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ROCKSTAR Energy Drink Review - 6 Things You Need to Know

Rockstar Energy offers energy drinks in 20 different flavors, from Guava to Frozen Watermelon. The company claims that their drinks can provide energy boosts and increase alertness and even athletic performance. However, can they prove their bold assertion that their energy drinks can make people better at sports?

With few studies available on the subject, our research team wasn’t sure that Rockstar Energy drinks could provide a demonstrable effect on performance in various sports. Our research team took the time and effort to find out if what they claimed was actually true. Here’s a summary of what they found.

ROCKSTAR Energy Drink can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is ROCKSTAR Energy Drink?

First of all, ROCKSTAR Energy Drink is available in all sorts of flavors and varieties. Some of these include original, sugar-free, punched, pure zero, lime freeze, boom energy, revolt, zero carb, and organic. The key ingredients in this beverage are taurine, caffeine, guarana seed, ginkgo biloba leaf, milk thistle, and some B vitamins. This canned drink is claimed to heighten energy levels, elevate focus/concentration, and keep you going. It’s sold in 8.4, 12, 16, and 24-ounce cans, and it’s marketed at people with “active lifestyles.”

ROCKSTAR Energy Drink has been available since 2001. It’s sold in common drugstores, supermarkets, and gas stations. In March 2020, PepsiCo purchased the RockStar brand. There are more than 20 different flavors to select from. Furthermore, it is manufactured in the United States, but read on…

Does It Work?

  • Birth Defects Research — “suggests that caffeine and/or taurine at the optimal dose and in the right circumstances might confer neuroprotection”
  • Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity — “our results suggest that guarana and caffeine, alone or in combination with taurine, may exert neurotoxicological effects in part by disruption of redox homeostasis”
  • Nutrients — ” six weeks’ supplementation with a standardized Ginkgo biloba extract in physically active young men may provide some marginal improvements in their endurance performance”

ROCKSTAR Energy Drink Competitors

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Unpleasant Taste – “Concerning?”

The initial concern we have is the taste. According to our Research Editor, “Many customers have complained about the actual flavor of ROCKSTAR Energy Drink. This could be a real problem.”

One person reported, “ROCKSTAR Energy Drink has a serious chemical taste. Not pleasing to my palate. No thanks.”

However, some people do enjoy the flavor of this energy beverage. One customer commented, “Tastes better than Monster. Curious to try some of the other varieties.”

Another posted, “Not as good as Red Bull, but does the trick.”

The multiple flavors for ROCKSTAR Energy, including:

  • Fruit Punch
  • Silver Ice
  • Punched
  • Watermelon
  • Grape
  • Mandarin Orange
  • Tangerine, Mango, Guava, Strawberry
  • Lemonade
  • Cotton Candy
  • Super Sours Green Apple
  • Peach + Iced Tea
  • Kiwi Strawberry
  • Blue Raz
  • Marshmallow
  • Whipped Strawberry
  • Whipped Orange
  • Island Fruit
  • Killer Grape
  • Killer Black Cherry
  • Killer Citrus
  • Pina Colada
  • Lime Freeze
Side Effects

Side Effects – “Yikes”

Another issue we have is with ROCKSTAR Energy Drink side effects. Some people have reported dizziness, heart palpitations, nausea, headache, upset stomach, jitteriness, and nervousness. In fact, one user stated, “Gives me shaky hands and fast heartbeat. Not to mention a terrible crash later on.”

But, a different customer had this to say, “Gives me a serious boost. Not sure about some of the ROCKSTAR Energy Drink ingredients like Acesulfame, though.”

“Wakes you up in the morning. That’s for sure,” mentioned another.

Our research has revealed that if there’s a specific aspect of a drink or workout supplement that is especially burdensome (unpleasant flavor, side effects, high price), the chances of real results for the long term are slim. In other words, if ROCKSTAR Energy Drink does, in fact, taste bad to a lot of people, this could be a deal-breaker.


ROCKSTAR Energy Drink was sued in 2013, according to NBC. After a man consumed 4 of the energy drinks in a 6 hour period, the user suffered a heart attack. The lawsuit claims the risks were not clearly communicated.


The Science – “Is There Any?”

Sadly, we did not pinpoint any documented science supporting ROCKSTAR Energy Drink and its claims. However, this beverage does contain some caffeine and amino acids to help boost energy levels and improve alertness. On the other hand, it’s unlikely to increase muscle strength. At DietSpotlight, we prefer to see some actual studies that support the product we’re reviewing.

What Users Are Saying

What Users Are Saying

“Taste good. low calorie. I can’t drink coffee anymore for health reasons but this drink does the trick.”

“I have been drinking Rockstar energy sugar free for 10 years. 3 a day. Do the math! They went and changed the formula and it is awful. Obviously, I loved the ORIGINAL Rockstar, but I am now in search of a new energy drink. I am so disappointed in Rockstar.”

“The new “flavor” in the original colored cans is so bad. It tastes nothing like the Rockstar people had come to know for years. I will not be buying this anymore after buying a 24 pack every month for the last several years. Pepsi bought Rockstar and immediately ruined it.”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line – Does ROCKSTAR Energy Drink Work?

So, should you race out to the store and buy ROCKSTAR Energy Drink? Well, we like that this beverage is available in many different varieties. It’s also nice to see that this product is made in the USA. But, we have some concerns about this drink because it’s not backed by any published research. Furthermore, we’re leery of the unpleasant taste and side effects that some customers have reported.

If your goal is to increase metabolism and improve weight-loss results, then we recommend you select a product that’s supported by documented research.

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ROCKSTAR Energy Drink Review
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ROCKSTAR Energy Drink

What is in Rockstar Recovery?

These drinks are intended by Rockstar Energy to be a fusion of Hydration and Energy Drinks. They come in both lemonade and orange flavors. They are noncarbonated and include very little juice. They’re sweetened with artificial sweeteners. I’ve never encountered a well-done lemonade flavored energy drink but will reserve my judgment until I’ve given it a try.

How much caffeine is in a Rockstar?

In many locations, Rockstar is only sold in one size. These cans include about 160mg of caffeine each. Rockstar Energy offers consumers two separate sized cans of the drink in the United States. There is a 16oz option and 24oz option. In the popular 24oz can there are a shocking 240mg of caffeine.

What are the ingredients of Rockstar energy drink?

Rockstar Energy drink contains about 16 ingredients. Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, dextrose (sugar), citric acid, taurine, natural and artificial flavors (varied, depending on the flavor of drink) are the most prevalent. These are followed by guarana seed extract, Vitamin C, caramel coloring, two types of preservatives, caffeine, niacinamide, inositol, l-carnitine, and milk thistle extract.

What are the side effects of Rockstar energy drinks?

Ingesting too much of these delicious drinks can lead to several negative side effects, depending on how sensitive you are to caffeine. Some drinkers experience merely diarrhea, more frequent urination, nervousnes, and nausea. Others fall victim to dizziness, anxiety, panic attacks, increased blood pressure, heart palpitations, and jitters. Side effects and their severity vary with each individual.

Do Rock Star energy drinks really work?

All dieters fear that they may experience decreased energy with their lifestyle changes. Choosing an energy drink, particularly an inexpensive one like Rockstar, is often seen as an option to negate those concerns. However, energy drinks, in general, have been in the forefront of the news in recent years in light of potentially dangerous ingredients. Some ingredients in Rockstar energy drinks do have the potential to be unsafe.

Where can I buy ROCKSTAR Energy Drink?

ROCKSTAR Energy Drink can be purchased using their Official Site.

Where is Rockstar energy drink made?

The company is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. It dominated 14% of the United States market back in 2008 and since its creation in 2001, Rockstar has expanded to offer over twenty different drinks in over thirty nations.

What is Rockstar Punched?

Rockstar Punched combines Rockstar’s standard energy drink mixed with juice. It comes in original flavor, as well as Guava. Despite the dilution with the juice, the Rockstar Punched line still includes 160mg of caffeine per serving.

35 ROCKSTAR Energy Drink Reviews

  • Ty

    It began giving me teeth issues as well. Chipping and everything. Easy for me to quit

    • destiny

      i’m a very busy single mom with 3 young kids. I try to wear the kids energy out. in the summer we are never home. at the parks and beaches. with 3 young kids as a single mom. energy drinks are a must! I drink one later morning or mid afternoon. plus I need my coffee when I wake up. caffeine is a must to try and keep up with my 3 kids under 12yrs.!! 🙂 Having a hard time finding a man. since we are always on the go. time will tell.

  • High dosage drink

    Guess Charlie Sheen is high on this drink ????

  • just dont like this dumbass thread
    eternaldank (Verified Purchase)

    if you diet and drink energy drinks, your a moron, if you planning on dieting dont drink a drink whose main ingrediants are sucrose and glucose, that being said i drink rockstar everyday so dont think i dont like it, just dont like this dumbass thread

  • 22 years old can take it?
    al quevedo

    I saw my neighbor give her 22 month old son a gulp of ROCKSTAR from the can. should i tell her that the childs system can be damaged or negatively affected?

    • John

      No, you should mind your own business. Highly doubt the child will be scarred for life after a gulp of drink…. don’t be a nosey idiot. Focus on your own business…

      • Jerry Vearrier

        If you know something is going to hard or harm someone, yes you have an Obligation to say something. Bad things happen because good people say nothing. The is the biggest problem today.

    • Your Name

      That’s just moronic. Why would someone poison their child with this stuff? Tell your neighbor the ingredients and effects it could have on their child.

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