moreover,the customer service models the taste. Please take it off the radio, no more people should fall for this nonsense. Unbelievable!!!

  Safe to use with diet pills?

Is it safe to use with diet pills

Cameron (Editor)

Before mixing any two supplements please ask your doctor to asses your safety and risks, Ange.

  This works great!
carolia (Verified User)

Try Herbalife Shakes, you take it twice a day, works great…

  Lost weight even with little exercise
Hazel (Verified User)

My husband asked me to order right size smoothie but then decided not to try it..for whatever reason. So I didn’t want it to go to waste and started using it. Over a period of time I lost 13 lbs without any other supplements and very little exercise. Imagine what would happen if I used them 2xs a day on a regular basis. Sure it has a taste that some may not like but just like anything you can get over that. It has been over a year since I first started drinking them and I have been able to keep off the weight. I went from 289 lbs to 269 lbs. I work a 12 hr schedule so I am not consistent.

  Paid for it but didn't receive any

i heard you on the radio and i called and orderd it on yhe first and i paid 18 dallars so were is my order

Cameron (Editor)

Candee, please contact them directly from the site you ordered from for refund information.

  Offered free trial but has been charged
Bob (Verified User)

They offer a free trial .. SHip you 2 cans of the product and you get to try the first can and if you like it, you are charged $119 for BOTH!!! FREE??? I tried to call and cancel within my trail period and they wouldnt take it, said I had to give the product a try.. Even tho I said I didnt LIKE THE PRODUCT, I have to call on the 30th of May to get my RMA… They also offer free shipping.. Again, you have to join another club in order to get your shipping rebate… As Always, when something is to good to be true, IT ISN”T!!!

  It worked great but so expensive
Louise (Verified User)

I used Right Size Smoothie a few years back, and I have to say that it worked great for me. I went from a size 12 to a size 4 is a few short months. I did eat health and exercise 6 to 7 days a week as well. Unfortunately… I had to go off of the smoothies because I was losing too much weight and the product was getting to be too expensive. When I cancelled my monthly orders, I had no problems at all. They must’ve gotten some crappy workers… Hard telling. Anyway… I wish everyone the best of luck. Keep in mind that this product isn’t going to work the same for everyone and there is no such thing as a quick fix.

  It worked and will continue to use
Killer_Ed (Verified User)

It worked for me. I used it twice a day for three months substituting breakfast and lunch. I ate a normal dinner. I lost 25 pounds (from 256) and have kept 20 off for the past 3 years. It worked for me, and I’m now going to reorder another 3 mo supply.

  Want to loose weight
joannetta roberson

I just want to lose belly

  This is nonsense

the free trial is a big spam. they send you two and I just found out today that if you don’t send the second one back, they will charge you for both of them. Why can’t this stuff be stopped…. Say what you mean snd don’t say it is free and turn aROUND AND CHARGE A PERSON FOR THEM……..

  Product availability

You can buy this at Meijer in Ohio for $29.00.

  Check the reviews

I am so thankful that I looked at the online reviews before buying this. Thanks so much everyone!

  Try different procedure
Robin (Verified User)

When I ordered Right Size initially I did to get the free canister. I tried a scoop with Skim Milk…YUCK!. I sent back the unopened container, but I still wanted to use the free stuff. So I made a shake in the blender with 3 ice cube, 5-6 Frozen strawberries, 12 ounces of diet green tea and a scoop of smoothie. I drank it with a straw. It was DELICIOUS! I may even get more smoothies :). Sounds different I know…but try it…it is really good this way!

  Need to exercise and eat right
Pjay (Verified User)

People, you have to understand with any diet suppl. you have to exercise and eat right, you can’t just think that because you are drinking the smoothie you are going to loose weight, what the smoothie does is allow our bodies to refuse cravings, because we don’t have the will power to do. And yes! it does curb your apetite. And as far as customer service issues, you can buy the product at CVS.

  Cancellation of order
zamkea fosselman

I been lookn everywhere to cancel my rightsize smoothie order. i need contact information asap never use just dont have time

  Ingredients for smoothies

Can you email me the recipes for right size smoothies? I have several cans of your product but misplaced the recipes. Thank you.

Cameron (Editor)

Hi Elizabeth, we are not Right Size. Please contact them directly for more recipe information.

  It worked for me
Brenda (Verified User)

Ive been using right size for 2 or 3 months and I’ve lost weight. I don’t weigh myself ( ill go nuts if i know how much i weigh. i dont want to be thinking about it) but ive gone down a couple sizes. buy it at CVS!! its 36 bucks a container and it’ll last about a month!!!

  Product dosage
s wynn

how many mls are in the scoop

Cameron (Editor)

Each container provides 20 servings or enough to get through 10 days, using it twice daily.

  Find another supplier

For all the hidden expense and troublesome customer service and return procedures I’m reading here, I may as well slug down some cans of Slim Fast from the local grocer instead.

Chris Hill

DON”T!!!! For your own sake please go buy it at the drug store…way less hassle!!!! If you buy online or over the phone …..VERY CONFUSING & you will over pay!!!!

  all the dite this do work
Jeanette (Verified User)

i love it too of all the dite this do work.

  I'm loving it
Vida (Verified User)

They work for me. I gained 40 lbs with my pregnacy. Prior to my pregnancy, I worked out often (4x per week), but couldn’t do so at all during my pregnancy becausae of complications.
After I had my daughter, I lost 27lbs quickly (within 6 weeks). Then the weight loss stopped. I resumed working out (3-4x per week), but no matter what I did, I could not shed the remaining 13 lbs. After 4 months with no results, I added in the right-sized smoothies and the weight came off. So, I still worked out 3-4x per week, but replaced two meals a day ( I eat four meals a day) with the shakes. I made the shakes at home, adding in LIGHT vanilla soymilk and LIGHT Welches grape juice (or cranberry, or other flavors) and usually a banana. Sometimes I’d add blueberries or blackberries. I also had two meals. I lost the 13lbs within 2 months. I continue to use the product for breakfast 5x per week. For me it works. I know it’s the right-size smoothie because that’s the only change I made. Everything else was the same. I think the product has increased my metabolism. I’m so happy I tried the product because I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight and I’m loving it.

  free trial is not free
Charlotte (Verified User)

Do not purchase this product from the company directly. The free trial is not free… They will charge you to send it back.

  It really helps
Ashleyy (Verified User)

I wasn’t given this because the person who bought it couldn’t use anymore. Caused their blood pressure to go up and wasn’t used to caffeine. I’ve been using it for a month now, with lots of exercise and a change of food, I lost 25 pounds. It really helps control the amount of food you eat!

   customer service
William Jackson

This company refuse to cancel my order after several attempts of calling and speaking with 3 rude customer service people. They shouted at me over the phone during my call and told me off. My card was charged $18.80 and this company would rather take money from customers than provide them with a product they desire and excellent customer service. I am so sadden by this experience. I have never seen a company so desperate to take advantage of someone.

  love this site

I just ordered Avesil trial offer wish me luck…..I was going to order Rt size smoothie too and use both but read the reviews…. yikes love this site thx for all the reviews!!!!

  I drinking my Smoothies wrong
Nena (Verified User)

Okay, I brought my Right Size Smoothie (Lean Coca Bean, this one taste good and someone on here said it was best tasting) from CVS on Monday. Today is Wednesday and I have not lost anything. I am very disappointed. I take a smoothie for breakfast, drink 8oz of water afterwards and for lunch with 8 oz of water afterwards. I have a reasonable dinner (Salad). Am I doing this wrong? I have faith in this product because from these posting, it works for a lot of people. I am just glad I did not follow thru with giving my credit card for the Free Right Size Smoothie and they would pay the shipping and handled cost, all they wanted me to pay was a one time fee of $18, now give us your credit card number or debit card number so that we can ship the product right to you. Yea right, I hung up 🙂
Glad I found this site and people said you can buy it right from CVS and that is where I brought my for $34.99. So anyway, am I drinking my Smoothies wrong??

  It has worked great for me
Tawny (Verified User)

I’ve been taking it for weeks now and it absolutely works for me. It sounds like some people are taking it as a meal replacement, WRONG! This is an in-between meal snack that has an appetite suppressent. I eat eggs & ham for breakfast, mid-morning a smoothie so I can wait until 1pm to eat lunch. I don’t always have two a day just depends on my appetite. It has worked great for me!


Hello Tawny i used the right sized smoothie and it’s working for me but i still eat what i normally eat just watch my portion control. sounds like you eat the way i eat could you please email me at taneikasewell@gmail.com or call me at 253-324-4983 and help me figure out some sort of meals and snacks to eat.

  I hated this product
Kenneally (Verified User)

Don’t do it……

  I not interested
Kenneally (Verified User)

Ordered product 5-7 days, on day #7 no right size ! Called customer service, no help. Useless… rude, I not interested. Hire losers to work for you, I guess that’s what you think of the value of your products.

  14 day free trial
alma g (Verified User)

hi i just recieved my 14 day free trial, i haven’t taken it yet, because i want to know wut is the best way to make a shake, with not as many caleries please help me im lost….

  I hated this product
Denise Davis (Verified User)

I didn’t know how much problem with this product! I also was told I could not receive shipping of 18.80 but 118.00 can get it . But the ups truck left it, I didnt receive it . Called the rightside smottie com Ser. Oh my God was I in hell you can’t speak with a superivor at all. What company don’t have them

Sergio (Verified User)


  Feel good
melissa (Verified User)

These work; I purchase from a grocery store so I cannot comment on the company. You cannot expect miracles from anything. I used these to break a plateau in my weight loss. Does control hunger and helps control calorie intake– which is how you lose weight. I also run 40-50 miles per week. Put the hard work in, it’s worth it and you will feel good about yourself.


For all of those that are complaining about the customer service, try buying it at a drug store. I just bought mine at CVS for 34.99 for 18.5 ounces. I haven’t tried it yet to know if it works or not, but I’m going to try it. I know my friends dad lost 20 pounds using this within a month and a half, so I know it will work.


This drink makes me sick to my stomach. I called to cancell after the “FREE” trial I received and was told they would still charge me the$119.00 fee. That is to say that this “free trial” was a lie. I am pissed off to say the least. Isn’t anyone honest anymore?

Jeremy Gomez

does right size smoothies have caffine in them?

Cameron (Editor)

Hi, Jeremy. We did not find caffeine to be in this product.

George Bieber

I lost my instructions for how much milk and ics I should mix with my cup of smoothie mix. Can you help me?

Cameron (Editor)

There should be the same information available on the site you ordered from, George.

  Have never recieved it i called one time to report
lisa averett (Verified User)

i placed an order for my 2 week trial and have never recieved it i called one time to report it and still nothing was done and i paied my 18.00 and got no refund

Happy User

Okay, I don’t know what is going on with everyone else but here is my experience with right size: Lean Cocoa Bean tastes best, Skinni Vanilli a close second the others….gross. I lost 35 lbs in two months in time for my wedding. Dieting/lifestyle change is calories in versus calories out. I normally would eat anywhere from 2000 to 2300 calories a day which was not good for weight loss, so I kept myself at 1500-1700 calories per day, added in 30min to 1 hr of exercise and drank 10 glasses of water a day to fight off the hunger, if any and ate 6 small meals.

8:00 a.m.
Meal 1: Right Size Smoothie made with soy milk

10:00 a.m.
Yogurt with unsweetened uncooked oats on top, a banana and 2 boiled egg whites

Turkey sandwich on whole wheat with lettuce tomato and 1/2 Tbsp of Miracle Whip (not mayo)

Apples and cottage cheese (1/2 cup serving)and a small handful of almonds

A leafy green salad VEGGIES ONLY covered in colorful veggies with CAYENNE PEPPER and 1 Tbsp of ranch (shaken in a plastic container to distribute)

Right Size Smoothie made with 2% milk

That was the basic structure and I would add in lean proteins and calories where I was missing them.

I also took a woman’s vitamin supplement for anything I was lacking. No meals after 6 and some days I would do a 2fer (1 workout in the morning and 1 workout at night).

By the way I have a hypoactive thyroid as well which makes weight loss extremely difficult and I lost weight with Right Size. You guys haven’t committed to your weight loss. Calories in versus Calories out works but you should also work on improving the types of calories you consume. A diet of Pizza and Right Size….not good, but eating too little will hurt your results. Never go under 1200 a day and you’re fine. A diet that works has meals comprised of the following:

1 Lean Protein
1 Complex Carbohydrate
1 Healthy Fat

You can load your plate with veggies and fill yourself up so then you won’t even want as much sugar, fat and meat.

Also, artificial sweeteners are a no go and should be done in moderation as they cause you to binge on sugar by the end of the day.


well, i was gong to order this but i’m thinking no. with what you did i can make my own smoothies, exercise, and eat this way. I thought these smoothies hae you eat leas, but i guess to each is own. but too much negative stuff your the only positive feedback. glad it worked for you though. i’d hate to think that this commercial is geared towards many minorities, and it is a FAKE. But i will not be trying it. thanks for the information.


Need sumthin 2 control this metabo plan very first vacation 2 tha carrib!!!



  States Attorner General's
John Q Wayne (Verified User)

If everyone is so upset over this. #1 stop purchasing # If not satisified contact your States Attorner General’s office and send a copy of eveyone of these postings.

  out of luck
Sam (Verified User)

I called within the 14 days to cancel, thought everything was ok until I was billed the additional 119!! I called and spoke with Allison, #4995, and was told she had no “notes” about me calling, and said I was out of luck!!! Beware people!!!

  Balanced meal
Kim Hamilton (Verified User)

I am a first time user and i am unclear as to how this works. From what i do understand you are to substitue two meals and eat a balanced meal. Do you exercise? That may be a stupid question but as i have said i am a first time user.

Cameron (Editor)

Any diet is always improved upon when exercise is included. Give it a try, Kim.

Don C

sent product back,they received it but said it was past the time limit.This was the extra one they sent without my OK .They kept it and I was still billed 119.00 for it.Not an honest Co.

  Make alot of money
eva ross

i just heard on radio free product free shipping so i called then she says need visa # for 18.00 membership. what a joke…and rude oh my god. ask for website i ask for testimonials. all she wanted was my cc # I couldn’t believe it…to funny..yea they will make alot of money

  Slim Fast
Mrs J

I haven’t tried this product but if you wnt to try it at a lower price just go to your nearby CVS. They sell it and it is usually found in the diet aid section where the Slim Fast is located for approximately 34.99 per can. Even though I haven’t tried it my friend did and I don’t see any weight loss.

Charles Wright (Verified User)

After a week of taking smoothie, I found it very difficult to move my bowels. I got stomach cramps, and had to take a laxative. I have already paid the $118.-for the two cans of powder, but I do not want you to ship any more to me.

JeNaya (Verified User)

I have used right size smoothie before. I bought it online and the shipment came with ease, so I didn’t have to contackt customer service (thank goodness!). As for the product I really liked the fullness effect, I had the skinny vannili mixed it with almond milk instead of regular milk. It still tasted a little chalky even with the blender bottle. I still drank it and for 2 months and saw some weight loss. I stopped using the right size smoothie, but then I recently saw that they sold it in my local CVS/pharmacy. It was $6 cheaper, minus shipping than what it is online. I got the chocolate flavor(taste so much better!) and am starting this product again. If you feel discouraged, your not the only one. I drink a smoothie in the morning after exercising on an empty stomach for about 30-45 min (I wake up early!) eat a small snack (veg,fruit) and because I still feel full I dont eat much. Then I eat a small portion of protein, carb, and veg, small snack, then around 6 or 7pm I drink another smoothie, and trust me the feeling of hunger is crashed until the next morning. I really hope this helps! And please, see if your local CVS, Walgreens, RightAid holds this product so you wont have to go through a bad customr service experience!!!

  intake and meal portion control
Candi (Verified User)

RightSize smoothies worked for me in the past. I had 1 to 2 a day to replace breakfast and lunch (usually only one as i never felt hungry) its super important to drink the water afterward. Dinner, I ate something healthy. Chances are, you will not loose any weight without exercising while dieting with the smoothies.

I wouldnt recommend the rightsize pills, they made me shaky.

I just got married a month ago and put on a few pounds so I will purchase rightsize lean chocolate bean mix again just to help me with me cal. intake and meal portion control. I will continue my regular workout routine and I know I will loose the weight in a few weeks. So.. i had a good experience; if it doesnt work for you, it means you’re not moving enough or not drinking enough water. And it tastes great. I make it with skim milk and shaved ice so its like a frappachino from starbucks.

cindy jett

what is the grams of sugar and carbs in one rightsize smoothie?

Cameron (Editor)

20 servings. 15g of protein, 6g of fiber.

  after a while, i decided i would try it again
lauried (Verified User)

you are extremely kind in your review.
firstly, i have found that the product was not as effective as reviewed by the commercials. i reduced meals/consumption as well as replaced meals w/the shake. it was filling when i added a banana or blueberries;however, it did NOT take any weight off of my body.
secondly, the advertisement was incredibly confusing and not clear. unless you read fine print, you would not have understood that it was a billing commitment. unlike the ‘free sample’ advertised, you are to send back the unused portion w/in the two weeks or otherwise you are committed to a year of $120 a month. since they have your credit card, they will just continue to bill you; regardless if you wish to continue or not. if you wish to cancel, you will also be billed for that fee as well. Right Size Smoothies are sold via the official website for $12.50 with a 100% 30-day money-back guarantee (it is unclear exactly if this guarantee applies to empty smoothie bottles, or only unopened products.)
i didn’t understand the committment to the product. originally, i tried it for the summer because it was a great hot weather morning breakfast. after a while, i decided i would try it again. i called and ordered via the automated system and apparently became committed for a $120 + $50 s/h. when i called for the third time to cancel after emailing, it brought me to the worst of all pieces of this organization.
i was confronted with the supervisor determined to demean, belittle and lie to me in regard to the situation. when asked to replay the tape, he lied continually about the point made in the conversation. saying that since i purchased once, i HAD to pay for a full price even if i tried to cancel. although i stated in the first sentence in my conversation that i wanted to no longer wish to have any of the product or anything to do with the organization (including supported confirmation from the representative that he received the email of cancelation), he insisted that i was responsible for another full price. i spoke w/many reps to only be hung up on after ‘michael’ the supervisor told me that i was just responsible and had to pay. they must be stopped~what can we do???!!!!

  I naturally attribute it to the product.
Rosalind (Verified User)

I submitted a comment earlier about the success my husband and I had with the product. In reading more of the above comments it is clear that there is a problem with customer service for this product. I guess we were lucky in that we did not have that experience and we have called back to re-order as well. It is important for people to share their experiences and each person is different so what works for one does not necessarily work for another. But in our case the product is in fact as advertised. I guess we were really really ready to try something different since other things have not worked. Still don’t understand why I have willpower all of a sudden when I had none for years. I naturally attribute it to the product.


omg this was the first time i tried it this morning no cravings it worked instantly in fact a lil too strong i will cut back putting the whole scoop in wow

  Right Size Smoothies works well.
Rosalind (Verified User)

I find the comments very interesting. I had quite given up on losing weight and have tried many types of diets. I know that in order to lost weight no matter what certain diet programs tell you about eating everything in moderation, you have to stop chugging down the carbs. I used to eat bagels for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, potatoes with dinner or whole wheat pasta. I was unable to stop that habit until I tried Right Size Smoothies. My husband and I started at the same time. We look forward to our breakfast and lunch and after I consume the water and a cup of coffee I don’t even think about food until lunchtime. We eat a sensible dinner consisting of protein (usually broiled)and a large salad or steamed vegetable. Snacks consist of turkey breast or fruit. I don’t want the bagel, bread, pasta or potato and it has been 4 weeks. A miracle. I lost 11 pounds so far and my husband lost 16 pounds. You can’t put anything you want in your mouth and lose weight. I have spend thousands trying. This is the first product that cut down my cravings for the things I thought I could not live without. For those of you who didn’t really try and are complaining, it is very unfair to blame the company for your cheating. Also, a two-week trial is not enough. It didn’t show on the scale until week three.

  Very bad product and customer service.

I’m not sure if my original posting was submitted but after a 15 min sales pitch that I decided to decline and the product was mailed anyway, it took another 20 min talking with Tyler #4484 who is a supervisor with customer service to get him to refund my shipping charge. Beware, you can use their own audio type against them and I told him I would dispute the charge with my credit card company. I also told him…while he left me on hold for 10 min…I was reading these reviews and told him I would write one myself and let everyone know what snakes they were..even after 15 mins with a sales rep, they still processed my order, even Tyler admitted I declined my order several times but gave every lame excuse why the order went through and wasn’t canceled. The lesson learned is if it’s to good to be true it usually is and always, always check out the product on a site just like this one to see what the product and customer service is like. They don’t give in easy.

  Don't give this company a second look.
valerie (Verified User)

I just got off the phone with Tyler #4484 who is a supervisor with Right Size Smoothie and he was borderline rude. He did try not to refund my shipping. I told him to replay their own audio phone call when this order was placed and when he came back on the phone he agreed to refund my shipping only after I told him I would dispute the charge and would use their own audio type to prove it. He wanted to split hairs that I spoke to a sales person not a customer service person. Don’t give this company a second look. I had to use this website and it’s reviews as further ammo to get him to refund my money which was just shipping at this point. Don’t be fooled. Just eat less and burn calories and save yourself the 15 min sales pitch and the 20 min argument to get your money back.

  Right Size Smoothies sounds like slim fast to me.
Tammy (Verified User)

Right Size Smoothies sounds like slim fast to me. I am sure that slim fast is cheaper. Slim fast was big in the 80’s.


I used the Slim Fast product several times before this and was so hungry all of the time.
I am not hungry with this product I mix it with ice and whey protein. I drink it for breakfast, eat a healthy lunch and dinner or sometimes I also have it for diner with a health snack later, I have kept my weight down for several years now. I never starve myself and exercise about 2 to 3 times a week.

  I do not recomend this product or service
tracy (Verified User)

Not only did the smoothies not work, but by ordering the” free” trial by phone u are subject to a good 15 min pressure sale to buy other things non re-lated. Then they force u to try other “free trials” that charge u for the free trial. I had a hard time getting a hold of customer service. When i did they were rude. I do not recomend this product or service for a list of reasons.

  I'm gonna try this out

So, I gained a FEW unwanted pounds. I’m gonna try this out and take pictures as I go. WISH ME LUCK!!!!

  May I used it with thyroid problems?
Sidney Oliver

How will this diet effect people wit thyroid problems?

Cameron (Editor)

Hi, Sydney. Ask your doctor if this product is right for you,

Dawn (Verified User)

I just got the Right size smoothies and it caused me SEVERE HEADACHES, AGITATION AND DIZZYNESS. I take a mild low dose of a anti-depressant- it seems that this stuff is incompatible with it- If anyone is taking any form of perscription meds, talk to your MD about appemine.

  Is it ok for high blood pressure

I am 62 years old female with cfh high blood pressure is it safe for me I have to lose 60 lbs

  Don't buy it

well after reading all the comments, i think i shoul dtay away form this product. those anyone know the warning or any futur side effects that may occur. also where can i find this product apart from the TV or radio. we should just all eat health Love ourselves and an execrise daily. GOD BLESS very one.

  Right Size Smoothies no works
bobbi (Verified User)

ok well right size smoothies are diiiiiiiiisgusting i tried them and i gained more from caving into eating what i cooked for my husband and kids so it was not working for me.

  Nervous about diet
Mickey2010 (Verified User)

Well today is my first day Right Size. Im a little nervous b/c I’ve never actually been on a diet and I’m not sure what to expect. I’ll be keeping u posted on the outcome.

  Anyone who is having high blood pressure be careful
Cele (Verified User)

Anyone who is having trouble with high blood pressure be careful with this product. I exercise and it elevates my pulse and my blood pressure. Please be careful! They do not warn you of this!

  I have lost 9lbs in two weeks
Josh E (Verified User)

Ive been using the product for roughly two weeks and have lost 9 pounds so far sticking to a strict diet and just a little excersize, i agree the product was a little sketchy at first but the convenience is what sold me. I drive an ambulance for a living and eating right is not always an option so being able to mix a smoothie on the go is very nice. If you learn to eat only when your hungry and not when your bored the product will most likely work for you but so far i am very pleased. Cut out the junk food desserts and snacks and stick to the diet is the best advice i can give.

  Purchased SkinniVanilli and Lean CocoaBean from CVS

Purchased SkinniVanilli and Lean CocoaBean from CVS and started yesterday. I am lacto-ovo vegetarian. I used Almond Milk to make my LCB flavored shakes yesterday- tasted like a sweet cake batter. I had a small bottle of water after my breakfast shake and was full through lunch. I wasn’t really hungry at lunch but had another shake and water and stayed full to about 3pm. I ate a late lunch/early dinner- Morningstar Lasagna and was ravenously hungry the rest of the day. I think I should have added a small green salad to the meal maybe but for the rest of yesterday from 3pm to bedtime I was insatiably hungry.

  I just ordered the two week trial

why so many bad reviews? i just ordered the two week trial.. i think im going to cancel

  How many carbs in one smoothie?

How many carbs in one smoothie?

Cameron (Editor)

20 servings. 15g of protein, 6g of fiber.

  Green tea with lemon and eat veggies n fruits.
arjay (Verified User)

green tea with lemon and eat the veggies n fruits. try to limit red meat to once a week but eat 4-5 oz of fish or chicken every day. and WALK.
outside or in a mall. but walk an hour a day and you will lose it. good luck to all

  Be aware that this product contain caffeine.
Susan C Kavanaugh (Verified User)

People who try this should be aware that Right Size Smoothies contain a lot of caffeine: 50mg of caffeine, plus guarana seed extract which has twice the caffeine of coffee beans. Therefore, I have found that they actually stimulate my appetite, not suppress it!!

  HORRIBLE Customer Service.

HORRIBLE Customer Service. I did exactly what they said, no weight loss. There is no such thing as a free trial. I was charged before shipment, making no free trial for me at all. I cancelled ALL future orders at that point. Three months later my checking account was debited over $100.00 for a shipment that I never ordered. I was told it was too late because it had been shipped already. Come to find out, after many painful minutes on the phone with a very rude CS Rep, my account was being crossed with someone of the same name. I had moved from the adress they had shipped to, so he told me I had to find the package with UPS, pick it up, ship it back to them and then I’d get a refund in 30 days or more. Why was I doing all the legwork when it wasn’t my mistake? I didnt even place the order or authorize it!! They debited my account without permission!!! Yet, here I am at work calling UPS over and over trying to find the package, then out in the rain trying to retrieve it so I can have it returned to them so I can get my money back. I dont care if I had lost weight… I’d NEVER EVER order from this company again!!! I hope word gets around about how they conduct business and how they treat customers. I have filed a complaint against them with the State Attorney General’s Office.

  I have lost 17 lbs in one month
Darlinme (Verified User)

I have been using the product for 4 1/2 weeks and have lost 17 lbs. I drink it in the morning and in the evening every day. Though I received the product through the 14 day free trial, I did cancel the subscription and was able to keep the two containers I received for 1/2 the price. I like the product but I do not think its worth the $119 that they were requesting. They offered to give me two more canisters, of which I refused. The customer service was persistent in not losing the sale, which was annoying. I was going to return the unopened canister and cancel the subscription completely for free. But since I did see some results I felt it worth 1/2 the price.

  Why isn't the Berry choice available at QVC?
E Taurish

Why isn’t the Berry choice available at QVC?

Cameron (Editor)

Sometimes these products aren’t available in retailers, E.

  Product is good, but customer service is horrible!
Renee Moreno (Verified User)

I specifically told the representative that I placed my order with that I did not want the book (they sent anyway)and I definitely did not authorize automated shipment/payment for future orders. They took the money out of account anyway and I explained to them they were messing up my bank account. They had no concern. The product is good, but the customer service is horrible!

  Suggested some other product.
Jacqueline Shelton (Verified User)

I agree Dr. Iann Smith’s book ‘Fat Smash Diet’ has helped me to lose a tremendous amount of weight. No shakes and you really lose weight. I love the 9 day cleansing part. Ppl the quick fix shakes are not good DON’T DO IT.

  High blood sugar patient can take?


Cameron (Editor)

Wanda, this product does contain sugars and sweeteners; it’s best to ask your doctor to be sure.

  How long to see result?
maria (Verified User)

today make two week that i am drink the smoothies but no result yet how long before i see result.

  Shipment delaying after order.

I am totally freaked out! I cannot believe what I am reading. Can’t decide if I’m really pissed or scared shitless! I ordered the “2 week trial” and vitamins a few days ago. I am wondering if it will ever arrive! Did find the ready to drink shake on clearance at Publix. Not sure about any of this now!


I’m the same way! I literally just ordered this last night and I tried calling to cancel today after reading all these comments, and the girl said it wasn’t in the system yet. I’m hoping I don’t get charge $119 that’s ridiculous.

  Not heard and received anything after order!
Shirley Proudfoot

After hearing the ad the first time, I called to order the product. That was in December, since I wanted to try it before vacation. Have never heard a word from them, received nothing.

  Want to return the product.
Virginia Martinez (Verified User)

I called to cancel after the trial order, I was given complete attitude by the operator #4707 Kylie, I did not know the extra cost would be forced back on me to return the “extra” canaster of product, I only wanted to trial amount, now not only has it cost me $19.00 to have it shipped to me, now I will incurre more out of pocket $$ to send it back, or be subject to the $119.80 if not received in 10 days time. Will never recommend this product to anyone I know!

  Loved the product
Addie (Verified User)

I have battled an eating-disorder off and on for the past 11 years, (Anorexia and Bulimia, and took so many diet pills its unreal) in which I have now recovered, but I have to say that Loosing weight is not an easy fix that just a shake can manage, my best opinion, is to simply diet and exersize (not obsessively ofcourse) But until you reach your desired effect. It’s the safest way to loose the weight.

I know this isn’t what alot of people want to hear, but something i’ve learned is that theres no “easy” Fix.

Hope this helps,


  Safe for type 2 diabetics?
cathy logrande

Is Right size smoothies safe for those with Type 2 Diabetes?


Hi Cathy, did you ever find out an snwer for your question about it being safe for people with Type 2 Diabetes? I have it as well and wanted to know if this product is safe.

  Not happy with trial.
arlene townsend (Verified User)

I ordered right size and believe me everything that is free is not feee. They sent me a free trial and another bottle for $119.00 which I had to return in 14 days or be charged. If returned you must pay the shipping and handling.Do not fall for their tricks. It taste terrible and they are not interested in anything but getting the 119.0 once the fad is over they will be rich and move on to something else.

  What to do if feel hungry?

If i drink a shake in the morning and start to feel hungry later, what shall i do?


Hi terry try adding a bannana or some berries with some ice to thicken your smoothie it helps to keep u full longer. if you are on 1-2 shakes a day eat at least 1 good meal. and walking is the way to go. been there,done that. (smile)


HiTerry, I like to eat! Therefore, I eat atleast 5 small meals per day while substituting 2 of those meals with right size. It has been 1 week and so far I’ve lost 5lbs, while incorporating walking 30 mins 4-5 days per week. I donot recommend that your 3 meals solely come from Right Size. Hope this helps!

  Order not received.
Ernise Satchell

I ordered 18th of Feb 2010 and on the 8th of Mar 2010 I called asking when would my order be arriving? I have gotten nothing but the run around since. I finally got the tracking number for UPS -called them and was told that no trace had been reported from your company till the 16th of Mar!!!!!! I no longer want the product and your management team (Rachel ID Number 2934) is the worst. She needs to go back over her Customer Service skills because “YEP” and “NA” are not in the book. Plus no one will give a number to the company so that I can file a formal complaint and get my shipping and handling back. This sucks and I will never spend my money with a company that treats the customer as second hand.

  Where to return it?

I paid $29.95 for my “free” Right Size Smoothies (S&H). I also want to know where to send the unopened container back. Please email me.

Cameron (Editor)

Try emailing or calling the company directly for returns.

  Will right size help to loose weight?
Amelia Guzman

i am 128 lbs, my normal weight is 120 5ft 4ins, i have been trying since my last cruise to drop 8 lbs but cant seem to do so will right size help.

Jacques (Editor)

Hi Amelia, this product is not a fat burner which seems to be what you would prefer. If you don’t experience the desired results with this product we recommend you browse our reviews for alternatives.

  How to return?
Joan (Verified User)

were do I send it back I bought the powered one and would like to send it back

Jacques (Editor)

Please call the number listed on the packaging or site you ordered from.

  Loved the product
laverne saunders (Verified User)

i have been on this diet since jan. i have lost 28 lbs. this not only help you lose weight but the taste is wonderful i love it ,have told alot of my friends thanks

  Seeking contact number to cancel order.
Mona Rincon (Verified User)

I have been using the smoothies for 3 weeks now…and want to cancel the next automatic shipment & charge to my credit card. I can not find a number anywhere on the canisters to do that. Does anyone have the number to call?
I have lost 6 pounds in 3 weeks….and don’t feel like its worth the high price.

  What is the cost.
Becky Boyd

what is the cost of your product

Jacques (Editor)

Right Size Smoothies are sold via the official website for $12.50.

  Hope to loose weight with it.
Donna Hoston

I hope your smoothies do what it says, because I have tried a lot dietpills, and nothing has work, I’m a 296pounds person at the age of 52. And I would like to lost 115pounds. if I get this and it work, then I will buy some more, until I get the pounds off I want. I want to be able to play with my grankids better. and live longer too. I need this for my health as will. I’m 5’5, so I know that I have to lose weight now.

  Not received the delivery.
rosella fonte

I have ordered right size smoothies and have yet to have them delivered. please give me your phone number to call you

Lisa Starks

I would like to try the shake.

  Liked the product.
Marcia (Verified User)

I found that I can only take one half of appetite pill a day or I feel a little weird in evening. But I love the lemonade drink, it’s pretty good

  Loved the product.
Marcia (Verified User)

I started Right size smoothies a few weeks ago. I find that if I add more protein to my diet that I am more satisfied. I only have 1 shake a day for lunch and try to eat healthy also. I have lost 10 lbs.

  Not happy with customer, shipping service.
Randy (Verified User)

I tried their “trial offer” (two can free with $29.80 shipping cist). I only got through HALF aerving before I began to feel awful – – – dizzy and with a headache!!! When I called Customer Service I found out that unless I paid out more (for shipping the unopened can back) that I would be sent more of this nasty product at a cost of $119.80. NO money back because I was dissatisfied, no being able to just cancel future shipments, but instead having to pay out even more. BUYER BEWARE OF THIS PRODUCT AND THIS COMPANY!!!!


my boss and I tried right size for 3 days and after the 2 day we felt very jiddery and unable to function properly. When I called to send back the product they told me that because I only had the product for less the 14 days that I need to send back both canisters in 6 days so with the 29.99 that tooke 2 months to remove from my account and the bounced check fees that I endured because it took them so long and the shipping of the canisters it cost me more the what they were worth. I even told them about my jidders and I thought I was alergic and they didn’t even care!!!!!!!

  what flavors does it come in
Victoria Santos

what flavors does it come in?

Jacques (Editor)

Right Size Smoothies are sold as already prepared drinks that come in “SkinniVanilli” and “Chocolate Mousse Reduce” flavors

  Feedback on commercial of radio.

For those commenting about the current commerical on the radio – the lady speaking is Latino. She has no speech impediment.


Thank you, finally someone said it…just sitting here laughing at all of the ignorant comments…so many of them!

  Liked it very much.
Gail D (Verified User)

I am currently trying the Right Size Smoothie and I like it. The Chocolate Moouse reduce is really good. I have found it to be filling and can feel the energy after about 10 minutes. Some what of a buzz feeling. In that case I get moving and either exercise or move about. The fullness last about 4 hours then I eat a meal. So far Im likeing this product!

  Cancel the order.
jacqueline johnnson

I need a number to call to cancel right size smoothie. Can not find a number

Tell me how to get the right size smoothie
Viola Walker

Tell me how to get the right size smoothie

Im a blood pressure meds, is it safe?

Im a blood pressure meds, is it safe?

Jacques (Editor)

Hi, Brenda. Please confirm with your doctor that this piece is safe for you.

I'm on pressure meds. Should I be taking this?
Tracey Sotne

This makes me a little nevorus because I’m on pressure meds. Should I be taking this?


I wouldn’t risk it!!!! I tried it and after only HALF a serving began getting dizzy and a headache, which lasted for hours. And I’m on low doses of BP meds.

  My wife and I have tried the rightsize smoothie and it appears to be working.
Charles Hendon (Verified User)

My wife and I have tried the rightsize smoothie and it appears to be working. I lost appropriately 20 pounds in 6 weeks. I was using the smoothie about 2 times a day. My wife has lost about 8 pounds. She used it only once a day. We exercise 3 to 4 days a week. It is a little expensive but I try it a little longer. Hopefully, I will continue to see a weight loss.

  working with side effect
Sharonette (Verified User)

I have been using Right Size Smoothie for 5 days, my start weight was 264lbs now 256.5 lbs.However, lots of gas and bowel movements.

any side effects?

i ordered right size and have had it for 3 weeks now i havent touched it because i have questions about the (appemine) and the side affects that it may give you if any. i consume chocolate on a daily basis and i will reduce the intake altogeather once i decide to start this shake.i use to work out 5 days a week any time of the day and i know that with that and lifestyle change what it will do for you,but since ive fallen off the wagon ive gained 60 unwanted pounds.now i will give this product a try,and because i want somthing to work for me and i can just go on with my daily activities and then some day soon get back into exercise because it just makes you feel good inside and out.but anyway wish me luck and i hope there is no kind of side affects from this product.



Jacques (Editor)

Right Size Smoothies are sold via the official website for $12.50

  didn't lose one pound.
Karen (Verified User)

I used your poduct and did just what it said and didn’t lose one pound. Too much money for a product that doesn’t word

Why do I need an access code when calling you 800 number?
Richard A. DeBeell

Why do I need an access code when calling you 800 number?

Jacques (Editor)

We’ve not encountered this with this country, yet. Were you able to reach them.

False charge

From a tv promotion, I ordered the free offer except for paying the the shipping and handling charges. I was assured I would not be billed any additional unless I contacted then and placed the order. The placed a a$100 pluis charge on my credit card that wasn’t appropriate. When I tried to call their 800 number- it only squealed like a fax number.

How can I buy the powdered form of right size?
Sandra Zeimet

How can I buy the powdered form of right size? It comes in a can of different flavors, such as slend-a- berry, chocolate, vanilla.

Jacques (Editor)

Please visit their official for more info.

   lost 2 pounds in 3 days
Steve (Verified User)

I received it on Tuesday, and started right away. It’s now Thursday p.m., I’m lost 2 pounds so far. I’m not exercising and don’t take a shake until I feel hungry. I last the remainder of the day without eating, until close to lunch the following day. Lets see how fares on the weekend…


Plus which, we are supposed to eat to stave off hunger, not go hungry as long as we can without losing consciousness!
Keep in mind, the very process of digestion actually uses up calories.
And google “muscle eats fat” if you want a reason to exercise.
Good Luck (and now go eat a normal meal, please!)


Dude, what you are describing is a starvation diet, and your metabolism will slow waaaaay down as a result. You will train your body to hang on to the weight if you continue like that, seriously. You have to eat minimum 3 squares a day, and adding in a snack (V8, low cal and SO good! or a pc. of fruit, etc.) or two snacks, will help more than the mode you are doing. And, sorry to say, you really can’t count the first 2lbs as “weight” loss; it’s undoubtedly water-loss, which does have to be lost, of course, but as soon as you eat normal again, the water–and its weight–will return.
Just move like 30 min 3 or 4 times a week (even 2×15 min 2x a day, on monday wednesday friday, for instance, if that’s all you can do) eventually you will do it 5x a week and see results if you eat 3 square meals a day with low fat low salt and gobs of veg and salad (low cal dressing). Like the others above have said, “use your brain!” And get a few minutes of walking in a day, and you will get results that will last.
Good Luck! (and thanks to everyone who posted here, as I now have decided to NOT order the FREE TRIAL, but might look for it next time I am at Wally World.)

do you have a numberi can call you is it the right size smoothies on the raido
marilyn ben ford

do you have a numberi can call you is it the right size smoothies on the raido

Jacques (Editor)

1-888-217-5259 it is likely the same from the radio.

I will just do it the old fashion way, eat healthy and exercise..
Winnie Green

I am so glad I read this before ordering. You all have save me from being taken advance of, from more Hocus Pocus..It’s all about geting people money and I am sick of it.I will just do it the old fashion way, eat healthy and exercise..
Thank You

Why am I being charged $150.00 for a can of smoothies. I only wanted the trial can.
Cynthia Carter

Why am I being charged $150.00 for a can of smoothies. I only wanted the trial can.

Jacques (Editor)

You should call the company using thee information on your package to settle this dispute.



Jacques (Editor)

Drink to your liking.

  Different Test by different ingredient
Bunianne (Verified User)

I bought the canister of vanilla Right Size…I mix one scoop with 8oz of 1% milk and 1/2 a banana and 6 ice cubes in the blender every morning for the past 3 weeks. I love the shakes they taste like a rich milk shake and I don’t get hungry all morning, I have a lite lunch at work maybe soup and celery for a snack, then a good dinner with protein and a vegetable. I have lost 9 pounds in the past 3 weeks with no excerizing. I plan to start walking and weights today. I will keep drinking them until I get the rest of my weight off another 25 pounds. For some people nothing works because they don’t cut back on what they are eating throughout the day plus you must move to burn the calories. You have to work at losing weight. I am doing the smoothies along with Weight Watcher points counting and I will be thin by spring. One note ref: the smoothies. I also bought the ready to drink bottles and they do not taste as good as the powder mix. Plus a bottle of right size contains only 14 oz. so one serving is only 7 oz. with the powder you get 8oz. Plus fruit mixed in really makes them good.


Try using a different fruit, do you know how many calories are in a banana—200!


I bought the cannister out of my local grocery store (Jewels). Besides substituting one meal a day, I have cut back on my calorie intake. At first I was doing only turkey meat and chicken breast… now Im using ground vege meat by morning star for everything. Cuts my fat and calories even more. During the month of January I lost over 10 pounds! And its not right size alone. Its my life style change. You can succeed at any diet…if you watch your calorie intake and snacks. Now in all honesty I have not worked out at all. I can just imagine what I would have lost had I worked out>!>!> Lets be honest with our selves… it can be right size weight watchers or who ever, if we dont change our thinking about how we eat and excercise… Nothing will work.


where do you live that has a grocey store by that name


Just an update to my last post I have now lost another 3 pounds so in one month I am down 12 pounds. I love these shakes…thing is it’s better to buy them at the store than order them on line…cheaper.

  I will never try the product again.
nurse13 (Verified User)

I tried the smoothies for one week; the first day, my hunger was satisfied for quite a few hours after drinking only half a bottle for breakfast. For the remainder of the week, the smoothies did not work to keep my hunger level down even after i drank a whole bottle to supplement a meal. Also, there is an incredible amount of sodium in one serving which caused me to retain fluids. i bought my smoothies at a popular drug store. I am glad I did not order through the company and then have to deal with customer service nightmares in trying to get my money back. I will never try the product again.

  i'm doing great
Kit (Verified User)

I bought 1 vanilla canister and only drink 2 shakes a week (usually on weekend mornings). Most of the time I drink whey protein shakes. I hate the flavor, but do not really have much against the product. I think people will fail if they follow the exact diet because you are depriving yoru body from things. I eat 3 meals a day, exercises 4 days a week and i’m doing great. Just use your brain.

  am very happy with the results
Catherine (Verified User)

I have been drinking Right Size Smoothie for 2 weeks now and am very happy the results. It is based a low glycemic index and does not contain much carbs or sugar. Some days I eat 2 meals and have 1 drink, or other days I have 2 drinks and 1 meal. I am active as well and do not sit around all day, so perhaps those who are unhappy with the product need to consider the purpose.


Catherine, Thank You. Started the product yesterday lost 3lbs. I had both chocolate and vanilla flavors great taste. I also tried the Right Size Lemonade great taste. When you find something that works for you just remember don’t quit, don’t give in to the negitivity of others, and,remember your goals. Not every diet program is for everybody. I’m proud of you for taking steps in the right direction for change.


Today I’m down 1.5 more lbs.


I think your full of it, besides lipo you cant lose 3 pounds in 24hrs, NOT POSSIBLE!! im starting to think the only positive comments on here are just sales people from the company. 4.5 pounds in 48 hrs equally as unbelievable. How much do you get paid to post these things on here? And how do you feel about yourself at the end of the day knowing you mislead someone into believing a lie? At least next time try to make it a little more believable.


Are you for real? Or are you an employee of the company? The second ingredient is sugar. What do you think sucrose is???????

  My daughter and I lost weight
Dee (Verified User)

My daughter and I began Right-Sized Smoothies on Jan. 4. We were told about the “extra” charges if we didn’t send back the additional product and cancel any future shipments, we did so immediately and had no problems with my account. We both have lost weight…me 7lbs. and her 5lbs. She doesn’t work out like I do, so maybe that has something to do with it. Right-Sized has worked for us.

Just purchased this product from Jewel Food Store for 21.00 (30 day supply). Haven't tried yet.

Just purchased this product from Jewel Food Store for 21.00 (30 day supply). Haven’t tried yet.

  I ordered the free trial and was never informed that my account was being debited $119
Molly (Verified User)

I ordered the free trial and was never informed that my account was being debited $119. Maybe I was mislead oy just maybe I didn’t hear correctly. Either way when asked to send back the unopened canister they would not take it because it was beyond the 14 day trial period? Nice customer service. Also the product gave me an incredible amount of gas and going to the lady’s room 10 times a day is crazy. Please don’t buy this product, it does not work!!!!!!!


I got my order yesterday. I tried it for the first time today for lunch. I have had gas all afternoon. Yipes! Does anyone know whether this is this usual and when does it end?

cant suceed with making my order, been with-in the first couple orders but cant get past that stupid ans mach.
patty corday

cant suceed with making my order, been with-in the first couple orders but cant get past that stupid ans mach.

Couldn't you get the same type of program just using Slim Fast?...it's way less expensive

Couldn’t you get the same type of program just using Slim Fast?…it’s way less expensive

Jacques (Editor)

What do you mean by program, Bethany? Each product comes with specialized programs developed by the manufacturers for dieters.

Just ordered it to try it out

Just ordered it to try it out…the customer service # they gave me is 1-888-217-5259. The # I used to order the smoothies was 1-800-595-4959.

Is this smoothies alright for PEOPLE WITH HEART PROBLEMS ?
Donnie Sprinkle

Is this smoothies alright for PEOPLE WITH HEART PROBLEMS ?

Jacques (Editor)

Donnie, you should discuss your weight loss options with your doctor to assess your risk and options.



Hello I was wondering if you would need to take it and then that would be your meal or eat and then take it.
Olivia Medeiros

Hello I was wondering if you would need to take it and then that would be your meal or eat and then take it.

Jacques (Editor)

Olivia, each container provides 20 servings or enough to get through 10 days, using it twice daily. You can mix and go, one benefit.

  Trying to get your money back was a nightmear they charged me twice.
Lesa Howarth (Verified User)

Trying to get your money back was a nightmear they charged me twice. Said they would refund in 7 to 10 days and then charged me again. I have never had this much trouble then they sold my # to a marketing group that keeps call me and they have my credit card # that has been canceled. I wasn’t happy with the smoothys but did like the supplements but you can bet I won’t be ordering them

I havent tryed it yet but im going to try it
Jessica Warren

I havent tryed it yet but im going to try it i see all these comments but one sounds great I mean some ppl just cant do this diet and im trying to lose 30 los so i”m going to try it and come back on here to tell you my results

  this product is TERRIBLE
sarah (Verified User)

this product is TERRIBLE!!!!!! worst customer service. they CHARGE you more than you agree to. AWFUL! AWFUL! AWFUL!!!

  I would NOT EVER recommend this product.
Jen (Verified User)

Ok everybody, I don’t want to burst your bubble, but I purchased 2 canisters of right size smoothies a few months back. Followed the guidelines, replacing meals with a smoothie and I saw no improvement during the whole time I was using right size. I used both canisters and followed the guidelines correctly only to find out my weight had stayed the same. After right size, I gained even more weight from feeling like I was starved the whole time I was using it. I have been very disappointed with the product and even more so with their customer service. I would rather be at the DMV all day then call these people again! All in all, the smoothies were a waste of my money, my time, and my effort! I would NOT EVER recommend this product. If you want weight loss fast, and do not have the time to excercise everyday, right size smoothie is not a good choice at all.


If it didn’t work you did not follow the directions. I used the Berry and mixed it with light lemonade. The light lemonade contains five calories can’t remember what the powder contained. Ate a sensible meal and I lost weight. The only way not to lose weight using this is to eat too much or mix the powder with a high calorie liquid.

Chandra C.

I definitely agree with you. I use soymilk for my smoothies (80 calories, meh, but no saturated fat or any fat like some normal milk has), but sometimes diets work for certain people and not for others. 🙂 As for the lemonade idea, I might try that!

  I have been using right size smooties for about 2 months i have lost about 15lbs
torrance20 (Verified User)

I have been using right size smooties for about 2 months i have lost about 15lbs but am also exerciseing. My dinners are not the best but they do keep me full & I eat a snack like they suggest. nuts or pretzels. lots of water. but exercise is the key! the choc taste awesome! I hate the premade ones!

where is my product?
rita simon

where is my product order two weeks ago what is customer service number ?

Jacques (Editor)


Which stores carry the Right Size Smoothie Drinks
Cathy Socha

Which stores carry the Right Size Smoothie Drinks, and also in which part of the aisle of the store do they carry this product?


Hi Cathy, the retail distributors are listed on the RightSize smoothie site.

What is your return policy?
Pat Despain (Verified User)

1/16/10 – Have a peptic ulcer & am quite nauseated after I drink a smoothie (as directed). Rec’d 3 lge containers, have opened all 3 2 try diff. flavors. Doc says it is probably the appemine causing my nausea. What is your return policy (rec’d about 2 wks ago)

Jacques (Editor)

They have a 100% money back guarantee for 30 days.

If I take Seroquel 100mg once daily, Celexa 40mg 2 daily, and Xanax 0.25 mg 2 daily, will this make me more nervous?

I am on various medication for my nerves. Seroquel 100mg once daily, Celexa 40mg 2 daily, and Xanax 0.25 mg 2 daily. I need to know if this will make me more nervous.


YES, YES, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!


don’t do it

I placed an order and still has not arrived.
Julia Kimura

I placed an order and still has not arrived.

I would like to try right size smoothies on a free trial

I would like to try right size smoothies on a free trial

What is the customer service telephone number?
Virgil Perisee

What is the customer service telephone number…I want to cancel mu order. The automatic service wnted to send me all the added products without my approval.

Jacques (Editor)


  They told me that they don't automatically charge your card, but they do
Shelley Lucas (Verified User)

I ordered the trial from the radio ad that I heard. I’m irritated to find that I have to pay $119 if I don’t send back the second cannister. They told me that they don’t automatically charge your card, but they do. I have been using it to replace two meals a day for over two weeks now, and it has surprisingly worked to decrease my appetite. I’m not hungry anymore. However, eating one meal a day causes your body to go into starvation mode and store everything you eat. So I haven’t lost much weight. I went from 142 to 136.

Does Right Size Smoothies have any retail locations?
Peter F

Does Right Size Smoothies have any retail locations?


Peter I have found RightSize Smootie powder at my drug store and at Albertsons in the pharmacy area with the protein powder and other protein products.

Burn more calories then you eat and don't waste money on yo yo diets

are you all nuts the only thing that really works is proper diet and excercise Burn more calories then you eat and don’t waste money on yo yo diets they only work for a short time because of the loss of water weight and less calories


Ruth you need not have replyed.You are a damper on peoples spirit that need that extra help.Next time keep your thoughts to yourself.


ruth if we’re all nuts, what are you doing on this site? riddle me that weight-loss preacher.


There are also others with slow metabolism and a very busy life style and genetic makeup to be overweight. It is a fact about genetics.


Ruth honest sometimes one needs a jump start for motivation. Yes eating right form the inception would have made it so one would not have to do this, but come on life happens.



  So good with me
Kesha Andrews (Verified User)

i purchased right size smoothie 2weeks ago so far so good with me. Me and other diet products seem to never workout but them one seems to help me out with eating.

I just purchase a 4 pk include 4
ash31 (Verified User)

I just purchase a 4 pk include 4 (14oz ready to go shake from a local supermarket for $7.99. The chocolate is pretty good.


I want to know also


Hey do you mind me asking which supermarket you purchased your smoothies from, please? Thanks


I picked them up at publix on clearance for $5.00 for a 4 pack.

I would like to try them too
cynthia green

I would like to try them too. I excercise every day at least 30 min on the treadmill
at least 14 mi a week I run
My hope is that with diet and excerise i can lose weight
and keep it off.

saw it on tv im hoping it works

saw it on tv im hoping it works

I don't want to be ripped off paying for a product that I will not receive

I would like to order this right size smoothie but after reading some of the reviews about being nilled and no supply received yet, things like this scares me. I don’t want to be ripped off paying for a product that I will not receive. Please let me know if it is just an misunderstanding. Thanks

Jessica Warren

to be honest Char you have to do things and try for yourself thats how I feel about the situation i mean what all diets you have to exercise you cant expect the weight to come off in your not doing anything



my card has been billed but no product yet.

I ordered the right size smoothies anxious to get started, my card has been billed but no product yet.
how long do it take after you accept my money? don’t want to loose interest in the product. Please let me know.


Mine arrived at my door in 5 days..they email you a tracking number.


Mine took 5 days to ship.

I am a diabetic i need to lose 70 ibl
Gloria Dillard

I am a diabetic i need to lose 70 ibl. I see Fructose high on the ingredients list. That’s sugar. do you have this drink as sugur free for diabetics if so i will order to day in need to get started a.s.a.p.

Jacques (Editor)

We don’t see any sugar free options at the time of this review. Browse our reviews or consult your doctor for alternatives.

  I was very disappointed

I caved and ordered the Smoothies. I was told I had to cover the S&H of $18.00 and the return of the second can they send. If I do not return the second can I will be charged $119.00 per month. I was very disappointed to see fructose as the 2nd ingredient. But I will give it a try and see if I can boost a 10 lb. loss.


I ordered and paid the $18. I called and cancelled. (I just wanted the free stuff) They did not charge my CC. They give you 10 days to ship the other container back and if I had wanted the other container I could have gotten it for $59 half the original price. So if you like it and want to keep it, call to cancel and let them reduce the price. It seems to reduce my appetite. You still have to work out and watch what you eat but it helps to jumpstart your diet.

i would like the 2 week supply for free that you are talking about on the radio.
kathy wyse

i would like the 2 week supply for free that you are talking about on the radio.

I will see if they work

I have ordered the free right size smoothies i should be receiving them tomorrow. I had to pay for shipping but otherwise there were no charge. I will see if they work


Thankyou so much for that information


Their website clearly states it on there not sure if you checked the website or not.


I’ve been using the product for a few weeks now. And it does really work in supressing my appetite. Make sure you drink the eight ounces or more water right after you drink your smoothie. The first time I tried it I had a shake for breakfast. It was well past 3:00 pm before I realized I hadn’t eaten anything. I wouldn’t recommend waiting that long to eat but it shows you how well it works. I now have a shake for breakfast and one for lunch and eat a regular dinner. I did not weigh myself before I started so I can’t say how much weight I’ve lost, but I can say my clothes that were really tight are now really loose fitting. I’m going to continue with this because it’s working for me.


I just ordered it off the radio, yah, they had the usually try this too lines. BUt I ordered it late Staurday night and I got it Wednesday early morning. It is SUPER sweet tasting, I do fill full, but we will see how the days go. I just want to start feeling right in my skin again, and shakes kinda force you to ake right meal choices. I would not use it as a long time fix, just a kickstart to whatever program works for you.


Molly acai berry is the same way. You get the trial bottle 1 day before the two weeks is up and then they charge you $89. and there is no return policy. And it did not work at all. I hope the smoothies work. Wish me luck.



I also fell for the Acai scarcmnybx-t. The difference being I never received anything. Not even the trial size and was billed the $89. I ended up disputed the cahrge with my bank and I was reimbursed the monies


as usual another gimmik

My credit card was billed for your product and i never recieved the smoothies please contact me at 901-462-1006. thanks for your cooperation
mishelle mayes cleveland

my credit card was billed for your product and i never recieved the smoothies please contact me at 901-462-1006. thanks for your cooperation

can they be purchased in a target or walmart
cathy coe

can they be purchased in a target or walmart


Just wanted to let you know that I purchased my right size smoothies in CVS!! Chocolate and vanilla.. good luck!


I purchased a 20 serving container from CVS for $35. I used it for the first time today. I was hungry when I got up. I had a shake for breakfast and I will tell you I was still hungry after I finished it plus a 20oz bottle of water. But after the second one for lunch plus 32oz of water I feel ok. I had a few chips with my daughter but not as many as I would have had. I’m gonna have one of those new healthy choice meals for dinner. I weighed in this morning at 195.6. Let’s see if there is any difference next Tuesday.


Hello, I am very interested in purchasing this. How has the weight loss been since the months of using the product?


How did you do on the right size smoothie diet you started in February?? Starting myself tomorrow, just about 195.6 lbs now.


I am trying the “free trial” as well. The hard part for me is finding a combination of either morning and night or afternoon and morning that work for me and that I can commit to. When I get home in the evening I really want dinner and it’s difficult to turn down so I have my weak moments. Right now I have a smoothie for for breakfast and for lunch I will have a smartone or lean cuisine and grapes which makes the evenings a bit easier to manage. I find that I am full with the smoothie as long as I add the ice cubes and i also use the pill supplements. I hope this works.


sabrian, If i were you, i would cancel your membership before the 14 days are up. This company has alot of complaints. Just read through the reviews on this page. The BBB has been called on them several times. The radio station froggie 101.3 needs to know they are advertising something that is not good for thier image.


I just tried Rightsize Smoothies. Used one yesterday and one so far today. I will try to replace breakfast and lunch as I had done with other meal replacements that worked well.

In the package, which was a free trial (that cost $18.18 for shipping along with the shaker, sample vitamins with Appamine and appetite suppressants with Appamine)were 2 containers of the powdered product. One was to be used and if you were not satisfied before 14 days were up you were to notify the company and they are to send you a return authorization and not charge your credit card for the $80 or so you have to agree to put on your card if you keep the product. You get 14 days for the trial but you get what is supposed to be a 30 day supply which you can keep even if you cancel membership.

The product tastes good (like a cocoa malt) but as far as weight loss goes I can’t say. You get some discount coupons for CVS Pharmacy where it is sold in two flavors as powders or prepared drinks. They are on the CVS sight and sell for about $40 a container that is supposed to be a 30 day supply and less for the prepared drinks. There is a greater choice through the company.

The initial phone call for the (not-so)free trail is confusing with all sorts of gimmicks to try to get you to buy more and agree to spend more so you can get discounts for life and other deals. I stayed with basic package and I hope they keep their word about not charging you during the trial period. During the call just keep saying no to other offers. I’m guessing you can always get back to them and get the deals if you are happy with the products.

please email me
myrtle burns

please email me

Very interested in trying Right Size Smoothie
Richelle shippen

Very interested in trying Right Size Smoothie

Does the right size smoothie really work?

I want to try this product but what I have read about the pro’s and con’s not sure if I should waste my money? I have tried alot of diets and none of them work for me? Does the right size smoothie really work?


Hi. I don’t know about everybody else but when I started using right size smoothie I was 154 pounds. I’m now down to 149 but I also workout and watch my calorie intake. The smoothie make me feel very full so that helps a lot. Good luck if you decide to try it.


Hi Tamara,
Yeah I am proud you lost weight. As a person that has always worked within her limits to loosing weight. I would like to tell you, you worked out and watched your calorie intake is what it takes to loose weight. Not the shake. Keep up the good work.

LOUISE BARGER (Verified User)





Ive heard water is good.


A store called whole foods sells a great diabetic friendly soda called zevia. They have a great root beer. =)

John Long

I am a insulin Type 1 Diabetic, you choices are, filtered water, Kool-aid with Splenda, tea with Splendia, real lemonade with splendia, and coffee with splendia.

Water is the by far better. I wish you luck, eat less than 60 grams of carbs per meal and exerside 4 x 30 minutes per week. Heart rate increase 25% from resting rate.


I knew a diabetic who alwasys used crystal light

  Never tried Right Size Smoothies but I find the radio ad quite annoying
Marlene (Verified User)

Never tried Right Size Smoothies but I find the radio ad quite annoying. The testimonial is from a woman with a speech impediment who sounds uneducated. I see Fructose high on the ingredients list. That’s sugar. Sucralose is artificial sweetner. Fructose can induce hunger. I have my doubts about the credibility of this product.


You are so right about the commercial. It would be nice to have that lady replaced as she is not a good fit for the commercial. Her language and speech are deadly awful.


I will agree with Marlene the womans sounds uneducated and her voice is annoying as hell.
The commerical is awful where did they find this lady to speak for a product for them.


I’m with you Marlene … I absolutely hate tht commercial. Her manner of speach and what she’s saying is really bad. Everytime I hear that stupid commercial I thing ‘this woman is a complete dolt’ Weight loss is very hard work…Right Size Smoothies makes it look so easy NOT

Like to try the free trial
Denise Morris

i would like to try the free trial to lose weight a.s.a.p.

miss Jay

get some diet tea, drink it hot along with hot water with lemons three times a day. Eat fruits and vegetables NO MEAT. and you will see results a.s.a.p. and unlimitly.


Amen, do not waste your $$$ thanks miss jay


Unless you were born a cow, then you do have teeth for tearing and ripping, they are called incisors and canine teeth. I have nothing against avoiding meat, but you will need to replace the proteins or risk having your body eat muscle and tissue. Anything under 1200 calories a day will cause dire effects on your body. Take your weight in pounds and multiply times .37, that will give you the grams of protien your body needs each day for fuel. Well balanced diet and correct portions are the best bet. If there was a majic powder or pill for weight loss then it would be on the news 24/7.


Not eating meat is not a good idea to follow! By not eating meat you do not get the proper enzymes vitamins and proteins to stay healthy. but if you must, take some pills to replace what you will not be eating.


I’m not a vegetarian but I disagree with your assessment that humans can’t quit eating meat. The fact is that we were not meant to eat meat (our teeth are made for chewing not tearing). As far as the proteins and enzymes that we need you are correct, you would have to supplement your diet to include everything a human body needs to function adequately.

Isabella Nita Reid

I agree with you!

  Order for the first time
Jack Mowatt (Verified User)

Order first time and was told a shaker would be included. None was in the package. Going to try it anyway but would be nice to take on trips.


I just purchased 20 containers of the chocolate right sized smoothies…thats 400 servings I saved over $1,000 dollars…$4.00 a container…hope it works.


where did you find them for $4.00 a container?

marjorie Johnson

where did you find then for $4.00 a container?


I’ve been using these for a few months and love them! I buy the canisters and use morning and night and have been successful in keeping the pounds off and have lost a little weight as well. I would lose more but honestly once I’m home with the kids and husband nights and weekends I eat what they eat. 🙂

Barbara Ann

I Concure with those of you who’ve tried Right Size smoothies. This is my first time using this product, and I must say it’s working for me. My favorite is the Berry Man-a-low. I’m seeing a big difference in my clothes and so is my husband. I take a shake in the morning, and afternoon I eat a salad, or fish with vegetables or even a piece of baked/grilled chicken breast. At 8PM I have a shake and this curves my appetite for approximately 6 hours. If by chance i get hungry, I’ll have a cuke or fruit. And I must say this helps me. Everyone is different, for some it works and for others it doesn’t. I just recently ordered some more from customer service… They were very nice and friendly. Now I know there will be someone, you may encounter that are rude. But the person I delt with, was very curteous. I thank the company for making such a wonderful product.


I have been using Right Size for a few weeks and I love it. I add fresh fruit to the vanilla and berry ones and it is only 150 calories. I have lost apprx 6 lbs so that is great for me. Great tasting and it really has helped me cut down on carbs, my love. The customer service were very helpful and friendly, when I didn’t get my shaker, I called and they sent it to me within 4 days. I am at the end of my containers and will reorder.


Cathy I am with you. I do the same thing, drink one in the morning, but when I get home whatever I cook for the family I end up eating too.

  We did this for 3 months. No weight loss at all
Tammy F (Verified User)

My husband and I both tried the right size smoothies. I replaced breakfast and dinner and had salad for lunch. My husband replaced breakfast. We did this for 3 months. No weight loss at all. Also the customer service is awful. When I questioned what one rep said which was the opposite of another rep….she hung up on me. Run from this product.


How is that thier fault? It’s not a trial when you decide to start it. It’s a trail when you order it. cmon people get real.


Omg! Thank you for the info. I was really going to try the Right Size Smoothies, but after what you have provided…I WILL RUN!


These People at customer service are a nightmare… rude… very very rude & then they dont even let you talk and then they hang up on you.. when you call your on hold forever….sarcastic.. ugh….!!! Do not buy this product…. you will not be happy at all & customer services will piss the F*# outta ya…. they are sooo not worth it…


All these fat lazy ass ppl… when will you realize that exercise HAS TO BE INCLUDED in ANY effort to lose weight. You aren’t going to lose weight sitting on your ass and drinking a smoothie. The smoothie is an addition/partner to your weight loss plan. If you want results you have to work for it.. PERIOD


I agree – Everybody is always looking for a microwaveable weight loss. You have to invest in your health and that means get up off the couch and pull away from the table. Go walking that’s easy, Zumba classes or find some music you like and dance by yourself. You did not put the weight on over night so do not expect to lose fifty pounds in two weeks.

you insensitive prick

some of these so called lazy fat assed people are that way due to immobility you pompous douche canoe! I worked for 3 years as a fitness and nutritional specialist! some people are not lazy they are simply too overweight to implement any type of healthy exercise into their daily regimine! Things like smoothies can and do in my experience help individuals over the course of 2 or 3 months get to the capacity in their weight loss journey to where they can implement a daily walk and increase their time spent with moderate exercise each day until it becomes a healthy reoccuring habit. Someone who has continuously lived with their head up their ass their entire life and knows nothing of the effects and mental defeats of obesity wouldn’t understand nor have the intelligence to comprehend. I’ve lived on both ends of the spectrum. I’ve been thin, fat and thin again and I totally understand the damning effects of obesity not only on the body but the mind too. Obese people get to the point of despiration and are willing to try anything just to be able to lose a little bit to get to a comfortable point in exercise. Having twatnozzles like you continuously put them down and call them lazy when you have no effing clue the effort it takes to get out of the bathtub, wipe their arse or shave their legs, it continuously defeats them and makes them feel like even if they lose 10% of their body weight, what’s it matter because asshats like you are still going to make rude comments at the fast food counter or grocery store. Until you understand someone’s struggles, please keep your feet out of your mouth and your head out of your ass!


This is an awful product and even worse company. I should have sent it back after the trial offer, but didn’t. I ended up eating the cost and chalked it up to experience. Anyway, forgot about it until my credit card got dinged for $103; when I called the company they said I was on “auto-renew” and a box of this crap was waiting for me at the post office. Now get this, if I send it back to them (on my dime) they would refund me $89. Hey, how about this: you pay to ship it back and give me my $103 back!!! I guess I’ll see them in court. Never, ever, deal with these bastards!


I order Right size smoothies over the phone .they told me it would take 7 to 8 day for shipping I have not receive it yet who do i get in touch with

LOL @ all the haters

Ok,I have and am still using Right Size Smoothies. I prefer the powder to the ready-to-drink tho. But seriously,been using it for about a month now and I have lost around 30 pounds. I no longer crave junk food. No candy,no potato chips. I crave things like fruits & vegtables instead. I have a jar of mini candy bars that I’m about to throw away because I just don’t want them. I haven’t even bought potato chips in a month. I was a COMPLETE junkfood-a-holic. But not anymore.
I buy my Right Size Smoothie mix from a retail store,NOT the website.

Yeah Right!

I could understand if you said you lost 20 pounds in a month but 30, and I have tasted the shake it doesn’t replace my cravings for other food. I think you must work for the company? Let’s be realistic, this product will work as long as you eat a proper diet and exercise, of course you can loose weight simply by taking a multi-vitamin, exercise, proper eating habits and calorie counting which is what this program says you need along side using this diet. I can purchase protien and fiber supplements as well and have the same result, it is all about how diciplined you are and how bad you want it no product can offer or replace what you are suppose to do in the first place but if you don’t have the time to go to a store like Sunflower, Wild Oats, or Vitamin Cottage to purchase the required dietary material than this can help fill in for the protein, and fiber and you simply can purchase a good multi, eat a lot of green veggies, exercise atleast four time a seven day week. Drink lots of water which helps with hunger, as well as almonds, apple cider vinegar, acai, or what ever you find on the internet or library which works for you. and a strong will.


Thanks for not letting waste my money and time thanks again,,


This is a total waste. Although they are tasty, they are not at all what they are advertised and the customer service is AWFUL!!!!!!!

jenny paterson

Maybe it works well for some people though. I can’t believe all the negative reviews. I was desparate and started the 2 shakes a day back in May 2010. It’s now January 2011, and I am almost 80 pounds less. (from 230) It works for me. I DO NOT work for the company; I’m just a regular person. BTW, it is WAY cheaper if you purchase at CVS instead of online.
Hope that helps someone.


That’s awesome ! I also lost 115 lbs on adepex but have since gained 20 lbs back , so I’m thinking of trying something else


thank you , this review really helped. CVS here i come!!


That is fantastic. Keep up the good work. Seem to be a struggle for you at first but you seem to be doing well. You go girl.


yep way cheaper @cvs


That’s what I thought when I ordered it from them the first time, but it’s a smaller container..


thanks!! because i just got my order delivered today. I hate wasting money 🙂

Mary Campbell

I asked for the free Trial size and was sent and charged for 3 cans of right size smoothie. Then a couple of months later, I was sent 2 more cans. I did not lose any weight and was charged all that money that I did not have.


I ordered the trial only, which was advertised for free with free shipping if you were one of the first 100 to respond. I ended up with a charge of almost $19.00 on credit card and got my order which contained two 20 serving containers, it stated that if I did not reply or send anything back within the two weeks my credit card would be charged $119.00. WHAT>>> I never agreed to that. Called the day I received my order and got return authorization #. I feel that this product is totally misrepresented and am very upset. Do not recommend this company’s ethics.


What number do u call to cancel


Cancellation number that is in the kit I just received is 1-888-217-5259


Thank you so much I have been interested in this product for a long time. Now I Know not to buy it.


Have been on this for 12 days and I have lost not weight. I plan to send it back ASAP


I know that this statement is untrue I used right size for 3 months and exercised and lost 15lbs. I usually can’t loose by exercise alone. My body also doesn’t go into starvation mode by eating less than 1,000 calories. I also believe that everyones body responds to chemicals and the lack of those chemicals differently. What I would advise is try it for yourself and quit listening to others, only you know what works for YOU. Happy losing!

curley robinsons

I think what you have stated here is so true my friens has been losing weight off right size shake and she is over 300 pounds and she has lost 20 pounds off this now she is 280 pounds she works out at how a little everyday and watch what she eats for dinner she is doing just fine I also started the diet today and i’ll see how it works for myself. wish me luck!

Not so "Right Size"

Taste is horrible (Leano Cappuccino).. grainy and chalky, leaves after-taste!! No matter what you add (banana, yogurt, etc.); as per cust. service suggestions; which, by the way, if you are continuously adding more food to this “smoothie” how can you possibly be reducing calorie intake? Messed with my blood sugar so bad; was shaky, headache, nausea…terrible feeling. Don’t waste your money- $119 for nothing different then what is already on the market. Getting my money back!!


you are so right. this rightsize smoothie mess is a big LIE! And I WONT MY MONEY BACK!!!!!


Ok, each serving of the smoothie contains 100 calories. Two servings = 200 calories. What kind of salad were you eating? Taco salad?

I haven’t tried Right Size, but if you were actually able to consume less than 1200 to 1300 calories/day, how could you NOT lose weight?


I agree with u 100%. Some people look for the product to do all the work. NO!!! U have to do your part as well. I lost over 130 lbs on my own just cutting back and hitting the gym. You have to do your part with any diet.

Best wishes to u all 🙂


So true.. How can you not lose weight if your only intake less then 500 calories a day… clearly it works to suppress your appetite bc no one said they were hungry…. Im trying it


I agree, although the customer service may have been horrible. How could you not lose weight eating 1200 calories/day? If ate less than 1200 calories/day maybe there’s your problem.


I agree!!! You have to exercise with this too like with any other diet. It worked for me and Im buying more!


Eating too few calories can be the start of a vicious cycle that causes diet distress. When you cut your calories so low that your metabolism slows and you stop losing weight, you probably will become frustrated that your efforts are not paying off. This can lead you to overeat and ultimately gain weight.


Great point, no way you replace two meals a day with this smoothie, and not lose weight, unless your’e drinking 3 or 4 smoothie at a time.


hahahaha that’s super funny lol


Because eating less than 1000 calories/day actually sends the body into starvation mode so you are more likely to gain, rather than lose, weight. To truly lose weight, the average person should drop between 600-800 calories from their average diet, and never go below 1200-1600 (fluctuations due daily changes) for long term.


people who take in less calories lose weight. If you don’t take in anything you can’t gain weight. That’s why we watch prisoners who refuse to eat their lunch and dinner because it’s not cooked according to their religion. they all eat breakfast, they all skip lunch and dinner and they all lose weight. No starvation mode nonsense. If you ate 1/4 of a lb. of food a day could you gain more than 1/4 of a lb.? No. I specialize in eating disorders within federal and state prisons all over the USA. It’s simple, don’t put it in your mouth and you lose weight, never gain weight. Some women prisoners have a 800 calorie a day intake and shed pounds daily. others eat enough for 4 and gain weight.

former right size rep

thats funny. I worked for the company who handles right size sales and customer service. They are terriable. They dont care what they have to do to save a sale. cs makes commision off of saved sales and the sales agents are monitored my their sups and if there not hard enough or pushey enough they would be fired. That place is suck a joke. They handle other products as well. So when you cann your not calling “right size” your callin a small little call center in NY. Good luck to all. I have tried right size myself and it tastes great but didnt work for me. Again good luck!!


hHi Former rightside smoothie rep. I am trying to return some products. The lady I talked on the phone said that the return address is :

But on the label from where I received the product it has 41 Canal Street. Can u tell which one is right? Because if I spend my money to send it back to them I want it to get there. They should have a return label. Thank u in advance : )

annette west


Karen Customer

wow. thanks Tammy F for your comment review. When are companies these days going to realize that customer service is IMPORTANT. I run from companies with poor customer service experience, and I run complaining to the supervisors/managers, and it’s BYE BYE poor service to another company with GOOD customer service. I don’t want to put up with one fraction of an ounce anymore of BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE !!!


Thanks for having me not waste my money!

Ms. T

You are so right. The Reps on that customer service tel @# are very rude. They are no very knowledgable about the products that they are trying to sell. I called the Beter Business and report them. I also ship my order back to them and told them to DRINK IT


Mrs. T, YOU ROCK!! That’s awesome!


Oh thank goodness someone called the better business bureau!!!
Classic case of caveat emptor, though you are right, the ignorant customer service people, having no personal honor, have and I quote,”no problem sleeping at night” over supporting a product whose main active ingrediants are sugar (hidden as corn syrup solids and fructose) and caffein, both not worth the $60/can – if you make it through the ponderous recorded sales pitches and manage to opt out of continued shippings!


I found mine at CVS and it wasn’t anywhere near $60. I think it was about $25 or so. Have only drank it a couple times and will most likely finish out the tub. I can say one positive thing about it though. It sure makes you poop, doesn’t it? :O) Maybe that’s how it works! I just joined Weight Watchers and will probably stick with it until I die this time. It is truly the best way to stay on track and heat healthy. Good luck everyone!!


can anybody give me the number to cancel this product. i tried to write it down but the rep. was going to fast and she only said it once..how rude..thank you..


I just ordered and cncelled this productin the same hour after reading all the negative and few positive comments. Customer service, Ashley #4778, was very courteous and just asked why I changed my mind. Maybe if you are planning to cancel this product you should mention all the negative customer service comments and they will be more respectful.

Ms. L

the number to call and cancel 1-888-217-5259. They’re eastern time zone. 8-5 M-F, 9-1 Sat.


I had my doubts when I heard the radio ad stating the woman lost 12 pounds in a week. Anyone can loose 10 pounds in a week if they have excess water weight. Doesn’t mean you have lost that much weight. When something sounds to good to be true that usually means it is.


I tried right size smoothies and I liked it and I lost 20lbs in about three weeks. It works and the shakes were great and tasty and I would recommend it, as a matter of fact, I am ordering more because I want to lose more weight. I would definitely recommend to anyone. They do help control your appetite.

LeeAnn Lowe

Lost my info on how to mix the shakes please help.


I happy to heard something positive about the product!!!It sounds like nobody like this product:(


it sure does I tried it too and it does control your appetite and I lost weigh too


thanks for the INFO.