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Slim In 6 Review- Does This Exercise Program Work?

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By Summer Banks Jun 10, 2017

Why is it that so few diet products are backed by science? Let’s find out if Slim in 6 is one of the good ones. We at DietSpotlight conducted an in-depth review, scrutinizing the side effects, ingredients, scientific research and level of customer care. We additionally looked at dozens of customer comments and experiences from around the web. Finally, we compacted all the facts to give you the info you need.

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What is Slim in 6?

To begin with, Slim in 6 is a workout set from Beachbody. It includes three Body-Slimming DVDs, a workout calendar, a weight-loss eating plan, two free workout DVDs and a resistance band. This program is supposed to help you slim down in only six weeks. This is performed at moderate intensity and it only requires 30-45 minutes per day. Both cardio and resistance training are involved. The trainer that instructs you is Debbie Siebers. It is supposed to help you melt off fat, tone lean muscle and get “incredible body-shaping” results.

Slim in 6 was released back in 2008 and is available via the website. This program promotes regular exercise and it’s low-impact so many people can handle it, but read on…

Poor Product Quality – “Bad DVDs?”

The first, and probably most important, issue with Slim in 6 pertains to quality. According to our Research Editor, “Sadly we discovered a high number of complaints about the DVDs not working. This is certainly a red flag. If they are not usable, the weight-loss program will not be effective.”

One customer complained, “This was a very disappointing purchase. These DVDs will not play on any DVD player. Terrible for the price!!!”

“I ordered this set twice, and twice the first DVD wouldn’t load! I was so disappointed,” said another user.

Slim in 6 Customer Complaints – “Plenty”

You will find all sorts of negative customer comments posted on dealer websites such as Amazon. One person said, “Literally horrible. I did 5 days and was so bored I couldn’t continue. No music and so bland. I don’t know how anyone works out to this.”

Another customer stated, “It was just the same old moves and actually very boring. The diet plan not at all something I would do.”

Our intensive research has proven if there is some particular facet of a fitness program that is especially annoying (too many customer complaints, poor product quality, a difficult exercise) the probability of long-term weight-loss success is low. This means if Slim in 6 DVDs don’t play, why in the world would more people buy them?

The Science – “Solid?”

First of all, Slim in 6 promotes daily exercise, which can help with weight-loss. As for actual science, we did not locate any studies on the official website, which isn’t that unusual. It’s typically a given that working out burns calories and that leads to a smaller number on the scale. But, there a few things to consider. The DVDs have to work and users have to be willing to stick with it long-term.

The Bottom Line – Does Slim in 6 Work?

Now, have we decided to start doing Slim in 6 each morning? First of all, we like that the program promotes regular exercise and that it’s low impact to suit many different people. But we have some reservations about it because we can’t find a reason to choose this one over the thousands of others on the market. Also, we’re concerned about customer complaints and poor product quality.

If you’d like to get fit and shed more pounds, we recommend you combine an exercise program with a clinically tested supplement with strong customer support, an amazing price and dedicated customer service.

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What You Should Know

Slim in 6 is a weight loss program that was developed by Beach Body. This company offers other weight reduction systems such as P90X, Hip Hop Abs, Rockin' Body and Turbo Jam. The intended goal of Slim in 6 is to "reshape your body in six weeks." This weight loss program incorporates "the science of Slim Training." This is stated on the official website to be a combination of mild resistance moves and cardio exercises. Slim in 6 aims to assist with fat burning, body toning and muscle sculpting. A focus is placed on the thighs, buttocks and abdominal muscles.

The Beach Body website claims that numerous people drop up to 25 pounds within the first six weeks of this program. Slim in 6 involves three exercise instructional DVDs, a success guidebook, a nutritional guide, a progress calendar, free online access, a tape measure to keep track of results, an "Ab" DVD, a "6-Day Express Diet Plan" and a stretching DVD. Slim in 6 is offered with a six-week money-back/satisfaction guarantee. This diet program sells via the official website for three installments of $19.95, and it seems customers can choose to pay the full price at the time of purchase. There are some success stories and before/after photos provided on the Beach Body website.

Product Features

Slim in 6 is essentially a fitness program that is marketed primarily toward women. Unlike some other fitness regimens, Slim in 6 places a focus on toning the thighs, abs and buttocks. The official website claims that within six weeks you'll see considerable results (25 pounds of weight loss can be expected.) This weight reduction system consists of three workout DVDs, a nutritional guide, online access, a calendar to keep track of progress, a step-by-step success guidebook and a tape measure to assist you. Slim in 6 sells for three monthly installments of $19.95 (around $60). Slim in 6 does not involve the consumption of diet pills.


  • Slim in 6 can be easily and conveniently purchased through the official website.
  • There is a 6-week money-back/satisfaction guarantee offered with Slim in 6.
  • Slim in 6 gives an expected time frame for weight loss results.


  • There are no appetite suppressants incorporated into the Slim in 6 weight loss program.
  • Slim in 6 appears to be primarily suited for women only.
  • There are no fat burners offered with Slim in 6.
  • Slim in 6 calls for quite a change in lifestyle, which may be too drastic for some individuals.
  • Results may be slow or inconsistent. (See reader comments.)
  • The official website says to consult a physician prior to getting starting with Slim in 6.


Like many other weight reduction programs, Slim in 6 makes the Slim in 6 system requires only a one-time purchase of the weight loss system instructions. However, the rather drastic lifestyle change involved with this program may prove to be too severe for some dieters. There are no appetite suppressants or metabolic boosters involved in this program, so it's pretty much the same as other structured diets. Naturally it's a prudent idea to consult your physician prior to choosing a weight loss program like Slim in 6.

Click here to buy Slim In Six online now, or post about your experiences in our Slim In Six forum below.

Slim In 6 Questions & Answers:

We narrowed down hundreds of user comments about Slim in 6 and created this helpful FAQ.

What are the side effects of Slim in 6?

Slim in 6 side effects reported by customers included muscle soreness and joint pains.

What are the ingredients in Slim in 6?

The Slim in 6 ingredients are more about what comes in the program. You’ll receive exercise routines, a workout calendar, an eating plan, resistance bands and online support.

Does Slim in 6 work?

Although the website offers customer testimonials and provides the benefits of including fitness and healthy eating to a weight-management program, there’s no research proving Slim in 6 increases weight-loss.

While exercise is great, take a moment to think about what you’ll get out of Slim in 6 and consider a supplement like LDietspotlight Burn. The supplement contains some clinically-tested ingredients and has been shown to work.

How much does Slim in 6 cost?

Slim in 6 costs $39.95 or two payments of $19.95.

How should I follow Slim in 6?

You should follow Slim in 6 for six weeks. If you follow the workout guide, you will complete a routine each day for a minimum of five days.

What do users like about Slim in 6?

We found that some users liked the low impact of the Slim in 6 routines.

What do users NOT like about Slim in 6?

Some users didn’t like time it takes to complete some of the Slim in 6 routines.


How long are the routines in Slim in 6?

In the base kit, the routines last between 10 and 60 minutes. If you purchase the deluxe editions, the routines last between 30 and 80 minutes.

Is Slim in 6 an extreme fitness program?

No, Slim in 6 isn’t an extreme fitness program. The routines are a combination of light resistance and low-impact cardio.

Will I need to diet on Slim in 6?

You don’t need to diet on Slim in 6, but the makers of the plan recommend eating a balanced diet to better results.

Does Slim in 6 come with a guarantee?

Yes, Slim in 6 comes with a guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the product, you have six weeks to return it for a full refund.

Do you know of any special deals or discounts on Slim in 6?

There are deals and discounts on Slim in 6. If you purchase the program from the website, you will receive 50% off of the purchase price. However, the last several months have been off the rails, considering our readers have been taking advantage of the Special Trial Offer from Dietspotlight Burn, which is just the cost of shipping and handling. Click above to give it a go.

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Rating: 3.4. From 127 votes.
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Slim In 6 Review

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  helps cellulite
Dana (Verified User)

Has anyone noticed if it helps cellulite?? I am on day 6 and would reaaly love to wear shorts without worrying about ugly cellulite!!!

Maribel (Editor)

Hello Dana. All users are different and can experience different weight-loss results, but exercise in conjunction with a healthy diet and supplements have shown to help with weight-loss and possibly cellulite.

  I am very excited

Hey everyone:) I just ordered slim in 6 and I am expecting it tomorrow! I am very excited:) I work out a lot but I need something where I will see a real change in my body. Do you think this is it?? Also I am 138 lbs and I want to get to 125. Is this the right program to lose weight and tone up??

Maribel (Editor)

Hello Amanda. All users are different and can experience different weight-loss results, but exercise in conjunction with a healthy diet and supplements have shown to help with weight-loss and possibly toning.

  Slim In 6
Olin Riska

How long does it take to drop 100 pounds?

Arnold (Editor)

Hi Olin, results vary between individuals but the program only lasts about six weeks. it may take a bit longer than six weeks to lose 100 pounds.

  Wish me luck
Jen (Verified User)

Ok …here goes nothing…I’ve had the DVD’s for some time now and have yet to follow through. I start tommorrow 1/27/11. Wish me luck…I am determined to get my weight down before my 30th birthday this June.

  Is this effective for me?
P's Mom

Will this work for someone with a hundred pounds to lose?

Maribel (Editor)

Hello P’s Mom. All users are different and can experience different weight-loss results, but exercise in conjunction with a healthy diet and supplements have shown to help with weight-loss.

  What age limit for it?

What age limit does this product go down to? and does your body ache after the workout or the next few days?
thank you!

Cameron (Editor)

Hi, Megan. The plan is recommended and intended for 18 and older. Any rigorous exercise can cause strain to the body this is why its important to consult your doctor to see if this work out regimen is a fit for you.

  Hoping for great results
uzzy (Verified User)

i am going to start s6 so lets c how it goes

Aniya umar

hi I’m 16 year old my height is good but my belly is not in good shape please help me…I can’t do exercises because of my studies ..plz….help me

Cameron (Editor)

Hi, Aniya! We can only imagine how difficult balancing school and a proper exercise regimen maybe. Try to make a schedule suitable to achieve your goals.

Bad review

Honestly with any exercise you do repeat the same moves over and over again. That is how you build muscle and strength. Slim in 6 is there to help those that can’t do high impact. All the jumping that are in the other videos. Buy it from beach body and the complaint about it not working will go away. Buy from a second hand when the DVD has already been used or opened you get the problem of it not working. Have to be smart with your purchases. Slim in 6 does work! It worked wonders for me without supplements. Don’t look for a wonder drug. There aren’t any out there that will make you skinny without exercise. If you lose weight you also need to tighten as you go or you end up with flabby skin and a flat butt. Make smart decisions and don’t go off of one bad post.


Have had Slim in 6 for years, started, stopped, started. About 3 months ago I decided to go back on my Weight Watchers and really commit to Slim in 6 for the six week. I Started It up, and went, ok, let’s go straight to Ramp It Up. It took me 2 weeks or so to get all the way through to the resistance bands; first day I could only do 5 minutes. My results are I’ve lost 19 lbs, my waist and hips are much smaller, and my ‘back fat’ is reduced. I don’t ever go to the floor exercises because I suffer from motion sickness when I lie on the floor and try to do exercises (truly). I’m still trying to get to the workout every day because my back, hips and legs are much less painful when I do. I’m 64, feel very good. Thank you for a great workout DVD. PS, yes, it can be boring, but if you only go through to the hamstrings, it’s 20 minutes. No big deal.

  Slim In 6
Nutrition Info

Preserving the health by too strict a regimen is a wearisome malady. ~François Duc de la Rochefoucauld

  Recently Been Looking For Information

Thank you, I’ve recently been looking for info about this subject for a while and yours is the best I have found out so far. However, what concerning the bottom line? Are you sure about the supply?

  Appreciate comments
Lulu (Verified User)

I am 58 years old and bought SI6 to tone up and trim off excess fat. I have been on Ramp it Up for 3 weeks now and still find it challenging. I do it first thing in the morning and I can never complete all of the squats without my lower back aching (as well as my legs). However I do a modified move for some of these. However as I am probably completing 90% of the DVD dont think I’m doing too bad. I would appreciate comments from other mature ladies as to how they are managing. As I am not overweight I have not changed my regular, basically but not always healthy diet. Another problem I have is energy as I haven’t got time to eat breakfast then wait 2 hours as suggested before exercising,so I do get tired whilst doing the program, I am always so grateful when I ‘hit the deck’ for the floor exercises. Some advice on this would be good, how to boost enegy1


Yaar Lulu, try eating more protein, such as eggs for breakfast, and protein after workout.Be aware that most breakfast cereals are full of sugar,which isn’t good, coffee and tea aren’t great for adrenals…as for doing squats correctly, it’s worth getting a qualified trainer to teach correct technique, good luck, don’t dispear, find a trainer who inspires you personally, you can do it!We all can!


Hi Lulu, I have just ordered the Slim in Six and I am 65 years old this year. I may decide to stay with the first section longer than someone a lot younger. And then progress as I can. Why not do your exercise first then two hours later eat breakfast? If we eat carbs before exercising we burn the carbs off first so if we reverse the routine and exercise before we eat it may be an advantage. Why not ask the advice of the trainer who devised this package.Cheers, Suzanne from Australia.

  I would like to know when it will get a little easier to do and my legs not to ache so much?
Katie corp (Verified User)

Hey I have fibromyalgia for 3 years now and ballooned in weight I’m 18 stone 9, I got my slim and six6 pack on Monday I can manage the warm up DVD my forth time just finished, it gets harder everyday my legs feel a little better after but through out the day the get achey it’s not a terrible pain I have had worse, but I would like to know when it will get a little easier to do and my legs not to ache so much ?

  if anyone with rheumatoid arthritis has done or knows someone who has done slim in 6 and was it easy on them?

I was wondering if anyone with rheumatoid arthritis has done or knows someone who has done slim in 6 and was it easy on them? im 23 and have rheumatoid arthritis and want to lose around 20 pounds and don’t know if this would work for me with the RA.


I am going to start up the slim n 6 and see how it works out. I to have RA….I have had for just about 2 years. You just meed to be careful and to the modified moves. I am 49 🙂

  I want to loss about 10 pounds by slim in 6. Does it work and how long it will take?

I’m 26, 5’2 and 113lbs now. I want to loss about 10 pounds by slim in 6. Does it work? how long? 2 weeks or more?

  So far it is not working for me.
Chelsey (Verified User)

I am not sure what to do :/ I ordered slim in 6 because I used it when I was 15 and lost nearly 20 pounds (which got me to a healthy weight) I’ve been using it for nearly 4 weeks now and nothing has happened. I haven’t lost a pound. I’ve put in all of my enegry into almost every workout and still nothing yet. I had such success before and now I am not seeing anything. I did start it up for a week and a half and I’ve been going back and forth between ramp it up and burn it up for almost three weeks now. I also did the three say shakeology diet and I eat around 1,000 cal per day which is even below what my BMI calculator says I should be eating. I feel like quiting, and I am really hoping the progress will start showing someday soon…


You aren’t losing weight b/c you aren’t consuming enough calories. Your body is storing fat instead of burning it. You should be eating around 1700 calories per day if not more.
You should consult your doctor immediately.

  Please stop automatic billing.
nellie valentin (Verified User)

Ive email you company to cancell activit vitamin and your company is still billing and the phone number does not take the toll free number because im in Puerto Rico but when i made the order it took my call that is great and for the last 2 months they been charging me foor the vitamin and have not recieve them this is the second time i email and no answer or i will go to the bank today and cancell the direct payment today if i get no answer today


You have to go directly to Beachbody.com to do that… This site is a review of the product. Wrong place buddy.

  How to keep hunger down?
Meg (Verified User)

I have ordered SI6 recently but since I started I can’t seem to stop eating. I know I shouldn’t but I am starving! I am doing my exercises. I tried the 2 day fast, but withthree toddlers under 5, I am alwasy running around, so I had to stop b4 the 1st day was over. Any tips to keep the hunger down and my diet on the right track? I really want to succeed as I badly need to get back into shape.


Meg have you increased your water intake as well? I’ve learned since starting with my Slim in 6 and my Shakeology from beachbody that a person striving to lose weight needs to divide their weight in 1/2 and drink that amount of water to aid in weight loss. Also 5 small meals a day sometimes 6 are helpful. I personally have been doing this since May 10th and have lost 8 pounds. Also when you think you are hungry try an 8 oz glass of water first and weight 1/2 an hour before going for food. Our bodies thirst and hunger pains are very similar. Hope this helps.

  It is worth the money
Gina (Verified User)

I have used these DVDs on and off for the past 5 year. What I love most about this progam is that it is super simple and there are 3 sets of Discs…so depending on how active I have been I can start at any level. Only gripe I had was minimal, she sometimes goes off the rhythm of the music but I guess that’s why she a workout queen and not a dancer. Point is that it is worth the money and very easy to use and that is a huge plus.

Cameron (Editor)

Hi, Gina. Thank you for the positive feed back. On behalf of dietspotlight.com we would like to wish you good luck in your endeavors.

  Suggestions to be motivated
Abi (Verified User)

I’m 15 and have been diagnosed with PCOS due to this I am overweight so i purchased fit in 6 to help shift the weight. my only problem is i find it hard to keep myself motivated , any ideas?

  Is this good for people with Diabetes?

hi , just 1 question can this help a diabetic type 2 ,my weight i just cant control.please help

  Able to lose weight using this product
manjeet (Verified User)

hi. i lost 10 pounds in two weeks with slim in six.

Cameron (Editor)

Hi, Manjeet. we would like to congratulate you on your success. keep up the had work!

  It doesn't work for some people?

just read another review saying cds dont work for users in UK is this still true?


I brought the Cds from amazon and they work perfectly on my dvd player, i live in wales so it should be ok

  How long are the sessions?



Each session is 60 mins for 6 days got 6 weeks. The videos are great and you go at your own pace. It also comes with a 10 min ab work out and a relaxing stretching video

Lauren Davis

I can only find my burn it up video… is it okay to do the burn it up for 6 weeks? Will that give me results? Also, the 6 week program is when u only watch the burn it up right? Not the other videos

Victoria (Editor)

Hi! For detailed product and usage instructions, please refer to the Slim In 6 official website for more information.


They are not 60 minutes for 6 days. SIU (Start it up) is only 25 minutes. Ramp It Up is 55 and I think burn it up is 60, but I haven’t gotten to that one so I haven’t paid attention to the length. It’s intended for each of the 3 main workouts (SIU, RIU, & Burn it up) to be done two weeks at a time, then move on to the next the following 2 weeks etc… The Slim in 6pack (Abs) is a total of 11 minutes with cool down stretching. I’ve been doing the SI6 series for 3.5 weeks and am still doing the first DVD. I tried RIU and it was too much for me at this point. My level of fitness just isnt there yet and Im okay woth that. I haven’t actually bought them, but stream them through beachbody as a premium member. Debbie also has a series called Total Body Solutions that targets specific areas (low back, abs & Core, neck, shoulders, knees etc…) for strength, mobility, and flexibility training. They are super easy and intended to help in healing and strengthing those areas of the body. I do both series together. I’ve lost 12 lbs. Some in part to the workouts and some in part to walking and other activities, since Mother’s day this year. You could more than do this workout with a baby. And if you have to stop midway through, that’s okay. If you only get 10 minutes in all day, that’s okay. Just do what you can, watch what, how, and when you eat and drink half your body weight in Oz of water each day and you will gradually see changes. Walking is an excellent workout. Babies love fresh air. Grab a stroller and head out for a brisk walk when the weather is nice.

  What is the best diet for me?

I’m 21yrs old and I have a 10mth old son. I was in a size 3/4 and now I’m in a size 8/9 and I want to get back to my old size. So thinking about getting the slim in 6 to get rid of the baby fat and get fit again. I was just wondering what type of diet works the best with S6?

Cameron (Editor)

Hello, Anjelica. The best thing about Slim 6 is that a diet and exercise regimen are incorporated into the workout CD’s to optimize burning unwanted fat as fast as possible. good luck with your goals!

  Need some answers

I’m thinking of ordering but read that the customer service is horrible and they charge you for things later that you didn’t order. Also i heard that you only get 2 dvds up front and one later, are these things true?


hi I am 12 year old and I way 263 pounds and I was trying to lose it this summer before I go back to school an I was watching TV them I come a cross slimin6 program so I told my mom add she said that I needed to find more on it so I was just wonder f I should do it or not


Hi Keryca,
I did this program before and it is a pretty simple and solid program. Tell your mom that there is no gimmick or crazy pills you required. As long as you stick with the work outs and the meal plans you should be fine. Please do not get discouraged if you don’t lose “ALL THE WEIGHT” by September. It’s just not realistic, and the dirty truth is… If you managed to lose all that weight in 2 months, it would all come piling back on, with some extra weight. But… If you keep this program up the weight will continue to come off. At some point (maybe 5-6 months) the weight loss will slow down, and that is perfectly normal so don’t freak out. Lastly, if inusrance covers it (or it’s not too expensive) see if mom will take you to a licensed nutritionist that will work up a meal plan suitable for a 12 year old body.
Good luck 🙂


Not for me. I ordered the program in December and received the full program, including all 3 DVDs and the resistance band in less than a week. I chose the installment plan, which the charge off your credit card every month for 3 months. I have gotten great results with Slim in 6 myself. I’ve lost a little over 10 lbs. even though I took a whole week off during Christmas.

  Avoid Amazon
Lee (Verified User)

S6 is great, I always get results. But you have to be dedicated and the weight will shed. Avoid buying it from Amazon the copies are not good

  It work but having knee pain
Rathna (Verified User)

I did slim in 6 last year for 5 months and lost 20lbs, then I did not do it untill yesterday and I gained 25 lbs, I just started again. The reason I stoped was some creaking noise and pain in my knee I exactly did the way she did not projecting the knee above the toe level, but even after I lost 20lbs I had pain. now after a yr I started slim in six again the same noise and pain Im having what can I do but I must loose 50 lbs by end of the yr and im sure its only possible by slim in six.
how can i avoid knee pain by doing slim in six????

  Give it another go.
Cheryl Gilmore (Verified User)

I am going to give Slim in 6 another go. I found the workouts to be a bit boring and going from one level to the next, the routine changes are small. I think they could have been more imaginative. Debbie Siebers seems condescending.


SHe’s EVIL…Just kidding. I am starting this series for the 2nd time. Really lost the weight and the inches about 2 years ago. I have found thats its better if you cut off the DVD music and play your own.

  REALLY work

So, I’m 14, 181 pounds, and 5’6-5’7. I want to lose ATLEAST 30 pounds before the end of my 8th grade year. I know I’m young and shouldn’t worry about what other people think, and I’m not. I want to do this for ME. I was just wondering, will this REALLY work? I’ve read some of the feedback on here, and I guess all I can really think of to say is no one actually says “Yes, this works” or “No, this does not work”. I’m doing this with my Mom, and any feedback, ASAP, would be AWESOME! Thanks! (:


It will work as long as you have a healthy diet. Diet is probably the most important part of weight loss. But I used this program (for longer than the six weeks) and ended up losing around seventy pounds when I was nineteen. I changed my diet a LOT though. So as long as you put as much effort into your diet as the workouts, you’ll be fine! Good luck!


What was your diet ????? Im 13 and want to loose around 50 pounds before the new year what diet did you stick to xx

  Apparently obese

Hey, I’m 17 and 175 5 3, and apparently obese. Prom is coming up in April and I really want to fit into a size 8 dress, problem is I’m a size 14. I really wanna gain back my figure and weigh 135 again. Do you guys think is something that will work for me? Please respond! :[


hey girl i’m 18 and i droped out of school befor my 12th grade year! i lost everythin. My dad died May 9 2010, on mothers day so i out on 70 lbs so ya i lost but i am going to try this and hopeing it will help me so i can be me again i hope you do it and look amazing!!! i wish i had another chance


Hi Melissa,
If you do the program as stated, you will be very happy with the results. I was in a loose 14 when I started and ended up in a loose 10–almost an 8 when finished. only lost 12 pounds though… BUT I was very happy at the inches that I lost in only 6 weeks! It was like losing 6 years of fat in 6 weeks! my dh did it as well and went from a (tight)36 to a 32 pant.

  Pleased with the results
David (Verified User)

Looks like I might be the only male Slim in 6 user here, but my wife and I have been using the DVDs for a year now consistently. We have both lost about 12 pounds each (we were not too overweight) and feel really fit, although it took awhile for my wife to convince me that a “girl’s workout” would work for me. We both fit into our skinny clothes now and are in our late 40s (almost 50). The diet part killed us but we are using the workouts an average of 4 times/week, sometimes 5-6, other weeks 3. We definitely would see more weight loss if we followed a strict diet but the thing is when you start to see results (like clothes fitting better and feeling more fit) you start to make better eating choices naturally. At least that is what we have found. My wife is more of a slave to the scale than I am but I remind her often (and we can see this from old pictures and old clothes) that I feel like I’m sleeping with a young, sexy woman now (yes, it is my wife). We are both very pleased with the results and like anything, diet and exercise really do work. My arthritis rarely bothers me anymore and I feel better than I have in decades. Good luck to all and I hope our Slim in 6 DVD never wears out.

dd (Verified User)

How intensive is the cardio? Could someone comment who has done the program? I injured my Achilles and it’s been a long road to recovery and I’ve gained some weight due to inactivity. I don’t want to reinjure. If there is alot of jumping involved, probably not the program for me. Thanks for any comments.

  It works for me.
JJ (Verified User)

I bought this program off the infomercial while procrastinating in college. Due to partying and studying I put 25 lbs on my 5’2″ figure over 4 years and now weigh 145. I am not fat or big but def. got a lil softer all over.
I am working over in China now and brought the DVDs and started on Day 1. The food will be a little difficult to follow over here, but I have picked up dancing too. I am doing hip hop and jazz 4 days a week and can already see weight dropping off from that. I think the combo of the 2 will be great. Thailand in 6 weeks… need a swimsuit body!

  It works but proper diet is important with It forever.
Belle (Verified User)

I just start using Slim in 6 again a few days ago and I notice a difference already! I bought the program about 5 years ago and never finished it, I only made it through about 4 weeks. In that 4 week period I lost 24 lbs (from 5’5 220 to 196), then some how lost another 6 lbs with no exercise at all, so I finished at 190. I didn’t do their diet at all, I just ate a balanced diet 6 times a day (3 meals and 3 snacks). I increased fruits and veggies, restricted bread and meat to once a day, and only had sweets(low fat or fat free) once a week. I drank water every hour so at times I was consuming 76 oz.(or more) of fluids daily, and I stopped eating past 7:30 & got plenty of sleep. This time I want to finish the entire 6 weeks! I don’t know if the supplements helped with those results but I was taking their Activit multi-vitamins with the program.

To those of you not seeing significant weight loss as opposed to inches who are smaller, don’t fret. Its harder to lose weight the smaller you are. Inches are just as important! Remember water, fat, and muscle don’t discriminate on the scale so don’t let the scale numbers discourage you.

To those of you who are bigger and not seeing as many results, make sure you aren’t starving yourself! You HAVE to eat! Eating balanced meals, not diet but, REAL FOOD (3 small meals, 3 healthy snacks) and drinking LOTS of water will INCREASE your metabolism and help you burn fat. Once you plateau you have to take a recovery week and start a different program in order to get more weight loss (trick your muscles). If your not eating right or drinking enough fluids it puts your body in starvation mode and your body tries to make up for that which slows your metabolism. Which is why you don’t see results or why people gain the weight back so fast. Focus on longevity and not just 6 weeks otherwise you’ll be in trouble. Most people can’t continue atkins, weight watchers, etc…for the rest of their lives, but if you master the 3 small meal & 3 healthy snack rule you can maintain results even with minimal exercise.

(things I’ve learned in the past 5 years)

  Does this supplement works

I gained over 30 pounds in the past year to menopause, everyone has told me to give up that NOTHING will help me. I want my energy, body and sanity back!! Can anyone tell me ….does this really work. I cannot afford to throw money away, and don’t want to BS’d by made up stories and misleading adds…. has anyone really gone through all of this and came out on the winning end???? LOLOL I’d appreciate any suggestions, thoughts and most of prayers that I make it through this!!!

Cameron (Editor)

Hi, Sheri. feel free to browse our reviews to see if slim 6 is the ideal workout regimen for you.

  Slim In 6 works well
shapie (Verified User)

I just got Slim in 6 (bought the videos separately on Amazon) and I’m going to start today! I’m 25 5’3″ and at my highest I was 215 in a size 16/18. I’m down to 196 and fitting into 14s now but my body always seems to plateau in the 190s. I really want to slim down, not bulk up so I thought SI6 would really help. I’m also going wedding dress shopping just shy of 6 weeks from now so if I really stick to this maybe I’ll actually fit into sample sizes?!

  I lost 15 pounds in the first two weeks.
Alex (Verified User)

I lost 15 pounds in the first two weeks and you really see it in the way your jeans fit and you lose the fat around your middle real fast. i also follow a vegetarian diet…highly recommended

  Can this program be done while traveling?

Can this program be done while traveling? I am going to Europe for a few months and would love to come home looking gorgeous!

  Does the information tell you what to eat and not to eat?

I am considering ordering this,but the review led me to believe it’s hard to follow. Does the information tell you what to eat and not to eat or is it only an amount of calories per day?

  it is too boring for me.
Sandra (Verified User)

I started slim in 6, but it is too boring for me. i completed hip hop abs for 1 month and i lost 15 pounds in addition to cutting my carbs

  ot discouraged upto right now
Shil (Verified User)

I am on day 7..did the ramp it up instead of resting. I have am the same weight (170 lbs size 10/12). Not discouraged at all because I feel better and toned.
Ramp it up: is exhausting, but i count how many times i stop and reduce it as the days progress so I know i’m improving.
Diet: It’s hard for me to eat more than 3-4 times a day. I eat:
Brkfst: egg whites and milk tea in the morning with 2% milk
Lunch: 1 fruit and handful veggies and yogurt
Dinner: protein (meat/leaves) mostly indian food as it is very balanced if you choose the right stuff and use olive oil in your cooking.
Overall, by the end of week 3 I am sure i will be happy coz its a lifestyle change and I am hoping weight loss is a bonus.

  loosing weight with slim in 6

PPl say they are loosing weight with slim in 6. I was wondering if anyone that does indeed have results can tell me about the diet they use alongside.

martha fonseca

hi, i bought this dvd´s like 3yrs ago, when i first got it i was 165, now im trying to use it again , now im 133 lbs. the diet u use you need to talk to your doctor about it, it´s different depending on each person, once u start doing the excercise you´ll feel lighter, and you´ll drink more plain water, as this continues you´ll see the results and feel guilty i u eat something that is not healthy, u´ll force your self to eat something your body needs instead of just fast food, hang in there!!! and consult you doctor.

  I just ordered Slim In 6

im 135 and want to loose 10-15lbs before school starts and just ordered si6 im confused if it was the right thing to order it cuz many are giving negitve feed back…. but i am going to do the program ethier way and prove them wrong about si6. i will write back with my results in 6 weekz.

  Can this program be used if you are breastfeeding?
Liv (Verified User)

Can this program be used if you are breastfeeding? My baby is 8 months old by the way

  I got Slim in 6 and I lost 10 pounds
Vanessa (Verified User)

Hello people (:

Well I got Slim in 6 about a year ago, a week after I got it I began doing the fitness program for a week then stopped. I did start it up. After that week I quit. I lost 10 pounds. I got lazy and didn’t keep doing it.

Now I’m determined to do it again. This time finish the program and lose all the weight I want. I told myself that I can do this, it’s not difficult, and EVERYONE can do this. I started this past Sunday now on my fourth day, the first 3 days I was sore but now it’s kind of gone.

Trust me, my arms get really tired well I do the Start it up clip, but I do ass much as I can, I push myself little by little. I can accomplish this. Try your hardest but don’t push yourself too much, that you no longer want to do it. If you do it little by little you will make each day better and better yourself. Towards the end you will be where you want. Believe in yourself (:

So my plan is to measure myself now which I have and weight myself and not look at the results until a month has past. I do plan to go running/walking aside from doing Slim in 6, I also enrolled in Aikido (form of Martial Arts) and Yoga in my College campus.

As for my diet, soda is the biggest thing for me I love it especially Dr. Pepper… haha
But I plan to keep my regular diet and cut out some things and eat in smaller portions.

Hopefully I can stick to this, as well for everyone here (:

  I lost 10pounds with slim in 6
Vanessa (Verified User)

I have had the slim in 6 for about a year now… the week I got I began doing Start it up then stop but i did do some walking aside from that and lost 10 pounds… Now a year later, Im determine to begin once again…This is my 3rd day and I feel sore but good.. aside from doing slim in 6, I’ll being walking/running for an hour… im hoping to lose weight.. just don’t give up like I did when I first got my dvd…

Take your time little by little… and in the end you will accomplish it and day by day you will become better at it 🙂

  I am so exited!
Mariah (Verified User)

I just finished my first week and i am so exited! I don’t know if i am smaller bacause I am waiting til’ my 6 weeks are over to look in the mirror and really examine my trouble spots. (so I can really see the change) Its tough 🙁

My question is will i even see any results since i am not doing the diet plan?


I’ve done Slim N Six off and on for a couple of years. My house burned down and the company very kindly replaced my discs for me. This work out is GREAT. If you are diligent, you’ll see the results. I was horrified recently to see that I weighed 109 lbs on my 5’0″ very petite frame. I’ve been running 2 miles along with the program (but I skip the arms part and do 8 minute arms with weights). In one week I’ve lost 5 pounds and my abs are tighter, my waist has shrunk, I am losing inches on my thighs and my back fat is disappearing. This is the ONLY workout that seems to work for me. Esp. in my buttocks/thighs and waist. On days I just don’t want to work out, I change it up and run or bike or hike. I don’t do the supplements and just try to eat better. At age 50, appears to work for me.


I too just started the program. My first week was tough and now on to week 2. IF anyone is interested in doing this together online just shout out!

  Does slim in 6 really work?

Does slim in 6 really work? I am in the process of losing weight just wanted to know if this product really works because I don’t want to waste my money on a product that does not work.

  I ordered this product and start today

I ordered slim in 6 and am starting it today. I need to lose about 30 pounds for my sisters wedding that I am in. Im also concerned that this video will bulk up my legs rather than slim them down. Does anyone know?

  I say everyone go for it.
goodstuff (Verified User)

She looks like Jennifer Garner a little bit! lol. and I like when she says ‘give me nice 3 circles’ i always laugh. 🙂 i say everyone go for it.

   I need to lose about 10-15 pounds
Confused (Verified User)

I don’t know wat to do either. I’m 13 and need to get back into shape, not to “look better” but to actually shed my extra pounds that make me overweight. I need to lose about 10-15 pounds so honestly does this work or is there something better. Does the acai berry thing work?

  I am really confused. What i do

I am really confused. The commercials made this look really good…. i am only 13 and I know i will get comments back saying i am too young to worry about weight but I just want to lose about 10 pounds to get HEALTHIER!!! any tips please!!!


Hello Confused..please do not worry what people say…there is nothing wrong when you do excercise and want to feel better. is better than having any eating disorder. this programme is easy, and fun, you will feel more energetic and will see the results fast. also, i have to mention, don’t forget to look what you are eating. as long as is fruits and vegetables, plenty of water and no fizzy drinks, also no junk food, there is no worry. good luck!

  Is this program fitting for me?

Hello All. I am way overweight and out of shape. I am a male. I want weight loss and overall better health. Is this program fitting for me? Thanks

  I counting on SI6 to get healthy and fit!
tducke1969 (Verified User)

I am 40, 5’4″ and weigh 129 lbs. I have a small frame so that’s a lot for me. I do not feel comfortable and I let myself get out of shape over the last 6 months. I bought Slim in Six last summer and did it for a few months, and I can tell you that I was able to see a significant difference in the cellulite on my thighs and just in my overall appearance, not to mention how I felt. I’ve always had a midsection problem (I had twins) and I was seeing an improvement there as well. However, I stopped doing the workouts because I just got out of my routine. Getting back into a routine when you’ve stopped is THE HARDEST. I got lazy, and then I got tired and now I feel HORRIBLE. In October, we are going on our first vacation in 5 years to Myrtle Beach, so I am determined to get into a bikini and not feel like a stuffed sausage! LOL I came to this website for inspiration and motivation, and I am really counting on SI6 to get healthy and fit!


I just ordered mine last week and look forward to losing. I am 232lbs and going on vacation in August with a group of friends. I don’t intend on getting into a bikini but would like to lose at least 10 – 15lbs. I will keep you posted on my progress and look forward to seeing yours. Good Luck!

  I just start Slim In 6.
Leggs (Verified User)

I have this program for years and would only commit for a week but I decided this morning to do the 6 Day express and take it from there. I’ll update on Monday of next week.


Good for you!

  This is 6 week program and I menstruate every 4-5 weeks??
worried a bit

I have a question! Ladies this is a 6 wk program and I menstruate every 4-5 weeks. Its hard for me to do any strenuous excercise then. So ladies what do u do when your cycle comes on? push through it or take some time off? Can anyone answer this? Thanks!


push thru! if u take a break, ur more and likely wont continue…

  I ordered my SI6 very exited!

I ordered my SI6 very exited and can’t wait to begin!
I use to be in zumba and would work out M-Th and I saw results in a few months but fell down hill when I stoped attending!
now am starting this and hope it works I should be starting in a week or 2 I will keep yall updated on what happeneds….

  I did SI6 about 4 years ago with great results
Chance (Verified User)

My dh and I did SI6 about 4 years ago with great results. Here I am 2 babies later and have started it again. We didn’t do supplements. I highly recommend taking a before picture and measuring yourself before you start because you will be amazed. It was like shedding 5 years of fat in 6 weeks. I found out measurements from before. dh lost 16 pounds, 5.5 inches from his waist, 2 inches in each thigh and 2 inches in his chest. I lost 12lbs. 5 in. from chest. 2.75 in each thigh, 4 in. from tummy. I went from a tight 12-not wanting to admit a 14–to a loose 10. I could get into a few 8s.
I tried to do the extra ab routine at least 3 times a week. My dh never did it. We ended up leaving our dvd while we were on vacation and missed some of those biu exercises in the end. I also didn’t push it through all of the excercises like I should have but was still happy with the results. I am going to try and do better this time and get rid of this belly! The next best thing was the strength that I gained and it stayed with me.
I figure that I can do anything for a month…
Good luck to all who are pushing play!!!!!

  i was wondering does this product really work?

i was wondering does this product really work? im 20 years old. i weigh 170 lbs and i want to fit in my dress for a wedding i have in 5 weeks and i want to loose about 40 lbs. pls tell me from your experience.(im not using any wieght loss suppliments)

  Im very interested in trying this

Im very interested in trying this, would it make sense trying it after doing P90X?? I just finished my first month of p90x-lean, its crazy intense and i dont seem to have lost any weight, BUT i do see changes less arm flab and upper thigh flab and even early signs of abs!!
Anyone done the same??


You building muscles and toning up. Muscle burns fat! Don’t quit p90X yet it sounds like its starting to work for you. Make sure your following the diet if you want to lose weight as well as slim down.

  I just ordered mine last sunday
Annie (Verified User)

Hi all!

I ordered mine last sunday. Should be starting hopefully by next. My problem is that I have very little time to go to the gym. Specially that I have no one to babysit my 3 year old during. I plan on exercising early in the morning before anybody else is up.

Since the birth, I haven’t lost the belly fat! So i’ve got 45 lbs to get rid of.

Will keep you posted, all comment gives me insight on what’s to come, good or hard!

Don’t give up y’all!!!

  I just received my slim in 6 package.

I just received my slim in 6 package but strained my thighs heavy lifting, before I even started SI6! I think if I start it while hurting I will quit the program. So I have to wait, which is throwing off my schedule because I wanted to start June 1st! Was really looking forward to starting it. 🙁 I will update when I start.

  I just started Slim in 6 on Monday
Ivette Norris (Verified User)

Hi, I just started doing the Slim in 6 on Monday. I am on a low calories diet. I just wanted to know how is it that I am supposed to follow the 3 different work outs? Am I supposed to do each work out 2 wks at a time?

  I m really considering buying it TODAY!!!!
curious2know (Verified User)

I am a 29 year old female that has battled weight for years! i am currently 215 and would love to get at least under 200 ils for the 1st time in about 7 years. i would like to know what is the hardest thing to accomplish doin the slim in 6 program? im really considering buying it TODAY!!!!

  I just ordered slim in 6
alicia m. (Verified User)

I just ordered slim in 6 a few minutes ago then i googled it again to REALLY read the reviews, my story is im a 37 year old female that used to weigh 125lbs, until i started a medication that packed on the lbs now i am a robust 198 lb lady desperate to get back to what i used to be. I have been at the gym working out sometimes 2 hours a day 4 to 5 days a week and have only seen my body tone up a bit but have not lost any weight as a matter of fact i was 190 and went to the doctors yesterday to find out i am up to the 198 WHAT????? some advice please ??????

  I haven't really noticed significant weight loss
Maggie (Verified User)

Started the program with a friend about 3 weeks ago (on 4/28/10)… The first week, we did Start it Up for 5 out of the 7 days. The second week, we did Ramp it Up only 3 times, and then tried to do Burn it Up at the start of the third week – it proved to be way more difficult than we were ready for (being that we missed a lot of days during the 2nd week), so we did Ramp it Up for another week. We just started the Burn it Up phase yesterday, and though it was a lot more difficult, and got our hearts pumping a lot faster than any of the others have, we have hope that the more we do it, the easier it will become and the fewer amount of breaks we’ll have to take.

I haven’t really noticed a significant weight loss thus far, but my waistline and chest have lost a couple of inches combined. My hips have yet to start shrinking, and my paints don’t fit any better yet… I am hopeful and can’t wait to see my progress at the end of the 6 weeks.

My suggestion to anyone who is thinking about starting it is to find someone to do it with you. My friend and I keep each other motivated when we are tired and don’t want to workout and throughout the workout we motivate each other to keep going till the end. Also, doing the Slim & Limber after every workout is vital to being able to move the next day! I strongly suggest it. I greatly enjoy this workout plan, and encourage everyone to keep pushing play!

  i highly recommend anyone wanting to lose weight!
jmac (Verified User)

i’ve been doing the dvd’s only, ramp it up for the last few weeks… lost 18lbs since march. i am also counting calories at caloriecount.com
i highly recommend this site for anyone wanting to lose weight! it is super easy, fun, and free… check it out! i wish i would have come across it a long time ago!!!!

  I just started S6, I will stay positive!!
Mary (Verified User)

I just started S6. I was very excited but after reading all the comments not so sure–I am on day 5 and I feel I have already had results – I will stay positive!! Anyone out there just starting?

  Muscle DOES NOT weigh more than fat!
Cyn (Verified User)

In reading the comments I notice a very common misconception between a lot of the posters here…Muscle DOES NOT weigh more than fat! A pound of fat weighs exactly the same as a pound of muscle. The difference is that a pound of fat occupied a larger area than a pound of lean muscle. So instead of being overly concerned with the number on the scale why don’t you measure your midriff, waist, hips, and thighs before you start the program and then at the half way point and the end of it. You may be more amazed over how many inches you lost as opposed to how many pounds.

Angela Acuna

I dont think ANYONE thinks a pound of muscle is more than a pound of fat! muscle in terms of mass DOES weigh more than fat! a 1 inch cube of fat weighs one third of the same size cube of muscle! so… muscle WEIGHS MORE than fat! about 3 times more to be more specific!

  I lost only 10 lb
Elena (Verified User)

I started my slim-in-6 on March 2, and in 6 weeks I lost only 10 lb. My goal was to lose 30 lb, so I’m still doing it. I have to say that music is little boring, but Debbie is wonderful. So far I lost 17 lb, I just do everything from her DVD: sometimes I do “Burn it up”, sometimes I just combine two bonus workouts, and I also do some exercises and crunches in the morning for about 20 – 30 min. I found that loosing weight is a long process, so I’m just trying to do my new routine every day and stay patient. Good luck everyone!


I have Si6, but am only on day 2. I can definitely feel the workouts – thighs are sore, hopefully that is an indication it is working. I realize I did not get to be this weight overnight, so I will not be at my goal weight overnight either. When you mention “bonus workouts,” what exactly are you refering to?

Thanks for your help! Good luck to you!

  I love it!
carrie (Verified User)

I’m in good shape, but i’m looking for a way to get nice and toned and not have to pay a ton every month for a gym membership to do weight lifting classes.
Has anyone, in the same boat as me, tried this product?
I have P90x. I love it! Sometimes I want something different that focuses more on lean toning than muscle building. I do suggest it though. it’s amazing if you stick to it. It is difficult, so i suggest getting it when you are in fairly good shape.

  Hoping to loose weight with it.

I’m waiting for slim in 6 to come in the mail!……I need to lose about 50 lbs. and I figured I would use this for at least 3 rounds and move up to p90x or something….anybody use this product with a goal like mine?

  Will it work after 6 month?

Okay, so I am seeing this doctor for weightloss in my area. When i was in high school I was put on steroids because of an infection i was fighting so obviously i gained too much weight..but thats besides the point, I have lost 20lbs in 4 weeks with this doctor that im seeing (and am still losing) but I am a full time student and i also work full time, I dont always have time to go to the gym all of the time so my question is how schedule friendly is SI6? and after the 6 weeks if you have more weight to lose will the videos still work?( might be a silly question but i need to know before i decide to buy it) 🙂


I’m wondering the same thing. I’ve got two boys, 1 & 3, so time is tough to make. How much time a day does this require?

  Going to start it.

So i am a fifteen year old girl, 5″4′ 115 or so lbs… I am not over weight, nor am i just a teenager willing to do anything to look “good.” It’s just that i am not in shape, i’m weak and a little flabby here and there. I’m not looking for weight loss so much as tone and strength and i was wondering if anyone thinks that it is safe for me to try this.. of course i understand my body is growing and changing, i just want a more healthy life style, i try working out 3-5 times a week, but it’s hard for me to stay motivated without a set plan. I won’t be taking dietary pills or special supplements, besides protein because i am a vegitarian, and do that anyways. And i can’t do the fasting..i can and will adjust my diet….
good idea or bad?

  Starting with hope to loose weight.

I just ordered the Slim in 6 this morning. I’m very hopeful, I have never been the kind of person who likes to go to the gym. I am very self concious and I think I can stick to this since it is something I can do in my home. Everyone wish me luck, I was a size 11 in highschool and that was fine for me because I wasn’t obese. Now 5 years later and a baby and I’m a size 20 and it’s frustrating. I hope I can do this cause my wedding is in july.

  Loved the product
V (Verified User)

Congrats on toning up! Keep in mind muscle weighs more than fat so if you can tell you’re toning up you may not see a difference in the scale. What you might be noticing is your clothes fit you differently. 🙂 Keep it up!

  What should be eating or not.

I just purchased SI6 and have been reading the information. I am having a hard time trying to figure out what to eat and the schedule for exercising. Can anyone help me with the eating part of the program?

  Didn't work.
Sarah (Verified User)

I’ve been doing slim in 6 for 5 weeks now and haven’t lost a pound! It’s very frustrating… I haven’t been dieting, so maybe that’s why, but I don’t eat a ton and I don’t eat all that unhealthy… I’ve toned up ALOT!!! THAT I am happy with, I have way more muscle definition, my thighs have lost alot of cellulite and I don’t have butt dimples anymore! I’m much stronger… but I’ve only lost a total of about 2 inches… and like I said before, zero pounds… I’m 20 lbs overweight and I’d really like to get that off. I think I may try p90x. Anyone have any suggestions? I can’t diet because I have had an eating disorder of one kind or another since I was for over 10 years and when I diet I start to obsess over food… so I’d rather not go there…


P90X is AWESOME! I did one round of P90X and Because I am about to start university full time and don’t have 1.5 hours to devote to P90X I thought I would purchase SI6 and see how it works since I still have a good 15 Lbs of fat to lose.

But for anyone one here that has done SI6 and is looking for a challenge and does not mind putting on a bit of muscle weight, try p90X!

  Helping to get the instruction.
niki (Verified User)

I notice a lot of people are needing the instructions to this program. Usually, you can google “slim in 6 instructions” and find a copy. If that doesn’t work for you, my e-mail is nrbrous@hotmail.com. I will be more than happy to copy them and send to your inbox. Everyone needs instructions. 🙂

  Hope to loose weight with it.

I saw the informercial last night but experience has taught me not to trust. I’m scared but want to try it. I have 65 pounds to lose – is this even do-able? I hate to waste money I dont have an I have to find out if I can connect into my TV as I don’t have a DVD player. Everyone sounds happy with their decision. it’s also hard for me to work out at home as I get lazy or I’m exhausted after working 14 hours and all I want is a glass of wine and a bed –
Help!!!1 Desperate in DC

  Suggesting to eat right foods.
gretchen (Verified User)

Yes, but be especially proactive about eating the right foods. You need all the nutrients!

  The slimming formula cause side effect?
Crystal (Verified User)

I’m on my 1st week of SI6 and have lost 2 lbs. I also have the slimming formula but havent used it yet. Has anyone here uesed it? does it give you that nervous jittery feeling??


That’s because “slimming” formulas are just caffeine pills

  Loved the product
Maggie (Verified User)

I also have ALL the slim series and WOW she doesn’t play on those! they were hard!! but i’m glad i have them for after my six weeks..

  Want to retry the product.
Maggie (Verified User)

Hey everyone! I also am one of those who bought this four to six years ago and never really went all the way cause i got bored…I am going on a cruise in 11 weeks- I am 244 and am realistic that I won’t be under 200 in 11 weeks but I am hoping that in 11 weeks i can lose 30 lbs. I do hope this works because i am going to do it faithfully this time!! wish me luck!

  Should purchase only 6 week program?

I just recived the dvds but i also purchased the slim series should i have purchased just the 6 week program?


I’m thinking the same thing. I wasn’t expecting it to be so expensive with the extra slim series. Hopefully they will work after the 6 week program ends

  Will it help to make body fit?

Well it’s 3/18/10 and I’m fixing to order the program. I’m 170lbs, 5’4″ and 21. I used to play tons of sports in high school and once I was out I got lazy and wrapped up in college. I turn 21 on May 17th and I’m hoping to lose 15-20lbs by then. Do you think this is a reasonable goal if I follow the programs and eat healthy?

At 21 years old I don’t feel as sexy as I should and my self-esteem and weight are starting to effect the intimate moments with my boyfriend. Please tell me this program works!!

  Can success with low calorie food?

Has anyone seen results with slim in 6 by eating a very basic low calorie diet(fruits, veggies, and salad)

  Loved the product
Ruth (Verified User)

Hello everyone. I just wanted to address a few people wondering if Si6 is right for them because they want to lose a lot of weight. For the most part if you only have a small amount of weight to lose — maybe about 30 lbs, then you can indeed reach your goals in 6 weeks. However, anyone who has more than that to lose needs to realize that it will take you a lot longer to safely lose that weight. If you watch the infomercial the success stories of larger individuals mention that it takes some 6 months, 8 months and more. One individual lost 200 lbs on this program in 18 months or maybe it was 2 years. So, you need to be realistic. For those wanting to tone and take off a small amount of baby fat (15-30 lbs), 6 weeks is definitely obtainable if you follow all the directions and diet. For those with a lot of weight to lose, any diet and exercise plan will benefit you and by all means Si6 will help you, but you will need to have reasonable expectations. You WILL see a difference in 6 weeks — If you weigh 220 and in 6 weeks you are about 190 — that’s a success!!! Keep going and it will come off — eventually. Just don’t expect to weigh 220 and in 6 weeks look like Angelina Jolie.

Good luck to everyone and success is measured by being healthier — not necessarily being lighter–I’d take muscle tone and feeling good over the numbers on the scale any day.

  Can loose weight with it?

Has anyone used this program that already works out 4-5 times a week for 30 min medium high aerobics. I had gone from 180 to 140 4 years ago with a great gym program ( I worked for the YMCA so membership was free, very nice!) Now I have gain 15 back, but still work out regularly. The only difference is I can not reduce calories below 1500 a day because of medical conditions.
I am wondering if this program will be able to jump start my weight back to 140 or even 135.

  Will it work?

i just saw the infomercial for the P90x and read the reviews and they said that if you are not in shape, to start with one of beachbodys other products so i found this one. i am reading these reviews also but am still skeptical. i am 5’7 and about 190 lbs. what can you tell me about how to go about using these programs? where do i start? will they actually work?

please let me know! i would rather buy this, if it works, than pay for a personal trainer!!

  Does it help you tone?

Does slim in six help you tone? i generally heavier in my lower body especailly my thighs Id hate to buy it and build bulky muscle, i want to know does it help tone you, like what a womens body should be like?

  Loved the result.
Jennifer (Verified User)

Hi everyone.I’m 36,5’7 and started this program exactly 3 weeks ago at 195. I’ve gone lower fat and low/no carbs.I have stuck to this program faithfully for 3 weeks.I’ve only lost about 5 pounds so far.I must be getting stronger though because I can almost keep up on the “ramp it up” cd. I started with start it up for a week and went to ramp it up. I’m looking to lose my thunder thighs,flabby arms, and my “roll” on my stomach.My friend and I are taking measurements every two weeks and so far lost a total of 3.5 (hips,thighs,arms,waist,chest) I just want it to melt off. wish me luck and good luck to you all.


totally want to melt of my thunder thighs as well. im on week one so ill definitely be looking out to see if your melting off.
good luck!

  Asking about the pills taking process.
diane (Verified User)

i have the 6 slim taps,i have only start it up,ramp it up,and burn it up plus the limber tape and the ab tape when im done with the burn it up tape,hat do i do next,what tape?

  Waiting for the result.
Tracy (Verified User)

Hello slim in 6’ers. I purchased this problem about a month ago and I was doing it off and on, more off than on. I didn’t change my diet or my life which is why I haven’t seen any results. I am very hard to motivate which is why I haven’t stuck with it. But, here’s what has changed. I just bought my wedding dress for my September wedding…It’s time to really push myself! I have started today and have just completed my first workout. In addition to the workouts, I am also on Nutrisystem. I know Nutrisystem works because I’ve used it in the past and went from 165 to 140, just by eating the food and sticking with the program. Now, with Nutrisystem and SI6, I am confident that I’ll reach my goal weight of 130, if not more. I am starting the program at 153 lbs and I’m really anxious to see the results. I have bookmarked this blog and I’ll keep in touch as far as my progress. Good luck everyone!


Sorry, that should be I purchased this probably, not problem 🙂

  Liked it very much.
Katrina (Verified User)

I have been doing slim and six off and on.. But i have lost 20lbs. this is my first week doing it all the way.. I”m going for the whole six weeks. So I have 5 more to go.I only eat raw veggies, fresh fruit, and chia seeds. Please be sure to drink a lot of water.. Everyone google chia seeds please. You will have so much energy after you consume 3 table spoons everyday!!


is this program useful to bigger people? my sister is probly abotu 300lbs, think this could help her?she is very motivated

  Going to start.

I dont think fasting for two days is good for anyone. I could do it but i sure wouldnt feel like working out if i did. Im doing well with weight watchers on line but am seriously considering this program to speed up weight loss and tone up. My problem with work out programs is that im not very coordinated and was wondering would this be hard for me to follow. (Never was a good dancer)


The moves are pretty basic. They kind of build on each other. The start it up video is really basic and then the ramp it up builds on the moves you mastered in the first video. I’ve only been doing it for 2 weeks so I haven’t done the burn it up video yet but from what I’ve seen it again just builds on the moves you mastered and does it at a slightly faster pace. Hope that helped!

  Like it very much.
dani (Verified User)

It does work if you do it consistantly! Just stick with it!I have finished the 6 weeks, along with my niece. We both did weight watchers with it as well. I lost 4.5 lbs, she lost 7.5. We both lost 3% bodyfat. I lost 1.5 inches off my hips, and that was were I needed it most and 3 off my waist. Definitely gained muscle, that was the frustrating part of weighing in on the scale. I’d lose one week and gain the next. Had to stop weighing in because it just bummed me out. My clothes definitely are fitting better, and got rid of a bunch of old pants. Going to start P90X for the next challenge.


Hi Dani,

I’m frustrated with the scale like you I lose one week then gain it back in the following week. My clothes do fit better ! I have heard good things about p90x. Please let post your thoughts on it !! And good luck 🙂

  Need advise with health issue.
linda (Verified User)

I have had slim in 6 for about 2 years it does work. I originally lost 30 pounds and several inches, then I tore out my acl and have put back on the 30lbs. I am finding it very difficult to do the program again with leg /knee problems. Has anyone worked thru these issues with slim in 6?

  Not happy with product package.
Tamar (Verified User)

I want to know from those who have achieved results with Slim and 6 if they also purchased the supplements offered through the Beachbody site? When I received all of the materials and saw that the 6 day express diet plan required additional weight loss supplements (not included in the 3 easy payments of 19.95 + shipping cost)to achieve the weight loss they claim is possible, I felt a bit duped. My goal is to lose 20 pounds and achieve overall better health. I started the program on Monday (without supplements per medical advice) so I am hopeful that I will still succeed. For anyone considering buying the program through the website, I would recommend getting it for a fraction of the cost from Amazon.com. I don’t think it is worth $70 for one video w/5 workouts and a couple of pamphlets with generic advice.


I AGREE! I should have checked out Amazon first.. My order was $78.15 with tax and shipping, and exactly like you said.. too expensive for only 5 videos and 2 pamphlets with generic info!


I purchased Slim in 6 from Amazon and I had to return it becasue the copy was really bad. Be very careful with the copies.

  Didn't find site or contact number.

I want to purchase this program but I’m having a hard time finding the right site or phone # to call.


beachbody.com or type it in on google.ca

  worked for me
kathleen (Verified User)

FYI: I first purchased this program a long time ago (over 6 years) I was very happy with the results losing 40lbs initially. But more important than that assisted me in taken care of myself. I have become more physically active over the years, but when I start slacking I still work out with my dvd to get me going again. When I mastered the program and wanted to do a little more strength building. I did it by adding wrist/ankle weights to the program. I just wanted to put my two cent out there. I am not a young lady and have tried many of things through out the years.


I commented above, but wanted to say something here, too. I’m no spring chicken either. I was wondering if your hips stay sore for quite awhile after using the tapes? I’m in week 3 (4-5 days/week) and my hips are still sore daily!

What type of exercise is slim in 6(ramp it up)? Aerobics,Calisthenics, etc..

What type of exercise is slim in 6(ramp it up)? Aerobics,Calisthenics, etc..

  great result so far
becky (Verified User)

I am 3 days into my slim in 6 and i can say that the videos killed my legs and butt… I weigh about 220 right now and i am hoping to loose some weight… and i am just counting calories with the plan… and i did do the 6 day express prior to the actual program and only lost 5 pounds…. i hope that this system works…


it will just give it time .

any moms taking it?

Hey! im currently on my 3rd pregnancy and it is my last. im due march 9th 2010 and was wondering if it should be fine to start it like a month after baby. also ill be nursing and for me personally its a total myth that u lose weight nursing i find im hungry all the time so would keeping my calorie intake lower then what it is now 😀 but a bit higher then 1200 not give me the results im hopeing to get? and i definatly dont want to decrease the supply lol. if any new moms out there or if anyone plans on starting slim in 6 by april keep me posted and we can give eachother support


I have a 6month old and am still nursing. I just started SI6 and am doing weight watchers also. Weight Watchers takes in the fact that you are a nursing mom and adjusts your points accordingly.


I am due March 25 with my second child. I weigh 215 now and my body is so out of shape. I bought SI6 after the birth of my daughter in 2007, but didnt stick to it. I have no doubt it will work if i can only get motivated to stick it out. I will be nursing with this baby also, but was curious about something that i’ve read. Does anyone know if it’s true that if you loose more than 1-2# a week your body can release toxins that are stored in the fat that will contaminate the milk supply?


I too am on my 3rd pregnancy and due March 12. I’m thinking about Slim in 6. Do you think it will work? I usually just run after the baby is born but it takes me forever to get back to my prepregnancy weight.


i hate running lol ill go on an elliptical before i step outside to jog lol. so i think the videos will be good for me. ive done videos before and find it alot easier especially since i wont have to pack up 3 kids to go outside. my 2 oldests can play in the back yard while i do it or something. im really excited.. i want to deliver just so i can start lol. but i believe u have to wait till after ur 6 week check up, but i know my body ill see how it goes for me.


i just had my 2nd dec. 14th. and am nursing… i started slim 3 days ago, and i am SO sore, it feels great! a friend made me a copy so i dont have the diet plan, but even so, i wouldnt follow it due to nursing… i am just watching what i eat and trying to eat amaller portions… so far, i would say go for it! but do wait the 6 weeks… just walk or something until then.

I'm 56, has had arthescopic knee surgery is slim in 6 a good choice for me.

I’m 56, has had arthescopic knee surgery is slim in 6 a good choice for me.


I have knee problems as well; however, throughout the video Chalene provides alternatives for movements involving the knees. I do as much as I can and when I get to the exercises that really work the knees, I either skip it or do the modified moves. I still lost weight and got toned.


Linda, I think these workouts can be hard on the knees (just my opinion).

Nonetheless, you should consult with your physician to be sure.

the best place to purchase to get all the goodies or can you get it cheaper somewhere else?

All the comments have been helpful, i’ve seen the infomercial and been curious is the TV commercial the best place to purchase to get all the goodies or can you get it cheaper somewhere else?


I purchased some of the beach body products on Ebay – alot cheaper. I have also purchased from Beachbody.com.

Muscle weighs more that fat but takes up less space in the universe.

For those of you not seeing the scale results wanted I suggest keeping track of your inches. Muscle weighs more that fat but takes up less space in the universe. Think about it!

looking for results all over

I am a fairly athletic/muscular person, BIG thighs, but they’re mostly muscle. Was wondering if this will take away from the results since I already have muscle. My upper body is looser, but was looking for results all over.. or is this unrealistic?

I don't really need to lose any weight but I'm out of shape.

I’m in a similar situation. I don’t really need to lose any weight but I’m out of shape. Are you noticing a difference in how you feel overall from the workouts?


I think it is great and easy. I have recommended to all my friends. My fiance couldnt understand why i was sore after 24 min of excersising. He tried it with me and hurt for three days. This is a great at home way to tone up even if you only have 10 pounds to lose.

has anyone tried the 6day and lost 10lbs

has anyone tried the 6day and lost 10lbs, and is the 2day cleanse part of the 6 days or is 8 total

10lbs in 6 days is the 2 day fast part of the 6 days?

ok so theres a fast and then the 10lbs in 6 days is the 2 day fast part of the 6 days? and ahas anyone tried this part of the program did it work?

Something extra

Just for thought. The only reason you need to fast is if you are using the bonus booklet “Lose 10 pounds in 6 days.” This is the booklet, for jump starting your exercise,and diet.
This is not something that you have to do before starting the program, it’s just an extra.

how to use the dvds. which one do i use for a certain week or day. It is unclear on how you use the dvds and so on.

how to use the dvds. which one do i use for a certain week or day. It is unclear on how you use the dvds and so on.


You use the “start it up” for the first week. then move to the “ramp it up” the second week; and then starting on the third week forward, you use the “burn it up” until you have completed the program. All of the instructions are in the pamplets that came with the DVDs.

I would like to lose at least 15 pounds and some inches

I got my SI6 last week 1/22/10…still havent’ used it, but will get started because I would like to lose at least 15 pounds and some inches by the end of March 2010…


how did this work for you?


I am beginning again today. Did you start already? Your 15 lbs. by March should not be a problem, but you will see a definite change in your overall body shape/tone that is much more significant than the lbs. displayed. I am excited about starting up again.

Did everyone do the cleanse first?

Did everyone do the cleanse first? I’m not sure which way to go. I don’t want to discourage myself by not making it through the 2 days. On the other hand I don’t want to not have the best results possible.


I didn’t do the cleanse. i just started in on the exercises that was 9-3-2009 i was 198 now i am 172 so far . i have gone from a 16 to a 10. i feel 100 times better. i am 5″9 and 51 years old. i work on a computer all day and was getting no exercise at all. I love this series and own her other tapes too . just push play

Do we really need to take differnt supplements

I recieved my slim in 6 yesterday and i read the instructions, and they said to take all the differnt supplements. Do we really need to take these? On the infamercial, they did not say anything about the supplements… Anyone achieve their goals without the supplements?

  just started and lost weight
Alexia (Verified User)

You guys won’t be disapointed I just started to day and it really really kicked my butt! If u follow tru I’m sure that in 6 weeks with a balnced diet you could transfor ur body Im just slowly changing my eating habits but I will repot in a week

Kendra Edwards

How long does it take to do the program everyday?


Start it Up is about 20 mins. (You do that the 1st week) Ramp it up is about 40 mins. (2-3rd weeks) Burn it up is about 60 mins. (weeks 4,5 and 6)

if i loose a lot of weight around my middle, will i have a lot of flab hanging resulting in me needing a tummy tuck or will this program tighten it so i wont hang?

I ordered the program and anxiously waited for it to arrive. Hope it comes soon. Summer is coming! I do have a question though. I had a baby and have most of my weight to loose around my gut. My question is, if i loose a lot of weight around my middle, will i have a lot of flab hanging resulting in me needing a tummy tuck or will this program tighten it so i wont hang? Does that make sense?


I think your skin will tighten with time. This goes for anyone who loses weight and has loose skin. Exercise helps, as does exfoliating with a terry cloth and soap in the shower 2-3 times a week. Massaging the skin in circular motions at least once daily with emu oil or any cream that contains collagen and/or vitamin E also helps. The exercise will tighten the muscles and eliminate fat while the exfoliation and massaging of the skin will improve circulation and aid your body in restoring elasticity to your skin. An added bonus of the exfoliation and massaging of the skin is that it might help improve the appearance of stretch marks on your post baby tummy 🙂


I have this same issue! that is why im debating getting this program. it sounds like it will lean you which means tighten u also, so im wondering if it will tighten the tummy midsection. im at my prebaby weight but NOT my prebaby shape 🙁 im sick of people asking me if im expecting!

  I lost 4 lbs so far
Neda (Verified User)

I just finished my 2nd week in slim in 6. I feel great, and people ask me, did you loose weight? I feel my stomack smaller and my thighs shaped. I am eating smaller portions now and cut down on sweet. I lost 4 lbs so far. Good luck on anyone that’s trying this. You can do it. Go for it.


Can you check back here and share your results again or at least when you complete the program? Please 🙂

I just ordered the slim in 6 workout

I just ordered the slim in 6 workout on ebay, the complete set. I will get the package next week and am excited!!!!!!! I will keep you guys updated about my results.


I want to get started but want to purchase on ebay as well. How much did you save? and did you get the entire SI6 DVD set? thanks

  I haven't noticed any results yet.

I have been doing the SI6 workout for just over a week now I eat very healthy already so I haven’t been following the diet plan. I haven’t noticed any results yet. Is it too soon to notice results or does the program not work without the diet plan?


same thing i was wondering..since i just ordered mine that was the first question that came into mind, if you find out can you please let me know..thanks

  What do you think is causing the weight gain and what should I do?
Amie (Verified User)

Just wondering…I started slim in 6 2 1/2 weeks ago and I have lost only 2 lbs. When I weighed in today I gained 1 lb. I’m very discouraged because I have worked out every night and not consumed more then 1200 calories each day. What do you think is causing the weight gain and what should I do?


I came on to learn more about Slim in 6’s nutrition plan and to see how others like the work outs because no matter what (healthy) program you choose, it will work if you stick with it. The trick is finding one you enjoy and will continue in. Working out and eating right IS going to get you results if you stick with it – period. If you get discouraged and stop you won’t reach your goals. One thing I remind myself of often is that time will go by no matter what I do with it. It’s what I choose to do that will make the difference. I can get thin and healthier or get unhealthier? Because there is no such thing as idlness and our bodies are always changing (for the good or the bad) I need to force myself to do something.

In regard to seeing weight gain on the scale; Don’t worry about this! Muscle weighs more than fat. So if your working out and toning up, a little weight gain is normal. Pay more attention to the inches you’ve lost. Another scale booster is if you are constipated you add a good 5 pounds (or more depending on how long you’ve been constipated).

Eat right, exercise, drink plenty of water, take your vitamins, get proper sleep (because not enough will defeat weight loss), do things to relieve stress (stress can cause weight gain!) and YOU WILL SEE RESULTS!

We all can do this!


Aimee, I know you posted your comment way back in January, but I felt the urge to respond. I had this same issue (not being able to loose weight). I was working out 4 times a week (on another program) and eating only 900 calories a day…and my weight wouldn’t budge…in fact I would gain a lb. or two. Anyway, I was finally diagnosed as hypothyroid. That made ALL the difference in the world understanding my weight dilemna. Symptoms include: moodiness, irritability, sleeplessness, lethargy, brain fog, lack of concentration, forgetfulness…and overall feeling “disconnected”. Now that I have my thyroid levels under control (TSH UNDER 1.0 and Free T3 and Free T4 mid to high levels), I’m feeling fantastic and will now start up on a fitness routine again. Just thought I’d throw that out for you…a simple blood test of THREE labs will tell you: TSH, Free T3 and Free T4.


Did you take measurements before you started? Sometimes you can’t tell by weight because you may be gaining muscle and muscle weighs more than fat. But if you would take measurements you will be able to see how many inches you are loosing!! Good luck and keep pushing play!


I’ve been experiencing the same thing. I’m now in week 5. I have only lost 3 lbs but I do notice my butt has lifted and I feel firmer all over. I also can get through Burn it Up with out stopping so my muscles and endurance are getting stronger. I’m not seeing huge changes, but I have read that you really don’t start to see big changes until you are at the 6 week mark. I have my fingers crossed and I just keep giving it hell everyday. It has to be doing something!


so just a little fyi its best not to measure your fitness by pounds you lose considering that muscle weighs more than fat. you should be measuring by inches lost or like you said earlier you noticed that you were feeling firmer. so be patient about how getting, it takes time but in the end the results are worth it.


I had great results witht the program. For food problems use a free food tracker at Sparkpeople.com. It gives you graphs and will really point out where you are going wrong with the food.


If you were already at a healthy weight then maybe you lost weight but gained muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat.


I just ordered my Slim in 6 and stopped by to check out everyones comments. I just wanted to point out to Amie that muscle does NOT weigh more than fat. A pound of muscle and a pound of fat both weigh a pound. However lean muscle occupies LESS SPACE than fat so never be discouraged about gaining a pound or two here and there during your workout. It is more than likely muscle mass. To keep better track of your progress take the measurements of your midriff waist hips and thighs before you start the program and after the 6 weeks. You may be more amazed at how many inches you lost compared to how many pounds you lost.


Have look been keeping track of carbs? Have you noticed any differences in your clothes? Drink plenty of water. 64 oz
Are you eating 5 times a day? (small portions)

  I believe it's working
Andrea (Verified User)

I have been doing Slim in 6 for 3 days now and I believe it’s working. My weight fluctuates so it’s hard to tell how much weight I have lost exactly. I have just been doing the first workout (Start It Up) and it shocked me how worn out I was afterwards. I think of myself as fairly inshape and this video kicked my butt! Very good workout. I am combining the workout with the Special K diet.

  I started SI6 3 weeks ago and have had great results!
Tracey (Verified User)

I started SI6 3 weeks ago and have had great results! I feel the differance in my body shape. I workout 7 days a week because I don’t want to get lazy. For everyone just starting..good luck and you WILL get resualts! Keep Strong!


are you doing the diet too? (like supplements or anything) or are you just watching what you eat?

  expecting to see great results
raquel (Verified User)

I started on Jan. 11, have been out of shape for a long time, and gained alot of weight with my first son. I am now on week 2 and feeling much better!! if you push past the first 3-4 days of soreness you will succeed. No program works if you don’t stick to it. Nutrition is easy because it just recommends you do 5 meals a day, of course healthy choices and portion control. If you check out their website Beach body, you can find alot of info. on there, just explore the website. FOR THOSE CONCERNED ABOUT CLEANSE, this is not mandatory. SOME PEOPLE DON’T DO WELL WITH FASTING AND MAY QUIT. Just start eating healthier. I did the first dvd (25 min) for first week, then moved up to Ramp it up (45 min) week 2, and that is where I am at now. I’m gonna keep pushing play till my 6 th week, and expecting to see great results.. Also, if you can, take before pics. it motivated me. & looking forward to seeing the changes. good luck everyone


I am on my 4th day and thought I was going to die. The legs hurt really bad, but feel it is working. So you moved up in the disk the 2nd week. I thought we were to do 2 weeks of each disk?? Let me know how it is going for you .


I am about 20 pounds over weight. I am on day four and I am feeling much better. I was so sore on day two and three. I thought I was going to die. On day four I am much better and I feel great. I hope I can stick to the six weeks.


OMGosh! Admittedly, I haven’t done much but walk for the last year. I lost weight (18 lbs) on WW and then pulled my Slim in 6 tapes out 3 weeks ago. I’M STILL SORE! My hips are killing me! In the mornings I can hardly bend down and I’m only on Ramp it Up! They work, but don’t let yourself get so out of shape before you start them 🙁


Raquel –

Like Jeanette, would love to know your opinion as of now. Let us know how it’s going – Thanks!


Hi raquel I really would like to know your results. I had read that this program was for people that wanted to loose around 25 or less pound and I want to loose around 50 I am 23 had no kinds I never did exercise I need to loose weight and look better by the summer so I am thinkig on buying this program. Let me know how is going this for you.

I will start tonight!

My SI6 should arrive today. I’m crazy excited. If it’s there when I get home tonight I will start tonight!! I got about 50 lbs to lose so we’ll see how far I get in 6 weeks. I live in Houston and Rodeo is coming up – GOTS TO LOOK GOOD!!!


yeahh i live in rosenberg and i just ordered mine so i hope it really works….do we have to really follow the diet they give us or can we follow our own n still see results?

I was just wondering does Slim in 6 really tone your thighs and butt?

I was just wondering does Slim in 6 really tone your thighs and butt? That is really where I am wanting to see results.


I started SI6 Mon 18th of ’10 and after just 3 days of working out, I feel firmer in my legs, thighs and abs. I’m also following Medifast program and I’ve lost 3 pounds in 3 days 🙂 So, you can count on toneing your legs and butt.

how much does it cost ALTOGETHER???

I have read some negative reviews on the customer service and I was wondering exactly how much does it cost ALTOGETHER???


Just got mine last week and total for program + shipping and tax was 71.66. I paid in 1 payment, not installments.

Does anyone with diabetes use this?

Does anyone with diabetes use this? The fasting part bothers me because this would not be a good thing for a diabetic…..I’ve got to do something about my weight and this looks do-able. Thx!


Brooke, I am anemic and can not fast but just ordered this product yesterday. I already have a certain diet I have to follow so I pretty much just purchased it for the work out itself. I figure working out is better then not which is my current state. I will post how it goes when I receive it and start the program!

the disadvantage portion is not correct

I just wanted to say that the disadvantage portion is not correct, you do not have to pay for slim in 6 in the 3 19.99 instalments,you can or you can pay for it all at the same time, they offer it right away on the website when you purchace and over the phone, also I dont see how not putting diet pills and other toxic substances into your system is a disadvantage, and as for dieters who dont want to change there lifestyle, well good luck keeping the weight off if you even loose it!


Thanks for the info, Trisha, we’ve changed our review! We look for supplements that can help dieters get more out of the work they put in to their dieting and exercise, but I certainly agree that the dieting and exercise are the most important part of weight loss.

Does this plan include a special diet or just exercises?

Does this plan include a special diet or just exercises?

I just ordered it Saturday

I just ordered it Saturday, Jan. 16, 2010. I am hoping to start 1-24-10. I will keep everyone posted! I am really excited to try this. So far the posts have been very positive.

What are the instructions?

I am wondering what the instructions are. I received from my friend with no instructions. Only dvds. What do I do now? Thanks

can hip replacment do this i had one 7 years ago my 50
lanna graves

can hip replacment do this i had one 7 years ago my 50

Does anyone have instructions?
Alicia (Verified User)

My sister let me borrow the SI6. Does anyone have instructions. Am I supposed to do this everyday for 6 days a week for 6 weeks???


According to the instructions, you are supposed to start by fasting for two days (juice and green tea only). After that make sure you eat at least one meal before starting your excerise program. You are supposed to do the regular work out six days a week, starting with “start it up”, once you are comfortable with this level move to “ramp it up”. In the last four weeks you should be doing the “burn it up”. Also, while doing these you should do the “slim & limber” stretching six days a week and the ab workout “slim & six pack” three days a week.


Are you supposed to be fasting and doing the workout? Or do you start with 2 days of fasting and then start the workout on the 3rd day? Is there more information with the package?


I believe you only fast on the 6 day jumpstart.

jessica DeBose

So Alicia this programs officially asks you to fast yourself for two days??? Im thinking about getting it bout I was always curious about the nutritional guide because I see reviews where people are saying that the exercising is great but no one has hardly mentioned the nutritional plan..


Sorry this question is geared towards April

We will see! how it works
Alicia (Verified User)

Started tonight 1/11/10. Hoping to lose 10 pounds and about 5 inches. We will see!



Any results? Did you complete the 6 weeks by respecting the nutritional rules ?

Thanks for the feedback!

cilla (Verified User)

i started mine on jan 7th and m excited to see my results n six weeks….

  slim in 6 pack
sarah (Verified User)

Got mine and used the ab workout, slim in 6 pack, everytime i did a video and lost 2 to 3 inches off of my waist every week.. I LOVE MY RESULTS!!!


hi, like what did you eat when you did the ab workout? and how long di you do it for? im only 15 but i need my beach body. im trying to lose 20 pounds to be a double 0. please tel me how you did it. thanks:)


I think you’re just trying to get some attention. Grow up!


I know this is late, and I know you’re extremely self-conscious at this age, but please don’t make a OO your goal! Now is the time you need to make sure you’re getting the best nutrition you can in order to avoid debilitating problems when you’re older. Just focus on keeping fit with exercise (be sure to include weight bearing activity), not dieting. Whatever size you are is the right size if you’re staying active and eating healthy.
(Yes, I am a physician.)



I hope you are getting some sound advice about diet/health and that you take it seriously :)!! Double 0??? I am a bit appalled that no one responded to you and encouraged you to be moderate in your health plan. Nothing will look better on the beach than a healthy, happy young lady. Good luck!!


Yes, A 00? Sweetie, stay healthy! My daughter is a o but she eats like a horse and not very healthy, but that is her body type. It doesn’t matter what size you are, just be as fit as you can

Let you know whats up after the 6 day express.

Got mine on 1/7/10, just opened it on Saturday and will start on 1/11/10. Let you know whats up after the 6 day express.

  I lost 20 pounds and 4 sizes of clothing in 3 weeks
Sol (Verified User)

I lost 20 pounds and 4 sizes of clothing in 3 weeks. (I also dis atkins during that period)


Thanks what I was thinking of doing. I bought slim in 6 about 4 years ago and I’m ashame to say I just started the program. So Sol atkins and slim 6 works. I know atkins work.


Haha Opal! I bought mine about 4 years ago and am just about to start using it too! I was just trying to find out what came with it, a yoga mat and a resistance band, I think.


LOL Opal! I bought it about 4 years ago too, and am just now getting ready to use it! I was just trying to remember what came with it… I think a yoga mat and a resistance band?

I just ordered it today

I just ordered it today
1-10-10… Sammi, I’d love to read your posts about your progress & thoughts on Slim in 6, I’ll do the same rcv. it next week!

just got it in, saturday 1-9-10, will star on monday 1-10-10 and will write back in 6 weeks!
sammi (Verified User)

just got it in, saturday 1-9-10, will star on monday 1-10-10 and will write back in 6 weeks!


Please let me know how it is going. I am seriously considering it.


I ordered Slim in 6 a few months ago. i’ve lost twenty pounds. it does take some scheduling and dedication but it works. and i seriously recommend it. i stopped it for a while because just in the 1st two weeks i saw great results. and i got comfortable with it. but i’m starting it again and i’m still feeling results again. i love that it’s designed for women. to not build you up but slim you down. it’s worth your money!


I tried it last feb before a family wedding and with in 5 weeks I was seeing results. It wasn’t about the number on the scale to me but the pant sizes I dropped. I was a 10/11 and 3 months after using the program I fit into a size 4/5. I was amazed by the definition in my legs, which have always been a trouble area. Like you said though, it takes scheduling. I lost that for the past few months (holidays) and am now back on the program 🙂 back to it, let’s go!

kiaja mujihia


  Just go for it
Marie (Verified User)

This works if you use it. I lost twelve pounds in three weeks. I didn’t even know I had lost weight until my friends said I looked thinner. Then I got on the scale and wow! I was impressed.

  having a slow go

I am just starting week 4. Kinda frustrated because I have only lost a pound and I’m doing Weight Watchers too. The first week I gained 2 lbs, the second I lost 3.5, and this week I gained half a pound. I only have 10 lbs til my goal and was hoping this would help me get there faster. This happened to me the last time I did this too (but I only made it to week 5). Things are fitting a little better, I just wish the results came faster. Sorry, just frustrated and trying to hang in there til the end of week 6. Anyone else having a slow go?


Don’t get discouraged by the numbers on the scale. Instead, pay attention to the way your clothes fit. As you continue to work-out you will be gaining more muscle. Since muscle weighs more than fat, you may see an initial weight increase. This should level out over time.


You need to remember you’ll gain mussel as you burn fat


Try the club fit yummy mummy! I lost 35 lbs in 12 weeks! Easy to follow!


you might be gaining weight because you’re loosing fat but gaining muscle. (muscle weights a lot more than fat) I would go more with dress size and measure you body index fat (about $14 dlls.) I’m about to buy the program, don’t need to really loose weight but want to tone. Keep up the good work.


Sounds like you may be hypothyroid.

CHeck out Jillian Michaels Master your Metabolism


I have been using Slim in 6 since January. End of December I weighed myself and was 193 lbs, I’m currently 168. Keep in mind that all exercise programs work because you actually do the work and if you are like me and love food you have to learn to eat better. I incorporated “eating clean” with my exercise program and have lost and have been able to keep it off. The great thing about Slim in 6 is that you have support tools with the BeachBody website to help you with your goals. You can also get a personal Coach for free through this site to keep you motivated and help you.

I just started HipHop Abs which is always created by BeachBody and love it. I’ve lost 12 inches and not only lost weight but I have changed my body.


I gained two pounds the first week, on second week losing some now.


It sounds like your weight loss is transpiring appropriately. It could just be for both of you(Denise and Dani) especially Denise that your gaining muscle mass and lossing fat, but I’m not a doctor just been around several fitness junkies/coaches, and doctors. That is what they’ve shared with me.


I have been on weight watchers for 16 weeks and have lost 10 pounds. I wanted to jump start my weight loss because i seem to be just hovering around 10 pounds and want to lose more for my wedding in October. I started Slim in 6 Yesterday and hopefully i can pull off working out 6 days a week for six weeks!!


I am also doing weight watchers and the weight is coming off slow but hang in there. I it takes awhile for it to come off it’s happening the same way I loose then gain. It’s like I gain 2 weeks out of the month then loose 2 weeks. I have been on WW for 30 weeks and lost 20lbs but I lost 2 dress sizes. So what I am saying i keep your head up andthe workout cd’s can’t hurt.