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Senna Tea Review - 14 Things You Need to Know

In the weeks that led to this review, I figured out whether Senna Tea actually works. We took a comprehensive look, focusing closely on the ingredients, side effects, customer-service quality and scientific studies. We also scrutinized user comments from around the internet. Finally, we compressed all of the data we collected to give you the info you need.

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What is Senna Tea?

Senna is an herb used commonly to treat constipation. It is derived from the plant Cassia senna which grows extensively in tropical regions. These plants grow as small shrubs with green or yellow leaflets.

There are over 250 species of Senna out of which Cassia accutifolia and Cassia angustifolia are the most widely exported.

Senna Herbal Tea is made from the Cassia senna leaves. Senna is a non-prescription laxative approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). As an herb, it is useful as an ingredient in some detox teas.

It is also considered a weight loss is promoting agent, but the mechanism by which it works is not yet fully understood.

Senna is made by some different companies worldwide and is commonly found as an ingredient in many diet drinks and herbal remedies.

Does Senna Tea work?

  • Journal of Toxicology — “(1) there is no convincing evidence that the chronic use of senna has, as a consequence, a structural and/or functional alteration of the enteric nerves or the smooth intestinal muscle, (2) there is no relation between long-term administration of a senna extract and the appearance of gastrointestinal tumors or any other type in rats, (3) senna is not carcinogenic in rats even after a two-year daily dose of up to 300 mg/kg/day, and (4) the current evidence does not show that there is a genotoxic risk for patients who take laxatives containing senna extracts or sennosides.”
  • Natural Product Research — “Several species of Senna are well known for their therapeutic properties, being used in folk medicine to treat throat inflammation and constipation.”
  • African Journal of Traditional, Complementary, and Alternative Medicines — “The results have shown that the roots of the two species [Cassia sieberianaSenna obtusifolia] could be developed as mild laxative drugs for children and pregnant women for whom the official senna will be contraindicated.”

Senna Tea

Senna Tea Competitors

Bootea Teatox
Snarky Tea
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How Did Senna Tea Start?

As a plant native to South America, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa; Senna has a long history. It has been used since the 9th century as an herbal plant by Arabic doctors.

It was also a useful plant in Ayurvedic medicine to combat skin problems.

Ancient Egyptian physicians, too, were fascinated by the healing properties of the Senna plant and used Senna herbal tea to treat constipation in their royal and elite patients.

From the Renaissance era (1300-1700 AD) onwards, Senna herbal tea became used around the world as a laxative and an herbal remedy for constipation.


Senna Herbal Tea Claim

So, this herbal tea has been around for a very long time. Many diet supplementary companies use Senna in their products to treat a variety of health issues.

It is most commonly used in detox tea products. These detox teas are very popular among the gym going, so-called health and fitness conscious people, and even celebrities.

Many celebrities have made a habit of uploading photos of themselves with these detox teas, as well as promoting them as a product with potent weight loss promoting effects. These products claim Senna Herbal Tea is:

  • An effective way to lose weight with no side effects
  • A potent laxative that cleanses your bowels and treats constipation
  • An effective detoxifying agent that removes waste products and toxins from the body
  • Useful for those seeking to maintain an optimal weight and good health

It is also said to be effective in relieving intestinal gas and works to soothe and revitalize the digestive system.

What is Senna Tea


Senna Herbal Tea Ingredients

Senna Herbal Tea contains:

  • Sennosides
  • Glycosides
  • Flavonoids
  • Anthraquinone derivatives
  • Mucilage
  • Sugar
  • Resin

These chemical compounds are responsible for the laxative effect of Senna Herbal Tea.

Does Senna Herbal Tea Work?

As an herbal remedy and a natural drink used since ancient times, Senna Herbal Tea is bound to deliver the desired outcomes to almost all who seek refuge in it.

Its laxative and detoxification properties have been known to humanity since the 9th century AD.

However, for the looks-savvy modern millennial, it may just not be the right product to lose weight.

Senna Tea benefits

Benefits & Results

Senna Herbal Tea Benefits and Results

Senna Herbal Tea is a commonly used remedy for constipation and detoxification. Apart from this, it has a multitude of benefits as an herbal plant.

According to Pharmacognosy Research, it expels toxins from your body and is a beneficial drink before going into a colonoscopy as it clears everything from your gut, leading to a sharp and clear image which the doctors can see.

For people concerned with their weight, Senna Herbal Tea can offer some help as well. Some herbal weight-loss teas contain Senna as an ingredient in their herbal blends.

It diminishes your appetite and causes food particles to move quickly through your gut before the nutrients are absorbed. So, you may lose weight, but it could come at the cost of some critical nutrients.

Details on Senna Herbal Tea and Weight Loss

Even though Senna Herbal Tea can slightly reduce your weight as mentioned above, it may not help you keep it off.

As it turns out, Senna Herbal Tea promotes weight loss mainly through its laxative properties by getting rid of water from the body.

Once you rehydrate yourself adequately, and after the Senna Tea has cleared itself from your system, it is likely that you will regain the lost weight.

Not only is the way it promotes weight loss ineffective, but it can also be dangerous if used without proper advice.

It can make you dehydrated and, if you overuse it, can cause bloody stools, diarrhea, abdominal pain and sometimes may even cause you to collapse.

So, if you have weight loss ambitions and wish to use Senna Herbal Tea, it is better to consult your doctor beforehand and opt for a safer alternative if possible.

Senna Tea claims


How to Take Senna Herbal Tea

Senna Herbal Tea is an easy drink to make which means that you can enjoy it in the comfort of your home. But, of course, you need to have Senna leaves with you. The ingredients you need are:

  • 1/4 of a teaspoon of dried Senna leaves
  • 1/2 of a teaspoon of sugar or honey to add flavor
  • 2 cups of filtered water

Once you have these prepared, boil the water in a small pot. Once it is boiling, add the dried Senna leaves and keep the pan covered for about 8 to 10 minutes so the leaves can steep well. Once it is ready, strain it into a cup and add sugar or honey to taste and enjoy the Senna Herbal Tea.

Side Effects

Potential Senna Herbal Tea Side Effects

Senna is categorized under the “Likely Safe” class for most adults and children over the age of two years. In the short-term, Senna can cause side effects like abdominal discomfort, nausea, diarrhea, feelings of faintness, and cramps.

On a long-term basis, Senna is classified as “Possibly Unsafe” owing to its more serious side effects. If used over more extended periods of time, it can cause your bowels to stop functioning properly and may make you dependent on laxatives.

Also, according to Journal of Toxicology, there can be electrolyte imbalances owing to the loss of water which can give rise to cardiac rhythm issues, muscle weakness, and other undesirable effects.

Most importantly, if you are undergoing long-term anticoagulant therapy, you should avoid Senna Herbal Tea as it has blood-thinning properties which can cause complications.

Senna Tea results

Product Warnings

Senna Herbal Tea Product Warnings

It is recommended that you exercise special precaution if you are in the following situations or you belong to one of the following groups:

  • If you are pregnant or nursing, avoid drinking Senna Herbal Tea
  • If you have electrolyte deficiencies like Potassium deficiency
  • If you have diarrhea, loose stools or suffer from general dehydration avoid Senna tea

New Zealand banned “detox teas” containing senna in January of 2020 for its potential side effects.

Senna Herbal Tea Dosage for Constipation

According to MedlinePlus, scientific research suggests a Senna dosage for constipation in adults and children over 12 years to be 17.2 mg a day, and not exceeding 34.4 mg.

For constipated elderly individuals, a 17-mg daily dose is used and for constipation following pregnancy 28 mg is given in two divided doses.

The above amounts are best ingested as Senna Herbal Tea.

The best practice is to drink your cup of tea just before going to bed.

It is also essential that you let the Senna work before having a second cup. It takes about 6 to 12 hours for a cup of tea to affect the body, which means that by the time you get up the next morning, you will start feeling the effects.

Keep in mind not to drink more than two cups of tea and not to drink the tea for more than seven consecutive days, unless recommended by your doctor.

Also, if you are trying Senna Herbal Tea for the first time, try smaller amounts to see how your body reacts.

Senna Herbal Tea as A Detoxifier

The Journal of Food Biochemistry states, senna leaves contain glycosides and flavonoids which can act as antioxidants. These antioxidants neutralize free radicals within the body and reduce the chances of oxidative stress, and other chronic disease.

Senna Herbal Tea as An Anti-Parasitic

According to the Journal of Ethnopharmacology, some chemical compounds contained in Senna leaves, such as Sennosides, have an anti-parasitic effect in addition to the laxative effect. Sennosides are effective in eradicating parasites (e.g. Leishmania) from the gut and destroying intestinal worms.

As a result, you will be able to absorb all the nutrients from your meals which will improve your general health and well-being in a big way, Phytmedicine reports.

Senna Herbal Tea as A Diuretic

Senna Herbal Tea is also widely used as a diuretic to increases urine output and thereby facilitate the detoxification process.

This excretes excess toxins along with salts, fat, and water. But be cautious about the amount of tea you drink as it can cause excess diuresis which can result in dehydration and ultimately collapse.

Senna Herbal Tea for Inflammation

Since ancient times, Senna Herbal Tea has been used as an anti-inflammatory remedy for many conditions like fever, headaches and joint and tissue inflammation.

As Fitoterapia states, research has discovered evidence proving its ability to reduce the swelling (edema) that commonly occurs in any inflammation.

But the overall effectiveness of Senna Herbal Tea in other specific inflammatory conditions has yet to be studied.

Senna Tea ingredients

Senna For Colonoscopies

Senna leaf has laxative properties, as mentioned earlier, which makes it a useful herb for colon cleansing, parasite cleansing, and intestinal worm cleansing.

When you use Senna as a cleanser, only use the amount mentioned on the packaging or the amount prescribed by your doctor.

It usually takes about 6 to 12 hours for Senna’s cleansing effects to kick in. Be aware of this before taking Senna before your colonoscopy.

Always get medical advice before using Senna and immediately seek emergency care if you experience symptoms like abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea, unusual thirst, swelling of fingers and toes, unusual thirst, disorientation, and muscle weakness.

Minor side effects that can be experienced include bloating, abdominal cramps, mild diarrhea, discolored urine, joint pain, and slight numbness.

To be safe, always purchase Senna from a reliable source as there are no set standards for manufacturing herbal products. Senna is available as liquid drops, tea, powder formula, pills, and capsules. Remember to take only one form of Senna at a given time.


Senna Drug Interactions

Senna has moderate interactions with three major drugs commonly used by patients with heart conditions.

Thus, you are advised to be cautious when taking this product with any of these drugs, and stay vigilant for any adverse outcomes.

It is always best to consult your healthcare provider before taking Senna with these medications:


Senna is a stimulant laxative, which means it is known to reduce potassium levels in blood and this can make you vulnerable to possible side effects of Digoxin.


Senna can give rise to diarrhea in some people. Diarrhea can aggravate the effects of Warfarin, and thus increase the chances of bleeding.

Diuretics (Water Pills)

Senna is a laxative, and it decreases potassium levels in the blood, like diuretics. So, the combined effect of these two can cause a significant decrease in Potassium levels of the body which, if severe, can be fatal.

Senna Tea alternatives

Senna Herbal Tea Alternatives

According to WebMD, one of the best alternatives to using Senna Herbal Tea as a laxative is the Master Cleanse or Lemonade Diet. This helps in dissolving and eliminating toxins or congestion that has developed in almost any part of your body.

It works to cleanse the digestive system, kidneys, cells and glands around the body, and muscles and joints.

You can use this diet when you have any acute or chronic illness, to lose weight, or as a supplement for bodybuilding, or when you feel stressed out and irritated.

All you need is two tablespoons of lime juice or lemon, 1/10 teaspoons full of cayenne pepper, two tablespoons full of natural maple syrup, and a 10-oz glass full of moderately hot water.

Just mix the lemon, maple syrup and pepper in medium hot water and enjoy.

You must drink a lot of fresh water to complement the detoxification process as well. Follow this diet for a minimum of 10 days and a maximum of up to 40 days for the best results.

A saltwater flush is recommended alongside the lemonade diet. A salt water flush is an Ayurvedic body cleansing method that gets rid of all the waste and toxicity from your body with saltwater.

Unrefined, natural salt should be used for this purpose, and one teaspoon of this salt is added to a liter of medium-hot water.

You have to drink this liter of salt water in one sitting every day at sunrise for the best results.

If you are uncomfortable with the taste, you can add some lemon or similar juice to improve the flavor.

Using this treatment three times a year will help keep your body in peak health. Well, it has helped celebrities like Beyoncé stay in good shape. So, why not give it a go!

What Users Are Saying

What Users Are Saying

“This tea is awesome and it really works. I love the flavor and smell. Once you take it be close to the bathroom within 24 hours. I’ve tried multiple detox teas but this one right here is definitely the truth.”

“I wanted very badly to give this a good review but after trying it now for four days it does not deliver on his promises… Not only does it taste bad but it is also not effective in helping with constipation.”

“This brand of tea is ok, not what I expected.”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on Senna Tea

Is it time to clear the shelves of Senna Tea? Only if you need a good laxative and you like the taste of the tea. There are no scientific studies that support the use of the product as a weight-loss aide which is why we have reservations about giving it our support. Plus, there are far too many reports of no lasting results.

If you are ready to lose weight we suggest choosing a weight-loss system that’s backed by scientific research to help promote weight-loss.

One of the best weight-loss systems we have ever seen is one called Noom. With individual coaching, personalized meal plans, interactive support groups, and more, Noom can help you achieve healthy lifestyle changes without restrictive dieting. Customer comments around the web show people are experiencing excellent results.

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Senna Tea

What is Senna Tea Good For?

Senna tea is manufactured from a tropical plant of Cassia. It is frequently prescribed as a detox remedy as well as a cleaning agent before the procedure of colonoscopy. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it is also used to treat hemorrhoids and constipation.

What are the ingredients in Senna Tea?

This is a tea that has Senna in it which is a herb. Senna tea has leaves from the Cassia senna plant.

What are the side effects of Senna Tea?

The side effects of this Tea are gas, bloating, cramping, diarrhea, low potassium and weight loss

Does Senna Tea work?

It works to a degree, Senna Tea works as a laxative that has helped treat bowel and colon issues. It can also help with losing water weight.

What is the price of Senna Tea?

Depending where you buy it, it can range from $2 to $9 dollars.

Where can I buy Senna Tea?

There are a food websites you can order Senna Tea from. iHerb.com and Puritan’s Pride is two of them.

How should I take Senna Tea?

You can use hot water and pour it over one half to two grams of the crushed senna herbs. Steep the tea for about 10 minutes and then strain it. You can also do this with cold water. It is advised to take Senna in small amounts because of how powerful it is. Use the Senna mix in small amounts and pour it together with other herbs like cinnamon, orange peel or ginger. It is also advised to drink before bed time. Also it is not good to take for more than seven days unless your doctor recommends it.

How do I contact Senna Tea customer service?

There is no direct customer service to contact but you can always call your local pharmacist for any concern.

Can I return Senna Tea?

It depends on the website you bought it from.

What are the most common complaints about Senna Tea?

The most common complaints about Senna Tea is that it only helps you lose water weight and it could give harsh side effects.

18 Senna Tea Reviews

  • I am having trouble finding a supply.
    Leta Edge (Verified Purchase)

    I have used senna for years, but I am having trouble finding a supply.

    • Your Name

      Herbal Healer.com type it in there search engine and the tea will come up in tea bags or the loose form Great quality I buy it only form them.

    • Kathy

      U can buy it at Jane and finch mall at the bulk store !!! Very cheap for a big bag .. Good luck !!!

  • Worked well so far
    Crystal (Verified Purchase)

    I drank the Chinese brand of senna tea called slim and had a great bowel movement… No pain, no cramps…

  • Should I still continue?
    Melissa (Verified Purchase)

    Hi I’ve been taking Senna tea for last 3 nights tonight will be my 4th night & I squeeze some fresh lemon into the tea to help with the taste but I haven’t noticed a change in any way! I’m still constipated will I continue to take it every night? But for how long? Please help

  • There is no support to this allegation that it causes Colon damage.
    Kat (Verified Purchase)

    I have used teas containing Senna and lost a lot of weight. If used in moderation, it could help losing weight. Don’t use it more than one week at the time. Take a lot of water and don’t resist going to the bathroom. There is no support to this allegation that it causes Colon damage.

  • I have had two open heart surgeries. a triple and a quadruple of the arteries, no heart mumur. what do u think?
    janai jarlen

    I have had two open heart surgeres. a triple and a quadruple of the arteries, no heart mumur. what do u think?

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hi Janai! Please make sure to consult with your physician before starting a new product.

    mark (Verified Purchase)

    Oh my life, took this for 3 days with no effect, on the 3rd day I had pain that I’ve never experienced in my life. Was sat on the toilet for over an hour cause I couldn’t take it, was sweating profusely and nearly fainted numerous times the pain was so bad. Finally managed a bowel movement that all I can say was like a plug made of granite then (sorry to sound disgusting) it was like a river of all my insides gushing out. Without a doubt its effective but being in so much pain you’ve actively got to try not to black out really isn’t worth it AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE.

    • Amy

      If you brew the senna tea cold you will not get the cramps. I put my tea bags in cold water and let sit for 12 hours, it works! Making it with hot water gave me horrible cramps.

  • Could Sehna any harm to me?

    Someone brought me back Ngamrahong Brand Tablets from Thailand and I am wondering has anyone else heard or taken these! The main ingredient on the box is senna leaves and senna pods. I see the side affects listed above but I only wish to take them for 3 days? Culd any harm be done?

  • The remedy that only works for me
    Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    I have been taking herb lax by shaklee every day for over 30 years and have had none of the side effects mentioned in any of this testimony. I am 65 years old and very healthy. I had a heart murmur most of my life but the doctors have said that it is nothing to worry about and it hasn’t changed or worsened over the years. I have chronic constipation and herb lax is the only remedy that has worked — and believe me I have tried EVERYTHING!

    • Feli

      It’s good to know I’m am not alone. I take half of a half of 8.6 senna equate tablet,it does not cramp or give me diarrhea,it just makes me go,I tried miralax for a while but I got nausea and Gerd, I have been suffering all my life with constipation issues,after my hysterectomy it got worse, fiber supplements only bloat me,a little senna helps me a lot!!!

  • I was having chest pain
    keith (Verified Purchase)

    i was having chest pain, weakness and what felt like a heart murmer after being on shaklee herblax for 5 months or so, so i went looking for pros and cons of senna and found this page. looks like todays my last day taking it.

  • having sideeffect
    danielle (Verified Purchase)

    hi, my 22month old daughter has been constipated for 4days now i took her to the doctors yesterday and he put her on lactulose and also senna, dose 2.5mg/ml oral solution so is to take 1 5ml spoonful daily when required she still hasn’t had a movement and i am getting worried now could you please teell me how long it should take to work as she is in much pain and very uncomfortable she is unable to sleep so i have to stay up with her all night massaging her stomach i just need some advice thank you. Danielle

    • Paula

      Warm prune juice and warm water mixed and sipped over a few minutes did it for my kids. Old remedy from my granny. Hope it works

    • Tamecka

      Good old fashioned apple juice always worked for my children

  • can worsen heart conditions, such as heart murmur

    it does not give heart murmur “can worsen heart conditions, such as heart murmur”…as per the disadvantages above