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Sauna Suits Review - 11 Things You Need to Know

Sauna suits are a special waterproof tracksuit that can help you lose weight ‘sweating out’ the harmful toxins in your body. Many of these suits make bold claims, even suggesting you can shed pounds in a few hours. However, plenty of evidence suggests that this weight loss is not only temporary, but also dangerous, as almost all of this weight loss comes via dehydration.

Our research team also found studies showing potential long-term problems. That said, we researched every aspect in depth to write this review. Here, we summarized our findings so you can reach your own conclusions on sauna suits.

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What are Sauna Suits?

To start things off, let’s understand what exactly a sauna suit is. A sauna suit is a sort of tracksuit which is made entirely of waterproof fabric. This tracksuit consists of shirts, jackets, and pants made of this material. But the reason why sauna suits are so famous is that of this little twist: they make the wearer of the suit sweat profusely.

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The main concept behind the sauna suit is that it helps in losing weight. This is why it is very common that people who wish to lose weight quickly tend to wear a sauna suit during any form of physical exercise.

By sweating so much, all the harmful toxins from your body are supposedly drained out, leaving your body much cleaner than it was before. Or at least, that is what these suits claim to do.

How Did Sauna Suits Start?

Sauna suits for weight loss have always been around. All throughout history, similar versions of this same concept have been used by jockeys, boxers and weightlifters to lose weight rapidly before big events.

However, nowhere can the exact origins of this creation be found, and neither do we know how long these suits have been around. What we do know is that sauna suits have become widely available over the years, with many brands selling them in all available sizes.

In the past, these suits have also been known as “rubber suits,” because they used to be made of rubber or a rubberized sort of fabric. But over time, however, these suits have started to be made of PVC or nylon cloth.


Sauna Suits Claims

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All sauna suits claim one primary thing, which sounds almost unbelievable. They claim to aid you in taking off pounds in only a matter of hours. Another claim is that sauna suits rid your body of any and all harmful toxins completely.

Sauna suits have also historically been used by sports players to cut off some fat from their bodies, which is another thing that this suit claims to be able to do.

However, this claim seems highly unlikely, since all the weight is mostly just weight loss due to water loss, and not because of any loss of body fat.

Benefits & Results

Sauna Suits Benefits and Results

From all the different sauna suits reviews that we’ve studied, it can be seen that some customers aren’t that convinced about the benefits this suit offers them, whereas many others are singing praises about it.

There are some reported benefits of wearing sauna suits, which we have researched and listed down below.

The primary benefit of using sauna suits is that they can help you lose weight, but only for the short term. In the long term, there are no effects or benefits of this suit.

According to Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, high school wrestlers commonly use sauna suits, or similar products, to lose weight for competition — “…27.6% used saunas, and 26.7% used rubber/ plastic suits at least once a month.”

Sauna Suits and Weight Loss

For everyone who is reading this hoping to find out how to lose weight quickly by using sauna suits, here’s the downside, which has come up time and time again: the weight you lose will only be temporary.

Yes, sauna suits help you lose weight quickly, which is why they are commonly used by boxers and weightlifters before competing for such an event. But the weight that is lost is immediately gained right back once you are rehydrated again.

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Working out with a sauna suit can lead to dehydration and overheating. This is why most professionals will not recommend that you undergo any physical exercise while wearing a sauna suit.

Another important thing to mention here is that you will not be losing any body fat, which is normally the main goal when talking about losing weight. So if you think a sauna suit will help with cutting down some body fat, you should know that that is not how it works at all.


How to Use Sauna Suits?

Make sure you buy the right size for yourself. These days, the suits are available in all sizes, even in sauna suits plus sizes. Under your suit, be sure to wear some body-hugging and moisture wick garments, such as sports bras and briefs.

Finally, put on your sauna suit like any other normal article of clothing. Make sure you don’t tuck the shirt into the pants. Also adjust the suit if need be such that the waistbands of the sauna suit fall on your ankles, waist, wrists, and collarbone.

It is vital that you are sufficiently hydrated before beginning the routine and also that you remember to hydrate during and after the routine as well.

You must drink at least six ounces of water before starting the routine and then at least six more ounces again after you finally finish your routine.

If you plan on performing any physical exercise routine, don’t start right away. Build up the pace gradually.

Otherwise, if you don’t have an exercise routine lined up for the day, you can just go for a job or run, since that will also get you to sweat sufficiently enough to get all the toxins out of your body.

After removing your sauna suit, remember to clean it and not just leave it like that. Follow the manufacturer’s directions on the tag about how to clean the suit.

The instructions are to gently wash the garments in warm and soapy water with your hands. That being said, some suits also allow being machine washed. When it comes to drying the suit, never put it in the drier. Always allow the sauna suit to air dry by hanging it out.

Side Effects

Potential Side Effects of Sauna Suits

Most users of the sauna suits want to know if there are any potential sauna suit side effects. So listed below are the main side effects that are known to occur when using the sauna suits for weight loss.

  • Dehydration
  • Electrolyte imbalance
  • Skin irritation
  • Mild to severe rashes
  • Muscle pain
Product Warnings

Sauna Suits Product Warnings

It’s important to get one thing straight before anything else: the weight that you lose from wearing sauna suits is almost entirely because you sweat out water. So basically, the weight loss is just your body losing water, and once you drink sufficient water again, most of that weight is going to come back instantly.

Another warning is that you must make sure not to overheat yourself. Because remember, your body is naturally designed to cool itself down by releasing heat. But sauna suits work by entrapping that heat and don’t allow it to escape, thereby potentially causing your body to overheat.

Overheating is something that is catastrophic for your body and your health, according to one study published in a Russian scientific journal, so be make sure to use caution.

It is important to add here that women who are pregnant should not under any circumstance use sauna suits.

Sauna Suits Alternatives

Instead of using sauna suits to lose only water weight temporarily, there are many other alternatives present which is much safer too. For example, you can simply start drinking more water.

It is a general fact that drinking water helps in weight loss. There has even been research carried out on this topic, which shows that people who started drinking two cups of water before every meal lost five pounds of weight in almost 12 weeks.

All this was accomplished with zero need to change any other eating habit or without going on some special kind of diet.

This was just one of the many alternatives present to losing weight quickly and effectively without a sauna suit. Other popular tricks to do this include avoiding sugary drinks, drinking more coffee and tea than before, and eating your food slowly.

Also, even within sauna suits, there are alternatives present that are much safer since they are constructed of a better material, called neoprene, which is also more durable.

Another answer could simply be that if you want a sauna suit, just start going to the sauna instead, because it will serve the same purpose but will also be safer.

Sauna Pants alternatives

Sauna Suits and Waist Trimmers

Whenever there is a discussion of sauna suits, there is bound to be a mention of waist trimmers as well. This is because waist trimmers are also used to give the illusion that you have lost weight, but that isn’t the case, according to a study published in the American Journal of Public Health. This is very similar to the case of sauna suits too.

Both things are used to make people sweat profusely, so they lose weight. But as you must know for sure by now, you aren’t losing any body fat weight; it’s just water weight which is regained almost instantly after you rehydrate.

So to end, it should be clear to you that sauna suits and waist trimmers do not have any long-term effect on your weight and they don’t help you lose any calories either. Sauna suits will simply help you feel replenished after you sweat out the toxins. Waist trimmers can be used for the same exact purpose, but in addition to this, they can also just be worn normally under dresses, so women look and feel thinner as if they’ve lost weight.

What Users Are Saying

“This really work a work out wearing this and end up drench in sweat.”

“Used it a week and the bottom pant tore already. Very thin plastic.”

“It’s good for the price. Not very durable though. Rips very easily. You can’t do vigorous exercising in it, but you will sweat a little.”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on Sauna Suits

So, what are the benefits of a Sauna Suit? Well, we like that these suits are easy to come by and there are some positive comments posted online. Then again, we have some reservations about Sauna Suits because they are not backed by solid science. Furthermore, we’re concerned about the dangerous adverse effects and numerous customer complaints.

If you really want to improve your workouts, we suggest a program that is backed by real science and is supported by plenty of positive user reviews.

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Sauna Suits Review
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Sauna Suits

What are the side effects of sauna suits?

Sauna suits side effects, as reported by customers, include skin irritation, mild rash, dehydration and muscle pain.

Is a sauna suit good for weight loss?

It depends, but the key to weight loss is consuming fewer calories versus the amount burned.

Do sauna suits really work?

When wearing a sauna suit, increased sweating will cause you to lose water weight.

What is a sauna suit for?

Also known as rubber suits, sauna suits are used to increase sweating and water weight loss.

How should I wear sauna suits?

You can wear a sauna suit with or without clothing underneath. Extra clothing will increase sweating.

Do you burn more calories in a sauna suit?

Increased body heat increases heart rate. So, as your body heats up you naturally burn more calories.

How do you clean a sauna suit?

Rinse with water and hang to dry.

What is the main material in sauna suits?

The main material in sauna suits is neoprene.

23 Sauna Suits Reviews

  • Sauna Suits is working for me.
    Lita Samrai (Verified Purchase)

    I see physical, emotional, and psychological reasons for using the suit. as a women, seeing the weight go quickly is instant gratification for working out. The more I lose, the more I watch what I eat and continue to work out with my little sweat suit. I wish you the best!!!!

    • heaven

      Hi thank you so much for your comment. I was looking for some positive feedback and ran across your comment which helped me alot as I have about 100 lbs to lose. Thank you!

  • Product didn't work.
    Ruby (Verified Purchase)

    I recently bought a sauna suit. I sweated so much when i ran, however by the end of the day i ended up weighing the same as i did in the morning.

    • Your Name

      This is because the suit helps you lose water weight so as soon as you eat or drink water u gain it right back

  • Actually, sauna suits do work.
    pete (Verified Purchase)

    Actually, sauna suits do work. Your metabolism increases in order to produce sweat and induce vascular dilation in an effort to cool your body off. Yes, you do lose a lot of water weight, but you burn more calories due to the extra heat.

  • It works but for short time.
    tyler119 (Verified Purchase)

    Well, i used the sauna suit on a daily basis and it doesnt bother me.. i lose close to 10-15 pounds a week and gain it back on weekends.. i dont notice a difference in my body so i think its all in what the user thinks..

  • I used this product didn't lose weight
    Sonja (Verified Purchase)

    I have used the sauna suit and I guess for some it didn’t let them lose weight…I don’t care what anybody says, me and my friend HAVE lost weight by walking 4 days a week with the shirty and pants boy it really does work!!! We walk around my daughters school track like 5 times and then chill Fri;Sar;Sun…

  • I started using my sauna suit on saturday

    i started using my sauna suit on saturday. I walk about 3miles every afternoon with it on and i feel like im going to burn up in it… but at the same time i feel happy cause i would never sweat this much if i were to do the same walk without the suit. Today is Tuesday only 3 days after using the suit and i have already lost 6 pounds! yay!

    • mush

      All you do is walk? the reason I ask is because I walk six miles a day and I have used mine twice. I have not weighed yet but I will tomorrow. Wish me luck!

      • madvic

        So did you loose weight or not?

  • I lost lot of weight using Sauna
    oscar (Verified Purchase)

    I used a sauna suit and lost a lot of weight over the course of 6months

    • Chris

      how much weight did you lose?

  • can you wear it all day?
    just me (Verified Purchase)

    can you wear it all day or what i am still learning?

  • well i just started wearing the sona suit
    just me (Verified Purchase)

    well i just started wearing the sona suit and i am drinking tons of water but i think i need to slow down on the water.

  • I love my sauna suit.
    Grace (Verified Purchase)

    I love my sauna suit.

  • Afraid to gain weight after stopping.
    yuridia madrid (Verified Purchase)

    I was just wondering if I would lose weight because I have read some stuff on these and they say your weight will come back is that true because if it is then what’s the piont of wearing it

    • Dawn

      The reason why people wear them are for “weigh in’s”. Boxers (kick boxers) wear them to make it into their weight class. If you wear a sauna suit, drop the weight, weigh in less then normal then the next you fight you might have an additional 5-10lbs behind your punches. Or in my case have been in a “biggest loser” competition with my job and the final weigh in is approaching. I’ll wear the sauna suit to drop my extra water weight (which i gained from my period this week)

      • Samantha

        are you the girl that lives at avalon in shrewsbury that we met at the gym. haha we bought out suits because you liked it so much! hahaha

  • Suggested how to use it.
    jill (Verified Purchase)

    When you work out are you supposed to wear just the sauna suit or wear the suit over workout clothes?

    • joe

      just the suit, they actually fill with pools of sweat pretty quickly

    • Keisha

      u can do whatever is more comfortable
      i wear mine under a light jacket and under workout pants
      u cant even tell

    • keisha

      u can do it either way i feel silly wearing it by itself so i cover in a very light jacket and pants u cant tell its not bulky or anything if u do it right

      • quimbara jenkins

        u r silly