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Seanol Review - Does This Diet Supplement System Work?

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By Summer Banks Apr 02, 2017

Diet products either work or they don’t. Period. Let’s find out which one Seanol is. Taking an algae-based formula as a weight-loss supplement seems a bit unusual. Nevertheless, we decided to dive in and do an in-depth review of Seanol. We looked at the ingredients, side effects, clinical studies and customer service for it. We then compiled and condensed to give you the bottom line.

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What You Need to Know

First off, Seanol is an algae-based diet supplement that claims to harness the power of the ecklonia cava, a plant found deep in the ocean near Japan and Korea. The benefits are supposed to include reduced joint pain, lower blood pressure, reduced cholesterol and more. It comes in convenient capsules that are taken daily and it contains antioxidants that are beneficial for heart health.

This product has only been around for a few years, but it’s already generated a lot of interest. There seem to be several positive reviews online, the company uses all-natural ingredients and it’s readily available online, which are all encouraging signs, but read on…

Price – “Too Pricey?”

Our first concern with Seanol ingredients is the high price. While unauthorized retailers are selling similar products for less, Seanol costs up to $150 per month. “For an unproven supplement, it seems the company expects the consumer to spend a bit too much. There are some perceived benefits, but very little to back up their claims,” said our Research Editor.

“Too pricey for me,” said one user.

“I’m not sure I want to spend $100 or more a month on seaweed, I think I’ll pass,” claims another dieter.

Health Concerns  – “Dangerous Ingredients”

Something else that we found concerning was that some Seanol supplements contained lead, which can lead to birth defects and can cause other long-term health problems. “I was planning to buy this product until I realized that it contained lead,” said one customer online.

“With all the dangers of lead, I can’t buy this product because of the long-term risk,” says another potential buyer.

Our research shows that whenever a diet supplement, exercise program, or weight-loss routine has a particularly troublesome aspect (taste, cost, health concerns, difficult workout routine, etc.) the likelihood of sticking with it long-term is slim. If Seanol really does cause potential issues, this could be something to take into consideration.

The Science – “Validated?”

While there is some science proving that algae and seaweed have some effect on overall health, there is no proof that Seanol will help you lose weight. None of the research into this product has anything to do with weight-loss, our major focus. At this high price tag, we need justification proving that it’s worth it. Without that, it’s just a supplement that over promises and under delivers.

The Bottom Line – Does Seanol Work?

So, are you ready for the final word on this one? We like the all-natural ingredients in Seanol and that some customers have positive things to say about the benefits, but without published research proving that it is worth the higher price tag and offers weight-loss results, we’re not sold on recommending the product. We’re also concerned about the chance that it could contain lead and the prior run-ins with the FDA.

If you’d like a safe, proven way to lose weight, we suggest you go with a supplement that backs up its weight-loss claims with unbiased clinical studies and published scientific papers. It’s important to find one that does not come with the risk of health concerns.

Among the best products we’ve seen in 2016 is one called Leptigen. This supplement contains a proprietary blend of just four ingredients. These have been proven to help boost metabolism and increase fat loss, making achieving long-term weight-loss goals a reality. Reviews and comments online are positive with most customers seeing great results and we can’t find anything linking it to negative side effects.

Also, Leptigen is currently being made available in a Special Trial Offer, which is a sign that the makers of are confident that their product will help you reach your weight-loss goals.

Previous Seanol Review (Updated July 11, 2014):

What You Should Know

Seanol is a product that is derived from a marine plant known as the Ecklonia Cava. This algae-based plant grows deep in the sea near Japan and Korea. Its use has been long documented, but only recently has it come into the public eye through research that has been undertaken by scientists in order to determine its effect on human health. Seanol allegedly has significant antioxidant effects, helping users to improve their memory function and focus, as well as helping to reduce cholesterol levels and blood pressure, and to improve circulation. It is also asserted that Seanol can play a role in reducing joint pain and in reducing inflammation. In addition, it is possible that it may encourage weight loss through discouraging lipid production.

List Of Ingredients

Seanol products usually contain an Ecklonia Cava extract of various purities, but may also contain additional additives and ingredients depending on the manufacturer. Those with sensitivities to any particular ingredients should ensure that they check the label of any product that they buy, or consult with a doctor in relation to any concerns.

Product Features

Seanol is available in capsule form, and is designed to be taken with meals rather than separately. Seanol has an antioxidant capacity that is several times that found in raisins, blueberries, and blackberries. Seanol is available through a number of different makers, but users should be aware that there may be some differences in purity as well as in the particular ingredients that are used by different manufacturers. This may also have an effect on the appropriate dosage amounts, as well as on the potential cost per capsule.


  • The product is easily obtained online or in shops
  • The product is all-natural, and has antioxident properties
  • User reviews seem to be positive


  • Seanol is a relatively expensive product
  • The product may help support weight loss, but is not designed explicitly to do so


Seanol is a relatively new type of supplement that is designed to help consumers improve the strength of their immune system and help fight against harmful bacteria and other free radicals that may potentially result in illnesses or in people not feeling their best. The product is designed to help boost the immune system and help individuals increase their energy and health levels while reducing a number of common, mild ailments. However, users should note that Seanol is still the subject of testing and medical scrutiny. In addition, despite its claims to have significantly heightened antioxidant levels, users should note that supplements such as Seanol may not necessarily result in significantly improved health or weight loss. Customers may be more inclined to increase their intake of fruits and vegetables that are high in antioxidants rather than supplementing with a product such as Seanol. Consumers should note that Seanol does not claim to result in any significant weight loss.

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Rating: 3.9. From 134 votes.
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Seanol Review

How Does Seanol Compare?

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Gary Rosenblatt

How do the producers insure that the oroduct is not affected by the radiation leak in Japan?


Good question —

john sax

My mother came down with a severe diabetic ulcer on the sole of her right foot in early May of this year. MRSA developed in the wound and with a hole in foot larger than a quarter and an infected bone things quickly got grim. She had virtually no circulation in her lower legs and the wound didn,t heal one bit for nearly two months. The doctors started to talk about the real possibility of a lower leg amputation becoming a reasonable future possibility. Upon hearing this I quickly ordered the high grade Seanol from doctor sinatra of healthy directions. Three months have since passed and during the last two months my mother’s wound began to get laterally grow smaller and tissue began to fill from the bone to the point where now in early October the wound is half the size of a dime and filled in virtically to the point where its less than 2mm from from healing entirely. The wound went from looking near white in color where now it is red in color showing obvious evidence that the circuiation has dramatically improved. In addition, her blood pressure has dropped more than thirty points, her fingernails went from looking stark white to a deep pink, and her arthritis pain in her lower back which she had for year has now gone away. She takes two seanol capsules in the mornibg and one capsules with her eveninv meal. The doctors can’t believe what has happened! I can’t say enough good thing about this stuff but i think it is very important to take a high quality brand like from Dr. Sinatra of Healthy Directions. I buy 5 bottles and get 2free and have it sent every two months. My average price comes to less than twenty dollars a month!


Wow! this is amazing! would like to try too…


Hello, I am in Lagos, Nigeria and would like to know where I can buy Seanol in the country.
I will like know if it is possible to register as local distributor or franchise owner for the product in Nigeria/West Africa, sub continet.

Best regards


Already taking red yeast rice and need to know if it is advisiable to be taking both supplements? I am needing to reduce my LDL and raise my HDL levels. Also total cholesterol over 200 so need it lowered! That is the main reason I would be taking the Seanol Longivity Plus containing Ecklonia Cava.

polly bell

is seanol good for your hair my hair is getting thin on top .does it help your hair to grow i am a female thanke you very much

polly bell

I have same problem. The best solution is Hair Transplant or much cheaper is the one called sideways. Sideways meaning don’t cut your hair on the side make it super long then comb it up to cover the top baldness.


It will KILL you!


why did you say seanol will kill you?


why did you say it will kill you?

Ambrose Rexx-mugah

I have just read about the product Seanol and kindly let me know how many types of capsule are there and how they are

administered. Secondly I live in Kenya and what is the possibility of obtaining this supplement here without incurring high expences

Arnold (Editor)

Hi Ambrose, the benefits are supposed to include reduced joint pain, lower blood pressure, reduced cholesterol and more. It comes in convenient capsules that are taken daily and it contains antioxidants that are beneficial for heart health.

anne tikoyan

I like to try seanol can you tell me for sure it is safe
Thank You
Hope to hear from you soon
anne tikoyan

Esad Salkic

Sounds magic, but I can not say it now that is magic if I don’t try it. Who sales it.

Susan Westerlund

Try this one instead … C24/7 Natura Ceuticals contains the highest level of antioxidants with approximately 22,000 phytonutrients in one product.


There are no scientic studies that conclude this has any benefits at all.


Yes there is. Do your research before posting any comments please.

A. Lord

I have a question, I am in The Bahamas…would like to try the product, think its available over here.

dave zuk

what do i do to get some samples os Seanol? Please advise/

thank you

Kenny Cho

I have back pain problem and i show on the newspaper the seanol could help pain less. How do I able to obtain seanol sample?

H Ochi

What is the Japanese name for Seanol or Ecklonia Cava? I have a friend in Okinawa and wants to buy it in seaweed form if possible to eat with rice. How do Okinawa people eat this seaweed?


you can eat like salad w /sesame dressing and some black and white sesame seeds

jim mc farlane

where can I find seanol?


Either through Dr. Stephen Sinatra or from a company called Nutricology in a product named Fibroboost.
I am a bit concerned that the labels of fibroboost their
product contains lead which can lead to birth defects.
You can google Dr. Stephen Sinatra – He has a vitamin
company and is a leading heart health researcher with excellent reputation..
Please e mail me if any questions and I’ll do my best to get back to you.


in the ocean.