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Sensa Review- Does This Weight-Loss Program Really Work?

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By Summer Banks Jul 06, 2017

Sensa isn’t your grandmother’s diet product. Our in-depth review put the spotlight on the ingredients, side effects, clinical research and customer service quality. Additionally, we scrutinized hundreds of user comments and forum posts. Then, we summarized and refined to give you the info you need.

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What is Sensa?

First off, Sensa ingredients are maltodextrin, tricalcium phosphate, silica and flavoring. The system promotes weight-loss by suppressing appetite. [1] [2] You simply sprinkle it on your food prior to eating. One of the benefits is that you can use it on sweet or savory foods.

Sensa was created by Dr. Alan Hirsh and hit the shelves in 2008. The supplement is no longer sold on the official website. We found the book detailing the program being sold through trusted retailers. We like that it’s easy to follow and that it appeared to be affordable, but read on…

Lack of Results – “No Weight-Loss?”

The first concern relating to Sensa ingredients was the lack of results. “The premise of the program was to sprinkle flakes on your food and you would lose weight,” said our Research Editor. “Unfortunately, not everyone noticed results.” [3]

One customer said, “I tried this according to the instructions and I was still just as hungry. It did absolutely NOTHING.”

“I started taking Sensa 3 weeks ago. I work out religiously every day for 1-2 hours doing the elliptical, riding the bike and Pilates. I have gained 3 lbs in 3 weeks,” revealed another.[4]

Although some users didn’t see any changes, we found some that reported positive results.

From the 2nd day I could tell the difference. I wasn’t hungry, had no cravings, in fact, I didn’t even think about food or eating,” stated a dieter.

Sensa Side Effects – “Not the Good Kind!”

We were surprised by the results after searching for Sensa side effects. “Although there is no mention of specific side effects in the literature that came with the product, I experienced (highly acidic and burning) diarrhea when I used the amount recommended,” said a customer.[5]

I was in the 3rd week of using Sensa and started to experience really bad head aches that lasted all day,” stated another.

Side effects are rare, so we found some dieters that didn’t experience negative reactions. “I had no side effects whatsoever, except that I lost my taste for sweets,” reported a user.

I have had minimal side effects. I had an unexplained sore belly for a couple days but it has passed so I’m not convinced it was Sensa,” commented a consumer.

We’ve research supplements for  years and have found that when any part of a product is deemed concerning, such as being the cause of negative reactions, the chances of long-term success is reduced. It may be time to think of an alternative if Sensa is the reason you’re noticing adverse reactions.

The Science – “Following the Research!”

The literature for Sensa was strainght forward. You’ll sprinkle the flakes on your food, you’d become full and possibly lose weight. We at DietSpotlight wanted to know how, so we followed the research. There are studies relating to maltodextrin. But, the findings don’t show the link between this ingredient and weight-loss. In fact, there’s no solid science proving this supplement is effective. Science-based facts are critical to the review process, but when there’s no evidence to back claims, we raise the red flag.

The Bottom Line – Does Sensa Work?

So, what are our thoughts on Sensa? Well, we like that it was simple to use and was affordable, but the lack of research connecting the ingredients to weight-loss leaves us skeptical about giving this one the green light. Also, we’re concerned about customer reviews talking about not losing weight and negative side effects.

You want to lose weight and we’re here to help. That’s why we suggest going with a supplement packing ingredients backed by science, not connected to harmful side effects and supported by positive customer comments.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Dietspotlight Burn. This supplement contains four clinically-tested ingredients, promoting weight-loss by helping to increase fat loss and accelerate metabolism. There’s no chatter about harmful side effects, but dieters are talking about seeing excellent results.

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Previous Sensa Review (Updated September 30, 2012):

Sensa: What You Should Know

The official website for the Sensa system tells us that Sensa works by curbing your hunger without affecting the taste of your food. We are told that Sensa makes your brain think that you have eaten and in consequence it makes you eat less. The Sensa system was created by Dr. Alan Hirsh who is a board certified neurologist and has dedicated much of his life to researching the sensory system of the body. He is a leading authority on smell and taste. He has also written six books on the science of sensory response.

Sensa Ingredients

The ingredients in Sensa include Maltodrexin which is derived from corn, Tricalcium Phosphate, Carmine, Soy and Milk.

Sensa Product Features

Sensa is added to your food in a shaker in the same way as you may add salt or pepper. If you purchase the Sensa system you will be provide with a salt shaker and a sweet shaker. The salt shaker is designed to add Sensa to food which is salty and the sweet shaker to add to food which is sweet. The official website for Sensa includes contact details should you wish to contact a representative of the Sensa system. The official website for Sensa also includes contact telephone number should you wish to speak to someone in person regarding the Sensa system. A six month supply of Sensa can be ordered directly from the official website at a price of $235. If you order Sensa you will also receive a DVD and a How to Guide. There is no doubt that Dr. Hirsch is an expert in his field and this is certainly an innovative approach to weight loss.


  • Dr. Alan Hirsch who developed Sensa is a world authority on the sensory system.
  • There is a very detailed and comprehensive official website for the Sensa system.


  • This may not be a long term solution to weight loss.
  • Sensa currently offers a 30-day product trial via their official website, but the full price if you choose to keep the product is not disclosed until you enter personal information.
  • This weight loss system is not going to be suitable for everyone.
  • There are no before and after photos displayed on the official website.
  • This product may irritate your stomach. (See reader reviews.)

Sensa Conclusion

The Sensa system is certainly an innovative approach to weight loss, and there is no doubt that Dr. Alan Hirsch who created this weight loss system is an expert in his field. However we are presented with no evidence which persuades us that it achieves superior results to other weight loss systems and therefore we cannot recommend it over and above other weight loss solutions available.

Sensa claims to help you lose weight, but the ingredients might not be as beneficial as you think.

Sensa Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1/8 tsp
Serving Per Container: 30
Amount per Serving% DV
Tricalcium Phosphate**
Natural/Artificial Flavoring**

Other Ingredients: Soy and milk.

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Sensa Side Effects:

Sensa is a popular product that uses a powder to reduce hunger and promote weight-loss. There are no stimulants like caffeine or synephrine, so the risk of side effects is minimal. However, we did find a few issues here and there – though they are rare.


“The product didn’t work and I started experiencing headaches.”    Caroline


“I tried it on my dinner that night and had major stomach upset.”    Gioia


“My problems were that entire time I used Sensa I had extreme cramps and diarrhea.”    Mary


“I had to sit on the toilet with diarrhea.”    Vicki


“After one week, I woke up seven times to deal with diarrhea, no weight loss (only dehydration).”    Marie


“My first experience resulted in a violent attack of coughing with tingling in both arms, scared me half to death.”    Patricia


“It made me eat more and I gained weight.”    Luanne


“I called Sensa to loose weight and instead I’ve gained a headache.”    Brandi


“When I was using this product every day I would get terrible migraine headaches. I kept thinking it was caused by something else so I gave up caffeine, changed my diet and exercise routine but the headaches persisted. Finally I stopped using sensational and the headaches went away.”   Angela


“The biggest problem I am having with Sensa is that I have extreme gas pains.”    Hedda


If you’re looking for a supplement with clinically tested ingredients and amazing customer reviews, our top choice this year is Dietspotlight Burn.

Click here to learn a little more about Dietspotlight Burn today.

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Sensa Questions & Answers:

After researching all sorts of user comments and reviews about Sensa, we summed up everything into this helpful FAQ.

What are the side effects of Sensa?

Possible Sensa side effects may include stomach pain, loose stool, bloating, excessive gas, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, nausea, heartburn, elevated blood pressure, headache and intestinal problems, as reported by some dieters who tried it.

What are the ingredients in Sensa?

Sensa ingredients are Maltodextrin, Tricalcium Phosphate, Silica, Soy, Milk, Natural Flavors and Artificial Flavors.

Does Sensa work?

Although Sensa is claimed to reduce appetite so you eat fewer calories, there is no solid clinical research to support this weight-loss claim. Furthermore, the ingredients in Sensa are not linked to weight-loss at all.

Instead of using Sensa for weight-loss, you may want to consider substituting it with a product backed by some amazing customer reviews such as Dietspotlight Burn.

How much does Sensa cost?

The cost of Sensa is typically $30 to $90 online, depending on the distributor. There is no official price listed for Sensa any longer, since it was discontinued.

What is Sensa’s BBB rating?

Sensa Products LLC is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Furthermore, there is an “alert” for this business, which is not good.

How should I take Sensa?

You simply sprinkle Sensa onto your food and then eat. There are two different shakers provided, one sweet and one salty, which can be used on any foods.

How do I contact customer service?

You can contact Sensa Products LLC by calling 866-514-2554.

Can I take Sensa if I have a health condition?

You should speak with your physician before using Sensa if you have a preexisting health condition or are taking any prescription medications. Furthermore, people under the age of 18 and women who are pregnant or nursing should not use Sensa.

What do users like about Sensa?

Some people like that Sensa shakers are easy to take anywhere and use on any foods. Other users also appreciate that Sensa is for dieters of all body types.

What do users NOT like about Sensa?

Some users do not like that Sensa can cause unpleasant side effects. Furthermore, some people do not like that Sensa isn’t backed by any solid science, and there are numerous negative customer comments posted online.

Does Sensa cause hives?

Some users have reported breaking out in hives after using Sensa.

Does Sensa ever cause weight gain?

Some customers have reported weight gain after using Sensa.

Is Sensa safe for people with type 2 diabetes?

Since Sensa contains Maltodextrin, it is unlikely safe for individuals with type 2 diabetes. Be sure to consult your doctor before using this product.

Do you know of any special deals or discounts on Sensa?

No, we do not know about any special deals on Sensa at this time. However, the last few months many of our readers have been going crazy about Dietspotlight Burn’s Special Trial Offer, which is just the cost of shipping and handling. Click here to give it a shot.

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Summer Banks, a content strategist at Dietspotlight, has researched over 5000 products in the past 10 years. She has years of nursing training, experience as a manager responsible for 15 supplement brands, and completed coursework on Food and Nutrition from Stanford University. full bio.

Rating: 3.9. From 198 votes.
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Sensa Review

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  What's the ingredients?

what are the ingredients? how does this affect gerd and/or gastrointestinal issues?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Chris,
The ingredients in this product are; Maltodextrin, Tricalcium Phosphate, Silica, Soy, Milk, Natural Flavors and Artificial Flavors. We recommend to speak with your physician before using Sensa with your gastrointestinal condition.

  Want to know the symptoms

What are the withdrawal symtoms of Sensa?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Kay,
If you discontinue to the use of Sensa, there should be no serious withdraws that you experience. You would just go back to your regular life pattern. We recommend you speak with your physician to see if Sensa would be a good fit for you.

  Can you take it with other medications?

i have a question for you sensa my dad wants to give it a try but he takes numerous medicines and he has high blood pressure and high blood sugar would it be safe for him to try it?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Amanda,
We recommend that your father talk to his doctor and see if Sensa would be a good fit for him before using it. Especially since some users have reported an increase in their blood pressure with this product. Best Wishes!

  Can I use sensa in allergy?

what if u are allergic to corn or soy can u still take the sensa?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Mary,
The ingredients in Sensa are; Maltodextrin, Tricalcium Phosphate, Silica, Soy, Milk, Natural Flavors and Artificial Flavors. Being that the product contains soy, we do not recommend for you to use it if you are allergic.

  Also would this work on beverages?

Also would this work on beverages? Like I said I dont eat that much but do drink to much Pepsi.

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Richard,
We recommend to use Sensa on food not beverages. Best of luck!

  Is Sensa safe with Coumadin?

Is Sensa safe with Coumadin?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi SaDara,
We recommend for you to speak with your physician before trying Sensa if you are planning on also taking something else.

arlene villa

how do i get a coupon?

Maribel (Editor)

Hi Arlene! Yes, we looked around and found some coupon codes.

  Is this okay for me to try?

I am thinking of trying it but I have had several stomach surgeries, and I can drink small amounts of milk but not much, will it be ok to try???

Maribel (Editor)

Hi Melissa! Some of the ingredients in this product may cause possible interactions with stomach surgeries. It is best to wait until properly healed and ready. We recommend that you please make sure to consult with your physician before taking this product.


This product has silica crystals. When you begin to eat, the silica can be felt at the back of the throat like sharp slivers of glass.


Wow, how much did you need to use at one time?

Maribel (Editor)

Hi Jackie, Sensa sprinkles are food flakes or powder that are meant to be sprinkled on food (just as you would with salt or sugar). Just a sprinkle will work.

Shweta Basu Prasad

Hello! I merely would wish to offer a huge thumbs up for that excellent info you’ve here during this post. I will probably be returning to your internet site to get a lot more soon.

Maribel (Editor)

Thank you so much! We appreciate it.


I took Sensa and I loved it, I dropped 50 lbs and I ate what I wanted. I found no problem with the product, as in any diet you eat in moderation. I felt Sensa helped me alot, everybody is different.

gerald lott

I thought it was great. It really worked for me and I lost 25lbs in 6 months 3 years ago and have not gained any more.
Tried buying some for my son and daughter. Do not know if i still can. Even if it is mostly the power of suggestion, what work for some people is what is important. Just like Zycam, when it first came out it was totally awsome, then forced off the market and not as effective when it came back.

terrie smith

i would like to buy the first n second month i already have the third n fourth mouth so can anyone plz tell me how i can buy more

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Terrie. Sensa has been discontinued.

Catherine (Verified User)

i liked it lost about 35lbs where can i get more

Catherine (Verified User)

i used Sensa when it first came out in about 18 mo i went from 167 to 135 and i have only gained about 5lbs back i would use it again if i could find it

  I like all the points
Luther Slawter (Verified User)

There is definately a great deal to learn about this issue. I like all the points you made.

  Good blog
Shelton Kiddle

I don’t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was once good. I do not realize who you’re but definitely you’re going to a famous blogger when you are not already. Cheers!|

  The materials are great
Tory Mouw

As a website developer I believe the material here is truly great, regards.

  This is a great product
Iona Spencer (Verified User)

I think its Great product. I used. It. I was. Wearing. A. Size. 22 dress. I now. Wear. Size. 12. Sensa. Is. The. Weight. Loss. Product. You. Want I did it in 8month


Same here. I have tried every weight-loss diet or supplement, and Sensa was the only one that worked for me. I lost 60 pounds in 2 years and did not actually use it as frequently as recommended. I have not used it for more than a year, but have kept most of the weight off. Love it.

Your NameVB

Definitely Sensa is great product. It’s just does not work for people who are lazy and in fact don’t want to lose weight. I lost 40 pounds.. My wife lost 15 pounds. Same time my friend lost northing as it was his wife idea to use Sensa on him and he just cheated trying to eat fast so the crystal did not work. Too bad that because of somebodies stupidity and greed we can’t purchase the product anymore.

  Good continuation
tarif dj mariage (Verified User)

Bonne continuation.

  I love the product!
Cheryl wesley (Verified User)

I love the sensa it work go I wood like to get more of it.

Cheryl wesley

I love the sensa it work go I wood like to get more of it.

  Worked before and would use it again
Terrona (Verified User)

I used it before and it worked for me. I would love to use it again.

  Yes They Did
Anonymous (Verified User)

Yes they did

  Beneficial Information Like It
Hilton Lofland (Verified User)

Beneficial info, Appreciate it.

  Very useful Stuff
Noemi Nanney (Verified User)

Thanks a lot, Useful stuff.

  ingredients are changed
arleen florence (Verified User)

I am shocked ..the last order I received sent out to me 9..8..14 had differant ingredients called advanced sensa..chromium 40mcgas chromium.picolinate 33 %..other ingredients are maltodextrin, tricalcium phosphate an silica..contains milk n soy..a couple of years I have been on this lost weight kept taking itto keep weight off….an felt ok…but since sept I haven’t felt good . dizzy , light headed, itching.my scalp n back.since I have been on the advanced sensa…waiting for new order havent gotten it.called an found this out they are out of business..now have to check my account…I was also calling as to why they didnt tell me about the change in sensa an was going to ask for the old sensa…but I am wondering if this product is making me sick…..

Ms Be

Me 2, what did you do about your situation?

Gladys Firmin

I feel considered one of your ads triggered my internet browser to resize, you might would like to set that on your blacklist.

Roy Michaux

I was afraid to dive into php, but gave it a shot after reading this. Under no circumstances definitely love WordPress’ comment system. Many thanks to the tips to obtain me begun.

   something really special in this site.

I view something really special in this site.

  After that it stopped working.

This has worked for me, but only up to 18 lbs. After that it stopped working. Therefore I would say that it did it’s job. Sensa basically reduces appetite so you eat less. When you eat less, you lose weight. That is all it does.


Magic beans work as well. I have some to sell…

  she used it diligently

Just to let others know, I have not yet tried it,but my mother has and it has been 2 years now.And she has lost in the frist year, (5) dress sizes.And has keep it off she used it diligently With what ever she ate.But I just want to add the first month taking it she felt better but the weight loss didn’t start showing until after a month but afterwards it just started coming off.And this I have seen with mine on eyes.I’m one of those people that to see with mine on eyes.And it does work. Thank you for reading, and happy Sensing and remember don’t get impatient give it a chance.Have nice day!!!
P.S. Remember, it takes time.If you want fast on anything in life you will be disappointed.


I love this Product because it work l hate that I stop using because it really works where can I buy sensa

   the amount time period

My brother proposed I might perhaps like this site. They ended up being altogether suitable. This particular publish absolutely produced the morning. You can not imagine the amount time period I did spent due to this details! Thank you!

   weight loss.

I lost 40 pounds in ten months, and I never changed my eating or drinking habits. I wish I could still buy it. I would like to lose ten more pounds!! It has been eight months since I stopped using Sensa on my food, and I have maintained my weight loss.

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Orthomol vitamin code It is simply excellent phrase

   bank my account

II cancelled my account but was automatically charged for another month’s supply-which I never received. I had to resort to turning the matter over to my bank. Through the bank my account was reimbursed and my auto-withdrawals ceased. This is an example of why I have stopped making purchases from tv or online.

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Mother's Milk Tea reviews (Verified User)

Wow, thank you very much for posting this! It is going to help me when I buy Mother’s Milk Tea at the store! Very Terrific!

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SHANNON O'NEILL (Verified User)



Another happy customer. ..magic beans at work again

how do you repair credit (Verified User)

Hey, You may have conducted a great job. I’m going to certainly yahoo the item and our view advocate to help my friends. I think they’ll be benefited from this excellent website.

  I am very interested in Sensa product.
jim ho

would kindly tell us flex belt,deaital electric muucle stimulation to control over eating device.i an very intersting in Sensa product. Best Regard.Jim Ho

  It did not work and you lied to us and I would like my money back.
cindy Monroe (Verified User)

I bought this it did not work.and you lied to us and I would like my money back. And now you have been sued because it doesn’t work,and lost.

Ariel Windmore

It worked great for me. They were sued for advertising claims. Not because the product didn’t work.
I am sorry to think that people will stay overweight and not take this product because they dont understand what the settlement entailed.

  How do we get our money back since you have been sued and lost?
Steve Nickins (Verified User)

now that we know this product doesn’t work and you lie about the way to purchase it and charge almost 200 dollars before it is caught –how do we get our money back since you have been sued and lost

Ariel Windmore

Perhaps go actually READ the ftc settlement.
The product worked for me and plenty of other people.

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Neil Philipose

One thing I would really like to say is the fact before buying more laptop or computer memory, have a look at the machine directly into which it will be installed. In the event the machine is running Windows XP, for instance, the particular memory limit is 3.25GB. Adding in excess of this would basically constitute a waste. Make sure one’s mother board can handle the particular upgrade quantity, as well. Interesting blog post.


what are you talking about ???????

  I haven't tried it but I am considering it. Any thoughts?

I haven’t tried it but I am considering it. Any thoughts? I am 12 and 165.5 sadly. If u don’t think this will work will someone please comment another program that works better?

Maribel (Editor)

Hello Emma. This product is to be only used by adults 18 years and older.

Beverly Ricks

please go see your doctor before you try aqny diet methods ok .try walkin .change the foods you eat.drink alots of water but not to much.dont drink no sodas lot of sodas.,to much sugar in it .try some exercise ssittin in a chair.please donot try it.u might b to young for it.tak this over with your psrents,please

  it was effecting my blood thinner medication.
MARY (Verified User)

I have been trying Sensa for 4 weeks and
did see a decrease in my appetite, however, I noticed my heart was beating irregular more often and then I started getting bruises on my body. When I visited my Doctor he made me stop Sensa as it was effecting my blood thinner medication. Please be very careful no matter what is printed on the package or what they say I could have had a heart attack or blood clot form

telly profit

Thanks for your comment. I needed to know about this for the same reason.

  I've never had an allergic reaction and it was the scariest think I've ever experienced.
Tara Davis (Verified User)

My mother, my sister, and my mom’s friend has had a lot of success with Sensa. Mama bought me a starter kit yesterday and I sprinkled some on my supper, and ate a chocolate before bed. I had a SEVERE allergic reaction (throat closing up, body aches, chills, HIGH blood pressure- which I’ve never had before, and SEVERE anxiety attacks.) It was very scary, and I will never try a weight loss “drug” again. I’ve never had an allergic reaction and it was the scariest think I’ve ever experienced. Never, never, never, again!

Good luck to those of you who need these type of plans to help you.

I have a friend who has tried the first month and wanted me to check out the cost for her. I laugh at all the eating plans people get hooked on, and, they are all psychological, cut back on the carbs a few times a week and it does work! I had weight issues growing up, and, if not careful, put it on quickly. All these reviews further convince me. I will talk with my friend and tell her what I feel..good luck to those of you who need these type of plans to help you.

No matter if some one searches for his required thing.

No matter if some one searches for his required thing, therefore he/she wants to be available that in detail, so that thing is maintained over here.

  I'm not happy with my results.
Donna (Verified User)

I started Sensa about 3 weeks ago. The 1st week seemed to indicate the product worked. It stopped me from overeating and I felt content. After the 2nd week, sensa still stopped me from overeating; however, I started slowly putting on weight. I thought it must have been something I was doing (or not doing), but I decided to give it 1 more week. Mind you, I work out 3 times a week, walk 2 miles every day and limit my carb intake. I even started drinking more water thinking “that” was the reason for my weight gain. But, needless to say, it’s now been 3 weeks and I’m up over 4 lbs. since I started Sensa. I am VERY disappointed in the product and will be returning it immediately. Not sure “what’s” in the product that might be causing the weight gain, but I’m not happy with my results. Just thought I’d share my experience with you all.

  is it safe for me to try also I am a borderline diabetic?

i just had a stroke due to highblood pressure, is it safe for me to try also I am a borderline diabetic, how should I use it and where do I purchase it.
Thanks Mary

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Mary. Please consult with your physician before taking slimquick to make sure it is safe for you to use.


Mary, with health issues, you shouldn’t take ANY product other than what your doctor prescribes until you have a discussion and receive approval from your doctor.


Mary check with your doctor. PLEASE read the above listings and comments about this product. Good luck to you.

  i have not lost a pound i ganed 5 pounds.
mary (Verified User)

i have not lost a pound i ganed 5 pounds

  I've ordered for this and will update everyone soon.

Im over here cracking up at these comments…And this is exactly why i read reviews before i try anything… I just ordered Sensa but before I did I looked on different websites, watched different videos to see what other ppl say about it. Ive hear negative and positive feed back. But TWO things i did see was alot of ppl not happy about the Customer service and about how the company went about taking the money out their acct. So i ordered the product online so I didnt even have to curse out a rude customer service rep and then after I order the product and paid for the shipping, I went the next day and changed my card number… Now if i like the product then I will obviously call them (or im sure they will call me) and i will pay for what i have…if i dont like it…then I CAN still return the product and not have to worry about fighting them over getting a refund because they didnt get the dam money in the first place, lol. Now I know some of you are probably thinking, oh thats dumb, why change your card info…but hey…I change my debit card every 6 months…it was just about that time. 🙂

And I do want to say, this product might or might not work for everyone…thats with anything. You can’t just go by what other ppl say, you have to try it if you really want to know how it will work for you. Thats just common sense guys…And America is full of INTELLIGENT DUMMIES who dont like to read small print then blame everyone else because they messed up. Oh shut up lol. Just be smart next time, take your time and read fine print on anything you are going to purchase. oh yeah, and why is everyone worried about grammar, we arent in school its not the serious lol. oh ok but good luck to you all!


Lol…you are funny and so right. I did the same as you changed my card info, and if I like I will buy it not I will return.I never ever listen to other people’s reviews,like you we all react differently to medication.


ur right I agree

  The only thing that worked was the low carb diet.
Mary (Verified User)

I tried everything to lose weight…. the only thing that worked was the low carb diet. I lost 40 pounds in 4 months and have kept it off for 4 years, not hard to do and you lose fast your first month, I lost 9 pounds the first week alone….. eat like we ate hundreds of years ago… veggies and meat its what we are meant to eat….


Actually youre supposed to eat carbs they fuel your brain… the key is to eat in moderation

  Hated the product.
mndavis (Verified User)

I tried this stuff and it didn’t even work, in fact, I gained two more pounds. I think this stuff is a load of BS. I wound not recommend this stuff to anyone.


some are just fat

  Drink water before your meal.
bill (Verified User)

…I have an idea…excercise and drink a glass of water 1/2 hour before you eat. Research suggests that out of all the remedies out there to lose weight the most successful one was to drink water before meals…

  Loved the product.
Tonya (Verified User)

I wish to tell my experience with Sensa. Yes, I did get slight
“butt leak” at first. I know, ewwwww! No stomach cramps, no headaches. I lost 30 lbs in 6 mos. So it does work. Also, I didn’t use all the product up, so can re-use, which I am. I went from 170 lbs to 130. Size 16-18 down to size 6 or 8. I have type 2 diabetes, which stayed about the same. My recent driver’s license photo is so different than how I look now! I don’t have the double chin and as fat a face as when the pic was taken..and that was only 3 mos into using Sensa on my food. We’re all different, I hope good things whatever your decision on Sensa is.


pics or it didn’t happen 🙂

No seriously well done…hope it’s paying dividends for your self confidence as well as your sex life!

  Hated the product.
kathy (Verified User)

it works for a few hours then my appetite came back to which I could have eaten a horse, don’t waste your money

  Loved the product.
dieting for dummies (Verified User)

Your affect is totally appreciative and newsy.

  Loved the product.
Cat (Verified User)

Please be careful. Everyone is trying to make money on weight loss products. Limiting the calories is difficult. There are groups such as overeaters anonymous if you cannot control the appetite. If you have a disability you would be better off spending your money on a registered dietician and following a diet.
I checked out the sensa site because I wanted to find out how it worked. I am willing to bet the cost of manufacturing is minimally 90% less than the sale cost. There is not enough information regarding research. It is appears the manufacturer is pandering by appealing to our desire to go the easiest route (wouldn’t you agree)? Remember, once you trade in your old habits new routines are the true path to your goals.
We live in an industrialized society where people want everything fast tracked and inexpensive. There is no fast way to loose weight properly. Take the money you were planning on spending for the quick fix and use it to supplement your meals so you can purchase fruit and vegetables. Good luck to everyone. Don’t throw away your money on junk. Buy good nutritious food. You may only loose one or two pounds a week but in the end that amounts to several pounds every month and if you stick with it you will look great, you must be prepared to wait several months to see the change. It is worth the weight (sic). Good luck everybody and hang in there.


Thank you your opinion is well thought out, logical and well put. It is a reminder we all need. This product claims a 30 pound loss over 6 months, which is about 1 pound a week. Just eating healthy makes so much sense. My first thought when I saw the ads was that to be healthy you need to eat nutritionally, not just less.

  Loved the product.
mypoint (Verified User)

I really don’t think Bobbi was trying to offend anyone in here. I think that he was only trying to make a point.

@ Bobbi, I think that you came across as if you are angry because of some issues you had with your job at Sensa. Venting is for friends because they understand you more.

Anyway, back to Sensa. I thank everyone for all of your thoughts on Sensa. This helped me to not make the same mistakes and of course I would pay it forward by letting others know of the disadvantages.

All in all, we just need to exercise more. If only we could work less( maybe 4hrs a day like Denmark does, get paid more, and have quality time with our families) we would have time for more exercises.


  Hated the product.
DWANA POLK (Verified User)

I ordered the Sensa freee trial and begin using it on Sunday 3/17/13 by 11a Monday afternoon(3/18/13)the entire left side of my face started to itch, become red with fever and it swelled up so much until I had tiny blisters on my face. I rushed to the Dr to get medicine. I have been on the meds since last week and now the right side of my face is starting to do the same thing. They say that Sensa’s ingredients are all natural ingredients found in everyday foods. I DO NOT normally have food allergies. I do not believe that this product is “all natural” there is something not right. I now have severe dark scarring from the rash that left the left side of my face. Now the right side of my face is doing the same thing as the left side just at a slower pace. My right eye is practically swollen shut!! I do not understand how a day and a half of using Sensa can result in such a severe allergic reaction especially since they claim that the product is “all natural” I regret the day that I ordered it!!! I work in the insurance industry, I come in constant contact with the public everyday. My face has been disfigured for a week now all from just a day and a half of using Sensa. Wow, what a price to pay for weight loss that NEVER happened. The powers that be at Sensa have to know that the product that they are selling is NO GOOD. PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE THAT I MADE!! DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT UNLESS YOU WANT TO BREAK OUT IN ITCHY, SWOLLEN RED RASH COMPLETE WITH BLISTERS THAT DRAIN PUSS LIKE YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE!!! THEN THE SCARRING AFTERWARD IS UNBELIEVEABLE.


As soon as I started using Sensa, I started having irregular heartbeats. Before, I might have had them twice a year, but when I started Sensa, I got them 5 times a day. When I stopped, so did the heart disruptions. There definitely is something in Sensa that people with pre-existing health issues should be aware of.


Are you sure you don’t have shingles. I would check for sure. That can be a very serious, especially if there is eye involvement.

  Loved the product.
Brenda (Verified User)

sounds good to me

  Loved the product.
Bobby's an Idiot (Verified User)

Try Yoli. Expensive, but it works! Nuff said! (Please entertain me by correcting my gramar!) Bobby, you need stress mangement, I hope you never work at a post office! -Cheers

  Read it carefully.
angel (Verified User)

way to go bobby so why cant he speak his mind YOU DID maybe he is a PAST employee BECAUSE of idiots that DONT read first how is that his fault please really spelling and grammar errors is this an english assigment besides im sure that NO ONE that called made any of those errors they just DIDNT READ THE FINE PRINT but they checked the box that they read it HUH? which is more important take responsibility for YOUR own actions and READ!!!

  Hated the product.
debinKy (Verified User)

I just completed my 6th month with Sensa. I’ve had no adverse affects from the product, nor have I had any kind of dramatic weight loss. I like that it does help limit my appetite. I was already a healthy eater and question how valuable this is for those not obese. I wonder about the weights of the people who “lost 30 lbs in 6 months”- what was their average weight upon starting?

I’m also upset about the ” 6 month program” that they hype so much- be warned: yesterday they shipped me another shipment even though the program is only supposed to last for 6 months. If it’s only a 6 month program- why are they shipping me more product? ( another batch of the original first 2 months). Clearly they don’t expect it to only last 6 months, but that’s not what all their marketing tells you it is. And they auto-charged me $90 for the shipment- I have to arrange shipping and pay to send it back. Not a reputable business practice.


I have noticed that I have been itching around my neck and a spot on my chest looks like ringworm,It seems like my appetite has increased rather than decreased. Ido not have a scale , so can’t weigh, just look so much fatter!also received a nother order which I did not order???????


Guys Cmon: 1. lets ignore the grammar this is like a text language site 2. Some of you guys are posting ridiculous statements! Sensa has nothing to do with skin conditions Such as ring worm! Lol 🙂 Another ladies clear shingles outbreak was also Attributed to Sensa.. Really? are you kidding me? 3. And last please! if you do not own a scale don’t start a weight-loss program and expect to know how you are doing based on how you look
Now regarding Sensa I absolutely agree that they have less than reputable business practices, For those of us that are used to eating healthy it tends to encourage you to eat junk because you have the powder and you can eat “normal foods” according to them.. Guess what? pizza, ice cream spaghetti all that junk it’s not even food! It should not touch ur lips but once every few months.. i use Sensa and happen to get a urinary tract infection when I was using it…. That does not mean that sensa caused my infection how can it cause bacteria to go into my urethra? This was a coincidental issue… I also gained 2 pounds so I stopped the program called to cancel and I will change my card.. Good luck to all

Victoria (Editor)

Hi DebinKy,
Sorry for any inconvenience you may be experiencing. You can call our customer service phone number at 886-730-3330 and someone will be happy yo assist you. Note that if you wish to cancel your subscription you may do so at any time.

  Loved the product.
lil buddhist (Verified User)

Thanks to everyone for such entertaining comments!! Think I will make a tomato & avacado sandwich and then take a nice long walk. Good luck!

  Want money back.
bill gamble (Verified User)

they told me it was free,then they took 96, dollars and tried to get more money. i want my 96.00 back

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Bill,
We’re sad to see you go! The subscription will continue after the free trial is finished for your connivence and so that you may have best results by always having more Sense when you need it. However, if you wish to cancel your subscription you may do so at any time by calling 886-730-3330. Someone will be happy to assist you. Best Wishes!

  Hated the product.
Cathy (Verified User)

I tried Sensa for about a month and did not lose any weight. It sounds great but I don’t understand how this product helps you lose weight. I did not have any decrease in my appetite. It was more frustrating than anything. I bought it on Amazon and was able to get a refund. As other people have stated, don’t buy it on the Sensa website or you will spend a lot more than you expected.

Sorry for any inconvenience
Victoria (Editor) (Verified User)

Hi Allen,
Sorry for any inconvenience. The subscription will automatically continue after the free trial is finished if you do not cancel beforehand for your connivence and so that you may have best results by always having more Sense when you need it. However, if you wish to cancel your subscription you may do so at any time by calling 886-730-3330. Someone will be happy to assist you. Best Wishes!

  What's the price?

when you puy it do you get the same prise you get it? when to want to stop can you what can happens?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Janet,
We’re confidant that you won’t want to cancel after seeing your results one month into using the product! However, you can call our customer service line at 866-730-3330 and cancel at any time and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.

  Loved the product.
D (Verified User)

Hello, My name is D and I am interested in purchasing Sensa. I am 18 and obviously I am aware there are many other effective ways I can lose weight..especially at my age. I read most of the comments, I’m sorry for my grammar or spelling (just letting that be said now since everyone bugs about it to everyone else). I found posts about the health facts..I am not a diabetic or have lactose problems. I was wondering if anyone has comments towards the product and my personal story. would this would be effective for me? I am 5’4 and 175 pounds. I have 3 jobs and attend college full time. I am extremely busy and only have time to work out about 45 minutes, 4 times a week. It is hard to see results fast. I heard the website is giving 2 months free..money is an issue for me. What if I bought my free Sensa, as well as my friend and my mom? Then I took all 6 months worth (everyday regularly for 6 months) instead of paying the $200+ price and just remembered to cancel the payment before the 30 days were up for me, my friend and mother.. ? Is this a good idea? HELP!

  Loved the product.
bigdog (Verified User)

As I sit here and read your comments I see lots of hostility and comments about you’re never going to lose weight if you don’t exercise. I would agree with you to a certain point. But the man who developed this was a neurologist. Extensive studies have shown placeboes have done quite well in weight loss experiments. Does it work maybe ,maybe not, this is why you will have different variables in the weight loss statistics. The theory of sprinkling something over your food or taking a pill gives your brain a signal that this is supposed to decrease appetite, or increase energy. You subconsciously make your mind help you lose weight. I have seen an 85 year old man lose 65 lbs., become healthier and watched his blood pressure decrease in front of my eyes, the doctors took him off of 7 different meds, the same man did not exercise just used sensa. I did the exact same diet and have not lost any weight. Does this make sensa good or bad, not every product reacts the same way with each other bodies. He was determined to lose weight but could not on his own, so he used sense did the sense work or did he do it subconsciously. Either way 65lbs. of weight is working 85 dollars a month in my opinion. You have to do what works.

  Do exercise and avoid this product.

Let me just say this for everyone. I’m not a grammar expert or spelling king. This will probably have all kind of mistakes. Let me make this clear for everyone. There is no miracle cure for weight loss. you have to get out of bed or the couch and get moving and exercise and eat right. There is no diet pill that can make you loose weight if you don’t diet and exerciser. You cant take a pill and go eat a pizza as big as a wagon wheel and still think you will loose weight. Ive been battling my weight all my life and tried every diet product that was out there. They all worked when diet and running and weightlifting is put into effect with it. When I didn’t loose the weight I knew what I did wrong. I looked at what I ate during the day said to my self “dang, I ate that cake earlier, or I had a lot of syrup on my pancakes earlier in the morning”. That’s why I didn’t loose as much as I wanted or didn’t lose at all or gained some. I’m up to 230lbs now and that’s not and for me but, I hate being that weight. Ive cheated on my diet and that’s the result for the weight gain. Ive eaten cake and too much bread and all kinds of stuff, ate till I was stuffed, that why its not working now, See. you have to be honest with yourself first for diets to work and self control is a big factor in this to. Just because food is good that does not mean you have to keep eating it. Well, I hop Ive shed some light on this subject. Everyone take care and be safe out there. Watch what you eat and exercise, that the key to weight loss.

  Loved the product.
Anonymous (Verified User)

WOW! You guys are better than watching Jerry Springer & NO I don’t. I started reading to get reviews on using Sensa & instead got a bitch slapping fest. Before retiring I was an Emergency Room Nurse & believe me the drunks & druggies had better manners & more compassion than most of you.

  Stop taking it before some research.

Have to agree with Bobbi regarding her frustration with people who call to complain w/o reading product material. I have been researching Sensa in order to decide if I give it a try. I agree that there is no easy way to lose weight except to push away from the table and get moving, e.g. walking, dancing, yoga, jazzercise, etc. I too handled calls for an airline, and I can assure you there are fairly intelligent people out there who are lazy and don’t want to read. They need to be told. They cannot take responsibility for their lives and want someone and/or the government to tell them what to do. This is why we get the politicians we do, because most people don’t do their own research about issues and background. Stop taking the easy way out and take charge of your own lives and do your own research. If you do this, your complaint level will be next to zero.

  It's not equal for all.
Linda (Verified User)

Idiot or not, it’s about a trial & error process on your part. It works for some and it doesn’t for others. I’ve just started on it myself to test it out. It’s not hurting anyone else if I try. Critical remarks were interesting. It must be their way of making fun of them for being one of the folks that sensa didn’t work for them or that Sensa company fired them for being an ass. I looked and did some research, GNC is the best bet as you can just try the first packett month 1 & 2 and then you go from there. That way you don’t get set up with an auto mailing plan. Sensa is just running a business out there to help folks (those whose bodies that respond to this stuff). Some bodies are resistant because they are meant to be resistant, I have no idea why. The chemistry in each one of us may explain things. We are not all one size fits all.

  Going to start the product.
Jeans (Verified User)

OK, I was planning to buy this on one of the home shopping networks. Since I typically check out reviews of products before I buy, I was really disappointed to see all the negative reviews here. Now I am up in the air about trying it. But I see that a lot of the negative comments are about how the Sensa “company” itself treats its customers. In seeing Sensa from time to time for the past year or so on one of the shopping networks, I have not come across negative reviews such as being railroaded and charged for products not ordered. This might be a plus for those happy with the product but unhappy with the service. Anybody had any experience with this? Just a thought.


I had work with a girl at work that was my age and was very thin when I stated work with her over the 11 years we worked together she put on a lot of weight. All of a sudden she went on this sensa stuff I thought it was a joke spinkle stuff on your food and loose weight???? She all of a sudden slowly lost weight she did loose 30lbs in 6 months. I always have been thin even after 3 kids. I had to have some of my female parts taken out and went into menopause and gained 30lbs. I tried stuff from Dr. Oz show Alli u name it didn’t work. I just purchased it yesterday. Isaw with my own eyes what it did for my co-worker and I’m sold.


I’d be careful about what Dr. Oz has to say. He really de-emphasized the side effects of his raspberry ketone craze…actually, not the great side-effect-free miracle some claim it to be.

  Facing side effects.
Doug (Verified User)

I tried Sensa last year. While I didn’t get stomach cramps, I did get pretty bad heartburn perhaps 10-15 minutes after using it. It was pretty consistent over a week, I wanted to make sure it wasn’t related to the foods themselves.

The heartburn ceased when I stopped using Sensa. Your mileage may vary.


Yeah, I have been using Sensa for about 2 weeks lost a few pounds but really think its because of the heartburn…..who wants to eat if they know they are going to get heartburn EVERYTIME they eat!!!

  Going to start the product.

I’m a disabled veteran (Vietnam)and interested in weight loss since I’m 6’5″ and now weigh 240 lbs. My disabilities prevent most types of exercise, hence my interest in Sensa. After reading the advice rendered above, I guess I’ll solve my weight problem by reducing my daily calorie intake,until I return to my desired weight. Duh uh folks! If yer fat, quit eatin’ so much! 🙂

  Different results for different people
Anonymous (Verified User)

Different strokes for different folks.
What may not work or apply to you may be a blessing for someone else. Don’t hate congradulate all the individuals that was sucessful with the product.

  The product worked for me
Laura (Verified User)

This is a message for George I hope you never get sick and gain wheight! Because you could not deal with it I am sure! I am over wheight because I have Graves Disease and I don’t care WHAT ANYBODY SAYS IT CAUSES YOU TO GAIN WHEIGHT!!! I wheighed 112lbs before I go sick! Now I am on Sensa and I love it! It is so easy people my God what do want your food chewed too?? Come on…just try it and if you feel lousey get off of it!! I have lost 40lbs and once I achieve my goal I will walk, and exercise, because I am a beliver to lose the wheight first and then exercise to keep it off! And once again, I don’t care what anyone says that is how I believe wheight should be maintained.

  Helped my decision

Right Annon, I came here to read reviews as well. I read enough to know not to order Sensa. It is not worth the trouble to order it and run the risk of being overcharged for a product that does not appear to work. And heaven forbid, if I make a mistake it my grammar or typing. I may be chastised or publicly humiliated.

  Comments about grammar

I am reading some of the comments and laughing my head off. If you want to correct someone’s spelling or grammar, make sure you are letter perfect yourself LOL! I came on her to see what the reviews were on a product and felt like I was back in high school. Meow! I still dont know if it works. But thanks for the laugh.

  This is working great for me
Danyella (Verified User)

I just started using Sensa and it’ working great for me. But I also started running again and I’m slowly changing my eating habits to healthy again.. but point is my appetite it’s really suppressed … but everyone’s body it’s different so to those that it didn’t work for sorry to hear about your bad experience… oh yeah I also take oxyelite it’s a thermogenic makes me sweat tons when I work out.. good luck everyone 🙂

  It takes few months to lose weight
Wendy (Verified User)

I contacted them and found out it actually takes about 4 months before you really see the weight coming off so I do not know why they only offer 30 days. I have been on it 2 months and lost 6 pounds with no exercise or change in diet.

  Questions about the product
Brenda (Verified User)

I was wondering about ur product Senas. Will people have any side effects after they stop using ur product when they reach there target weight. There is a chemical that is affecting part of the brain. Also y do use milk in ur product?

  Did not like this at all

I ordered Sensa but was out of town when it arrived. I did not return until after the time had passed to try the product. Sensa would not take a return— even though I didn’t use the product. I now have gotten 2 magazines in the mail that I never ordered. Sensa signed me up through Subco publishing for a 2 year subscription. I was finally able to track down who signed me up etc and get it canceled. There are BAD reviews out ther listed under the phone # that called me from Subco. Be aware of this if you order Sensa. Lost money on a product I never even tried & got signed up for a magazine I never wanted through a company that has complaints about charges appearing on their statements. Just a heads up. I will not be using Sensa.

  Interesting comment

Interesting. Your only concern is that you’re using the “salty” too much, while those around you are concerned because your constantly belching and stinking the place up. Wonderful product!!

  Be mindful with your comments

yikes bobbi tone it down a bit. I hope you were not working in customer service. Granted the product may not work but to call people stupid for asking questions. WOW! I do agree you need to include exercise to your workout regiment.


I been using and so far so good.I don’t eat all my food on most meals.The first couple of days you do taste but the more you use your body will get use to it.The body have to get use to “like a shock. Good Luck!

  Product just wasn't for me
Nita (Verified User)

I received the product to be an added supplement to me working out. The product took about the 2nd day before I begin to decrease me appitite. However, unbeknownst to me, I started feeling lethargic, extremely tired and sleepy. Never had stomach cramps at all. After a little over a week, the symptoms never left. I did a test just to find out if it was this product and it was. I returned this product immediately.

  Product is not good for my daughter

this product gave my daughter such stomach cramps i had her to laid down a whole day.no use this stuff.

  Read the terms and conditions
Gina (Verified User)

If you remember to sprinkle Sensa on your food it will help curb your appetite. If you use too much then you will have nausea. To everyone that complained about receiving a new shipment and being billed… you didn’t read the “terms and conditions”. If you did read the “terms and conditions”, then you would have read that you have to return the product within a certain time limit to avoid the next shipment being mailed and your account being charged the full price. Buyer always beware. Always remember healthy calories in, and calories out. You can eat 6 oranges compared to one glass of orange juice. Take each day at a time and don’t let one meal stop you from eating healthy on the next one. It’s not easy to lose weight but you can start eating healthy with the next item you put in your mouth. Good luck everyone. (I only used Sensa for the trial, then sent the empty bottles back to avoid further shipments and charges.)

  Product did not work for me
jesica (Verified User)

sensa is a waste of $…It is over priced and does not work. There is a different shaker for each month so it gets really pricey.Did i mention that it doesn’t work

  Product did not work for me
sunny mills (Verified User)

Complete waste of money. Just sprinkle cornstarch on your food to deaden the taste of the food. Thats all this does. Then they continue to charge you for at least one more month and more unless you invest effort to call, write and insist they stop taking your money.

  Product affecting my asthma
Janet (Verified User)

I have been achy and problems with my asthma since taking Sensa. As soon as I stopped taking Sensa I felt better. Has anyone else experienced problems with asthma?

  I love the results!
Steph (Verified User)

I was so nervous about calling for the RMA number after reading so many bad reviews on the customer service. I remained firm and kind the whole time, and Charlotte, my representative, was truly helpful and efficient. I know this product works for some people, however, I have had more success implementing a real life change like diet and exercise. I started with Oxyelite Pro which helped me drink only water, since I was a caffeine junky and lost 8 lbs of water weight the first few days. Since then, I’ve gone to get a wellness evaluation and I exercise daily and eat healthier. I am loving the way I feel and my results. I am not looking to lose a ton of weight, so it’s perfect. The real secret to weight loss is FOOD. Being mindful of what I put into my body has helped so much. I’m also drinking soy protein meal replacement shakes and eating a good dinner. You must work for it, no magical fairy food dust can do it alone.

  Get active and eat better.

What most people don’t realize is that all that time you spend looking for a easy way to lose weight, you could actually be exercising. Being lazy and bad eating habits are what cause weight gain. Turn off the TV. Close the laptop. Get out of the house and GET ACTIVE. It’s not going to happen overnight. Stop being so impatient. If you keep track of your progress, you’ll be able to see progress. People expect to get 5 star results with ZERO effort. If you don’t work for it, then you don’t really want it. Discipline is the keyword. Break those bad eating habits. Just because it tastes good, doesn’t mean it’s actually good for you. I guarantee McDonald’s, Burger King, etc. are not gonna help you lose weight, regardless of how “healthy” they say some of their food is. Check those ingredients. Half of us can barely pronounce them, yet we ingest it with no question. Do your research and find out what works for YOU. Get active and eat better.

  Little sugar on food

It is basically putting sugar on your food, so sprinkle a little splenda on it.

  Perseverance will out

My thanks to all who rendered opinions.After speaking w/one of the CSR reps,I thought I’d “check out”ingredients, possible side effects and interactions on my own.After reading so many negative comments,I decided not to waste my time or money. As an M.D. said,”Just push away from from the table BEFORE you eat too much.” Sounds so simple,doesn’t it? But then he probably never had a weight problem.Good luck to all.Remember
“Perseverance will out.”

  Dr. Miller's formula

Does anyone know what happened yo the diet pill that was called DR.Millers Formula? It came from Forks WA. around the 1980’s It was A great diet pill I’m affraid it is being sold under A differant name. It worked to controll your appitite?

  Waste of money and effort
dogroush (Verified User)

Used this product but not happy with it at all. I used the male type. I could taste it on my food and it didn’t work as stated. I also tried the vitamins and I noticed no benefits from them. I have used this for over 60 days and have not found it beneficial at all. They give you 2 containers of each phase which seems like a great bargain but there is no way I even came close to using all of it. I have fibromyalgia, so all the meds I am on my have skewed this but it totally was a waste of money and effort.

  Not a weight loss solution
Sea (Verified User)

I just started Sensa yesterday and woke up this morning shaking like a leaf at 3 am!! My heart is racing too but I can’t find any warnings on-line about cardiac side effects. This is no weight loss solution for me!!!!!!!!!!!

  Weight loss for vegetarian

I am a vegetarian and do not eat meat of any kind. I use whey protein powder for my protein intake. I would really like for this to be a weight loss “fix” for me, because I have bad knees, hips and feet. I can only walk for a limited time, and my work keeps me sedentary.

  Not losing weight
Katherine Newman (Verified User)

Am I the only one who has not lost weight using this product. I started using Sensa four weeks ago, I lost less than 1 lb and have now gained it back. I exercise at least 1 hour a day, I do not eat sweets and very little bread. Still the weight persists in staying on me. Any suggestions?

  One month free
maria (Verified User)

Thanks to all… I was almost going to try it…. After all it said one month FREE!!!! Who wouldnt want something for free????? But i had to do my research and i found this wonderful website…. Thanks…

  Customer service assistance

can sensa charge me with just my address and phone how do I cancel when i call they keep saying to give them my order no. i don’t have any how so do you answer these i see none in 2012

  Sensa works
Christy (Verified User)

My hubby and I started Sensa last week and no side effects yet. Seems to be working so far. Yes, of cause getting off my tuff and exercising everyday would work even better, but everything is a learned habit and I have taught myself some bad ones. Even if the product it’s self does not work it makes me think each time I sprinkle. I am paying closer attention to what I eat and how much of it. One thing I became aware of is I have taught myself a bad habits. I never noticed how often I was eating at night after the kids went to bed. Mommy and TV time was making me fat LOL. I am watching my self closely and working on stopping that bad habit. They say a habit is formed in 21 days. So that leaves me a few days to return it if needed. Like any product you have to read the fine print and remember everyone’s body is different and reacts differently.

As far as this week either the product is working or my subconscious is just telling me to make better decisions. Guess we will see as we move forward. (Be nice I am not the best speller and my grammar is not so hot either, so be nice)

  6 months of Sensa
Geo Fairley

what happens after 6 months of trying sensa. Will i keep receiving it or do I have to cancel my order.

barry grosvenor

I boght sensa to help me lose my gut. Instead I have received a kidney stone. I never had them before, and I am 45 years old, so be careful.

  Feeling like a fool

I feel like a fool! I ordered w/o checking consumer comments. I am returning it as soon as it arrives. I KNOW better! I am never watching Millionaire Matchmaker again! Shame on you PATTY! How much did they have to pay you to not be the usual foul mouthed know-it-all bitch that you are? I wish there was some way to call you on this crap you “endorsed” which would hit you where it counts. (i.e. your show) Guess all I can hope for is a smooth return and no further charges. I take full responsibility for my stupidity!


Thank you for taking the time to use your own crass language to describe Patty’s crass language. Sort of an interesting tit for tat way of making an argument. I can also appreciate the way you call yourself stupid- it saves so much time. Thank you.

  Need help with potency

Hi, guys! I have problems with potency … I need your help! Did you have it?

shirley Hines

Just sent mine back. You must call and get a return number, also pay the return postage your self. Get a confirmation notice when you send it back for your record.

  Don't waste your money
Mrs. Pickle (Verified User)

I tried this product last year when it was still fairly new. I used it faithfully. It doesn’t work. What really got me was when people on their message boards were complaining, and their customer service reps were saying, “well, you have to diet and exercise along with it.” Uh, okay. Don’t waste your money.

  Always check the comment first

I never buy anything before checking companies out on the web. Thank you all for your information. I won’t buy Sensa because of your comments. I never believe in miracle drugs, but some have worked to some extent in the past. As for all the grammar and spelling advice, we need a lot of good English teachers out there. Maybe some of you would like to help us out! Take care Y’all!!

  Questions about my refund
R C Colburn (Verified User)

trying to find out about my refundof 52dollars and 94cents

  Able to make a decision

I have a room mate who believes everything and buys the product. I have been contemplating using the Sensa she purchased. After reading all of the comments I have decided not to. 4 months ago I started drinking green juice every day. It’s 5 green veg. and 2 fruits. I feel better than I have in a long time and the weight seems to stay off and I lose about a pound a week(I have lost 20) Now, along with this juice I eat fairly healthy(lean meats, veg., fruits and whole grains) This seems to be working well for me. I don’t do regular excercise, but I keep busy.

  Grammar check

To a concerned reader on June 15th 2011. Your vs You’re.
You are (You’re) claim comes off is not correct. Your claim comes off is correct.

  Do I need to see a doctor?
steph (Verified User)

Ok, I tried sensa for 7 days, got very sick. I haven’t used it for exactly 9 days, and am still very sick. How long should it stay in my system? I am wondering if I should go see a doctor.

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Steph,
We recommend that you see your healthcare provider before you continue to take Sensa again. Best Wishes!

  Experiencing shipping issues


Victoria (Editor)

Hi Michele,
We’re sorry if you’re experiencing any inconveniences.You can call our customer service line at 866-730-3330 and someone will be happy to assist you.

  Please review the product
Mary Ellen (Verified User)

EVERYONE STOP!!!! Sensa is made from maltodextrin. Search the web for msg. Maltodextrin is a natural form of MSG which CAUSES weight gain in the long run,as well as a host of other health issuses. Msg makes you addicted to food just like artifical “no calorie” sweeteners. aspartame, splenda etc… they have no calories yet they increase your appetite which makes you crave foood!!!! They make you addicted to food. why is America obese! They do not allow use of some of these things in other countries. Our government/food corps/drug companies,all in bed together.A little research goes a long way before you use anything see what it is made of! Everything in moderation is the only tride and true lasting remedy for weight loss and perhaps much of life. Good luck to everyone, just beware they are all about making a buck not your health!

  Being educated is the best

I just caught the infomercial for Sensa. I have read quite a few of the messages above. I wish all people would do some investigating before purchasing. Sensa is all about controlling the amount of food you are eating. In many cases it is not the amount of food eaten, it could be thyroid problems or hormonal problems. It may what foods we choose to eat. Unfortunately they have not invented a product that can help you lose without any behaviorial modification and maybe the help of a Weight Watchers type group. It is at least affordable and very educational. Being educated is best, so please talk to a Dr. to figure out what is best for you. Be sure you are not prediabetic and try try try to enjoy healthier lifestyles. God bless your efforts to lose weight because I personally know how hard it is. I was diagnosed with low thyroid 11 years ago and have to fight everyday with myself to make healthy food choices instead of what I would rather eat. Yet I never wake up the next morning and wish I had eaten wrong the day before. Enough of my comments…good luck to all wanting to lose once and for all.

  Did not like the product at all
Anonymous (Verified User)


  Exercise and food discipline is better.
shelia (Verified User)

If Sensa or other diet products actually worked, there would be no over weight people, or not as many anyway. Portion controla nd exercise is about the only thing that will actually work.

  Avoid issues with customer service
Slim Rick (Verified User)

If you are all convinced that this is the holy grail of weight loss then just buy it at GNC and forget about the issues with customer service. (would be better to use the money for a gym membership though!)

  Product just wasn't for me
Slim Rick (Verified User)

just put hotsauce on your food

  Didn't work for me
sara (Verified User)

Decided to give Sensa the benefit of the doubt and do the 6 month trial. It was a waste of money. You would do better just to follow the simple method of diet and exercise! I didn’t feel any differently, just didn’t lose any weight at all.

  Thank you for the reviews

sensa won’t have good reviews,so why have to spend money. That is the conclusion. So be carefull for TV ads

  Kindly check your grammar

another concerned teacher: You’re is a contraction of you are. Your means belonging to you! Lisa’s usage of You’re was wrong. should be “your.” Looks like the “pot calling the kettle black.”

  Good read, very fascinating blog
ArrillShienly (Verified User)

Please one more post about that.I wonder how you got so good. This is really a fascinating blog, lots of stuff thcat I can get into. One thing I just want to say is that your Blog is so perfect

  Product just wasn't for me
SunnySideUpFlorida (Verified User)

Re: Sensa
Does nothing but kill the taste of food-Save your money and sprinkle cornstarch on your food.
Also, problematic to get money back.

  Losing weight is different for different people
Susan (Verified User)

I’m an overweight person and I can honestly say, there really is no quick fix. There may be supplements to boost energy and metabolism, but it doesn’t mean you can sit around and do nothing. You don’t ‘do nothing’ to gain the weight. Same rule applies to losing the weight, it doesn’t just melt off by itself. For some people losing weight is harder than for others but who ever said life would be easy. I’ve battled with my weight since I was a kid and I know first hand how hard it can be physically and emotionally. I’ve never tried Sensa but I never will because it will be a waste of money like all the others. Find what the reason is for your weight problems and then talk to a proffessional about your options, like a dietician or a doctor. I know I will never lose the weight unless I put forth some effort.

  Product just wasn’t for me
Stacey (Verified User)

I have to say I also seem to be having a severe headache and nausea after using Sensa for just TWO days! Its the only thing I have done differently and I woke up at 3am with a really severe headache and felt queezy…I took Advil and went back to bed but my headache is still here. My first thought was it has to be the Sensa but i didnt think it caused any ill side effects, then I googled “Sensa and headache” and Im reading alot of similar complaints. For me its just not worth feeling this bad so I’ll ship it back and hope they actually cancel the Autoship! I will say that I tried Jenny Craig for the first time to lose 10 lbs before our wedding and it was slow going BUT I was consistently losing 1pound per week and the food is actually really good. Its on the expensive side but so far its been the easiest thing to stick to because Im eating all good food and feeling full. Good Luck!!

  Need billing information

Wow, I just ordered the free trial. After reading everyones responses I am a little scared. Will they charge my account later for more product? Thats not legal. What do I do how do I stop them from charging me extra money if I don’t want to buy?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Parker,
We’re confidant that you won’t want to cancel after seeing your results one month into using the product! However, you can call our customer service line at 866-730-3330 and cancel at any time and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.

  Wanted to cancel my order

Oh God, about five minutes ago, a place an order, and i read the comments, i do not believe what i was reading, goin to cancel the order and i didnt have any luck… : (

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Mery,
Hi Parker,
We’re confidant that you won’t want to cancel after seeing your results one month into using the product! However, you can call our customer service line at 866-730-3330 and cancel at any time and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.

  Is it effective?

Has anyone loss any weight?

  Got the information I needed

thanks alot. i was about to go for sensa, but now no more..

  Product is not good for me
lil jenny (Verified User)

I used sensa for two days and I swelled up like Will Smith in the movie “Hitch” when he had an allergic reaction. After waking up on the third day in the morning and I looked into the mirror I was horrified when I saw my face was very swollen and my right ear was three times as big as the left. My hands were swollen and I broke out in hives on my arms, face, arms and knees. Its been three days since I last took it and Im still itching and have some swelling. Would not reccommend this product to anyone unless you’re a sucker for punishment. Been taking benadryl.

  Product works but needs better customer service
Current Employee (Verified User)

I am a current employee for Sensa and this past employee does not know what the heck they are talking about. First of all, due to FTC regulations we must tell each and every single customer that they will be charged $89.95 after 30 days if they DO NOT call to cancel. Before I became an employee for Sensa I ordered a 30 day free trial of the product. When I called customer service to ask questions about the product I had absolutely no problem getting through and the rep was warm and friendly and answered all my questions and concerns. This old employee does not know what they are talking about. Sensa works. I lost 20lbs and have kept if off for the past two years.

  just bought it, will provide update
Hope (Verified User)

Ok I just ordered it for the first time and got in the mail today, I will let you no how it works out, Everything works on everyone in its own way,
I just put it on a grilled chicken, If it does not work i will keep everyone updated on a day to day bases wish i new they sold it at gmc before ordering it I feel like such a boob!

  Not good experience during trial period
MLG (Verified User)

Horrible customer service. Returned product during trial period. Now 60 days later I’m being charged for product. Company “claims” they never received it back. Of course I’ve thrown my paperwork away because it had been 2 months. These people are theives!

  Wonderful product so far
jacqui (Verified User)

you never said what the outcome of the testing was. Interesting that it was over a decade ago. That being said: I feel that previous research has indeed led to this (sensa) product. I have been using it for just over 1 month and it has helped me loose 10 lbs. I know this because I was already eating “clean” and had lost several pounds and reached a ceiling. Since using this product (after checking in with my doctore for allergies and other ingredients my body may not like)I have cut down of the binging and social overeating that I admit I indulged in. It HAS cut down on the amount of food I eat at one time. It has not affected the taste of the food I eat… I just no longer finish off an entire plate of food each time I eat. I think it’s a wonderful product so far and am looking forward to the next level. I will keep posting the results as the happen as in weight loss, undesirable effects, etc. Sensa, by the way it is advertised does not claim to burn fat or change the structure of the food you eat. Perhaps some people are overusing it (too much at one time). In my case I can honestly state: It does exactly what it advertises – reduces your desire to over eat. I only have 25lbs. left to go…. yay!

Victoria (Editor)

Hi There,
We’re sorry for any inconvenience. If you’re not happy with the product or wish to cancel, you may call our customer service line at 866-730-3330 and cancel at any time and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.

  Best way to return the product

Oh my God, I started filling out the online order form for Sensa and started to changed my mind after I saw the fine print (which you don’t see until you start filling out the order form) I thought that I had exited the order page without actually placing the order, but apparently this was not the case. The box of Sensa arrived at my house yesterday. I have not opened it. What is the best way to return it so that I will not have these issues with having my (debit) card charged?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Isaoud,
We’re sorry for any inconvenience. If you’re not happy with the product or wish to cancel, you may call our customer service line at 866-730-3330 and cancel at any time and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.

  Questions about unused portion
Brenda (Verified User)

Why do you have to throw away the unused portion after 30 days? Does it lose its potency?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Brenda,
Each bottle contains a 30 day supply. For best results, we recommend to use the amount of Sensa that is needed on each meal you eat.

  Did absolutely nothing for me!
kathy (Verified User)

I tried this product because it seemed to have been well researched and tested. Did absolutely nothing for me. Not an ounce. I used it for 3 months, having bought a 6 month supply (huge mistake). Don’t waste your money. Try slimweight patch instead.

   if it's a good fit for you
Victoria (Editor) (Verified User)

Hi Ena,
We recommend that you speak with your health care professional before using Sensa to see if it’s a good fit for you. Best wishes!

  Need to return the trial package
Jane McDonald

How do I obtain an RMA # to return the unused portion of my trial package of Sensa?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Jane,
For questions on returning your unused portion of Sensa you can contact our customer service line at 866-730-3330 and someone will be happy to assist you.

  Stay away from maltodextrin
Dee (Verified User)

The reason for stomach cramps may be due to the maltodextrin.
People with specific food allergies, such as those who suffer from Celiac disease or have other allergies to wheat, corn, potatoes or virtually any base starch from which maltodextrin is processed, might want to stay away from maltodextrin or maltodextrin-containing foods.

  Cancelling trial and was offered discount

60% off Sensa when you try to quit!!!

Hilarious! I tried to cancel my trial offer, and it first offered me 40% off if I kept it. I continued the cancellation, and it offered me 50%. I kept going, and it offered me 60% off, and said it would even turn off my automatic billing.

I just wasn’t using the product, so I still returned it. But in the event that you are liking it/ using it, you might want to try canceling your trial to get it at 60% off!!!!

  It works and didn't cause any problems
kasey (Verified User)

I have been using Sensa for 1 month, about to start my second month, and I have had no problems with it at all. I have lost 11 pounds. I also bought this product at GNC.


I purchased the product a month ago and I have not had any problems. I have lost 10 lbs so far and I look forward to continuing the product.

  It doesn't work
melissa haddock (Verified User)

I tried sensa when it first came out .i still have some in the cabinet but did not even lose 1 inch so im not doin anything right now just watching what i eat.

  Wrong product received
Dan Castle

I ordered Sensa for my daughter and when the package arrived it contained Sensa for Men

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Dan,
We’re sorry for the inconvenience. You may contact our customer service line at 886-730-3330 and someone will be happy to assist you in changing your order.

Did not loose any weight
Janet Ferguson (Verified User)

I have been using Sensa everyday
for 1/1/2 months and I have not
lost any weight. What am I
doing wrong?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Janet,
Weight loss will very with every person. However, we do recommend to eat healthier and exercise while also using Sensa. If you’re doing all these things then we recommend you speak with your health care professional to see if Sensa is a good fit for you.

  Looking for positive feedbacks

I dont think ive seen not one positive review here.This is helpful

  Thank goodness for the Internet

thank goodness for the Internet!

  Feedback details

Well Bobbi April 15th, 2011, you certainly are an arrogant one!
Your employers (former or present) who employ you to explain to us the unwashed masses do have a very strong tendency to purposefully obfuscate details of mostly the crap they foist upon us! Otherwise you would be out of a bloody job- explaining the OBVIOUS TO US MORONS, EH?

  Product research

Oh wow! I wish I would have done more research and found this site BEFORE I ordered my Sensa “FREE” Trial!! After watching one of those late night infomercials – I WHAT was I thinking! That this would be and EASY way to loose weight right? – I mean look at all those testimonials! lol – Even that woman from Millionaire Matchmaker! So now, I’m worried about getting sick and having nausea and diarria, and about possibly having an interaction with my blood pressure medication. PLUS worried about how much they are going to charge my credit card – and IF I will be able to return the product and get the proper credit. You know the old saying “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”? So I guess it still boils down to proper nutrition, portion control and exercise…

  Got problems and have constipation
Barb (Verified User)

I only tried Sensa for a couple of days and I had the worst constipation I ever experienced. I bought it at GNC and I returned it within the 30 day refund period. They promptly refunded me no questions asked even though I wanted them to know in case others asked about the product.

  Experienced hair loss and thinning
Dee (Verified User)

In the beginning Sensa worked well. I lost 35 pounds! After a while, my blood sugar shot up significantly! Before reading your comments regarding the main ingredient in Sensa, maltodextrin, I had no idea why. Also, I’ve experienced a great amount of hair loss and thinning! Have anyone else experienced any hair loss or thinning? I no longer nuse this product.

  Glad to see some feedbacks

I’m so glad that some people on this site had the “courage” to just tell people the truth, and save people from buying into this product. Thanks a lot!!

  Will not try the product

I was going to try this product. However, after reading all the comments I decided against it. Dizzy, nausea, credit card issues, I think I will pass. Thanks everyone.

  Eat healthy
m. k.

We are bombarded with miracle loss programs out there every day and equally bombarded with information on good eating habits like vegetables, fruits, grains, and lean meats and fish .
How can a pill be better than all the goodness that nature is offering.
We have to pay for both, so it only makes good sense to me, to use the later.
In defense of those who are promoting and selling a particular diet. They all work.
All you have to do is do it.
Good luck to you all
m. k.

  Drink plenty of water and eat regularly
Katie (Verified User)

I see a lot of people are complaining about nausea and headaches? I do hope you all haven’t just stopped eating completely?? This is suppose to help suppress your appetite, not make it disappear, therefore you really need to drink plenty of water, constantly, and you still need to eat, just not the meals and junk you used to, smaller meals, whether it be a piece of fruit, a bowl of vegies or a can of tuna, do not wipe out food completely!!

  Determine your total daily energy expenditure

Determine your total daily energy expenditure by googling TDEE Calculator. Then reduce it by 500 calories, and eat that amount every day to lose one pound a week or 52 pounds a year. Use dailyburn.com or spark people.com, boyh of which have free phone apps, to count those calories. Break a sweat three times a week and do some weight lifting several times a week. Change your life, improve your health. Learn to divide yourncalories by 5 meals and eat every 3 hours, drink your water and try to have lean protein with every meal, which should include a vegetable.

  Got complications from the product
Anonymous (Verified User)

Fyi, my sister-law has just been released from the hopital from the side-effects of this product.Headaches,hives,sunburn like appearance on her face,passed out,complications in breathing had to be given oxygen.What are these people selling!?????

  Can't put into water to drink
nancy (Verified User)

why can’t you put sensa in water to drink

  Product caused stomach cramps
val (Verified User)

Have had stomach cramping by day 4 on sensa, sensa web site told me to cut back, I did, but pain still there. Have been off of sensa for 3 days now, and think it’s getting out of my system, It’s was helping my appetite and I hate to give up so quickly, so I will try agin with small amounts, and if problems return I will return it.

  Product caused reaction
MoDwight120 (Verified User)

I started taking Sensa two days ago. I’ve noticed that my face is very red, it almost looks like i have a sunburn on my entire face. Their is even a distinctive line between my face and neck where you can see my face is red but my neck is not.

I’m have no known allergies. I’m not itchy and have no other redness on my body. I scrubbed my face but it is still red.

Has anyone heard of this type of reaction from Sensa? I’ve read about getting hives but I don’t have any other discoloration on my body besides my face.

  Product order cancellatiom

I ust ordered the 2 month trial, then read this and hurried up and called and canceld it…she said nothing will be sent and they will refund my shipping, so we will see if they do…I am really nervous they will still send it even though I just canceled it…did anyone do this?

  Awful product

I was looking into this and very thankful to all the reviews claiming it gave them bad stomach issues..I have UC and can’t imagine what this would have done to me if I had taken it…sounds like an awful product!!!

  Alternative way to lose weight
Judy TN

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! To all that tried this and then posted the effect it has had on you. I was going to order it today! But not now. I have been working with a dietitian since Jan. and have lost 36 lbs..just by eating every hours. Even just a peanut butter and cracker if that is all the time I have. Thought this sensa might give me a bigger loss. Since I have over 100 morer lbs to loose. But after reading these comments I will just stick with what I am doing now. Thanks for the post. Letting us know what it has (or has not) done for you. BEST OF LUCK TO ALL OF YOU!

  Ways to lose weight

A few ways to lose weight:

1) Use Flax Seeds sprinkled on food – no side effects. Can also be used for protein shakes.
2) Cut the carborhydrates
3) Regular exercise
4) Drink lots of water
5) Join a gym – get a buddy to workout with you

  Will try another product

Thank you for the comments, I think I will try the editor’s choice Avesil + Flex Belt..

  No results
ann (Verified User)

I tried sensa one month. No results, lots of gas. no weight loss. Costly for what is inside.I opened box and box was filled with about a teaspoon of sensa inside each slot. one Ingredent is same as sweetener.

do not want to use anything harmful

wow thank you all was going to buy this product.think might be pregnant so do not want to use anything harmful.

Please read and listen to others

Well My shipment attived today,, not as ordered,,, and there is nothing FREE,,, you pay 89 for the first two months at the end of 30 days, very misleading….. I took my first shake about an hour ago,,, nauseated,, nose runnning and sinuses feel full… darn,,,,I think that the concept should work,,, not sure it does yet,,, I am diabetic,, and well see what my blood readings do…..Yes PLEASE always research any med before taking,,, not sure why I did not before ordering this,,,, do not look at company, or doctors info,,,, but always what people have reported… MYself,,, ACTOS and CYMBALTA and STATIN drug,,, very sorry I started them,,, but the worst was statin drugs,, the symptoms I think will never go away… Please read and listen to others.. God will give us wisdom and each other.

Merril Lane (Verified User)

I have not purchased it yet. I am considering it. I am both Lactose intolerant and have to take things for bean products. I take both Lactaid and Beano. I took Effexor years ago, but got horrible hot flashes and night sweats.

  ordering this at all

wow im glad i didnt order this i almost did but something told me no and look into it more so i wont be ordering this at all.

  deep depression
Carla of Texas (Verified User)

I was as depressed as you are talking about and am Cymbalta 120mg in am and i was just giving up ever coming out of dpreesion when my Dr at MHMR said he was going to add Remeron to my Cymbalta he says he uses Remeron as a resue drug to pull poeple out of deep depression, try it it did wonders on me I felt and everyone could tell a difference in me the next let me know how it works on you my emailC3angels457@aol.com

  this product or its creator mentioned
Not Falling For It

…If the product was so great then why wait till 3:00 am to inform overweight people who can’t sleep? (like me!) I watch the news all the time and I have never seen this product or its creator mentioned!

  I don't believe it now
Anonymous (Verified User)

I ordered a 6 month plan before I saw this.Im scared to try this now,but im a good 55lbs overweight.The guy I talked to said it was healthy for people ALL ages and is natural.I don’t believe it now,but im desperate to loose weight.I don;t know what to do.

  NO results
maggie (Verified User)

I tried sensa for two months with NO results. It never made me feel full or “tricked” my senses into thinking I was. The only “trick” here is how the company is “tricking” you out of your money. IT’S A HOAX.

Change your diet- change your life

Diet is the term for how we eat not a weight reduction plan. Change your diet- change your life. If your body is rebelling (which men don’t ususally understand) then yes, use an aide to weightloss. But let’s redefine how we use the word “DIET”. It’s a shame they took Home Ech. out of the schools. Look at the difference between the generations who had it…..

  horrible constipation

I was just about to order this product over the phone as I always do before going to the website to see the reviews. After ordering the shakes & having to send them back due to horrible constipation, I’m glad I took a minute to read most of you all comments. I won’t be ordering sensa & thanks a million.

MADELYN ARENAS (Verified User)


  Willpower or Discipline or Determination
randhy (Verified User)

It’s not called Sensa, it’s called Willpower or Discipline or Determination……….I realize bad eating habits are difficult to change…..the body will adjust, but like your tongue, it doesn’t want to at first.

  I guess not

I was going to give my wife something new cause she is a little stuck and I though this might help. However, I guess she’ll just have to stick to her Herbalife. She has lost almost a hundred pounds but can’t seem to lose the last 40 to 50…. I thought this might do it, I guess not.

Sally Stein (Verified User)

I do not recommend this at all. 1st day – tried it with my dinner, made me soooo bloated and uncomfortable that I had to drink ginger ale to be able to burp and release all the air in my stomach. 2nd day same thing, 3rd day sweats & stomach cramps, & constipation. 4th – day my heart was racing so bad that if it hadn’t stopped in the next few min. I was ready to go the ER!!!!!! – VERY SCARY!!!!! – HIGHLY ADVISE NOT TO EVEN TRY THIS!!!!!

  don,t waste your money
Kat (Verified User)

I tried sense and for the first month it was ok, kept me from getting hungry but gave my mouth and tongue a weird feeling and made my sinus,s feel tingly. Then after a few days on month 2.. Allmof my teeth got so sensitive!! Very painful, I feel like this stuff was like acid on my teeth!! Horrible! Bottom line- don,t waste your money!!!!!


My teeth hurt too when did it go away?

Riya (Verified User)


  I never do 'free trials'

I heard from a couple people that Sensa worked for them. I never do ‘free trials’ or order products like that online. I got my 2 month supply from GNC, for $61 after my gold card rebate. They will refund it if i don’t like the side effects and they’re not near as difficult to deal with as sites you purchase products like that from. If you want to try it, go to a place you KNOW won’t screw you over. Sorry to hear all these stories.

  some good supplements

Hello, my mom is a 63 yr old great lady. She is a good 50 pounds over weight, also she has diabetes, heart conditions, and high blood pressure.I’m wondering if any one has any info on some good supplements for her, besides the walking that she dose.. thank-you


With all of those conditions exercise and a health diet…ie…fresh veggies, lean meats (chicken, fish)and a few dairy products will do her good. You should speak with her nurse for a list of foods that would be helpful for her. She needs to be eating several small meals a day to keep her blood sugar stable. NO SWEETS!!! Check her feet since diabetes will make you lose you feeling in your feet and hands, also make sure her eyes get checked. Walking with light weights will help her lose the weight and build muscle…which she needs in more ways then one. I hope this helps. Omaga 3’s are good too….Stay away from diet pills and such it will just hurt her…diabetes is nothing to mees with, when she loses some weight she may be able to come off some meds…the weight loss will help with the high blood pressure…..Speak with her nurse not her doctor..often times they don’t have time to tell you all of this…I hope this helps you!

  There is no quick fix to weight lose
Anonymous (Verified User)

There is no quick fix to weight lose… If it sounds too good to be true it usually is! Daily exercise, eating healthy foods, and drinking plenty of water.. Dont get sucked in to this garbage!

  product just wasn’t for me

Thanks for all the comments on this page. I was thinking about ordering sensa, but now I’ve changed my miind. I don’t want to lose weight by being sick or waste my money on something that doesn’t work.

  enough they fooled people
Nuru (Verified User)

Only idiots can believe in weight loss BS. Isn’t it enough they fooled people?
Eat healthy and exercise. These two things are the only way to lose weight!While you try to get your money back, you will have so much problems that you will eventually give up and they count on that. If one of 100 people who bought that S will give up, they will make billions!

  Lordy Lordy!

Lordy Lordy! I apparently had a weak moment when I ordered this. It’s on it’s way. I wished I would have read all of these comments before. The sad thing is I only want to lose 10-20 lbs. I’m going to send it back as soon as I get it. I hope they don’t charge my credit card. God Bless you all for leaving your comments.

  I was ready to buy

Thanks Linda. I was ready to buy. I go to Weight Watchers and thought Sensa could just help me along faster. I have over 100 lbs to lose and just am tired of carrying the extra weight around. Thought Sensa would give me that extra edge. Watching late night TV costs $$$$$. I’m not crazy about taking pills since I take medication. Any other ideas would be appreciated. Thanks again for the heads up.


To Noreen,
Another thing to think about…
The body produces a couple of hormones called ghrelin and leptin which are linked to your sleep. You need to be sleeping at night instead of watching tv (duh :o) When you stay up late, you produce more ghrelin which stimulates appetite which is great if you are trying to be a sumo wrestler. If you get the right kind of sleep, your body produces leptin which helps you lose weight. If you do sleep and have adequate leptin, the leptin can be inactivated if the sleep is the wrong kind which is why I qualify that you get the right kind of sleep. See the link and learn a little about this because this could be why you are fighting your body to lose weight by not getting the sleep patterns and rhythms you need.

Thanks to all who have posted. I was looking for an ingredients list and they are nothing more than additives normally found in processed foods…I avoid these ingredients anyways but was amazed to see the whole of this product is just food additives of which no one has a difficiency.


Next time you are watching an infomercial, turn off the tv, get up and move. Squatting, waving your hands, whatever. 100 pounds will be gone in 2 years on a safe diet. Adjust your calories as you lose that fat as you won’t need as much when you are carrying around less.


I am in the process of sending my unsued portion of SENSA back, my 30 day trial ends in one week and I have lost weight, but feel it is from the vomitting and diarreah I have suffered from three days after I started useing this product. Hopefully I can stop them before they charge my card

what I eat are going to be a much better fit

I was about to order this today, but I just had a gut feeling that something was up and there had to be a catch!!! Thankful for a site like this here I could follow my instinct and decide not to order Sensa! Exercise and watching what I eat are going to be a much better fit!!! Thank you!!

  No pills or stuff to take

I was going to try this but I was questioning the messing around with my brain. Something about that is so unsettling. I am glad I found this site and NO I am not going to try this. I found a program that deals with body, mind and spirit called the dragons way. No pills or stuff to take. I will let you know how it goes. Starts on Feb 1st.

  Thank you, all, for the info you've provided

Thank you, all, for the info you’ve provided. I was very interested in trying this product as well, but think I’ll hold off a while longer.
For those of you who have ordered by credit card and tried to cancel and are being billed anyway – contact your credit card company directly and let them know what’s going on. They can be very helpful.
Next up, CAPS. In online “netiquette” all caps is considered yelling and for some can be a bit harder to read. Nothing wrong with letting folks know that lower case is preferred (nicely of course). Sometimes it’s the way something is said that deafens us to the accuracy of the message. And sometimes, too, our ‘mood’ doesn’t come across online the way we’d hoped.
Anyway, thanks so much for the info. It’s been very useful. Have a good one, y’all! 🙂

  did not one person lose weight?

Wowowowo read all the comments on Sensa, did not one person lose weight?

  stop the billing

I received my free trial SENSA, how do I stop the billing? Send it back?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Claudia,
We’re confidant that you won’t want to cancel after seeing your results one month into using the product! However, you can call our customer service line at 866-730-3330 and cancel at any time and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.



  Didn't work for me
Kitty (Verified User)

I tried the ‘free’ trial, but could only use the product for a few days. I could taste the crystals, and it made all of my food taste bad. Maybe that is how it works – you don’t want to eat bad tasting food! When I called to return the product, I was told that there shouldn’t be any taste or smell to the product – like there was something wrong with me and not with the product. Obviously, it didn’t work for me.

carolyn bowe

I was going to buy the sensa but after reading the comment,knowway thankyou’


Sensa did not work for me, but if you return the product keep your receipt for 6 months. I returned the product and got receipt confirmation. I maintained my receipt for 60 days and threw it away. The end of December I received a call saying they sent me to collections. This has been a very painful process and I am now keeping all receipts for 6 months. So I am out money for a product that did not work. Lesson learned.

Valerie Hill

If you are thinking about using this product STOP. They will offer you merchandise at no cost to you but when you cancell your memebership they will take money out of your account!! This is NOT a reputable company.


It is obvious that most you people do NOT know what is in most of your food. Carmine is a red dye that is indeed made from the shells of beetles. It is used in lots of food that most of you eat all the time — gelatin, fruit drinks, ice creams, yogurts and candies. I bet that most of you have been eating it for DECADES without knowing. (And by the way, silica is also in a lot of things you wouldn’t suspect too.) So pay attention and stop pretending to be “mock offended” at your food’s ingredients until your diet is composed of whole organic foods. You are eating a lot of things you just aren’t aware of.


Burn more caleries than you eat…


I find it funny how some of you talk about silica in sensa like it’s a big deal but you ignore the Carmine in it, which is ground up beetles in case you didn’t know.


I just researched Carmine and my mouth is still open from surprise. I had no idea a product such as this existed. That is unbelievably gross.


Carmine is used as a food dye in many different products such as juices, ice cream, yogurt, and candy, and as a dye in cosmetic products such as eyeshadow and lipstick

   It works!
Jennifer (Verified User)

I have read so many negative comments on here, I just wanted to post the positive. I lost 41 lbs in the first 6 months using Sensa, and I have been using it a year now and I have lost a total of 58 lbs using nothing but Sensa! I even sprinkled it on my boyfriends food for 2 weeks without him knowing it and watched him lose weight(he was a sceptic, so I wanted to prove him wrong :p ) he is now using Sensa and has lost 28 lbs. I also have ibs and have never experienced any bad side effects from using Sensa. It works!


yes good to hear definatly some positive well i will be giving SENSA a try and i ordered from HSN a very reputable company and HOSTS that are selling it Say right out they work for SENSA so i will give it a whirl stay tuned …


Good to hear some positive

  Total waste of money
lala (Verified User)

It does not work and they don’t accept returns. They convince you to keep the nonworking product. It’s a total waste of money.

  Feel or be sick

This is sucha same I was planning on buying Sensa this weekend to get a jump start on my New Year’s weight loss goals. Now that I have read the comments, I am thinking twice. I don’t want to feel or be sick, yuck.


SENSA used to be called (I think) “Sprinkle Thin,” and it was the same plan, with the 30 day trial. It did nothing for me. If I could stop and sprinkle, then I would be capable of stopping and THINKING about what I was eating. The sprinklng was more a “stop the mouth” ritual than a “fool-the-brain” process. I believe Sprinkle Thin went belly-up, only to appear a few years later as SENSA. I was one of the lucky ones; I got my money back in time. Don’t bother.

  full feeling
Me (Verified User)

I guess if you are looking for that full feeling you might as well drink a glass of water before every meal, eat slowly and you’ll feel full before you finish your plate .. same effect and totally free + 100% healthy! 🙂

  heavier bowel movements
Veronica (Verified User)

I got the trial using a virtual credit card number and closed it as soon as I received the product. I’ve been on the 1st month for about a month and a half because I forget to use it. When I do, I notice that I have heavier bowel movements. When I first started it seemed my appetite increased. I was never consistent and it seems like I gained. I used it last night and had the worst pain in my right arm, I thought it might be a heart attack and took an aspirin. Today I have extreme diahrea and stomach cramping and nausea. I have not had an appetite at all and i’m afraid to eat. I’m drinking water and hoping this passes. I will not use SENSA unless I’m constipated LOL

  Calories taken in and calories burned
Blair Coppage

Ultimately weight loss is about the balance between calories taken in and calories burned. Take the weight you want to be and the activity level that you maintain and calculate the number of calories that you should eat to maintain that weight. Now you have to eat fewer calories than this number…on average…over time to lose weight and achieve your target.

  Do not buy
Tasha (Verified User)

Purchased sensa, just started taking it today now can barley swallow, feels like things are caught in my throat, feel like its hard to breath at times, stomach hurts bad and still have a headache just on day one! Am returning first thing tomorrow. After having triplets was desperate to get the weight off but no i see the best way for me is to work out and eat right, with seeing what the ingredient they use in this stuff is used for it scares me.. Do not buy!!!!!!!

Dahlia (Verified User)

Oh gosh, I’ve convinced my husband and I to tried this product. But thank God I’ve did a little bit more research before I finally hit the confirmation button. Thank you all for the reviews. Whew! I don’t want to waste 90 bucks for every 60 days. That money can help me purchase the p90x workout.

Kathy (Verified User)

It’s important to remember that any drugs, or man made substances has to be processed by your body, especially your liver. Many take a tole on your liver, and without a healthy liver, your body can’t take care of you. Just trying sensa, may or may not make you lose a pound or two, but just add it to one more thing your liver has to fight. Feed your liver healthy natural food that man hasn’t tampered with, and it will take care of you.


I was on the sensa program, for 2 months and used it per the directions every day and lost nothing!!!!!! Do not waste your money.


Omg I just placed an order tonight for the 30 day free trial! I’m so scared to try it now, I’m gonna try to cancel it tomorrow, do you think they will give me a refund? I’m really doubting this product after reading all these reviews!


Goodness, I was very close to pulling out my credit card and I’m glad I didn’t. Aside from the side effects there’s no way that I want to get auto-billed. Just have to stick to eating less and exercising.

Carla (Verified User)

I almost ordered Sensa. I was skeptical and asked Sensa agent some questions about their product. I asked if there was anybody who had side effects from using their product. I also asked how many did not lose weight while Sensa. They avoided answering my questions. I asked several times. Thank all of you for sharing your experiences. Now I know why the sellers of Sensa avoided my questions. Not only have I saved $100 but also I escaped from a lot of pain. Thanks!


If one has HBP..but very much under controled…would you reccommend or not?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Cherri,
We recommend that you consult with your health care professional before starting your journey with Sensa. Best wishes!


I tried Sensa and gained 10 pds. All I wanted to do was eat… Be careful.So for some of us, it does the opposite…

ginger (Verified User)

Just get in the gym. Your body needs good healthy food and exercise. Otherwise you get illnesses. These chemicals are not safe for your body. All you need to lose weight is some discipline and that is free.

JP (Verified User)

Thanks everyone. I have about 50 lbs to lose and you saved me $100. I was ready to buy but thought I’d look at some reviews first. High stress job and I overeat. I need to start sweating I guess.

Anonymous (Verified User)

i use to try everything. i was addicted to ephedra before they took that off the market. i was skinny but unhealthy as i would take about 30 a day. Now i go to the gym everyday.am about 20 pounds heavier then i was when i was taking the ephedra but you know what? i’m all mucsle and i have curves. overall in the past 9 months i have lost 15lbs just from exercise consistantly alone….. exercise is the only way to go. period.


Thanks guys, I was just about to order Sensa. Put my card back in my wallet. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


I am so glad I read these comments. I just watched a half hour commercial about Sensa and was getting ready to order. I will go back to eating less and exercise more. There is no other way to lose weight.


I agree there is no quick fix, you just have to eat right and exercise is very important but I don’t agree with the nursing, it may work for some people but not all, I gained about 20 lbs. with both my children and nursed both of them and never lost any weight when I nursed, actually I put on more weight so I tried different plans but finally went to weight watchers and walked and lost 52lbs. and reached my goal weight. That is the only thing that worked for me


Caveat: breastfeeding isn’t license to eat anything you want! Have to watch fats and sweets but it does burn more calories every day than a 10K!
You will lose weight as long as your aren’t overeating.

  you will regret it..

Stay away from the buffet’,sugar,and excess carbs,smaller portions,and exercise,rapid walking,30 minutes a day for 5 days,drink plenty of water,guaranteed to loose 3 to 5 pounds a week,stay away from putting this toxic garbage in your bodies,you will regret it..


Hi Diane alot of time has past how are you doing now with Sensa I am thinking of ordering it in the next week. Are you pleased with your results?


The SENSA page It’s terrible!! First the “chat” it’s fake!!!!!!! Then I’m trying to cancel my SENSA and the page leave when I make the last click and now I dont have the option to cancel it, just to make me call. Only for the BAD service and online experience I want to cancel it now!!!
And it doesnt work!!! I should read the review first….


Just wondering if you were able to cancle and how you went about it. I ordered the free trial today before reading the comments and now want to cancel. Do I have to wait till i recieve the shipment or can I do it before

Madsha (Verified User)

I was all ready to buy this product, call and hang up.. Than i went to the website and they came up with some offer to give me free with 4.95 S&H. I wanted to research it first, i am so glad i did as i have asthma and i dont need to experience some of these side effects. Thnk you guys for all your comments.

Beverly Hatley

The ingredients in both formulas are identical. Go read your box. There is no difference. They would have been better off just marketing one formula, and having consumers use that on everything. Their marketing and product are misleading, which goes to the quality of the product. They give the impression of two different formulas, but it’s not not. This product is bogus.

linda lee

this is my fifth day ,how should i be feeling can’t tell the difference right now

Victoria (Verified User)

I am 55 and my doctor told me i needs to lose 45 pounds. i weighted 184. i tried everything, what has worked for me, was no sodas and lean cuisine. I only have 10 more pounds to loose.

   It will be very hard
robert (Verified User)

Your best bet is start buring between 200-300 calroies a day ( a good 30 minutes or sweat and short breath.)and cut way back on your sugar intake. It will be very hard im not going to lie to you. My sugar withdraws made quiting smoking (wich ive also done) look easy. The results will keep you going. Buy a scale and weigh yourself every day. It will be hard at first but the more you work at it and the more weight you lose the more motivation you will have. good luck to you.


Try Weight Watchers. It works and its easy cause u can eat anything as long as u stay in ur points so u dont have to ever say no.

  This was a complete surprise!
J (Verified User)

When I was taking SENSA, I ended up with CRAZY DREAMS. Bizarre stuff. I think it was SENSA because it started immediately when I began, and I tested on and off to see if it continued (and it happened consistently with taking SENSA). I am not usually prone to psychosomatic effects, and this was a complete surprise!

I have yet to read anywhere if anyone else experienced this type of thing with SENSA. How about you? Please respond if yes.

  I just ordered a 6month supply last night.
Jenni (Verified User)

I just ordered a 6month supply last night. And i think that it will work for some and not work for others. I think that the reason you are overweight needs to be taken into account. I, for example am over weight because once i start eating i litterally CANT stop until i am stuffed to the max. Yes i know that healthy diet and excersize are the only sure fire ways to lose weight every time. The only problem is that i will eat my “healthy, low calorie meal” and then afterwards eat another, and then end up eating everything in the house. I dont plan on eating “whatever i want” with sensa like the commercial says. I am planning on continuing with trying to eat a healthy diet, and hoping that by using sensa it will help me stick to it by feeling satisfied by what i eat. I dont know if you can lose weight with eating pizza and burgers, and sprinkling on sensa. But i am confident, that by using it as a tool in my healthy eating plan i will obtain the results i desire.

  Not a great product.
Frances (Verified User)

DiaNe, it was not your ONE.
I never have issues with any weight list system. However, this was not the same with the Sensa. I was very excited to have lost 5 lbs. Once I did 7 days …… but all the food on my 2nd day smelled strange. Not that I was surprise due to the nature of the produce and its name… but with it came vomiting and diarrhea. I thought ok I can handle this but it would only happen at 3 am. I thought , this is insane ! There is something wrong with the picture. So I called and sent everything back. Not a great product. So I will be doing what I am used to doing … the elliptical! Glad to hear I east alone.

  This product is not for me.

i have been losing weight but my weightloss had slowed…sensa was suggested to me to pick up the slowing weight loss…after reading this i think that i will pass!
thank you all so much!!

  It works but it have side effects.
Mercedes (Verified User)

I’m 18 and I started Sensa on October 1. I’ve stuck to it pretty well (except forgetting it for 3 or 4 days). And I have lost 9 lbs.
But lately, for the past week I have been feeling ridiculously nauseous.
However! I don’t know if the nausea is related to Sensa or anxiety..
Sensa has worked pretty well for me and its super easy to use/do. So I suggest just giving it a try. And if you start feeling sick or having side effects discontinue using it.

  Not a good product.

i have not tried Sensa, though I have been curious, When I read that Carmine is an ingredient of Sensa, which gives food and makeup products a red color I was disgusted, as Carmine is essentially, Dried, dead Beattles.

  Cheers, 40lbs in 40 days.
Tightwade (Verified User)

If I plug my nose with a clothspin would I achieve the same effect? If my olfactory can’t smell the food I eat then my limited education tells me that I could save money and lose weight? Look, I’m not trying to be a SA just sensible and cheap! Cheers, 40lbs in 40 days.


You need to smell the food .. the clothes pin would prevent that

  I have gained almost 5 pounds while taking sensa.
Brittany (Verified User)

I have been doing sensa for a couple of weeks now, not changed a thing. I burn 900 cals a day/4-5 days a week with my workouts, eat health…still I have gained almost 5 pounds while taking sensa…..hmmm…so I oredered Zumba to get a new workout, see if that works.

  It is not a miracle drug, but it does make me feel fuller faster
cyndilou (Verified User)

I have just finished my first month of Sensa. I’ve lost 1 1/2 lbs. It is not a miracle drug, but it does make me feel fuller faster. I think you should think as it more of an “aid” than a cure. I don’t think I’ll stay on it past the first 2 months, but we’ll see.

  i just ordered this product like 2 days ago.

i just ordered this product like 2 days ago.. i hope i dont get these side affects tht y’all are saying.. im hoping it works.. i will post more as i go.. =)

  Try it may be it works for you.
faith (Verified User)

So it sounds like this is corn sugar, soy and milk powders with an anti-caking agent and red dye – don’t see how any of this “sprinkled on your food” could make any difference other than in your mind

  It works but it have side effects.
LIA3131 (Verified User)

i tried sensa and i must admit i didnt want to eat but the downside it made me very ill i had terrible stomach cramps i just couldnt do it so i sent back for refund it REALLY took my appetite i was IMPRESSED

  I feel so sick. :(
Lori (Verified User)

This Sensa product is ripping my stomach apart. I am only on the end of my first week and its definitely IBS and I feel so sick. 🙁


I was thinking of putting myself and my hubby on Sensa, but he has IBS so that is not happening. Thanks for your comment. Sounds like the people who lose weight on it is due to a plecebo effect.

  How to loss weight?

This is mt first time commenting on anything online or otherwise but i did see that there was alot of people with my problem. Long story short glad i didnt buy sensa., and since losing a 9 year job getting a great new one the losing my mother and my new company firing me because of it i have been on prozac of all things..and have gained a horrible 20 lbs…im going to get it off but the couch has been my friend..maybe we should have a website for us people to get support and new ideas on getting on with our life..ty so much for listening..hope to hear ur opinions..

  I'm tired of all these diet plans.
Prescious (Verified User)

This reply is for Marga above
Just be very very careful though with eating WW and Lean Cuisine frozen entrees. If people would just look at the sodium labels in these frozen entrees, it would blow you away. As much as 900mg of sodium in these frozen entrees and sometimes more. so please be careful you may lose the weight but you may develop high cholesterol and high blood pressure. For me, my diet plan is simply just eating smaller portions mostly fruits, vegetables and protein, every 2 to 3 hours to rev up my metab. And I’ve been excercising 20 to 30 minutes a day aerobics and some light weights. Just started about 3 weeks ago and so far lost 15 pounds. Sometimes just doing your own thing works I’m tired of all these diet plans. Sometimes the best way to lose weight is just a made up mind

  I'll stick to what I know is right.

I want to thank everyone for their insight on Sensa. This had stopped me from making a big mistake in purching this. I got to stop looking for the wonder drug that can give me fast result. There is no such drug out there that yhou can take and feel safe with. I’ll stick to what I know is right.

  Just by adding the EVCO twice a day I have lost 37 lbs.
dott (Verified User)

Hey — MSG makes me itchy.

Instead, I use 1/2 tablespoon
of extra virgin coconut oil with my breakfast and before bedtime. Quenches my sweet cravings just fine PLUS has given me back a definite “I’m full” point when I eat. I also cut out all diet soda, except for about 1 a month (I love diet soda — so that was a difficult cut — but I realized that the diet soda was part of what was keeping me hungry all the time, and all that phosphorus just kills your bones and teeth.)

Just by adding the EVCO twice a day I have lost 37 lbs. in the past year. Not too shabby.


Thanks Dott, I am going to try the EVCO. How did you hear about it? Where can you buy it?

  trying to get my money back within the 30 days.
Debbie (Verified User)

I gained 2 1/2 pounds the first week and am trying like crazy to lose it the second week with out much success. That’s what I get for trying Sensa. It made my food taste good and yes I felt full and stopped eating, but I don’t eat that much anyway. Now Iam having a hard time trying to get my money back within the 30 days.

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Debbie,
Sorry for any inconvenience. You can call our customer service line at 866-730-3330 and cancel at any time and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.

  Do not get involved with SENSA

Do not type in your information on the Sensa website, even if you do not submit the order for the trial – they will harass you via email and phone. They are calling me and hanging up. The Customer Service line is useless, nobody there can assist with removing your information from their call list and all they say is to go on the website and email them. BOGUS! Do not get involved with SENSA, bad business ethics off the bat

  I just started on sensa.
Debbie (Verified User)

I started on Sensa 3 days ago. Boy does it mess with your bowels. I am sticking with it just to check out in a month if I see any wt loss changes. I have been exercising, stretching and watching my “soda pop” intake. did take antiacids and drank alot of water to help with the cramps. forgot to use it one meal. I hope im an exception to the texts above. im trying.

  Don't waste you time on this product.
Donald (Verified User)

Don’t waste your money on this product, I gain weight taking Sensa.

  Don't waste you time on this product.
Customer (Verified User)

Don’t waste you time on this product. I gained weight taking Sensa.

  This products not works for me.
figured it out (Verified User)

ktsue – you have hit the proverbial nail on the head. Many people overeat for emotional reasons; until those are resolved, one will struggle continually with weight issues. Good luck to you; I’m proud of you and your comments. I wish you all the best.

  don't bother buying sensa
joe smith (Verified User)

don’t bother buying sensa

  I am interested in trying this.

well put. that is my issue. someone told me to try seeing a weight loss psychiatrist. maybe that will help u. good to see someone is out there with the same thoughts.

  Don't try any of this crap.

Don’t try any of this crap. Read the book by Dr. Michael Aziz the perfect 10 diet book. It is about how your hormones in ones body work concerning real and fake foods. I have been following his plan going on 4 1/2 months and have lost 45 pounds aint no lies!! and feel fine no craving no midnight munchies.SAVE YOUR MONEY DON’T BUY THIS CRAP READ THE BOOK. once you get rid of all the crappy foods in your body you will start to eat real healthy foods and lose the cravings for all the junk crap!!

  Pectin is cheaper than Sensa.

all you need to do is go to an organic foods store and buy a product called pectin. about ten minutes before you eat take a spoonful and eat it and chase it with a glass of water. the pectin will expand and make you feel full so you will eat less. i have been using this for years and it is very effective when my appetites get out of control. and its much cheaper than sensa.

joe smith

eat real fool and not all that fake processed junk out there

  Does Sensa cause insomnia
lil seymour

Does Sensa cause insomnia

  Has this product been tested on persons who have had kidney transplant?
Sharon Razor

Has this product been tested on persons who have had kidney transplant?

Victoria (Editor)

HI Sharon,
We recommend that you speak to your health care professional before trying Sensa. Best of wishes.

  Product is not for me.

Wow – thanks for all the comments everyone….guess I’ll just move on….1 glass of water before meals…more walking…smaller portions….sigh…….



According to my latest cosmo, doctors have found that drinking 2 glasses of water 10 minutes before each meal will help you drop pounds. And, if you get bored with plain water drops some orange or lemon slice or some frozen berries into a pitcher of water and let sit for an hour. OR try adding mint leaves and lime to seltzer to make it like a virgin mojito will work too. Basically, you can have a little fun with your water and have it take up room in your stomach so you eat less during your meal but feel fuller. Simply doing this, can add 5 to 10 lost pounds every 3 months. I did this and added a 15 minute walk 3 times a week, when I made a major move and I lost 20 pounds in a 2 months…it’s amazing how quickly the weight comes off when you have the motivation to lose it!

Betty Evans

You know the old saying if it sounds to good to be true it probably isn’t true? I have lsot 38 LB’s in 6 months & i am a third of the way to goal, I have been extremely overweight for over 20 years, & the only thing that has helped me to lose the weight is a sensible balanced food plan. Sure it takes some work on my part it took a long time to get this big,& I expect it to take some time to get rid of it. I am now in a 1x instead of a 4x if that don’t get you engin cranking again don’t know what to say. Good luck to everyone.


I am SO Proud of you Betty, keep up the good work. It is a great feeling when you get into a size that that makes you feel and look good! I recently lost 38 pounds myself but am now having a real difficult time losing more which is what I want.

  Foolish move!

I just signed up for the introduction offer. Then I did the research! Foolish move! I’ll give it a try for 2 months. Does anyone know if it is difficult to back out of the program??

  Sensa is not for me.

Thanks for the feedback on Sensa. I was going to try it but as I have read through all the feedback its clear to lose weight there is no easy solution. Mind over matter and I don’t want something that controls what my mind tells me. What else will it do long term they can’t tell you that. Look at phen phen what it has cost alot of people

  feel completely satisfied after I eat.
Jill (Verified User)

I’ve got IBS… On day 3 with no problems. I do feel like it helps me eat less. I’m not snacking as much and feel completely satisfied after I eat. Will keep you posted.

  Dont waste your money on these programs.

Free way to get the same effect?? Drink a full glass of water before you eat a meal.. Has the same effect of making you feel fuller so youll eat less.. Dont waste your money on these programs, they dont work! Stick with weight watchers and exercise.. Weight watchers lets you waht you love too! Be smart about this

  I'll order after viewing a right feedback.

Thanks so much for the feedback!! I was ready to order until i got real feedback!!

  Sensa has effected my health.
ed starr (Verified User)

I lost 17 lbs the first month, however I was sick all the time, I could not keep using it. I was sick, looked horrible , and felted worst, darn near blew out my colon. It was not worth the side effects. It also took me a full month for my body to recover from it, I had to go to the doctor as my stomach was in bad shape. Just watch the calories, it does the same.

  Dont' waste your money on it.

Dont’ waste your money. Read Dr. Michael Aziz from new york the perfect 10 diet you will get the picture on how you body responds to real healthy food compared to all the fake and processed crap around

  The product isn't for me.

Thank you all for the insight! I woke up and watched the infomercial and was convinced to buy…called the 800 number and tried doing the automated system but something was wrong and I lost connection TWICE.
So I decided to try ordering off ShopNBC.com. Got on the computer and looked it up but just as I was about to get out my credit card, something told me I should do more research before I impulse buy.
That search led me here! I saved my money and got some inspiration to try the old fashioned way once more. THANKS AGAIN!

  I'm sending it back.
Cindy (Verified User)

I just got my order today, read the information, and then searched the internet for a blog. This is the site with the most information. Frankly, now I’m afraid to try it, so I’m sending it back. There just aren’t enough positive statements to warrant a possible allergic reaction. Thanks everybody.

  I am sensitive to Sensa
Joanne (Verified User)

I am doing Weight Watchers, and I have lost 16 lbs. The reason I started taking Sensa, because some days I craved for more foods even though I had eaten all that was required for those days. On the first day immediately I felt full before I finished my meal, second day was the same and man I was excited, but what bothered me was this weird feeling in my stomach, I became constipated, my nose was feeling stuffy, and I started having anxiety attacks after years not having them. I was thinking maybe I am having these attacks again because I am nervous about taking Sensa. I went on the community board on the Sensa web page for users of Sensa and clicked on side affects from taking Sensa. Amazing what I saw and didn’t see. Some one wrote in that they were allergic to suralose which Splenda is made from. The Sensa team member wrote back to her that suralose was in Sensa. I googled suralose and to my amazement, the side effects of suralose is depression, headaches, anxiety, gas, rashes, and other symptoms that I don’t remember at this time. All the ingredients aren’t listed, which isn’t right because like myself I had such a reaction to this product. And I was doubting what I was feeling. The answers that were given to those that wrote in about their symptoms like they developed, headaches, gas, rashes, was to drink more water, and cut back the Sensa for two weeks to see if things got better. Well, I called them and let them know that I was allergic to the suralose in Sensa, they didn’t deny that Suralose was in it. I told them I wanted to return it. They did give me the RMA number to put on the outside of my box, (without that number you won’t get a refund) and they did refund my money. Well it did curb my appetite no problem, but I didn’t have the joy of eating without getting full so fast, and those side effects I listed.
Unfortunately, I am sensitive to Sensa. There are people who does very well on it and to each its own, I will continue what I have been doing and lose my weight through Weight Watchers.


Where is the address to return the product after you got the RMA number?


You have to have the customer services rep giv eyou the address when you get your RMA number.

  I've ordered but still not delivered.
Crystal (Verified User)

Who knows the right way to send the stuff back and stop the charges. I paid the $159.90 up front. 8/19/10 I was notified it was being shipped. Wish I would have read everyone comments first.

  Sensa is too expensive

Found Sensa on the ShopNBC website, which lists the ingredients (BTW, could not find carmine listed as an ingredient there, but it is here). I think this product is hugely overpriced condidering the ingredients. Tricalcium phosphate can be purchased as a nutritional supplement for $6.48/pound. You can buy maltodextrin from a supplement store or a beer-maker’s supply store; I found it at one supplier for $2.95/lb. Carmine – if it is an ingredient – is a red dye made from crushed up beetles and can be found in yogurt, fruit juice, and some brands of food coloring. Silica – which is listed as an ingredient on other websites, can be bought in tablets at supplement stores – $8.11 for 200 tablets. Other ingredients are milk and soy. Finally, there are “natural and artificial flavorings” (and I thought this product was supposed to be natural).
So, if you buy the six month supply of Sensa (12/.70 oz shakers), you’re paying $235 for about 8.5 ounces of these ingredients. I suppose something might be said for the cost of the research, but still, I would not pay so much for something made of relatively cheap, readily available ingredients. Besides, I’m wondering how one knows how much of the “Tastants” to sprinkle on a particular plate of food — how do you make sure your supply lasts for a full 30 days?

  Weight Loss with aerobics

Thanks for letting nme know about Sensa before I ordered it.The only way to really lose the weight is exercising and eating right. I lost 45 pounds last year doing swimming aerobics and cutting back on foods.Eating less and drinking lots of water and swimming aerobics really works.I have managed to keep the weight off.But losing weight quickly and starving yourself you will gain that weight back double.I lost 30 pounds a couple of years ago in 3 weeks cause I wasn’t eating after getting my tonsils out and when my throat got better I started eating salads and in 1 week I had gained 60 pounds.SWo not eating is not the way to lose weight but just eat right and not so much will work and swimming aerobics is a great workout and fun.

  Not satisfied from this product
Upset (Verified User)

Doesn’t work at all. If you call a day late on your trial they charge you over $100. They give a 30 day trial and send 2 months work but if you don’t call in before hand you pay for 2 months!!!!

  Read Dr Joel Fuhrman's book eating and fasting for health.
Bo Feedermyster

Read Dr Joel Fuhrman’s book eating and fasting for health if you really want to change your life and health.

  Not interested in this product anymore.

All I can say is thanks to all of you.I saw the ad for Sensa last weekend and I was dead set on trying it.I wanted to lose about 30 pounds and it seemed that this product was heaven sent.Thanks to you guys I saved myself a lot of problems and a lot of money. I live on the island of Trinidad and the exchange rate is 6 of our dollars =1 of yours.
Thanks again guys.

  buy me that Gold's Gym treadmill
Kari (Verified User)

I’m with Carissa. Four months of Sensa will buy me that Gold’s Gym treadmill from Wal-Mart, and THAT will be useful in managing my restless leg! =)

  Don't buy it

that was a smart idea you had,thanks for the info because of that my mind is set not to buy it.

  didn’t like it at all

thanks for the heads up ,i was going to try it but after i read everything that was said i feel a little bit foolish for hoping for some kind of miracle cure but i am happy to save my money tho.

bethany (Verified User)

I just got my sensa in the mail. Although it’s hard to remember to put it on your food before you eat it. which is a main concern for me. I think the product is a waist of time and money. Because i did try it on my food. I didnt feel full and i went back and got a seceond plate. I am feed up with all these comersials that promice you the world and dont give you a chair to sit down in. DONT TRY IT, IT DOESNT WORK.

  I am so happy about Sensa
Anonymous (Verified User)

I am so happy for this website i didnt know he product contained corn or milk or soy products. they should say. that can be so deadly.

  Didn’t like it at all
betty (Verified User)

Using the product during 1st month was ok. It is hard to remember to use it when you eat. After about 2 weeks, I noticed discomfort in my stomach. I was feeling nauseaous. I am returning the product to ShopNBC for my refund. Weight loss? It is hard to determine: I was fitted with a new upper denture…Don’t know if it was food I couldn’t chew or Sensa…

  It seems like this product is worthless
carissa (Verified User)

It seems like this product is worthless. For the price of this, we might as well buy a treadmill and walk the weight off. There are no excuses.

  Thank you so much

Thank you so much

  I got the stuff and start

I got the stuff and took it the first 3 days…nothing..Then on day 4 I started getting very full after I ate. I am on day 8 now and I swear after I eat something, I have no desire for food. I called and they prolonged my trial period another tow weeks…what do I have to lose..I can start month 2 and see what happens. I am at the beginning of a huge diet and if I can get 2 or 3 weeks of a fullness feeling..its worth the $90.
I shall see how this works. By the way if any of you professional dieters ever too phentermine, I believe thus far the feeling is the same..except phentermine speeded me up. But the fullness feeling is identical. The problem for me with phentermine was after several days the effect was not there.
So we shall see. I will monitor this site and answer questions. I looked at this site to see if anyone is experienceing this almost bloated feeling of non hunger. If you have, I;d like to hear about it


Where did you get your phentermine

  You saved me too!

You saved me too! I was about to order it.

   it's a choice and you have to make

There is only one way, it’s a choice and you have to make it. My whole life has been a strugle and two years ago I made a choice to get off my butt and start a workout plan. You don’t need gym memberships there are many things one can do without expensive equipment-research online ie: The Biggest Loser website (good info). I am 42 and now I’m healthy and it’s all from focusing and making the choice of wanting it and not “oh, poor me”. Make the choice and do it the right way!


Might be effective, but it will wreak havoc with your credit rating. Instead, just call your credit card customer service and ask them to deny future payments to the company.

  This product works for me...
susan (Verified User)

weight loss & anti-depressants:
I’ve been on Wellbutrin for years: it does cause weight loss for the first few months, a great motivator — it “kicked” me into losing and I’ve been able to maintain . . . lifting the depression helped, too: or was it the other way around? 😉

  Product just wasn’t for me
Rebecca (Verified User)

On Sensa for 2 days. I have noticed a more full feeling and so I’ve been eating less. Because you sprinkle sensa on everything, I’m way more aware of what I’m eating thus making what I eat count. Like a virtual food diary without having to write it down. Though I have had a all day headache, don’t know if it’s a related side effect.


Rebecca, I had the same problem. I tested it by just eating a small amount by itself. 15 min later I felt pressure but no pain.

  Lost 5 pounds since it curbed my appetite.
Patti (Verified User)

I always eat healthy and excercise moderately, but had problems with weight. Did SENSA month 1. Lost 5 pounds since it curbed my appetite. And yes, I could have still eaten through the feeling of “fullness”, but I didn’t. Ordered month 2 through Amazon and paid a lot less. Had no side effects and I do not make any money off of SENSA, but need to lose 30 pounds. Will post results again next month.

  I lost 5 pounds in one month
Patti (Verified User)

I just completed SENSA month 1. Lost five pounds the first two weeks but none the second two weeks. I guess the effect wore off. Still happy with the five pounds, though and ordered month two. Will report back after a month. Had no side effects.

  Resaurant card is not being sold by Sensa

The resaurant card is not something being sold by Sensa, it is being sold by the company that is taking the calls for the orders for Sensa. I used to work for one of those companies, so that’s how I know.

  I recommend against Sensa
Lavern (Verified User)

I have IBS, but didn’t realize this is a counterindication for using Sensa, until after I sent for the trial package.

I also did know that they automatically send you the rest of the months supplies without ordering them. They have a 30 day return policy, which I missed, so even though I didn’t order them, didn’t open them & didn’t want them, because I missed the 30 day window (I was having a lot of family emergencies & didn’t follow-up the way I should have) I couldn’t get a refund.

I recommend against Sensa, as much for financial reasons, as the stomach problems.

  I lost 13 pound in 3 weeks.
Shy (Verified User)

i was 315 lbs and ive been working out and eating frequent small meals i now down to 302 and its been three weeks today i was thinking about sensa but after reading the reviews ill stick to what iam doing working out and eating betterthis is the safest way!!!!

  How bad were your ibs symptom?

How bad were your ibs symptom?s1 being ok 10 being the worst

  I have lost 7 lbs in two weeks
Sandra D (Verified User)

I am 60 yrs old – 4’8″ – 170 lbs – arthritis in both knees – exercising is not possible – so I went to a salad plate for all meals and found small bowls – take an herbal – Thyro-max Support 2X day. Gives me more energy (less idle time) and that same full feeling. Have lost 7 lbs in two weeks – eat what I like – just less of. No cravings – no wishing – no gym. If eating out – just eat 1/2 – take other 1/2 home to eat next meal. Losing / maintaining weight is a lifelong experience or you will just gain it back again – take it from an old lady who has tried an oodle of fad diets and miracle pills. GUM works wonders !! Just don’t give up – each person is different and keep trying until you find what works for you. Calories intake vs the calories used. The more you eat the more you will have to do something to wear off those calories. Good luck to you all – you can do it – but like any addiction – 1st you have to admit you have a problem and then do something about it. If you eat b/c you are bored or stress – find a hobby to keep your hands and mind busy. Tomorrow is the first day of your life – Good day to start your new “diet” (eating plan)

  I was thinking about ordering this product

Thank you Linda, I was thinking about ordering this product, but not after I read your comment. THANKS from another Linda!!


Good luck to all of you who are trying it. But, thank you for your comments. I had my card ready and was set to order. Now I almost feel guilty (again) and a little sheepish. OK. I’ll try to get that motivation machine going. But, guys! A few more minutes under the covers in the am is soooo much nicer in the am then time on the treadmill, it seemed so much easier to shake a few crystals in exchange for a cute derrier again. Thanks for popping my bubble! LOL

Dennis Davis

I read comments too I was saved also cause I used my visa card but its a prepaid card you can go to a GNC store and buy the same sensa they told me when They salled me this morning saved again whatever you see on tv look it up on the internet thats what I<m going to do from now on lol saved by the prepaid lol have a nice day

  Buy some cornstarch and sprinkle on your food

just go buy some cornstarch and sprinkle on your food

Ed Boyd

That’s funny but if you look at the ingredients, it’s not that far off!

  Thank you guys. It's a good Product.
alberto (Verified User)

Thank you guys. It’s a good thing I googled this Sensa and found this site. I was closed to enrolling. You guys saved me a hundred bucks.

Again, thank you very much all.

anonymous too

This is the first site that I have heard anything negative about Sensa. I started it yesterday and I feel great! I do plan to watch what I eat and include execise. At least, if I get a craving I won’t over do it.


Me too! Glad I read this fisrt.


Scared of this stuff after reading all those reviews. Not worth

K Boston

I have to agree. I was seriously looking at this for weight lost. So glad that I found this site, saved me a lot of money!


Thank you. You saved me money and saved my stomach alot of discomfort!!!!


always read the reviews thank you

  I almost enrolled in the program.
Abdullatif musleh

Thanks a million. I almost enrolled in the program.


THANKS – Realy do appreciate the feed back , have gotten hung up in the credit card rap & an they stil work it so they can get 2 payments before you get them stoped.

  I got my money back.
catlady (Verified User)

try emailing them and telling them you will contact your state’s attorney’s office—I did and got my money back.

  Eat less, move more. Its not rocket science.

Eat less, move more. Its not rocket science. I have lost 110 lbs in the past 4 years or so. I am now 140 lbs. It is hard, but if you want it bad enough anyone can do it.

  Was glad that I read this!

Was glad that I read this! I am overweight, but that is most likely due to the fact that Im addicted to Pepsi, drink about 100 ounces a day of Pepsi, I have tried diet soda’s but have heard that diet soda’s are worse for you then Regular due to the process. What Im real glad that I found out about this product is that after 30 days your account is charged $90, now one way around this (Hope its legal) would be to go to AAA or a local store and get a $25 gift card and see if it accepts it. (Since they may be trying to charge the $99 to see if there is enough money in the account-which is wrong IMO) Now back to watching my favorite tv show- Ghost Hunters!

  ONLY real way to get the body you want is to eat decent food

I’m a personal trainer who actually was fat. (Since many never were and are just genetically blessed). I tried all the diets, pills, starving. Did it all, Unfortunately the ONLY real way to get the body you want is to eat decent food *not sprinkle crystals on mcd’s* and exercise. Trust me, find a group of friends and walk together and don’t let each other flake out and cheat. Loosing weight is the HARDEST thing people can do, but its worth it to do it the right way and not cheat. you’ll appreciate the results

  didn’t like it at all
dee2 (Verified User)

Well, Brian’s been with me for every single meal & he’s lost 10 lbs & I’ve lost nada.
Doesn’t irritate my stomach, doesn’t do anything. My health coach said it’s milk sugar & silica & doubted it would work, but said “Hey, at least its good for your bones.”

So once again I’m eating healthy (always have) but this menopausal woman is no better off than I was 2 months ago when we started with Sensa.

  I'm returning after 5 day due to side effects
Barbon (Verified User)

I’m returning after 5 days–
I lost about 1 1/2 pounds
but expeniencing worsening

  I am completely talked out of buying this product

Thanks everyone for the great comments, I am completely talked out of buying this product. Not really in my price range anyways. I will have to try the water thing, sounds like it works.

Once again thank you everyone for the very convincing comments.

  ive been taking this and lost 1 pound
melissa haddock (Verified User)

ive been taking this for 4 days and ive lost only 1 pound does this mean its working.

  Many people won't have any weight loss using sensa

Many people won’t have any weight loss using sensa as it is only for people with a specific problem. It is for people who do not feel satisfied or satiated after eating because of a chemical ‘uptake’ problem. It is somewhat like not being able to shut off a light switch, Sensa flips that switch which says that you are satisfied. People who simply have slow metabolisms or just don’t exercise/ eat healthy will most likely see no results. There are so many different types of weight gain and there are an equal amount of ways to lose weight. I personally have a thyroid problem but also have a problem with cravings (since no matter what I ate it just didn’t seem enough or quite what I wanted) so Sensa did help with my over eating as it counteracted that specific problem. I encourage you to try and find the actual root of your weight problems as there is usually a countermeasure.


I too have the same problems with not being able to shut off my cravings or being able to narrow them down until I’ve eaten everything in site. As frustrating as this is I have just started drinking a whole lot of water (I mean a whole lot) until I feel almost ill. Then I won’t eat

  Isn't TCP the stuff used to strip varnish
onyx (Verified User)

Isn’t TCP the stuff used to strip varnish and heavy grease/grime off kitchen cabinets, etc.? If so, should it be eaten?

  Do you put sensa or add salt or sugar

do you put sensa on and add salt or sugar or just sensa

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Preacher,
You can add whatever condiments you decide to eat your meal with along with Sensa but keep in mind that the more condiments that are added, the more calories are added to the food.

  I actually DON'T like Sensa
Jessica (Verified User)

I actually DON’T like Sensa. I have no idea if it actually works, since I didn’t use it, and sent it back (I started going to the gym and eating healthier). Suddenly, two months later, $89.95 is withdrawn from my account with NO NOTICE, subsequently bouncing my bank account. AND it was virtually impossible to get ahold of customer service… I will also mention that I sent it back WELL within the 30 day period. So there was no issue of “not reading the fine print”.

  Just sprinkle psyllium husk powder on your food
kim (Verified User)

Save some money, just sprinkle psyllium husk powder on your food and drink a huge glass of water afterwards.


Actually, that would be a healthy alternative. Metamucil has a product that you can add to your food and drinks (not sodas) that has no taste. I tried it and it doesn’t have any taste. The fiber is good for you too and fiber is suppose to make you feel full.

  sell it on ebay, If cannot get money back,

Those of you that cannot get your money back, should sell it on ebay. You will be surprised at what people will buy.

Anonymous (Verified User)



So glad I read all about this. I was so close to ordering after seeing it on Shop NBC today. I think this changed my mind real fast! Thanks everyone!

  I should just write refused
Little school

In a weak moment, I ordered and expect it to arrive today or tomorrow. Did I read correctly I should just write refused? What if I returned it and insured it for the $89.95. Advice please.

  The list of ingredients contains Carmine. Yuk

The list of ingredients contains Carmine. Yuk, who wants to eat Carmine? I do hope everyone knows that Carmine is made from crushed beetles to get their red color. Possibly the reason for upset stomachs/bowels…personally, I would NOT take this product or try it even once! You can get all of the other ingredients in Sensa elsewhere (maltodextrin–carnation malted milk?) and mix ’em yourself if you wanna…


Very interesting comment. You are right, bettles… I knew I had seen the maltodextrin somewhere. Thanks for the info.

  Hated the product through review.

Thanks everyone for your comments! This has helped me! I was eriously considering trying Sensa…now? NO way! I’ll stick to exericising! Good luck to everyone!

  Hated the product
Ruth (Verified User)

I am only on day two and have extreme headaches, going to send it back hope they give me a refund

  Hated the product



I got Sensa thru GNC. I tried it for a week and found that I am still as hungry as ever. I know I can get my money back at GNC. I’m a stress eater too, and the only way something is going to control my appetite is if I deal with it, not some “miricle drug” And by the way, a government patient is no big deal. Anybody can get a patient on anything. Whether it’s good or bad. AM I EVER GOIMG TO LEARN!!!


I think it’s funny that all of the so-called diet plans say something like “this works in conjunction with exercise and sensible meals”. Well, duh! If we exercise and eat sensibly we’d be fine!

  Going to try it.

Thank you for all of your comments. I think I will try yoga in the morning and use a smaller plate.


Thanks for all the info. I was gonna try Sensa but I think I will stay away at this point.

  Asking about ingredients.
Frances Gargano

What about silica, isn’t that the stuff that preserves our shoes? I have read there is crushed glass in that ingredient, Please advise before I take this product.

  Hated the product
inpain (Verified User)

I would just like to say that I just recently received my sensa trial pack in the mail and tried it for 4 days without missing a sprinkle. I developed a rash on my entire body and my breathing has become difficult and my stomach is hurting extremly bad I have had a headache for days know and I have been to the emergency room 2 times aready this week 4/21/10 and I have another appointment on friday for more chest x-rays because of my breathing its like my throat is closed. So I would not recommend this product to anyone The main ingredient in the product is not even safe to eat it is accually used to treat wounds. If anyone would like to talk they can give me a call at (828) 557-8157 thank you I am in extreme pain


Note to all re: breathing problems and rash. This is an example of the body having a severe allergic reatuon, perhaps from the Carmine, due to insect parts or detritus. Insects, are, in general, filthy. I recently had an allergic reaction severe enought to go to the emergency room, probably from insect bites. Everyone needs to keep benedryl at home and in the car. Had I not had benedryl, I am sure I would have died. Tight chest, wheezing, difficulty breathing and hives/rash can indicate you are going into anaphalectic shock (please excuse me if I messed up that spelling). You can die in a few mins. From this shock. I am a beekeeper and my husband is a medic and ems. Trust me, these symptoms described by the people on these comments prove this drug is not safe. It’s “voodoo” drugs. Thanks for the opportunity to comment.

Just started Sensa

I just got it to from shopNBC too and am not worried about sending it back. No sign of headache or stomach problems. I will give it the time to see if that happens if so I will return it. This is the best way to order instead of on line. Here there are not questions asked. Just return for a full refund and shipping


Hello! I saw the video tonight for Sensa and after reading this blog I am so very glad not to try this product. I am so sorry to read that so many of you are sick from trying this product. Could someone please email me at my at… keepenthefaith2006@yahoo.com and give me info on Welbutin. I have been on alot of antidepressants for depression/panic attacks and my doctor says that I could possibly lose weight on Welbutin. I noticed reading that someone had been on this med and had good results from not gaining weight. Thank you! God Bless You All.

  Hated the product
shayla (Verified User)

i would not trust this “diet” plan that sounds like its from the twightlight zone. it obvously has ingredients that mess with your brain and probly most of your digestive areas. watch in a few months it will turn out that it gives you some weird medical problems or something, and if you lose the weight its almost garenteed to come back, so i would rather just stick to the old fashioned exersize and healthy foods. and the media say americans are lazy and fat well this is why!!


These ingredients are entirely natural-not “out of the twilight zone”. Maltodextrin is a polysaccharride (sugar), carmine is a red food coloring, and milk and soy are self-explanatory. That being said, there’s no scientific basis for why it should trick your brain into feeling full, because these ingredients can be found in regular foods. Save your money!


LOL ya!!! It totally reminds me of the Twilight Zone! The one where the “water” keeps you young and then when you stop drinking it you get hella old. LOL




Sorry it is not really a question of being lazy but simply over nutrified ,by super raffined food which are more fatening than traditionnal food , so refering them as Lazy is asad way out.

  Hated the product from reviews.

I am glab I read these stories BEFORE I ordered this product..I also have IBS, and I sure do not need anything else to upset my stomach…I guess the only thing I would have lost would be $100.00!!!


I agree, I was wanting to try this so bad, but everything I eat makes me sick. Nothing is worth making it worse!

  Decided to return, hope to money back.
Janet L

I don’t know what I was thinking, but I ordered this while watching an infomercial on shopNBC. I came to my senses two days later. I just received a notice that my order has been shipped. I decided that I do not want it after all. I hope they will refund my money, easy. Beside the fact, I should not be charging anything on my credit card, I realize that it can be harmful to health. I am not going to try it, and I hope they only have me pay for S&H, and take off my credit card.

  Getting the money back.
Betty (Verified User)

I tried it a few months ago and
swelled up like a toad. Had no trouble
getting my money back

  No result in 2 week.
Sandy (Verified User)

Good for you I am 2 weeks in and nothing. I will try to stick it out. I saw a guy in Vegas with Sensa and he was on his second month no results.


diana-what does IBS mean? tomorrow will make my 1st wk so i’ll see if i lost or gained. it does make me full faster i must say.


Silica is also what is found in such things as Metamucil and other fiber supplements.


Silica in the powder is a material in powder form that absorbs water well. Maybe you feel full because when you eat foods with that powder on it, it absorbs more liquid when in your stomach from the foods you eat, causing you to feel more full.


IBS= irritable bowel syndrome


IBS = Irritable Bowel Syndrome. You do NOT want it!

  Loved the product
Lori (Verified User)

Tried the Sensa…. Had the result of violent reaction coupled with weight gain. A. currently on the Dillard Diet Deminsion. Great program. First week is hard because of the loss of so much of your normal food intake, but after that you add back to your personal threshold….plus it is doctor regulated and it works. 1 month in and 20 lbs gone, plus I am eating full meals that I can live with for the rest of my life. It is re training my eating habits for a healthy life style instead of giving me short term results.

  Suggesting natural workout.
james beyer (Verified User)



I too agree and know this to be personally true. Thanks for the advice.


James I totally agree with you. However, I also agree with Richard who commented on all caps: whether it’s rude or not it is hard to read. Please make sure you type on the lower case 🙂

  How it works to loose weight?

My question is, how does maltodextrin: Maltodextrin is a polysaccharide that is used as a food additive. It is produced from starch by partial hydrolysis and is usually found as a creamy-white hygroscopic spraydried powder. Maltodextrin is easily digestible, being absorbed as rapidly as glucose, and might be either moderately sweet or almost flavorless. It is commonly used for the production of natural sodas,
AND Tricalcium Phosphate, which is used as an anti-caking agent in spices, in porcelain and dental powders, as a calcium supplement, and in some antacid formulas, combined with SILICA: common additive in the production of foods, where it is used primarily as a flow agent in powdered foods, or to absorb water in hygroscopic applications.

How does this make you lose weight by giving the sensation of being fuller sooner? It almost sounds like the power of suggestion. I’m glad that it works for some people, however, I’ve not found anywhere other than the Sensa website that can tell me how this odd combination can make you lose weight. If that is the case, we could tale our favorite seasoning with anti-caking agents, grind up a calcium tablet or antacid tablet and find some silica and we’ve made our own weight loss sprinkles.

As you can tell I’m a skeptic through and through. If something sounds too good to be true….it usually is.

And please, no one take offense. I’m just curious and if it has worked for you…congratulations. I need to lose weight and due to seroquel I have gained 50 lbs in the past 2 years. I’m currently off it and have lost 5 lbs this week. I was just bored and looking around the web to see what kind of weight loss things were available.


I would just like to add that the Maltodextrin is used to treat wounds so how can that help you if you are not supposed to eating that also silica is used as a preservative used to keep things fresh and its always labeled do not eat.

  No result with 3. 1&2 was better.
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I lost 14 pounds on 1 and 2. When I got to 3 nothing happened Just stayed at 14 lbs for about 2 weeks. Am I doing something wrong. I eat probably less than before

  Can take it with seizures?
Mark Haley

I had a brain tumor many years ago and it left me with seizures. I only have them once or twice a week and they are the most petite mall seizures one can get. Can you send me the info or what’s in it so I can take it to my doctor and find out if I’m okay to use it. Thank you, Mark Haley

  Thanks to Linda
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Thank you so much Linda. I am really lol because that what you said, I was thinking.


To Lil’Red – Refuse delivery when it comes – you will have no problem; just give it back to the delivery person or company w/out opening.

  Fetching side effects.
Lynette (Verified User)

Tried Sensa for a week…began getting horrible stomache pain, nausea, diarrea… I was looking to see if anyone else head similar side effects.


I found Sensa to work….but after using it for a few eeks…I had such burning in my bottom…I could barely sleep……I’m sending it back.


I too have been using Sensa since last Tue. On Friday night I started with the stomach cramps. By Sunday night I was in servere pain. Missed work todat and went to my GYN thought I was having femail problems. After some test they found and told me to see my primary care doctor. My stomach is tender to the touch and ache constantly. I am returning it.


The ingredient list contains carmine, which is made from carminic acid. They get this by boiling down insects. MANY people are allergic to the carmine, which is often used as a coloring. People who are experiencing symptoms or side effects are most likely reacting to this ingredient.


I did not have any stomach pain but the inside of my mouth had a terrible rash and did not loose any weight also had extreme thirst!!would not advise anyone to try this product..

  Afraid to leave the product.

I am midway through Month 2…and while I haven’t weighed myself (unable to face the number) I am able to wear ALL my pants now…not just the biggest pairs. I have been using it on a lot of Lean Cuisines and WW meals. If I use the Sensa the entrees are enough. If I don’t I am always looking for more food…so in that regard I find them to work. Recently I forgot my ‘tastants’ for a day and I found myself VERY hungry..so while I think they have an affect..once I don’t use them I am afraid I will be back to my old eating habits.


To Everyone writing in, I am so desperant to lose weight-I am on my 1st Month of of Sensa started 10-4-2010. I go to the gym 3x a wk an I joined Weight Watchers Sept. 23,2010. at Nighttime after dinner i am not feeling i need a snack as often as i used too..I have only lose one pound..I have a Hyperthyroid problem and i am on med’d for slowing the thyroid down…But i am doing the best i can and not gona let losing only one pd this month get me down. Because if i do, i will gain that one pd. back and many more. I just have to Try harder i guessI will start my Sensa Month 2 Nov.2010–and see what happens..I also buy Lean Cuisine and add side Veggies…like cukes, tomatoes, baby carrots. If this does not work this month.I will do Atkins for 1 week that will give me the jump start I need.


It’s best for your body if you stick with one weightloss plan for a few months. Drink lots of water, exercise (i.e., walk), and don’t eat after 8 pm. NOW IF I COULD JUST DO THE THINGS I’VE TOLD YOU TO DO!!

Lorrie B.T

Hi Dorsey,
One thing I do know, All the frozen lean or low cal frozen dinners and such are for the most part laden with sodium. That in turn holds water witch keeps the numbers on the scale from changing as much as you expect or want. I would think you need to drink a lot more water to wash out all the sodium to get an accurate reading. Maybe cut back on all the frozen pre-made dinners and start preparing fresh at home and use the frozen once in a while for a change of pace.

Faye Johnson

A study has shown that frozen fruits and veggies are your best buy if having to get to the store for fresh doesn’t work for you. Even the ones with higher sugar help because of the natural fiber. I have friends who hate water and I turned them on to Powerade Zero, which has changed my life. It also contains electrolytes critical to brain function. As for snacks, I carry almonds and walnuts in the little snack size ziplocks. I eat a fiber rich cereal that is rich in protein, and eat an egg about 3 times a week, and eat avocados and black beans for lunch some days for good fat and fiber. A diet high in proteins, natural fibers and vitamins with some whole grains is so easy. I make a great low carb salmon patty recipe at least once a week and get plenty of omega 3 there, plus supplement. One of the biggest help was taking lots more vitamin D and a liquid B Complex. I lost my youngest son in 2004, do I still grieve? Absolutely yes…but I immerse myself in life and giving of myself to others….do this and not only will you have less time to grieve, you will be living for both of you. Lastly, to those checking spelling, grammar and typing. If that is all you have to do, weight loss is by far the least of your problems. Get a real life, do something really worthwhile.


Dorsey, after 40 years of trying every diet plan out there I finally found the problem. I dropped all gluten from my diet and have lost 35 lbs in about 6 months. Found that if I also stopped eating anything with corn in it, the weight came off faster. I’m not worried about how fast I’m losing, I just thankful it’s coming off and staying off. Best of luck and don’t give up. You might also want to check into Dr. Shoemaker’s “no amylose” diet. It’s also a winner!!


Try the Paleo diet, it worked for me and I have thyroid disease. Sensa didn’t work for me at all and was a big waste of time and money.


Careful Careful Careful you are on way too many weight loss plans! FYI I did Atkins and lost a ton of hair.


I agree send Sensa back I have a suggestion I Lost 45 Lbs in 7 weeks i was very strick with this all i did was cut out my dairy only used FRESH veggies nothing with added salt at all NO BREAD be careful with tomatoes they are high in nat.sugar Grapes are very high in sugar . in the morning you can have reg oatmeal mash up 1/2 bananna in it it is so good. and use only the Mrs Dash seasnings with NO Salt they are awesome . youll be surprised how much weigh youll loose and be sure to eat 5 small meals a day if you can eat breast meat chicken its much leaner if you can stick to this for 7 weeks youll see a big change if your hungry snack on lettuce be careful how many carrots they too are high in sugar. but much better than a candy bar or fruit is very good and vegies good luck to you feel free to email me and be sure to walk 15 min every day that will help melt the unwanted fat …


send the sensa back..and do a modified atkins..lower the fat
and if you work out do interval.. work out low spe