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Rockin Wellness Review - Does This "Superfood" Shake Really Work?

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By Summer Banks Apr 06, 2017

I had paused before I hit the “publish” button on this Rockin Wellness review because my conclusion was a bit of a shocker. We examined the ingredients, side effects, and scientific studies. We also focused on plenty of dieter comments posted online. Finally, we condensed the data we found to give you the bottom line.

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What is Rockin Wellness?

To start, the Rockin Wellness is a superfood / nutritional shake powder. It contains green tea extract, stevia leaf, flax seed, brown rice protein, chia seed, evaporated cane juice, hulled hemp seed, maca root and lactobacillus. A single bag, which contains 30 servings, sells for $59.97 on the official website. A few different flavors, including chocolate lovers and vanilla mocha swirl, are available. This option provides vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to aid in overall health and weight management. It also claims to improve your mood, focus, and energy levels. You just add a scoop or more to eight ounces of water or milk and then consume.

Rockin Wellness shakes were released in 2012. They can be consumed anytime in place of meals. Also, this product is low in saturated fat with just one gram per serving. It’s free of genetically-modified organisms but read on…

No Real Scientific Results – “An Issue?”

The first thing we felt needed extra attention is the fact that there is no concrete, clinical proof that Rockin Wellness improves overall health or promotes weight-loss. “Sure, this shake is free of artificial ingredients and GMOs, but there are no studies that prove its ability to elevate mood and improve your health,” said our Research Editor.

One customer said, “I bought it because I was going to use it as a meal replacement for breakfast & lunch. Did that for a week & didn’t see one change in my body.”

Another stated, “I was taking Rockin Wellness twice a day, and made no other change in my diet, and I actually GAINED 4 POUNDS IN ONE WEEK!”

Protein in Rockin Wellness – “Not Much!”

Some customers complained about the minimal amount of protein in this supplement. The truth is a serving of Rockin Wellness only provides a little. In fact, it is considerably less than other powders. One user said, “Only 4 grams of protein? Are you high? And tastes like chalk.”

Another said, “Why only 4 grams of protein per serving?? This is not sufficient for meal replacement.”

The research we’ve completed over the years shows that it doesn’t take a massive problem to affect how the shopper feels about a product. If Rockin Wellness lacks protein and doesn’t work like the buyer expects, that’s a serious issue.

The Science – “Clinical Proof?”

Even though the official Rockin Wellness website leads you to believe this shake will help increase focus, promote health and aid with weight management, there is no documented clinical evidence to support this. We at DietSpotlight have to locate published scientific proof regarding the product, and the ingredient blend that encourages weight-loss. When we can’t, it’s a red flag.

The Bottom Line – Does Rockin Wellness Work?

Let’s take a find gander at the facts. While it’s great to see that Rockin Wellness shakes are made without GMOs and artificial ingredients, the negative customer reviews we found online are very concerning, so we have reservations about giving this one the green light. Furthermore, the small amount of protein provided is not enough to make a real difference. Also, there are some consumer complaints posted on Ripoff Report.

For dieters genuinely interested in dropping pounds and getting in shape, we recommend you go with a meal-replacement shake or weight-loss supplement that’s backed by real scientific research and sells for a reasonable price.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Leptigen. This supplement contains a blend of four effective ingredients, which have been proven in published scientific research to help encourage fat loss and kick-start the metabolism. Also, we can’t pinpoint any complaints of harmful effects and customer comments online prove that dieters are getting great results.

We find it’s with a large confidence that the company behind Leptigen is offering a Special Trial Offer, which is a good sign.

Rockin Wellness Questions & Answers:

We summarized hundreds of user comments about Rockin Wellness into this helpful FAQ.

What are the side effects of Rockin Wellness?

Some potential Rockin Wellness side effects may include increased heartrate, blood pressure and sweating, jitteriness, upset stomach and nausea.

What are the ingredients in Rockin Wellness?

The Rockin Wellness ingredients are raw organic non-gmo cacao bean, goji berry, hulled hemp seed, brown rice protein, lecithin, maca root, chia seed, evaporated cane juice, banana, green tea, yerba mate, guar gum, flaxseed, lactobacillus and stevia extract.

Does Rockin Wellness work?

There’s no scientific research proving Rockin Wellness will help users lose weight. There are studies linking green tea to weight-loss, but it applies to all products that contain this ingredient.

You may want to consider your options and replace Rockin Wellness with a supplement like Leptigen, which contains ingredients clinically proven to work.

How much does Rockin Wellness cost?

Rockin Wellness costs $99.99 for one bag. If you place an order for multiple bags, you receive a discount.

How should I take Rockin Wellness?

You should take one to four scoops of Rockin Wellness per day with water or your favorite beverage. Each bag contains a 30-day supply if you use the minimum. This means the supplement lasts between about one week and one month.

Can I take Rockin Wellness if I have a health condition?

Women who are pregnant or nursing, those taking prescription medications of any kind, people with health conditions or those under 18 years of age should consult a healthcare professional prior to using a weight-loss supplement, including Rockin Wellness.

What do users like about Rockin Wellness?

Some users liked the convenience of buying Rockin Wellness supplements on the official website and the variety of products and challenge packs.

What do users NOT like about Rockin Wellness?

We found that users didn’t like that the Rockin Wellness customer service department was unwilling to resolve concerns, the taste was less than savory and the high price tag.

How do I contact the Rockin Wellness customer service department?

You can contact the Rockin Wellness customer service department by mailing correspondence to the corporate headquarters at Rockin Wellness 150 Oser Ave. #11354 Happauge, NY 11788, calling a representative at 1-855-876-2593 or by emailing support@rockinwellness.com.

Are there customer complaints on Rockin Wellness?

Yes, there are several customer complaints on Rockin Wellness listed on ripoffreport.com.

Is Rockin Wellness available in other flavors?

No, Rockin Wellness isn’t available in other flavors. The only available flavor is chocolate.

Does Rockin Wellness contain artificial sweeteners?

No, Rockin Wellness products don’t contain artificial sweeteners.

Does Rockin Wellness come with a guarantee?

Rockin Wellness comes with a 30-day guarantee. You will need to receive prior authorization before returning the supplements for a full refund.

Do you know of any special deals or discounts on Rockin Wellness?

There are special deals and discounts on Rockin Wellness products. You will receive a $10 discount when you purchase $100 worth of products. You can also sign up for a subscription and receive additional discounts. However, the last few months have been flying by, considering our readers have been taking advantage of Leptigen’s Special Trial Offer, which is simply the cost of shipping and handling. Click here to give it a try.

Rockin Wellness Side Effects:

Rockin Wellness sells several products aimed at promoting overall health and wellness. There are few reviews for the company or the line, but we did find some out there. While reports of side effects are the anomaly, there are some to consider.


“The first day I drank this shake I reacted to it. These were my symptoms: Sweating, Rapid, Quivering Heart Rate, Increase Blood Pressure.”     Robbi


“A bit sweet and spiked my blood sugar.”    Sandy


“My 13-year-old who is (unfortunately) a fan of sweets, won’t drink it because she says it’s too sweet…and I have to agree.”    Sunni


“I’m gonna stop for a while, a lot of panicky, anxiety feelings and not sleeping well.”    Tara


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We reviewed Rockin Wellness ingredients so we could give you the information you need.

Cacao Bean

Cacao beans are naturally grown in Peru. They were a primary aspect in Mayan, Mexican, and South American cultures. It is primarily used to create various chocolate products, although they seem to have a lot of nutritional benefit.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

Cacao beans contain significant amounts of magnesium, iron, polyphenols, fiber, flavanols, and theobromine. These can be quite beneficial to overall health.

Clinical Research

Although we could not find any clinical research connecting cacao beans to its potential weight-loss effects, we did find some published about Theobroma cacao, also known as cocoa] connecting its ability to control blood glucose and cholesterol levels. According to the study, published in Food and Function, it concludes, “Thus, CBS [cocoafibers could be incorporated as low calorie bulk ingredients in high-fiber diet to reduce calorie and cholesterol levels and control blood glucose level.”

You may want to try Leptigen instead, a supplement that contains four ingredients that have been clinically tested for weight-loss.

Goji Berry

Also called the wolfberry, goji berries is an orange-colored fruit that can be found naturally growing in China. They have been used for quite some time in traditional medicines and is used to treat a variety of health issues.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

In medicine, the goji berry is used to improve the quality of aleep, aid in weight-loss, lower high blood pressure, treat different eye problems, and treat diabetes, to an extent.

Clinical Research

According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, “Early research suggests that drinking goji juice (GoChi, Freelife International LLC) for 2 weeks in addition to following a diet and exercise program may decrease waist size in healthy, overweight adults. However, it does not appear to improve weight or body fat.”

Hemp Seed

Hemp seeds are grown all over the world. They provide a good protein source for vegetarians and vegans. It is generally derived from the cannabis plant.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

Hemp seeds can provide a number of health benefits as they contain omega fatty acids, amino acids, fiber, zinc, vitamin A, iron, magnesium, and chlorophyll. It also contains a large amount of plant protein.

Clinical Research

According to a study published in Korean Journal for Food Science of Animal Resources, “These parameters revealed that hempseed have good potential as a natural antioxidant material for health improvement and disease prevention. In addition, hempseed ingredients as natural antioxidant source may contribute to longer duration of shelf life of animal products.” However, those subjected to testing only included Japanese quail chicks. Nothing was mentioned about its weight-loss effects.

Brown Rice Protein

Brown rice protein is derived from the endosperm and bran of brown rice. The protein contents are very lean and contain small amounts of fat. This is an ideal source of necessary nutrients for vegetarians and vegans.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

Brown rice protein is thought to help balance blood sugar levels, promote muscle recovery, and improve energy levels.

Clinical Research

In a study published in Nutrition Journal, researchers compared whey and rice protein, specifically on their effects on exercise performance and body composition. In the conclusion, they wrote, “Both whey and rice protein isolate administration post resistance exercise improved indices of body composition and exercise performance; however, there were no differences between the two groups.” However, Rockin’ Wellness may not contain enough of this product to warrant these weight-loss results.

Is There Anything Out There That TRULY Works?

One of the top rated weight-loss supplements of this year is Leptigen. With positive customer reviews claiming real results, we think this is the one for you. Right now, the makers are arranging for a Special Trial Offer for all new customers. With four clinically tested ingredients, we think this product might really work for you. Click here to learn more.

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Summer Banks, a content strategist at Leptigen, has researched over 5000 products in the past 10 years. She has years of nursing training, experience as a manager responsible for 15 supplement brands, and completed coursework on Food and Nutrition from Stanford University. full bio.

Rating: 3.9. From 7 votes.
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Mary Beth Mazurek

I’ve never used it as a protein shake. More than 3 years ago I went on a search for something that would add nutrients to my daily intake. I already get enough protein every day but needed something more. I needed to see how much brain fog and lack of energy was from the grief of the sudden loss of my son vs perhaps early menopause. I knew this kind of grief ages a person & I needed to be healthy to handle my grief journey. Best decision I ever made! And I know when I get off of it to travel that’s for sure. I drink one every single morning. 1 cup of water, cup of ice, very large scoop of RW, banana, & a teaspoon of pure coconut oil. Or if I make a fresh fruit smoothie I add a scoop of RW to it. At one time when I was getting my health & energy back I would make my own fresh hemp milk to use as my liquid. Love it and will continue to use it every day.
Mary Beth Mazurek


I liked it WHEN I could AFFORD it for 3 bags for $89. Now it’s $59 for ONE bag and when they offer the deals like now …. buy one bag and get a 14 day supply free. They will ONLY offer that to NEW orders, so if you bought years ago when it was more affordable, but you haven’t bought in years, because you can’t afford the price, you’re TOTALLY out of luck!! They have gone Profit Crazy and like most companies it’s more about the money than it is the principal of good health and assesibility to those who have low income due to poor health. Where’s the mercy? At least let those who have supported you take advantage of the “deals” you offer. I’ve been out for 5 years and looks like I’m still out……


A friend turned me on to this a few years ago and I have had it on and off over a few years. When I have it, I do love the shake and it seems to help (feel better, energy). I am more focused on it for health than diet but it is no longer $39.95 a bag, it’s $59.99 a bag. That is a huge difference for anyone on a budget. Yikes. Used to run new customers and/or two-for specials. I see those days are gone. I guess I’ll be doing without. bummer.


I have been drinking this for a few years. For MANY different reasons, however weight loss isn’t one of them! I just am better with this powder. At 65 This is my only supplement!


Rockin’ Wellness completely changed everything for me and my wellness goals. If you’re looking for a meal replacement (you shouldn’t be skipping meals anyway) or for a protein supplement, this isn’t the best option. If you want high energy to get through or enhance your workouts, glowing skin, growing hair and an overall feeling of wellness, then there is no other shake on the market to do all of that than Rockin’ Wellness. I wish it was less expensive, but its quality surpasses all others.




i have been buying this for over a year, never had a problem.


Hey Alex! We’d love to help you get things straightened out. Reach out to us via email or use our contact form online for quickest response.