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Slimgenics Review - 13 Things You Need to Know

We’re hearing a lot of buzz about Slimgenics, so we delved deep into the ingredients, side effects, customer service and clinical research. We read through hundreds of user comments and reviews. Then, we condensed and refined the info to give you the facts you need.

Slimgenics can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is Slimgenics?

Slimgenics is a four-phase program engineered and operated by certified health professionals. Rather than being a social group with weight loss supplements or a points system, Slimgenics offers educational, comprehensive, and guided services to get people to a healthy and manageable weight. It is offered in a clinic setting and services can be obtained online for those who don’t live near a weight control center.

Unlike other weight loss services that offer the same information and products to all who enroll, Slimgenics is customized and personalized for each user. This means that the professionals at Slimgenics weight control centers take into account any medical conditions, lifestyle preferences, or allergies that a user has when creating their Slimgenics diet plan.

In-person services are only located at specific Slimgenics locations. The Slimgenics locations include the states of Colorado, Minnesota, and Ohio, but people from all other states can still access Slimgenics products and services online.

Also, Slimgenics works with people of all ages, including children from ages 10-17. Specialized programs are implemented for children who fall into this age group, while all other male and female adults will select between their in-clinic and distance program. The company also offers a workplace program for employers who want to provide an additional service for their employees at a group price.


Slimgenics Competitors

Weight Watchers WW
Jenny Craig

Slimgenics Ingredients

Slimgenics does not require users to eat only prepackaged meals, and users are allowed to cook at home or select from designated healthy options when dining out.

The recipes offered by the company and its consultants also vary greatly in ingredients. For this reason, there are no specific ingredients consistently required for all users enrolled in the program.

However, there is a list of foods that Slimgenics encourages users to eat. There are also some restricted foods, like cola, that users are advised to stay away from.

Food List

Slimgenics Food List

Slimgenics wants its users to eat a wide variety of healthy and natural foods. These foods include vegetables, legumes, fruits, and meats. The items on the Slimgenics food list include:

  • Poultry
  • Seafood
  • Eggs
  • Legumes
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Starches
  • Dairy Products
  • Healthy Fats

These food groups make up a balanced diet, and establishing healthy and balanced eating habits in users is one of the company’s main goals. These foods are can also be customized.

For example, a vegetarian would not be advised to eat meat, and someone with seafood allergies would not be advised to eat seafood. This is the benefit of not using a one size fits all program, and the personalized plan leaves no gaps.

What Does Slimgenics Do?

Slimgenics walks users through each of the four phases and provides different resources and services to help people get slim and healthy. These phases are comprehensive and cover everything including nutrition, support, education and healthy living advice.

Upon enrollment, users receive a detailed and personalized diet plan that is tailored to their needs and fits in with their lifestyle. While enrolled, users may visit the clinic or check in with their advisor up to six times per week for advice and feedback on their progress.

This counseling is designed to reinforce healthy habits and encourage users to eat well and abstain from harmful foods. Also, body stats are checked when users walk into Slimgenics facilities for counseling.

Slimgenics reports that, on average, users lose between one and two pounds per week. This is a result of following a professionally established diet plan.

Slimgenics and Education

Education also plays a major role in every Slimgenics program. Users learn about nutrition and health and come to understand the causes of weight gain as well as why it’s so important to eat well.

This education can stay with users for a lifetime and keep them from falling back into old habits once they reach their target weight and leave the program.

As previously mentioned, Slimgenics targets thermogenesis as a contributing factor to weight loss while helping people grow into healthier lifestyles. Thermogenesis is also known as the generation of heat in the body, which is known to burn more fat and boost energy.

Slimgenics claims that this effect can also quicken the metabolism and result in healthy weight loss without any hunger pangs or sluggishness. We’ll delve into the science of thermogenesis to get a better sense of what kind of Slimgenics results people can expect.

Slimgenics and Thermogenesis

Thermogenesis can be activated by various food and supplement products, many of which Slimgenics offers directly. Thermogenesis alters metabolism and increases resistance to weight gain.

Brown adipose tissue plays a key role in thermogenesis, but active brown adipose tissue is only found in a portion of the population. For those who have inactive brown adipose tissue, activation is key to enhancing energy burn in the body.

Some researchers find that substances like green tea extract can induce thermogenesis in people. This is partially attributed to the caffeine in green tea extract, which stimulates brown adipose tissue thermogenesis.

Slimgenics thermogenic

Also, we’ve read studies that conclude thermogenesis has an impact on satiety, helping dieters feel fuller and preventing overeating. (Nutrition and Metabolism)

While some think that everyone’s body functions the same, this is far from the truth. Some people’s bodies store more energy, and others burn more, partially explaining the vast differences in weight and body composition throughout the world.

Thermogenesis, in particular, plays a key role in maintaining these differences among individuals. One study followed sixteen non-obese volunteers who were instructed to overeat for eight weeks.

The non-exercise activity thermogenesis, which may include fidgeting and other expenditures of energy, was a major differentiator between volunteers who accumulated fat and those who kept it off.

This study also supports Slimgenics’ claims to stimulate thermogenesis through diet and supplementation.

However, it’s important to note some people are more likely to activate thermogenesis through diet than others. In one study, obese and average-weight women ate thermogenic activating foods and were studied for energy expenditure and heart rate changes.

While energy expenditure increased significantly in both groups after eating, the obese group burned off less energy than the control group. (Obesity Research)

Does Slimgenics Work?

The question of whether this program works comes down to research a well as feedback from real Slimgenics users. In addition to targeting thermogenesis, the program aims to educate users and provide expertly created meal plans for long-term lifestyle change.

The accountability and support are significant factors in preventing relapse and future weight gain, or what is also known as yo-yo dieting.

Clinical studies confirm the beneficial effects of nutritional education on obese patients.

One study provided overweight and obese participants with nutritional guides while dietitians met up with them on a frequent basis to talk about health.

At the end of the study, participants had lost significant amounts of weight, giving validity to the role of education in nutrition and weight loss, states the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Behavior modification methods and nutrition education have also been applied to overweight and obese children. In one study, children and their mothers were given information on diet and exercise, and behavior modification methods were applied to different groups.

does Slimgenics work

The groups who received behavior modification counseling were more effective at losing weight than the groups who received nutritional education alone, states Annals of Internal Medicine.

Dietary counseling is a core component of the Slimgenics program and is largely responsible for user success. Many studies confirm the benefits of dietary counseling for weight loss.

These counseling sessions have been found to produce modest weight loss and are used by weight loss clinics and programs around the world.

Side Effects

Are There Slimgenics Side Effects to Worry About?

Side effects of participating in the Slimgenics program are difficult to pinpoint, mainly because each dietary plan is personalized to the individual enrolled. These personalized nutritional plans take allergies and diet-restrictions into consideration, in an attempt at avoiding negative side effects of dieting as much as possible.

Instead of side effects, some users share certain complaints about the company and the program. Some users find quitting Slimgenics to be rather tricky because enrollment in the program is bound by a contract.

This may be one reason why the company guarantees results. If quitting Slimgenics is not an option, users may continue long enough to experience some weight loss.

While the program itself may be helpful, it’s the Slimgenics cost that many users complain about. Slimgenics ripoff allegations are frequently made when users discover additional and elevated charges to their bill.

These Slimgenics ripoff reports are also spread due to a shared feeling that the company charges for things that users can get for free or at a significantly lowered price.

Is There a Slimgenics Alternative?

Because some people are skeptical of Slimgenics, it’s important to explore alternatives.

Slimgenics vs. Weight Watchers

When comparing Slimgenics vs. Weight Watchers, it’s important to point out the differences in structure and price. The Weight Watchers weekly price is determined by the user’s zip code as well as which services the user wants to obtain.

Weight Watchers offers coaching, weekly meetings for community support, and customizable plans and system services.

They also don’t require the use of a contract or specialized supplements and instead use subscription plans, and users can back out at any time by unenrolling from automatic subscription renewal.

Slimgenics vs. Medifast

When comparing Slimgenics vs. Medifast, other differences come to the surface. Medifast relies heavily on prepackaged meals and meal replacement products to help users lose weight.

Slimgenics says that their packaged meals are optional, but their thermogenic snacks are required to complete the program at an additional cost.

Medifast also offers meetings for extra support in certain regions, and additional services like food journals, nutrition guides, and personal health coaches are free for users.


What is the Slimgenics Cost?

The cost of Slimgenics depends on the program. However, the program service fees are generally $7 per week. At the time of this writing, Slimgenics costs $150 for the Full Program. Also, the cost of supplements isn’t listed and isn’t included in the price.


Slimgenics Directions

Slimgenics users are directed to meet with their counselors at least once per week and follow their customized dietary plan. They’re also required to eat thermo snacks as directed and go over any educational information provided to them by the Slimgenics staff.

The directions for following the program vary depending on which program the user is enrolled in. The in-center program does slightly more for users than the online at-home program, and the youth program also contains minor changes to suit people of younger age groups.


Slimgenics Results

Some people report positive results and significant weight loss while enrolled in one of the Slimgenics programs. Some users report losing over 100 pounds, and others lose just enough to get to their target weight. Like any program, not everyone will get the results they’re looking for.

Slimgenics Weight Loss

The people at Slimgenics care about health and well being, but the program is entirely centered on weight loss. It is not simply a health program for people of average weight to enroll in to become healthier. It is expressly designed for people who are looking to boost thermogenesis and lose a specific, often large, number of pounds.

What Users Are Saying

“I literally can see the inches disappear faster when I take these! Not to mention my skin, hair and nails are more shiny and strong!”

“Gives a small boost, does not act as a thermogenic, expensive for what you get.”

“I did not lose weight but I had great energy.”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on Slimgenics

So, what did our look into Slimgenics price and products say? We like that the company has been around for more than a decade and you can contact the customer service department at your local office, but we’re concerned about the lack of research connecting it to weight-loss. Also, the total cost and the expectation of signing a contact leaves us skeptical about this one.

There are benefits of Slimgenics. However, there are alternatives to add to your existing weight management plan.

One of the products we like the most is Noom. The weight-loss app is designed around a program that incorporates human coaching, expert advice and articles, exercise tracking and personalized meal plans to get your start on your path to weight loss and keep you there through weight maintenance.

Also, the company behind Noom is offering a free trial as a sign of confidence in their supplement.

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What are the side effects of Slimgenics?

Slimgenics side effects include severe constipation, increased urination, headache, upset stomach and diarrhea, as pulled from some user reviews.

What are the ingredients in Slimgenics?

You are encouraged to eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, lean meats, eggs, dairy products, fats and starches with Slimgenics. There are also prepackaged supplements that can be used.

Does Slimgenics work?

First of all, cutting back on calories and limiting foods high in sugar can certainly lead to weight-loss. Therefore Slimgenics can work if followed correctly. Some users will appreciate that food intolerances are addressed with this diet program. Then again, the results people experience vary greatly. There does not appear to be any published clinical research that supports Slimgenics for weight reduction.

How much does Slimgenics cost?

The cost of Slimgenics varies from person to person. The actual cost depends upon the program you choose for your specific needs and weight-loss goals. According to some dieters, Slimgenics costs around $300 to $500 per month.

How should I take Slimgenics?

When you visit a Slimgenics clinic for your first consultation, you will be instructed on how to proceed with this weight-loss program.

Where can I buy Slimgenics?

Slimgenics can be purchased using their Official Site.

Where are Slimgenics clinic locations?

Slimgenics clinic locations are in Ohio, Minnesota and Colorado.

Are there supplements involved with Slimgenics?

Yes, there are supplements involved with Slimgenics.

Is exercise required with Slimgenics?

Although regular exercise is not required with Slimgenics, it is recommended.

Is there a guarantee provided with Slimgenics?

There’s no mention of a money-back guarantee on the Slimgenics website.

42 Slimgenics Reviews

  • don't mind the side effects
    lee (Verified Purchase)

    If you don’t mind the side effects (very frequent trips to the bathroom due to water loss inducing herbs, coupled with severe constipation), the weekly weight loss results can be positive. Unfortunately, during the recommended three weigh-in and consultation sessions each week, you rarely see the same counselor on a routine basis. So, you spend more time during the session repeating what you told previous counselors about the negative side effects and how you have to schedule your life around bathroom breaks. Don’t buy the required 2 or more protein snacks upfront in bulk until you know they work for you.

  • You don't need those pills

    the problem is that after the program many don’t feel they can do it on their own and stay on the program for life. Eat as you do now, if you are on the program, you don’t need those pills, bars, etc. Cook out of the cook book!

  • Carbs
    Marvin Duncan

    how many carbs are allowed in a day?

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Marvin. For detailed product instructions please refer to the official slimgenics website for more information.

    • Kelly

      They do not focus on Carbs. Depending on your plan, you could get 2 starches a day. I did not find anything on their list I like, so I eat two pieces of 45 calorie bread. They have not said anything.

    • kristi

      you get 2 carbs a day. That could be 2 pieces of low cal bread.

  • Lisa (Verified Purchase)

    I agree the folks who said it works – it DOES! ANd it is a lifestyle change, most definately. My hubby and I are both members and we have both had GREAT success!

    We had tried Weight Watchers – it also worked, but there was a lot less focus on eating good foods – just focused on cutting calories. And WW has costs, too…those meetings add up – and you have to pay even if you miss!

    Slimgenics was VERY up-front with us about the costs associated. The “shopping list” is an opportunity for you to buy in bulk and save money. You HAVE to get 2 snacks per week – which is enough in each box for 2 snacks per day…and STILL less expensive than the drive-thru!

    For our family, it has been a wash – Drive thru foods and costs out – Slimgenics healthy snacks in… actually less money going out.

    Benefits: Even our kids are feeling healthier, just from eating better foods. We ALL have avoided the colds/flu that visit our area each year at this time – probably from a boosted immune system from all the fruits and veggies…

    The only REAL downside is that my clothing bill has gone up as i keep buying new clothes to fit my new, smaller self 🙂

    • katrina

      I did the slimgenics and have lost 53 pds. I went from size 18 to 7/8. I did this in a year. I would never tell anyone to not do it! The program was the best thing that I ever did for myself. I am healthy, happy, content and pleased with myself and my accomplishments. I am not rich or an extremly patient person with myself. I wanted to be in good lean shape for the rest of my life. Nothing I tried over the years worked for me, nothing. Slimgenics works, is safe, successful and for anyone who has decided to stop making excuses and get serious about yourself. Then be quiet, work with your self and make it happen for you. Not kidding you.

    • CC

      I just joined and was not pressured to buy any of the supplements. I can’t have caffeine, and I don’t like taking unknown things. I probably will use the vitamins, but I can buy those cheaper elsewhere. I’m trying the snacks and will see if they help. If they do,I will find another place to buy them for less. In order to make it work, you have to be committed to a lifestyle and eating change. I’m lucky I have one of the centers right down the street, so stopping by is easy. I’ll report back after a few months how it’s going.

  • slimgenics
    Doug (Verified Purchase)

    I joined in July 2010, yes it is expensive, however I feel so much better – lower chl. without meds – able to bend over- lower blood pressure – really I feel great some people say it does not work really if you follow the diet I dont know how it would not work, really this is a lifestyle change my eating out was out of control I have lost 50 pounds my wife has lost 25 just following what I’m doing we enjoy cooking at home and I have ate veggies I would have never never ate the are great! We are very pleased as we get old we really need to take care of our bodies we only get one!! I really dont want to be a fat old man!! Thanks to slimgenics I won’t be and the way it looks I won’t have a fat wife she is really happy with the results as well!! I say give it a chance don’t have buyers remorse you have spent the money now make it work!!! feeling bad will not help in the weight loss!!

  • shan

    I joined slimgenics.My counselor was super nice. she spent 1 1/2 hrs, answer my questions. She gave me 5o dollars discount. My gaol is to loose 50 lbs,she said uit will be 4 months but my program expires in july. I paid 600 dollars with 1 months supply of vit + supplements, 1 wk supple of snacks, I think I going to be expensive with snack supply. so far its ok. Will start program next week with 3 day cleanse. I will update.

  • I am grateful for Slimgenics.
    Kathy (Verified Purchase)

    Yes, slimgenics is expensive, however, in the long run it will save me lots of money as my health as improved greatly after nearly 4 months on the program. I was a diabetic on lots of meds/insulin and 50 years old, with little hope of losing weight. I have lost over 40 lbs so far but more importantly, I have significantly reduced my insulin from 5 shots a day to only 2 with my doctor continuing to reduce the amount until hopefully I will no longer use it. On previous diets I have lost weight without a change in my blood sugar value because the food plan was only a reduction in calories without care for what I ate. Though the foods you can eat are somewhat limited, it’s not bad. . . you still eat lots of protein (meat, etc), fruit, vegies, and even starches and milk so the carb intake is still good. I am grateful for Slimgenics.

  • I'm starting slimgenics in a week! Not happy about the price, but we will see

    I’m starting slimgenics in a week! Not happy about the price, but we will see

    • Melanie

      see if you can start Weight Watchers instead.

      • JLassiter

        Amen to Weight Watchers. SG has been one of the most pricy mistakes I ever made. Their adds say you can travel and eat in restaurants. If you can happily eat eggs, skinless chicken breasts and fish for the rest of your life you will love this diet. But I have been doing this since Oct. 2010 and I could fight someone for a peanut butter sandwich. I can’t eat eggs and I can eat tuna fish sandwich sometimes but I am really beginning to hate chicken breasts. They said I would be able to add more foods after I lost the first 50 lbs. Lie…they took away my fav. fruits and I can only have one starch now. If I have to eat like this the rest of my life I hope I die very soon, it will still seem like dog years. I will have to quiet soon I can’t afford to buy their stuff any more. I have spent almost $4,000. so far but people in my family have lost their jobs and so I can’t afford it and help them too.

        • anyon

          I joined Slimgenics 3 weeks ago after years of failed diet attempts, including weight watchers. I am down 15 pounds with 45 to go and I already feel great. The cost are high but worth it if you ask me. With any diet, if you work a normal job, you’re going to need some sort of meal supplements to keep you metabolism going, not starve, and get the nutrients your body needs. That’s how I justify the supplements they sell. I was easily spending $20 a day if not more when the family and I would eat out or get fast food. I rarely get bored of the options of food I have to choose from. It’s a lifestyle change and committment but necassary if you’re serious about losing weight. I’m hopeful and for me, that is priceless! 😉

        • black beauty

          The supplement have started my stomach to hurt and swell very badly.

    • Kevin

      I joined in 2010, was skeptical but lost 35 lbs. I order thermal snacks through another company which makes them under another name. Much cheaper!

      • Kelly R

        I have my free consultation tmorrow and I am very nervous. I am happy I took the time to read through all of your comments you have given me a lot of ammunition. My question is do you regret using the program

      • Carol

        Where do you get the thermal snacks?

      • Robbin

        where did you order thermal snacks through to get them cheaper? I agree very costly!

        • sam

          ;you can order there bars
          from diet direct same bars
          but much cheaper
          there called wonderslim and barwise products exact product under different names
          you can buy there thermo boost at a company call all star health for only 11.89 a box that’s alot cheaper slimgenics is extremely expensive i used there program and did research on there products and you can buy them at much cheaper costs.

      • Kay Hanslep

        Where do you get the cheaper thermal snacks? Have you been pleased with the program?

        • Christina (Editor)

          Hello Kay. Hello. For product ordering inquiries or sales locations, please refer to the slimgenics official website for more information.

      • Carol

        I’m considering slimgenics,
        Would like to know where you get the thermal snacks cheaper?

        • Anonymous

          Diet Direct

      • Mary

        What is the other company you order your snacks through? Also anything else you can get through them? Thank You!

        • bob pignato

          where do i get the slim genics snacks besides slim genics

          • Christina (Editor)

            Hello Bob. For product ordering inquiries or sales locations, please refer to the slimgenics official website for more information.

      • jean

        what the name of the company you order the alternative for?

  • I have lost 60lbs and still 40lbs left
    Deb (Verified Purchase)

    I paid $4700 dollars for my program to lose 100 lbs. I have lost 60. I am a lifetime member but the program is SO RESTRICTIVE if you are a fussy eater at all….back to good old weight watchers!

    • Anonymous

      Deb L

      I was not offered the online program and need to lose 70 pounds, once I joined I was given the prep info, but not the info I needed for after prep, it cost another 4,000.00 for the additional product. If I were told that the total cost was going to be over $5,000.00 I would have told them to stick it up theirs!

  • I have lost 65 pounds with slimgenics
    brenda (Verified Purchase)

    I have been doing slimgenics since Oct. 2009. I have lost 65#. It is pricey but do remember it is based on how much you want to lose. So you can utilize the program to get a jump start. It has been invaluable to me to reprogram the way I eat and to see how off track I had gotten in relation to eating. I have tried many other programs and this one has really helped me.

  • I lost 40lbs in past one year ago
    Gerald Pfannenstiel (Verified Purchase)

    I was a client, opt-out about a year ago due to schedule conflict after a loss of over 40lbs… Wt. is slowly creeping back…Q- Can I still buy products only??? w/o being a client?????gp

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hello Gerald. For product ordering inquiries or sales locations, please refer to the slimgenics official website for more information.

    • Clarissa

      I think you can do it online, they will charge another hefty enrollment fee if you go back in.

    • Brian

      You can, but you can also buy directly from the manufacture and other online stores selling the same products. As for all the supplements, take thier supplements to GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, etc and you will save more money as they do the same.

  • I signed up $50.00 off coupon, but I didn't get it.
    Virginia Hawkins

    I signed up for an appointment and should receive the $50.00 off coupon, but I didn’t get it. Help

    • Daree

      They just asked me if I signed up for the consultation online. I said “Yes” and they gave me the discount.

      • erik

        that sucks…

    • Frank

      My place just gave it to me. I would demand it if you really want it. The price varies with how much you need to lose, which is not really fair for someone like me who needs to lose alot, so I’m glad I got the $50.

      • L

        I just had a free consultation with the S. office in my city. The Rep kept pushing their products non-stop and mandated that I must purchased their products. Being caution of ingredients I found most of their products were soy, wheat & lactose based. All of which I cannot do. Then the stimulates. At that point I asked prices but she danced around the proposed question. No mentioned of any discounts or otherwise. The Rep was a smoker too. So very disappointed what is being portrayed.