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Slendertone Review - 6 Things You Need to Know

In my never-ending quest to find the best diet product, this week, I reviewed Slendertone. We looked closely at the side effects, ingredients, research, and customer service. Then, we took hundreds of comments into consideration. To make it easier, we condensed and refined it to give you the bottom line.

Slendertone can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is Slendertone?

Firstly, Slendertone is an electronic ab belt designed to help you work your core without actually working out. Ideally, it works to improve tone and shape, so you look slimmer. We didn’t find mention of a diet or cardio exercise.

Slendertone now sells multiple products, including:

  • Connect Abs Toning Belt
  • CoreFit Toning Belt
  • Arms Toner

The company also sells various accessories for their product, like gel pads, chargers, and more.

Bio-Medical Research is the name of the company behind Slendertone. They’ve been around for more than 50 years – impressive. We like that there’s proof that it will work abdominal muscles, and it’s easy to use, but read what some of the research into these belts says:

  • Journal of Sports Science & MedicineIn the conclusion of this study, researchers noted that, “This study found that the use of the Slendertone FLEXTM belt significantly increased abdominal strength and endurance, decreased waist girth, and improved self-perceived abdominal firmness and tone.”
  • The Journal of Dermatological TreatmentMore research is needed to determine the adverse effects of abdominal electronic stimulators.
  • Journal of Orthopaedic ScienceMuscle electrical stimulation can improve muscle activity, specifically in the gluteal muscles.

Slendertone Competitors

Flex Belt

Price – “Expensive”

The first thing we noticed was the Slendertone price. Current price for the belt is $129.99. “We’re all for suggesting a product with clinical support, but affordability has to come into play,” said our Research Editor. “If this is your first step in weight-loss, it may not be the best investment.”

”Worked well for two sessions, then stopped. Not sure if I got a bad one…but I am sure it was likely not worth the price,” said one user.

”For a product that is approaching the $100 cost, this should be better,” one customer shared.

Others didn’t seem to mind.

“I really like this belt,” said a reviewer.

“Amazing. I will be buying another one. My husband and I share the belt but exchange our pads after each use,” a user commented.


Slendertone Ineffectiveness – “Does It Really Work?”

We were worried when we saw quite a few reviewers used the product with no difference to their core. We don’t expect it to give you a six-pack by any means, but some progress is ideal, like the changes that happen when you use the Flex Belt. When reading through Slendertone Ab5 reviews, issues that came up included poor quality, dizziness, and no weight-loss.

”I don’t think this has made my abs look any better,” said a user.

”So disappointing. It hurts my sides, and I’ve gotten zero results,” claimed a buyer.

There were some, however, who loved their results.

“After a few weeks, I’m already showing definition. Never had that before,” a happy customer mentioned online.

A user also said, “With this belt, my abs are tighter. I love the result, and I recommend this belt, who has similar issues.”

Over the years, we’ve found it takes a small thing, like high price or ineffectiveness, to send customers running in the other direction. If they’re going to spend a lot of money on Slendertone, they want it to be something they know will get the job done.

In 2019, Slendertone was sued, according to Class Action. According to the suit, Slendertone’s Flex Belt was ineffective and made false claims about its health benefits. Right now, the product is not for sale on the official website.

Update 2020: Slendertone is back with a full line of products, including a flex belt! See them on their website for more info.


The Science – “It’s There”

Electrical stimulation does help the muscles contract, but likely not enough to get the same experience from a real workout. It also doesn’t help you lose weight, so if there is a layer of fat over the abdominal, you may not see any changes. This is the same as the original product and Slendertone Abs5.

What Users Are Saying

What Users Are Saying

“The fat on my abdomen is already getting softer.”

“Never worked. Purchased 3 over the course of a month or two, so let that be a guide. Would just stop when you tried to increase the strength. Needless to say, since I never got one to work for 6+ weeks, I was unable to use it per their tag line and get my core down. Waste of time and money.”

“I’ve used this type of product for about a decade and know that some are really good and some are virtually worthless. I already had a SlenderTone ab belt that does work well so decided to try this arm one. On it’s lower settings it works well as a massage type device to sooth muscles and relieve general soreness and stiffness. At it’s highest settings it’s actually a very effective workout for the arms. The controller uses a rechargeable battery that charges quickly but runs down fairly fast also. It will need to be recharged after two or three sessions but in comparison to buying new batteries all the time it’s a good money saver.”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line – Does Slendertone Work?

Is it time to clear the shelves of Slendertone or Slendertone Abs5? We like that there’s some clinical support, and if you are already relatively fit, you may notice some changes. However, we are hesitant to suggest it to those trying to lose weight as it won’t help with calorie burn.

If you’re ready to lose weight, we suggest going straight to a program that’s clinically proven to help you reach your weight-loss goals.

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What are the ingredients in Slendertone?

The thick black belt of the Slendertone Ab toner sits comfortably on the waist. Gel pads made of hydrogel go between the belt and the skin. This substance is latex free and anti-allergenic.

What are the side effects of Slendertone?

If you overuse the product it may cause nausea, dizziness, or a strange feeling in the stomach.

Does Slendertone work?

The reviews on this product are fantastic. Most people can’t say enough good things about it. It seems to work as it should. It strengthens your core, helps you lose inches, and increases your abdominal stamina.

What is the price of Slendertone?

You can purchase the Slendertone Abs Toning Belt for $99.00 or the Slendertone Connect Abs Toning Belt for $199.00. The latter version connects to an app on smartphones. Prices are comparable on other websites. The gel pads are $12.99

Where can I buy Slendertone?

Get Slendertone on slendertone.com, Amazon.com, Walmart.com, Hayneedle.com, and Theflexbelt.com

Where can I buy Slendertone?

Slendertone can be purchased using their Official Site.

How should I take Slendertone?

You can begin by using this product five times a week for four to eight weeks. Once you achieve the results you want, you can use the belt two to three times a week for maintenance. You will need to replace the gel pads after about twenty to thirty sessions.

How do I contact Slendertone customer service?

You can contact the customer service department directly at 1-800-551-2443, or you can email them at info@slendertoneusa.com

Can I return Slendertone?

There is a sixty-day money back guarantee with this product.

What are the most common complaints about Slendertone?

The one thing that people had a problem with was the belt coming apart after about a month of use.

13 Slendertone Reviews

  • Product did not work
    stephane (Verified Purchase)

    I purchased Slendertone through advertisement on Japanese TV here in Tokyo,but I never had the chance to test the result of that “wonderful product”, after a couple of weeks it stopped working….I has no idea what happened but my investment ended up in the garbage can.

    My advice keep your money and stick with good old sit ups & physical exercises.

  • I have not see any difference in my measurements
    verna rapchuk (Verified Purchase)

    So far I have not see any difference in my measurements
    I have been using it as required .
    In fact I think I am flabber .

  • Slendertone at the gym
    jackie marney (Verified Purchase)

    Can you use slendertone pants at the gym. That is at the same time of working out at the gym

    • Yedy Torres

      Hi Jackie,

      The product is recommended to be used 5 times a week, the product’s website does not state if it should not be used for the gym.

    DANI (Verified Purchase)


    • nick

      not having a balanced diet isn’t the only factor

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