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Sacred Heart Diet Review- Does This Diet Actually Work?

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By Summer Banks Jun 19, 2017

This week, I obsessed over every aspect of the Sacred Heart Diet. We out a laser focus on side effects, customer care and clinical research. Additionally, we examined hundreds of customer comments and reviews. Then, we refined and summarized to give you the info you need. After trying one diet after another, we know you’re ready for something that works. Is this the right one? Well, we’re stuck between yes and no.

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What is the Sacred Heart Diet?

First off, the Sacred Heart Diet is essentially a 7-day eating plan. It claims to help you drop 10-17 pounds in only one week. It’s fine for women and men alike, and you are expected to follow a very strict eating plan. You are allowed to eat and drink vegetable soup (recipe is provided online), unsweetened juices, tea, cranberry juice, skim milk, coffee, water, fruits (except bananas), vegetables, some beef, brown rice and potatoes. No fried foods, alcohol, carbonated drinks or bread is allowed. You are encouraged to drink eight glasses of water per day.

This diet has been around since at least 2008 and there are some positive user comments posted online. Also, no prepackaged foods are needed for the Sacred Heart Diet, and you can find the food preparation instructions online, but if you want to know the real deal on this one, keep reading…

Weight-Loss Claims – “Unrealistic?”

Our first issue with the Sacred Heart Diet is that weight-loss claims are over the top. “You are supposed to shed 10-17 pounds in only seven days – quite extreme and unrealistic. Most healthcare professionals will tell you 1-2 pounds per week is healthy,” says our Research Editor.

  • One dieter said, “This diet was a fail for me. I can’t stick to it. Too strict. Definitely didn’t lose 10 pounds.”
  • “This is a starvation diet! It’s not realistic and it’s not healthy,” said another person.

The Sacred Heart Diet may not be for everyone, but there are people who lost weight without issue.

  • “It’s a quick way to shed a few pounds,” offered up one dieter.
  • Another said, “I don’t think this diet is for the long term but as a start to healthy eating it’s awesome!”

Calorie Restriction – “Do You Eat Enough?”

The Sacred Heart Diet is a very low-calorie eating plan.

  • In fact, one dieter said, “According to My Fitness Pal, I only consumed 700 calories in 3 days. I thought about food ALL the time.”
  • Another person commented, “The second day…my whole body was weak and I felt as if I was getting a bad case of the flu. I am quitting and doing it the hard way!”

However, for some the plan was easy enough to follow that they expected to do it more than once.

  • “One more day to go. I think I might do this diet once a month,” said one dieter.
  • One follower said, ” I will be taking a 1 day break then start another round.”

So, after years of researching thousands of programs and supplements, we’ve found it’s the small things, like numerous customer complaints, that hinders your chance of long-term results. If the Sacred Heart Diet is too hard to follow, we’re not sure if the dieter will stick around long enough to actually lose weight.

Is The Science Solid?

There is plenty of science that connects a reduced-calorie diet with weight-loss, but there is a limit. You need to consume enough food to provide the nutrition you need and stave off hunger. In the case of the Sacred Heart Diet that may not be possible. At DietSpotlight, research is important. This program just doesn’t have the backing we want to see.

Does the Sacred Heart Diet Really Work?

Well, we like that the Sacred Heart Diet encourages you to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and that a lot of water is consumed daily. On the other hand, we’re worried because it’s not backed by real clinical research. Also, we’re concerned about the calorie restrictions and extreme weight-loss claims.

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What You Should Know

The Sacred Heart Diet claims to be a medical diet and works as a detox diet for seven days. This diet can be used as often as you'd like, and if you do not cheat over the course of the week you should lose anywhere from 10 to 17 pounds. If you lose more than this, you should wait a few days before starting the diet again.

List of Ingredients

The diet soup contains:

  • 1 or 2 cans of stewed tomatoes.
  • 3 plus large green onions.
  • 1 large can of beef broth (no fat.)
  • 1 pkg. Lipton Soup mix (chicken noodle.)
  • 1 bunch of celery.
  • 2 cans of green beans.
  • 2 lbs of Carrots.
  • 2 Green Peppers.

Other allowed foods on this diet include fruits (with restriction on bananas for a portion of the diet.) Drinks allowed on the diet are: unsweetened juices, tea and herbal tea, black coffee, skim milk, cranberry juice and water.

Product Features

Eat as much soup as you want throughout the week. The soup will not add calories so the more you eat, the more weight you will lose.

Day One: Eat only soup and fruit today, but do not eat bananas.

Day Two: Eat all vegetables today, whether cooked, canned, or raw. Stay away from beans, corn, and peas and stick with green leafy vegetables. Eat as much soup as you want. At dinner time, have a baked potato with butter.

Day Three: Eat all the fruit, vegetables, and soup you want. Do not have a baked potato. At this point you should have lost 5-7 pounds and may notice an increase in energy.

Day Four: Eat at least three bananas and drink as much milk as you can today, in addition to the soup. You'll need this to reduce cravings and restore potassium levels.

Day Five: Eat 10 to 20 ounces of beef and up to 6 tomatoes today, while having the soup at least once.

Day Six: Eat up to three steaks and all the veggies you want today. Be sure to eat the soup at least once today. Have lots of green leafy vegetables, but no baked potato.

Day Seven: Eat brown rice and drink unsweetened juice and stuff yourself with vegetables and soup. By the end of the day today if you have not cheated, you should see a 10 to 17 pound weight loss.

Do not drink alcohol or soda. Do not drink alcohol within 14 hours of going off the diet.


  • Will lose weight fast.


  • Some people may experience changes in their bowel movements that they do not like as the body cleanses itself.
  • May require you to eat bran or fiber.


The diet is supposedly used at the Sacred Heart Memorial Hospital to help overweight patients lose weight quickly before surgery. There is no proof of this claim. The diet will help keep you nutritionally balanced and makes sure to provide you with energy. If you are not overweight and do not need to lose the weight quickly, you should find another diet, and as always consult your doctor before beginning a program like this one.

Sacred Heart Diet Questions & Answers:

We picked apart hundreds of customer comments about Sacred Heart Diet and created this helpful FAQ.

What are the side effects of Sacred Heart Diet?

The Sacred Heart Diet side effects, as reported by customers, include dehydration, stomach pains, nausea and diarrhea.

What are the ingredients in Sacred Heart Diet?

Sacred Heart Diet ingredients include fresh vegetables, broth, soup mix and brown rice.

Does Sacred Heart Diet work?

Although we found customer testimonials about losing weight on a low-calorie diet, there’s no published clinical research proving the Sacred Heart Diet will help you lose weight.

If you want to increase weight-loss, think about the restrictions on the Sacred Heart Diet and consider adding a supplement like Dietspotlight Burn, which contains some clinically-tested ingredients and has been shown to work.

How much follow Sacred Heart Diet cost?

The cost of the Sacred Heart Diet is just the price of the items included in the soup.

How should I follow Sacred Heart Diet?

You should follow the Sacred Heart Diet for seven days.


What do users like about Sacred Heart Diet?

We found that users liked seeing some weight-loss while following the Sacred Heart Diet.

What do users NOT like about Sacred Heart Diet?

Some users didn’t like the food restrictions on the Sacred Heart Diet.


Can exercise on the Sacred Heart Diet?

You are encouraged to exercise on the Sacred Heart Diet, but you should contact a healthcare professional to see if you’re healthy enough to add fitness to a weight-management plan.

How many calories will I eat on the Sacred Heart Diet?

You will eat about 700 calories per day on the Sacred Heart Diet.

Can I follow the Sacred Heart Diet for more than seven days?

You can follow the Sacred Heart Diet for more than seven days. As a reminder, you should contact a healthcare provider prior to starting any diet plan, including the Sacred Heart Diet.

Does the Sacred Heart Diet come with a guarantee?

The Sacred Heart Diet doesn’t come with a guarantee.

Do you know of any special deals or discounts on the Sacred Heart Diet?

We couldn’t locate deals or discounts on Sacred Heart Diet, considering the information available through multiple outlets. However, our readers have been going bananas over the last several months taking advantage of Dietspotlight Burn’s Special Trial Offer , which is just the cost of shipping and handling. Click here to give it a try.

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Summer Banks, a content strategist at Dietspotlight, has researched over 5000 products in the past 10 years. She has years of nursing training, experience as a manager responsible for 15 supplement brands, and completed coursework on Food and Nutrition from Stanford University. full bio.

Rating: 3.8. From 134 votes.
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Sacred Heart Diet Review

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  Why to wait 14hrs after diet to have alcohol?

Curious as to why it says to wait 14 hours after finishing the diet before you can consume alcohol?

Devon (Editor)

Ordinarily, dieters forgo alcohol entirely.


what would happen If I had alcohol while on the diet.

Cameron (Editor)

Overall, alcohol would retard the entire weight loss process. It will make it more difficult to burn the fat as you drink. It also inhibits testosterone production, increases appetite and, as you likely know, damages the liver and kidneys. Use in moderation but you definitely don’t want your hard work negated by alcohol.

  Questions about the food that works
Lorraine Horowitz (Verified User)

Can I add other veggies like Zuccini,kale,jalapeños ,okra? What about oils? Or salt ?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Lorraine. For detailed product instructions please refer to the official sacred heart diet website for more information.

  Question on what I should eat
Denise (Verified User)

I would like to know if I can eat fruit and veg on days 4,5,6 and 7 aswell?



Victoria (Editor)

Hi Denise. For detailed product instructions please refer to the official Sacred Heart Diet website for more information.

  Need information about food substitutes
Andrea (Verified User)

Can you substitute turkey for beef?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Andrea, the meals are designed for specific results. Any alterations could change your weight loss results.

  I really Gonna Try This One

Am really gonna try this 1


Do you know if it’s ok to have honey in tea?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi. For detailed product instructions please refer to the official sacred heart diet website for more information.


If your going to comment please be helpful, even just a little! Instead of continuosly saying “please refer to the…” I myself, want to know if you can use honey on fruit days because it’s a natural sugar. The diet doesn’t give many details.


Hello everyone…. I’m starting my sacred heart diet today. I do the unleavened bread at this time every year do I thought this would be a great time to start. Wish me luck. I’m hoping to loose 50 lbs.

Jennifer New York City

Hey everyone, I am so glad I found a current blog site for the sacred heart diet. My name is Jennifer and I am 33 years old currently weighing in at 272 pounds and a height of 5’2. I was not always this heavy. 3 years ago my mother died very tragically and unexpectedly and I went into a terrible depression and put on 120 pounds over the course of grieving her death. Recently my doctor recommended me to get the gastric sleeve surgery because he believes people that need to lose over 60 pounds of weight cannot do it all on their own. He does not believe I will be able to lose this weight. It has been a real struggle for me. I do not recognize myself anymore. I don’t feel sexy, I don’t take pictures, I don’t date, none of my clothes fit and I am tired all of the time. I just never thought in a million years I would need weight loss surgery. I’ve tried just about every diet. Jenny Craig, weight watchers, Optifast, Isagenix, juiceplus, herballife, Atkins, Phentermine, Lipotrophic injections, you name it. The most I have lost when trying these diets is about 45 pounds and I always end up putting the weight back on plus more. I am going shopping tonight and starting the sacred heart diet finally tomorrow morning. I hear mixed things but I am going to do this and hope and pray I can stick to it and get this unhealthy weight off. This will be my last try on my own before deciding to go through a surgery that honestly I really do not want to do. I will stay in touch with the group and check in weekly with weigh ins pounds and inches lost. If anyone has any tips for me I would greatly appreciate it. Today is Sunday April 2nd 2017. I will be back to post my weekly result Monday morning April 10th 2017 (since I am starting tomorrrow the 3rd) wish me luck ♡ and best of luck to everyone else on this journey.

D Baird

I started the diet five days ago. I actually like the soup very much. I substituted curry for cumin and added chile powder in lieu of hot sauce. I’ve been eating veggies and fruits and never really feel starved. So far I have lost eight pounds and feel great. I have never slept better. Today I get some beef for dinner, tomorrow steak and tomatoes. It does work if you commit yourself.


Why can’t we have diet pop? That’s the hardest thing to do on this diet!! HELP

Jennifer New York City

Hey Gabby, I used to be a diet soda junkie. Thankfully I have given it up over 4 years now. I drink seltzer that is sodium free, sugar free and calorie free. They have all different kinds of flavors at the super market. I love them and they are completely healthy for you. It is very hard to get off the diet soda I was hooked on it for over 10 years but the aspartame causes so many problems and is a terrible chemical to put into our bodies. I have been having seltzer on the sacred heart so far. I am on day 3 and feeling pretty good. Give it a try =)

Matt O

So far, it’s only day one and I feel great. I got some detox tea as well to drink. My wife and i are hoping this works. She doesn’t have much to loose, as I am looking at around 100+ pounds to loose. Wish us luck and any advise helps.


I started this diet with my boy friend I follow the diet exactly. I weighed myself the day I started I was 189 lbs. We are on day 3 and weighed myself today and still 189 lbs. I do not cheat on the diet but don’t see any results. On the other hand my boy friend has lost 3 pounds and we do the exact thing. I don’t understand.

Cameron (Editor)

Hey, Pam. Not only are you different individuals, which is hard enough factoring in prior conditions, but you are different genders. Make the final call after a month of dedicated use with the diet. Often it’s a matter of breaking through the first layer to easier weight loss.


it was great….im on my last day now. day 21. decided to do 3 weeks to lose some weight b4 my birthday trip this weekend… this diet defiantly works. and its not that hard to stick to considering some of the other diets out their. of course i got tired of eating the soup after a few days bot it was well worth it. i never got on a scale just because i hate scales so i dont no my exact sarting and finish but i can tell u that i was squeezing into a size 12 jeans 3 weeks ago and today im squeezed into a size 7/8 that i havent been able to wear in over a year. ima gonna go off the diet tomorrow and eat something really good for mu bdsy this weekend but im so pleased with the results im going back on next week when i get back from my trip until the end of the month. i just wish i would have worked out while on the diet so i could have loss more….but i def will b hitting the gym soon so i can keep this progress going…..its worth it. try it. but gotta make sure your desipline because if u cheat it will just be a waste of time. i followed the diet to the T ( ill admit i ate 2 gronola bars last week) and it worked for me


I am on day 5 of the diet. I have cheated a couple of times ate some potato chips last night but not the copious amounts I usually eat, just a couple of handfuls. My fat family doesn’t do diets. I started at 160 and have lost 5 pounds in 6 days. This is really the best I have ever lost on a diet in one week. I have to pay the piper since I have had unhealthy eating habits for a couple of years. but now I know how to re-lose it quickly. Yes it is really boring, but you will lose the weight. the night I ate the baked potato, I really had bad cramps. Next time, it will be a smaller potato. But I have 3 more days to go. I really recommend this diet for quick weight loss. I believe that if you have a lot to lose, you will will lose more than I did. I only want to lose 25 pounds, but I believe I can do it with this diet.

  It' not happening for me !
Abby (Verified User)

So I’m on day 6 and I cannot “go to the bath room” very much, I’ve done it before and it worked fine but it’s just not happening for me

D Baird

I drank “dieter’s tea” along with the diet, which really helped.

  Day 6 lost 18 lbs ! Amazing
keith (Verified User)

today is day6 and i am amazed at how much weight i lost. started at 328 now i am at 310. im going to eat this soup in everyday situations while i regime a whole way of healthy eating. i really liked veggies now i even love them more. I would i cantake this diet all the time and drop but the cramps is a problem. I’m sticking it out and now i’m trying to find how to conjoin right foods at right time to get right results. This is truly a decision making diet that puts you in the mind set to change your eating habbits. once a month for me.


Yes very much cramping

HealthyWifeHealthyLife (Verified User)

Alright so I’ve done the sacred heart diet twice in my life, currently on the last day of the second time. When I decided to do the Sacred Heart diet the first time, I was a fast food junkie who couldn’t fathom buying anymore plus size clothing.
My friend had just finished the diet and had great results. It gave me motivation to think that in just one week I could loose all that weight and might be able to do what I had been meaning to do for a while. Loose that pesky weight I had gained over the past 4 years. My doctor had told me I needed to loose weight before Christmas and now it’s January and I had packed on another 10lbs! I was willing to try anything at this point.
When I stepped on the scale the first morning I saw my worst nightmare. 189 pounds the most i had ever seen in my life. By the end of that week and never more sick of eating one food in my life, I had dropped 15 lbs!
Amazing! From there I changed my diet completely and over the course of the year went on to loose a total of 50 pounds and cure my fatty liver disease and ulcers!!!
Fast forward to 2016, a year of veganism and a year of vegetarianism I was able to maintain a weight of 140lbs. And then Christmas came….
There’s something about my Nonnas homemade eggplant parm that I couldn’t stay away from. Not to mention 4 Christmas dinners. Now it’s January again and my size 6 slacks felt like they needed to be more like an 8 (or a ten) Time to drop the weight again! Stepped on the scale I had gained 15 pounds! 155! K so don’t freak out. You know about the sacred heart diet. Give up coffee, give up junk and drink more water!! You can do this! Day 7 today and so far down 6 pounds! Not bad. I think I didn’t loose as much this time because I didn’t have as much to loose! But it puts me in the 140’s and back on the right track. So that’s it. 15 and then 6 pounds respectively.
My advice:
The biggest ROOKIE mistake you could make and the main reason you will FAIL: you don’t pack/ eat enough food! As someone who now (Ok you’ve never tried my Nonnas eggplant parm) regularly eats a plant based diet, I have learned you need to eat a lot. Not a measly 1600 calories, I’m talking 3000-3500 PER DAY!! You will starve. And you will crave. And you WILL fail if you do not eat enough on this diet. And you’ll feel like shit. You should eat every 2 hours and eat as much of that soup as you can. Close your eyes plug your nose and eat your damn soup. If you are using the washroom frequently this is a good Indicator you are loosing weight!! So eat people!! And you can loose up to 15 pounds in 1 week. Am I saying it’s a sustainable diet. Hell to the no. But it will flush you, cleanse you, and give you some mental clarity. And hopefully if you’re bright enough send you on a wonderful journey like it did for me. I struggled with my weight my entire life. But not anymore. Because I know the secret to longterm success is a high carb plant based diet!! Yes I certainly indulged over the holidays. But it’s extremely clear to me again and I’ll get back down to my weight of 140 lbs in no time 🙂 My go to phrase when people ask how I did it? It all started with a soup diet…. -HealthyWifeHealthyLife


I’m going on this diet tomorrow. I just want to know can i maybe change the beef for fish or chicken ? I don’t eat red meat because it makes me sick. Please let me know

Stephen (Editor)

Try to do so and see how you like it. Follow the instructions as closely as you can though.


Does it matter what time you eat? For example, can I eat the soup, vegetables, and the baked potato at 7:30 pm?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi! For detailed product and usage instructions, please refer to the Sacred Heart Diet official website for more information.


This diet was a breeze. Sure i craved some high calorie foods especially at night before bed but it is entirely sustainable. I also was able to do this training 6 of the 7 days. Those who say its not possible or realistic to do are just a bunch of fatties with no self-discipline.

I use this diet to correct a long binge of lousy eating like during Christmas time and to detox. I generally lose about 3 pounds body fat, 6 pounds total. Its chuck full of nutrients and for one week this diet is not unhealthy for anyone!

  Need help because it is not working
Rhoda (Verified User)

I’m on week number 2 I’m not loosing
I don’t like the soup so just following the plan


It’s the soup that is full of nutrition that helps you lose silly

  Question about taking the week off
Cindy Handley (Verified User)

My daughter and I are on our 6Th day of the soup diet. We would like to take a week off…and then continue again…any thoughts or comments on really what to EXACTLY TO EAT DURING THAT WEEK WOULD BE HELPFUL!!!

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Cindy. For detailed product instructions please refer to the official Sacred Heart Diet website for more information.

  Why is this not working?
Delinda (Verified User)

I followed this to the T . Why did I not lose weight?? So frustrating


I’ve lost 19 pounds the first time, don’t know why but you also need to exercise and that soup really does knock off the pounds if you eat it enough.

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Deinda. All dieters have different weight loss results.

  Any substitute for milk?
maria (Verified User)

i am lactouse intolerant i am doing the diet and am on my 5th day what do i substute instead of milk .can i hve green tea or just drink plain water .

Victoria (Editor)

Hi MAria. For detailed product instructions please refer to the official sacred heart diet website for more information.


I’m lactose intolerant also. I am doing to diet and my doctor informed me to just switch to almond milk or soy milk instead of regular milk. Hope this helps you.

  This works for me
Cynthia T. (Verified User)

I have gone on this diet several time… and it works “WELL” for me. I exercise often (which helps a lot) and yes, I lost 20LBS.

  Skim Milk All During The Day
Anonymous (Verified User)

Can anyone tell me if you can drink the skim milk and fruit juice all during the week?


Yes you can … but make sure to drink the 6- 8oz cups of water or more

Victoria (Editor)

Hi. For detailed product instructions please refer to the official sacred heart diet website for more information.

  i want to follow This is Best
theresa (Verified User)

I am on day 2 of the diet with my husband. I weighed myself and lost 0 pounds so far. When preparing for this diet, i didn’t realize tomatoes, cucumbers, & zucchini were fruit instead of veggies. Did anyone eat any of these 3 foods on the veggie day or am i the only one who didn’t realize these were considered fruits? Will it affect the results? I am usually skeptical about these types of diets so I want to follow it as best as possible. thanks!


Oh and I wouldn’t over do it with the skim milk and fruit juice – except on the days they are listed
Otherwise keep those in moderation and stick to WATER.. tea coffee

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Theresa, any alterations to the diet will affect the weight loss results.

  Do i need to Worry
Stefanie (Verified User)

Today is my banana day and I’m sacred to eat all those bananas high in carbs And sugar, afraid to gain weight back. Do I need to worry?


How did you do on the diet?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Stefanie, all dieters have different weight loss results, so it is not certain if your weight will not be affected by the bananas.

  Hoping To Feel Better Tomorrow
Joe (Verified User)

33 year old male 6’2 tall and 215lb. Just completed day 4 and I’m down 6lbs (209lb) I ensured the following when preparing the soup – No sodium beef broth, canned green beans with no sodium. The Lipton mix has sodium – with one package at 480mg it’s not a lot of sodium considering the batch will last you about a week. Today was banana skin milk day. It left me feeling quite bloated so I’m hoping I feel better tomorrow. Beef day!


Overall did this work for you?


I have lost 5 lbs but I’m finding it really hard to get all that soup I do eat it everyday but I can only eat it once


This is day 3 and I have done just as it said and I have gained 3 pounds


Joe how did your first week on the diet go ? Did you continue on ? Will you use this as a healthy kick start again if you need to?
Hope you had a great experience with fabulous results


This diet is fantastic. I had to stop a few weeks ago due to a last minute business trip. I’m in day 7 now and I feel fantastic. Massive amounts of energy that I had to go out and walk/run for 5km. Followed diet 100% and stuffed myself with the allowed foods all day. I’m Down 13 pounds and don’t really feel like stopping. I will continue for a second week and then adjust eating habits. Very happy!


Stephanie please don’t worry about the bananas 🙂 It is specifically organized this way to help you lose weight SAFELY
So you only have to eat 3 if you wish. The bananas and skim milk aren’t just to curb your cravings but mostly to give your body the potassium calcium protein and yes good carbs you need at this point of your diet

  i cant take black coffee
Loretta Baty (Verified User)

My question about this diet is I can’t take black coffee, I have a cup of coffee a day and I put a none dairy creamer and 2 tsp sugar.

  make it easier
Stesta (Verified User)

im on day 4 and this morning id lost 4lb, I’m pretty happy with that! I did it before and lost about 8 overall which I was chuffed with 🙂 we’ll see how it goes this time!

To make it easier I:

Add curry spices/garlic etc to the soup
Make other lean veg soups like celery soup without potato and it’s working just fine

I think if you make it to your own tastes you’re bound to lose weight anyway as long as it’s still low calorie!

I’m slow cooking my beef for packed lunches, and cooking my veg with frylight and herbs, forcing myself to drink milk however!

I feel much healthier and awake however I do have a detox spot breakout haha! Good sign I say.

  Screw The Diet Up
Anonymous (Verified User)

Can you switch your banana day with your beef day. Or will that screw the diet up

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. Any alterations to the diet can affect your weight loss results.

  that is artificial sweetner

that is artificial sweetner and is more bad for you than real sugar, you should never add it

  I drank black Herbal Green tea
Jena Patterson (Verified User)

I JUST completed day one. How did that go you ask? it went great. I ate the soup three times with a ton a fruit. I am a coffee drinker so I used skim milk in the coffee… (yuck) so I went to black. I drank black Herbal Green tea and at the end of the day I had ….one chocolate chip cookie. Damn, I know. I was visiting my aunt and she gave me water aaannnddd then brought them out. NO MORE CHEATING! *Gasp* That is my promise to you!

   I'm really doing this diet.

Starting this diet tomorrow. I currently weigh around 180 but I don’t really look like i weigh that much. Im 16, I’ll be 17 in may. and play soccer but I recently teared my ACL so I had surgery and haven’t been active. I gained a handful of weight and thats why I’m really doing this diet. To lose weight fast, have an ideal weight and be prepared for soccer soon. Wish me luck! Any tips??

   lipton chicken soup.

I don’t eat meat, so can I skip the beef broth and steak part and substitute a fish such as salmon? As for the broth I would use vegetable broth and forget
The lipton chicken soup. Maybe I’d add some noodles but not many. I also think I’d are the soup fresh at least every other day. Any response?


yes the response is that you won’t be doing the diet if you change everything up. it is written to be done for weight loss.


dont change anything

Thomas Wilburn

The diet is excellent I don’t need to lose weight fast but it keeps me in control of what I want to weigh. I don’t cheap any day either.I am willing to assist anybody. Hit me.

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Elena. If you substitute or alter any of the instructions, it might affect the weight loss outcome.

carolyn (Verified User)

Hi I am starting the diet and was wondering can i have raisin bran cereal for breakfast alone with the soup on some days?


No. Do not change anything.

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Caroyln. For detailed product instructions please refer to the official sacred heart diet website for more information.

  Can i eat anything besides the bananas and the soup in day 4?
Fatty (Verified User)

Can i eat anything besides the bananas and the soup in day 4


This is basically the “Cabbage Soup Diet”. There is a great blog that includes tips and a FAQ that answers questions about substitutions, etc. Also a real person who will answer specific questions if you have one not covered in the FAQ. The site also explains why each food is important each day which will help you figure out your own substitutions and ‘no, no’s’. It’s cabbage-soup-diet.com. I’m on Day 5 and doing great (and looking forward to that steak)! Good luck!!


Good going 🙂

Victoria (Editor)

Hi. For detailed product instructions please refer to the official sacred heart diet website for more information.

  It works for me.
Net (Verified User)

Well; I did this diet during June and lost 10lbs the first week. How I prepared it was, I bought bags of the coleslaw cabbage already diced with the carrots and put that in a stew pot; with the frozen green beans, cube beef bouillon cubes, a little bit of v8 vegetable juice, and a can of diced tomatoes not stewed added the water and i put pepper, garlic powder, any season really to make it a great tasting soup. I followed the diet right to the T and lost the weight. A lot of you are wanting to change the ingredients why? unless you’re allergic. Instead of eating bananas and skim milk, combine those ingredients in a blender and drink it like a smoothie or shake 🙂 For those that don’t like to eat bananas.


I really like the idea of coleslaw cabbages already done in the bag with the carrots & what not & excellent idea for the


Those are great tips but I think you’re on the wrong site- this soup doesn’t call for cabbage, because it’s not the cabbage soup diet…


I ate Lipton noodle soup for a couple of weeks and my blood pressure went ski high..

  What exactly are the side effects of alcohol with this diet?

What exactly are the side effects with alcohol with this diet?

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Jane. Please consult with your physician before taking Sacred heart diet and alcohol, to make sure it is safe for you to combine both.

   I felt great the first couple of days.
Kim (Verified User)

First 2 days I lost 4lbs..this morning I realized I messed up the order of days…yesterday I ate day 5 menu instead of day 3… Help… Should I start over? I really like this diet and I felt great the first couple of days….

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Kim, just try to get back on track and follow the daily directions from here on out in order to achieve results.

  It worked for us.
Anonymous (Verified User)

My boyfriend and I did the diet. He’s 34 280. I’m 35 180. We did two weeks. First week he lost 15 lbs. and I lost 8. Second week he lost 10 I lost 12. We also exercised 3-5 times a week. I did just dance and he walked. I also ate 2 crackers or a small piece of French bread with at least one of my bowls of soup. My two teenage children loosely followed the diet (Ate the soup at least one meal and cut out processed foods and sugary snacks)and also each lost 10 lbs. between them.

My question as well.

my question as well…

Yes stevia is a natural herb and is zero cal.

Yes stevia is a natural herb and is zero cal

  3 days on this diet . 1.5 pound gained.
Sylvie (Verified User)

3 days on this diet . 1.5 pound gained

  I will be starting this diet again on Thursday and update as I go.
Stewart Poulsen

I did this diet about 5 years ago. Let me say this it works great. I lost 19 lbs in a week. The instructions I saw said to eat as much soup as you want and I did. I made two huge pots of soup in one week. I followed the recipe exactly but I added pepper and other spices to made a great tasting soup. I made sure to drink the broth as well. My only issue with the diet is the change in bowel movements. This soup does flush your system so I knew that was going to happen. For beef I even used rib eye steaks (which are very fatty) and still lost the weight. I did keep it off for some time but I started eating pretty unhealthy again and have gained more weight. I will be starting this diet again on Thursday and update as I go


How did that turn out?

  Can I use use tinned plumed tomatoes?

Hello going to start it today but can’t find beef borth or canned stewed tomatoes x is if just beef stock ? Xx n can I use use tinned plumed tomatoes x

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Danni. For detailed product instructions and ingredients please refer to the official sacred heart diet website for more information.

  Is there a vegetarian version of the soup ??

Is there a vegetarian version of the soup ??


I use a vegetable stock cube and miss out the chicken noodle. I also add fresh basil leaves for flavour

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. For product inquiries and product type information, please refer to the sacred heart diet official website for more information.

  Can we add olive oil on the salade on the second and third day?
Mirella (Verified User)

Can we add olive oil on the salade on the second and third day. Because I did. Today is my forth and I lost 4 pounds already. Have a nice day. ☺

  Loved the product.
jen (Verified User)

I am starting this diet for the second time in 2 yrs. I lost 7 lbs the first time. I followed the directions exactly, except I did eat canned soup after the 3rd day because I didn’t like the taste of the sacred heart soup. I ate canned as well as fresh fruit and vegetables. I worked out every day that week for an hour. I am 5’6, 240lbs. I would say it took me a year to gain the seven lbs back. I did use stevia in my tea and on the fruits that were sour & not as ripe as I would have liked them. It did make me bloat, which I have never done before, even on my menstrual previous to this. I asked my doctor prior to going on this diet, and all she said was just to diet! I hope this will helpful to others. Good luck!

  How much rice can eat?
michelle branigin (Verified User)

how much rice do u eat on the seventh day ?

heather beacham

I would like to know as well, and if you go of diet for the 2 days, what is recommended to eat. I have lost 8lbs


I would say one measured cup full

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Michelle. For detailed product instructions and ingredients please refer to the official sacred heart diet website for more information.

  can you eat hot dogs with it?
michelle branigin

can you eat hot dogs as the beef on the diet?

  Facing side effects.
Sherry (Verified User)

Iam on 2nd day and soup isok.But i am hungry as a dog.I use the bathroom a lot. I cant stick to this because the soup makes me hungry

  Is it safe to eat pineapples?
Carmen (Verified User)

Ok. I am on the first day of the diet and I ate canned pineapples in 100% pineapple juice. Have I messed up?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Carmen. For detailed product instructions please refer to the official sacred heart diet website for more information.

  11 years old can use ot?

My name is Carmen. I am starting on this diet tomorrow. Just want to know if you think it is safe for an 11 year old girl?


please refer to a government issued food guide i.e. Canada’s food guide

I am currently taking a university nutrition class and we are doing a project on how bad this diet is! good luck with your dieting but please find a safer and more healthy option

if lost speak to a professional like a doctor, nurse or nutritionist/dietitian

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Carmen. The majority of the sacred heart product line is not intended for anyone under the age of 18. Please consult with your doctor before they use this product.

  Going to start the product.

I’m starting this diet on Monday and I’m super excited… I’ve been researching a lot of different diets and none of them have really looked possible. This one, however, gives me hope. 🙂

  Loved the product.
Anonymous (Verified User)

I have been on this diet for 11 days now and have lost 15 lbs……….and yes I eat the soup every morning for breakfast! My sister lost approx.70 lbs on this diet and has kept it off for a year with excersise. this is the only thing that has worked for me….just the first three days are the hardest, after that awaaaaaaaaaay you go!!

michelle branigin

hi was wondering the lipton chciken noodle soup mic where u able to find this in the store cause all i could find was lipton chciken noodle but it didnt say mix and then there was onion mix beef mix do u think i got the right one it was the only chciken noodle i could find anywhere .
did u weigh urself on the 4th day or which day did u first weigh? thanks an input would be appreciated


it you can find the soup in Walmart where they sell soup that its in a box and you can find it I went on this that a few years ago and I lost over 100 pounds and I lost a diet and now about teen years later I’m back on it again and I love this diet it works thank you I eat I eat it for breakfast lunch and supper but it does work take my word for it

  Loved the product.
BK (Verified User)

I started this diet yesterday so far so good! but curious I cant stand the dang soup lol not a big vegi lover specially when it comes to greenbeans. has anyone tried replacing the soup with just chicken noodle or tomato? curious if weightloss still works with sometyhing more i can stand.


I found that putting the soup in a blender and adding Worcestershire sauce and beef boullion make it ALOT easier to eat!

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. Any alterations to the diet plan instructions might alter the results.

  Going to start the product soon.

I’m a nurse and I was looking over this diet for a friend. I think a few things need to be clarified. The soup is really high in sodium with the soup mix and broth. I would highly recommend getting the broth with no added salt. Also canned green beans usually have salt and sugar added. Either get beans with no added salt, or fresh(even better). Also it should have been clarified that you could substitute fish or even lean chicken to replace some of the beef. All beef would be really high in cholesterol and “bad” fats. I’m going to make these adjustments and give it a try. I’ll post again after I’ve been on it for a few days.

  Loved the product.
Anonymous (Verified User)

Amen! For thanking the lord hes are staintgh and through christ all things are possible. Just one guestion on this all vegtable diet what do we eat for breaskfast do we eat the soup for breakfast to.
Thanks, the potters house cfm girl!!! 🙂

Victoria (Editor)

Hi. For detailed product use instructions and information please refer to the official sacred heart diet website.

  Loved the product.
korena (Verified User)

This is the first time I tried it and I’m at the end of day four. My husband is doing brilliant as he loves the soup, I’m not keen on it. I find the soup really boring and by day 3 was really struggling to even swallow it. Now I have added cayenne pepper and some chilli flakes its yummy. Day 3 I was a little light headed but the bananas today sorted that right out. Past the half way mark and have lost 5lb and gone down 2 belt nothches.

  Just started will update later.
Corrinne (Verified User)

I started today, i am hoping for the same awesome results that others have experienced…

  Is it safe for my condition?

I am type one diabetic insulin dependant is this diet safe for it if keep tabs on sugar levels?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi. Because you are diabetic, please consult with your physician before beginning the sacred heart diet.

  Need more information about the recipes
sharon (Verified User)

I just wanted to know what king of green beans and is it the large cans or regular and how long do u cook this soup for Thank you


I started this diet Tuesday of this week. I used regular sized cans for the tomatoes and green beans (14oz. I think) I cooked it in a large pot. By the time it came to a boil and I boiled for 10 minutes, the carrots were done.

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Sharon. For detailed product instructions and ingredients please refer to the official sacred heart diet website for more information.

  Sub for carrots
sweety (Verified User)

im on this diet now.. only thing is.. i dont care much for carrotts.. can i sub them for something else?

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. Any alterations made to the diet plan might affect weight loss results.

  Very healthy
Kat (Verified User)

I’ve been on this diet once and i lost 10 lbs and my husband lost 20 lbs!! I’ve seen other comments about the cabbage soup diet, and it’s NOT the same thing. Actually, a lot of doctors are strongly recommending the stop of the CABBAGE SOUP DIET. The sacred heart diet is very healthy! I recommend it to ANYONE!


Hello kat, can you tell me how is this cooked please, what king of green beens and rather we need the large cans or regular cans? Thank you

  Allergic to bananas

i’m allergic to bananas what can i take instead


If you are allergic to banana’s you just need to replace it with something that is also high in potassium and fairly good with fats. The skim milk should be helpful with the fats, but for potassium you could try dark leafy greens (eg. spinach) or white or portabello mushrooms.

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. Please consult with your physician before beginning sacred heart diet to make sure it is safe for you to use, since it includes having bananas in your diet. Any alterations to the diet plan might affect the results.

  Different recipe
Dee (Verified User)

The recipe on the sacred heart (cabbage soup) diet web site is different from this one.


My husband did the one you are talking about with the cabbage and he lost 17 pounds in the 7 days. So it still works. 🙂

  Diet soda

Do you know if you can drink diet soda on this diet?


Soda, although still zero calories, contains aspartame, syrup, and other chemicals that the body is trying to get rid of. If you’re worried about the caffeine withdrawals, maybe try green tea

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. For detailed product instructions and restrictions, please refer to the official sacred heart diet website for more information.

  Losing weight
Chris (Verified User)

I did this diet over summer and lost 4lbs.. I’ve lost 10 since then but its so slow that i am going to try the diet again. i loved the soup and I did loose some weight. i only have 15-20 lbs to loose so i am praying that i loose at least 10 lbs. i am going to try and work out a little this time. I did not work out at all on the diet 1st time. i will be back, in 4 days.

I am 154lbs as of 2-3-2012
starrting diet 2-4-2012 for the next 7 days. so i’ll give you weigh ins..


Ended up starting today, since hubby wanted to take me out to dinner this weekend. and then SUPERBOWL..I will weigh my self again on Day 3. 2-10-2012..

  My weight loss secret
Di (Verified User)

Went on this diet about 4 or 5 years ago. Loved it and lost the weight. Stayed with it exactly about 2 weeks, then modified just a little. Started on Jan 8, and by April 1 had lost 35 pounds. I ended at about my idea weight. In the 4 years, I have not put it back on, but have really watched my eating habits. Only lost about 5 or 6 pounds the first week, but wasn’t really expecting to lose 15 pounds the first week. I have recommeded this diet to several people, as many friends commented that it looked like the weight was just falling off me and wanted to know my secret.


Di, did you drink skim milk throught the week or only on the banana day?
Also, can I use my 0 calorie, (sweetened w/splenda) flavored water?

  Feeling hungry
Danyele (Verified User)

I completed day one and im going to stick with it but I find that im hungry, really dreading eating soup for seven days straight..I don’t think I’ll weigh myself until Wednesday morning


On the fruit day, can you drink the juice from the can fruit?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Cheree. For detailed diet instructions please refer to the official sacred heart diet website for more information.

  I'm enjoying the results
Mercury (Verified User)

I just started two weeks and a half ago and I just have to say I’m really enjoying the results. I lost 12 lbs the first week and 9 lbs the second. The first three days were extremely hard for me. I’ve always had an addiction for sweets and when I went home and saw the plate of chocolate cupcakes on the counter begging for me to devour it. I had to put a rubber band around my wrist and snap it against my skin to prevent myself from cheating. If you follow the directions carefully you won’t feel starved at all. The second day my stomach felt so empty so I drank half a bottle of water and chewed some gum. It helps a ton. And plus, gum only has about 6 calories. Ever since then, I’ve been sticking to my diet and lost a ton of weight. I will tell you that when you get your ideal weight and decide to stop the diet. All your weight will come back plus a couple more. So if you want to stay that weight, you will have to plan a healthy diet. I do recommend this but I have to warn you, my friend tried this and fainted in class. She wasn’t getting enough calories and nutrition. Eat at least 6 of those meals or more a day because they don’t contain much calories. Good luck.

  Sacred Heart Diet
Victoria (Editor) (Verified User)

Hello Kennie. Please consult with your physician before combining the sacred heart diet and alcohol to make sure it is safe for you.

  Different body, different calorie intake
angela brown (Verified User)

actually dependinging on your calorie intake i dont see why this wouldnt be a bad idea for you..but a diabetic diet is also used to lose wieght..if you stick stricly to your daily intake..

  It seems like a great diet.
Dusti (Verified User)

I also feel bloated and my stomach felt very acidic the first day…I’m assuming it’s from the type of fruit I ate. I’m on day 2, and my stomach feels a little better, but not much. I was glad to see I’m not the only one with bloated results; however, I’m sure it’s just my body’s reaction to eating so much fruit, which I normally eat very little of. I did loose 2 lbs. the first day. I’m 5’7 and weigh 165. 10 lbs would be great, but of course I’m hoping for a little more. It seems like a great diet…I like the idea that you are not limited on quantity which is my demise, but I’m finding I get full very fast anyways. I will definitely continue on the diet. I’ve been wanting to cleanse my body for a while, and this seems like a great and healthy way to do it. I’m very optimistic and excited to see my end results! Good luck to everyone and congrats to those of you who lost weight!!

  Good read and will provide update
Ondine (Verified User)

It’s been great reading all the comments on the soup diet…what I find the most interesting is that dieticians would think that this a bad diet. Full of fruit and vegi’s , protein, no fats, sugars or any of the stuff that they keep telling us is no good for our health. I’m a type 2 diabetic and have been on the diet for 4 days, sugars are the best that they have been in a long time. I’ll let you know how I go for the rest of the week.

  Didn't see any results
Ryan (Verified User)

Just finished the diet. I DON’T recommend it. I lost a whopping FOUR pounds. I followed the diet perfectly and am not happy about the results. Not to mention I had zero energy by day 3. It’s a waste of time. Oh, and let me add that I also work out 3-4 days a week, and still didn’t see any results.


It’s funny how sometimes the body will not co-operate with us when we try to loose weight. My daughter decided that she was not going to mess around any longer and went to the gym. She worked out for 8 weeks 5 days week 2 hours a day…doing tone cardio pilates weights. Gym teacher said nobody worked as hard as she did….She never lost a pound.


But she lost inches I’m sure

  Lost weight in just few days
leanne (Verified User)

omg this is my second day on the diet and ive lost 4lbs already carnt belive its a miricle ill keep posting everyday and tell u how im gettin on gl every1 x x x

  Can't wait to do this

I am doing this Sunday,,cant wait

  Just started with the diet
leanne (Verified User)

hi everyone starting the diet today im excited i wiegh 17 st 5 lbs so if this diet really works ill be made up for a quick start ill keep updating throughout the week gla x x x


can i use diet sugar

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Sylvia. For detailed product directions and restrictions please refer to the official sacred heart diet website for more information.

  Lose weight fast

I weigh about 146lbs and trying to lose 20-25 bls asap for a wedding and my anniversary..working out about 4 days a week..to anyone who has done this diet–do you think i could lose the weight??

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Tersha. All dieters have different weight loss results, it all depends on the user’s body.

  It works
brie (Verified User)

Starting tomorrow. My niece did this diet twice (1 week each time) lost 17 lbs 1st time and 10 the 2nd time but cheated a little the 2nd time. So we’ll see. I would imagine the 1st 4 to 5 lbs is mostly fluid, like most diets. Thats okay with me as long as I lose more than that.

  Use product while working out

can u workout?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Jen. For detailed plan instructions please refer to the official sacred health diet website for more information.

  cereal bowl

How many calories are in a cereal bowl size of soup?

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. Please refer to the product label for calorie information.

after all im only human
SJ (Verified User)

YAY!! starting this tomoorw, cant wait!! Best of look to evrwyone ekse who’s doing this. im hoping to keep it up for 12 weeks… even though i know i will have to give it up 2 times during this for Patricks day celebrations and my friends 30th! after all im only human! hee!

  Can you reverse the days
Marianne Best (Verified User)

Can you reverse the days ? We are going out with family for dinner on day 5 but using day 6 would be easier at a restaurant.
Many Thanks

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Marianne, the diet plan is formulated accordingly to help aid with weight loss, any alterations to the diet can affect results.

  Sacred Heart Diet

Stevia is better than artificial sweetners like Splenda
but either can be used
just minimally
Stevia derives from a plant and its healthier

  Results - and we have not cheated
Chefziti (Verified User)

Hi, My wife and I are just finishing week 1 – are on day 6. We are not extremely overweight – I need to lose about 15lbs to reach ideal, My wife needs to lose 25lbs. Results – and we have not cheated: I have lost about 5lbs, she has lost maybe 2 lbs. We are at a loss. Maybe it is because we are not extremely overweight we will not lose quickly? I would appreciate any tips or help with this question.


u should be doing some type of exercize while doing this..because in the end its all comes down to how many calories u’ve reduced!
U also should limit how many bannana’s or meat u do eat throughout the diet!
I lost 17lbs in 10days
but i did work out on the ellyptical for at least 45min 5 out of those 10days
u can walk or even better do stairs!
i recommend this diet to anyone!

Josetta (kcmo)

Good answer. I agree Sonja.

Victoria (Editor)

Hi. All dieters have different weight loss results; some users achieve faster/slower results than others.

  soup juice
mie (Verified User)

I have been doing this diet for 3 days now. But I didnt make my own soup. I jus drink the soup juice from other soups. Will I still lose 10-17pds. Does anyone no?

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. All dieters experience different weight loss results.


I am on day three and my stomach is bloated and hurts. I have actually gained instead of lost. Is this normal?


I am on day two now and feel bloated too….did it get better for you through the week? How was your end result?


If you’re on your period this happens.

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Heidi. If you continue to have these side effects, please consult with your physician before continuing the sacred heart diet.

  loose weight quickly
California (Verified User)

I’m starting the diet today, and from what I’ve read on websites, you do loose weight quickly. This is awesome for me because I’m going on a cruise in 2 weeks… and I have a little bit of chubby on my stomach to get rid of. The soup tastes really good, everyone trying to loose weight, try it! There’s only a positive side, no negatives!

  Choc or strawberry milk

I don’t like milk. Can I replace white milk with choc milk? I like choc or strawberry milk. Is there anything else I can replace the white milk with?

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Bernice. For detailed diet instructions please refer to the official sacred heart diet website for more information.

  Green beans

2 cans of green beans

  Diet soup
Dan. K

I have a question.. how much does the diet soup make? Like servings? I wasn’t sure if that ammount was supposed to last you a few days or what???

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Dan. For detailed diet instructions please refer to the official sacred heart diet website for more information.

Almond milk instead of skim
Los Angeles

Hello everyone! Do you know if you can use Splenda to add some “sweet” flavor to the black coffe and green tea? Can you use almond milk instead of skim milk? Also, do you know if the diet works when you only have to lose 12 lbs.? I was diagnose with a slow thyroid 3 months ago and have gained that weight since then. I want to go back to my old weight (all my clothes fit that size), but I was wondering if when there’s not “to much” weight to lose, the diet still works.
Congrats to all of you who have lost weight!!

Rena S.

I am currently breast feeding. Is this safe for my little one?


While breastfeeding you need to make sure to take in plenty of calories or you could lost your milk supply.

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Rena, this is not recommended when women are breast feeding. Please consult with your physician before beginning this program.


Does this diet work if you are at you ideal weight?


I was wondering the same Lina…I need to lose 12 lbs. but don’t know if it works when you are at or close to your ideal weight…

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Rodha, since this a weight loss products, if you already are at your ideal weight it might not be beneficial to you to begin this program.

  The sacred heart diet is great

The sacred heart diet is great! everyone in my family likes it even as a meal on a cold day.

   this is my first day
Cindy (Verified User)

yes you can. How are you doing on the diet, I fasted for two days prior to starting, this is my first day.

  I'm new and hopeful about it.
Sanya (Verified User)

today is my 1st day doing the diet, i weighed in at 219.5lbs today i would love to be under 200lbs…


That’s my exact weight, too! I started yesterdday. Have you lost anything?

  I recomened it to everyone.
giggles (Verified User)

I have been off and on this diet for over a year I do it every three months for two weeks and I have dropped over 60lbs and i love it never gained a pound back, but I have also cut out all junk foods and drinks.I recomened it to everyone. It is only a week something anyone can stick too.

  can i have splenda?

can i have splenda on this diet

Victoria (Editor)

Hi. For detailed diet instructions and restrictions, please refer to the official sacred heart diet website for more information.

  I started today i weighed in at 152

today is june 28th 2010 I started today i weighed in at 152 i want to be 140 and i work out at least 3 times a week im building muscle but i want t shed the pounds i hope this work my trainer gave it t me…

  There is alot of nutrients in this diet.
Jackie (Verified User)

that was not a good answer for the lady that is a diabetic. most diebetic eat to much of the rong kind of food, this food is just what would help keep their suger level down. there is alot of nutrients in this diet. a diebetic have to eat at least (6) meal a day, sm but still eating, so why not eat something good for you


Sorry. Physician heal thyself. That should be advice.


it’s difficult for me to take advise from someone who can’t spell. Just saying.Bananas are very high in carb/glycemic index and not appropriate in those numbers for a diabetic.

  I'd say no. I'm not a diabetic,

I’d say no. I’m not a diabetic, nor do i know much about it. But don’t you guys have to have a certain number of carbs and sugar? You wont get the nutrients you need.
But it couldn’t hurt to ask you doctor if you can go on it for a week.

  Use protein in your diet.

The reason they add the beef is to give you protein. Fish has plenty. Though they do say to limit the fish, i don’t know why. But it can be replaced. I plan to have fish for lunch and steak for dinner. Mostly because Steak is fatty and expensive, while a bag of Tilapia is only $6.

  Loved the product
Anonymous (Verified User)

it says 2 cans of green beans on my screen…

  Loved the product
Rosie (Verified User)

I went on this diet last year and it is great, it does get a bit boring if you continue it. I went on it before holiday and felt great and i must admit i looked great. I advise it 100% 🙂

  How much can loose in first two week



John F.

Tried a number of plans and products.
The Sacred Heart Rotating 7 Day Food Program has been the best to date.
I 14 months , I melted off over 120 lbs.
April 10,2008 I weighed in at 319Lbs. June ,2009 my weight had melted to 192 Lbs.
You do the math.

At first the change was most dramatic measured as pounds off the scale.
As the weeks and months passed,the weight melted off was a smaller number. The percentage given up to where ever the stuff goes seems about the same as there is less excess to take off.

The weight showed a small rebound when I went on vacation from the food plan.
My weight has fluctuated in a 8 pound range whenever I stray too far.

Not eating out of control and avoiding fats,starches and sugars has been worth the compliments on my new hip clothing.


This is written June 12,2010

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Deborah. All dieters have different weight loss results, so there isn’t a specific amount you will lose within the first week.

  Can continue with eating problem?
Joan Gay

I have been operated on for diverticulitis. I cannot eat tomatoes or too much corn. can I do the diet with no problems?

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Joan. Please consult with your physician before beginning the sacred heart diet to make sure it is safe for you.

  Loved the product
Kitty (Verified User)

I am on day three ! So far I have no problem.I do have a question.
On the list of drinks,there is fruit juice ,and also skim milk,can these be consumed throughout the week,along with the green tea ,water ,etc.? Can we drink vegetable juices such as V-8 ?
I look forward to tomorrow morning when I will weigh .I will try to post on this .Good luck to everyone!

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. For detailed diet instructions and restrictions please refer to the official sacred heart website for more information.

  What's the soup recipe.
Ginger Peterson

on the soup recipe it left off what comes after 2 cups ?
Please tell me what it is.

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Ginger. For detailed diet instructions please refer to the official sacred heart diet website for more information.

  Asking for diet solution.
Diane Marsh

Can I use any butter spray, vinegar or anything else while on this diet

  Advise on diet.
sep (Verified User)

Yes you can substitute fish for he red meat

It's two cans of stewed tomatoes.

It’s two cans of stewed tomatoes.

JACKIE (Verified User)


Josetta (kcmo)

This is my first week on the diet. Wow! I have seen results on the 4th day.Like anything ealse once you make your mind up to do something and stick to it you will get a positve result. I am not one to take diet pills so I find this diet plan healthy and a way to encourage good eating habits. So to all of you that are wanting to loose weight for what your reasons may be good luck; be encouraged that you will reach your goal by staying positve and believing in yourself. KUDO’S to all of us that’s taking charge of a healthy diet that teaches us good eating habits while loosing weight. God bless.

Los Angeles

Jackie, this means you used a sugar substitue, correct? I’m planning to start the diet and wanted to know if I could use Splenda…I also wanted to know if anybody knows if the diet works when you have to lose 15 lbs., I’ve been diagnosed with slow thyroid and gained that weight in 3 months and I want to go back to my weight…congrats on your achievement!!

  Can start if pregnant?
bre bre

ok well how long are u suppose to stop the diet before you get bak on or can u caontiue the diet without stopping????and is this safe if u are pregnant


When pregant you should not diet at all unless your doctor puts you on one. You need to check with your doctor before you go on this diet. I can’t image that this would be good for a pregant woman.That is not to say that it isn’t a good diet after you have the baby and are not nursing

Victoria (Editor)

Hello, please consult with your physician if you are pregnant to make sure this diet would be safe.

  I started the diet and lost 17 pounds the first wee
maggie (Verified User)

I started the diet and lost 17 pounds the first week and 15 pounds the second week I am excited because I am 110 pounds over weight and am finally losing it while eating healthy…


I’m on the second day, and its says eat green leafy viggie as much as u can, so I bought spinach, can I put any dressing on it??? Can u tell me wat u did step by be, and is this diet suppose to make u gasy

  It works
Paul (Verified User)

I was on this diet for 2 wks earlier this year. I lost 19lbs the first week and 17lbs the second week. After the holiday… I’m going back on it. It works. This is my ace up the sleeve.


Thats Fantastic!! Did you work out at all?

2 cans of nothing!!
Peg (Verified User)

2 cans of nothing!! On another recipe from a web site, just leave that off and that is the whole recipe.

  I tried this diet and I did loose 15 pounds the first week
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I tried this diet and I did loose 15 pounds the first week. I did because I was going on a vacation and wanted to loose unwanted pounds. It took awhile to gain the pounds back. I am now starting back but I plan to stick it until I get to my ideal diet. If you follow exactly you never feel hungry and you do feel full. I pack my lunch daily and I enjoy the soup and veggies. I do recommend this diet. It does work but you do have to follow it exactly to feel fulfilled.


I recommend this if you have DECIDED to do something about your weight. I did this along with my husband two years ago. It’s hard the first few days but we stuck with it and we each lost 15 pounds the first week. After the detox, we felt GREAT and we just continued a healthy eating lifestyle (no brainer). We kept losing weight and I lost a total of 30lbs, my husband 40lbs. I have have reached a plateau after a tramadic experience but I’ve only gained 5 lbs back. I plan on going back to this to jump start it and lose the last 20 lbs to my goal.


This is so helpful!!! My boyfriend & I are going to do this & I think that us doing it together will motivate us to not give up.. I love the fact that it trains the mind to eat right after going off the diet & to not gain the wt you worked so hard to loose..


how much water should be added to the soup


You just cover the ingredients with the water.


you are cooking it with the broth use one cup water.


The directions say to cover the vegetables with water. Boil for 10 minutes at a high boil and then turn down to about medium. Cook until vegetable are done.

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Ashley. For detailed diet instructions and ingredients please refer to the official sacred heart diet website for more information.