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Slim In 6 Review - Does This Exercise Program Work?

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By Summer Banks Mar 18, 2017

Why is it that so few diet products are backed by science? Let’s find out if Slim in 6 is one of the good ones. We at DietSpotlight conducted an in-depth review, scrutinizing the side effects, ingredients, scientific research and level of customer care. We additionally looked at dozens of customer comments and experiences from around the web. Finally, we compacted all the facts to give you the info you need.

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What is Slim in 6?

To begin with, Slim in 6 is a workout set from Beachbody. It includes three Body-Slimming DVDs, a workout calendar, a weight-loss eating plan, two free workout DVDs and a resistance band. This program is supposed to help you slim down in only six weeks. This is performed at moderate intensity and it only requires 30-45 minutes per day. Both cardio and resistance training are involved. The trainer that instructs you is Debbie Siebers. It is supposed to help you melt off fat, tone lean muscle and get “incredible body-shaping” results.

Slim in 6 was released back in 2008 and is available via the website. This program promotes regular exercise and it’s low-impact so many people can handle it, but read on…

Poor Product Quality – “Bad DVDs?”

The first, and probably most important, issue with Slim in 6 pertains to quality. According to our Research Editor, “Sadly we discovered a high number of complaints about the DVDs not working. This is certainly a red flag. If they are not usable, the weight-loss program will not be effective.”

One customer complained, “This was a very disappointing purchase. These DVDs will not play on any DVD player. Terrible for the price!!!”

“I ordered this set twice, and twice the first DVD wouldn’t load! I was so disappointed,” said another user.

Slim in 6 Customer Complaints – “Plenty”

You will find all sorts of negative customer comments posted on dealer websites such as Amazon. One person said, “Literally horrible. I did 5 days and was so bored I couldn’t continue. No music and so bland. I don’t know how anyone works out to this.”

Another customer stated, “It was just the same old moves and actually very boring. The diet plan not at all something I would do.”

Our intensive research has proven if there is some particular facet of a fitness program that is especially annoying (too many customer complaints, poor product quality, a difficult exercise) the probability of long-term weight-loss success is low. This means if Slim in 6 DVDs don’t play, why in the world would more people buy them?

The Science – “Solid?”

First of all, Slim in 6 promotes daily exercise, which can help with weight-loss. As for actual science, we did not locate any studies on the official website, which isn’t that unusual. It’s typically a given that working out burns calories and that leads to a smaller number on the scale. But, there a few things to consider. The DVDs have to work and users have to be willing to stick with it long-term.

The Bottom Line – Does Slim in 6 Work?

Now, have we decided to start doing Slim in 6 each morning? First of all, we like that the program promotes regular exercise and that it’s low impact to suit many different people. But we have some reservations about it because we can’t find a reason to choose this one over the thousands of others on the market. Also, we’re concerned about customer complaints and poor product quality.

If you’d like to get fit and shed more pounds, we recommend you combine an exercise program with a clinically tested supplement with strong customer support, an amazing price and dedicated customer service.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Leptigen. Its formula is a unique blend of four potent ingredients, which have been shown in clinical testing to help boost metabolism and speed up fat loss. We didn’t find mention of very many side effects and the users reviews are out of this world. This is everything a dieter should expect from a weight-loss supplement.

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Whether you live in Australia, the UK or others, Leptigen offers fast, reliable worldwide shipping. Just choose your country from the menu on the order page – it’s simple! You can learn more today about a supplement that has dieters excited.

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What You Should Know

Slim in 6 is a weight loss program that was developed by Beach Body. This company offers other weight reduction systems such as P90X, Hip Hop Abs, Rockin' Body and Turbo Jam. The intended goal of Slim in 6 is to "reshape your body in six weeks." This weight loss program incorporates "the science of Slim Training." This is stated on the official website to be a combination of mild resistance moves and cardio exercises. Slim in 6 aims to assist with fat burning, body toning and muscle sculpting. A focus is placed on the thighs, buttocks and abdominal muscles.

The Beach Body website claims that numerous people drop up to 25 pounds within the first six weeks of this program. Slim in 6 involves three exercise instructional DVDs, a success guidebook, a nutritional guide, a progress calendar, free online access, a tape measure to keep track of results, an "Ab" DVD, a "6-Day Express Diet Plan" and a stretching DVD. Slim in 6 is offered with a six-week money-back/satisfaction guarantee. This diet program sells via the official website for three installments of $19.95, and it seems customers can choose to pay the full price at the time of purchase. There are some success stories and before/after photos provided on the Beach Body website.

Product Features

Slim in 6 is essentially a fitness program that is marketed primarily toward women. Unlike some other fitness regimens, Slim in 6 places a focus on toning the thighs, abs and buttocks. The official website claims that within six weeks you'll see considerable results (25 pounds of weight loss can be expected.) This weight reduction system consists of three workout DVDs, a nutritional guide, online access, a calendar to keep track of progress, a step-by-step success guidebook and a tape measure to assist you. Slim in 6 sells for three monthly installments of $19.95 (around $60). Slim in 6 does not involve the consumption of diet pills.


  • Slim in 6 can be easily and conveniently purchased through the official website.
  • There is a 6-week money-back/satisfaction guarantee offered with Slim in 6.
  • Slim in 6 gives an expected time frame for weight loss results.


  • There are no appetite suppressants incorporated into the Slim in 6 weight loss program.
  • Slim in 6 appears to be primarily suited for women only.
  • There are no fat burners offered with Slim in 6.
  • Slim in 6 calls for quite a change in lifestyle, which may be too drastic for some individuals.
  • Results may be slow or inconsistent. (See reader comments.)
  • The official website says to consult a physician prior to getting starting with Slim in 6.


Like many other weight reduction programs, Slim in 6 makes the Slim in 6 system requires only a one-time purchase of the weight loss system instructions. However, the rather drastic lifestyle change involved with this program may prove to be too severe for some dieters. There are no appetite suppressants or metabolic boosters involved in this program, so it's pretty much the same as other structured diets. Naturally it's a prudent idea to consult your physician prior to choosing a weight loss program like Slim in 6.

Click here to buy Slim In Six online now, or post about your experiences in our Slim In Six forum below.

Slim In 6 Questions & Answers:

We narrowed down hundreds of user comments about Slim in 6 and created this helpful FAQ.

What are the side effects of Slim in 6?

Slim in 6 side effects reported by customers included muscle soreness and joint pains.

What are the ingredients in Slim in 6?

The Slim in 6 ingredients are more about what comes in the program. You’ll receive exercise routines, a workout calendar, an eating plan, resistance bands and online support.

Does Slim in 6 work?

Although the website offers customer testimonials and provides the benefits of including fitness and healthy eating to a weight-management program, there’s no research proving Slim in 6 increases weight-loss.

While exercise is great, take a moment to think about what you’ll get out of Slim in 6 and consider a supplement like Leptigen. The supplement contains some clinically-tested ingredients and has been shown to work.

How much does Slim in 6 cost?

Slim in 6 costs $39.95 or two payments of $19.95.

How should I follow Slim in 6?

You should follow Slim in 6 for six weeks. If you follow the workout guide, you will complete a routine each day for a minimum of five days.

Can I take Slim in 6 if I have a health condition?

Women who are pregnant or nursing, those with health conditions, anyone taking prescription medications or under 18 years of age should contact a healthcare professional prior to starting any fitness program, including Slim in 6.

What do users like about Slim in 6?

We found that some users liked the low impact of the Slim in 6 routines.

What do users NOT like about Slim in 6?

Some users didn’t like time it takes to complete some of the Slim in 6 routines.

How do I contact the Slim in 6 customer service department?

You can contact the Slim in 6 customer service department by calling a representative at 1-800-470-7870, emailing an agent through the feedback form or by writing correspondence to the corporate team at Beachbody 3301 Exposition Blvd. 3rd Floor Santa Monica, CA 90404.

How long are the routines in Slim in 6?

In the base kit, the routines last between 10 and 60 minutes. If you purchase the deluxe editions, the routines last between 30 and 80 minutes.

Is Slim in 6 an extreme fitness program?

No, Slim in 6 isn’t an extreme fitness program. The routines are a combination of light resistance and low-impact cardio.

Will I need to diet on Slim in 6?

You don’t need to diet on Slim in 6, but the makers of the plan recommend eating a balanced diet to better results.

Does Slim in 6 come with a guarantee?

Yes, Slim in 6 comes with a guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the product, you have six weeks to return it for a full refund.

Do you know of any special deals or discounts on Slim in 6?

There are deals and discounts on Slim in 6. If you purchase the program from the website, you will receive 50% off of the purchase price. However, the last several months have been off the rails, considering our readers have been taking advantage of Leptigen’s Special Trial Offer, which is just the cost of shipping and handling. Click here to give it a go.

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Rating: 3.4. From 127 votes.
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Slim In 6 Review

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Bad review

Honestly with any exercise you do repeat the same moves over and over again. That is how you build muscle and strength. Slim in 6 is there to help those that can’t do high impact. All the jumping that are in the other videos. Buy it from beach body and the complaint about it not working will go away. Buy from a second hand when the DVD has already been used or opened you get the problem of it not working. Have to be smart with your purchases. Slim in 6 does work! It worked wonders for me without supplements. Don’t look for a wonder drug. There aren’t any out there that will make you skinny without exercise. If you lose weight you also need to tighten as you go or you end up with flabby skin and a flat butt. Make smart decisions and don’t go off of one bad post.


Have had Slim in 6 for years, started, stopped, started. About 3 months ago I decided to go back on my Weight Watchers and really commit to Slim in 6 for the six week. I Started It up, and went, ok, let’s go straight to Ramp It Up. It took me 2 weeks or so to get all the way through to the resistance bands; first day I could only do 5 minutes. My results are I’ve lost 19 lbs, my waist and hips are much smaller, and my ‘back fat’ is reduced. I don’t ever go to the floor exercises because I suffer from motion sickness when I lie on the floor and try to do exercises (truly). I’m still trying to get to the workout every day because my back, hips and legs are much less painful when I do. I’m 64, feel very good. Thank you for a great workout DVD. PS, yes, it can be boring, but if you only go through to the hamstrings, it’s 20 minutes. No big deal.

Olin Riska

How long does it take to drop 100 pounds?

Arnold (Editor)

Hi Olin, results vary between individuals but the program only lasts about six weeks. it may take a bit longer than six weeks to lose 100 pounds.

Nutrition Info

Preserving the health by too strict a regimen is a wearisome malady. ~François Duc de la Rochefoucauld


Thank you, I’ve recently been looking for info about this subject for a while and yours is the best I have found out so far. However, what concerning the bottom line? Are you sure about the supply?

Aniya umar

hi I’m 16 year old my height is good but my belly is not in good shape please help me…I can’t do exercises because of my studies ..plz….help me

Cameron (Editor)

Hi, Aniya! Here can only imagine how difficult balancing school and a proper exercise regimen maybe. Try to make a schedule suitable to achieve your goals.


I am 58 years old and bought SI6 to tone up and trim off excess fat. I have been on Ramp it Up for 3 weeks now and still find it challenging. I do it first thing in the morning and I can never complete all of the squats without my lower back aching (as well as my legs). However I do a modified move for some of these. However as I am probably completing 90% of the DVD dont think I’m doing too bad. I would appreciate comments from other mature ladies as to how they are managing. As I am not overweight I have not changed my regular, basically but not always healthy diet. Another problem I have is energy as I haven’t got time to eat breakfast then wait 2 hours as suggested before exercising,so I do get tired whilst doing the program, I am always so grateful when I ‘hit the deck’ for the floor exercises. Some advice on this would be good, how to boost enegy1

Your Name

Yaar Lulu, try eating more protein, such as eggs for breakfast, and protein after workout.Be aware that most breakfast cereals are full of sugar,which isn’t good, coffee and tea aren’t great for adrenals…as for doing squats correctly, it’s worth getting a qualified trainer to teach correct technique, good luck, don’t dispear, find a trainer who inspires you personally, you can do it!We all can!

Your Name

Hi Lulu, I have just ordered the Slim in Six and I am 65 years old this year. I may decide to stay with the first section longer than someone a lot younger. And then progress as I can. Why not do your exercise first then two hours later eat breakfast? If we eat carbs before exercising we burn the carbs off first so if we reverse the routine and exercise before we eat it may be an advantage. Why not ask the advice of the trainer who devised this package.Cheers, Suzanne from Australia.

Katie corp

Hey I have fibromyalgia for 3 years now and ballooned in weight I’m 18 stone 9, I got my slim and six6 pack on Monday I can manage the warm up DVD my forth time just finished, it gets harder everyday my legs feel a little better after but through out the day the get achey it’s not a terrible pain I have had worse, but I would like to know when it will get a little easier to do and my legs not to ache so much ?


I was wondering if anyone with rheumatoid arthritis has done or knows someone who has done slim in 6 and was it easy on them? im 23 and have rheumatoid arthritis and want to lose around 20 pounds and don’t know if this would work for me with the RA.

Your Name

I am going to start up the slim n 6 and see how it works out. I to have RA….I have had for just about 2 years. You just meed to be careful and to the modified moves. I am 49 smile


I’m 26, 5’2 and 113lbs now. I want to loss about 10 pounds by slim in 6. Does it work? how long? 2 weeks or more?


I am not sure what to do :/ I ordered slim in 6 because I used it when I was 15 and lost nearly 20 pounds (which got me to a healthy weight) I’ve been using it for nearly 4 weeks now and nothing has happened. I haven’t lost a pound. I’ve put in all of my enegry into almost every workout and still nothing yet. I had such success before and now I am not seeing anything. I did start it up for a week and a half and I’ve been going back and forth between ramp it up and burn it up for almost three weeks now. I also did the three say shakeology diet and I eat around 1,000 cal per day which is even below what my BMI calculator says I should be eating. I feel like quiting, and I am really hoping the progress will start showing someday soon…


You aren’t losing weight b/c you aren’t consuming enough calories. Your body is storing fat instead of burning it. You should be eating around 1700 calories per day if not more.
You should consult your doctor immediately.

nellie valentin

Ive email you company to cancell activit vitamin and your company is still billing and the phone number does not take the toll free number because im in Puerto Rico but when i made the order it took my call that is great and for the last 2 months they been charging me foor the vitamin and have not recieve them this is the second time i email and no answer or i will go to the bank today and cancell the direct payment today if i get no answer today

Your Name

You have to go directly to Beachbody.com to do that… This site is a review of the product. Wrong place buddy.


I have ordered SI6 recently but since I started I can’t seem to stop eating. I know I shouldn’t but I am starving! I am doing my exercises. I tried the 2 day fast, but withthree toddlers under 5, I am alwasy running around, so I had to stop b4 the 1st day was over. Any tips to keep the hunger down and my diet on the right track? I really want to succeed as I badly need to get back into shape.


Meg have you increased your water intake as well? I’ve learned since starting with my Slim in 6 and my Shakeology from beachbody that a person striving to lose weight needs to divide their weight in 1/2 and drink that amount of water to aid in weight loss. Also 5 small meals a day sometimes 6 are helpful. I personally have been doing this since May 10th and have lost 8 pounds. Also when you think you are hungry try an 8 oz glass of water first and weight 1/2 an hour before going for food. Our bodies thirst and hunger pains are very similar. Hope this helps.


What age limit does this product go down to? and does your body ache after the workout or the next few days?
thank you!

Cameron (Editor)

Hi, Megan. The plan is recommended and intended for 18 and older. Any rigorous exercise can cause strain to the body this is why its important to consult your doctor to see if this work out regimen is a fit for you.

P's Mom

Will this work for someone with a hundred pounds to lose?


I have used these DVDs on and off for the past 5 year. What I love most about this progam is that it is super simple and there are 3 sets of Discs…so depending on how active I have been I can start at any level. Only gripe I had was minimal, she sometimes goes off the rhythm of the music but I guess that’s why she a workout queen and not a dancer. Point is that it is worth the money and very easy to use and that is a huge plus.

Cameron (Editor)

Hi, Gina. Thank you for the positive feed back. On behalf of dietspotlight.com we would like to wish you good luck in your endeavors.


I’m 15 and have been diagnosed with PCOS due to this I am overweight so i purchased fit in 6 to help shift the weight. my only problem is i find it hard to keep myself motivated , any ideas?


hi , just 1 question can this help a diabetic type 2 ,my weight i just cant control.please help


hi. i lost 10 pounds in two weeks with slim in six.

Cameron (Editor)

Hi, Manjeet. we would like to congratulate you on your success. keep up the had work!


just read another review saying cds dont work for users in UK is this still true?


I brought the Cds from amazon and they work perfectly on my dvd player, i live in wales so it should be ok