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You’re about to learn everything you need to know about Slenderiix weight-loss drops. We at DietSpotlight came up with a detailed review, looking closely at the ingredients, side effects, level of customer service and scientific studies. We additionally read numerous user comments that are posted online. At this point, we compacted all of the facts and details in order to give you the information you really need.

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What is Slenderiix?

First of all, Slenderiix is an appetite suppressant that’s supposed to help you fight hunger – resulting in you eating less and losing more. Among the ingredients include:

  • Ammonium bromatum
  • Thyroidinum
  • Avena sativa
  • Grain alcohol
  • Calcarea carbonica
  • Sulfuricum acidum
  • Graphites
  • Stevia leaf
  • Lycopodium clavatum

This is a liquid supplement that needs to be taken three times daily. You simply dispense 10-15 drops under the tongue. This product is often paired with another supplement called Xceler8 and a 1,250-calorie diet plan.

Slenderiix includes different ingredients that aid in a faster weight reduction. There are no stimulants and hormones used with the product. It’s a liquid supplement that you take three times a day. Slenderiix is said to be paired with a 1,250-calorie diet plan and Xceler8.

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How did Slenderiix start?

The company that manufactures Slenderiix is called ARIIX. Their headquarters is located in Bountiful, Utah. The company first made the product available to the consumers through their official website. The website tends to advertise this as the Part 1 of the two-part framework. The second part includes the use of the Xceler8 along with specified diet.

Slenderiix Customer Testimonials

Slenderiix Claims

The manufacturer of Slenderiix has made many different claims. Slenderiix is believed to be a beneficial product specifically for losing weight. It’s a complete weight loss program divided into two parts. The company claims that this two-part system ensures a quick weight loss. It’s promised that it can be a long-term plan for weight reduction.

According to the company, Slenderiix is a homeopathic formula that is designed to help with the release of subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. The makers claim that Slenderiix is a pharmacopeia-approved and a hormone-free product.

The claims by the company also suggest that Slenderiix assists in minimizing these fat stores simultaneously, resulting in weight reduction at two times the rate of other weight-loss programs.

The official website of Slenderiix claims that the product has different abilities:

Slenderiix Ingredients

Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients and what science has to say about their potential benefits – if any.

The ingredients in the Slenderiix formula include:

  • Ammonium bromatum
  • Thyroidinum
  • Avena sativa
  • Grain alcohol
  • Calcarea carbonica
  • Sulfuricum acidum
  • Graphites
  • Stevia leaf
  • Lycopodium clavatum

The amount of ingredients used, however, isn’t shared by the manufacturer – which is a bummer. Slenderiix is meant to be coupled with Xceler8 as well. This combination is said to help speed up the weight-loss process. We just want to know: If Slenderiix works, why do you need to take Xceler8?

The company claims that all the ingredients are natural. The concern for the consumers is that amount of these components in the mixture is not shared, so it’s hard to say whether it works.

The Two-Part Strategy

Part One

Slenderiix includes a two-phase or a two-part strategy for losing significant weight in a quick period. The first phase is part is the preparation phase. During this part of the plan, you can continue eating your regular diet. Then you start taking the Slenderiix drops along with Xceler8 at least three times in a single day. During this phase, you’re told to eat healthier fats like:

Doing this would bring a balance to the fat stores to more healthy ratios, paving the way for optimal health objectives and weight reduction in the next phase.

Part Two

The second phase involves the use of Slenderiix drops for one month to 4 months. The length of use depends on your weight-loss goals. It’s claimed that the use of Slenderiix for a more extended period would result in a higher fat loss. During this phase, there is limited calorie intake (1250 calories a day.) Also, you must drink at least 1000 ounces of water a day.

Not just these ingredients are mixed in the formula; there is a recommended way of taking them. Along with calories intake and diet, it’s recommended that the user should promote walking, jogging, and swimming. Both phases include different dietary instructions.

Does Slenderiix Work?

It’s hard to say whether this product works or not because there are a ton of claims being made here without any scientific backup. We do like that Slenderiix is apparently an easy-to-take supplement. We also appreciate that healthy eating is encouraged alongside the use of the product, but we just can’t get past the lack of scientific evidence supporting this formula.

There are no tested ingredients incorporated in Slenderiix.

The makers also suggest going on a 1250 calorie diet while taking the supplement. If you did this, there’s a good chance you’ll see a reduction in weight. But that says nothing for the formula’s efficacy.

Customer Reviews

There’s a lot of concern surrounding the lack of information on the formula – and its ingredients. The makers don’t provide research backing anything on their product, and dieters are a bit frustrated.

Our research team noticed a lot of talk on lack of results, which didn’t make us feel any better about the supplement. Some were talking about their inability to stick to 12500 calories a day for a month.

The dieters who did find success were also following a 12500 calorie diet – so is it the diet or the product that’s doing the heavy lifting here?

Slenderiix Benefits and Results

According to the manufacturer, the list of benefits is virtually endless.

  • Better benefits than other supplements
  • Weight loss
  • Easy to take
  • Uses “phases” to get the job done
  • Appetite suppression
  • Detoxification

Of course, there’s no scientific evidence to support any of these claimed benefits. Additionally, Slenderiix incorporates a plan for weight loss. There is not just a single supplement that would work. Instead, there are a few steps included in the program. Along with using the product, you need to adhere to a 1250 calorie diet to achieve your desired weight loss goals.

The makers demand you continue the plan for at least 30 days. No one would be able to maintain 1250 calories a day for such a long time. In fact, according to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the effects of a low-calorie diet on metabolism aren’t very promising.

“There were no significant differences between the groups in pre- to posttreatment changes in REE normalized to FFM. Results suggest that REE recovers partially after consumption of a VLCD. They also provide evidence of a possible metabolic advantage of weight loss by a more moderate restriction.” [1]

Details on Slenderiix and Weight Loss

According to our research, if there is a certain facet of a diet program or weight-loss supplement that is burdensome (steep price tag, increased hunger, side effects) the chances of real results that really last for the long term are not good. This means if Slenderiix cost is too difficult for a lot of people to follow, this could be problematic.

Slenderiix is recommended to be used with a combination of 1250 calories a day and regular exercise. In addition, you need to take Xceler8 along with the drops.

A review published by Cholesterol wrote, “HDL can be improved in the longer term by using a combination of a VLCD followed by a weight-maintenance period using a hypocaloric diet. Nevertheless, the studies reviewed here are very heterogeneous and more research needs to be carried out to define the short-term effect of weight loss on HDL levels as well as investigating the effects of VLCDs in groups at higher risk of coronary heart disease such as type 2 diabetics.” [2]

How to Use Slenderiix?

Users must be careful while using Slenderiix. It is recommended to follow the plan suggested by the company. You need to follow the two phases of the program to be successful. As Slenderiix is a liquid supplement, you need to take the drops. You must take the drops at least three times per day.

The preferred time is before meals – You need to dispense 10 to 15 drops under the tongue at a single time. At the second phase, you must pair the other supplement Xceler8.

In addition, you need to follow a 1250 calorie-per-day diet. You must not exceed 1250 calories in a day to be successful in your weight loss effort.

Potential Slenderiix Side Effects

With any supplement, there’s a chance for an adverse reaction. With this one, there’s very little information about the ingredients published on the official website. We also don’t know the exact formula – so it’s hard to tell what you can expect.

As far as side effects of Slenderiix are concerned, there are no specific side effects of this product reported. There are no users that have reported any particular side effects of Slenderiix. This doesn’t mean they can’t happen – especially when you consider the lack of information on the formula and the different components of the weight-loss “strategy.”

Reduced-Calorie Diets

WebMD says that very-low-calorie diets aren’t necessarily the way to go. Side effects can include:

  • Fatigue
  • Constipation
  • Nausea
  • Gallstones
  • Diarrhea

They go on to say that, “To be healthy, you need a balance of foods from different food groups. It’s difficult to get good nutrition and feel satisfied on a very low-calorie diet.” [3]

Stevia Leaf

The Mayo Clinic says that there is no evidence supporting stevia leaf’s advantages for weight loss. Side effects can include:

  • Nausea
  • Feeling of fullness

In addition to that, they add, “The FDA hasn’t approved whole-leaf stevia or crude stevia extracts for use as food additives because of concerns about possible health effects. In particular, the FDA has concerns about the effects of whole-leaf or crude stevia on blood sugar control, the kidneys, and the cardiovascular and reproductive systems.” [4]

Calcarea Carbonica

According to WebMD, Calcium Carbonate can cause: [5]

  • Upset stomach
  • Constipation

Slenderiix Product Warnings

Product Warnings are the essential instructions for the users provided by the manufacturers. Through these warnings, the manufacturers warn the customers about possible issues of using the product. Following are the product warnings for using Slenderiix:

  • Slenderiix is not intended for pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • Don’t take Slenderiix more than three times a day
  • Don’t take more than 15 drops at a single time
  • Must be kept out of the reach of the children
  • It is not for the use of people under the age of 18
  • The people with history of heart problems should not use the product
  • Do not use if you are suffering from any liver or kidney problems

Are There Any Lawsuits Against Slenderiix?

One positive that we found about Slenderiix is that there are no lawsuits filed against them at the moment. It has not come under any legal proceedings by any user.

There has been one lawsuit filed against a company using stevia and claiming that it’s a natural ingredient – when it’s not. [6]

Slenderiix Cost

One of the biggest issues with this supplement is the cost. Customers couldn’t get past the hefty price tag of the Slenderiix and Xceler8 combo. The official website sells this “one-of-a-kind formula” that’s made up of “100 percent homeopathic ingredients” for $164.21 – that is ridiculous.

Slenderiix Alternatives

The products usually have their alternatives. The high competition in the dietary industry has ensured an excellent choice for the consumers. Every nutritional company has made sure that they introduce a competitive product in the market that becomes the preferred choice of the consumers. There are alternatives to Slenderiix available in the market. These include the following products:

What Users Are Saying

“”This product is AMAZING!! I have used Slenderiiz and it has changed my life. I love it because it is all natural so you don’t have to worry about any unnecessary substance entering your body. Also, this product works for every body type!””

“”Ariix products are the best the industry has to buy; but if you really want to soar in weight loss, you should use the complete 3X Fat Loss system. Learn more at SoonerFatLoss.com!””

“”Didn’t work””

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The Bottom Line on Slenderiix

Okay, now the moment you’ve been waiting for. This is our bottom line on the Slenderiix diet plan. Firstly, we like that this supplement is easy to use/take anywhere. We also appreciate that healthy eating is encouraged with this product. Then again, we have some reservations about this formula because it’s not backed by any real science. Moreover, we’re concerned about the steep price tag. Not to mention the calorie restriction involved.

Slenderiix Cons:

  • Way too expensive
  • Calorie-restricted diet
  • There’s no scientific evidence supporting the formula

If you’d really like to shed some pounds, then we suggest you look for a few simple things like tested ingredients and customer support. One that doesn’t leave you feeling hungry or unsatisfied and will not break your bank account.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called BurnHD. This supplement is created with a blend of four ingredients, which have been shown in documented research to aid with appetite, fat loss, and metabolism. We have not uncovered any harsh user complaints, and comments around the web express people see great results.

The makers of BurnHD are so certain of their product they’re offering a Special Trial Offer, which is a good sign.

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  •  So far so good.
    David (Verified User)

    So far I have been using it about five days and lost 5 pounds. I am eating healthy with no bread, grain or corn and trying to stay away from processed foods. But I’m not limiting my calorie intake so I’m not hungry and haven’t seem to be hungry between meals so far.So far so good. I have eaten healthy for five days before and not lost 5 pounds so it’s a good sign