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SafSlim Belly Fat Transformation Review - 11 Things You Need to Know

Recently, we learned about a product called Safslim Belly Fat Transformation, which claims to help users lose stubborn belly fat. We are always reluctant to endorse products that claim spot reduction, as this concept has been disproven in clinical studies repeatedly. Still, we wanted to know more about the product and see if it had any value as a fat-burner.

Our research team was happy to help. They examined the full list of ingredients, potential side effects, available related scientific research, and hundreds of comments from actual users to give you the information you need about Safslim Belly Fat Transformation. Read on to get the Bottom Line on the product.

SafSlim Belly Fat Transformation can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What Is SafSlim Belly Fat Transformation?

The SafSlim Belly Fat Transformation is a fat burner in liquid form. This product consists of all-natural products taken twice a day before meals for sixteen weeks.

The SafSlim Belly Fat Transformation claims it is the first-ever solution for targeting health-threatening abdominal fat. This patent-pending formula includes high-linoleic safflower oil for reducing belly fat in just a few weeks.

SafSlim Belly Transformation comes in a variety of flavors, including Berry Cream Fusion, Key Lime Cream Fusion, Pina Colada Fusion, and Tangerine Cream Fusion.

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How Did SafSlim Belly Fat Transformation Start?

The SafSlim Belly Fat Transformation was started in 2010 by a United States-based company Re-Body.

After analyzing potential problems experienced by individuals with belly fat, they collected natural ingredients used for reducing and dissolving belly fat. They assure consumers that the product will only be sold by the trusted retailers, not compromising on the quality of the product.

The official website of Re-Body explains the science and mechanism of operation of SafSlim Belly Fat Transformation.

Apparently, this product functions by changing diet and fitness levels of individuals, resulting in a reduction in belly fat. The official website claims that the product has no side effects.


SafSlim Belly Fat Transformation Claims

The SafSlim Belly Fat Transformation consists of natural ingredients. They say this product is effective when it is used according to the directions.

The supplement claims you will not experience any results when using SafSlim Belly Fat Transformation if you fail to take it regularly before meals.

Re-body also mentioned that the efficacy of this product had been tested by a number of researchers. They say these studies have been conducted for testing the long-term benefits of this product.

Also, they claim all the ingredients in this product are clinically tested and contribute to igniting fat loss without negative side effects.

In response to the negative reviews provided by consumers of SafSlim Belly Fat Transformation, the website claims that most of the negative reviews have been provided by customers who failed to use the product according to the instructions.


SafSlim Belly Fat Transformation Ingredients

The SafSlim Belly Fat Transformation ingredients include SAFActive78 high-linoleic safflower oil, xylitol, glycerine, gum arabic, water, vegetable juices, citric acid, xanthan gum, ascorbic acid, guar gum, vitamin E (as d-alpha tocopherol) and ascorbyl palmitate.

Mixing one tablespoon of the product mixed with beverages, yogurt or shakes and consuming it before meals are recommended for getting desired results.


The oil of safflower is derived from the safflower plant. The moderate consumption of safflower may contribute to the reduction of belly fat.

Safflower consists of compound phytosterols, which may play a role in reducing the excess amounts of fats accumulating in the abdomen and between the spaces of organs.


Xylitol consists of 40% fewer calories than sugar, which is consistent with the goal of weight loss and fat reduction.

Xylitol is essential for individuals wanting to consume a low carbohydrate diet. The addition of Xylitol in the SafSlim gives a sweet taste to the product.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an antioxidant and provides protection to body cells. Being an essential nutrient, vitamin E provides support to a range of processes and functions in the human body.

It is extracted from natural sources and contributes to healthy muscle creation and functions. In addition, vitamin E is likely to contribute to weight loss.

There is less evidence related to the consumption of this vitamin for weight loss, though.

The use of this vitamin in combination with other vitamins and in combination with the other ingredients in this product is likely to contribute to reducing body fat. For this reason, vitamin E was included in SafSlim.

Gum Arabic, Guar Gum, and Xanthan Gum

The pre-biotic gum arabic is composed of indigestible and complex carbohydrates. More often than not, gum arabic is used as an emulsifier, stabilizer, and thickener.

For this reason, SafSlim includes gum arabic along with its other natural ingredients for reducing belly fat.

Guar gums and xanthan gum are also low in calories and high in fiber. These natural gums maintain cholesterol levels.

Other Ingredients

Other ingredients, including ascorbyl palmitate, also contribute to improving the overall health of consumers. In addition, water, vegetable juices, citric acid, and ascorbic acid are in the formula.

An adequate amount of Vitamin C is linked to decreased weight and lower waist measurements.

The intake of vitamin C contributes to the production of molecules used for oxidation, or metabolism of fatty tissues accumulated on the body, specifically on the abdominal region.

Benefits and Results

SafSlim Belly Fat Transformation Benefits and Results

As the product claims to reduce belly fat like other weight loss supplements, it is necessary to assess the benefits obtained from this product.

SafSlim is available liquid form and offers multiple benefits which include it being sugar-free and vegetarian. It also says it contains no colors, sweeteners, or artificial flavors.

The product also claims it is an effective supplement for fat burning, encouraging the body to utilize calories. As compared to other supplements, this product says it comes with fewer side effects too.

SafSlim Belly Fat Transformation and Weight Loss

It is necessary to evaluate the efficacy of the product in reducing fat. SafSlim Belly Fat Transformation is supposed to induce a vast amount of weight reduction as the main target of the product is to eliminate fat.

However, the company website recommends the use of SafSlim with a proper and healthy diet and exercise for approximately sixteen weeks for incredible results.

Therefore, you cannot expect short-term results of the product as related to weight loss. This requirement makes difficult for people who have a very busy lifestyle and find it hard to fit in workouts.

The website mentions no info on the recommended diet and exercise that should accompany this product. Additionally, a study that showed effectiveness was used on incorporated athletes.


How to Use SafSlim Belly Fat Transformation

One tablespoon of the supplement twice in a day is suggested by the company. The supplement must be taken thirty minutes before meals or can be taken by mixing it into shakes, milk or smoothies.

Keep the bottle in the refrigerator after opening. Shake the product well before using the supplement too. Individuals who have a sensitive digestive system can take half a spoon four times a day.

For best results, take this product for at least sixteen weeks.

Side Effects

Potential SafSlim Belly Fat Transformation Side Effects

The company website mentions the product can possibly cause health issues related to the digestive system. Also, some users have complained about heartburn and indigestion issues.

SafSlim Belly Fat Transformation Product Warnings

There are certain conditions in which ingesting the supplement might put your health at significant risk.

Pregnant and nursing women should consult with a healthcare professional before using the supplement. Moreover, if you are already taking any medications or are suffering from any medical condition, use caution.

If you are already suffering from any digestive issue, ingesting the product may result in exaggerating associated symptoms. These problems include nausea and diarrhea.

SafSlim Belly Fat Transformation Alternatives

There are certainly other alternatives which are found helpful in significantly reducing belly fat. These alternatives include Gravitate Nutrition, NutriBuddy, and Skinny Medical.

Among these alternatives, Gravitate Nutrition is widely used because of its safe nature and claimed efficacy towards weight loss. The company offers the product with a money-back guarantee, which also helps in building customer’s trust. It not only reduces belly fat but also targets other areas of the body.

What Users Are Saying

“I discovered this product 7 years ago and it gave me results in a month. I’ve been using it now consistently for 2 months and it’s really helped reduce my belly fat like no other. Price is great too! Less than half what I used to pay for it in store when it was just released ($32.)”

“I did see some results in using product but I believe it will be a long process to get what I’m aiming for which means it can get pricey.”

“Very disappointed that this product did not work for me after several months.”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line –  Does Safslim Belly Fat Transformation Work?

So, what’s missing in our review of Safslim Belly Fat Transformation? Well, we like that it contains natural ingredients and that we found some positive customer comments. While we appreciate the available research, additional studies showing long-term success would be beneficial. We are concerned about some negative customer complaints, especially about the lack of results.

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Among the best diet programs we’ve seen this year is one called Noom. The diet program is backed by clinical research and is shown to ignite fat loss. There’s no talk of harmful side effects and user reviews express that people are seeing great results.

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SafSlim Belly Fat Transformation Review
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SafSlim Belly Fat Transformation

What are the side effects of SafSlim?

Some potential side effects of SafSlim Belly Fat Transformation include diarrhea, cramping, bloating, gas and upset stomach.

What are the ingredients in SafSlim Belly Fat Transformation?

SafSlim Belly Fat Transformation ingredients are safflower oil, palmitic acid, stearic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid, water, xylitol, glycerine, gum arabic, natural flavors, vegetable juice, citric acid, xanthan gum, guar gum, sorbic acid, vitamin E and ascorbyl palmitate.

Does SafSlim Belly Fat Transformation work?

There’s research into the active ingredient in SafSlim Belly Fat Transformation, safflower oil, but there’s a chance long-term success could be mixed.

How much does SafSlim Belly Fat Transformation cost?

SafSlim Belly Fat Transformation costs $32.99 for 16 ounces. Each bottle contains a 30-day supply.

How should I take SafSlim Belly Fat Transformation?

You should take one teaspoon of SafSlim twice per day, prior to meals. The recommended time frame to use the supplement is 16 weeks.

Where can I buy SafSlim Belly Fat Transformation?

SafSlim Belly Fat Transformation can be purchased using their Official Site.

Do I need to diet on SafSlim?

You don’t need to diet on SafSlim Belly Fat Transformation, but the company recommends eating healthy to achieve better results.

Can you take SafSlim Belly Fat Transformation with other supplements?

You should always contact a healthcare provider prior to combining weight-loss products with SafSlim Belly Fat Transformation.

Does SafSlim Belly Fat Transformation contain stimulants?

SafSlim Belly Fat Transformation doesn’t contain stimulants or caffeine-based ingredients.

Is there a guarantee on SafSlim?

If you aren’t satisfied with the purchase of SafSlim Belly Fat Transformation, you can return it for a full refund. You have 30 days to receive your money back.

19 SafSlim Belly Fat Transformation Reviews

  • Product Did not Worked For Me
    Tara Rae (Verified Purchase)

    After being recommended SAFSlim by by a sales associate at my local GNC location i decided to add it to my 5 day a week workout schedule. Not only did i begin to constantly crave food ,which was irregular,i experienced bad abdominal pains similar to cramps. To test if it was the product i decided not to take it for close to a week and continue on my regular workout schedule and like magic the cramps and cravings had deceased. When taking the product i took 2 tablespoons a day (1 before breakfast and 1 before bed) as instructed by the sales associate who recommended the product. Not sure if i was misusing the product or if my body just didn’t like it (lol). I hope no one had this experience but it would be great to know that I’m not/wasn’t alone.

  • is this true
    A.A (Verified Purchase)

    I have read that SAFSLim was tested on people with type II Diabetic and that it also improves cardio vascular system is this true and does this product work for people who are moderately active.

  • Anyone else had this spotting problem with it?
    Ingrid Jackson (Verified Purchase)

    After 15 years without a period, after taking sacs I’m for almost three weeks I started spotting, then started my me natural period.
    I need to know if anyone else had this problem and if this is normal

    • Tee

      For some reason I just started taking Safslim as well and I went from a light spotting to a menstrual as well. I would like to know the answers as well on this.

  • Can u please tell me if headache could be from this?
    malena (Verified Purchase)

    hi I have been taking safslim for about a month and the last week and a half I have been getting headakes can u please tell me if it could be from this. Thanks

    • Karen (Editor)

      Hi Malena, several dieters report similar and other side effects. You might want to look into Dietspotlight Burn it burns fat, helps you lose weight while boosting your energy (no serious side-effects reported, too!) Hope this helps.

  • Loved the product.
    Laura (Verified Purchase)

    I have been taking it for a few weeks. Taste good and it is a good fat. It does help curb my appetite. I have 3 flavors and alternate them, Key Lime, Orange and Mixed Berry. I like the product and it is not too expensive if you look for a sale w/free shipping. I will continue to use it as you are to use it for at least 16 weeks before you see any results.

  • Hated the product.
    Amy c (Verified Purchase)

    Been taking Safslim for just over a week. Now I’m itching all over and in my throat! Dosing myself with Benadryl to calm the allergic reaction to this stuff. Be carful if you have allergies to pollen and begin taking SafSlim. Taking this purchase back tomorrow!

  • It works for me.
    Billy Marberry (Verified Purchase)

    In 8 weeks of taking Saf Slim & the Fem body pills I lost 37 pounds. And several inches in my waist.

  • Questions about money back guarantee
    gina (Verified Purchase)

    I had no idea that I would get gas, bloating and diarrhea! The flavor is not bad, but I will try it for 2 weeks and see what happens. Is there a money back guarantee if the bottle is empty? I have tried almost every weight loss product out there and I just want to have a flat belly . I hope this works.

    • Cameron (Editor)

      We don’t know for sure if they would accept the product back empty, Gina. You must call to confirm.

  • Is the product still safe to use?
    Laura Miller (Verified Purchase)

    We lost electric for about 48 hrs. and bottle was in refrigerator. Is it to be thrown away? Don’t want to take any chances on becoming ill.

    • Cameron (Editor)

      You should be fine so long as the date you consume it is prior to its expiration date.

      • Greg

        Is it a must to keep this product refrigerated?

        • Taylor Izzo

          Hi Greg,

          Keep the bottle in the refrigerator after opening. Shake the product well before using the supplement too. Individuals who have a sensitive digestive system can take half a spoon four times a day.

  • Old product !!!!
    Gay Underwood (Verified Purchase)

    I just cleaned out a closet and found 2 bottles of Saf Slim with a use by date of 7/13/13. Wondering if it is still good or should I toss it?

    • Victoria (Editor)

      Hello. It is no advised to consume products after their expiration date.

  • Gastric problems
    priscilla (Verified Purchase)

    had a severe gastrointestinal reaction much pain both gastrointestinally and anally. in bed for a week so far. please do not recommend for anybody witha history of gastric problems.

  • It works amazing.
    K.L (Verified Purchase)

    Works amazing. I am a conditioned athlete though. Ive seen people with higher body fat content get zero results. this to me is more like a fine tuning product. Just my 2 cents…n.j 🙂