Updated: 01/15/2018

Rockin Body Review - 6 Things You Need to Know


This Rockin Body review is what happened after I obsessed for weeks over this product. We scoured the internet for details on the workouts, side effects, customer service and supportive research. There were also hundreds of comments to take into consideration. Finally, we narrowed it all down to give you the bottom line.

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What is Rockin Body Workout?

To start with, Rockin Body is a workout DVD from Shaun T and Beachbody. It is one of the older programs, so the price is not as steep as others from the company. There are seven dance sets on two DVDs. It looks like this one is geared more toward the beginner rather than advanced.

Beachbody is behind Rockin Body. It is sold on the official website and Amazon. You’ll find both positive and negative reviews, so you should take both into consideration when making a decision. We like that a modifier is offered, and the price is right, but read on…

Poor Quality – “What Are You Saying?”

The first thing we noticed repeated in one Shaun T Rockin Body review after another was about the audio quality. “Beachbody is a huge company so you’d expect to get a good product for your money,” explains our Research Editor. “What surprised us is that hundreds of comments talk about how difficult it is to hear Shaun T and the music.”

“I don’t want to give this any stars because I really don’t feel it deserves any. The quality of the video is awful and you can barely hear what anyone is saying,” one buyer revealed.

A second customer agreed, “The sound quality is awful. It literally sounds like it is a pirate copy or something of the sort.”

Quality did not appear to be a problem for all customers.

As one buyer said, “The quality of the video is good.”

We also found a review that claimed, “I received Shaun T’s Rockin Body and I was more than satisfied with my purchase. The quality of the item and the content in the item.”

Boredom – “Do You Even Want to Continue?”

A dance program has to drive you to keep moving. There needs to be some excitement involved. With the Rockin Body workout, some people felt boredom was more like it.

“What you actually exercise to is a continuous generic disco beat. The dance moves are pretty good and easy to learn, but the same beat over and over makes you feel bored,” one follower said.

Another Rockin Body review offered the same experience, “The music is too quiet and not that upbeat; as soon as I started, I got bored.”

As is the case most of the time, there are reviews on the other side of the fence.

One said, “The music is all up beat and keeps me motivated.”

A customer who felt similarly offered, “Fun and motivating, even for mid-lifers.”

We have years of research behind us, and much of it comes to the same conclusion. It’s often the smallest of things, like boring music, that can ruin any chance of long-term success. If Rockin Body workouts don’t keep you engaged and wanting to move, there’s little chance you’ll stick with it.

The Science – “Has Research Backed Rockin Body?”

No, there’s no dedicated research supporting claims that Rockin Body Shaun T will help you burn upwards of 1500 calories a day. Without specific scientific testing, there’s no way to determine just how many you’ve burned. We do know exercise is a critical part of a weight-loss program, but this dance DVD is not any better than a thousand other workouts available today.

What Users Are Saying

"”It was ok. But jumping in fast pace after 1 minute of slow instruction is just too much. Slow down Shaun t.”"

"”Fun workout. Takes a couple of times to get the routine down but stick with it!”"

"”Fun and entertaining workout!”"

The Bottom Line – Do Rockin Body WorkoutsWork?

Is it time to head over to the Beachbody website to pick up Rockin Body workouts? We like that you will notice changes to your body if you work the program and push yourself harder each time you workout. But, we are hesitant to say this Shaun T dance series is any better than walking briskly for an hour a day or hitting the pool for some laps. The complaints about boring music and poor quality are also concerning.

You undoubtedly have to add exercise to your life if you want to lose weight and keep it off, but you can do more. We suggest checking into a supplement that’s backed by research that shows it can help boost metabolism, so you burn more calories.

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Rockin Body

What are the ingredients in Rockin Body?

There are 2 DVDs that feature 7 workouts which includes 2 bonus workouts, My Quickstart Guide, Never “Diet” Again Guide, 3-Day SlimDown Plan and a Party Guide.

What are the side effects of Rockin Body?

There aren’t any side effects associated with Rockin Body accept for the chance to lose weight and burn up to 1,500 calories per day.

How do I know if Rockin Body is right for me?

Choosing the right product is the #1 question asked by DietSpotlight readers. We recommend trying any product before buying it and know that finding a product with a sample offer is near impossible - so we created our own product, Burn HD, with scientifically backed ingredients.

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Does Rockin Body work?

Yes. Rockin Body works if you follow the instructions properly.

What is the price of Rockin Body?

Rockin Body costs $19.95 with the option for free express shipping on the www.beachbody.com website.

Where can I buy Rockin Body?

You can purchase Rockin Body online at www.beachbody.com and on Amazon.com (prices may vary)

How Should I take Rockin Body?

Watch the DVDs and follow the instructions.

How do I contact Rockin Body customer service?

You can contact Rockin Body customer service at 1 (800) 996-2819.

Can I return Rockin Body?

Yes. Rockin Body has a 60-day money-back guarantee.

What are the most common complaints about Rockin Body?

Audio issues on the DVD is the most common complaint.


Previous Rockin Body Review (Updated August 16, 2013):

What You Should Know About Rockin Body

The Rockin Body workout DVDs are manufactured by the company Beachbody which was founded in 1998. There is a detailed official website for the Rockin Body DVDs, and they can be ordered directly on line or from a telephone order line. We are told that they were created by Shaun T.


There are no ingredients Rockin Body is a range of work out DVDs.

Product Features

The official website for Rockin Body Workout tells us that two Rockin Body DVDs can be purchased with three payments of $19.95. We are told that the two Rockin Body DVDs contain seven workouts. The DVDs can either be purchased directly on line or via a telephone order line number which is posted on the official website. There is also a thirty-day full money back guarantee upon purchase of the DVDs. The official website gives a large amount of information for those who are interested, regarding Beach Body, the company which produces and manufactures these DVDs. At the time of writing this review, there was some on line quiz's which you could enter, with various prizes offered for the winners. Of course, there are hundreds of workout DVDs available for sale. There does not seem to be a week goes by without another workout DVD being launched which promises to help you tone up and help you lose weight. We are not sure what makes the Rockin Body DVDs superior or more effective than other similar DVDs available for sale. The official website contains some before and after pictures of those who have apparently used the Shaun T Rockin Body workout DVDs with success. There are also some testimonials posted on the official website.

Advantages of Rockin Body

  • The Rockin Body workout DVDs can either be purchased by telephone or directly on line from the official website.
  • There is a full thirty day money back guarantee upon purchase of the Rockin Body DVDs.
  • There are testimonials as well as before and after photos posted on the official website.

Disadvantages of Rockin Body

  • There are hundreds of work out DVDs available for sale.
  • We are not sure what distinguishes the Rockin Body DVDs from other work out DVDs available for sale.
  • We are not presented with any evidence to show us that the Rockin Body workout DVDS are more effective than others available for sale.
  • The Rockin Body workouts may not be suitable for those who have existing health problems.


At the end of the day, the market is flooded with workout DVDs claiming to be able to help you lose weight and tone up your muscles. Although the manufacturers of the Rockin Body DVDs do some things right, there is no evidence that the Rockin Body workout DVDs are superior to others available for sale.
Summer Banks Dietspotlight Author
About the Author:

Summer Banks, Director of Content at Dietspotlight, has researched over 5000 weight-loss programs, pills, shakes and diet plans. Previously, she managed 15 supplement brands, worked with doctors specializing in weight loss and completed coursework in nutrition at Stanford University. full bio.

22 Rockin Body Reviews

  • Sheryl

    I have a question,are there any DVD s for just getting in shape? I don’t want to lose weight but I definitely need to get in shape. I’ll be 60 yrs old in a few days,and have all of the usual flab! I just want to tighten up and get in shape,so I can buy my first Harley! !

    • Cameron (Editor)

      The two are not wholly separate, Sheryl. Any one of them could do.

  • Fatgirl

    I have back issue and I have been trying to lose weight. I just started rocking body 2 weeks ago and it has helped. I’ve lost about6 lbs.. I’m also leaving sugar and carbs out of my diet. I am going to continue using rocking body to see if it helps with my belly flab and back fat. Lol! This is a video that is easy for people with back issues. I do agree that the sound quality is poor. I just turn the TV up louder. 🙂

  • alan

    just started rockin body, to get in shape for a holiday where the top’s coming off for the waterparks. rockin body is about having fun while exercising, for those that don’t want to do boring treadmills sit up’s etc. you can do it in front of your t.v- you have to put the effort in to lose weight, shaun t can’t help you lose the weight if you are sat in-front of a t.v just watching the dvd’s ! you got to at least give it a try. For those quick to say it don’t work- well if you are not sweating then you are not trying hard enough.

  •  I have lost absolutely no weight.
    Sharri Moore (Verified User)

    I am 55 and have been doing the Rocking Body program for four weeks with no problem. I have firmed up a bit and lost an inch or two but I have lost absolutely no weight.

  • 58 year old can do this?

    Do you think a 58yr old grandma can do this workout? I need to loose about 35lbs and some inches too. Please HELP!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Go for it I’m 54 and I’m going for it ..we can both do it !!!!

      • delie

        I am 53 and I am planning to order and start getting myself moving and get fit.

        • delie

          How long is the moderation?

  •  Loved the product.
    jen (Verified User)

    Rockin Body is so fun!!! As a teen, i want results really fast so i can be ready for the pool in 4 weeks and Rockin Body got me in shape SOOOOO FAST! Now, i wasent that out of shape like i was kind of flabby but not “overweight” so I gave this program a try and LOVED it!! It is so fun and i think i will keep doing it for years to come (if DVD’s aren’t ancient by then). Overall i love Rockin Body!

  •  Loved the product.
    GR (Verified User)

    With week 2 coming to an end I can honestly say that this workout has got me over the hump and ready to workout everyday. I’ve lost 3lbs and some inches and can actually see that its working.This is a workout that you can use to maintain major weight loss. I plan on doing insanity after this. My plans are to lose 30lbs by summer and with this and insanity I know I can!

    • Susan

      You can do it!!!

  • Going to start the product.

    I just orderd my dvd set. I love to dance & like how it incorporates cardio & strength training in 1 workout. Im so excited to get them. I will post another after i try it out 🙂

  •  Loved the product.
    GR (Verified User)

    Ordered the DVD’s and did my first workout last night. I love it, it was about 18 minutes of pure fun, even my 3 year old enjoyed it. Can’t wait to do the next workout tonight!

  •  Loved the product.
    Alicia (Verified User)

    I got the DVDs from my sister in law and love them! I have a ton of fun with them. The people look they are having fun and Shaun T keeps the energy up so you dont want to give up half way though.

    • First Lady Britt

      yes I just ordered them myself and must say this is the most fun workout program ive ever tried!

  •  Can't wait

    I jsut ordered it. Apparently Beachbody is clearing out their warehouse. I just scored these DVD’d for $27 which includes S&H. So 1 payment of $19.95 for me. So looking forward to something new and fun and especially very very affordable. Plus 4 free gifts! Can’t wait until it arrives! Yay me!

    • sydney

      so how did you like the workout since you got it im thinking about getting it,

  •  dietspotlight.
    Krissy (Verified User)

    An honest opinion on rockin body (i do not work for beach body nor am I a coach). Rockin Body is a REALLY fun work out and Shaun T is a lot of fun to work out with. I can honestly say it is the first workout I have done in a long time that I smiled and had fun the whole way through. Shaun does fly through the workouts but there is a modifier in all of the routines that slows things down if you need it. I would say if you are looking for something different and fun give this a try.

    • jerry

      keep me posted!!!

    • Camisha

      u say its fun but have u seen any weight loss

    • Victoria

      How much weight have you lost?