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Skinny Bunny Tea Review - 15 Things You Need to Know

Skinny Bunny Tea collects different teas, including their organic Matcha Tea, offering a simple solution to losing weight. These products claim to speed up weight loss and help to reduce hunger and cravings. While the Skinny Bunny Tea collection appears incredibly clean – gluten-free, dairy-free, and non-GMO – and likely beneficial to overall health, the company does not do an adequate job explaining why their tea-based weight loss program is different or superior to any of the dozens of other weight loss solutions available to consumers.

So, we dove deep into the different teas ingredients and the science behind them to determine if Skinny Bunny Tea is worth your time and money. Read on to learn more about what we discovered.

Skinny Bunny Tea can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is Skinny Bunny Tea?

Skinny Bunny Tea is a top-rated detox drink that helps stimulate the body and encourage healthy weight loss. The presence of detox ingredients cleanses the digestive system, thereby aiding the process of digestion.

Although many similar drinks are present in the market, Skinny Bunny Tea is known for immediately refreshing the body and being vegan, organic, and all-natural. This happens because the consumption stimulates AMPK (adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase).

What does the research say about the ingredients in this formula? Let’s take a look at a few of the studies to find out:

  • NutrientsIn this study, ginger extract was found to decrease inflammation and, “may have beneficial effects on obesity.”
  • Nutrition & Metabolism: Rosehip supplementation may lead to decreased body weight gain, though this study only used mice as subjects.
  • Annual Review of NutritionCurcumin may have anti-inflammatory benefits, which can lead to weight-loss down the road.

Skinny Bunny Tea Competitors

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Company Bio

How Did Skinny Bunny Tea Start?

Skinny Bunny Tea products were first introduced in 2015. They are organic products and can be easily purchased from the official website in multiple different flavors, Skinny Bunny Tea chocolate being the most popular. Skinny Bunny is manufactured in the USA in a GMP certified facility.

According to the Better Business Bureau, in 2017, Skinny Bunny was called out for making claims that the product was Made in the USA. To claims this, at least 60% of the product must be made in the United States. When the BBB attempted to contact Skinny Bunny about the issue, they did not respond.


Skinny Bunny Tea Claims

Skinny Bunny Tea claims to speed up fat metabolism by reducing triglyceride levels. This, in turn, enhances the immune system and rejuvenates the skin.

At the same time, there is a significant improvement in digestive and dental health. Thus, to conclude, it claims to enhance overall health through different mechanisms.

Different studies conducted over time also show that the products it contains help in doing so. However, some customers question the credibility of the company behind Skinny Bunny Tea.


Skinny Bunny Tea Ingredients

Skinny Bunny Tea contains many high-grade active ingredients that are backed up by scientific data promoting weight loss. The ingredients present are organic and vegan-friendly.

They include:


Lemongrass is a plant. The leaves and oil are used for medicine. It is used in Asian cuisine and as a fragrance in soaps and cosmetics. Lemongrass is used to help with exhaustion. Several studies explore the benefits of lemongrass. According to a study published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology, “In all the tests employed, oral doses of [lemongrass] were without effect.


Rooibos is a kind of tea, which is widely consumed in South Africa. It is high in antioxidants, as much as 50% more than green tea. It doesn’t have caffeine and is low in tannins, which are thought to cause digestive issues. Though we weren’t able to find studies correlating to the benefits above, we did find a study to prove the antioxidant content compared to other teas.

Green Tea Leaf

The intake of green tea extract claims to decrease body weight within overweight rat models. In conclusion, green tea may be used for reducing weight and improving liver status in the obese. It is supposed to increase mental alertness and help boost metabolism.

Rose Hips

Rose hips are the round part of the rose below the petals, where the seeds are. Dried rose hips and seeds are used to make medicine. Because fresh rose hips contain a high amount of vitamin C, they share many of the same uses. Many studies look at rose hips in various capacities. However, we weren’t able to find any studies to prove their use.

Ginger Root

Ginger root is the part of the ginger plant used to make medicine.

What is it Supposed to Do?

It is used at times to help with nausea.

Black Tea

Black tea contains caffeine and theanine.

What is it Supposed to Do?

It’s supposed to help increase mental alertness.

Black Pepper

Black pepper is a fruit from a plant. It’s used as a spice in cuisine and natural medicines.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Black pepper may be able to help with constipation and diarrhea. It is claimed to be an antibacterial fiber and has several vitamins and minerals.


Cinnamon is a plant. It is used as a spice for flavoring food. It is also used as a fragrance in cosmetics.

What is it Supposed to Do?

It may help improve digestion and boost the immune system.

Juniper Berries

Juniper berries are the fruit of the juniper tree. The berries are used to make medicine.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Juniper berries are used at times for nausea, gas, and loss of appetite.

Stevia Leaf

There is a very high nutritive value within the composition of the leaf and a polyphenol concentration weighing in on average of 4.15% of dried leaf.

There was an evaluation of variably processed extracts enriched with pigments, polyphenols, and a combination of both for sensory attributes when added to lime juice and coffee.

The acceptability of the sweeteners was attributed marginally by the presence of polyphenols.


Calendula is a genus of plants that includes the common marigold. The edible petals of the Calendula species are used in salads. Calendula extract may have antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties, but more clinical trials involving humans need to be conducted. Calendula is used in alternative medicine to treat wounds and acne, but there is little evidence to support Calendula topically.

Sunflower Petals

Sunflowers belong to the daisy family. They are an annual plant known for their height. Their deep root system gives them the ability to soak up large amounts of water or potentially harmful substances. For that reason, they are often planted in contaminated soil to remove ground pollution.
Sunflower petals are used in alternative medicine to treat inflammation. Sometimes they are made into a tea to treat a sore throat. There have been numerous studies conducted on the health benefits of sunflower seeds. We found that no studies have been conducted concerning sunflower petals.

Does It Work?

Does Skinny Bunny Tea Work?

Skinny Bunny Tea is concerned that it guarantees “weight loss, detoxification, and re-energizing” the body. Although it might not give instant results, it does have long term benefits such as reducing fat from the belly and thighs, in particular.

It is considered to be vegan-friendly, Gluten-free, non-GMO, dairy-free, and soy-free.

The only bad news here is that no tests have been done on humans after consumption of the Tea so far. This implies that much cannot be said in terms of the product is actually effective, and one essentially has to depend on the company’s word.


Skinny Bunny Tea Benefits and Results

To achieve maximum benefits, Skinny Bunny Tea provides a diet guide and workout plans.

The different types of tea offer great benefits, and various online tea reviews prove the results. Among them are green tea, chamomile, oolong tea, and black tea.

Green Tea acts as an antioxidant and aids the weight loss process. Oolong and black Tea not only provide energy but claims to be good for the skin too.

While the different Skinny Bunny Tea blends help achieve particular health goals, there is no compromise on the taste.

Weight Loss

Skinny Bunny Tea and Weight Loss

Skinny Bunny Tea provides a diverse tea range for weight loss, detoxification, and general well-being. However, for best results, the tea should be consumed either in the morning or in the evening, depending upon your diet plan.

Those who aren’t sensitive to caffeine can consume the product twice a day – once in the morning and then one before going to sleep.

More or less, detailed studies done on Skinny Bunny Tea suggest that it proves to be very effective in achieving weight loss goals, detox, and recovering energy.


How to Use Skinny Bunny Tea

According to the packaging:

  • It must be consumed daily, preferably in the morning, to achieve results.
  • To prepare the tea, place 1 teaspoon in a cup of boiling water. Let it boil for 3 to five minutes. After that, strain the tea and for best results, consume it when hot.
  • It is made with an already good taste and further enhances the taste; one can add honey.
  • Tips such as drinking plenty of water, exercising daily, and eating healthy, along with consuming Skinny Tea detox can help achieve quick results.
  • Adequate sleep and reduced intake of alcohol add more to overall effectiveness.
Side Effects

Potential Skinny Bunny Tea Side Effects

A common side effect found in the first few days is stomach aches, resulting from your body removing initial toxins.

Other potential side effects include:

  • Constant headaches
  • Vomiting
  • Nervousness
  • Withdrawal symptoms such as sweating and shivering
  • Jitters and muscle contraction

If large quantities of the tea are consumed, it can lead to restlessness and nervousness.


Skinny Bunny Tea Product Warnings

Like any product, this tea comes with a set of warnings for consumers. They include:

  • Those who are highly sensitive  or allergic to caffeine should not use Skinny Bunny Tea

Although there are people who are complaining about the Skinny Bunny Tea’s effectiveness and price, so far, there have been no lawsuits associated with Skinny Bunny Tea.


Skinny Bunny Tea Alternatives

A similar alternative to Skinny Bunny Tea is Fit Tea, a supplement that works extremely well if accompanied by a diet plan and regular exercise. It is claimed that the organic ingredients it contains can help boost metabolism, energy, and immunity.


Pros of Skinny Bunny Tea

  • It is a detox and weight loss tea.
  • Those who love caffeine will find it very suitable.
  • The organic ingredients are blended using high-quality methods such as fermentation to ensure nutrients are retained.
  • It is accompanied by a workout and diet plan to help consumers achieve quick and efficient results.

Cons of Skinny Bunny Tea

  • High levels of caffeine make it an inappropriate bedtime drink.
  • Many customers find it expensive.
  • The tea might not satisfy hunger.
  • The presence of caffeine accounts for some of the side effects.
  • If consumed in high amounts, it can have serious effects.
What Users Are Saying

What Users Are Saying

“This Is the brand that got me drinking tea morning and night. The morning tea helps wake me up and feel good to start my day as well as helps minimize bloating. The nighttime tea helps me sleep and detoxes and regulates. Plus the chocolate flavors and chai are BOMB.”

“These teas taste disgusting. – I ordered both a Raspberry Peach and a Chocolate Tea. They are so gross! And the company doesn’t offer a refund or exchange. Don’t buy these!”

“I’m not sure if these teas make you skinnier but mentally when I feel I have over eaten for a few days I will order these and drink them. I don’t drink them consistently am and pm for 7 days like it says. I will just drink 1 in the morning or in the evening for a while. It makes me feel better.”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on Skinny Bunny Tea

So, what is the final take on this one? We liked that Skinny Bunny Tea products use herbal ingredients and the positive customer reviews posted on the official website. However, there is simply no clinical research to support the claimed weight-loss effects. Also, we have concerns about it not working and the low BBB rating.

If you need to drop those pounds, we suggest you go for a diet tea or program that’s clinically proven and shown to help people lose weight and keep it off.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Noom. The doctor-designed weight-loss app incorporates human coaching with personalized meal plans, exercise tracking, and more to keep you moving toward your goals.

Also, the makers are so confident that you’ll love Noom, that they’re offering a free trial offer, which is a positive sign.

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Skinny Bunny Tea Review
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Skinny Bunny Tea

What are the side effects of Skinny Bunny?

Skinny Bunny, minus the Tea, side effects include jitters, headaches or insomnia, according to dieter reviews.

What is in Skinny Bunny Tea?

Skinny Bunny Tea ingredients are green tea, black tea, cinnamon, black pepper, lemongrass, rose hips, juniper berries and ginger root.

What is the active ingredient in Skinny Bunny Tea?

The active ingredient in Skinny Bunny Tea is black/green tea.

Does Skinny Bunny work?

Green and black tea do have some clinical support for increased energy and weight-loss, but they are often best combined with caffeine and other proven ingredients. There are no clinical studies listed on the Skinny Bun Tea website.

How much does one bottle of Skinny Bunny Tea cost?

One bottle of Skinny Bunny Tea costs $20 for a 14-day supply. If you purchase the regular and PM versions, you’ll spend about $80 a month.

Where can I buy Skinny Bunny Tea?

Skinny Bunny Tea can be purchased using their Official Site.

How do you take Skinny Bunny Tea?

One bottle of Skinny Bunny Tea costs $20 for a 14-day supply. If you purchase the regular and PM versions, you’ll spend about $80 a month.

How do you take Skinny Bunny Tea?

You should take one cup of Skinny Bunny Tea in the morning and another at night.

What is Skinny Bunny Tea’s BBB rating?

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating for Skinny Bunny Tea is a C+. The business is not accredited.

Is a diet and exercise guide included with Skinny Bunny Tea?

No, you must purchase both seperately. They are delivered in eBook form and cost $10 each.

Can I use Skinny Bunny Tea if I have allergies?

As with any medical condition, we suggest talking to your doctor before trying Skinny Bunny Tea if you have allergies.

Who makes Skinny Bunny?

The makers of Skinny Bunny Tea is a company of the same name.

23 Skinny Bunny Tea Reviews

  • Gained 4lbs
    Megan (Verified Purchase)

    Been eating healthy and working out and have gained 4lbs this week from the product ?

  • Results!
    Shannon (Verified Purchase)

    Don’t like this tea @ all will absolutely stick to mate fit they are awesome & you will see results!

  • Good, chocolate is my favorite.
    Bonnie (Verified Purchase)

    I got mine3 weeks later. Just started today . So far so good , but the Rose tea is not favorite, but I can drink it this time Ifyou have not received it with in 3 weeks Twitter them That is how I talked to someone and I got mine Chocolate is my favorite

    • Lour

      I got mine almost 2months after ordering. So far I’ve lost 3 kgs now.

  • Raylynn

    Same experience with Skinny Bunny Tea customer service. I paid for my order on Feb.17 and finally it is being shipped. I tried to contact someone with company this past Monday with no respond via email or cell. I called the company and it went straight to voicemail. I left a message and still no answer. Finally today after my order shipped, some guy named William emailed me and basically said they are having delays due to high demand. Just know, expect the wait!! I most likely will get my package next week. (2 weeks from order date). So I went on instagram and wrote what I just did, and they deleted my comment too. I called them out and they put it back up. But I have been trolling their account and telling people to expect their orders two weeks out. I will never purchase from them again.

    • Eizabella89@gmail.com

      Thats what they are doing to me too they dont answer at all ?

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