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Shakra Keto Diet Review - 14 Things You Need to Know

Shakra Keto Diet is a dietary supplement and fat burner that supposedly you can take to help your body slip into ketosis faster. To find out how true these claims may be, our research team decided to research and review the product. Because the team found out some huge facts about this supplement, here is what we found…

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What is Shakra Keto Diet?

Shakra Keto Diet is supposedly a natural dietary supplement that promotes ketosis to assist both men and women in weight loss by supporting a better digestive system, helping you sleep better, and burning abdominal and other hard-to-burn fat.

The supplement is claimed to be formulated with herbal ingredients using sophisticated lab equipment and utmost care to reduce side effects and provide all the benefits of rapid weight loss in just a few weeks.

Does Shakra Keto Diet Work?

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How Did Shakra Keto Diet Start?

This diet supplement’s makers created it for those in need of reducing hard-to-burn fat after watching thousands of people waste their time and money on useless dietary supplements.

Agrochemicals from crop cultivation accumulate and hinder different functions that result from various proteins in the body. For this reason, the makers of this product sought out natural ingredients for their BHB-based keto formula that is organically-grown and gluten-free. This method of organic farming reduces any pesticides or insecticide effects.


Shakra Keto Diet Claims

While other companies only review security protocol’s every once in a while, the Shakra Keto Diet Company claims that they test and analyze each of their supplements for side effects and contaminants — before they are sent to market to be sold — they say to ensure their products are safe.

Shakra Keto Diet supplements are supposed to help your body go into ketosis quicker so that you can shed weight faster. The makers also claim this dietary supplement can burn fat in unwanted areas of the body, though spot reduction has been proven clinically impossible in many cases.


Shakra Keto Diet Ingredients

The BHB-based keto formula is gluten-free and contains:

Ingredient Details

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is found in many dietary supplements, especially those that help induce ketosis. It’s thought to contain important properties that make you feel full, thereby decreasing the amount of food you consume.

Hydroxycitric acid

Hydroxycitric acid is another ingredient used in numerous dietary supplements. The source of the acid is garcinia cambogia. Research has yet to prove that garcinia or hydroxycitric acid will consistently promote weight loss.

Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia helps to reduce useless fats in the body, reports Fitoterapia.


According to the journal Medical Principles and Practice, antioxidants help relieve oxidative stress and fight against free radicals, which produce fat in the body.

Aloe Vera extract

Aloe Vera extract is currently being used in numerous weight loss products, though it’s more commonly used as a topical treatment and natural laxative. One study published in the Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology

Essential vitamins

Essential vitamins are added to Shakra Keto Diet supplements because your body must get the essential vitamins it needs to stay healthy while dieting.


Does Shakra Keto Diet Work?

The Shakra Keto Diet was created to help you transition from burning carbohydrates to consumed fat for energy. However, to get these results, you must eat right and exercise regularly. It may not be as easy as simply popping a pill to lose weight, but ketosis is effective.


Details on Shakra Keto Diet Benefits, Results, and Weight Loss

Your body goes into ketosis when it lacks enough carbohydrates to turn into energy and, therefore, will burn stored fat instead. However, getting your body to go into ketosis is not an easy task to achieve. Some people fast for days until the body finally reaches the ketosis state, but this method is not often suggested as your body needs the other proteins and elements it gets from foods to maintain health.

Shakra Keto Diet pills supposedly help you lose weight by mirroring the ketosis process. Although the supplements are said to work by themselves, it is recommended that you also maintain a low-carb diet and exercise plan that can help produce faster results.


How to Use Shakra Keto Diet

To gain the full effect of this supplement, it is recommended that you continue to use it for at least 90 days. Individuals are different; some may see results sooner, and others may take longer if results are seen at all.

The dosage is two capsules a day. Take one pill in the morning and one in the evening with a full glass of warm water.

Side Effects

Potential Shakra Keto Diet Side Effects

Every supplement has the potential for some side effects associated with its use. However, with Shakra Keto, the side effects are more apt to come from the ketosis or ketogenic diet than supplements. Ketosis can cause:

  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Dizziness
  • Sugar cravings
  • Frequent urination
  • Drowsiness

It does not contain flavoring agents or any additives. One of the problems that may occur due to taking Shakra Keto diet pills is bad breath due to the acetones that result from ketosis.


Shakra Keto Diet Pros

  • Is available for purchase online.
  • Price is not out of this world.

Shakra Keto Diet Cons

  • Ketosis can be dangerous for some people with medical conditions when not monitored correctly.
  • So many people are selling this product that you can’t tell who is legitimate.
  • Finding information on the actual manufacturers is a task.
  • The only way to get a full list of the ingredients is by ordering the product.

Shakra Keto Diet Cost

The good thing about these keto diet pills is that some places sell them for a very affordable price, unlike other weight loss pills and fat burner supplements of its kind. Please see below if you would like to know where you can buy Shakra Keto Diet pills for the best prices.

Where to Buy

Where Can You Buy Shakra Keto Diet?

The following is just some of the many markets that sell Shakra Keto Diet supplements.

  • Amazon: 60-count 800 mg capsules for $45.99
  • Bonanza: 60-count 800 mg capsules for $32.95
  • eBay: 60-count 800 mg capsules for $39.68
  • LifeIRL: 60-count 800 mg capsules for $59.95
What Users Are Saying

What Users Are Saying

“No! Do not take! The headaches are not worth it!”

“Disappointed – Did not work.”

“Product did not perform as promised. Company not living up to “Money back guarantee”. Product came with a”30 Day Money Back Guarantee”.”

Bottom Line

Bottom Line on Shakra Keto Diet

The Shakra Keto Diet pills are supposed to speed up the ketosis process to help you reduce weight faster. However, there isn’t enough evidence to prove this claim. We didn’t find anything special about this product, nor do we see extra value or features.

However, some weight-loss programs really can help speed up weight loss.

Among the best weight-loss apps with research support is Noom. You get everything shown to work from other apps like food tracking and exercise logging, but you also get a strong combination of personalized interaction through one-on-one coaching.

The company gives a free trial offer of Noom to allow others to see the weight changes.

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Shakra Keto Diet Review
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Shakra Keto Diet

Is the Shakra Keto Diet for weight loss?

Yes, the supplement is supposed to help users lose weight with the keto diet.

What are the Shakra Diet ingredients?

The ingredients include hydroxycitric acid, garcinia cambogia, aloe vera and antioxidants.

Are there Shakra Keto Diet side effects to worry about?

The side effects of Shakra Diet are likely associated with ketosis, not the supplement itself. Though, garcinia cambogia has been associated with stomach upset.

Did you find any Shakra Diet product warnings?

No, we found no direct product warnings for Shakra Diet, but we know that supplements are not tested on children or anyone under 18. Pregnant and nursing women should not use any supplements without first speaking with their healthcare provider.

Is Shakra Keto Diet for men or women?

Shakra Diet is designed for men and women.

Where can I buy Shakra Diet?

You can buy Shakra Diet from websites like eBay, Bonanza and Amazon.

Is there a Shakra Diet free trial or free samples?

We found no mention of a free trial or samples with this keto supplement.

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