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The Shepherd’s Diet Review - 9 Things You Need to Know

The Shepherd’s Diet is a 7-step holistic weight loss program created by Kristina Wilds, a personal trainer who invented the diet to support her husband, who was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig ’s disease. The Shepherd’s Diet includes a grocery guide, fat loss protocol, anti-stress guide, and fat burning nutrients report, which all boost your metabolism, suppress your appetite, increase energy, and eliminate fat. Can Shepherd’s Diet fit your lifestyle and lead to weight loss?

Our researchers wanted to know if the anti-stress guide and other holistic recommendations included in the Shepherd’s Diet can help initiate weight loss for you. The research team investigated to find out if holistic methods and healthy eating can jumpstart a loss in inches. Here are the findings from the research.

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What is the Shepherd’s Diet?

The Shepherd’s Diet is a book highlighting a spiritually-based diet. This Bible-based diet plan uses a religious approach to helping people achieve weight loss and better health in several unique ways.

It is based on core Christian values of avoiding sins such as greed (eating to excess) and sloth (extreme laziness). The author feels that many poor health decisions are made due to these weaknesses.

Much of the book discusses faith-based ways of overcoming these issues to achieve better self-control, better physical health, and better spiritual health. Shepherd’s Diet also examines how Jesus likely ate.

While there is little evidence of this historical figure’s diet, the author believes that Jesus most likely consumed a blend of the Paleo diet and the Mediterranean diet. The book lists foods and combinations that the author feels reflect this diet and helps readers achieve similar health.

Does the Shepherd’s Diet Work?

  • Advances in Nutrition — “Diets high in fruits and vegetables are widely recommended for their health-promoting properties.”
  • The Journal of Nutrition — “Current evidence lends credence to the recommendations to incorporate whole grain foods into a healthy diet and lifestyle program.”
  • U.S. National Library of Medicine — “Eating moderate amounts of polyunsaturated (and monounsaturated) fat in place of saturated and trans fats can benefit your health.”
Weight Loss

The Shepherd’s Diet for Weight Loss

Another major claimed benefit of the book is that it discusses ways to work with one’s body rather than against it to achieve weight loss.

For example, people are taught how to resist overeating by waiting twenty minutes after a reasonable amount of food is consumed before eating more, the length of time that it takes for satiety to be perceived. These and other tips are used to help people avoid gluttony by knowing when they are full.

Overall, the plan claims it offers common sense ways to make self-control less of a struggle.


The Shepherd’s Diet Details

The entire plan includes several components, as follows:

The Fat Burning Nutrients Report: lists foods that can be eaten to encourage weight loss

  • “The Moses Secret” Fat Loss Protocol: advocates for short-term fasting that incorporates spiritual discipline with solid health principles
  • The What Would Jesus Eat Grocery Field Guide: assists people in choosing foods that the plan considers good choices
  • The Prayer Warrior Anti-Stress Guide: guides people in using prayer to reduce stress and keep a healthy, positive attitude

Used together, these different components claim to help Christians lose weight and keep it off.


What Kind of Foods Are in the Shepherd’s Diet Plan?

The Bible diet food list is believed to be made up of the foods that Jesus and other people in his time ate to achieve good health. It incorporates the following foods:

  • Healthy Fats
  • Vegetables
  • Natural and Ethically-Grown Meats and Dairy
  • Fresh Herbs
  • Low-Carb Plant Protein
  • Unprocessed Whole Grains

More important are the foods that are not allowed on the Bible diet food list.

Although some processed foods meet the plan’s rules, most processed grains, sugars, preservatives, and other additives are not allowed. In general, people who follow this diet will need to plan on cooking at home from scratch.

The Shepherd’s Diet Recipes

The Shepherd’s Diet recipes involve combinations of the above foods, often in Mediterranean style dishes similar to what people have eaten in Israel and Palestine for thousands of years.

Several recipes are included in the book. More can be found online by other people following this plan.


The Shepherd’s Diet and Spirituality

This Bible diet plan’s spiritual aspects set it apart from most of the other diets in the industry.

This author sees healthy eating as part of a spiritually sound lifestyle. As such, much of the book is dedicated to spiritually strengthening people to follow through on their diet goals.

The diet in the Bible, particularly the one eaten by Jesus, seems like an ideal means of achieving physical and spiritual health.

The Moses Secret Protocol also is a unique twist on typical diet plans. It incorporates short-term fasting, which recently has become popular for both weight loss and other health benefits.

The addition of a religious aspect is significant, as fasting traditionally was an important part of the Christian faith. Combining both health and spiritual behaviors makes this a unique and attractive diet plan for those of the Christian faith.

Lastly, this diet focuses on eating well on a budget as part of its admonishment against gluttony. It recommends various foods, such as beans and lentils, which are usually less expensive to buy than other foods.

Side Effects

The Shepherd’s Diet Potential Side Effects

Changing one’s diet will always have side effects. In this diet, there are several changes that people might experience in their general health.

First, short-term fasting may make some people dizzy or lightheaded. Fasting also is not recommended for children or adults with certain health conditions. People need to check with their doctor before attempting to fast for even a short amount of time.

Second, the emphasis on eating ample amounts of healthy oil can be difficult for people who are used to standard low-fat dieting. Many people will find that they feel fuller than usual. The additional fats also may have benefits for skin and hair as well.

In general, however, eating more healthy fats and whole grains does not have any ill effects. Medical doctors support most of the advice offered in this book as safe for people with various conditions.


Benefits of a Bible-Based Diet Plan

There are several benefits to this diet plan. First, it blends the Mediterranean and Paleo diet plans, which both have proven health benefits.

Second, it addresses the whole person, including emotional health, spiritual health, and stress relief. These are important in making long-term health changes yet are neglected by many mainstream plans.

Christians also may enjoy having a diet that focuses on their unique needs.

One benefit of this diet plan is that it offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. Therefore, people can try the plan and get their money back if they do not see results in the first two months.

The diet plan claims that it can help people lose up to eighty pounds. If the advice on food restrictions and intermittent fasting are strictly followed, similar results may be possible. The emphasis on whole, healthy foods is a sustainable way of losing weight and keeping it off.

What Users Are Saying

What Users Are Saying

“Basically, this is the Atkins diet. A lot of protein very little carbs. But if you stick to it, you will lose the weight. I used to use lilu’s about 14 lb in the first two weeks. Eat the eggs in the morning hamburger patties for lunch eggs and hamburger at night some green beans cottage cheese Mozzarella cheese sticks really it works. But you got to stick to it. No fruit no sugar no bread no potatoes. It’s worth it 4 the short time it takes to lose the weight. By the book. The verses in there give you that extra boost if you’re a Christian. It gives you encouragement. What verse from Jesus wouldn’t. This is something other books haven’t given you. I mean how much can $10 be wrong. It’s not $500. It’s $5. Surely that’s a typo. I got as a gift and I used it and it worked. I lost 30 lb in 4 months.”

“Biblical diet with bacon? What a deception. Stay away from this money hungry deception.”

“Same as other diets. Way overpriced for information you can get elsewhere. Whn purchasing from her site, she tries to up-sell you. I would not purchase this again.”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on The Shepherd’s Diet

So, is this diet plan worth a try? Well, it certainly couldn’t hurt. The Shepherd’s Diet involves a blend of the Paleo and Mediterranean diets, leading to the consumption of lots of healthy fats and whole grains, and fewer carbs and processed foods. We also like that the book addresses emotional health.

If you are looking for a diet plan, make sure you choose one with clinically-backed methods and positive customer feedback.

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The Shepherd’s Diet Review
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The Shepherd’s Diet

What are the ingredients in The Shepherd's Diet?

The key components or ingredients in The Shepherd’s Diet include The Fat Burning Nutrients Report, The Moses Secret Fat Loss Protocol, The What Would Jesus Eat Grocery Field Guide and The Prayer Warrior Anti-Stress Guide.

What are the side effects of The Shepherd's Diet?

Incorrect use of The Shepherd’s Diet can result in upset stomach, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

Does The Shepherd's Diet work?

Yes, The Shepherd’s Diet works by helping you make the best health decisions by consuming healthy foods to help you achieve a better health as well as lose weight.

What is the price of The Shepherd's Diet?

The Shepherd’s Diet sells for $99.95.

Where can I buy The Shepherd's Diet?

You can purchase The Shepherd’s Diet on Amazon.

How should I take The Shepherd's Diet?

It is recommended to follow the instructions that come with each component of The Shepherd’s Diet for the best results.

How do I contact The Shepherd's Diet customer service?

The Shepherd’s Diet customer service can be reached at support@theshepherdsdiet.com.

Can I return The Shepherd's Diet?

Yes, The Shepherd’s Diet can be returned within 60 days of purchase.

What are the most common complaints about The Shepherd's Diet?

Commonly, many customers have complained about unavailability of some foods listed in the The Shepherd’s Diet Recipes.

The Shepherd’s Diet Reviews