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Slimirex Review - Does This “Natural” Dietary Supplement Work?

By Summer Banks Sep 25, 2017

97% of dieters just want a product that works. Yeah, we’re still not sure about the other 3%, either. We decided to pay close attention to ingredients, side effects, clinical studies and quality of customer service around Slimirex. Additionally, we examined hundreds of reviews and comments. Then we condensed and refined to give you the info you need.

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What You Need to Know

First off, Slimirex is a weight-loss formula containing green tea extract, cha de bugre, pinolenic acid, fennel seed, hydroxycitric acid, Advantra Z, 7-keto, caralluma fimbriata, guggulsterones, bioperine, chromium and coleus forskohlii. The supplement is available as a liquid and in capsule form. The recommended serving is two pills or ½ teaspoon per day, which supposedly helps you lose more. You can take it on the go, one benefit.

The product, introduced as a weight-loss aid in 1998 by Global Healing Center, contains some natural ingredients, a benefit. You can shop for Slimirex on the official website and through trusted retailers. We like that the company has been in business for more than 15 years and the favorable BBB rating, but read on…

Side Effects – “Feeling Bad?”

The first concern was Slimirex side effects. “One of the main things you have to consider when choosing a supplement is the potential for adverse reactions,” said our Research Editor. “You do not have to trade results for negative issues.”

“I followed the instructions as directed, but instead of having 3-5 watery movements the next day, I had more like 7-8. I stopped counting after 5-6 movements. My bottom was really sore and I had to stop,” stated a consumer.

“I stopped having bowel movements and had a lot of pain in my gut because of it,” reported a customer.

FDA Warnings – “Important”

On March of 2006, the Food and Drug Administration contacted Global Healing Center about mislabeling. According to the FDA, the product made claims that assumed the supplement would in “diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease in man,” but the formula was not approved for such purposes.

Ineffectiveness – “Too Bad”

Based on customer comments, Slimirex ingredients were ineffective. “I bought three bottles and took it faithfully according to directions. No results whatsoever. Very disappointed. It’s too expensive to keep trying,” reported a dieter.

“Sorry to say that the product didn’t work for me as described. I followed all instructions exactly,” commented a customer.

“I have just received the second bottle. Haven’t lost much weight yet,” said a consumer.

Throughout our research, we noticed that something small, like lack of results, could limit the chances of long-term success. If Slimirex doesn’t work, why bother?

The Science – “Validated?”

After visiting the official website, we noticed the company claims the product is the “most researched” supplement on the market, but doesn’t provide published clinical research as proof. We found the green tea extract does have support, but we also found studies showing Slimirex side effects associated with Advantra Z, especially when paired with caffeine. At DietSpotlight, finding facts to back up the promises is critical. If there’s none, we walk away.

The Bottom Line – Does Slimirex Work?

So, should be head out to the store for this one? After taking a close look at Slimirex, we’ve come to a conclusion. We like that the company has a strong standing in the industry and the favorable BBB rating, but we are hesitant to recommend it because there’s no published scientific research linking the formula to weight-loss. Plus, we’re concerned that it’s an ineffective product that could cause side effects.

If you want to lose the weight, we recommend a product with no reported negative side effects that’s supported by published clinical research.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Dietspotlight Burn. The supplement contains a four-ingredient proprietary blend, shown in published studies to help promote fat loss and ignite metabolism. There’s no one talking about negative side effects and customer comments show people are seeing excellent results.

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Previous Slimirex Review (Updated March 13, 2014):

What You Should Know

According to its website, Slimirex is a natural dietary supplement claiming to be the only formula containing nine proven fat and appetite-suppressing ingredients, featured on NaturalNews.com as the best natural dietary supplement available. Each capsule is vegetarian-friendly, so vegans can take this supplement without any worry.

Slimirex might have a hard time sticking out due to its typical formulation, and it doesn't promise much else besides increasing metabolism, decreasing appetite, and making dieters more energized. It also does not list how much weight loss should be expected within the first 30 days, if any. It is offered with an unlimited money-back guarantee, however, and its ingredients are effective to an extent, meaning dieters could potentially see positive benefits from this product. Unfortunately it is a bit expensive -- one bottle retails for $78.95, but there are bigger discounts given when Slimirex is ordered in bulk.


Lipofuzion (Green Tea Extract, Cha de Bugre, Pinolenic Acid, Fennel Seed), Super Citrimax Clinical Strength, Advantra-Z, 7-Keto, Slimaluma, Gugulipid, Forslean 95% Concentrate, Bioperine, ChromeMate.

Product Features

Slimirex features ten patented formulas in its supplement, which include Lipofuzion (a mixture of Green Tea and other herbs), Super Citrimax, and ChromeMate. Each formulation is aimed to target a different part of dieting - for example, Lipofuzion contains the metabolism-boosting substance Green Tea, an effective ingredient suggested by many physicians to aid weight loss. Super Citrimax, on the other hand, contains Garcinia Cambogia, which they claim suppresses appetite and increases energy - science that we could find doesn't back this up, however.

Another issue with Slimirex is how it lists its ingredients. It only lists the patented form of each ingredient, and these ingredients are actually blends of additional ingredients, meaning each ingredient (such as Green Tea in Lipofuzion) contains less substance. This means it may not work as effectively as it claims.


  • Contains Green Tea Extract, a potent substance that is proven to raise metabolism.
  • Offers discounts for bulk purchases, meaning you'll save more if you buy more bottles of Slimirex.


  • Is very expensive; only available online. Availability is a huge issue with Slimirex.
  • Contains too many blends of ingredients, meaning less is actually contained in this product.
  • Not all ingredients work as Slimirex claims they do, including Super Citrimax and Bioperine.


Looking for a product with plenty of dietary ingredients? Slimrex definitely has some potent ingredients. The problem here is that it may actually contain too many ingredients, which lowers the dosage of each ingredient it can contain. Also, not all ingredients provide diet-related benefits, but according to numerous studies conducted on these ingredients, most are safe to take. Slimirex might have some potential and may help you with your weight loss goals, but there are no guarantees that it will drastically lower your weight, nor are users offered much indication of how much weight loss they can expect.

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