Updated: 10/17/2017
By Summer Banks Oct 05, 2017

Slimgenics has helped tens of thousands of people transform their health and lives through improved nutrition and targeted supplementation.”

This is a great thought, and certainly a claim I want to believe – but I just have to ask:

How can they promise such results with their weight-loss program?

Here’s the deal: Slimgenics claims to base their methods on “proven scientific principles,” offering programs to help inflammation, digestive health, weight-loss, and related hormonal imbalances. In addition to this, they offer support and nutrition education, claiming to lend you all the tools to lose weight and keep it off – all while eating “real food.”

Want to know if it actually works?

Then you’ll definitely want to check out these 5 facts you NEED to know about Slimgenics.

Dig right in…

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What is Slimgenics?

First off, Slimgenics is a clinic-based weight-loss program [1] that requires weekly checkups and meetings. When you utilize the meal-replacements,[2] supplements and medical support system, you are supposed to lose more weight. You have to visit the center frequently, which can make following the plan a little difficult and costly.

The program was introduced in 2003 when the business first opened. You can purchase supplements and products on the official website and through your local center, two good options. We like the strong BBB rating and the longevity of the company, but read on…

Slimgenics Cost – “Out of this World?”

Our first concern is Slimgenics cost. “The initial price may be small, but there are extras that come up from the first week that affect affordability,” said our Research Editor. “Why would a dieter want to spend more than 10 times what they need to when there are more affordable, proven alternatives?”

“When I actually started the program all of a sudden there were hundreds of dollars of hidden fees that I had to buy thermal snacks in order to be in compliance with my program,” commented a buyer.

“Too costly! Stayed on it only a month and wised up. Big waste of $$$,” says another.

Sometimes the price doesn’t matter, especially if the dieter is at the end of their rope. As one put it, “I need to admit that I need professional help and if Slimgenics can provide me that at a cheaper price than hiring a personal trainer, than I’m all for it.”

Another stated, “At this point for me weight is becoming a bigger problem than any kind of cost a weight losing program might incur.”

Slimgenics Customer Testimonials

A Contract for Weight-Loss – “Really?”

We find it interesting that Slimgenics price is quoted after dieters sign a contract. “My ‘contract’ does say I am REQUIRED to buy at least 2 thermo snacks a week,” one user reported.

“When I signed the contract you MUST buy 22 of the snacks which cost LOTS of $$,” said another.

A customer stated, “They don’t disclose the cost of the program until you have signed the contract and can’t back out.”

We tried to find a few dieters that didn’t mind signing the contract, but it seems this is one of those things that nobody likes.

Our research reveals that one problem, like high price, is more than enough to hinder long-term weight-loss success. [3] If Slimgenics cost is as much as dieters claim, you may want to think twice about the benefit of the investment.

The Science of Slimgenics – “Proven?”

The official website explains Slimgenics products and programs. There are three steps to follow – nutrition, [4] supplementation and support. [5] When combined, this strategy can work to help you lose more weight. Unfortunately, there is no clinical evidence that this specific approach works better than other similar diet systems. At DietSpotlight, science is what we look for to back a company’s claims. When scientific research is not part of the plan, why would the consumer spend thousands of dollars?

What Users Are Saying

"Been drinking Thermo-Boost for years now since becoming acquainted with the Slimgenics plan. It is a great energy booster and gets the metabolism going to aid in calorie burning. I put it into bottled water and shake it up to mix it. Orange is my favorite flavor."

"I know this is expensive, but I do like it"

"I don’t feel much of a benefit in terms of energy or focus, but this stuff does taste a lot like Tang."

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The Bottom Line – Does Slimgenics Work?

So, what did our look into Slimgenics price and products say? We like that the company has been around for more than a decade and you can contact the customer service department at your local office, but we’re concerned about the lack of research connecting it to weight-loss. Also, the total cost and the expectation of signing a contact leaves us skeptical about this one.

If the time has come for you to start that weight-loss journey, we suggest going with a product clinically proven to boost metabolism at a price that won’t drain your wallet.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Dietspotlight Burn. The clinically proven, four-part proprietary blend has been shown to boost metabolism and spark fat loss. Dieter’s haven’t suffered any side effects, based on reviews, and users report seeing great results.

Plus, the company responsible for Dietspotlight Burn is confident in the formula, they’re offering a Special Trial Offer.

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Slimgenics - What You Should Know

Slimgenics is a weight loss plan that focuses on individual weight loss goals. Unlike weight loss supplements, the plan offers personal consultations and weigh-ins much like Weight Watchers. Dieters are expected to make an appointment for a free consultation at a local Slimgenics provider in order to take advantage of the program.

List of Ingredients

Personalized weight loss plan with in person consultations and weigh-ins.

Product Features

According to the online literature, Slimgenics has been helping people to lose more weight since 2003. The program is not online, and thus dieters must find a local representative in order to take part in the weight loss program. This could limit the number of people who could take part in Slimgenics. Slimgenics offers personal support, complete medical history and regular appointments to people in the program. The accountability associated with regular monitoring can encourage some people to maintain a plan and continue losing weight. Real food is used with Slimgenics so no special foods are needed to take part in the plan, though some suggested foods could be more expensive if they are low fat, low calorie or diet foods. The cost of Slimgenics is not set. Each person will receive an individual plan that will be priced based on the amount of weight they need to lose and the duration of time, they will spend in the program. As part of a starter enrollment kit, dieters are given weight loss aids, which can be purchased from Slimgenics at a discounted price. Which weight loss products are included is not listed on the website. Dieters are given a $50 off coupon if the consultation appointment is scheduled online. This could mean the program is very expensive and may be out of budget for many dieters.

Slimgenics Advantages

  • Slimgenics incorporates healthy eating with exercise to lose weight.
  • Dieters are given one-on-one advice and weight loss consultations.

Slimgenics Disadvantages

  • The cost of the program may be too much for some dieters.
  • No set prices are given so each local branch could charge different rates.
  • Rates are dependent on how much weight needs to be lost.
  • Weight loss aids are included, but the names of these products are not given.


Personalized weight loss plans tend to work very well for some dieters, but the cost is often far more than a proven fat burning supplement. The more weight a dieter needs to lose, the more money they will have to pay for the Slimgenics program. If weight is gained at some point, additional time may be added to the program and thus additional cost. Weight loss supplements are also suggested, but dieters are not given the names of the products to research before setting up a free consultation.

Slimgenics is a program that focuses on teaching clients how to eat real, healthy food in a manner that promotes weight-loss. There are programs available in the centers or at home. There are meal replacements and supplements offered.

Slimgenics Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Serving Size: N/A
Serving Per Container: N/A
Amount per Serving% DV
Weekly Check-Ups**
Weekly Meetings**
Meal Replacements and Snacks**

Other Ingredients: None

We dug deep into the Slimgenics ingredients to give you the details you need.

Weekly Checkups

The Slimgenics program involves weekly checkups with healthcare professionals to ensure your weight-loss is on the right track.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Aside from helping ensure your weight-loss plan is set up for you and your individual health goals, this helps in keeping you accountable.

Clinical Research

According to a study published in Journal of Clinical Oncology, “During radiotherapy, both interventions positively influenced outcomes; dietary counseling was of similar or higher benefit, whereas even 3 months after RT, it was the only method to sustain a significant impact on patient outcomes.” [1]

Weekly Meetings

The weekly meetings are similar to the checkups with the medical team, but instead allow you to focus on other non-medical issues as part of your weight-loss journey.

What is it Supposed to Do?

It is supposed to give you a place to connect with professionals about issues you’re dealing with while you are following the plan.

Clinical Research

According to a study published in Preventive Medicine, “Physicians have the potential to impact health behaviors, especially those related to diet, through simple discussions during routine checkups, but only about half are using this opportunity.” [2]

Meal Replacements

Meal replacements are part of the Slimgenics program. We have little information on the ingredients in these, and each person is given an individualized plan.

What is it Supposed to Do?

These meal replacements are supposed help you feel full and keep you nutritionally stable, while eating less overall to support weight-loss. Real food is also encouraged so the plan isn’t based solely on these products.

Clinical Research

According to a study published in Nutrition Journal, “Our data suggest that the meal replacement diet plan evaluated was an effective strategy for producing robust initial weight loss and for achieving improvements in a number of health-related parameters during weight maintenance, including inflammation and oxidative stress, two key factors more recently shown to underlie our most common chronic diseases.”


Slimgenics offers a variety of supplements to help people who are in need of certain nutrition. Little information is available on these supplements.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Supplementation is supposed to help ensure you get all the nutrition your body needs, even if you can’t get it all from diet.

Before you give up on weight-loss, we suggest you try the Special Trial Offer from Dietspotlight Burn. They have clinically-tested ingredients and consistently positive customer reviews.

Slimgenics Scientific Abstracts:

Calcium Caseinate

Based on reports, the percentage of expected achieved weight-loss was greater with dairy/calcium (82.1±19.4%) than in control (32.2±7.7%)(P=0.03). Participants in the dairy group had reported a more satisfied feeling (P=0.01) as well as lower dietary fat intake (P=0.02) over the course of 12 weeks. In comparison to control, the dairy group had greater plasma levels of peptide tyrosine tyrosine (PYY, P=0.01). In conclusion, a diet containing dairy and calcium was not more or less effective than control in regards to weight-loss. Small increases in plasma PYY concentrations in higher dairy/calcium consumption could play a part in the feeling of satisfaction. [1]


This study has examined the in vitro inhibitory traits of cocoa and procyanidins against pancreatic lipase (PL), pancreatic α-amylase (PA), and secreted phospholipase A2 (PLA2), as well as examining the kinetics of these inhibitions. As far as potentant inhibitors, Lavado cocoa extract was (IC50 = 8.5 – 47 μg/mL). Inverse correlations have been noticed between Log IC50 and DP (R2 > 0.93). Analysis determined that regular cocoa extract had inhibited PL activity in mixed mode. It is reported that the cocoa polyphenols can discourage digestive enzymes and may be a useful tool against weight management along with a low calorie diet. [2]

Zinc Sulfate

Zinc sulfate was found to be superior to placebo in both reducing hyperactive, impaired and impulsive socialization disabilities, however not reducing attention deficiency issues accompanied by ADHDS. Therapeutic response rates (in full) regarding zinc and placebo participants were holding steady at 28.7% and 20%, respectively. It had been noted that the hyperactivity, socialization and impulsivity scores showed substantial reduction in patients who were of an older age and increased BMI score with zinc and FFA (free fatty acid) levels. Zinc had displayed a low rate of negative side effects. Zinc monotherapy had shown greater results than placebo in decreasing symptoms of hyperactivity, impaired socialization skills, and impulsivity in participants with ADHD. Although alone the reports of these studies may not be enough to warrant conclusive evidence, it may be considered that zinc treatment seems to be an effective treatment for ADHD individuals who are older and contain high BMI scores with low zinc and free fatty acid levels. [3]

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is found to be important for cellular energy production and DNA synthesis. Vitamin B12 deficiency is a common occurrence, mostly because of malabsorption of the vitamin or insufficient consumption of animal foods. Vegetarians are at risk of vitamin B12 deficiency as well as other groups of individuals with insufficient intake of meat in their diets. Long-term effects of B12 deficiency are not completely known, but may have negative effect on pregnancy outcomes, cognitive, vascular, eye and bone health. [4]

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Summer Banks Dietspotlight Author
About the Author:

Summer Banks, Director of Content at Dietspotlight, has researched over 5000 weight-loss programs, pills, shakes and diet plans. Previously, she managed 15 supplement brands, worked with doctors specializing in weight loss and completed coursework in nutrition at Stanford University. full bio.

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What are the side effects of Slimgenics?

Slimgenics side effects include severe constipation, increased urination, headache, upset stomach and diarrhea, as pulled from some user reviews.

What are the ingredients in Slimgenics?

You are encouraged to eat plenty of fruits, vegetables , lean meats, eggs, dairy products, fats and starches with Slimgenics. There are also prepackaged supplements that can be used.

How do I know if Slimgenics is right for me?

Choosing the right product is the #1 question asked by DietSpotlight readers. We recommend trying any product before buying it and know that finding a product with a sample offer is near impossible - so we created our own product, Burn HD, with scientifically backed ingredients.

Click here to get your sample of our powerful fat burner today.

Does Slimgenics work?

First of all, cutting back on calories and limiting foods high in sugar can certainly lead to weight-loss. Therefore Slimgenics can work if followed correctly. Some users will appreciate that food intolerances are addressed with this diet program. Then again, the results people experience vary greatly. There does not appear to be any published clinical research that supports Slimgenics for weight reduction.

How much does Slimgenics cost?

The cost of Slimgenics varies from person to person. The actual cost depends upon the program you choose for your specific needs and weight-loss goals. According to some dieters, Slimgenics costs around $300 to $500 per month.

How should I take Slimgenics?

When you visit a Slimgenics clinic for your first consultation, you will be instructed on how to proceed with this weight-loss program.

Where are Slimgenics clinic locations?

Slimgenics clinic locations are in Ohio, Minnesota and Colorado.

Are there supplements involved with Slimgenics?

Yes, there are supplements involved with Slimgenics.

Is exercise required with Slimgenics?

Although regular exercise is not required with Slimgenics, it is recommended.

Is there a guarantee provided with Slimgenics?

There’s no mention of a money-back guarantee on the Slimgenics website.

200 Slimgenics Reviews

  • Ok to join SG

    Brian I am with you on your comments. Has anyone had to have a doctor say it was ok for you to join SG?

    • Sam

      I had my infertility doctor recommend Slimgenics, and also my weight-loss doctor was super excited when i said i joined slimgenics.

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hi Nicole, the program includes and requires weekly checkups, meetings and medical support that can guide you through the process. Nevertheless, pleas visit your physician to make its safe for you to join.

  • ann brewer

    can a peach be substituted for an apple in the induction phase?

    • Jessica (Editor)

      Hi Ann! Yes, you may substitute a peach for an apple in the introduction phase. Good luck!

  • Rubina

    Hi I would like to know if that are there are steroids in your supplements which makes a person much fatter after he is done with the plan?

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hello Rubina. The program include balanced daily food (fruits, vegetables, lean meats, eggs, dairy products, fats and starches). The prepackaged supplements area meant to increase metabolism and don’t have steroids as one of the main ingredients. Another supplement you might want to consider trying is Dietspotlight Burn.

    • DeeYour Name

      The supplements are natural, no steroids whatsoever. The costs can be high, depending on the plan you are on, the amount of weight you need to lose, etc. However, it is so worth it. This is the only weight loss that I have found to work. I’ve lost over 60 pounds and have kept it off for almost a year now. It’s not for everyone, but I highly recommend it. The cents in Colorado are wonderful; all of the advisors I’ve worked with are very nice, caring, and aren’t pushy whatsoever. Definitely worth it! !!

  • Is this good for people with Diabetes?

    Im on borderline to be a diabetic, i realy like your thermo boost drink,. Are they good for me? To diabetic peolpe in general?

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hello Liza. Please consult with your physician before taking slimgenics to make sure it is safe for you to use.

  • Powder with Caffiene
    sherry (Verified User)

    I would like to purchase some antioxidants mix to put in water. I want the one that is powder and with caffeine

  •  It worked for me.
    hb (Verified User)

    I think just keeping a journal helps and folllowing their journal keeps you from over eating which helps you to lose. Eating a little extra isn’t going to kill you just keep it high in protien to keep you full and low in fat. I don’t like veggies all the time they don’t fill me up and they keep me wanting something else meat is What keeps me from being hungry I always ate extra meat on the plan.

  • What's the price?

    What are the prices? Is it a certain amount per week, per monrh and what is the enrollment fee, if any? Do they make you sign a contract or is it month-to-month? I’m trying to research it before my first free consultation this week. I’m having major doubts after reading so many negative comments. I may cancel so I don’t have to endure their “sale pitch”.

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hello Kandy. Slimgenics costs around $300 to $500 per month. A more affordable option you may try is Dietspotlight Burn, which is backed by clinical research and positive reviews.

      • Mary

        I did visit the official website without finding a single clue about fees! -Apparently you have to sign a contract before finding out your own fee, a big turn-off.

  •  Eating healthy is the answer
    J9mpls (Verified User)

    Eating healthy is the answer to your weight loss. Balance proteins,carbs and healthy fats with every meal and you’re on your way. Quit eating processed foods, and if you can do it cut out all wheat products, and sugar whenever you can (if not altogether). This will really help you cut back on sugar intake. Use Stevia as an all natural sugar substitute. Why pay good money on programs that you think you may fail at…put that money toward good food and be smart about how you eat. It really isn’t that hard. Educate yourself.

  • Brooke

    I totally can relate to you with the age thing. I’m 22, and they talk down to me even though they aren’t much older than me. How they talk to me is, they wouldn’t talk to someone in their 40’s and up like. They expect me to lose weight everyday and they act like it’s the end of the world when I don’t. It’s all about buying to them, and they question me about my dosses and money. They say they understand but they don’t.

  • Lisa

    I started with Slimgenics 5 mos ago. The plan is difficult to follow but it works. The staff at the Avon office tried to sell me product at every visit. The program is ridiculously expensive and there isn’t a trained medical person following the clients. I am happy that I lost weight but disappointed in the follow up. I stopped going for weigh ins about a month ago. I have had only one call from the center asking when I would be in again. I was assured when I signed up for the program that someone would call and encourage me on a regular basis. I am disappointed that there is no concern for a client that made regular visits, showed progress and then just quit. I would not recommend this weight loss clinic.

  • Tony

    I recently completed the program and went from 250# to 200# , yes the reviews are accurate in terms of the costs they don’t tell you about, the exspensive supplementations that the program requires and they are pushy about those products!!! After reaching my goal I started the balance phase the Rep. who was new was reading the info. She noticed that my goal weight was changed as I told her my doctor recommended for me to get to 210#-215#, she told me that ” she is not a very good doctor”, I almost walked out then, I was furious. She not only insulted and degraded my doctor as a woman and a professional she disrespected me because I made the choice of selecting her! Oh , she diagnosed me with heart complications in 2014 which led to quadruple bypass surgery and I feel fantastic, I thank the Lord for that!! I will not be returning to the Rocky River , Ohio office.

  • Cher

    After being on Slimgenics for a month, the Thermo-snacks started aggravating my IBS and I have spent days in extreme pain. Not able to get SG to let me return any of the snacks, etc. Very frustrated!

  • My Name

    Very disappointed. Was to lose 85 pounds in 30 weeks. Now on week 28 and have gained and lost the same 20 pounds the whole time. I stopped taking supplements (Dr. Suggested I do) after first batch was gone. Taking my own supplements. Everytime I go in they ask why I stopped supplements and I tell them they write it down and then ask again. I was told the supplements were optional. I can only choke down one snack a day. Costs are way too high. Wish there was a way I could get at least part of what I paid back

  • Colleen

    I was very excited about when I joined, but within 6 months after I loss 50 pounds, I gained back all of 50 pounds within 6 months …I felt deprived and very unsatisfied with the plan….very disappointed!!! very expensive!!

  • katri

    how do you quit slimgenics: just don’t go back — tell the head person at slimgenics where you go or whatever — thank you.

  • Lynn

    Program was not for me. I ended up starving and developing some bad habits due to shaming at weigh in. i.e. I would starve myself. The staff my location was mixed..but the manager horrible. Never again will I pay for a program like this.

  • Janet

    go with functional medicine at the Cleveland clinic. Dr mark hyman

  • Janet

    Every person needs to look at the functional medicine of healing rather than this program
    no doctor’s at slimgenics. it’d a crock of baloney. most folks ego are in this program will end up having more medical issues especially diabetes. go with the Cleveland clinic and look into what function so medicine is about. figure why you are far and feel like crap as Dr mark Hyman says.

  • Giving it a shot....

    So one doctor told me my choices were slimgenics or weight loss surgery. It just so happens I’m already working with a weight loss surgery doctor for medications (currently not working for me). I just spoke with my weight loss doctor who was very happy to hear i joined slimgenics. She said that i needed to contact her when i got to my goal weight or hit a plateau so that she can up the dosage on the meds to maintain the weight loss. She said everyone she sees gains their weight back. I thought that was very interesting. Ultimately I’m doing it to lose weight and learn. Or just as hard of work as anything else. It’s not a diet miracle.
    I also happen to know one slimgenics customer who has kept her weight off for 5 years. She even had her young son (child obesity issues) doing it for awhile, and he is now maintaining his loss. They are both now very active and eating right.
    Yes it’s expensive, but we waste our money on other stupid stuff like $200 cell phone bills and $150 cable/Internet. Maybe downsize for awhile to work on yourself? Just putting it out there.

  • Supplements are required, their cost is hidden !
    Barb (Verified User)

    I am currently on the program and have made a long-term commitment to myself for the weight loss I need to improve my health and well-being. I am a registered nurse with an advanced degree, and I am able to critically assess the program. Yes, the fact that your supplements are “required” and their cost is hidden before you sign the contract. But I am morbidly obese and have been unable to lose weight on my own. I don’t like the surgical option, and I respond well to the accountability of going to the center several times a week. If I can’t afford the supplements or snacks, I don’t buy them. One can snack on green vegetables in between meals to keep stimulating one’s metabolism. But I am learning to make better choices when eating and when grocery shopping. My program will continue another year, losing 2.5 to 3 pounds a week, a healthy and maintainable rate. The program will ease me into normal eating after my goal weight is reached. I consider the costs to be my investment in my future, so I am willing to make it. Hope this helps someone.

  • Christina (Editor)

    Hello. For product return inquiries, please contact Slimgenics customer service by calling 1-855-565-7700.

  •  Lost 30 pounds in 9 weeks !
    rob paine (Verified User)

    i lost 30 pounds in 9 weeks on slimgenics i tried ever diet in the world and had given up on losing weight people who did not suceed with slimginics did not want to hear the solution yes it cost alot to correct your weight but nothing is free it is worth every penny

  •  Product too expensive
    Melissa (Verified User)

    When I had my free consultation i Voiced very strongly that I have little to none income and they assured me that it was a very great program. When I actually started the program all of a sudden there were hundreds of dollars of hidden fees that I had to buy thermal snacks in order to be in compliance with my program the thermal snacks were $18 per box and you had to have 3 boxes a week I had just had my baby and I wasn’t working and the food was very limited and there was no exercise program and yes it not being online made it difficult too. I had to drive every week do the closest location. So after about a thousand dollars in I couldn’t afford it anymore I couldn’t even finish the weeks I had initially bought and I had to quit

  •  Fake Product
    Fatuma (Verified User)

    Omg I was slimgenic customer back in 2013 let me tell u they are horrible all they do is make u purchased expensive snacks and supplement. I gain all th weight I lost

  • Your Name In the same boat

    When I first showed up to check out SG, I could not get them to slow down so I could check out the ingredients with a nutritionist at my clinic, and so I too fell for it. I am too old to be that stupid, or at least I thought… If you feel like the supplements may harm your body, and your doctor agrees, I suggest the company be reported to the AMA (American Medical Association). About 30 years ago, I went to a “diet” doctor who gave me supplements which over the course of just a few days actually began making me hallucinate. I am not saying that the SG supplements have done this to me, as far as I am aware in sleep, but someone herein mentioned “speed”, which grabbed my attention. Not sure if true, yet… All I know is when I went to see my professional MD, he asked me to give him one of each of the supplements and sent them to the pharmacist at the clinic. Report came right back “Bad” drugs… It’s been so many years ago that I do not recall what they found present, but my MD told me to no longer take it, call AMA, and confront the diet guy. When I did, he got pretty shook up and even called his nurse in to be a “witness”, much to my shock, as I was very non-confrontational about it for him to have reacted in such a strong way, almost yelling at me!! I had just asked him what exactly was in the supplement and he just totally went off, so that was a big clue. Anyhow, call the AMA and report anything awry with the contents. I am taking my supplements from SG to my health care provider professionals, this week! Then will be contacting the American Medical Association, again, if my MD or nutritionist wave a red flag. Will I never learn?… 🙁 Could be scary stuff and I don’t want to harm myself because I was misinformed or had information withheld from me in the get go. God bless and good luck with your health. They don’t seem to like it when you tell them in advance that you cannot afford a lot of money. I am retired now, and on a limited income. Need to think of some way to make it work, so appreciate all of your great ideas. I cannot afford even all the snacks over the months and told them so. Right now, I don’t care if SG can not guarantee I will loose the weight. I have already paid them close to $950 or so. The food suggestions are helping, though. I love steel cut oats, always have. With a tsp. of butter or less and a little milk.. mmmm…. Don’t even need Stevia on it. Oh yeah, and I worry about all the soy in the packaged snacks, too, which you don’t know about ahead of time. Oh my.

  •  Give this program one star
    Jillian (Verified User)

    I am reluctant to even give this program one star. Granted, it was a friendly enviroment and I found support in several of the consultants (none of them being registered dietitians). I started on the program and began to lose the weight I wanted to. After about five months, I started to lose hope. The program was too restrictive I couldn’t even live a normal life. My poor parents spent hundreds of dollars on this stupid program that did more damage than it did good. As I said, after about five months I started to feel smothered by the program and I couldn’t take it anymore. I was so sick of drinking their gross juice powder and shoving grapefruit and apple cider vinegar down my throat. Everyday after my weigh ins, I would go home and cry because I didnt lose the amount of weight they said I would or expected me to. It was all about the number on the scale, not necessarily your health. This ordeal happened about three years ago. I now suffer from a severe eating disorder. Slimgenics taught me that it’s all or nothing. Before you go on this program, please consider other diets first. I have been struggling in treatment, trying for the longest time to get the things slimgenics taught me out of my head, as it was an unrealistic and distorted diet. If I hadn’t gone on this program, I know for a fact that I would not be in such a dark place. Please think twice about slimgenics. Things aren’t always as glamerous as they seem. Do it for you and your health, not for the number on the scale or the pressure from the “nutritionists”.

  •  I weight my loose
    Chris (Verified User)

    My experiences have just been.. Let me tell you about my horror story. I’ve only lost 33 lbs in 7 weeks, my bedroom life is better, I quit going to the chiro proactor, everyone that sees me says nice things, ya sooo horrible. The $550 I paid made me gain my life back and the snacks are ridiculously good. I went from eating 3000 calories a day of sugar and crap to more delicious food and feel amazing. The first week or two was difficult to reprogram my sugar addiction but after that all smooth sailing. If you love white bread, buy the ultra thin slice pepperidge farm white bread, and two pieces fit into their requirement for bread! I eat a sandwich everyday still. I felt sick on their pills and shakes, so I only took them 1day and dropped those nasty crap. Eat at least one thermo snack bar a day because they take the sugar edge off and taste great. Highly recommend.

    • Your Name

      losing 33 lbs in 7 weeks is NOT HEALTHY!

      • Your Name

        I agree! Too much too fast!

        • Your Name

          Says the bitter party of two-shut it! Good for u

        • TinaYour Name

          I lost 32 pounds in 7 weeks on slimgenics as well. Anyone who says that’s too fast is an idiot and prob just jealous! I’m sure the people that said that have gained 32 pounds in 7 weeks! Slimgenics is the bomb! Quit buying fast food and other crap and invest in yourself! Great job and keep it up!

          • Your mom

            As a medical professional, I can tell you that weight loss that rapid is bad for a person due to the strain it places on the kidneys.
            Further, as a person who knows what it’s like to be judged by weight, why would you hurl insults at someone for the same thing?

    • Your Name

      Congrats!!! I was on slim for life about 7 years ago and absolutely loved it. The new slimgenics program I am not so sure of. A lot more pills and crap on this one. But still loosing weight so I am happy.

      • Your Name

        Just don’t buy all the pills! I am on it for a second time. Love the program. Just eat the bars and buy comparable low sugar snacks to fill in. Be smart!

        • Denise

          .I just had a question I know you have to buy the food but do you have to by the supplements ( pills ) You get some to start off with but do you have to buy more or can you just use the food and advice ?

          • Christina (Editor)

            Hello Denise. The Slimgenics program is designed to for the dieter to purchase the entire program to achieve results. Even though, it is a little pricey at $300-$500 per month.

      • Your Name

        I agree, The slimgenics program was much better. I loved it. This slimgenics program is horrible!!!!!

  • Slim Genics.

    Im currently a customer of Slim Genics. I am so frustrated with them I could pull my hair out!!! I have lost 23 lbs in 13 weeks, 90% of that was in the first 6 weeks, I have stayed within 5 lbs for 7 weeks and NOBODY will figure out why!
    I will only see 2 people at the MG location the rest are little girls that seem like they have the knowledge of kids working at Claires!

    • Penny

      I did slimgenics 3years ago and went to the MG ,MN location. first I want to say that I have dieted most of my life off and on. This program is the ONLY one that worked. I see commercials for Slimgenics that refers it as being EASY!,,….let me make it crystal clear that losing weight is 100% NEVER easy! The program was expensive …many of the suggested snacks I didn’t like at all. In order to keep the weight off a person would have to basically stay on the weight loss part of the plan forever. Adding back foods not allowed even slowly on the maintenance plan did not result in KEEPING the weight off! I’m currently back on slimgenics doing it on my own this time. I have all the tools I need and tho to loose the weight did NOT require excercise I will be adding it this time. That being said I feel the need to add these comments about the counselors. They wear scrubs as to imply they are medically trained . I sincerely doubt this. There were only a few employees I really believed were helpful . I realize it is business and just a job for some of them but losing weight is a very emotional thing .Very personal. My advice to anyone on this plan to stick with it because it works but know that any super restrictive diet is impossible to do forever. When you get to maintenance phase you must add excercise if you are going to keep the weight off while adding your favorite foods back.

      • minnie

        I have the recommended food list but just do not have that amount of $$ to spend having 2 children in college. Can you tell me what supplements you take that i can possibly order thru bariatric. Im led to believe that all the supplements they want u to buy are teally not essential.

        • Your Name

          Can u. Share that info with me so I can also try to get these products do u have a web site where we can order thru bariatri?

      • Your Name

        Penny, do you think its necessary to take the pills (supplements) if you stay on drinking the boost, maybe shakes here and there and just eat fruits and vegetable. I really have not much luck with slimgenics recently but did a few years back. I think it does help control weight gain but really don’t want to put those pills back into me. I hate the fact I don’t really know what they are. I don’t have the money for all of these either but I do like the orange boost.
        Look your comment please.
        THank you

      • Giving it a shot....

        I just meet Kathy. She goes back and forth between MG and Coon Rapids. Super nice and had the same food texture issues i do. She totally knew what i was saying. I enjoyed talking to her because she has done the program and is on maintenance.

  • .It's all about the money

    I had ask if slimgenics was the same as Slim4life…it was denied. I would not have joined because the supplement caused a problem with me at slim4life…It’s all about the money!!!!!

    • Suzy Whitten

      I was told up front that they were owned by the same company. I was a Slim4Life member years ago and was looking to start again. They even offered me a $100.00 discount for returning. I will not be buying the supplements and will not be talked into it. I see Slimgenics as accountability and guidance. The rest is up to me.

  • stomach hurt.

    The supplements really made my stomach hurt.

  • buy their CRAP
    JLJune 18,2014

    I went in for a consultation and they said they could help me 46lbs. in 22 weeks. This is approximately 5 months and I was charged 800.00. But they don’t tell you that you need to buy their CRAP

  • Not Convinced with Product
    Carol Schwankl (Verified User)

    Way too costly! Not convinced the high protein diet is the healthiest way to go. Also not convinced that “flushes”, the many pills, and high protein snacks are good either. The best way to lose weight is to reduce the calories, cook in a healthy manner, and exercise. I hated the many, many pills required each day. Also I resent the fact that I was “talked into” purchasing 4 months of pills, snacks, etc because it was cost effective that way. Friends are shocked when I told them what I paid like a fool. Ended up with much heart burn and constipation from this diet. Stayed on it only a month and wised up. Big waste of $$$. Will share this with my doctor who needed to give his approval for this plan. That alone tells me it is not a safe diet for most people. I’m going back to WW which is what medical doctors recommend.

  • weight loss goals
    Lynne (Verified User)

    For everyone that just stopped or went back to their old habits, how can you blame sg for you gaining the weight back? I hit my goal last June and have not only maintained but am in even better shape now! If you complete every phase of the program they teach you how to add more calories back into your diet. Of course it’s not easy! Sounds like so e of you are just wanting the easy way out of weight loss (which is probably why you are overweight to begin with). It maybe more expensive then ww but ww only has about a 3% success rate (success rate is determined by keeping the weight off for 1+ years) while sg has a 40%+ success rate. Instead of blaming others for stuffing your face with that Big Mac maybe you should actually work hard at your weight loss goals and actually hit the goal. Then don’t go back to your old ways!

    • Your Name

      Its funny that you’re saying that. Because you used to be ooverweight too. Or else you wouldnt have joined. So why put others down? You wouldnt have wanted that said to you. people like you make me siCk. You lose all the weight and think that its okay to say nasty things to the people that may not have the same drive as you. Some of these people may not know completely how to change their habits. Maybe instead of insulting people, you should have used your experience as a tool teaching device. You could inspire others but instead you used youe success as a tool to put people down. You should reevaluate yourself. Because you were once in those shoes. Smh

      • Your Name

        Well said

        • Your Name

          Absolutely right. She doesn’t sound good after reading the blogs. Alot of them say to much money, weight gain back and counselors are only trying 2 make a buck. Sad.

  • world full of different voices

    well, i was there for 6yrs, us ppl were merely inaorgnt puppets without any conscious, they believe whatever the gov has told, naive. u have chosen the right path, being a hk citizen can witness the true world, a world full of different voices and having the ability to be judgemental is what a true citizen should hold, also, the us economy arent doing too good plus its geological state will soon consume its land and become catastrophic. u and i boyh made the right choice, no hurricane, no earth quake, no gun shooting, no fbi nor massacre here, cheers!

    • Your Name

      Absolutely right. She doesn’t sound good after reading the blogs. Alot of them say to much money, weight gain back and counselors are only trying 2 make a buck. Sad.

  •  It works for me.
    Mike (Verified User)

    I did Slimgenics about 2 years ago and lost 45 lbs in about 12 weeks. It was great for me. I followed the program religiously and it the weight fell off. My wife did it the same time and lost more weight in a little more time. Of course like all people we went back to eating like crap and gained the weight back. Was this their fault, Heck NO! I felt like I was very educated on what to eat and how to maintain…. I just went back to the lazy habbits that got me FAT in the first place. But here is the great part about the program. I have all the tools I need to go and lose it again, and I DIDN’T have to pay again. Also, my wife is taking ZERO of the supplements and losing weight a bit faster than the first time. Also, when you do it by your self you find their are other places online to buy their snacks that are much more affordable.

    At the end of the day, I thought Slimgenics (at least the one I went to) was a great place to learn how to eat healthy and give me life long lessons on how to lose weight. Now it is up to me!

    • Shayla

      Where did you bup the snacks?

  •  It works for me.
    Matthew (Verified User)

    I was on Slimgenics in 2012 from June to October then 2 maintanence months till December. I lost a total of 75 lbs for about $500 a month = supplements, snacks and initial fee. Unfortunately I have gained back about 50 lbs through emotional and stress eating, I am starting plan again today to lose 30-40 lbs, but doing it myself with supplements and snacks, no initial fee. Counselors I have befriended, provided me with some of the new information being used including food guide.

    Some people I have spoken too about the program complain about the cost. However, my argument is stronger. The idea of being at a healthy body weight means to me = 5-10 years longer to live, earn money if I choose, decreased risk of diabetes, and other ailments specific to body weight (note these illnesses can easily cost 10’s of thousands and decreases quality of life), Healthy body weight means decrease health insurance premiums, life insurance premiums, increased activity and life with kids/family.

    Cost of a program that works is as much as an excuse as anything else. Extend your life and earning potential by finding a plan that works for you and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Note, losing the 75 lbs initially, I did not exercise a single day, this was my mistake. This time I plan to eat better, exercise and enjoy my health with my family.

    Recognizing other programs like weight watchers are less expensive, the results for many have been significantly less then the results of slimgenics. Weight watchers charges $20 a month and provides little instruction but increased personal time and accountability of counting calories, but little education about good/bad calories and how to stay accountable.

    • Grammy

      I am going to quit the program. Out of all the sales reps I only spoke to one that actually knew the program. They were supposed to speak to my Dr. but they never did. My blood pressure went way up in 1 day. Response was oh that happens sometimes. Happened off and on for three weeks. At the initial meeting I asked the rep what else I will have to pay for. She said “nothing” but some supplies. I told her my situation as far as money goes but I have had to come up with more money…and I don’t mean a few dollars. Even though I am a adult they did intimidate me every time I needed to by more products. The weight did not drop off with their supplements, so I have every intention of quitting. They even called me while I was on vacation!! No more.

  •  Slimgenics does work there is not doubt about it. If you can afford it.
    Barb (Verified User)

    I lost 72 lb on Weight watchers became a life time member. I did gain 30 and went to Slimgenics. I paid a little over $500.00 to join and did received a pkg.
    with some of the products to start me out. I was to lose this weight in 15 weeks. Well I came close, during that time . I also earned extra weeks which gave you more time to lose. I did reach my goal weight and more. Of course that also gave you the opportunity to
    purchase more of there products. The money I spent on this program was ridiculous. I do believe that they make
    commission on how much they can sell you. Than when you lose all your weight they want to to become a life
    time member which you pay another $500.00. When I left Slimgenics I was under my weight goal at Weight Watchers so went back there to maintain. Slimgenics does work there is not doubt about it. If you can afford it.
    Good Luck whatever you do,

  •  It works but as you stop taking them, weight back.
    Julie Sutherland (Verified User)

    I have used the slimgenics program twice in 2 years. It really does work (weight loss) The problem is that after your 6 month plan is done – I regained all the weight back. Both times plus 5 pounds this second time around. If I had to do it all over again I might have joined the lifetime plan – where you can come back in for support whenever you want. The reason I did not do this is that their products are extremely inflated and overpriced. In addition – I would love to NOT be reliant on those products to help me lose weight. They are a crutch and not necessarily healthy. The other reason and main reason I will not go back there are the counselors. Some of them – actually I will say most of them – 3/4 – were fantastic. You could tell they really wanted to be there and enjoyed their jobs and wanted to help you. But there were always a few – one in particular – who stands out in my mind – who was horrible. She was pushy with the products and when you didn’t buy them she would huff and puff and if you weren’t doing something right on the plan – instead of encouraging you, she would shake her head, roll her eyes and tell you to stop making excuses. Mind you, I met my weight loss goal both times. I still dreaded having her as my counselor every single time I walked through that door. Weight loss is easy in this program. It will come off. Keeping it off is another story all together. That is where the true challenge lies, I believe, with any weight loss program, but hey, if In fact this is indeed all about money, they want you to keep coming back, correct? I will not come back this time.

    • MamaD

      I think i got the same person… I know the program works as I lost 28 lbs but was turned off by this same treatment and stopped going. Two uears later i find myself back and atarying over. But like someone else said… At th end of the day it is up to me. So i paam working out this time and ordwring the suppliments online to get me started.

  •  It was just maddening that I had to fight them tooth and nail to get my money back.
    kelly (Verified User)

    I had joined Slimgenics about 2.5 years ago and had specifically told them that I was allergic to MSG. Their employees could not even advise me as to all of the ingredients in their products. Within a couple of weeks I was in a world of pain. My kidneys were having trouble in trying to process all of the chemicals. I went to the the Better Business Bureau and had to lodge a formal complaint in order to get even half of my investment back from them. I did learn quite a bit from the company while I was with them and took the weight off all by myself. If you join them, please be aware of all of the chemicals and other items that are in their products. Those are the real “killers”. It was just maddening that I had to fight them tooth and nail to get my money back. They just kept blaming me for their not fully disclosing what their products have in them. I agree….RUN! Don’t walk.

  •  I have used it and it works. if you follow it.
    Drew (Verified User)

    Why do people go on a RANT about price and Corporate America? Darlene, your entire RANT is based on hearsay, not your actual experience. You then go on to offer dietary advice. Do you have credentials to do so? Are you an MD or a certified nutritionist? Sounds like your manifesto is based on someone’s work experience, not an actual result of the diet. An intensive weight loss plan is not supposed to be easy. Cramming fast food and alcohol down your throat is easy. That’s why in most cases you get fat. Taking the weight off involves habit changes, many of which are not pleasant or easy. It’s designed to get you to stop eating garbage and start living a healthier lifestyle. Save your rant about Corporate America for another forum. It’s a BUSINESS. What do you think, it’s a non-profit organization? Why would that come as such a huge shock that it’s about making money? You’re paying for advice and a lifestyle change. If you’re overweight you probably contributed to “Corporate America” one way or another to gigantic fast food chains, franchises and otherwise. Darlene, everything in your moronic rant is hearsay. Not your actual experience. I’m not affiliated with the program or the company, but I have used it and it works….if you follow it. If you don’t it will not. It’s that simple. If it’s about MONEY just stop spending so much on unhealthy food and get off your ass and go for a walk a few times a week.

    • Your Name

      Drew ever work on commisions I think not.

  •  It does not work.
    Darlene (Verified User)

    I knew someone who worked at this place and after a few months she hated it. She had joined as a client and lost all the weight she wanted to lose. Then she became an employee with the intention of helping others lose weight and feel good about themselves the way she did. But boy did she find a COMPLETELY different atmosphere when she was an employee. In the training section the company kept saying “the client is the most important part of the job” but when she went into the centers all she found was bitterness, competition, stealing clients for the bonuses when they sell items. It was all about the MONEY! As it always is in corporate America…but for them to claim it’s all about the client then make all the employees fight one another to make as much money as you can is such bull**** They even had “managers” who didn’t know squat about people or how to handle situations. The only reason they became managers was because they made more money for the company NOT because they had people skills. She had to work with horrible women who were predjudice against her. The managers and area managers were all drinking buddies so filing a complaint didn’t help it just made matters for her worse because the Area Manager told the manager in question what was said and we all know what happens in situations like that. What kind of professional tells the person the complaint is filed about what is said? Most unprofessional! Most of the women who work in the centers are all liars and will stab you in the back when they get the chance. Plus the whole program is such a rip-off money wise. As Frank above mentioned it isn’t fair to make others who need to lose more weight to pay more. It never used to be that way, everyone paid the same price but now they milk every cent from you. And they don’t tell you that it will be restrictive for some people. Some people do fine on it but others have a harder time and if you “cheat” and eat something not on plan they take food items away and make you drink more water. They push you to buy items everytime you go in for a “counseling” session. They don’t take care of employees who are causing problems for others especially when they are friends with the higher up management. So if you are looking to lose weight and are considering this program as an option…If you want to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars to be told by people who are not even registered dietians that you need to eat only this or only that then go ahead an spend the money. Just remember they “the counselors” don’t explain why you need to stay on the list of foods they provide nor do they tell you why you need to eat a certain way or weeks after you have lost the weight. If you are really looking to lose weight start by keeping a journal of what foods you eat to get an idea of how much you eat and what types of food you eat. And if you buy from some other place and not from slimgenics as Brian mentioned DO NOT TELL THEM!! They will VOID the GUARANTEE they offer because you bought from someone else. And keep in mind the counselors WILL talk about you behind your back especially if you aren’t following the plan. They will make fun of you or call you names I have heard some horrid stories about the managers and counselors making fun of clients or telling each other they hate seeing this “certain Person” or they wish the client would just shutup. If you keep a journal when you write it down in a visual format you can get a better idea of what foods to cut out. Try cutting out fast food completely or slowly and avoid BREAD!!! That’s the killer item because of the wheat protein “gluten” if you aren’t sure about what it is do some research online or in the library but briefly…Gluten is a horrible thing to be putting into your body. It causes your intestine lining cilium (hair like growth in the small intestine) to lose the tightness it’s supposed to have to keep harmful toxins out of your bloodstream to loosen up letting in all the bad stuff and causing you to have all sorts of stomach issues. You can also increase your exercise simply by walking more. It doesn’t take going to the gym or weight lifting or extreme cardio to lose weight just simply walking more often helps and changing the kinds of foods you eat and making sure you drink more water and cut down on caffeinated drinks until you are not drinking it anymore. Try not to go cold turkey it’s easier to just cut back until you cut down to nothing. If you want the 1 to 1 counseling have a relative or a friend who is supportive and whats to lose weight too do this with you. But remember if you stop eating BREAD completely (cold turkey) first your body will get cravings because your body is used to getting breads or carbs. But after a few days or more those cravings subside and you eventually don’t crave them anymore. So I would just cut down on the amount of fast food, breads, sugar and caffeinated drinks and add more walking, more water, more fruits and veggies you like to eat, more types of low fat proteins. Keep the milk and cheese to a minimum. It will come off slowly and some days you may not lose anything but then change up the types of veggies, fruits and proteins you are eating and it will come off. It’s better than paying a company of horrible hateful women to be two-faced to you thousands of dollars to make you feel like crap when you are not used to eating on such a restrictive diet. Happy trails to you on the plan I hope your experience stays positive and for those of you trying on your own…Stay positive, keep walking, keep drinking water and eating healthier choices and may God or whatever deity you believe in keep you strong and bless you through your journey. Blessings to all…except slimgenics 😛 and the finger to you.

    • Kay B-A

      Darlene, Thank you so very much for all the INFO. I was thinking of trying slimgenics, how ever I think I will keep my money and Take YOUR Advice , again Thanks So Much .

    • Your Name

      working with women always creates the worst environmnt. they do not work well together and always like to create trouble. it is always better to work with men.

    • Melody

      Your second hand account really does not make for a reliable source of information. I use to work as a counselor for Slimgenics and I absolutely LOVED my job. I have never been sadder to leave a job and I actually cried on my last day. My biggest reason for leaving was money; sadly the company just doesn’t pay enough to be a long term job, even as a manager. Your statements about counselors making fun of people is false, that is disrespectful and unprofessional and would most certainly get a counselor fired. Yes, I will admit I had certain people I didn’t enjoy sitting with, and YES they were the one’s not following plan, but is that surprising? Why should I want to be wasting my time, efforts, and knowledge on someone who refuses to stick to the program specifically prescribed for them and then is upset with lack of results? There are plenty of client in the center all day long that are trying very hard and listening to what we tell them to do and every single one of those people were successful. Your “diet advice” is generic and will not yield results for someone truly struggling with weight. We do limit what people can eat to a food list, that is a correct statement, but it’s not arbitrary and we do explain to client’s why these foods vs. other foods are on our list and why these are most conducive for their weight loss goals.

      • Red

        Sorry if this is a double post but I didn’t see it go up.

        Melody, can you give me an idea of the amount you made in a month or year? I’m thinking of applying for a position with the company since I empathize with weight issues.


    • Christina (Editor)

      Hello. If you continue to have these side effects, please consult with your physician before continuing to take slimgenics.

    • Clarise

      Darlene, I am encourage & motivated by your suggestions. Like many I joined Tell us your thoughts about Slimgenics 6 yrs ago with my daughter. Like many, we spent a small fortune & have gained all the weight back. I was contemplating buying the supplements online, but after your comments I’m encouraged to cut out wheat based products, watch the sugar & turn to whole nutritious foods. Thank you!

  •  Although it it pricey - IT WORKS.
    Jennifer N (Verified User)

    I joined Slimgenics 3 months ago, and I am down 31 lbs total. I have 20 lbs more to go. Although it it pricey – IT WORKS. I needed the accountability, the counseling, and the help. I don’t regret joining.

    • Elizabeth

      be careful, I did it twice and gained all my weight back. my emotions are tied to my food. Im a honest person so slimgenics worked for a short time cause I followed it to a T

  •  Facing side effects.
    jeff (Verified User)

    My gf lost close to 70 lbs on slimgenics over the course of about 9 months. she experienced light headedness through out the duration of the plan. she would almost faint every time she stood up. she also had low energy and lost her libido. the diet was designed to make you crap like crazy. it seemed very similar to taking laxatives to loose weight. it’s no surprise that someone who does take laxatives to loose weight experiences the same side effects. now, about 6 months has passed since she met her goal and she struggles to keep the weight off. she spent over $6000 on everything so she feels like she has to keep it off. not to mention she hates the way her body looks now. she lost most of her weight in her stomach. she had a belly after the last baby and now it’s wrinkly and flabby. she’s more self conscious now than ever before. so much that now she has become bulimic.

  •  Loved the product.
    Greg (Verified User)

    I joined a little over a month ago. I have 104 pounds to lose. So far I have lost 26 pounds. It is very hard, but it should be. They say you MUST buy their snacks and powdered drink, but after further research, you don’t have to. I found a good meal replacement somewhere else at half the price they wanted. But, if you follow the eating program they give you, it will work. There has been 3 occasions where I actually gained weight during this period, but overall it’s been -26, and I plan on keeping it off. The people are nice. Just shy away from buying their products, or just buy a few and find replacements, and it will still work.

    • sandra

      i join the program where can i buy the product cheaper

      • Grandma T

        I joined 3 weeks ago and down 11 pounds. So far I love the program. You can buy the food about 5 to $7 cheaper per box from any bariatric food supply website!

    • Newbee

      Just finished Phase 1. I add my workouts and steps to my daily food journal. Not sure why this program does not encourage exercise for life time of good habits. I do understand 80% of weight loss is caloric. In three days I do like the reinforcement of 80ounces of water.AND a balanced diet. This program prepares me to plan and not eat impulsively. For my BMI I chose the highest weight I could. I didn’t want to have to pay for more weeks.
      I understand it is costly, but I am not buying take out, alcohol and eating out. Also gave up pop!

      Interesting how they follow almost a diabetic diet and anti inflammatory plan. Dairy does appear to cause food sensitivities in many.

      Excited to start the journey and understand it is up to me to lose and keep the weight off. Really looking forward to good eat habits. Wish everyone the best of luck on their own journey to health and wellness!

  •  Loved the product.
    BigDaddy (Verified User)

    I am very near my goal of -180 LBs. I have gone from a size 4x to size large in shirts and barely fiting in a size 54 pants to 36 or 38. I have gone from 3 blood pressure medications to none…am just about off my c-pap machine and I feel GREAT. I go 30 minutes on the eliptical in the morning at almost 7MPH…I am wearing my kids clothes that no longer fit them. Yes it can be difficult–it takes discipline–but I made a rash decision that I wanted to live…I am over the time that I expected to be on the program–and I know that I will have to eat this way MOST days for the rest of my life but I am 54 years old–and weigh less than I did in high school. They suggest a bit of protien every day but really push the raw veggies…if you stick to the program (even whith a little night out for beer and pizza every now and then…you will lose weight—I have friends that had bariatric surgery and I am SO MUCH BETTER OFF THAN THEY ARE. I never thought that I could lose weight like this…yup it was over $6000 for me…but my life is worth WAY more than that!

  •  Hated the product.
    Joyce (Verified User)

    It’s been very interesting reading all of the comments on the Slimgenics program. I was a former client when the company was known as Slim4life. After 5 yrs I needed to loose the weight again. Even though I felt as though I continued to follow their eating methods, with menopause I gained the weight back plus a few more pounds. I rejoined the,program 7 weeks ago and have lost 1/4 of what I would like to loose. However, this time I have had problems with the program from almost the beginning. The fiber and the metabolism boosters have put me in a constant dash to the bathroom. I have mentioned to the counselors my problems and have found them sympathetic but unwilling to address my symptoms. They say to just not take those, well I’ve purchased six boxes of this product, too bad no refunds or exchanges. Needless to say, I am VERY DISAPPOINTED in them and mortified that I am out nearly $3000. You’d think a woman of my age would be a little wiser. PLEASE don’t support this company and as the other comments say, RUN AWAY fast! Once you sign anything you are stuck. I have 3 huge boxes of their products that I would be more than happy to sell at half-price, if only legally I could. Good luck on your search for a weight loss system, try anyone but SG.

    • christy

      Hi joyce,
      I’m doing the program and love it. I would buy your unwanted thermo snacks if you have any you would like to sell? Sorry the program did not work for you!

    • hb

      You can sell them on craigslist I always find them on there I’ve bought lots of product off of there.

  • Be careful if have acid stomach.
    Lynn (Verified User)

    If you have GERD (acid stomach) beware many of the products contain ascorbic acid, citric acid. Stay away from vinegar dressings as they a dilution of Acetic acid another no-no. Slim-assure wrecks havoc and promotes acid stomach and burning intestines, nausea and diahrrea Betaine Hydrochloride is for stomach acid deficiency. Took a dose before breakfast and am living in hell today. No more of this one. So find out every ingredient in the products on-line before you buy.!!!! So far losing weight. It is very expensive with products, but decrease cost by not buying the vitamins, Slim-assure, Thermo-boost-these have the nasty acids. Also stay away from the chocolate products. As chocolate is bad for acid stomach. Will stick with program because of investment but will NOT take the Slim-assist again. Also the Herbal-slim has green tea with caffeine if you are sensitive to stimulants and are on anti-anxiety meds- avoid this one as well.

  •  Loved the product.
    Anonymous (Verified User)

    I joined slimgenics to loose 20lbs. The first couple weeks were good and I was loosing weight. I believe if I was able to stick with the program I would have been successful. But for me it was EXTREMELY and I mean EXTEMELY difficult to stick to. It is very restrictive and expensive. The most difficult parts were difficulties going out to eat, not being able to drink alcohol and a constant fight with low energy. I felt like I was constantly struggling with light headedness. I barely had any energy at all and it not only made me miserable but my family and friends did not enjoy being around me. There were times too that I was in this state and would not loose any weight. I could not stick to the plan after I tried over and over again for about four months. Now here I am today and I weight more than before. I feel I am now obsessed with my weight and have a very hard time eating “normally”. I was not this way before I did the program.
    If you can stick to the plan it will work… but you have to sacrifice A LOT. Not only food but your energy and any consumption of alcohol.
    I would not recommend it.

    • Lynn

      The extreme high protein diet can damage your organs, promote diabetes, I’m out thousands and quit it before it was too late. Constantly thirsty from all the sodium in the products. See a qualified nutritionist to customize for your metabolism, weight and age and yes get some exercise.

  • Asking for price range.

    Thank you, all. I am looking for help for my teenage son to lose weight. i spoke on the phone to an SG employee today, and my suspicions were raised when he would not give me any kind of price range. I so very much appreciate all the comments from you who struggle with weight AND predatory programs like this. We will look elsewhere, prob WW. My best to you in your quest for health and balance.

  •  Hated the product.
    Rachel (Verified User)

    This person hit the nail on the head! I wish I went to Weight Watchers too. SG wants you take 10-12 of their very expensive “vitamins” a day, you have to eat their snacks, which are very expensive, and a drink powder. Go-RUN to Weight Watchers!

    • Deb

      This is good to know! I was thinking of joining!

  •  Hated the product.
    Rachel (Verified User)

    You got lucky, they always tried to get me to buy there crap.. I quit and wished I would have choose Weight Watchers. I did lose weight with SG, but I starved myself to do it. I hated that foods that I needed to eat. I told them exactly what I could eat and they said that was fine during signing up; once I joined they said that those foods are a no. $1200 wasted..

  •  Loved the product.
    jenny (Verified User)

    I started this diet the end of November & have lost 35 lbs. It works well for me. However, it is VERY expensive. DO NOT buy their slimfinity cards so you can get their discounts. You spend a fortune on it & it only works on their in store products. They only carry a fraction of their product in stores & your discount is not accepted online. After spending a FORTUNE on this program, I really feel jerked around by all the small BS.

  •  Loved the product
    Lori (Verified User)

    I lost thirty pounds on slimgenics and was very pleased. It was work but I knew it would be, it took a long time to pack thoe pounds on and I was happy to have the support to lose them. Recently, I gained 10 pounds back and with my lifetime membership went back, and have lost it all again. It is expensive but by spending the money it forces me to follow through. I have now lost the weight and am determined to eat healthy. If you really want to lose weight this will work. Some people find the comfort of food at the moment is more tempting than long term rewards…if this is you, any diet will not work. Weight Watchers did not work for me because there were too many options and it was too easy to get off track. once you start eating healthy and feel good you will find that high caloric food just makes you lazy and healthy food gives you energy.

    • Melissa

      I agree the program works and I also agree that it is expensive. I am starting my third week next week and I have lost 9 1/2 lbs. I am pleased so far and I feel good. My advice to any wanting to lose weight…….JOIN SLIMGENICS!!! But do not buy anything supplements or thermo snacks during your initial consultation. Wait until you get home and absorb the info. Make your purchases AFTER your class and your 3-day slim start!!!!!! I had a very aggressive salesperson who preyed on my frustration with my weight and took advantage of how willing I was to do anything to lose weight. If she would have told me I needed a new car to lose my 46 lbs I would have bought one! That’s my advice I recommend it but do not buy any of the snacks and supplements right away

  •  Loved the product.
    Ben Schmitz (Verified User)

    My wife lost 40 lbs on this diet. It works, because you have to get taped and weight each week. We took our initial supplements to GNC and saved money. additionally, we did not use the foods much, just got versions of the bars at the grocery store. The real key was eating whole grains, non processed food. It is like anything it takes work. In the end we had one cheat day, and have maintained the weight loss, after 2 years. No longer see anyone at SG

  •  Loved the product.
    Alice (Verified User)

    I wanted to take the time out of my hectic schedule to inform you about the SG in the Littleton Co. area ALL the staff members are truly a god send to me!I have been struggling with my weight now for 30 years.Donna the manager there is the most compassionate woman on this earth,she really makes sure your needs are taken care of and is always understanding and quick to listen to you.The SG center there aims to please the clients.Barilyn is the most suportive counselor that I can relate to(she really understands emotional eating problems)She builds me back up and gets me back on track in soooo many creative ways,because of Barilyn I am now a lifetime member because of her compassion and support,and really being there for me,has made a difference in my life.I have told several people about the program and I will continue to do so because it works!I’ve been with the program for 2 years and have lost 60 lbs. I am continuing to keep it off.Jeanie is also a suportive,compassionate counselor who you will love working with.I’ve never felt pushed into any sales from any of the staff at this SG office as a matter of fact ALL the counselors at this SG are awesome!!! Thank you for hiring people like these ladies at this office who have empowered me not only to lose the weight,but to make me feel like I can do anything and I am thankful for this program, it gave me a second chance at life!!! 🙂

  • Program is too expensive

    om gosh—went for my first conultation–not very happy—i was told i could join for 524.95 after i expressed $$ concern—after i signed on the dotted line and was passed onto another person, the very last piece of paper i was shown was the price list and estimated cost of what i will need for the program—why wasn’t i informed of this before i signed ?? not happy about that—i can’t afford that–shouldn’t all that be shown and explained to you before you sign a contract ? i was so not aware of any of that susan

  •  This plan has changed my life
    David S (Verified User)

    I Joined SJ back in Nov 2010 and lost 45 lbs. Frankly my goal was just 30 lbs. I had no trouble following th plan and the weight came off easily. I didn’t experience the issues that I have read on this board, but I do understand the stomach issues.

    In the 18 months since I came off the program I have see my old habits creep back in and the weight come back on. I am heading back and I will be signing up for a life time.

    This plan changed my life and I would recommend it to anyone. I have a friend that lost 160 lbs and feels the same.

    Sure you have to drink water and eat fruits and veggies. And yes smaller potions and cut out the fast food, but we all know that is best anyway……so do it!!!!!!

  •  Skinny but broke
    Erica B (Verified User)

    The Slimgenics program left me broke but skinny. The sad part is my health deteriorated. I ended up spending thousand in medical care. I had to have a colonoscopy, misc radiology tests, labs, and finally I had to have my gallbladder out. My doctor is certain it failed due to the rapid weight loss. I would not do Slimgenics ever again.

  •  This works but needs patience
    Bre (Verified User)

    Well, I see there’s alot of negative comments about s.g, i started a while ago and if your under 17 they have a great starting program, I paid $290 for a total of 41 weeks with 50lbsof weightloss, abut yeah you do have to get used to the food but as soon as you see the weightloss and everything you keep on trucking 🙂

  • your body to a healthy weight.

    Finally, a program that holds you accountable. Slimgenics is worth every penny. They give you a full education on how to eat right. They know how to kick start your metabolism and get your body to a healthy weight. The foods they recommend are spot on with any other diet and the supplements are very effective. The snacks are a must and do get rid of your cravings. This program teaches you how to live healthy and helps you set good eating habits. Very easy to follow and they help you measure your food which I love. jy

  •  Didn't like product at all
    jeanne wilton (Verified User)

    Do NOT join this! Run away…
    My first review disappeared, how did that happen?
    The products you ingest they sell you are horrible, I will not buy any, weight loss or not.
    I got stomach aches, legs aches, what the heck?
    I am very healthy, never get thes things. I will lose my 20 pounds another way, I made a huge mistake by joining and have been pretty hard on myself.

    • Karen

      Hi Jeanne-
      I just joined SG and I can already tell it’s not for me. I went to the “free” consulation, and what a joke. I got sucked in, and signed up. They then told me I would be eating “real” food, but I would be required to buy 2-boxes of thermo snacks/week. So I thought fine… Last night I went to class and they informed me that I could no longer eat, cheese or bread. I was mortified! I have already spent the money, but to walk away would be fine with me! This is WAY to restrictive, so knowing that now, there is no way this program interests me. My question is this do I just stop going, or if I tell them I’m done, will they then want me to buy all my snacks for the next 28-weeks.? Or…if I’m done, I’m really done! NO MORE FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY ON MY PART! They want too much money! Weight Watchers here I come!

      • Erica B

        I was way too picky of an eater for this program. Although I did lose over 40lbs. I’d say it wasn’t worth it. I stopped going after losing my weight and they called me twice a week for 12 weeks! I was so annoyed.

  • Wanted to try the program again
    Donna (Verified User)

    I lost over 60 lbs a little over 3 years ago on slimgenics and, even though I was 15 lbs away from my goal, they encouraged me to purchase a lifetime maintenance at that time, which I did. I paid over $2000 for my original weightloss program and the additional $500 for the lifetime maintenance. I tried and tried to lose the 15 lbs, only to be told by the counselors that I was not “following program”. Over the next few months, the “counselors” tried changing my eating pattern, having me eat all of my protein at once, eating earlier, eating later, omitting one snack and many other examples. None of them worked and I still did not lose that last 15. Finally the counsellors, and then the site manager told me that I could not continue on the program unless I paid for the weight loss again. I was very frustrated by that time, since I had alread paid over $2500 plus the cost of supplements and food. I had been very successful, but that last 15 just would not come off. I almost felt harassed every time I walked in as the counselor, and finally the manager, treated me with little patience and finally told me I could not keep coming in if I was not going to lose the weight and I was not going to pay more. I really got discouraged, quit going and asked for my $500 that I had paid for my lifetime maintenance back. I was told it was not refundable and besides, I did not hit my goal.
    Needless to say, I put the weight back on. I really would like to go back to Slimgenics as I do feel I need the daily accountablity to them to keep me motivated and get me to the goal, but I feel I was taken on the promises, and I should not have to pay again for the weight to be lost. If anyone can help or provide a suggestion. I would be pleased. I do get postcards from them encouraging me to come back and I was told they are now under new management.

    • kate

      I lost 53 pds and yes I felt humiliated every time I went in to see them. I heard every excuse possible as to why things needed to be changed up< product purchased etc. Im going to walking and journeling my plan 1 and or 2 and once I get the sugar out of my system….its true you dont crave it. Did you know that the product in the pura slim is what they make "baseball bats out of? check in out on line. I pooped all through the weight loss and they gave me more excuses and sold me products. I am really angry about paying $50.00 for the peach protein powder. She told me I would for sure lose 6 pds…..guess what 1/4 pd. I will never go to slimgenics again. one of the councellors would call me at home and tell me the BS it was and that I could lose my weight WITHOUT any weight loss products. Water is most important, the olive oil< 1/4 to 1/2 lite morton salt. yes the program works, but the people are there at base pay of anywhere to $9.00 to $11.00 base pay. They relie totally on the commission from the products that they sell you. I know because my councellor quit and went to school. she was great and a friend today. its almost like brainwashing…..once you are on your way to losing, they hook you. This is how individuals make their living. So dishonest!!!

  • virginia haugland

    I agree with your comment and am going through the same dilemma. Am going to file a suit against them. Sorry to hear they are treating others the same way.

    • Anonymous

      As a happy slimgenics user I am sorry to hear about your troubles. But I also feel that it is important to research diet plans and programs before you commit your hard earned money. Information on prices is readily available on online message boards such as this and it is a shame that you feel the need to blame slimgenics because you are not comfortable with the prices.

      • susan

        i set up an appt to hear all about the program–and still was not told everything, never showed a price list, and what i was expected buy and the $$ amount until after signed the contract with another person, and it was the very last thing they went thru with me—

  •  Side effects of Slimgenics
    Alicia (Verified User)

    Today is my first day on Slimgenics and found this site because of some side effects I’m having. Personally as far as the cost goes I found it to be much cheaper than I thought it would be, in my case. I have 30 pounds to lose. I never felt pressured to get anything additional. I paid $460 for a 28 week program, “included” were 4 different types of supplements, thermo boost, snack bars and thermo snacks as well as cleansing tea. To be honest, I feel like hell! I feel run down and kind of out of it. I’m nauseated and have other tummy issues. My initial 3 day program doesn’t have me too restricted. I was told I would lose 30 pounds in 12 weeks and if I didn’t my program would be extended at NO additional cost to me until I reached my goal weight. I asked if supplements were required to lose the weight she said they may help but weren’t required and they would see what works best for me as we go along. I never at any point felt pressured. My “contract” does say I am REQUIRED to buy at least 2 thermo snacks a week. Yes, I very much agree the supplements are grossly overpriced and have no plan to purchase anymore once my month supply is gone. If I see something may help I’ll buy it elsewhere. I’m a strong minded no BS woman and if anyone tries to pressure me into buying something I don’t want or need I’ll tell them where to stick it. I was upfront, told them money is an issue, I needed to be able to eat normal food because I have a skinny husband and picky 2 year old. They can’t afford to be on a calorie restricted diet. I do believe I’m detoxing from the crappy food I’ve been eating and I’m a fairly heavy drinker at times. I feel like hell but I’m hoping it’s strictly the detox and I’ll start to feel better soon. I’m determined to lose this weight, WW didn’t work for me. I was told I would lose this weight regardless of exercise, which is total BS but I know that, and plan to exercise. I know every program works different for everyone else, but for me, the Arvada, CO center was great right off the bat. I hope that it works for me and I don’t experience what others have. I will update if things get worse on the health front or if they start trying to sell me crap. I would like to mention too that I am bi polar and suffer from depression and panic disorder. They spoke to my DR and he gave them the green light. Unless the were lying to me, I hope not and plan to check with my DR just in case. They wouldn’t let me officially sign up until the spoke to him which I thought was nice but mostly to protect their asses I’m sure.

  •  Program works
    MNFrost (Verified User)

    For the people who haven’t experienced the HARD sell, you haven’t been in the program long enough. I checked with my doctor regarding the number of vitamins they ask you to take… and he feels they are trying to sell product, not help you be healthy. Yes, the program works, yes, it is expensive, but if it is a last resort and you need one/one, it is helpful. My issues are the severe constipation–but obviously if you aren’t eating many calories and all the ‘thermoboost items’ contain fillers, i guess I can understand— I can’t understand paying $20 for the cookbook when all it tells you is how to use MORE product to make faux meals. Journaling is important, cut back on your carbs and your sugar, and drink water. The best part about joining SG. I was able to get the scale moving in the DOWN direction. Kudos to my helpful counselors, and well the two that are grrr so SELL SELL, shaming driven… i hope they get a clue. Be careful of the herbal speed they put you on.. it really messes with BP.

  •  I want my money back

    please let me know. I signed my daughter up two days ago and am freaking out on the prices. I just dropped $700.00 and I want it back! This company is out to get people’s money!!!

  • Alex

    I have been doing slimgenics for over a month and have lost 12lbs. It is a great diet that gives you the resources to move forward with your life. If you want to loose weight, you are GOING to have to eliminate things from your diet that you like, for example cheese. But in the end, you will be happy with the results.

  •  It's a scam
    linda (Verified User)

    I feel the same way you do Its a scram I wanted my money back to because How I was treated. I never know about all the package stuff and all the pills I have to buy. I do want to sue them for lying to me about the costs after I signed up. This was to much many for me to fork put every time for get rich scram. They are sale people and not into helping people.

  •  Favorable program
    Mary (Verified User)

    I joined 10/25/2011 and it is now 1/12/2012, I needed to loose 30 pounds and I have done that. I am a lifetime member, yes it was expensive but I lost weight at a steady pace, it has taught me so much more then weight watchers ever did. I listend to my counselor because it was one on one. I am in very much favor of the program except for the cost.

  • This is starvation

    I’ve been considering this wt. losst system, but after reading this blog, I’m running in the other direction. I don’t care if Dr. Casey can spell or is a real Dtr., all I can tell you is it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out 1000/1200 or 1300 calories is not diet it is starvation. Look it up folks, you cannot sustain a human body for vary long on that kind of intake. Yes you will lose wt, but at what price and how long before you put it back on. Those of you that have ‘made it’ have changed some bad habits to get there and stay there. And congrats to you all. But I for one am finding a healthier way to lose my 45 lbs. Thank you very much. My inital visit was NOT upfront at all. Good luck to those who are crazy enough to cough up that much money, as for me I work too hard for my money to give it to people like that.

  • Let me know if this works

    I joined the program on 11/30/11, which is yesterday. if i know the cost of the program, I might not join the program. I already spend about 1000 , which it dose not include the cost of food. please let me know if the program really work before I spend more money.

  • Will think about this first

    I just signed up with slimgenics this morning. I thought the counselor was very professional and knowledgeable. I did not feel I was being sold anything or anything. I have read the above comments and I am surprised by some the amount that some people paid. I guess the cost depends on the amount of weight a person needs to lose and how long he/she has to be on the program. I found the cost to be reasonable. I have not started the plan yet–that will happen next week so I can’t comment on the supplements or snacks. The counselor told me the only thing that is required for me to buy is the snacks–which range from $11 to $16. I will post again when I start the program.

    • Paula

      I started the program on 10/17 and as of today I am down 9 lbs. It is really tough and I am not a veggie eater. I did buy the cookbook as I thought it would help with the veggies. The supps are expensive and I do buy them from dietdirect.com. I am wondering on the actual pills? Where do you find those that compare to SG? I do miss my favorites.. and cheese. But I have goals and with seeing my father-in-law do this and lose makes me want to try even harder. Good Luck to all. I will keep you posted.

      • Christina (Editor)

        Hello Paula. For product ordering inquiries or sales locations, please refer to the slimgenics official website for more information.


      Ohhhh believe me I was in the same boat as you and when you signed the contract you MUST buy 22 of the snacks which cost LOTS of $$.
      After your next session please write back and tell us how pushy they got with the supplements and snacks.

  •  Not so good refund experience
    Joy (Verified User)

    SLIM GENICS DOES NOT HONOR IT’S Gaurentee! It followed the program to program to the advice of the program counselors. I even allowed a professional cook 2 reside with me for the last 3 mths to do all the cooking according to their menu and their program counselors. I gained weight on this program and my their products caused blood sugars go so high it put me into a diabetic rection needing to be revived by the para-medics! Also, my primary wrote a letter telling them he doesn’t want me on this program due to it causes my diabeties to raise my adls to 8 1/2 ! Without out the program – my adls returned to a safe range 5.0 gone back down off the program. MY paid $5,000. 2 CHANGE MY LIFE! THEY CHANGE IT TO LARGER & POORER- BUT! they refuse to refund my money after I did exactly as they said to get my money back! IF I DON’T GET IT BACK – I’LL take the appropreiate actons!!!!!!

  •  Pricey but highly effective
    CC (Verified User)

    Yes the Slimgenics Program can be costly…And I choose my health. I have lost 85 pounds. Slimgenics has helped me to learn how to eat healthy, clean food. There are snacks to choose from that are helpful in the weight loss and keeping satisfied (same as most diet programs). Supplements are pricey and highly effective. I feel great! Sorry that some of you have had a bad experience…maybe you should switch centers. I did and found a team that really cared about my success and weight loss journey. Good luck to you all!

    • Jen

      Which center do you go to?

  •  Works for my mom
    SBlade (Verified User)

    My mother and I both have used Slimgenics. My mom lost a total of 70 lbs in six months. She used the supplements and Thermo snacks. I have been using my own vitamins and am not seeing any difference in weight loss. Their structured diet works fine just by itself and a good multi-vitamin.

  • Not interested anymore

    I too had to ask to have my BPressure taken. They do run about in the scrubs and one wears a docs/lab coat, why I wonder? They have been so clueless about several questions I have had regarding high fructose corn syrup, etc. And they are very chatty/pushing about reminding me to buy the supplements/thermosnacks!I already hate walking in that place! But I have an investment now. Did you buy that cookbook?

    • Jacq

      We did buy the cookbook. I’ve only created one or two items. I suggest Pam, steamer bags, Mrs. Dash & other spices.

    • Sel

      Can u shard thd food plan. I’m interested in thd structure of it. I can email u . Thx

  • Expensive and terrible

    Done the program, works well. Costs, but better than costs of bad health.

    One thing, don’t do the new Slimgenics organics. Tried to order some frozen meals online. Wanted to try the sample pack for $52, went to check out and the shipping was an additional $85. I live in Denver for gawd’s sake. bad showing on the company’s part.

    Contacted slimgenicss through email and they said,” Unfortunately, we do not control the shipping costs…” Well BIG miss. Get it figured out before you offer it. You lost a customer on that one and probably are losing them daily with such a huge misstep.

    Get with Slimgenics.

  •  Need to stop taking this
    Elisa Washington (Verified User)

    I used Slimgenics and my hair is coming out. I was using the
    puraslim caplets and one broke
    apart in the jar. Now my hair is falling out and I don’t know what is causing it.I have now stopped taking the supplements. Does it make you hhair fall out.Help!!!

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hello Elisa. If you continue to have these side effects, please consult with your physician before continuing to take slimgenics.

    • Anonymous

      did your hair stop falling out once you stopped the supplements?

  •  It works but so expensive
    Donna (Verified User)

    I have been on program for over 2 months. INSANE price, constant sales pitch but the program works. I have lost 20 so far and my husband has lost 50. We are super pleased. Hate the cost..but super pleased

  •  Working but so expensive
    Kris (Verified User)

    You know, it’s interesting after reading everyone’s thoughts. I have been on the plan for about a week now, and have lost weight, but I feel completely drained and just kinda icky. I wish I would have read everyones comments before joining. I have decided to go off the supplements and see if I feel better, because they ARE insanely over priced, and I don’t think they are needed. I like the food plan, and don’t regret joining for that reason only. the counseling doesn’t do any good for me because they always seem to be trying to sell me more and not really concerned about me at all, all they keep saying is I’m still detoxing. what is there to detox when I don’t eat anything unhealthy!? I just wanted to say that I really appreciate everyone’s thoughts on here. You have helped me to make some decisions on how to change this plan to work for me, but to still be on the plan..and afford it!

    • Cat123

      I learned from another posting that there are other places to buy thermoslim type bars, etc. I just wish that Slimgenics was more upfront and would quit with the sales pitches every time I go in there. That makes me very leery!

  •  Want to loose weight
    April (Verified User)

    I joined Slimgenics last year and could only pull off the on plan eating for so long. First of all, based on my weight and the amount I wanted to lose…they put me on about 1000-1100 calorie diet with limited carbohydrates-even complex carbohydrates. Any idiot knows that if you go on a high protein and little to no carb diet you will lose weight super fast-but the results won’t last once you start eating like a normal person.

  •  Need to talk about the product
    Wally Carlson

    I need the phone number for this company, either a local distributor or national office..when i picked up my kit the unit contained dura-slim even tho my doctor had told the people at Coon Rapids outlet i could not have it..and they issisted i had to take it anyway..cost 136 dollars.

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hello Wally. You can contact Slimgenics by calling 1-855-565-7700.

    • Jacq

      Hubby’s Dr. did not approve of the herbal supplements so he’s not taking them and wasn’t made to purchase. Of course, it could be our location…Woodbury.
      We have talked with someone at “the office”.

  • food, or supplements

    Can someone please tell me how and what makes this program work? I’m thinking about signing up, but want to know that I will see results. Is it the food, or supplements? Also, is the 1st 3 days a cleanse?

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Tracy. Slimgenics is a weight-loss program that utilizes meal-replacements, supplements and medical support systems that requires weekly checkups and meetings. For detailed product instructions please refer to the official slimgenics website for more information.

  •  great for me
    Kathy (Verified User)

    The progrem was great for me and I lost 35 pounds in four months. The thing that bothered me is their diception of what they offer you for life time. I was told when I sighned up in 2008 that at any time i could come in and buy their products. Well that changed when they sold the co. I went in and they told me I hasd to be a life time member. That really iretated me but i did become a member them a few months later I found out there was so many complaints that they went back to the old rule.Well I asked for my money back and did not get it. They alo told me being a life time member you would get 3 weeks consuling at any time. Well I was in there the other day and wanted to do a week to lose the 10 pounds i gained back do to stress and they said sory it will cost you. This really angered me how they changed there rules every time I turn around. Even thoough their plan worked I plan on notifing the the attorney general in my state and the consumers dept.

  •  Affecting your health
    mydieshopz.com (Verified User)

    Come on people, worried about the price or should you be worried about how those extra pounds are affecting your health. Be smart you do not have to buy the thermo snacks from the office. Try searching on mydietshopz.com instead. Weight watchers telles me I can eat anything, hummmm, that what put on these 30 pounds.

    • Dr Casey

      I am a licenced Registered Dietician and have been a personal trainer and Nutritionist for 11 years and co own 2 small gyms. I’m really outraged when people manipulate and take advantage of others trying to overcome a weight-related issue. This plan does just that. I have had 2 clients on slimgenics and have reviews the products they we’re “suggested to take.” Speed, laxitives and packaged snacks. The “counselors” appear to be glorified salespeople trying to ake a living by selling a product in which they are not qualified to do. The counselors are not dieticians or licesed practicioners or M.D’s I believe personal consults are imperative with any goal, HOWEVER,I have found over 11 years working with individuals trying to transform their life, focusing on wellness is this: Weight loss is a journey. I believe we WEAR what we carry inside. If a person carries more weight or is sickly thin-both are impacted by a personal struggle, and food is part of the catalyst.
      It upsets me that individuals are inclouraged and taken advantage of. The suggested snacks and several other prouducts arent healthy! I’ve also found that the “counselors advise weightloss thats unhealthy. a New client is suggested to loose far too much weight and is currently “beginning” her 2nd week in which shes been advised of carb blockers( there arent enough carbs in this “PLAN”) in addition to laxitive drinks and a “metobolic enhancing drink.”
      Her curent advised plan consists of 1100 cals ( I calculated it after she brought in her suggested plan). This is 400 calories less than her basal metobolic rate (amount of calories her body needs for such things as….celular division, BREATHING,WALKING, TALKING…important things. when a person is put on extreme caloric restriction (slimgenics) and advised to exercise, several things happen, usually the end result is quite bad-amenorreha (cesation of menstrating-a.k.a, not getting your period; hairloss, cortisol levels increase rapidly after cesation of “supplements, ” resulting in retention of boldy fat-your bodys response to starvation; lastly, the true issues is ignored…whats causing the food issues and how do you finially overcome them in a healthy, effective, safe way? weight loss is a journey and cannot occur without several things

      • Twyla

        I find I don’t value your assessment of the program because of your many spelling and grammar mistakes. You profess to being “Dr Casey”, and yet you say “ake out a living”. The word you’re seeking is “eke”. Just my own observations; take them or leave them

        • CCinCRCO

          Actually, I think he/she was trying to say “make a living” (eke out a living works also, I suppose.) And I agree with you, Twyla…a better command of the English language would lend some credence to “Dr. Casey’s” comments but it’s difficult for me to view “Dr. Casey” as a legitimate source when I have reservations about his/her ability to spell the word legitimate. What ever became of a well-formed sentence, or someone’s ability to communicate effectively with the written word? I’d be embarrassed if I were “Dr. Casey”, frankly.

      • ronie

        Yes, the spelling errors are frustrating, embarrassing and distracting – the message becomes compromised leaving the authenticity of the author questionable. However, the message has value and sheds light to the fact that we must inspect our own motives for losing weight. I agree with the author when he/she states that we wear what we carry inside – emotional eaters like myself must choose a healthy life style over the agony of a life full of regrets and excuses.

        • Keelyb

          Amen ronie
          We need to stop hating on the messengers of life and pay more attention to the message
          Who cares who they say they are our aren’t if they bring some great food (knowledge) to the table

      • jane

        wow… really helpful Information from someone who knows the facts. THANKS SO MUCH FOR POSTING THIS!

      • Sarah

        Thank you for sharing you knowledge on this subject Bill. I agree.

      • Tammie

        thank you for your post. My aunt just started the program and in two weeks she lost 8.5 pounds. I am worried because she is not hungry with the supplements and was worried with the after effects, i appreciate it .she is not eating very much..i worry if it is healthy for her. i have chosen to do weightwatchers instead. thank u for making a difference.

  • Relatively healthy

    do you think that this program will only work if you get the pills? They are offering some sort of 12 week program for 180 dollars that does not include the pills, but the program plan and counseling, and some sort of detox at the beginning? The manager was saying that she thinks it would be good for someone like me because I am relatively healthy and only need to lose about 20 pounds, but I feel maybe she is just saying that to con me and then find that I am not losing the weight fast enough and will have to buy these pills at a monthly rate that will end up costing more in the long run. Thoughts….??? I need help!!!

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Nena. All dieters have different weight loss results. Some users loss weight faster/slower than others.

  •   don't mind the side effects
    lee (Verified User)

    If you don’t mind the side effects (very frequent trips to the bathroom due to water loss inducing herbs, coupled with severe constipation), the weekly weight loss results can be positive. Unfortunately, during the recommended three weigh-in and consultation sessions each week, you rarely see the same counselor on a routine basis. So, you spend more time during the session repeating what you told previous counselors about the negative side effects and how you have to schedule your life around bathroom breaks. Don’t buy the required 2 or more protein snacks upfront in bulk until you know they work for you.

  • You don't need those pills

    the problem is that after the program many don’t feel they can do it on their own and stay on the program for life. Eat as you do now, if you are on the program, you don’t need those pills, bars, etc. Cook out of the cook book!

  • Carbs
    Marvin Duncan

    how many carbs are allowed in a day?

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Marvin. For detailed product instructions please refer to the official slimgenics website for more information.

    • Kelly

      They do not focus on Carbs. Depending on your plan, you could get 2 starches a day. I did not find anything on their list I like, so I eat two pieces of 45 calorie bread. They have not said anything.

    • kristi

      you get 2 carbs a day. That could be 2 pieces of low cal bread.

  •  Lisa (Verified User)

    I agree the folks who said it works – it DOES! ANd it is a lifestyle change, most definately. My hubby and I are both members and we have both had GREAT success!

    We had tried Weight Watchers – it also worked, but there was a lot less focus on eating good foods – just focused on cutting calories. And WW has costs, too…those meetings add up – and you have to pay even if you miss!

    Slimgenics was VERY up-front with us about the costs associated. The “shopping list” is an opportunity for you to buy in bulk and save money. You HAVE to get 2 snacks per week – which is enough in each box for 2 snacks per day…and STILL less expensive than the drive-thru!

    For our family, it has been a wash – Drive thru foods and costs out – Slimgenics healthy snacks in… actually less money going out.

    Benefits: Even our kids are feeling healthier, just from eating better foods. We ALL have avoided the colds/flu that visit our area each year at this time – probably from a boosted immune system from all the fruits and veggies…

    The only REAL downside is that my clothing bill has gone up as i keep buying new clothes to fit my new, smaller self 🙂

    • katrina

      I did the slimgenics and have lost 53 pds. I went from size 18 to 7/8. I did this in a year. I would never tell anyone to not do it! The program was the best thing that I ever did for myself. I am healthy, happy, content and pleased with myself and my accomplishments. I am not rich or an extremly patient person with myself. I wanted to be in good lean shape for the rest of my life. Nothing I tried over the years worked for me, nothing. Slimgenics works, is safe, successful and for anyone who has decided to stop making excuses and get serious about yourself. Then be quiet, work with your self and make it happen for you. Not kidding you.

    • CC

      I just joined and was not pressured to buy any of the supplements. I can’t have caffeine, and I don’t like taking unknown things. I probably will use the vitamins, but I can buy those cheaper elsewhere. I’m trying the snacks and will see if they help. If they do,I will find another place to buy them for less. In order to make it work, you have to be committed to a lifestyle and eating change. I’m lucky I have one of the centers right down the street, so stopping by is easy. I’ll report back after a few months how it’s going.

  •  slimgenics
    Doug (Verified User)

    I joined in July 2010, yes it is expensive, however I feel so much better – lower chl. without meds – able to bend over- lower blood pressure – really I feel great some people say it does not work really if you follow the diet I dont know how it would not work, really this is a lifestyle change my eating out was out of control I have lost 50 pounds my wife has lost 25 just following what I’m doing we enjoy cooking at home and I have ate veggies I would have never never ate the are great! We are very pleased as we get old we really need to take care of our bodies we only get one!! I really dont want to be a fat old man!! Thanks to slimgenics I won’t be and the way it looks I won’t have a fat wife she is really happy with the results as well!! I say give it a chance don’t have buyers remorse you have spent the money now make it work!!! feeling bad will not help in the weight loss!!

  • shan

    I joined slimgenics.My counselor was super nice. she spent 1 1/2 hrs, answer my questions. She gave me 5o dollars discount. My gaol is to loose 50 lbs,she said uit will be 4 months but my program expires in july. I paid 600 dollars with 1 months supply of vit + supplements, 1 wk supple of snacks, I think I going to be expensive with snack supply. so far its ok. Will start program next week with 3 day cleanse. I will update.

  •  I am grateful for Slimgenics.
    Kathy (Verified User)

    Yes, slimgenics is expensive, however, in the long run it will save me lots of money as my health as improved greatly after nearly 4 months on the program. I was a diabetic on lots of meds/insulin and 50 years old, with little hope of losing weight. I have lost over 40 lbs so far but more importantly, I have significantly reduced my insulin from 5 shots a day to only 2 with my doctor continuing to reduce the amount until hopefully I will no longer use it. On previous diets I have lost weight without a change in my blood sugar value because the food plan was only a reduction in calories without care for what I ate. Though the foods you can eat are somewhat limited, it’s not bad. . . you still eat lots of protein (meat, etc), fruit, vegies, and even starches and milk so the carb intake is still good. I am grateful for Slimgenics.

  •  I'm starting slimgenics in a week! Not happy about the price, but we will see

    I’m starting slimgenics in a week! Not happy about the price, but we will see

    • Melanie

      see if you can start Weight Watchers instead.

      • JLassiter

        Amen to Weight Watchers. SG has been one of the most pricy mistakes I ever made. Their adds say you can travel and eat in restaurants. If you can happily eat eggs, skinless chicken breasts and fish for the rest of your life you will love this diet. But I have been doing this since Oct. 2010 and I could fight someone for a peanut butter sandwich. I can’t eat eggs and I can eat tuna fish sandwich sometimes but I am really beginning to hate chicken breasts. They said I would be able to add more foods after I lost the first 50 lbs. Lie…they took away my fav. fruits and I can only have one starch now. If I have to eat like this the rest of my life I hope I die very soon, it will still seem like dog years. I will have to quiet soon I can’t afford to buy their stuff any more. I have spent almost $4,000. so far but people in my family have lost their jobs and so I can’t afford it and help them too.

        • anyon

          I joined Slimgenics 3 weeks ago after years of failed diet attempts, including weight watchers. I am down 15 pounds with 45 to go and I already feel great. The cost are high but worth it if you ask me. With any diet, if you work a normal job, you’re going to need some sort of meal supplements to keep you metabolism going, not starve, and get the nutrients your body needs. That’s how I justify the supplements they sell. I was easily spending $20 a day if not more when the family and I would eat out or get fast food. I rarely get bored of the options of food I have to choose from. It’s a lifestyle change and committment but necassary if you’re serious about losing weight. I’m hopeful and for me, that is priceless! 😉

        • black beauty

          The supplement have started my stomach to hurt and swell very badly.

    • Kevin

      I joined in 2010, was skeptical but lost 35 lbs. I order thermal snacks through another company which makes them under another name. Much cheaper!

      • Kelly R

        I have my free consultation tmorrow and I am very nervous. I am happy I took the time to read through all of your comments you have given me a lot of ammunition. My question is do you regret using the program

      • Carol

        Where do you get the thermal snacks?

      • Robbin

        where did you order thermal snacks through to get them cheaper? I agree very costly!

        • sam

          ;you can order there bars
          from diet direct same bars
          but much cheaper
          there called wonderslim and barwise products exact product under different names
          you can buy there thermo boost at a company call all star health for only 11.89 a box that’s alot cheaper slimgenics is extremely expensive i used there program and did research on there products and you can buy them at much cheaper costs.

      • Kay Hanslep

        Where do you get the cheaper thermal snacks? Have you been pleased with the program?

        • Christina (Editor)

          Hello Kay. Hello. For product ordering inquiries or sales locations, please refer to the slimgenics official website for more information.

      • Carol

        I’m considering slimgenics,
        Would like to know where you get the thermal snacks cheaper?

      • Mary

        What is the other company you order your snacks through? Also anything else you can get through them? Thank You!

        • bob pignato

          where do i get the slim genics snacks besides slim genics

          • Christina (Editor)

            Hello Bob. For product ordering inquiries or sales locations, please refer to the slimgenics official website for more information.

      • jean

        what the name of the company you order the alternative for?

  •  I have lost 60lbs and still 40lbs left
    Deb (Verified User)

    I paid $4700 dollars for my program to lose 100 lbs. I have lost 60. I am a lifetime member but the program is SO RESTRICTIVE if you are a fussy eater at all….back to good old weight watchers!

    • Anonymous

      Deb L

      I was not offered the online program and need to lose 70 pounds, once I joined I was given the prep info, but not the info I needed for after prep, it cost another 4,000.00 for the additional product. If I were told that the total cost was going to be over $5,000.00 I would have told them to stick it up theirs!

  •  I have lost 65 pounds with slimgenics
    brenda (Verified User)

    I have been doing slimgenics since Oct. 2009. I have lost 65#. It is pricey but do remember it is based on how much you want to lose. So you can utilize the program to get a jump start. It has been invaluable to me to reprogram the way I eat and to see how off track I had gotten in relation to eating. I have tried many other programs and this one has really helped me.

  •  I lost 40lbs in past one year ago
    Gerald Pfannenstiel (Verified User)

    I was a client, opt-out about a year ago due to schedule conflict after a loss of over 40lbs… Wt. is slowly creeping back…Q- Can I still buy products only??? w/o being a client?????gp

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hello Gerald. For product ordering inquiries or sales locations, please refer to the slimgenics official website for more information.

    • Clarissa

      I think you can do it online, they will charge another hefty enrollment fee if you go back in.

    • Brian

      You can, but you can also buy directly from the manufacture and other online stores selling the same products. As for all the supplements, take thier supplements to GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, etc and you will save more money as they do the same.

  • I signed up $50.00 off coupon, but I didn't get it.
    Virginia Hawkins

    I signed up for an appointment and should receive the $50.00 off coupon, but I didn’t get it. Help

    • Daree

      They just asked me if I signed up for the consultation online. I said “Yes” and they gave me the discount.

      • erik

        that sucks…

    • Frank

      My place just gave it to me. I would demand it if you really want it. The price varies with how much you need to lose, which is not really fair for someone like me who needs to lose alot, so I’m glad I got the $50.

      • L

        I just had a free consultation with the S. office in my city. The Rep kept pushing their products non-stop and mandated that I must purchased their products. Being caution of ingredients I found most of their products were soy, wheat & lactose based. All of which I cannot do. Then the stimulates. At that point I asked prices but she danced around the proposed question. No mentioned of any discounts or otherwise. The Rep was a smoker too. So very disappointed what is being portrayed.