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Skinny Fiber Review - 17 Things You Need to Know

Skinny Fiber pills use glucomannan as their active ingredient to to reduce hunger cravings while helping with digestion — but we had to find concrete science behind these claims. While the official website offers information on enzymes and Caralluma, the company provides very little evidence that the product works. There are neither real-world examples nor clinical studies supporting effective use of the product.

During their research, our research crew also found complaints of numerous side effects associated with Skinny Fiber Pills. With reports of diarrhea and vomiting, we had to check if this weight loss pill’s pros outweigh the cons. Here, you can read the summary of everything we learned.

Skinny Fiber can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What Are Skinny Fiber Pills?

Skinny Fiber Pills is a weight loss supplement pill. These diet pills are made with natural ingredients.

The active ingredient, Glucomannan, is a natural, water-soluble fiber. It can slow down the process of digestion thereby making you feel satiated or full for longer hours.

This will decrease your hunger pangs, make you eat less, and lose weight. The pills help suppress appetite and promote good health.

Skinny Fiber Pills are made by Skinny Body Care, a company dedicated to weight management and wellness through weight loss supplements. A quick look at the ingredient research can give us a better insight into the potential benefits of this supplement:

Skinny Fiber Competitors

Garcinia Cambogia
Other similar products: PGX Daily, PGX,

 How Did Skinny Fiber Pills Start? 

The weight-loss pills are made by Skinny Body Care Company which was started in 2011 by successful network marketing leader, Ben Glinsky. He is totally committed and focused on creating products that are of impeccable quality and give life-changing results to the dieter.

The Company aims to use natural ingredients that can maximize benefits for the customer, financially as well as physically.

Skinny Fiber

Skinny Fiber Customer Testimonials

Skinny Fiber Pills Claims

Skinny Fiber Pills claims that the pill helps in losing weight by helping with the dieter’s detoxing and appetite control. Skinny Fiber Pills claims it blocks fat and gives natural energy.

The pills claim that its ingredient Glucomannan that has its origin in an Asian plant expands in the stomach and gives the dieter a feeling of fullness or satiety and curbs cravings.

Skinny Fiber Pills claims that it boosts metabolism and burns fat in the body, especially the stomach fat. The manufacturers also claim that the supplement is “scientifically formulated” and has only natural ingredients.

The claims include:

  • May help manage weight
  • Has antioxidant properties
  • Is a proprietary blend
  • Promotes healthy digestion
  • Supports detoxifying the body

Skinny Fiber Pills Ingredients

Skinny Fiber pills contains two proprietary blends. The ingredients in these blends include:

  • Glucomannan
  • Caralluma Fimbriata
  • Cha de Burge
  • Protease
  • Amylase
  • Lipase
  • Glucoamylase
  • Papain
  • Cellulase
  • Bromelain

Glucomannan powder

According to the International Journal of Health Sciences, it is a sugar made out of the Konjac plant root. In its powder form, it is used to make capsules and tablets. It is renowned for its medicinal benefits and is used in the treatment of constipation. Glucomannan is also a gelling agent.

Glucomannan is found to increase the transit time of food. Hence it effectively prolongs the time for gastric emptying, which increases the fullness.

Cha de Bugre powder

Cha de Bugre produces a red fruit that resembles a coffee bean. This tree is native to Brazil but is also found in the forests of Argentina and Paraguay. It is the main ingredient in the ‘diet pills’ of Brazil. Cha de Bugre is used as a health tonic to improve heart function and circulation of blood. It is also used to treat a cough, gout, cellulite, herpes, and other viral infections.

Caralluma Fimbriata powder

This is a type of cactus that is eaten by some tribes of India. It is believed to increase endurance and suppress hunger. There is a belief that it controls the part of the brain that controls appetite. Caralluma Fimbriata is called ‘Famine food’ in India and is used in pickles. Studies have shown that this powder appears to decrease appetite when taken for a 2-month period.

260 mg Proprietary enzyme blend consisting of:

Protease, Amylase powder

Amylase and Protease are digestive enzymes that are required by our body to digest food after breaking down proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates.

Papain powder

Papain is from Papaya fruit and is used in medicines. It can treat swelling, pain, and inflammation.

A redeeming property of the main ingredient, Glucomannan is that it feeds the good, digestive health-promoting bacteria that are present in our intestine, converting them into short-chain fatty acid.

Studies conducted on animals show that this reaction leads to protection from gaining fat.

This has other associated benefits as shown by studies that prove a relation between body weight and bacteria of the gut.

Does It Work

Do Skinny Fiber Pills Work?

There are mixed reviews about the validity of the claims made by the manufacturers of this pill. The diet demands that you drink a lot of water and allow fiber to fill your stomach so you feel full.

There are photographs and videos that showcase the ‘Before’ and ‘after’ status of many.

Whether the drastic weight loss is primarily because of the pill is arguable.

Skinny Fiber benefits

Benefits and Results

Skinny Fiber Pills Benefits and Results

A high-fiber diet is beneficial to health irrespective of its effect on body weight, the Skinny Fiber pill also has digestive enzymes and antioxidants added to it. It aims to support your digestive health and boost your immune system.

Currently, the website of Skinny Fiber Pills is not functional and it is not possible to verify the information provided.

All information available is from the reviews, the ingredient list provided, and from the advertisements. We can only judge the efficacy of the pill from these details.

Even the Skinny Fiber pills claims are so cautiously worded that nothing is promised for sure.

The claim that ‘it may help promote weight management’ clearly seems the genius handiwork of a lawyer who made sure there was no legal loophole.

Details On Skinny Fiber Pills and Weight Loss

Skinny Fiber Pills have been on the market for over 4 years now. They are available in a number of online outlets too – Skinny Fiber Pills on Amazon, Skinny Fiber Pills on eBay, and Skinny Fiber Pills GNC – to name a few.

Though it is a well-established fact that fiber plays a major role in our body’s weight loss mechanism, it is difficult to concur with Skinny Fiber Pills claims of amazing weight loss only with the use of these pills.


How To Use (Take) Skinny Fiber Pills

Skinny Fiber Pills should be taken twice a day. Take two Skinny Fiber Pills 30 minutes before lunch and take 2 pills 30 minutes before dinner, with a glass of water.

It is important to drink at least 8 glasses of water daily because water is essential for the fiber to expand and give you the feeling of fullness.

Ensure that you wait half an hour after taking the pill before Skinny Fiber Pills you eat.

Drinking ample water also prevents digestive problems, bloating, and constipation.

Where to Buy

Where to Buy Skinny Fiber Pills

Skinny Fiber pills are available at Walmart and in several online stores, including Amazon, eBay, and GNC.

Skinny Fiber website is seeking distributors to sell these diet pills.

Where to buy Skinny Fiber

Though Skinny Fiber pills are advertised as available at Walmart, Skinny Fiber network reports that the authentic and legitimate pill is only sold online and warns against fake pills.

How Much Fiber In Skinny Fiber Pills?

A proprietary blend of Glucomannan powder, Caralluma Fimbriata powder, and Cha de Bugre powder are the fiber content of this pill. They make up 1160 mg weight.

As the name indicates, this is primarily a fiber supplement.

Side Effects

 Potential Skinny Fiber Pills Side Effects

The main ingredient is Glucomannan. It is a form of sugar that is obtained from the root of the plant, Konjac. It has been used traditionally in Japanese food to thicken gravies and stews. This low-calorie food expands and forms fiber in the stomach. This fills the stomach and helps better digestion.

Diarrhea, bloating, and flatulence can occur. Some dieters complain of vomiting, nausea, and constipation.

Though Skinny Fiber pills do adhere to laws to ensure the pill is safe, the FDA does not approve of any kind of natural supplement. It is not a diet pill that would be prescribed.

Dieters should also understand the term, ‘proprietary blend’ with caution. Such blends use ingredients that are generally ‘considered safe’ but there is no mention of the amounts of each of the ingredients.

Product Warnings

Skinny Fiber Pills Product Warnings

The manufacturer of Skinny Fiber pills is a multi-level marketing company (MLM), meaning there is no guarantee about after-sales service for customers.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) has no rating for Skinny Fiber. The BBB scorecard is based on many factors like type of business, time of business, complaints against the business, and if /how the complaint is resolved.

Skinny Fiber Pills are popular because of their ‘just the pills’ promise. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reported that over half of such diet supplements in the market made a minimum of one claim that was false.

The fact that the ingredients are all-natural does not necessarily mean the pills are the panacea for weight loss as Skinny Fiber pills claims. It would be judicious to take the Skinny Fiber pills reviews with a pinch of salt and trust your own judgment.

There is no mention of physical exercise mentioned on the Skinny Fiber site. It is hard to believe that even in this age, there are companies that claim that it is possible to wish away excess weight with just 4 capsules every day, without breaking any sweat.


Any Skinny Fiber Pills Lawsuits?

There is a lawsuit reported on Top Class Action against the founder of Skinny Fiber pill, Ben Glinsky. It was a complaint of fraud and non-payment of due commission.

Skinny Fiber Pills on Amazon

The pills are available for purchase on Amazon. The Amazon site has the product description as well as the reviews and ratings of the buyers.

Few found the product useful but some complained harshly about the product. There was one comment that said the “price is good”.

Skinny Fiber pills price is almost $30.

Skinny Fiber Pills Reviews

One dieter, a mother of 3, found Skinny Fiber pills very effective. She had lost 40 pounds. She mentioned that drinking a lot of water helped her in the process.

However, one user did not notice any change in her weight at all and was disillusioned. She wanted her Skinny Fiber pills to be examined for authenticity and demanded a refund as she had actually gained, rather than losing weight as was advertised.

As this other satisfied dieter put it, ‘I changed my dietary habit, did some light physical activity, and took Skinny Fiber pills. I was willing to make lifestyle changes and I lost weight.’ The last word?

Skinny Fiber Pills Alternatives

There are a number of fiber-based supplements aimed at weight reduction and body slimming available in the market.

Here are a few:

PGX Daily

This is a weight loss diet pill. It reduces your appetite, makes you feel full, and helps regulate blood sugar levels. Its main ingredient is a proprietary mix and coconut oil extract.

PGX Daily has no stimulants added to it. It helps to reduce almost 60% of the glycemic response when it is had with a meal. It is supposed to slowly absorb water in the stomach and cause a sensation of fullness. The pills are in capsule form and provide lasting and fast effect.


This is a no-frills version of Skinny Fiber pills and is just the natural dietary fiber, Glucomannan. It is a natural dietary fiber that is extracted from the root of Konjac, also known as elephant yam.

Glucomannan is a supplement that can be added to juices, food products, and flour. It can absorb water easily and create gel-like bulk. This water-soluble quality makes it suitable for use in weight loss recipes and supplement. Many randomized studies concur that Glucomannan induces moderate loss in weight if it is taken regularly before meals.

Glucomannan costs a fraction of Skinny Fiber pills if you can do without the added antioxidants (and grab a bowl of berries instead).

Benefiber Healthy Shape

Benefiber is also a fiber supplement and has wheat dextrin. A teaspoon of the supplement has to be added to water, dissolved, and drunk twice a day to suppress appetite and promote a sense of satiety. It was launched by Novartis Health. It is tasteless and can be added to other food too.

The product has scientific backing when it talks of the fiber content contributing to regularity, but there is no evidence or clinical results that can back its weight loss concept. Some users have complained of side effects like diarrhea.

What Users Are Saying

“I adore this product!!! I lost a total of nearly 80lbs being on it for a year in a half. Been off it for 3 years. And about to get back on it to refresh myself of portion control. Love love love this product.”

“Helps you stay regular and helps you feel full. Didn’t help me lose any weight.”

“Maybe this is better for someone else. It did nothing for me.”

Skinny Fiber Ingredients
Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on Skinny Fiber Pills

Now the moment you’ve been waiting for: our bottom line on Skinny Fiber Pills. Well, we like that this supplement provides fiber to help with more regular bowel movements and we appreciate that a 30-day return policy is provided on the official website. On the other hand, we are leery because this formula is not backed by real science. Furthermore, we’re concerned about the adverse effects that numerous customers have complained of.

If you’d like to shed more pounds of fat, then we advise you to go with a diet program that is backed by clinical research.

Among the best diet apps we’ve seen this year is one called Noom. We love that this program offers individual human coaching, customized meal plans, support groups, extensive food logging tools, and more.

The makers of Noom are so certain of their program they’re offering a free trial offer, which is a good sign.

Learn More About Noom »
Skinny Fiber Review
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Skinny Fiber

What are the side effects of Skinny Pill?

Skinny Fiber also known as Skinny Pill, side effects may include diarrhea, dizziness, nausea and stomach pain, according to some customer experiences.

What is in Skinny Fiber?

Skinny Fiber ingredients are glucomannan, caralluma fimbriata and cha de bugre.

What is the active ingredient in Skinny Pill?

The active ingredient in Fiber Pills is glucomannan.

Does Skinny Fiber work?

The official website for Skinny Fiber claims the supplement is “scientifically formulated.” This is not the same as being clinically proven. We know that glucomannan is a water-soluble fiber that can slow the digestive process essentially helping the dieter feel fuller longer, but this is not enough if there are no changes made to the diet.

How much does a bottle of Skinny Fiber cost?

A bottle of Skinny Fiber costs is about $59.95.

Where can I buy Skinny Fiber?

Skinny Fiber can be purchased using their Official Site.

How do you take Skinny Fiber?

You should take two Skinny Fiber capsules before lunch and dinner.

Who makes Skinny Fiber?

Skinny Body Care makes Skinny Fiber.

23 Skinny Fiber Reviews

  • NOT satisfied at all.
    Your Name (Verified Purchase)

    I agree, I have been sticking with the wáter and taking the tablets and nothing, have lost 1 kilo in five weeks and probably would have lost that anyway as I am not cutting out all carbs and eating well… I believed in the product but don´t now, the only thing it does it cut my appetite, but it kicks in later again..rubbish.

    • Your Name

      Very true! Same here! Just returned it!

  • Don't waste your money.
    r u serious (Verified Purchase)

    This product doesn’t do anything magical. It doesn’t work. I took it faithfully & watched my calories and exercised and Gained Weight. I drank all of the water it claims you should drink. Don’t waste your money. Testimonies show that people lose 10lbs in 3 months. You can do that without spending close to$200. Just eat healthy and exercise, there’s no such thing as a magic pill!!!! 🙁

  • Has anyone using this product experienced really loose bowels?
    anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Has anyone using this product experienced really really loose bowels. Im talking like really watery & explosive? Sorry for being so descriptive but want to see if this is normal almost strait after I have eaten.

    • kay thomas

      my bowels look like tar. Can I take skinny fiber while being on an antibiotic? I am losing weight though

      • patti brown

        Please up your intake of water it is a fiber will make all the difference

    • Kishay

      I would suggest putting in a quick call to your doctor or pharmacist and just asking if it’s okay to take a fiber supplement on the particular antibiotic that you’re on. That way a total stranger is not giving you incorrect information. Safety first!!

    • Becky

      U are detoxing ur body.

  • Love the product! I've lost 13 pounds.
    Rebecca (Verified Purchase)

    Love the product! I’ve lost 13 pounds in 9 weeks will keep on taking cuts cravings makes me feel full, I love it!

  • Karen

    My daughters husband lost 7 pounds in one week. Im still nervous cause whats the rest of the stuff in it. Yes I want to try but at what risl? why aren’t they labaling it just in case people have bad reaction?

  • This scares me, i will not try it.
    leisa (Verified Purchase)

    This scares me,i will not try it and hope you threw it in the trash……

  • It works for me.
    William H King (Verified Purchase)

    I’m almost 80 and have lost 30 pounds in about 2 years with Skinny Fiber. I vote for slow and safe. W H King

  • Debbie

    Im also on SF and love it. Im losing the inches and detoxing with this product.

  • Debbie

    I am on Skinny Fiber and let me tell you it DOES work. And you drink the 8 glasses of water your normally suppose to drink a day. Im not a distributor but I can give my persons name if you have ANY questions. Dawn Hapney, look her up.

    • Debby

      Yes I agree with Debbie> you still need to drink the 8 glasses a day anyway,also it will not cause kidney problems,water is very good for the kidneys.I am no longer a Diabetic do to a kidney & pancrese transplant.I never use to drink that much water then,but now I do & so far this product is doing good for me. If you are on medicine it will take a little longer to take wt off,slow is good.

  • Don't knock products just stop taking them and find what will work for you.

    Im reading all of the reviews here and confused. I am not currently taking either one of these products. But in my opinion people have to try products and see what will works for them. Everyone body is so different. I did check other reviews sites as well. I am just a firm about whats for you is for you. Don’t knock products just stop taking them and find what will work for you.

    • Judith

      Bailey I totally agree with u, everyones body is designed differently, not everyone will get the same results,I believe if something doesn’t work for u then do ur research and move on to something else, it applies to everything in life and do it without judging. 🙂

    • Nicole Rogers

      I agree with you. I have taken Skinny Fiber in the past I am not drasticly overweight (5’1inch tall 132lbs) high blood pressure so I cannot take pills with caffeine. I didn’t lose but a few lbs on Skinny Fiber but I was regular I stay constipated if I don’t take something. I have tried regular fiber like Benefiber it makes me very bloated and no bowel movement. I found an inexpensive brand of Skinny fiber with same ingredients on ebay from UK I might try those. Bottom line it’s trial and error what ever works for me. I don’t put down other products bc they don’t work for me,,,,

  • Cynthia

    There is also a group with someone named courtney who sells skinny fiber. These people must be making a lot of money from all the people ordering.

    • Julie

      Where is the best place to buy and the least expensive?

  • Loved the product.
    tanya topete (Verified Purchase)

    I am very sensitive to caffeine but i. Am taking skinny fiber for almost two weeks i have lost 6lbs but my personal friend lost 100 no gimmick it works and i am loving it

    • Arun

      Is that true??

    • Cas

      Are you going thru menopause yet? I ask because I am and my doctor told me to eliminate all sources of caffeine, spicy foods and alcohol to reduce/eliminate hot flashes.